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Kevin McCarthy
  House Minority Leader Mc Carthy Holds Briefing  CSPAN  May 15, 2020 5:23pm-5:42pm EDT

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more we learn it's only negative. we have not learned anything since this started that we say oh that was better than we thought. got to go back to work guys, thank you. [inaudible conversations]
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>> itamar all. good morning all. thank you for joining me today. yesterday speaker pelosi dismissed any scrutiny of china. >> she actually said that their actions if we look at china was a diversion. we all know that china lied to the world. 95% of this crisis would have been contained in china from a study by hampton. we know china leverage their stockpile of personal protective equipment for their own personal gain. we now know that china is hacking or university and companies looking at vaccines to slow the process down and
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undermine our efforts to solve the problem. thousands are dead or sick and millions more out of fort because of china. speaker pelosi is so tone deaf that she dismisses china's a diversion. as many of you know for more than you're been working with the speaker trying to get a bipartisan committee to look into china long before this virus. she agreed and backed away in february. now she calls it a diversion. she said she wants to focus on -- when you look at that past behavior of the doma credit majority when the intel committee should have been looking at china we are working on impeachment. now the virus is upon us and even though they tried to steal her vaccine process she called it a diversion. what we see on the floor today is a diversion.
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democrats priorities continue. for weeks we have encouraged them to open congress back up. i guess one of the few things on the capital that they think is essential as starbucks for the senate is working, the house is not. >> she is bringing it all back today for a vote that will go nowhere. even her own party and non-members call it a political vote. why? just look at what's in it. look what is in this bill today, the cares act. it mentions cannabis. suspend the cap on salt that benefits millionaires and billionaires and provide millions of more dollars for an endowment for the arts of humanity. before we get to the vote or
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what they call the heroes act most people try to change 200 years of history and how congress performs. everyone knows that congress when constituents lend their voice and their power to congress. now they will change that. they are only 20 members of congress and they can all hold 10 proxies and pass whatever they want to she goes further in dismissing the voice of the people by trampling on the constitution. what is worse about this issue continues to pay members of congress. she extends congress out of session longer than the 45 days. the truck driver, the delivery worker, the doctor they are all working and she continues to
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deny congress doing its job. the heroes act which she continues to twist arms to try to get as many democrats as she can to vote for the focus is on bills that they have dreamed of before covid even existed. it's not a time for politics. it's not a time for diversion. it's time to put america on better footing to help us get a vaccine and not allowed china to do that as well to hold china account for the actions that have taken place and to get our economies working. if you want to get our economy working the first thing you would test on any bill that would mention job or cannabis. that's not what we are doing today because pelosi wrote this bill herself. her own dream and the liberal view of her party with no input from either side knowing it's going nowhere with the idea to
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bring people back and change the voting pattern that's been there for more than 200 years. it's a very sad day inside this house and the one that we can't sit that can do nothing about. >> senator mccarthy would he make of the supported nancy pelosi's 3 trillion-dollar package? the told us new york city will die without this package. >> i would simply tell him to read to the bill. it will not help the country itself. the one thing of the two is what we have been able to pass already of funding to new york and if you look at what they've been able to provide building up a hospital that ventilators we are here for the states. we have even the states more than $500 billion in less than
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one month. we have increased the funding -- and we will look to do more if. we will make that decision taste upon facts not upon ideas that were created long before covid was there. but that i disagree with him. >> what is your horizon? [inaudible] >> it would not pass the bill without having any hearing from the standpoint without feedback. states are beginning to open up. we have just passed $3 trillion already in a bipartisan manner that continues to have to be implemented to their changes that would give more flexibility to the funding would have provided. i'd be supportive of that. we have the fed with more than four till you dollars to implement as well. why do you make sure that's implemented correctly? >> can you give people a
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timeline? >> i think congress should be back in session right now. there wasn't one committee hearing on $3 trillion let's put that into perspective. as a be the largest bill in the history of the united states we have never voted on and not one hearing, not even input from committees are from people on the other side of the aisle. that's aware of voting on today and the same time we vote on that we are changing the power of congress itself. 20 people inside the house of representatives will have all the power. the founders would be ashamed today. this is not what they envisioned. this is not what they believed in and this is not the actions of america. as the speaker believes she should continue to pay members of congress and keep them home? does she believe congress is essential? if so come back and hold a hearing.
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why would you decide to spend $3 trillion with no input? maybe it's a diversion, i'm not sure. [inaudible] congressman king's comments, he's not being exonerated and i never said that the committee assignments are decided by the steering committee and people have the opportunity to make his case, talking to members on the steering committee. i think you'll get the same answer that he got before. >> do you anticipate another round of legislation will be needed and do you relate that? >> i do believe in that and i believe it has to be bipartisan and it has to go through committee. as you know myself along with tom cole and rodney davis we put out a plan to open congress more than a month ago.
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have committees working now. there are bills that need to get done. the ndaa, our appropriations. those committees could meet here now in congress and large sized rooms with social distancing so they could haven't worked done. at the same time we could have committees gathering the data states are opening and get feedback from the states looking at implementing of a bill that we party past along with the feds for trillion dollars and realizing where more resources are needed and that legislation could pass on the floor and go to the president. >> leader mccarthy pro-life organizations want this relief bill because it provides federal funding for planned parenthood or your reaction to that? >> is another reason why people should vote against it but remember every time we have worked on a bipartisan bill
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speaker pelosi slowed it down. why? because she wanted certain things in this bill. if you read the bill we are voting on today those are in there. it takes away safeguards for small businesses when it comes to liability. that's funding for planned parenthood. that's funding for illegals instead of americans. it talks about releasing from prison some of the most dangerous people that we know. this is the most liberal wish list that has nothing to do with covid. think of all the bills that they have produced prior to the virus coming. they wanted to change election law and it was a and most important bill h.r. 1. that's why it didn't go through the committee because it never could be passed. no one would support it but why are we wasting our time on this when there are so many other
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essential bills that need to get taken up? >> are you supporting steve king's re-election bid? >> i'm not taken a position on that. >> why is that? >> because i'm not. people have the determination to decide who they are going to vote for. the constituents have a decision to make. >> whether you are supporting king or not if he does win the primary and the federal election will you give his committee back? if he keeps winning the election will they not have the committee? >> if he wins re-election as the right to go to the steering committee for the steering committee would take up the committee assignments jeff: every congress and like every single member and that's the discussion we would have in the end. he has a right to go to the steering committee.
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>> shouldn't he have a committee? >> the constituents decide to put them in congress. committees are decided by the steering committee by the congress. just as every other member inside of congress on the republican side. we have some questions remote as well. >> as a reminder fee would like to ask a question please speak directly with the moderator. there are currently no more questions in the queue. >> very good. are we all done and? thank you all. have a good day. >> i was tested twice last week. >> what is on the agenda?
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[inaudible] >> i assume it wasn't a one issue thing. >> i spoke to the president last night about different issues. they were all good topics. we have a genre of ideas. the fisa bill and we talked about reopening our country and the transition to greatness. we also have the opportunity to talk about politics as well and talking about races and others. all races. i'm glad you brought up races for congress because we haven't talked about that. something happened this week which many of you should eat -- we want to special election so when i was sworn in and took the role of minority leader there
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were 19 seats in a republican majority and today it's only 17. we have one seat in california that we have inflicted democratic see more than 22 years. they see that they won by more than nine points we are ahead by 12 today. in the middle of covid in the middle of the situation that they want to take all national elections by vote by mail ballot. when you look at our candidate they put their state rap up and they are very favorite candidate. they put a lot of money in the primary and the general. mike garcia is a first-generation american. he works hard and earned a place to go to the naval academy nominated but mckeon. he he became a fighter pilot in circus country and now he will serve his country again. there are 42 other seats that
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the democrats currently sit in. they have a better opportunity for republicans to win. what is nancy pelosi doing? twisting the arm of the democrats forcing them to vote for a bill that is a liberal wish list. if i was any one of those 42 not knowing when nancy will ever call you back based upon what she was told that she will still guarantee a paycheck she can only guaranteed for the rest of the year. i think the election is going to turn out much different. that was an early sign. for those of you who love history even in the short term of history in may of 2010 there was a race in hawaii. people did not think any republicans could win. the young guns got behind a veteran and he won that race. later on that year 63 democrats
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lost their seats. nancy pelosi said they would not lose and they continue to put up bills that the american public did not care for. i'm not sure maybe this is just a diversion for an election paid what china has done is not a diversion. we have democrats to work with us on the committee and they continue to decline. how do you look to the national police offers? i want to honor the first responders. for her to say that it's a diversion for those that are putting out -- being put out on the frontline is offensive to every single american and every person on this earth. she thinks china is a diversion after what they have done to this world. i would thank in this congress
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only 20 would have power and we would open it up and work towards making sure we have a vaccine that china cannot steal and making sure we hold them accountable for all that they have done. hope you have a nice day.