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tv   Rep. Jim Jordan on Impeachment Vote and Testimony  CSPAN  October 29, 2019 1:19pm-1:24pm EDT

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impeachment . thank you verymuch . [inaudible] >> also at the capital three house committees continue their work on impeachment inquiry earlier today. republican jim jordan is the ranking member of the house oversight and reform committee with reporters the speaker said today is the first time you will hear from someone on that phone call is not accurate . you've already heard from president trump and the fundamental facts that we've got all kinds of opinions on several witnesses over the
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past few weeks but the fundamental facts are just that fundamental. we've had that transcript on aid and in the call no quid pro quo, we had to be on the call. president trump and president selling ski say no one was pushed, no conditions whatsoever. you have the fact that the ukrainian never knew that aid had been withheld. and then of course most importantly we have the simple fact that the attorneys did nothing to get the aid released. there was no statement from president zelensky, no pledge or action to take, to do any investigations, any particular investigations so those facts have never changed. we've got a lot of opinions over the last few weeks but the fundamental facts have never changed and frankly i think as evidenced by what the speaker is planning to do with the vote on thursday, shows that they realize this process is completely unfair, completely partisan and
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they're going to try to spruce it up a bit and still not give rights to the president, to the minority and still do these things in secret the american people can't see what's going on in everyrepublican will be voting against, i think it's going to happen, every republican will be voting against the resolution on thursday . >> colonel vindman says he was so concerned after listening to the call he went directly to the head of the nsc, is thatsomething that troubles you ?>> we know the fundamental facts have never changed. we know what president trump and president zelensky have said so it doesn't trouble me. i'll tell you what troubles me, what troubles me is the fact that these proceedings are being done in secret area what troubles me is the fact that only one member of congress, one number out of 435 knows who the individual is an handful of persons who gave the individual the information that formed the
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basis of this complaint and the basis of this charade, that's what troubles me and the fact that the american people don't get to know that, only adam schiff knows and it's been 78 days since he learned that information and no one else knows in the country. that's what troubles me more than anything else, particularly now that we're less than 13 months before an election . [inaudible] >> back on the senate side, lawmakers are taking a break now for members to attend their weekly party caucus lunches. when they return more work expected on 20/20 federal spending.
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live senate coverage at 2:15 here on cspan2 and back to impeachment tomorrow, the rules committee will consider a resolution laying out the democratic plan for impeachment against president trump, the committee will set the parameters for thursday floor debate and will consider amendments to the resolution.we will cover the rules committee live on c-span3 at 3 pm eastern, also on and the free radio and the house will vote on the next phase of the impeachment inquiry. the resolution confirms committee work so far and expands authority for investigatingcommittees . it also lays out some of the process on which the rings will be open to the public. the house next thursday at nine eastern and of course that's over on c-span. we are making it easy for you to follow the impeachment inquiry on search all of our coverage for video on demand of all the congressional briefings and hearings as well as the administra's


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