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tv   John Kasich Its Up to Us  CSPAN  November 30, 2019 1:10pm-2:16pm EST

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says is made by a philosophy that is right. and that, suitable of all people of all times but everyone ought to aspire to it. , nationalist, i want to make it available to people, want to help them when we can and we have a lot of experience of civil society and democratic society. who i'm a mild, nationalist. >> to watch the rest of george will news interview, our website and click on the afterwards tab. >> now it is my pleasure to introduce mr. john laney. host: he will introduce you to this distinguished lecture. [applause] [background sounds] >> good evening everyone and
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thank you all for your coming. my grandfather certainly admired great leadership. and boy do we have a tremendous leader here for you tonight. two-term former ohio governor john rk fink, is the politician and new york times best-selling author, former fox television host and ultimately, an american citizen believes that unity is the answered to our most common problems. casey has had a strike career in both the public and private sectors. he served as a member of congress, from central ohio for your 18 years, and was elected to the u.s. house and it just 30 years old. after having become the youngest state senator in ohio history. he went on to become the chairman of the house budget committee. balance the federal budget four times. a feat not accomplished sense. and leaving congress in 2000,
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hasek worked as a managing director in the investment banking division for them and brothers where he helped company secure the resources they need it to succeed and create jobs hasek is the author, of four new york times bestsellers and it encourages contagious, stay on for your something, and the battle for your america soul, every other monday, and most recently, to pass america divided or united. which reflects on his 2016, run as republican primary presidential candidate and his hopes for your america's future. his latest book entitled, is up to us, ten of ways we can bring about big change. that was just released. ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming john k sick. [applause]. john: thank you.
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is it possible that it was ever upstairs, to turn lights down low bit. who i can see everybody. there are also attractive. [laughter] that's the keel. turn it on just love it. thank you. hey folks, i am who excited to be in ohio. i live in ohio. i used to be governor of ohio. did you know that. that was really a wonderful experience. i had a great time. he went through all of this resume but let me just tell you a couple of things. and might give you a little bit better sense of who i am. many of you, after eight years, you say that you really know me but i don't know if you know what makes me tick or how i got to where i am. i was raised in pittsburgh, and just a little town outside of pittsburgh called matisse, if my father carried mail on his back
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for your 20 years. my mother, was in and out of the workforce depending on what was happening with us, and the keys rock was a very blue-collar democratic town and in fact, they told me that they used to put roadblocks up to keep republicans out. but it was conservative, it was god-fearing, i was kind of basic values and common sense and all of this kind kinds of things. my father's father was a coal miner. had a very hard life because he didn't have anybody to represent him and he would go down to the coal mine and when he would come up, they would not pay him for your his work. and it was tough. if my father if my uncle george, actually we go to school sometimes in our that were made up by the mother.
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my mother news, her mother lived with us and she was from yugoslavia and she could barely speak english. who it was, you can just imagine, it was a family that was leaving in the highlights for your any of that stuff. i decided that when i graduated from high school, that i would make a big change and who i mayday traumatic decision and faithful decision to go 180 miles to the west that little school called ohio state university. and when i got there i found myself in one of the powers for you know those powers. new fan to football games and using them on television or even on the campus and the power i was in was 23 floors high. it was filled with all 18 -year-old freshman boys. glenn never been away from home before. in the next door, was a
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duplicate tower and it was filled with all 18 -year-old freshman girls who had never been away from home before. and i learned later in the downtown of columbus, these to refer to the towers as sodom and gomorrah. [laughter] which is pretty true. i had 15 college roommates. i've amended the norms here, in miami but i can imagine that you don't have, something that is not crazy. there were a lot of things the kind went wrong early on. classes in bureaucracy and every thing else present ankle had always told me, johnny we start at the top. who i decided i was going to express my concerns and get some things fixed who i called the president news office. in ohio state and i said i would like to have a meeting with the president. and that lady just blew me off. i called her the next day and the next day the next day i
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finally told her, the makes find you ma'am, i am going to have a meeting with the present if i have to wait outside the a ministration building. become. i am going to have meeting. and she said, once you come in tomorrow let's get this over with. i've been on my best blue jeans and blue jean shirt and necktie and i went in to see the president and his names was thomas. for your some of you who are ohio state express your might remember him he was a wonderful guy. i remember going into his office and he had beautiful lighting. beautiful carpeting. and beautiful big desk and beautiful furniture in these leather green leather upholstered chairs and i was pretty impressed with that. who i said what is undermining mentally. since her, but in school about three weeks. which is about what it was. and i am undecided here at ohio
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state. but it looked that lady who wouldn't let me end and i look to the carpeting in the lighting and the furniture in the desk, i'm sort of thinking that maybe this is the job for your me. what exactly do you do. who he tells me about his fund raising responsibility in his academic responsibility and he tells me that the next day he's going to fly to washington and have a meeting with president nixon because it had become friendly. my cell sir, are a number things that i would like to talk to bump up also. [laughter] good i go with you. and he said, no you can't. i said well i write a letter which given to the president. now he had never seen a before. who i don't know it's going to happen to this letter but i've got the president of the university carrying goleta to the president of the united states were rounded up if my dorm room and i did basically building that he was doing and
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sincerely john casey definitely want to discuss this further, let me know. , published student i will come see you. who couple weeks later go down to my mailbox, and there is a letter from the white house office of the president. and i opened it up and i go upstairs and a call home. pittsburgh if my mother answers the phone. i said mom, i'm going to need an airline ticket the president of the united states would like to have a meeting with me in the oval office. in my mother shouting, honey pickup the phone, something is really wrong with johnny. [laughter] who i don't know what my roommates but i can tell you my foot parents not that this was ridiculous. who they talked about it and we discussed it, they finally got the ticket to down. i flew down to washington. i pulled up at the white house gate and there is a guy there, and i say he says your name
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again, nice to john casey. and he said come on in. who i welcome the white house and i am sitting on something that's right outside of the oval office. a big there many times is that time been at the time am sitting right there that year, and the guys, the oval office is right there in the guy walks up to me and he says, young man, you can get five minutes alone with the president of the united states. i am 18 years old, and the first part freshman. what you say. do you say that is pretty good, pretty bulimic tell you what i am thinking. a new jacket, new tie, new shirt, and pants. i didn't come all of this way for your five lousy minutes okay. and i'm serious. who they open up the door and
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the president says, hey mr. president john casey, jane pesek the president of the united states. we shake hands in the oval office and i sit down and distance, and the good news is that as an 18 -year-old first order ohio state freshman, i it's been 20 minutes alone with the president of the united states. the bad news is, i it's been 18 years in congress and if he had of all the time i it's been in the oval office, i picked out at the edge of 18. [laughter] i should've transferred to miami right. this what i should've done. [applause] who we don't have a lot of students here tonight but i was just told around the country, tell the story and it really even everybody he was here, you just never know what's going to happen. you never know what is going to come around and will effectively who you have to say big and dream big. a couple of other stories that i'd like to tell you is like graduate from ohio state, graduated in december no was going to try to go to law school
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he went looking for your a job in downtown columbus. nobody would hire me. and who looked and i saw the state house. i thought that would be the last place in the name but he would hire me. because i didn't know anybody. i didn't have a single relative in ohio, i didn't know anybody. yearbook politics to get a somebody to get in) but i didn't have anywhere else to go who i walked in there. there was a guy by the name of sultan lewis. he is his name now three times the last month. i saw him in a sensor i am looking for your a job. i just like to use membrane until i can get up to law school. he says me, i'll hire you. you will. yes, i will. when we get to do pretty says we'll write resolutions when richard turns hundred and seven, the right of beautiful resolution for your her and will send out with ribbon on it and it be great. i said i can do that. anything will come in and print this on a thursday. i went in on a monday anything,
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something is change. he said there is an internship program and wasn't just a little tiny hole internship it was like working for the senators. there were only a few people are going to be hired for your this and i went up for your this interview and he asked me, what i should have the job and then i was explain to you in a few minutes, and it's been a little bit of time in washington in the summer and tell them, basically covering the city of washington. i was in charge. [laughter] and i found out that amusing and they hired me. who i went to work somebody for your all the senators of the republicans. that was the opening. i went to work for your a guy who many of you remember. the name was buzz lucas. it was one of the people i work for your. but where who's with me tonight annie was there. we all work for your several but that was kind of my primary guide. he was very close to ronald reagan.
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very close. and when dragon was running in 19 sunday six against gerald ford in the primary, he got recruited to go out and be part of the tough upper-level people trying to get megan to win the convention. who is out there in kansas city and i'm back in columbus and he calls manny says i can't handle my workload. and trying to get to all of these delegates and try to get them to be oregano ford. is i can't handle my work. you need to come out here. who i thought to kansas city i make my way to this trailer, and this trailer had the ring in trust. there was a campaign manager and the head of public relations and people were in charge of various states and i walked into the door and they looked at me and others, 23 or 24 years old, and they see, oh, were here. soon i wonder what that is. this is the her name was supposed come in handle five states for your governor reagan
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he didn't come. i guess we have nothing, do you say that you can handle five states for your governor reagan turned in no idea what that meant. and i said absolutely. i can get the job done. who they gave me north dakota, south dakota, minnesota, and they give me iowa. i it's been a year in iowa one week. [laughter] and one other state pretty can't remember which one it was. if my job was to go with governor reagan in the car to break bump up what i thought would get the votes from these different delegations. we would run over there, and then i would introduce him, and we get back in the carson but that he would introduce him and sometimes it is me and we get back in the car we drive back. can you imagine that. while the convention ended and ronald reagan did not win. but on the top floor of the hotel, he gathered his closest advisors. in the lord forrest gump, john casey was standing in the back
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of the room. and i watched this as reagan said, we have lost the battle but we have not lost the war. and he mayday beautiful talk and all of these common and some women, appears to be tears streaming down their faces. it was a remarkable experience gave me insight to a lot of things. that i was lightning struck as it has for your most of my lifetime. one of the most i want to tell you, who when i get done with that, that white house thing, i applied for your a job working at the white house. it wouldn't give me any job. and i wrote to all these congressmen and none of them would even answered my letters. friends looking for your some summer jobs. suddenly the coming up the state, you can have a job working in the white house we can get a job working at the national library of medicine news national institute of health. i had no idea what that was. i said i am in.
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who i got on a greyhound votes from ohio state, and drove to washington, slept in the cut and fraternity house and put my clothes in a broom closet and went to work at the national library of medicine. and it was a great experience. however, every weekend, i would hitchhike down to the beach with my pals. in one weekend, we were hitchhiking this guy comes by and fixes up in his big blue cadillac. only pile in the car and we've been driving down to maryland to one of the beaches down there. i get talking to him and he tells me that he has worked for your john f. kennedy. that he had been very close to kennedy. to the point where he and one of the special pt one oh nine little pins, they are invaluable and probably if you were to try someone, you get a lot of her name. there's a lady shaking her head. i don't a few note remember very few people have them.
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i was fascinated. who then kennedy was assassinated, he went to work for your lyndon johnson and i said great. who i asked him if we could go to lunch. and he said sure. psycho down to washington to meet him for your lunch, back the next week, and he takes me to this restaurant. and we get into the restaurant i look at the menu. and i said, sir i thought maybe we were going to go to mcdonald's. i can't buy this. i don't have enough her name to pay for your this lunch. and he laughs, and he said don't worry. i will take care of it. and that next summer, he hired me. and i got to meet all of the top democratic leaders inside the democrat national party. and it was a wonderful experience. because i got to meet who many people who were in the news and things people were doing things. and when i left him back to ohio state, final wedgewood and had my experience in that into the senate, told him i was running for the state senate. he said i will send you a
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campaign contribution cited. a couple of weeks later he called me back and he said, you are running as a democrat are you. >> is served know, a republican. he said send my her name back. [laughter] i hope the stories give you a sense of who i am and who governor was because they are special stories that i say didn't happen by accident. who here we are tonight, impeachment being debated today all day. starting on friday and forget the impeachment and the of the divide that we have in the country and people wringing their hands and you know, i can't believe trump is present. in the if it people who see, i can't believe he can't do to accompany him and thinks to dinner and you hold your breath. who for your not going to have a fight break out at the dinner table i actually have a couple of friends who don't speak to me
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now week because of the positions i take in politics. it will heal and has to heal but you know what happening, it isn't just crazy, how did we get who wrapped around the axle that we it's been all of her times fixated on someplace that is far away. i'm not going to take that the presidential election don't matter, i ran for your president i know the matter. i know it matters with the president does. and who that is going to be very important in some will want to participate by protesting or marching or supporting or whatever who i don't want to dismiss the importance of that we also have these congressional elections and senate elections legislative elections it town council elections and they tell you every time, this is the most important election we have ever had. the fate of western civilization depends on this. and then we have an election and we meet the new boss and i
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guess, guess we know about the new boss, he's the same as the old boss. they got it right whenever that's on. what i find who interesting today is how people are looking for your something out here to come in and fix what we have right here. i'm here to tell you tonight, they come in. not coming to fix this. people want to know, what what do we do about all of this angry victory and division. this partisanship. we say somebody's going to come in in the fairfield and fix this. not coming folks. there is a lot of reasons to be excited about that. the reason is who important is the reason why you can be excited about this is net means that we we are the ones who have the power and we are the ones who ultimately in charge.
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now if you say about that, i know you are staying that's not true while it is true and i can preview over the course of the stock, the power comes from the bottom up. not the top down. the change comes this way not this way. but i also want to tell you that the change and it happens with us. and that means that we all of us, need to live a life a little bigger than ourselves. and that we have to say about the ways we can change the world. let him go even further to see that every single person in this room, every person in this room, is special. nobody has ever been like you. no one is ever been like you sir. no one will ever be like you again. not having to believe that because of that, you have something special and if you've never thought about this before,
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i am here to see to you, want you to say about what makes you special because you are you see we are all part of a giant mosaic at time. overall supposed to be together to do things to live a life bigger than ourselves to make this place better. every single one of us regardless of our edge now, you don't opt out. the lord never had a retirement plan for your leaving. you say no one can opt out. and we can all by digging down deep, figure out how we can change the world. see not a lot of people are thinking now. you know, that is nice. he's nuts. i can't change the world. i am just leaving in town and i'm just a regular person in week what is he talking about. who i talked to you about being special.
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and i talk to you about leaving a life a little bigger than yourself. then i am talking to you about the meaning of life. the meaning of life. many of you we do went to college, were up to 2:00 o'clock and 3:00 o'clock in the morning having an extra beer and feeling like a little bit, goofy. then i get serious. in those dorm rooms, you have discussions. about the meaning of life. say about it. people have discussed this forever. plato believed in the internal nature of the soul. aristotle, was another one to discuss the meaning of life. there were people like camus, people like john-john is who who talked about the meaning of life. and that therefore the great religious leaders people people like augustine. people like klein news who all have talked about the meaning of life. in one of the thing that talked
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about, at least plato did because he talked about the eternal nature of the soul. they had a discussion about if there is a life everlasting, how does what we do here, effect will be due there. i just like you to say about that for your a second. now print it we'll talk about it. we talk about it in college the meaning of life. we talk about it when we marry somebody we love. it gets late into the night and that is when our families get to be the closest. we talk about it when we have a fantastic wedding. and he no one we dance we have a great time and the bride is dancing with dad and the groom is dancing with mom. and then we have our drinks and that we gather. i have been there many times. you see, it is important for your us to say of how those things and it is important to say about how we might change
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the world. who we do see little me only give you a couple of examples i can give you a list from here to columbus of examples. but i want to tell you about a guy, he quit school in the eighth greg and he had challenges. he took up shoe shining for your a leaving. the minute shoeshine fox truck class. he lived in pittsburgh. heath was challenged. he quit. it was sunny, he was watching at children's hospital telephone. in pittsburgh. i thought the idea of doing something for your children's hospital and just took over him. and on monday, he took his entire life savings $800. and i went to the children's hospital and who try to give his her name to them. they had no idea his name is albert lexi, they had no idea at all with this guy was all about.
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with aston, would you come to the hospital is on juice. and he said, we know, i'm pretty busy. but maybe i can sit a couple of days in a week. they would get on the votes which scared the leaving daylights out of them and they would put this 40-pound shoeshine fox on it would go to the children's hospital and i went there to meet him. i've seen him a couple of times. and when i walked in, everything that i saw would've walked in the hospital juice. they were everywhere. my, what are all of the issues. when they told me that these doctors, who are in an operating room with a child that a severe problem, a child who, he wondered if they were going to make it, they would see albert and they would want him to have their shoes because he it's been time with them. and all of a sudden, he was transported to different place. an oasis for your a few minutes. the same is true with the nurses and all the staff now wanted
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albert to shun issues. who we take the shoeshine her name to support himself and put it in his right hand pocket. then it would take us to her name and put it into some of the pocket. now the course of his lifetime, we now must albert, he donated over $200,000. the fund for your moms and dads who couldn't afford to pay the kids hospital bills. netted albert change the world, i say one pair of shoes at a time. and always say about where he is now. one of the crown. albert, i hope you all be there before you know it albert. he is just one story. there's little girl, her name is slow like those in north carolina two days ago speaking to a great group down there davidson. they knew about her hurricane cards in the school's name florence. she was five years old. she saw with his big storm is going to hurt these people down
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there and she told her mother, mom people are going to like them because her name was florence that horrible storm name is words not better do something greater than ago how to get band-aids to send those people down there because it going to be hurting. she conned her four -year-old brother into pulling around the little red wagon to the neighborhood and getting supplies for the people who going to be hit by that storm. i talked to her mother, after a little while, she had collected somebody supplies the could fit a band-aid in the garage for your they had who much. the people from the neighborhood just all pitched in. the tractor-trailer shared up. and they took the supplies and they send them to north carolina. this little girl five years old. she change the world that she change the world? she change some people news worlds. i don't know what she's going to be like when she's 25 years old. i used to given a middle out in my state of dress. it was mental i would give to
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people who are outstanding. when i gave to the youngest kid, he was eight years old. he had lived in homeless shelters off and on because his parents were drug addicts. and his grandmother, to command and who, she found out that he loved the xbox. who she told them for your christmas, i'm goodbye you and xbox. he says, grandma when i was in the homeless shelter, i was cold. i never had my own blanket. when we just take the her name for the xbox and buy a couple of blankets and given to people who live in the homeless shelter. no heaven was everybody in that area than out what he was doing and that all of the blankets they ever need it. because of an eight -year-old boy that this decided to help somebody else was more important than what his own self interest was. imagine what he is gonna be like when he is 25 years old. and that there is a little by
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the name of greta denver, who some of you heard about her, let me just give you my two since on the environment. i believe that we've god created this wonderful place will be live. he didn't create it for your us to worship it. he created it for your us to be managers and stewards of it. while this little girl, 15 years old and she would stay on outside the parliament and she would hold the sign about i care about my planet. and i wish you would is it too. then she skipped school, a couple of weeks and then she decided she would go to school who she would just show up choke on friday. and she started a worldwide movement. have you heard of her. greta denver. painting a mural of her on a building in san francisco. people talk about her wind the nobel prize for your which she is done. she's a lot older now. she is now 16 years old. [laughter] she did an incredible job.
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and then there is for your basketball fans, you might remember the school player by the name of co- guy. he played for the university of virginia. they got to the semi finals of the ncaa tournament last year. and the team was trailing by two points and is the clock was running out, he launched the three-point shot and he got fell. who he was given a chance to step to the free throw line the make three free throws. if you make them openly when the game and the missus two of them, those. and he steps up and makes all three. and they win the game and the go to the finals and when the final. he gets picked as the most valuable player of the tournament. now when they gave him his metal and his award, he said, this is wonderful but this is nothing compared to what i can now do.
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because i now have a platform and i tell you, i am going to tell people about times that i cried in the shower after basketball practice fighting off my depression, fighting off the things that weren't leveling me in my life and now i can tell people is okay, don't be afraid. telling people that, you know and this is who important for your young people today. for your your grandchildren. if you got a problem, you gotta get help. you know you got a broken arm, they know how to fix it. you've got a broken spirit and it's harder. and if we leave the broken spirit alone, that things can happen. who we do can had met that you have a challenge, you know, what will really better than, is that if you are strong, you will had met your weakness. but if you say you are strong, then you run away from your weakness, your really weak.
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and this is the message that's going across the country today and that you say that it is time for your us to eliminate the stigma connected to mental health and mental illness are our children and our grandchildren and all of us. [applause] w about one or two more. michael phelps by the way said he it's been is it too much time looking at the bottom of the pool and an f getting enough people and he is fighting the issue of mental health. over these two firemen. i want to bring this right to where we live. woman had a car accident, and she had her daughter and her daughter was young. she was really shaken up. and who she was sitting on the grass, when the police were there and the firemen were there. and she was hysterical.
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in the firemen, must've had daughters, who hard there shaking. and they noticed she was holding a bottle of nail polish. and then went over to her and said, which you paint our nails. and she did. and they cope their hands up like this and the girl, was comforted and calm. yesterday, i was reading some stories about what is happening in hong kong. people are being beaten, the being put in prisons, some are being shot. and these people who are surfing for your their freedom, some degree of freedom, they have run in and they've get teargas and then they run out of people who do a very variety of things. let the protesters, but they will help them to wash the poison of the gas out of their
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eyes. they will do a variety of things to try to comfort them. i was reading about one woman. she did, she hugged them. she hugged them. can we hug somebody. can we make smitty feel better. can we make them feel better to say we can change the world two. because that really folks, is what it takes. now people who are brave and who are people who are good brawl models and examples but we can all figure out what we are supposed to do. who how do we do this. one is we have to slow down. i'm telling you, whether it is ipads or iphones it is all of these apps and all the stuff, all of these things that absorb our time. we need to slow down. and you know they tell me if you
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just walk away from your phone for your like, holidays, it's like a vacation. because we are constantly bombarded with information. and i don't know if you say about this but we do go out for your a drive to a beautiful place, you drive it really fast, you don't take it in. you miss everything that is there that you are supposed to see. the same is true with life. if we can slow our lives down, all of us at any edge, at any edge, we begin to hear that little voice. that voice to talk to us. it tells us, what it is we are supposed to do. secondly gotta get out of our silos. who tonight we were talking to somebody at the table and i can see who it was but a simple fox news and i never watch them. and, i hate cnn. okay.
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understand folks, buys all of this fighting for your civil social media, and a lot of it is. because we only absorbed that of that which we agree with and then we become defiant about it. i am right and you are wrong. get out of the silo. sample something different. learn new things. if you don't, you are boring. you are boring. if you let your mind explore new things, i'm writing now about quantum physics. why am i reading about quantum physics. an annoying thing about i still don't and i read about it. but i can tell you now, i talked to people and assure them how little i know and they correct me. but the fact is that we can't just live in our own silo. because we see, how can we stop all of the fighting, business. it's in somebody else. it is us. when we doing. then there is a third thing.
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there is a lot more than that. we gotta consider our internal destiny but there is one other thing that i say about more now than ever. we need to put ourselves in other people news shoes. now i can tell you, having been the governor, i was involved in welfare reform windows and congressmen. my dad carried mill on his back okay. i believe that the left wing and right wing media is all out to damage the fact that some people need help. you take those woman with a couple of kids whose husband ran out on her who gets up at 5:00 o'clock in the morning to get her kids ready for your school at the drop them off and then go to work and then maybe work a second job. and they need some food stamps. they need to eat. now guess we would could have the table and see work harder. you put yourself in their shoes.
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i was with a lady the other day, she's been working for your 15 years at a clothing store. and she makes $10 an hour. okay. and she is trying to take care of her grand kids and all of this kind of seven she makes $10 an hour. one week in june with john. well we just hear a job where they're going to appreciate what she didn't. she said well i can't who why's that. she said that i will have any healthcare. can you imagine for your a second, not having healthcare. could you imagine for your a second, your adult children, and their spouse that went out healthcare that is about as scary as it gets to me. when we put ourselves in other people news shoes, and we stopped for your a second and say about them. that's the way we really are. then we begin to have more compassion. with a little less judgment.
1:51 pm
we're just a little bit more considerate to others. and when we do those things, you know what, we get to feel good about ourselves and we get worse. i will tell you i'm talking you about you leaving life little bit bigger you rub up against alleles and people don't like change the thought all of the time grid is being demonized online because she wants to care about the planet. at the edge of 16 years old. but kids from parkland, and said there was a young woman who said, why my thinking about preparing my will when i should be preparing my college applications. they have been demonized because of their struggle and what they experience. induced goes with the territory. martin luther king was gunned
1:52 pm
down. rosa parks was belittled. any aim hammered. the great refusing to we've god out of the soviet union, brutalized in a soviet go so long. it just is any time, if you want to change the city council, if you want to change the schoolwork, you want to change the subsite, if you want to somebody in your neighborhood to cut the grass, criticism is coming. that's okay. because when the criticism comes, it knows that you are bringing about change. some of the other people, just a movie about nelson mandela. it is just unbelievable what happens. and then you can find your satisfaction when you've achieved something. johnny depp, you know who he is. he goes into the hospitals dressed as a pirate. and annotates his kids, whether as a rapper by the name of drake. i'm sure you are all with him. i like him.
1:53 pm
but drake, he shows up in a hospital room and she said oh my we've god straight, i am here, you asked me to come. i am here. and they feel 10 feet tall. the folks, chemicals is by telling you about this whole business of us and politicians. i am held elective office for your 30 years. of the state senator i was a congressman and a governor. i know how the system works. there are a few people, a few leaders that lead regardless of the here. for your most politicians, listen to us. i'm going to give you a couple of examples. the civil rights movement. you say that the past civil rights laws on their own. martin luther king went to see john kennedy, and kennedy, he left the white house and he said kennedy didn't care.
1:54 pm
he was really upset about it. what happened over time, because of king and some of the people i mentioned, people began to see that we need it justice. at the pressure came from the bottom up. the marches, the gassing, the dog biting news, the jailing, it didn't square with us. esther people. we wanted justice. and we demanded justice. and the politicians ultimately, after a decade-long struggle, began to pass laws. women suffrage, do you say those guys wanted to give you your power. they did it. and you say about how long it took part women to get the right to vote. and if you were an african-american, you had to wait even longer to get the right to vote. because you weren't favored. and how did that happen.
1:55 pm
we demanded it. from the bottom up. i am convinced that if we hadn't had the protests on our college campuses, we would still be in vietnam today. if you have some reason as to why we would still be there. it got ended by the students and the adults and finally said, enough of this. and this thing is going to be true about environmental awareness. some is one to be true about nuns. let's talk about that for your a second. when i was governor, and try to pass this law. i want you to say about this. this law said, that if somebody in the workplace was a threat to fellow workers, or they were a threat to students on a college campus, that there would be good so long with maybe, input from law enforcement and the gun would be taken away from somebody who was unstable.
1:56 pm
to get it back when the whenever they were civilized. that is going to become law. it's a long time. the people are going to demand it. we are getting tired of this. it will only happen when it comes like this. who folks, a couple of things during a moment, start a movement, give somebody a hug, put yourself in somebody else's shoes. :-), be patient, get out of your silo. and this is what's going to heal our country. because the great news is that we are in charge. not them. we are in charge. and if we come together, all across this country, and icy all across this country, people are hungry for your this. they just want to know what to do. you don't have to climb mount everest. you don't have to beat gladys convert, you don't have to do all of these magnificent things
1:57 pm
are looking said, if you can't do great things, do little things in a great way. to gather, we can end the fighting in the victory. we can start to do the things that we want out of our government and in our community. that will allow us to have a healthier and a more together nation. and neighborhoods and families as well. thank you. [applause] host: now for your my next act, i'm going to saw a lady in him. no. we're going to take some questions and if you want to yell at me, feel free. i have been healed up by the best of them.
1:58 pm
>> [applause] running for your president, and just run for your president. okay why don't you run for your president why not. okay you just don't run for your president you have a campaign and you have raised her name to have a staff and a chance to win and when i ran, and 16, i thought i had a chance to win. we did very well. we didn't win but we did well. this time, if my party, the republican party there just has brought a path. now as i like to tell people my wife and i used to do a lot of hiking and will get back out of it we do height, and you see where you want to get to, you are on the trail need that i have a path to get you up there. you try to go up there that went out a path, it ain't gonna work. believe me. but you never know we do might see a path. sue just keep on the trail.
1:59 pm
you never know. okay. here we go. >> governor, i have a couple of questions. first of all one was an 84, my first vault, reagan and the other was march of 2016 in the ohio primary voting for you. my question is is the lifelong republican, how are we going to move forward and opposed trump world. considering that a lot of republicans are silent. john: let me do it a little bit of an analysis may be about both parties. who the republicans right now, if you look at the midterm elections, and you look at the election on tuesday, where republicans were wiped out in west virginia. they were wiped out in philadelphia, and they lost to governor news office in kentucky. part of it the governor didn't do as great but he was part of
2:00 pm
it. they lost. who we do take those look at what has been happening, republicans increasingly do not get the votes from young people. they don't get the votes from minorities. they don't get the codes from college educated. . . i see it so far to the left and i try to tell, when i'm on cnn i was having a pretty robust conversation. yesterday i was in charlotte and
2:01 pm
we were walking and we got in the elevator and there was a guy there, he was a hard working guy. he's got a vest and about, you know, he's a blue-collar guy. i'm sure his union talk to get him healthcare and if i were to say to him, i got a great idea, take your healthcare away in give you a government program, i don't know if you would let me out of the elevator. both parties are not really responding in my opinion to the issues that trump want so much. when i think about the department stores, you have two department stores and neither of them have people who want to b buy, sometimes there's a third department store that springs up. i don't know but i know this, we have to think of ourselves as americans before anything else. i have people come up to me and
2:02 pm
say everyday, i'm a democrat and i like you. i said, why don't we leave out i'm a democrat and just say you like me? because we don't need to be thinking about office party stuff. i also have an altercation to make, our parents leave us with two things. our religion and our party identification. we are willing to give up religion before clinical affiliation. but we may be heading to a post party opportunity in the future if they don't get it. what do people care about? they care about their jobs and wages in the care about the fact that in a world of changing technology, a.i., artificial intelligence, am i going to have my job? what's going to become of me? i will tell you this about healthcare. for me and my family, i have twin daughters, a wife and me,
2:03 pm
it costs me 30,000 dollars a year for healthcare. now for my daughters and my wife, they have a $5000 co-pay or deductible. so that's possible that it will cost $45000 for us? tell me who's happy with that. raise your hand. this issue must be addressed. we cannot bankrupt people who work a lifetime to get somewhere and all of a sudden, they get bankrupted or put back so far because they get sick. that issue needs to be addressed. i want my grandson or granddaughter or my kids to go to college. how are we going to afford that? how will we do that? these are the things, table issues that i think matter to people and the party that can address them will be the party that will thrive and the party
2:04 pm
that can't address them, in my opinion, will be left behind. so i don't know where we are going to go in the next -- i don't know where we will go tomorrow let alone the end of this next election but we have to think about it. they have to think about it because they have to satisfy us. the question over here. >> i'm a retired high school teacher, i taught 40 years of u.s. history. twenty-five years around here. i'm an independent voter. i would tell my students my definition of an independent voter 1976 about. in illinois, i voted for jimmy carter for president and republican governor. in my lifetime, i've only voted for democratic presidents twice. my question is, you think the
2:05 pm
electoral college in this 21st century serves a purpose? i think we wouldn't have russian and gerrymandering and all of that if we had one person, one vote, no electoral college. [applause] >> here's the problem. and i don't favor that, because i don't want california and new york to decide who's president. [applause] he raises a legitimate point. i respect, he stopped government in history for 40 years. he doesn't know what he's talking about? he does but i think what the founders decided is that tiny little states need to matter as much as the big states.
2:06 pm
so who get texas, california, new york and a handful, illinois and we don't quite matter. if we did it that way, candidates would never be in any country and they wouldn't go to the small states. i think he raises another good. i think one of the biggest problems, a couple of big problems but one is gerrymandering. remember you started that, in ninth grade, they drew these really weird looking districts. we are changing that in ohio. if you do that, then people will run in the district where only a republican can win. they can run in a democrat district were only a democrat can win. you follow what i'm saying? if you're a republican, you've got to watch your right one because if you growth soft or
2:07 pm
you compromise, they are coming at you from that right if you're a democrat, right now, this lady in the new york is trying to run primary against democrats because they are not hard enough on the left and they have to watch their left. what that does is it separates us. the days when i was in congress, it wasn't like this now but it was getting that way. what you have to do is do something so the districts are drawn more fairly. what we have done in ohio is to say, you can't pass a congressional map or legislative where you don't have a minority agreeing to it. that will help us, i don't know if it will solve it but it will help us go a long way because what happens is, the loud voices on both sides push everybody out here. i will also tell you i have a different view than a lot of people about the debates.
2:08 pm
the debates are crazy. i was in a lot of them. maybe you never stop me, i was like a ugandan snow skier. [laughter] first of all, they didn't know my name. it was a governor are of ohio. it got better the longer i hung in there but what happened with the debate is you have to figure out how to say something to get everybody's attention. it's hyperbole. do you think we should pick the leader of our country on the basis of who is the most clever? i don't want to pick a doctor that way, i want to pick a doctor who is good. i will pick somebody -- i want boring. a presidential debate is
2:09 pm
different. you get two or three, those are fine. but the way i believe it all to work, people are probably going to watch because it's not that notorious but the way to do it is, you get this is bishop right here, she's a tough lady here. you let her sit in a room with me and asked me questions were 30 minutes on national television, you will get a sense of who i am. so the way we do it now, it is to fluff, it's to hollywood and we are cheating ourselves. so i would suggest the come up with another way of doing this. the problem is, the audience they are getting to these debates is not very big. back in the day when i was debating, we were getting like 30 million people to watch. people are getting tired of this but we need a better way to pick a president and folks, i believe we are, as human beings,
2:10 pm
individuals, we are sort of right-center, left. there like in the middle. that doesn't mean you shouldn't have them be and extremes but we as a people, we are more comfortable with somebody is not art here. that's what we need more of in our big national leaders. and big national leaders, who are not read or blue but red, white and blue. i've never understood all these people yelling and screaming. going on too long but one other. there are people who have leadership positions, they are like chairman of the intelligence committee, the minority, you got the speaker of the house, i was chairman of the budget committee.
2:11 pm
they need to police their members. when the member starts to be rude, then the other party, they've got to shut them up and teach them. right now there's not much about. i remember watching, i think i was watching when bill clinton or somebody was making a speech and a guy at the state of the union yelled, you live. then he put out a fundraising the next day to raise money. if i had been there, i would have called missus bishop in. we would have had a talking to that guy. it would not have been pretty. we need more of that, more adult supervision among the politicians. i'll take a couple more. [applause] how are we doing on time? you already got your say. you yelled it out and i answered.
2:12 pm
sentiment back here. >> we are trying to keep an eye on the time so i think we have time for one more. >> let me give you a quick answer. that lady and fat gentleman and will wrap it up. what's the score in the football game? does anybody know? will find out tomorrow. >> most people are in the middle but how can a person in the middle get elected in this environment? >> there's a certain magic. first of all, if you want to run for president, i believe you can be sensible and someone that's a problem solver but yet be interesting. if you are boring, you're going nowhere on it for president but if you have an edge to you, even being in the middle, you will be fine. when it comes to congressional
2:13 pm
elections, they don't have anything to do with all these issues. i really have to do with who projects the sense of, i can represent you. remember when you voted for student body president in high school? you didn't vote for somebody basis of their resume or flesh you voted for them on that basis of i think that's a person who can be leader. that's how i think most people who vote. that's why when politicians say to me i can't do to that, people will be mad. let me tell you, you might walk a lonely road. you can't listen to the voices that yell at you. one day they love you, the next day they hate you. the next day they love you. if you're looking to be loved, by a dog. don't go into politics. [laughter] i think it is possible but you've got to have a certain edge magic to you when you climb up that high.
2:14 pm
i also believe today, people are getting tired of this and all this yelling and screaming and disruption. we want to be better and happier and more people. that's my view but i will tell you this, i wouldn't run, if i ever ran again, i would never -- remember in those debates, i never attacked anybody personally. i never did anything that i thought belittled me or the state of ohio because i was governor at the time. if you don't win, fine. life goes on. so be proud of who you are and look yourself in the mirror. you gave me eight years to be the governor. my philosophy was, don't leave anybody behind. make sure the people who live in the shadows are not ignored. i think we had a healthier and happier state and i think it
2:15 pm
will continue here under our new governor. i want to thank you for those elections. when i ran for president, i want ohio. you stood up for me and thank you all very much. god bless you. [applause] thank you. [applause] >> book tb continues now on c-span2. television for serious readers. >> thank you so much for coming. i am really pleased to see you and thank you so much to my fellow panel members were coming and participating. i want to start off by telling you a little bit about why i wrote this book and why it


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