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tv   U.S. Senate Sens. Inhofe Reed on DOD Programs Bill  CSPAN  June 7, 2018 12:58am-1:46am EDT

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were better. mrs. kennedy was with him all the time riding in the ambulance from one hospital to another. >> the suspect now identified was led by police back to the ballroom and some of the officers have to protect him from the ground there were several bystanders who were close at this point and there was concern for the suspect safety. >> senator james inhofe and ranking member jack reed outlined the provisions for the 19 defense programs policy don't. both said it's unfortunate the consideration of the bill will be delayed. this occurred after the majority
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leader failed to give consent to take up the bill and filed a motion to limit the debate. >> one of the things over in the house we passed this for 57 consecutive years and we are going to pass it, but one of the things i don't like about the procedure ison any one person, democrat or republican caused us to have to file a cloture is going to be putting this off for a period of time with undesirable results but could come up and denied to members from offering their amendments whether they are germane or not because i would say this and i want to say how much i
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appreciate the fact senator reed and i in our committees have worked together on the position that we want an open amendment process. we've had discussions of this in the committee and everyone agrees this could have the effect of ultimately closing the door to everyone that house and amendment, and we don't want that, but we did everything we could to stop the injection from taking place to move on to bill. we need to get onto the bill and all kinds ofra arrangements cane tried. ..
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>> now i just got back from talking to our kids and our troops on the ground to say this will happen. and we will to you what is it does terms of pay raises and priorities to be modernized right now with several pieces of equipment and in russia and in china to have better equipment than we do with the artillery. and right now our wrapper on -- rapid fire is not the
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same as then those allies are thinking to be prepared for world war iii. and all of those troops. and why didn't we go with this thing? but i do want to say that senator reid and i in the committee have done everything we could to accommodate anyone as best the rules would allow us to do and with those limitations to do everything we can do so with the entire armed services committee working on the house side
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democrats and republicans to do everything we could to keep this from happening. the one senator who could will -- put this off and i do regret that. >> is senator from rhode island. thank you for the senator for his extraordinary leadership obviously year all fired by sherman mccain with his incredible leadership over the last many years but and very tyollegial and activity and then operating under those rules and a close
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connection to the department of defense that this is about the men and women in uniform in united states. every year we pass the bill because the leadership but every year they see this as the only train leaving town and we have toan keep in balance this is about the department of defense. with the national security administration and other agencies in we like to open the floor to amendment that are closely connected to the department of defense and that is the adl.
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what you have spend the time to get to the bill but we will get it done and we hope toho be able to accommodate our colleagues as much as possible and then to be directed once again to the activity and the needs of the men and women of the armed forces. if we do that we have a very successful and productive debate as we did in the committee. thank you and with that i kneel before.
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>> i yield the floor. >> the senator from oklahoma. mr. president it is unprecedented to have the acting chairman and ranking member to be so close together and i think it is worthwhile to have the committee hearing on this and it is very rare that we come out as we did in one day. and here is hoping that would take care of today but now we
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will start discussing the bill it is more important now since he lost the opportunity for what we are anticipating. and even though we are not on the bill we can still talk about it with the national defense authorization act 2019. the most important piece of legislation now the 57 consecutive year and i remember just a few years ago to get very close to the middle of december with the absolute deadline to get it done and then to go to the b
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and that year we got the bill. many times you are close reading order to get those opened up to be offered the amendment and of course they were not doing it at that time butt still it has put off about a week. and with that legislation that we passed every year and to think the ranking member of the armed services committee for his work on that do that so rapidly as we did. it also bring that to the floor this week and the willingness to do so.
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that finally and most importantly, and as he has done each year. and make no mistake you may not be here today and those policy objectives are in this bill. it is the true embodiment to advance decades of service to continue as chairman of the committee. >> we all keep chairman mccain in our heart and prayers he is a fighter i'm sure he is watching right now. we all know the fighter that you are.
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and they anticipate that will take place. and then to represent congress has passed a vital legislation and for the military to protect this great nation. and then for us to sit down in the managers package and to pass unanimously. that was almost unheard of. it is a message to each and everye service member he objection moving on to fill i
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was with him all last week to tell you what we will do with iee top priority and just send a wrong message to them that it is that we have to do now you have to in mind here in the united states senate and the founding fathers say that and that is what we are about and then he pays with the troops with the pay raise the largest in ten years and it honors enormous sacrifice. it supports 716 billion fiscal year and then national
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security programs. and that is related to national defense and that contingency fund. and that is what we should be doing. that always should have been. then from the defense budget and sequestration and harmed by military readiness. it has not held the and russia and china that is
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why i said areas areas such as the artillery they are ahead of us. and then the evacuate. and not just the triad that we had we could not keep that up all the time we did nothing over the last ten years.ea with the chinese in the russians. hypersonic. and this is something where the future wars would be fought. that was the bill to advance
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in some areas and the goal is to provide the resources and to do so on time and on schedule at a reasonable cost it is important for people out there to know even people in this body may not be aware of it but it is the authorization with 23 billion for shipbuilding, provide for procurement 7.6 william was a joint strike fighters and at that time we should've seen with the original amount we
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don't want to make that same essay so we have that provision in their 2.3 billion to procure it is interesting because those that have been around 50 years. i remember in the last administration and i remember from the air force base to wonderful things happen. i got married we delivered our case and she said that's over the 59 years. and those are necessary with the procurement and in addition. and then to procure aircraft
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of those army helicopters and in prototypes with next-generation and $100 million each for the marine corps aircraft with the unmanned aerial assistant and then the nipple defense agency. and then to see it as it is now everybody would agree. this is a bill that we have a necessary postpone for another week. and on the way they have that budget request ensure the program arent accountable to tax dollarsican and also be defined by
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strategic competition addressing the militarization and with military aggression with cyberattack. in several of us including, the chair from the south china sea. it isn't land that theynd own. it wasn't claimed by anybody but with 33 acres they have created with you military formations out there. you have seen in all of our allies that part of the world to assume that now they say
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take sides of world war iii because it is all military 100%. it is a huge thing happening right now. and by the way we just got back in for the first time in three of china they now have military be. so this support nuclear posture review to have the 65,000,002 missiles i know that there are amendment and we look forward to that. ranking member and i don't a agree on everything that this is another area but we want to
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have open debate and for that period of time that is unnecessary. and finally to support. partners around the world and with those security forces on things are really going well and so are the rest of them indicating that happening and for the fight against terrorism. and with those upper with that program in iraq and. and then we all agree at least on the committee is importantnt to continue that and with that
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teacher and initiative 200 million for security including legal system. and then ukraine with the last election about three years ago, that was the time for the first time in 96 years ukraine does not have one on meanest. they did that because they love us then putin came but then it was well-publicized and then we have the opportunity. and to take place. and with 500 million.
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and then to provide that. you are some system and in between united states and israel. and of course we have a great guy. >> and then with that investment. and with those national security concern. and then we have to remember with that responsibility but we forget that. people never even talked about defending america.
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and then to face the facts. and not delay modernization and capability. and then in 16th amount to take place and with our president is unprecedented and then to have one small country to have that capability. and something we haven't been dealing with in the past and that is what we talk about now. that we will be passing. >> and then the commemoration
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commemorate the day those who stormed the beaches of normandy and those that continue to inspire and sacrificed so many. and with unsurmountable odds. so with the consideration of this legislation was the national defense authorization act from the quantitative and qualitative military advantage we would have it as general dunford made the statement we are -- we are behind in the advantage with the enemy. with that amendment process.
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and hope to be in that process e right now. but then we are committed to working as soon as possible. reid. they have never seen in the time that i have been here more cooperation than we have between democrats and republicans from the senate armed services committee. and i will yield the floor for just a minute. i have six requests they have approval of both the majority and minority. >> i yield the floor.
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>> let me think chairman as i to was the collaboration was her with a great deal to results of his work and as i mentioned before the information of chairman mccain. and that all of those granted through 2018. >> without objection. >> and she rise to discuss year the defensere authorization bill with the armed services committee made to third with its own bipartisan vote. first i like to recognize chairman mccain after the bill was named he has guided his committee with the steady and
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unyielding leadership that bipartisan process is an example way congress should function and i am pleased to say and through many hearing which produced a bipartisan bill and we would like to take amendments today but knew that outstanding recor record. >> and with the president bending requests to receive briefings on emerging threat the results of this work is the bill that i believe the capability of armed forces to push back on now adversaries that threaten the democratic system and global order and
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for the service members and families. this still reflects the strategic shift to prioritize competition with russiaa and china and with the budget requests it is necessary to defend against competitors. this includes $6.3 billion for the defense initiative and the deterrence initiative and the demonstration of the security of the european allies and russian expansionism and also requires a five-year plan for the initiative on the necessary resources and activities to counter the destabilizing behavior in thede region. also calling on theal administration to have that strategy a below the level of conflict. and the intelligence expert to
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have russia's attack but yet isthe administration fails to bring together the military and nonmilitary tools to counter this russian a aggression despite submit to congress and government strategy is still says that the administration should complete the strategy without delay. over the course of the past year we have held numerous hearing in no uncertain president is not half in pain the ongoing campaign of misinformation largely conductedly through cyberspace said to me the department of defense has cyberforces to disrupt the attacks it is my belief the ongoing attack may
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constitute such a significant attacktt so it is your worthy to have a provision to require our forces to defend against russian attack on our democracy. and then to counter that continue to buy the iraq anterior entrained program at requested funding levels lost having forces to be trained and the expected level of engagement with united states forces this is a prudent approach to recognize the continued threat while assuring appropriate oversight in a dynamic environment. i am pleased that bill also includess provisions be used more effectively to respond to allegations going forward. at the tip of the fear of the
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extremist groups like i said the operation forces the bill authorizes full funding including important provision enhance assistant secretary of the of low intensity conflict as the service for terry responsible for the oversight of all special operations forces. for the navy and marine corps with a continuation of the efforts that are so import and to the armed forces but those the readiness of core aircraft and other weapon systems and please the bill for the second year authorizes fun to reduce the risk for ramping up direction to replace the strategic medical submarine.
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i do have some concern with the assault vehicle that is the backbone with youthful capabilities and i believe that is shortsighted and i continue to work with my colleagues on this issue. thisg still authorizes the replacement program to ensure the readiness of our the and $2.3 billion for the kc 46 thinkers it also has provision to havee the challenge to operate for all services i believe this challenge will be
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with us for a long time and we have to take additional action in the future with this process. finallyy command and control aircraft for armed forces presently they plan to retire with the hope of replacing in the future with a new concept. i believe the bill takes the responsible vision to retire that currently of aircraft with additional resources to help them accelerate to develop capabilities replace the current indicated capability and in fact he should not them away until we have something credible and capable to replace it. as the department of defense prioritizes long-term strategic competition with china and russia the army is required to balance the fight while seeking counterterrorism
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activities. given that the nearly 17 years of the past to focus on combat operation and in addition in recent decades with major acquisition program with the budget control act and sequestration the army has had to modernize those platforms and to recognize the need with the acquisition it has had a functional to break in with the new technologies to modernize the platform i command the senior leadership to make that acquisition all reform a priority the bill we are considering today invest critical weapon system and for example it authorizes full
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funding to the army's request as well as army helicopters with the apache helicopters and the blackhawk. also make targeted investment in the army artillery system for the building of active protection system in order to better protect ourn soldiers. there is that i support but i am that it is not fully funded most jointly the vehicle program we must always review the budget requests we must also fullyly impactful get the force to have the equipment and resources they need on the battlefieldre is our highest priority.te this community has taken briefings on the threat that we face will many details are classified i am satisfied with the investment we are now
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making that is increasingly becoming a congested domain on which the ground and the air force are worldwide last years national defense authorization act we made changes the way they operate in the policy development within the department of defense and we should implement these proposals before we consider additional. i am pleased to see the bill to have the acquisition streamlining and reform and then with theak acquisition workforce depending on the ability to deploy technology systems to embrace those practices we also include a number of provision to strengthen the investment days which is so critical to our ability the committees still
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eauthorizes the increase for science and technology above the requested levels quoting supporting critical research areas like quantum computing and hypersonic and directed imaging full sale technological race with china with national security and economic success and many provision are aimed to help us win thede race. this includes the pentagon to engage with their universities and small businesses to leverage innovation and create the technology to drive the economy. it also establishes the venture-capital program to invest in the high tech start to permanently reauthorize the research program. in the area of personnel number of provision designed to modernize the management
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system to give greater flexibility to promote individual with e experience that is needed by the services also addresses domestic by and child abuse from the uniform code of military justice in those program at military installations to address opioid abuse with military personnel and families are required pilot programs to minimize exposure to create a new program over the prescription which states the monitoring programs the bill also supports the high quality of life for service members and family to authorize 2.6% increase for all service members from the department of defense and the mental impact an additional 10 million for
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those with their disabilities in addition to have the protections of o title ix from 1972 for all dod fools closing a loophole requiring new comprehensive policies to provide protection to the supported by title ix. our main concern however that they do not receive the money that they have requested. quality is paramount but they can achieve those increases without sacrificing standards and look forwardrd to hearing as we move forward in the cycle about these provision whether they continue to believe they can achieve those requested increases without sacrificing quality.
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in the area strategic systems this continues to support the modernization of the v21 bomber and the columbia class submarine. these are all major acquisition programs that will take decades bipartisan support is essential to the successs forward and will continue that bipartisan support be 21 will replace the b-52 bomber built in 1962 and will operate well into the 2040s ground-based strategic deterrent will replace which was healed and in the 70s and in many cases predate the earliest personal computers. the columbia class submarine will replace the current starting in 2027 do the fatigue on those submarines and by then the first class
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will be 46 years old the oldest submarine to ever sale in our navy's history. but if that is the biggest issue with the development and deployment of nuclear weapons it authorizes the defense department request and it is in response for russia to escalate and de-escalate to win a conventional war to obtain the objectives that would displace them and force us to choose between suspension of our military efforts or nuclear weapons to height and the possibility of escalation. low yield shows that i require more time for us to understand
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i am not alone my colleagues in the committee and many members of this has spent hours thinking of the issues caused by these proposals i am concerned we cannot fully grasp all these applications that are inherent to such a system and with these issues while the teacher command in one of our most prominent and effective in distinguished officers makes the case for former secretary who is also an not necessary so to matter where you fall onel the issue to develop this lesson a major change of u.s. policy i believe congress to have a say eachan step of the way on a bipartisan basis in 2003 which i was involved in crafting the
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administration that does research on low yield lesson but could not produce without congressional authorization is still removed back on -- restriction going forward so ramification of deployment of low yield nuclear weapons or any type i believe congress should be involved every step of the way will be offering an amendment sure oversight on this issue to continue the process that we are using today that congress v will debate and consider the development and deployment of new nuclear weapon. finally still authorizes $639.2 billion funding for overseas contingency operation
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i am gladet to remain this will enable the department to modernize the forces. i will remind my colleague and only covers fiscal year 18 through 19 with sequestration will be back next year unless we reach the agreement with defense and nondefense account to acknowledge national security d with the security agency and it would be short and years to come. letnd me conclude by thanking the committee on a bipartisan
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basis with this piece of legislation we will continue to work tirelessly for many days ahead and with department ofof defense and i cannot think of no more appropriate title than the john mccain national defense authorization act to symbolize the direction that is still providing us as we forward.
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