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tv   The Communicators Technology and Congress  CSPAN  June 24, 2019 7:59pm-8:27pm EDT

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communicators visit capitol hill to talk to exhibitors at ces on the hill. and events for members of congress and staff an advance look at new tech industry products. then later, a look at u.s. south korea relations for the center for strategic and international studies. >> virtual reality, artificial intelligence, privacy, cybersecurity. some of the issues we talked to tech companies about this week on the communicators are on capitol hill for the consumer technology association, sponsors tech companies to meet with members of congress and talk about policy issues they face. but is this week, communicators. >> on the communicators we want to introduce you to people from
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samsung. andrew on the right and david on the left. why are you here on the hill? [inaudible] . . . >>.
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>> how does that involve samsung quick. >> it is very important and we felt that. [inaudible] we have local problems and local issues and that is a great way for us to approach that innovation to get more kids excited about stem t7 what are your current public policy issues you are working on quick. >> to make sure programs are in place for the future with
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the skills for adults coming into the workplace so what does that mean quick so. >> what about the us quick. >> we encourage them to think about for the skills that they need. >> what is your background quick. >> for me it marries the math
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and the music. >> what was the response that allows us to be creative that is so relevant and then to come up with an idea that is workable t7 thank you for talking with us. >> now we introduce you to olivia and coetzee what are you doing here quick. >> this week it is all about
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this week it is all about then you can fill that out and then the same thing. >> so this is the website. >> now hunter joins us. where you come up with this ide idea? >> and then we wondered do you
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need our help? because they broke wine and insurance did not cover it so the wind in the red in that picture thought that was normal so we helped him to get what he needed t7 so what did you develop this website the website makes it very easy for them to create a website of their own so really all you have to do is drag elements like pictures and you can link those.
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>> you can also download the app off of our website right here. >>host: are you the science teacher quick. >> yes. >>host: i have no idea what this is. >> but in particular they came up with all the technology it was their idea to develop and to reach out on social media they fully understood how to help students. >> did you learn from these students because you did not grow up with this technology. >> yes i learned a lot because technology is integral in their life.
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>>host: having grown up with technology and for those types of issues. >> i was worried about our personal devices so i was freaking out about it. it is very dangerous. >> i do worry but but i know wherever i go i don't have to
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worry that much if i don't know the wi-fi i will freak out a little bit but i have learned to call myself. >> so i don't really worry. >> you spend too much time on screen? >> probably. [laughter] congratulations once again if the company wants to do this what is the best website? >> it is right here. if we had to pay to make that
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shorter. >> so anybody is interested. >> we are hoping the kids in our community can access from anywhere. >>host: another winning group from the samsung competition. >> it is an hour and a half wes west. >> so middle is the state? what is your invention. >> hours is for school shootings we created a doorlock to help put that image in your mind you put one
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on the doorframe and one on the bracket and if the lock on the door is broken. >>host: so where is the technology? or is this just hardware? >> we start making this before we knew about the competition we were at this stage by the time we applied. >>host: what was your role?
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>> basically to make sure everything is going okay. >> have you thought about connecting missiles in half? >> we don't take it into that space we are keeping a very simple there is nothing complex about it. and then that's all you have to do for it. there is not a lot to that. without any other outside. >> congratulations. >> three more award winners.
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what did you win your price for? >> to help the community with school bus safety so we did. use a wire transmitter. so we will get to your app in just a minute but is this correct? >> know this is on the bus.
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>> usb is connected to the phone and then they can download this to their device they put what county and what school they are. so then they go to google maps that will give them directions to where they are supposed to go. and then i can tell them to be on time and then to use wireless signal.
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>>host: so what happens on the side when the driver connects? >> they have the wireless signal and then that microcontroller but then the light will flash and at 400 feet it will flash yellow and a 200 feet. >> do that again.
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400 feet the lights will flash yellow. at 30 feet the lights will flash red. and then when the bus pulls away the lights will turn off. >>host: why is it important to turn on the lights on the sign? the main purpose is it tell somebody the bus is coming so they will stop and also when the bus has arrived if there is a substitute bus driver
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then they also know to where to drop the kids off. >>host: has members of congress come over to look at your invention? >> yes if you members of congress and also we met with a few members of congress earlier today talking about our invention. >>host: what did they think? >> they were excited about it and actually the rep read it on - - representative from indiana may introduce a bill. >> at 400 feet the lights will flash yellow at 200 feet and at 30 feet they flash red and when the bus pulls away.
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>>host: who is your advisor? what does she teach? >> she is her science teacher. >>host: so what do you find? >> it is a different world. they are not inhibited. >> we have 19 kids on our team but in these three competed there all very excited. >>host: so can you win an award?
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>> it blows me away every time i know. >> congratulations. >>host: from north carolina thank you. now let me introduce to you what you do for a living? >> i work for ibm i am in the government i am in a compliance office. >>host: but that is not why you are here. >> i am a volunteer for a not-for-profit the mission to provide jobs to the visually
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impaired. and then we developed this smart card to eventually provide enough data to help them understand. >> it doesn't necessarily tell them what to do but to get objective data that tells you the environment whether it is a warm and crowded room it is very loud. not every dog could do this. so the information collected by the app will help to recognize the pattern of the environment and compare that to data of hundreds of other dogs and figure out those patterns and what we can do to
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replicate tha that. >>host: it is like artificial intelligence. >> exactly in a very good way. >> introduce us to king. >>host: hello. can we see what is on her neck? >> it is transmitting data are real-time. for example if she was unsettled that is not a good thing but you want her to be just like this.
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so send her over to be again while we shoot the screen. >>host: so right now. >> we are looking for a dog that is called in the environment like this that might indicate over a period of time to see that during most of this event she was stationary and calm and relaxed despite the humidity and the pressure in the decibel level. >>host: who came up with this idea? >> as a volunteer i have raised puppies. >>host: do you have a sense when they are young?
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>> they all have the potential to make it as a guide dog but but then to match the right puppy to bring out their qualities there are some puppies that will make it no matter what we are trying to help. >>host: did you bring this idea to ibm because of your volunteer work? >> i am the direct line to them. knowing myself and spending time with these dogs and with those genetics to talk about that data as a small not-for-profit to give those
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insights that they needed so we showed that i went to ibm and they loved it and then it made it available and then we started to work with the university with another project and together developed a smart caller - - collar and then use that for evaluation and then in that sense it measures it turns to normal if the puppy goes through successful tests and then i'll
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see you can hear the appeals when the heart rate returns to normal. >>host: she has a running heart rate right there. [laughter] thank you for the blight - - thank you for your time. >> it's great talking to you. >>host: you are watching "the communicators" on c-span.
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>> ruling five / for the section of criminal law using to prosecute gun crimes is a crime of violence is unconstitutionally vague. justice gorsuch wrote the majority opinion enjoined by justice ginsburg, justice breyer, just a soda mayor and justice kagan. the newest member justice kavanaugh wrote the dissent that justice thomas and justice alito joined. john roberts joined in part of the dissent this argument runs about one hour from april. >> we argue first 18431 united states versus davis. >> thank you mister chief justice may it please the court. tore


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