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tv   Secretary of State Pompeo Discusses Foreign Policy Hosted by German...  CSPAN  July 10, 2020 3:51pm-4:33pm EDT

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illegal, there's not federal oversight of determination of any federal approval to make voting changes. >> watch sunday night 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span q&a. >> secretary of state mike pompeo discusses transatlantic relations. he also talks about the best relationship of china, warning about the country's influence including the handling of the coronavirus pandemic and the treatment of hong kong. this event held by video conference and hosted by the german marshall fund. >> good morning and good afternoon from brussels. welcome the 15th edition. today is secretary of state,
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michael pompeo for a special conversation with us. because the secretary with us before brussels 2018, it's great to have again.e will be closely watched conversation on challenges facing policy drones on bothic sides in terms of this as always, let me say a word of thanks to our partners, our founding partners in the foreign affairs, and all our associate and supporting knowledge partners, i'm grateful to me say a special thank you to your submissions brief missions instant partnership and support. let me also say a word secretary make brief to turn this over f for, the "wall street journal", will have a conversation with
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the secretary then the as well. thank you for joining. over to you. secretary of state asking for opening remarks, is mine to keep him busy and we will take questions from the audience. inviting me.for wanting to watch this today. as we referred too 18 months ag, i made the case to you all that both institutions are in demand
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themselves we have to assess what they do achieve, we have to see them for what they are, what we wish them to be. you should know privately, any of my counterparts recruitment they are realistic about the state of institutions and they, too, that are starting to see more realism as it relates to the right of the communist party in china. we should address it together as transatlantic partners have met many partners and i want to focus on today. first, the data. in regard to what's happening, i spoke thisud month the foreign ministers audience in both places, i listened to a lot of feedback about the chinese communist party. laid out a series of backs i talked about people's liberation army's provocative military action, including continued
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aggression here in the sea, the quarter competition in india and their program and that's against neighbors. international commitment to include the who, wpo, united nations and the people of hong kong. the predatory practices which is trying to force nations tobu do business and arm of the surveillance state. talked about many of its violation of european including the company. human rights abuses which continues to shock us all. it leads to a conclusion in our judgment, not forcing europe to choose china's vision.
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china is making the choice between freedom and democracy. we will recognize the reality of rising regime and implications for us to our society. europe is slow, too. the cover-up of the coronavirus outbreak that began on, china which has k now tens of thousans all of our thousand people accelerated everyone's awakening in americans starting to find the ways, the commission an external service to divide china arrival. very important acknowledgment.y the intelligent service national threat is potential for the first time in 2019. he did so again in 2020.
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hong kong. i appreciated all the u.s. called on china for disinformation campaign surrounding the pandemic. not just words : on china, many european leaders making them as a strong stand against his intent to crush hong kong's economy. adopting principles of secured networks, clean networks and 5g my friend, secretary to make china a greater part of the alliances focus. billy is a transatlantic awakening to the truth what happened. concerns growing among the exploration and exploitation to give a single example, chinese leaders in the international telecommunications union and civil aviation organization have leveraged their position to advance china's narrow interest.
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certainly, the u.s. is our differences on the subject of motoric literalism. we can all agree these institutions should be voted in democratic values into the mission and interests of all m m members we've already done some good work to spring effort to make sure the next director general of the organization protect intellectual property rights, not on behalf of china. the transatlantic world has thrived like no other part of the world since world war ii because our countries protect intellectual property i want to thank your friends and family in the uk mostly efforts in securing outcome. we should keep protecting transatlantic partners. my messagege today, will have to work together to continue trade at the lake china challenged in the interest of preserving our prosperity and our future.
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most home tensions and exemptn increasingly belligerent ccp. it's nonsense. i don't accept the argument. this will compromise between freedom and authoritarianism. i don't what the future she will let no one on this want that either. today i'm pleased to announce the u.s. acceptedeiei s i representatives proposal to the u.s. dialogue on china, i am excited about this. mechanism for discussing the concerns we have about the threat china poses in our shared democratic ideals. look forward to keep the representative morale as soon as we can put together. my invitation is to defend these
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values in our time, they may the good ofrld for the future just as they have done except values together. in fact, i am happy to take questions from you and others as well. >> thank you i know you proposed week. how's it going to work? kind of love is it? ... mike pompeo: what it would look like. and i will be able to travel to europe here just a handful of weeks. so we will certainly start into that. at a senior level.
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we a will outline the mission st and well and don't know exactly the shape of the day, i am confident we will set up a structure that will enhance our collective shared knowledge in our collective responses and ensuring we protectkn freedom fm every democracy in both sideserf the atlantic. >> what you expected to really kickoff and operating. mike pompeo: hopefully becomes very religious the nextt few weeks. so it's a little morest difficut because in terms of our capacities of travel, but i would expect that will have teams in place identified in the next week. and then real work will begin. it is something that is starting that we want to kickoff but i don't know that there is a endpoint. i expect this will go on for an extended period of time because of the challenge. jointly trying to solve four. is that we preserve and democracy in both sides of the atlantic and protect our
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citizens. and from the very fact of the steps that i laid out in the beginning of my remarks today. host: knowing the european union, i myself have covered it for over a decade. these people would love for this committee, are you concerned that this might rain down the real action on the challenges and sort of this lengthy debate which will become technical and so on. the has shown in the past the tendency towards more sort of discussion and little action. do you fear that could be the outcome. mike pompeo: i am really realistic you should know. the people in america sometimes lovend good that and are not immune to that bureaucratic phenomenon. so we are guilty to about. i am very hopeful this will be different from that. and what i amha hopeful is this
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backup. so the first thing we will have to do is make should be have a collective data set. you can take collective action unless you have a sheer understanding of the core facts. we should build onn that. that we haven't cured understanding that isan the thrt that exposed by t the chinese communist party. then we can begin to take action. there's a lot of information that's already taken place. what we are counting onn is this dialogue want to be of resistance as you described an outlet for energy with no action or rather a catalyst for action. so in our side, we will work to make sure we have a good set of facts and created set of proposals for things that we can hado together. but not everybody in the eat y you, while there will be 2000
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from his right. this is so on many issues but i believe that by doing this, we can form a collective judgment in places where there is significant overlap and then begin to actually see the collective response the same way the trancelike alliances is always an event always reserved to represent. we will preserve and protect those freedoms that the chinese want to undermine each and every day. bojan pancevski: you made two very important points. in europe about the role of china and how it shapes the order today. and a lot of people are making a lot of money in china. there's this tension between these two awareness is an issues. china is responsible in the european union especially with bigger economy of germany. i remember last year when president trump was at the
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height of the t negotiation with china over a new trade arrangement. and when be jean with a bunch of ceos. it sort of was seen as some americans, as what theer undermining american argument when europe is doing business with china. in china started to have a relationship. "recently, the sort of took the news from frank sinatra. the foreign policy as sort of a way, the third way, one being the american way, when being the chinese way, will try to align. and what you're saying, is basically think that you can'tin do that. you at one point, have to wake up to the reality of things. what though if europe continues to attempt to struggle this divine widens, and other people
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fear that they will widen over things such as covid-19 andve so on. what happens if they so stubbornly good go in. mike pompeo: so we have a relationship with the market million plus people that's important to the united states economy. it is not necessarily an either or. what is required is the rules in which that trade engages has to be reciprocal. it has to be fair . that europeans to make no mistake the chinese sell a lot of german secrets in the german people are worse off for that. millions of dollars stolen by the chinese communist party outside of germany the hard working people created for that international property nor
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corporate. an attorney came and stole it. they did all across europe and the continue to do it they're doing it in the united states well. that is a place wee can't work very closely together. it is not that you have to choose business over confronting the chinese communist party. and it creates the opportunity for increased in europe in the in the united states of america. the last thing to say about this is china needs markets two. this is what president trump figured out pretty differently no other president has beennk willing to undertake the corporate was a china needs access to western knowledge and know-how. this is based on the real space order. i think the people of europe but demand the same thing thatil the people of the united states of america are demanding. so we no longer of the chinese
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communist party to dictate the rules and the terms of conditions of those relationships. when they're not fair and equitable to our people. that is what president trump has been thinking and talking about with the european will see from their leaders as well. bojan pancevski: thank you as we go beyond the issues of china, and another one which is crucial for this topic relationships at the moment. new yourself have served during the cold war in germany. i think there around 300 on the ground there. and president trump is announced that he will pull out around many thousands of those trips because of the number of issues including germany's economic ties and the energy with russia and the failure to reach 2 percent of the budget payments for nato express direct etc.
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i nicely the strategic decision. we know that the u.s. and they have concluded in russia that has that threat to europe and the united states interests. how you explain this to counterparts in europe were deprived. i think we even saw the polish presidents do thatha yesterday brittany benefited the white house. in this country stands again in terms of getting trips over to poland. he himself pleaded with the president not to do that multiple troops out. what would be your analysis here. how did this help the american questioner. mike pompeo: several things. first, we do consider russia to be a serious threat. spending 1 percent of your gpo
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defense is germanyny does, acknowledges the they will may not take is a series of arthritis united states of america takes it. and they need to. a commitment to the united states made on their behalf. after the commitment that they they drove through membranous commitment that germany made. and they have chosen not to do that. the president has been very clear. it doesn't show the resolve as vladimir putin needs to see from germany. you reference frequently, when germany is not going to have a piece of that energy h connected to russians. and that fundamental way. "fundamentally". and they will be powerful for quite some time. they will have the capacity have aav real, capacity with real cot of germany. if he chose to do so or threatens to do so. as for our decision. present trump is open to us, the
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secretary will be in london today and brussels tomorrow. he will talk about our plan never thinking about delivering it. but you should understand and ii hope our european counterparts understand this as p well. emily ultimately deliver on that statement that the president has made . that squarely at what we believe to be democracy, fundamental interest rate and certainly america's most fundamental interest rate is been long time since therere has been a strategic review all across the world. it winter took b that starting about two and a half years ago. and that was our forces in africath and asia and middle eat and europe. he began to say, these are often decisions that we made. we have a different composition of those forces. everyone always wants to o talk about roundtrips. i get it. it was a young take officer.
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and that nothing alike as much as a good in one take. but is often the case that the capacity is not determined any longer by just having about the folks someplace princely really need to go back fundamentally, whatat is the nature of the conflict . in the nature of the threat. how should we allocate resources, whether that is a resources of the intelligence our eight resources from the air force in the marines are broad set of allocation securities, cyber threats and how do we allocate the best way to do this in the decision that the president made with respect to germany as a outcome from a collective set of decisions about how were going to foster our resources around the world. i will close with this last thought. and in answer to your question. this is going to dictate that in certain places, there will be fewer american resources. there will be other places.
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we just talked about the threat from the chinese communist party. the hope was to india and vietnam and malaysia. indonesia, sel in the philippin. we'll make sure we are fostering appropriately, and the like. i would think that is the challenge of our times and we will make sure that we have resources in place to do that. to the extent that change, with the united states decided to do affects others. any need that others need to stay proppant take responsibly for their own defense in ways that they hadn't done previously. so were going to do the simple consultation with all of our partners, all of the world. and certainly our friends in europe. bojan pancevski: and another aissue that similarly is chippg away the confidence in the relationship. europe is the issue of iran. and i think you're also directly involved in. is there any sort of continuance he of fighting, iran will start
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a new program. the maximum pressure and i camping. some people say words but also may well, seems to be feeding to say iran going back to the whole point of this agreement was to avoid them. and trying to it she or create nuclear weapon. while you do in the case. i think youn said earlier on cbs in an interview that you're confident they will not go there. but they seem to be suggesting they are going there. what would you do if they went there. mike pompeo: europeans are not aboard, and trembling of have a different view of how to achieve that pretty and "fundamentally" wrong. we will continue to have a disagreement there. if still got met some pressure campaign is been successful. in the resources, will have
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capacity toap fill out, would build out if we would have continued to do business and throw wealth and resources at ayatollah. we constrained them and build a coalition, to counter rock and all across the region. i'm very confident that our administration has taken, is correct. iranians have chosen not to violate . and resolve our decision to do so. in october of this year, they will expire and that can't happen. iranians will be permitted to buy weapon systems and become one of the largest sellers of weapon systems around then worl. it will be able to write chinese jets, russian jets, and i can imagine the system of sylvania for germany or greece, or any other european countries would conclude that it was wise to allow the iranians to have that capability. the capacity by selling those
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weapon systems. salinas is going to make sure that doesn't happen. when the u.s. security resolution that will prevent them in the coming weeks. we are hopeful. that will convince all of those on the un security council extending the arms on iran's, makes sense. one of the central failures of the nuclear deal but after just a handful of years, three years plus, for yourhr response. our having to contemplate the expiration of that provision. the central europeans security. bojan pancevski: watching it closely. it won't state any more than we are confident that we have the capability. collectively to adjourn the iran never gets a nuclear weapon. bojan pancevski: any of the confidence that you won't be alone inu this. is there an alliance including the european nations to actually take more significant action in
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this regard. mike pompeo: i think for the europeans, think you will have a very difficult argument to the world. but they're not prepared to do what it takes to extend this arms embargo. they'll take, any nation some standby when they have the capacity to my legal capacity. very hopeful that the europeans, will conclude that the best things that the united states did is in narrative that this arms fargo be extended. as for the coalition, there are many countries, many european countries that are with us. not only the case of france and germany, and the united kingdom of us in this. many european countries that share our view. also countries in the region. israel, the gulf states, all of them understand the world's largest, but squarely into iraq and then prepared to be alongside and taking actions that we needed to ensure there's
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never a nuclear weapon in the hands of the ayatollah. that would be very dangerous. bojan pancevski: you mentioned that the covid-19 crisis and basically the reason we are doing this in this virtual online way. there's a lot of concern about the travel went obviously has been obstructed. initially the united states, and other europeans are plans to reopen the borders. it would appear that the discussion about, the european union could sort of impose restrictions on travel from the united states because of the levels of infection. is there anyway to get get around it. you see itt now, the coming of the businesses to restart the movement. have you spoken to your counterparts about this. is there any solutions that you discussed. mike pompeo: that is a real challenge. it's a challenge for all of us
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to decide how and when to open up our economies in our societies. everybody's hard to figure that out from the city councilman and mayors and county commissioners and provincial leaders across the world. governors here in the united states. we are in honestly complex issues about what the a appropriate level of activity of leveling is in order to ensure that we get our cannot entrant economies going again. and also have the safety and protection for people. we are working with the counterparts and european t that right. and as the posture that we now, they're all takingly seriously. we need to figure out how to get this open. we need to get our global economy back going again. in this destruction of wealth is created of poverty yelled that help out in many parts of the world. we need to get our economies back going again. we are working closely there european friends. that iss broad. you've heard from doesn't more
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countries have very different views. and certainly folks in the united states of america, we will work to get this) we want thto make sure that we stay healthy in our transportation teams, homeland security seems as well as the state state department, delivery process that the tools, so that not only our nation's capital opening of the borders given individuals to make the choice to travel recoverable. that they will be protected. so that we will in fact not only allow travel but actually have people who choose to w travel again asga well. bojan pancevski: prayed and thank you. let's take some questions. we are running short of time. mr. steven from the new york times diplomatic and a tour. it is a question on syria. he said folks are filling of the present separated 2000 troops in american troops are still there. so. it appears that with russia to get to talk to syria.
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are you going to try to do that and why the russians saying. mike pompeo: i appreciate the question. so investor jeffrey and our team are working diligently to move forward to implement the security councilnd process. in making that is been terribly slow. but the question suggested talks about leverage. our troop present there is designed to work diligently to continue to make sure that the work that we do to destroy some areas is not diminished and we figure out the capacity of counterterrorism process in the region. we made very clear to the russians anchored to the iranians as well that they need to leave that and are a direct result of iranian and russian asdecisions. we've passed or came into effect in just this week, and credible
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rods extensions on the syrian regime. they've already been infected. in the evaluation of the syrian financial challenges that this is presenting to the regime. in each of these actions of the united states of taken. we have done so liberation partners from the european countries as well. and ultimately lead to an outcome in syria. and not only canic we begin that with thehe long effort to do the reconstruction work that will need to be done. but all of the places that have been soo burdened by train refugees weather that is in jordan or lebanon or in turkey. very difficult and tense our conceptions of the opportunity one day too country. that's a statement that we have set out what happened in the coming months, we can make real progress on that. bojan pancevski: a question.
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[inaudible]. mr. young in honolulu, whether or was there any progress on on the covid-19 or any thing to note it all. mike pompeo: i talked a little bit about that i don't want to save much more about the actual conversations. what is suffice to say whatever it to you this morning with the challenges of the chinese communist party, that even after that gathering we were able to a thing, make clear some of the actions that the united states is prepared to take. i also think the chinese took away, while this is that the united states confronting china. while i was sitting there, and statement on hong kong came out. literally someone slipped the
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note. it just the united states coming out there. the national s security and allf the spending the previous osprey to the challenges, this is the united statess alone. southeast asian countries understand threat. so we were able to show that. there were no majors breakthroughs. they sure that they had every intention o of the first part of the trade deals we negotiated with them . we hope that that is the case. we hope to fill all those commitments. bojan pancevski: will go to another question from and asking what do you have specifically. [inaudible]. and something u.s. and now in use of the w before as well. mike pompeo: there are many things that i cannot share in an open setting.
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i am highly confident that anybody this is in walkway very long, you don't have to go very far. that commercial building inside of china that there are members of the chinese security apparatus workingit there. more simply, you can just get on line and of the chinese security law. it requires companies like them to share any information that they have that includes the private information whether that is healthcare information or other personal information of the citizens from the check republic or that information if it eu to the wu weii, they don't need tobacco . they don't secret access. they own the joint. [laughter]. there need to keep. they own the infrastructure. and thatt information, wu wei hs the capacity to capture c it.
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that information will be in the hands of the chinese communist party the chinese communist party deems it necessary to have that information. and wu wei is a legal obligation to provide it to them. that is different than a thing anyplace else in the i world. ldcertainly any nice to have the capacity to have this muchfr infrastructure inside western democracies telecommunication system for it is simplyel unacceptable. bojan pancevski: a bunch of china questions for ian. this one is from chris. his asking whether any shared interest with china can be pursued in parallel to maybe contain china and redefined yearly relationship. enter the moderator, is t there anything you can add as an incentive to the europeans to come along with you on this journey. because of our, it seems there's
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little friction and doesn't seem to have been very effective. is there any incentive the duke ashley could offer to them. mike pompeo: thank europeans have every advantage to do precisely what it is the united states is doing. which is to protect all people rated to demand reprocessed and demand treat fair treatment. no longer, say to the chinese communist party, if a billion were going to do it your way. that's been the model of the west for an awfully long time now. europeans have every incentive to get this right. enough of theea united states bt for the good of their own people plenty of incentives already that exists. bojan pancevski: the last question. be what their whole lot of things that we hope we can work on for the chinese communist party. mike pompeo: they get to do
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side. we have not said we won't trade them. we simply said we going to train on a fair set of conditions. we have not said, were not going to do business with you. we said stop stealing our intellectual property. there is a wide field that we could use to work on answers with them. but they have to decide. are they going to continue to abuse the weston system. are they going to continue to aid in ways that no other nation be paid forha comes to global commerce. see what they do. they still all that there one of the largest economies in the world. it is not fair. and not only to americans and to reds and to the touch. ifut it is not fair to the developed nations will actually of th that they were designed f. as he is of place that we can workhi together.
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i don't sayh that they have a heck of a lot of attention to be given away in system was will be demand for each other. we do our best to compete and operate for the world -based order. a planrt that is truly fair in a partial way absent of politics. the doesn't exist today. they come in china operates under a whole different set of rules. they have access n to her capitl we do not have access to their sprint we can work of all of these they could make the decision. bojan pancevski: jim time for another question. mike pompeo: i am so sorry, after enough. i apologize.
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thank you very much. thank you everyone for joining me today. >> tonight especially vision of up to be with the focus of history. providing history of the female pilots who served in the u.s. army air force in world war ii. and historian, look at the 13141015 commitments during the reconstruction era. later, arguing that the southern social political and economic ideology prevailed in the american west following the civil war. enjoy food to feed tonight over the weekend on "c-span2". book tv on "c-span2" is top nonfiction books and authors every weekend. coming up this weekend, sunday at 9:00 p.m. eastern, and
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afterwards. other former college president and political commentator, examines what he calls the new face of socialism in the united states. whether it's is becoming part of our political culture. the united states of socialism. he is interviewed by eminent institute senior fellow benjamin powell. then 10:00 p.m. eastern, doctor ezekiel emanuel, former special advisor on health policy, director of the office of management and budget during the obama administration, discusses his book which country has the world's best healthcare. watch book tv on "c-span2". this weekend. sunday night on q&a, journalist talks about the history of voting in the united states. in her book thank you for voting. >> there is a massive impact on
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voting rights. there's not any advocate or attorney that does not see it is just a ground shaking impact. so while of course, the discriminatory's are illegal, there's not federal oversight and history determination that they kind of stopgap for the need federal approval to make voting changes. >> what sunday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span q&a. >> illinois rep. is chair of the democratic congressional campaign committee. it cheri bustos. she joined the executive to talk about the democrats strategy for winning house needs in the 2020 election. by american universities women in politics institute, this is just under one hour. host: we are delighted to have with us


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