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Raj Shah
  White House Spokesman Raj Shah on Kavanaugh Nomination  CSPAN  July 10, 2018 1:15pm-1:18pm EDT

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lot in our lifetime so i'm pleased to be appointed with himagain . he's a respected jurist and outstanding opinions, i think they are going to be gone through by every lawyer at least on ourcommittee . we're going to have approval process hopefully, we will get it done quickly. it's going to be thorough and done right . and we will try to do what we canto accommodate everybody's interests . in the end i think his record speaks for itself . this affords this person a chance for confirmation in the united states senate to be on the vacancy of the supreme court.
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thank you allvery much . >> earlier tonight, deputy press secretary raj shaw answered reporters questions on president trump's nomination of rhett kavanaugh to the ussupreme court . >>. [inaudible] should the president, was he aware of kavanaugh's immunity for a criminal law investigation, was that a consideration ? >> look, judge kavanaugh has written 300 opinions about a lot of legal subjects extensively and as i said now on cnn -- >> but was this one a factor?
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>> the factor is his entire record. this is a judge who has an incredible record. they been upheld by the supreme court a dozen times. any judges at the appellate level and lower level and cited his opinion. this is a judge who over the course of the next several decades, his opinions will stand the test of time and the president made i think an inspired choice, choosing what most people regard on the right or left as probably the most applied person in the countryto share on the supreme court . >>. [inaudible] say that again? >> is he making any effort to recuse himself? >> those are complex legal issues. >> all of his writing from this administration? have you reviewed all of his writing? >> that's a more complicated
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question. >> how concurrent is the white house of the sheer volume of hispaper trail , would democrats be able to slow down? ask the democrats will look for any reason they can poke at and defined to try to delay this nomination but the fact of the matter is the last supreme courtnominee, the last two, one from the last president went from nomination to confirmation in 66 days, i think that's a pretty good benchmark . >> but you would automatically overturn roe v. wade? >> president trump spoke to reporters outside the white house as he and first lady trump departed for the nato summit.the president was also scheduled to travel to the uk to meet with theresa may and the queen as well as to helsinki finland where he will mee