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tv   Nick Adams Trump and Churchill  CSPAN  July 9, 2020 10:41pm-11:13pm EDT

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. >> joining us now on book tv is author nick adams his sixth book is just out. here it is trump and churchill defenders of western civilization what does trump and churchill have in common? >> great to be with you. donald trump and winston churchill have a lot of - - a lot in common you wouldn't think that to be the case and women to begin their career and the other by opposing them
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and that compelling or raider that crude and trader nonetheless but peter is then you start to drill a little deeper with western civilization to have remarkable similarities both alpha males. both have acrimonious relationship with the media. and with their own political party those had predecessors that were considered very weak winston churchill had neville chamberlain and donald trump
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had barack obama. and those parallels between the time in the man. >> when we look back at winston churchill and history we picture him with unanimous support. is certainly wasn't that way winston churchill was a disruptor something that was bold and brash that decided to do things a different way and whenever somebody comes into the fold often the people who have been in the fold for a long time and to do you can to stop it. and the excerpt with the early
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19 forties and if i didn't tell you those reform british national newspapers referring to winston churchill you may think and it was about donald trump. so similar with the criticisms they both lack judgment and don't listen to anybody around them. and with the overconfident optimistic. and with donald trump those criticism with winston churchill. >> both are party switchers as well? >> they certainly were. and was a lifelong politician in the military donald trump.
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but certainly they were fluid in the early years in terms of the political affiliation but what both men had in common was love of country and the average everyday ordinary person and that which resonated the people at the time for just a couple of years ago and then and then to visit with regular commuter on - - commuters and with that great relationship with the average person rather surprisingly and to be born into money and in the same way
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donald trump is a billionaire businessman that seems to have a lot of blue-collar. we agree donald trump loves junkfood in western churchill similarly obviously ate too much like we do on occasion. and the things that i do is pretty normal. >> also the times were similar? >> and with the invisible enemy. and with that coronavirus.
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and then to see mary deblasio come out with respect to the coronavirus. but to be on the outside and donald trump's fight on his fight was on the inside but churchill was fighting the axis powers and that particular from a fall and enemy the cultural fight the cultural war and the values and with china and others in that most people see his most
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major to be a domestic war where he is fighting various elements of the media elements of the republican party of the democrats and others. >> those defenders of western civilization what do you mean and how do you defend that? >> so to have that set of values those that were developed in the english-speaking world and the anglosphere for one of the better terms for the united states of america the united kingdom, canada new zealand with a lot of influence on values all those around the world. western civilization western
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europe and the united states that doesn't include china and the large parts of the middle east. that is civilization. but again both men intensely patriotic with the values and traditions that churchill was a big supporter that was in england and donald trump was a supporter how he has always been since his famous campaign slogan made america great again. and what has always happened in the country.
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which a lot of people found to find rather restrictive. and then to believe in western civilization and the belief system that made that was contained within that western civilization. >> with that accent how long have you been familiar? >> my father is a massive winston churchill fan he gave me a book at winston churchill's speech speeches to reread as many times as i could with that speech writing and speech giving so i was 30
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year 14 years old and needs grade and to give me a copy of the art of the deal. obviously that is where my lifelong admiration with the president trump began. obviously winston churchill given the united kingdom's relationship with australia someone at features prominently in history class. but i will say americans are very familiar it's fair to say that goes on in other places so big and powerful who really cares what's going on elsewhere but he was an exception and he was half american his mother was
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american and the only person in the history of the united states to ever received honorary citizenship. and number three and that point that i make repeatedly in the book and then to conceal his true self and conform to expectations and with his disposition and demeanor remember how differently political culture is on the united kingdom donald trump is a maverick where the measures of politics whereas in england it was really remarkable for someone like winston churchill to come
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along because the united states their political culture peter is timidity in moderation. and that is truly unique. >> winston churchill never visited australia. >> that's correct. i know. it was a long way to go. and in terms of travel i didn't go to australia that on
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that trip he said if he could be born again anywhere he would choose the united states of america the first and with that backhanded compliment in chief among them to be a refusal to drink during meals. and that lines up but i always use when i speak to audiences all across the country and he always do the right thing after exhausting every other option.
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>> is there a similarity to winston churchill? >> we do. that is something that has always bonded me. with a huge americana fan. and with the united states of america really are the things that mattered. don't worry america will and up getting involved in it will be okay. and his mother had a lot to do with that. but to be a really educated man he saw something in the united states with his
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temperament and the color and the flamboyance. and to be more relaxed. >> is this book a departure from your previous book? >> it is very much. and with a historical perspective on the trump presidency. and from all sides but not donald trump and his administration that's understandable were only three and a half years in from his time in office. to know what will happen november this year although
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i'm a little sanguine about the politics. nobody has written what donald trump look like in history and i rather found that to be a rather interesting proposition and one that i start to explore. now three years ago i was on the trump train from day number one from june 15 when he came down the escalator and from the art of the deal and i read that in may teenage years and with the environment that existed in america at this time no matter how articulate wasn't going to cut it to make it is sledgehammer of sorts
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and ultimately on - - ultimately. and to have some good judgment at the time and that expression comes from vincent van gogh and that it considered all that much. but in the same way history will look kindly on donald trump that the level of acrimony and with that hatred that i don't think that will be the case to be in a couple
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of decades from now. and then 20 years into this century that i do think it with another four years to have an impact on such a magnitude. >> we went deep and media at the time to read all of the churchill books. and with those biographies with his own writing.
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to dive into his past and his family what makes winston churchill, churchill. and in the back of the book chosen to be the five best beaches of both leaders for anyone that picks up the book. we try to get both men and naked as we could you find out everything we could. . . . . evd
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feelings. donald trump of course like any entrepreneur whether it was the ballgame he introduced back in the 1980s there is lots of things that didn't work out the way that he would have hoped that what is interesting is when i researched it and looked into both of them it was clear it
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made them perfect for the moment they found themselves. almost everything that occurred in their life good and bad, they're a threatening, experiences, disappointments, regulations including their personality traits made them ideal for their moment i had some people helping me edit the book but i certainly had some assistance because the volume of research needed was simply something i couldn't do.
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>> host: did you find yourself traveling to these sites or did you find everything you need online? >> guest: a lot online now. but i did travel back to missouri and visited the museum. i did the last summer to the churchill rooms in westminster but knowing this was going to be the upcoming book i did the last july and spent some time and photographed in case i was missing anything. one of the ideas i have i haven't been able to implement because unfortunately it changed in the last couple of months.
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it was going to be a precise replica there is a map of the u.s. and it shows precisely invite wanted to mirror that it's been put on hold. >> are you doing any kind of a book tour virtually or otherwise? >> occasionally i do some audience stuff as well but for the most part, it's been
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gatherings o things are going to open up a little bit and we will be able to get some onto it because i think this is very much a book that does deserve a this election year. >> host: you mentioned the speeches in the back of the book. what is your favorite churchill and trump speech? speech?guest co. the one that he gave in poland and that was well received by the media one of the only times in his presidency when that happened when he spoke rather movingly and eloquently on the freedom and values and that seems to be when he is really at his pinnacle.
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that is something just listening to that audience to have an ipod with all of his speeches back in the day and the i believe presit obama did also. i used to listen to that all the time and just the way that is delivered and the words i can only imagine what they must have been like to hear back in those dark days. >> host: way or argue based now and what is your organization called? >> guest: in texas is where the site in my boots for a variety of reasons. i like texas in the middle of the country and given i don't spend that much time, that was important to be close to wherever i had to be.
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my organization foundation for liberty and american greatness when you and i last spoke in january of 2017 it was just growing in the beginning to the national organization we are doing some phenomenal thing. it is based on the founding documents we also offer professional development
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training that teaches how to incorporate we know because you've said syousaid so presides winston churchill i think both men would be sitting there next to each other speaking rather unfavorable to put it mildly about the media and journalists and about the softies and their political parties and how deep
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the predecessor was. they would have a very interesting conversation to be a fly on the wall. >> host: the newest book defenders of western civilization thanks for spending a few minutes with us on book tv. >> it is always a pleasure.
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