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tv   United Nations Security Council on Jerusalem  CSPAN  December 18, 2017 12:24pm-2:00pm EST

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the 8439th meeting of the security council is called to order. the provisional agenda for this meeting is the frustration in the middle east including the palestinian issue. the agenda is adopted. in accordance with rule 37 of the provisional rules of procedure, i invite the representative of israel to participate in this meeting. it is so decided. i propose that the council and invite the observer to participate in the meeting with the accordance of the previous practice in this regard. there being no objections, it is so decided.
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the security counsel will now begin its consideration of item two of the agenda. members of the council have before them document f/2017 f/2017/1060, the text of a draft resolution submitted by egypt. i now give the floor to those members of the council who wish to make statements before the vote. i give the floor to the representative of egypt. >> mr. president the meeting of security council is held today to consider the draft of egypt on behalf of the arab group according to the resolution of the emergency meeting of the meeting that was held on the ninth of december 2017.
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the draft resolution was submitted in response to emergency situation as a crossroad of the palestinian question and while security council is addressing those, bearing in mind the serious situation and the representativrepercussions of the decision of the united states to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel and the reminder here of the open briefing that was held on the eighth of decisions how many objected to that decision that there are no legal implications to such a decision. it is an issue that lies in the heart of many people around the world, undoubtedly
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addressing this issue must come into consideration the very sensitive topic, however, we are well aware that the only path toward addressing this issue is to rely on the one aspect or pillar of any international law away from religious or other beliefs or else there will be huge repercussion, it will bring back the time of chaos which have gone beyond human development. one of the final status issues that must be settled through negotiation between the palestinians and the israelis, any attempt of changing it is considered illegal unilateral measures that would have new legal impact whatsoever since it comes in violation of the international law and the
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resolutions of international legitimacy including general assembly resolution 181 of the. [inaudible] which established two states palestine and israel and considered jerusalem. in addition to security resolution of 1967 and 1968 and 388 which did not recognize any measures related to and including jerusalem to the territory and it comes in violation of the charter which does not allow an accessio annexation of territory. it did not recognize any
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measures that will change the status quo in jerusalem. both resolutions refuse and refuted any israeli law that wanted to annex jerusalem. : : denied any attempts at altering the demographic for geographic nature of the occupied territories 1967 in east jerusalem. it is also clearly stressed that the security counsel did not recognize any change on the lines of the july 1967. including west related
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acquisition with the exception of the authorizations that come as a result of negotiations between the two parties. the security council draft resolution in an operational paragraph that any attempt at changing or altering the status of the holy city of jerusalem has no effect and are now and void and must be rescinded thus we have to object to such attempts in line with relevant security council resolution. the resolution calls upon all countries not to establish diplomatic missions in the holy city of jerusalem in compliance with security counsel 478 of 1980. the resolution demands that all
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states comply with security council resolutions regarding the holy city of jerusalem not to recognize any actions or measures contrary to those resolutions. also reiterated and called for the reversal of the negative trend on the ground that are imperiling the two state solution and for the intensification of international and regional to support in achieving lasting peace in the middle east on the basis of the resolution. in addition to the terms of respite for peace, the arab peace initiative the quartet roadmap and an end to the israel occupation begun in 1967. egypt was one of the very first people supported the palestinian and we will continue to follow suit till we reach full and
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durable peace. in light of what has been said i call upon all members of the security counsel to vote for the draft resolution into implement the international law which is our main term of reference related to rights and duties consenting this international topic. thank you mr. president i now get the floor to the representative of uruguay. >> thank you mr. president. we asked for the floor prior to the vote to make two comments on procedural and one of substance. with our to the procedure, mr. president, the resolution was shared officially on saturday and yesterday we asked the presidency to [inaudible] and the vote was planned for today.
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without there having been any negotiation or consultations on the context of the text with the exception of the meetings that was just completed where there was no discussion either of detail on the substance. and so is on previous occasions we have criticized permanent members of the security council for similar practices. it removes transparency from the work of this organization to take a decision without the ability to participate in the drafting of the text. today once again we have to reaffirm that this is not the correct way to work in the council. with regard to substance, mr. president, we reaffirm the special status of the city of jerusalem in accordance with resolutions of the general assembly in particular resolution 181 of 1947.
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resolution 181 which uruguay voted in favor of and which we support to this day recognizes two states, one arab and one israeli and establishes jerusalem and an international special regime administered by the united nations. this is the basis for the special status of jerusalem and united nations and international law. as such, it should have been used as a reference in the text of this resolution. a while ago at the previous meeting mr. president was saying that we expressed our satisfaction at the fact that so many countries today recognize the foundational character of resolution 181.
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by referring indeed so much to the partition of palestine into one or two states. one israeli and one palestinian with the special state of jerusalem is particularly important because at the time a lot of countries did not support resolution 181. mr. president, the final status of jerusalem is the question that still has to be resolved. the sovereignty and the limits of jerusalem have to be agreed by israel and palestine and bilateral negotiations. therefore, any decision measure or action that the parties for any such state would take contrary to this resolution which would change the status of jerusalem will affect the peace process and the search for a two state solution, a goal shared by the international community and this has been the case for decades several decades now.
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uruguay has been attempting to find a just solution to the israeli and palestinian conflict based on the rules of international law. for these reasons and despite a process and presentation of the document my delegation supports the draft resolution that is being submitted to the council. thank you mr. president. >> i think the representative of paraguay for his statement. the council is now ready to proceed to the vote on the draft resolution before it. i shall put the draft resolution to the vote now. for those in favor of the draft resolution contained in document s/2017/1060 please raise your hand. thank you. those against. thank you.
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no extensions. the result of the voting is as follows. fourteen votes in favor, one vote against. the draft resolution has not been adopted and according to the negative vote of a permanent member of the council. i now give the floor to the members of the council who wish to make the statement after the vote. i give the floor to the representative of the united states. >> thank you, mr. president. i have been the proud representative of the united states at the united nations for nearly one year now. this is the first time i have exercised the american right to veto a resolution in the security council. the exercise of the veto is not something the united states does often. we have not done it in more than six years. we do it with no joy but we do it with no reluctance.
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the fact that this veto is being done in defense of american sovereignty and in defense of america's role in the middle east, peace process, is not a source of embarrassment for us. it should be an embarrassment to the remainder of the security council. as i pointed out when we discuss this topic ten days ago i will once again note the features of the president's announcement on jerusalem that are most relevant here. the president took great care not to prejudge final status negotiations in any way, including the specific boundary of israeli sovereignty in jerusalem. that remains a subject to be negotiated only by the parties. the position is fully in line with the previous security council resolution. the president was also careful to state that we support the status quo regarding jerusalem's holy site and we support a two
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state solution if that is what the parties agree to. again, these positions are fully consistent with previous security council resolution. it is highly regrettable that some are trying to distort the president's position to serve their own agenda. what is troublesome for some people is not that the united states has harmed the peace process. we have, in fact, done no such thing. rather what is troublesome to some people is that the united states have the courage and honesty to recognize a fundamental reality. jerusalem has been the political, cultural and spiritual homeland of the jewish people for thousands of years. they have had no other capital city. the united states recognition of the obvious that jerusalem is the capital and seat of the modern is really government is
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too much for some. first, some have threatened violence on this as if violence would somehow improve the prospect of peace. now today buried in diplomatic jargon some presume to tell america where to put our embassy. the united states has a sovereign right to determine where and whether we establish an embassy. i suspect very few member states would welcome security council pronouncements about their sovereign decision. i think some should spirit. it is worth noting that this is not a new american position. back in 1980, when jimmy carter was the american president the security council voted on resolution 478 which called upon diplomatic mission to relocate from jerusalem. the united states did not support resolution for 70. in his remarks then secretary state ed muskie said the following.
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quote the draft resolution for us today is illustrative of a preoccupation which has produced this series of unbalanced and unrealistic texts on middle east issues. specifically regarding the position on diplomatic missions in jerusalem secretary said this. in our judgment this provision is not binding, it is without horse and we rejected as a disruptive attempt to dictate to other nations. it does nothing to promote a resolution of the difficult problems facing israel and its neighbors. it does nothing to advance the cause of peace. that was in 1980. it is equally true today. the united states will not be told by any country where we can put our embassy. buried even deeper in the jargon of this resolution is the accusation that the united states is setting back the prospect of peace in the middle
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east. that is a scandalous charge. those who are making it should consider that it only harms the very palestinian people they claim to speak for. what does it gain the palestinian people for their leaders to throw up roadblocks to negotiations? a peace process that is damaged by the simple recognition that jerusalem is the capital of israel is not a peace process. it is a justification for an endless stalemate. what does it gain the palestinian people for some of their leaders to accuse the united states of being hostile to the cause of peace? it gain some nothing but it risks costing them a great deal. the united states has done more than any other country to assist the palestinian people by far. since 1994 we have given over $5 billion to the palestinians
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in a bilateral, economic assistance, security assistance and humanitarian assistance. the united nations released and worked the agency for palestinian help them operate schools and medical facilities the region. it is funded almost entirely by voluntary contributions. last year the united states voluntarily funded almost 30% of the budget. that is more than the next two largest donors combined. it is vastly more than some of the members of this council that have considerable financial resources of their own. i will be blunt. when the american people see a group of countries whose total contributions to the palestinian people is less then 1% of the budget and when they see these
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countries had accused the united states of being insufficiently committed to peace the american people lose their patience. i have been to the palestinian refugee camp the united states supports for their contributions. i have met with men, women and children there. i have advocated on their behalf. i can tell you that their leaders do them no favors by being more open to abandoning peace negotiations then to doing the hard work of seeing them to completion. the united states has never been more committed to peace in the middle east. we were committed to it before the president announced our recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel. we are committed to it today. what we witnessed here today in the security council is an insult. it will not be forgotten. it is one more example of the united nations doing more harm than good in addressing the israeli-palestinian company. today for the simple act of deciding where to put our embassy the united states was forced to defend its sovereign
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sovereignty. the record will reflect that we did so proudly. today for acknowledging a basic truth about the capital city of israel we are accused of turning peace. the record will reflect that we reject that outrageous claim. for these reasons and with the best interest of both the israeli and the palestinian people firmly in mind, the united states but no on this resolution. thank you. >> i think the representative of the united states of america for the same. i now give the floor to the representative of the united kingdom. >> thank you mr. president. the united kingdom voted in favor of the draft resolution for us today because it is in line with previous un security council resolutions including 242, 476, 478 and 8334 and with
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our established position on the status of jerusalem. that position is clear and long-standing. the status of jerusalem should be determined through a negotiated settlement between the israelis and the palestinians and should ultimately be the shared capital of the israeli and palestinian state. in line with those same resolutions regarding streusel is as part of the occupied palestinian territory. as we have previously said we disagree with the us decision unilaterally to mechanized muslim is the capital of israel before final status agreement and to move the us embassy to jerusalem. as recent events in the region have shown these decisions are unhelpful to the prospects for peace in the region and they let all of us in this council remain committed to. the british embassy to israel is based in tel aviv and we have no plans to it. importantly, the resolution is just been voted on stress that jerusalem is a final estate to
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be resolved through renegotiation. it affirms the decision in actions that purport to have alter the character status for composition of the holy city of jerusalem have no legal effect. demanded that all states comply with security council resolution regarding jerusalem and calls the investigation and acceleration of international and regional effort to achieve a just and lasting peace in the middle east without delay. our position since we met on december 8 have not changed. we recognize that jerusalem holds huge significant and holiness produced, lisbon's and questions. we reiterate the necessity of maintaining the status quo of the site. in particular, the temple mount. we continue to elude jordan's important role as custodian of the holy site and remain fully
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supportive of their effort to maintain calm. mr. president, we must now all look forward we share president's desire to bring an end to this complex and welcome his commitment to a two state solution negotiated between the parties. this includes the clear acknowledgment that the final status of jerusalem including the southern boundaries in the city mostly subject to negotiations the parties. our commitment to an position on an israeli-palestinian peace agreement is also not changed. it should be based on the lines as they stood on june 4, 1967 with equal land maps to show the interest of the people. jerusalem should be the share capital of the israeli and palestinian states. it's status must be determined through a final status agreeme agreement. a just, fair, agreed and realistic settlement refugees is needed. democratically compatible with most of the states to two
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peoples. this position is consistent with the resolution for us. we now strongly encourage the us demonstration to bring forward details proposals for an israeli-palestinian settlement. we call on all parties to act with restraint to reject violence and work together to ensure call instability. this will give the peace process the best chance of success. we remain fully supportive of progress toward lasting peace and will do everything we can to achieve it. mr. president, any peace effort needs to take account of the people, not just the land and the holy sites. for too long israelis have lived in fear of rockets and terror that puts havoc in daily lives had renders peace hard to achieve. as do attempts by some to deny the ancients legitimate connection of the jewish and palestinian people to jerusalem. the palestinians living outside east jerusalem including old
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city many are effectively cut off from it and those that can enter have to wait in long lines to pass through checkpoints. within east jerusalem live more than 320,000 palestinians. the vast majority of permanent residence but their permits can be revoked at any point. if they apply for is really citizenship and most do not a high proportion of applications are rejected. the lies of jews and palestinians and for both groups to reach the uniquely holy must not be forgotten in any effort. i once again reaffirm our strong support to renew peace negotiations between the israelis and palestinians as soon as possible. these should be supported by the international community and realize the division of the resolution 181 with the anniversary we marked last month. a safe and secure israel, the homeland for the jewish people, living alongside a viable sovereign palestinian state, the
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homeland for the palestinian people. thank you. >> i think the representative of the united kingdom statement. i now give the floor to the representative of france. >> mr. president, prince regrets the outcome of the vote today and we would like to thank each of you in egypt the quality of the work that had accomplished and for the balanced approach that it follows. this vote was a foregone conclusion for us but for reasons that i would like to purchase today. for small, this draft resolution confirms the consensus on jerusalem that has been built over decades and today has entered into national law. the decisions announced by the president of the united states
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which we regret do not in any way modify the common foundation on which all peace agreement must be based and as president the status of jerusalem confirms all of the international community and it has been dealt with by several resolutions of the security council and is therefore no more that the security council be seized of this issue today and reaffirmed that balls and the framework which is defined are jewish in particular resolutions 476 and 478. this is what the tax does what no more or no less. the text in which we have voted. the status of jerusalem must be examined by the parties in the framework of the peace agreement in the absence of an agreement in accordance with the consensus that has prevailed for 70 years within the national community.
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francis does not recognize the sovereignty over jerusalem. also following the conflict of june 1967 we do not recognize the annexation of east jerusalem which was part of the occupied territory under international law. also in 1980 we do not recognize the unilateral acts taken by israel concerning jerusalem. before and after that is really basic law entitled jerusalem capital of israel this council adopted resolutions 476478. amongst other things state to principles that this council has been called upon to pronounce itself all decision and action aimed at altering the state of jerusalem or his geographic, demographic or historical characteristics is considered null and void and must be abandoned. all members of the united nations which have established my take positions in jerusalem must withdraw from the city.
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that is what happened following resolution of eight without any exception. what was a state then as today is no more, no less, then the clear link with jerusalem but also the political framework in parameters for resolution to the conflict. the results of the vote today translates the will of 14 members of this council to reaffirm its collective attachment to international law in particular resolutions of this council on the essential issue with the status of jerusalem this is decisive for any prospect of peace. it underscores the willingness of a broad majority of the members of the council to not recognize any decision contrary to its resolution. this is what is requested in a draft represented by egypt. with regard to the united states their voice and position
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obviously have a particular impact and is incumbent upon them to explain the compatibility of the announcement made by the president on december 6 with international consensus. without which no credible effort of these can be conducted. because let's be under no illusion and this is my second point. without an agreement on jerusalem there will be no peace agreement. france and its partners in the european union believe that jewish has jerusalem has the possibility to become the capital for two states according to the modalities defined by the two parties. no unilateral decisions can replace this. we all know that there is no other solution than that of two states. the solution of a single state where two regimes of citizenship would coexist is an allusion which would mark the ruin of the national aspirations of the palestinians in the democratic
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aspirations of the israelis. neither of the parties nor the international community could resign themselves to this. to take this further and be absolutely clear there is no alternative to the solution as it states. there is no solution of two states without an agreement between the parties on jerusalem and no agreement is possible with jerusalem outside of internationally recognized parameters. we have noted the willingness expressed on the sixth of december by the united states to support the two state solution. we expressed the wish that this will open the way to return of the united states to the consensus of the international community. my third point is the question issued that the status of jerusalem must take into account
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the reality on the ground in the city of experienced by its inhabitants. this is what counsel did. resolutions adopted over the decades on jerusalem which are reflected in the draft on which we have just voted. the reality of jerusalem is not limited to one single story. more than 300,000 palestinians live there representing around 40% of the population of the city. it is an israeli city and a palestinian city. it should come in the future, become the capital of two states but it is already the city of the two populations which coexist there. fourth point, the historical and religious importance of jerusalem makes it a key part of solving the israeli-palestinian conflict but also makes it important to reach an international stability. more than ever before there was a need to preserve the status quo on the holy sites of jerusalem and more specifically the status quo of 1967 on
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[inaudible]. this must be reaffirmed. over and above this any approach to the question of jerusalem overall must avoid focusing attentions in the city. the risk that we really do have to be aware of is that a political conflict which could be subject to compromise as such could be converted into a religious conflict which by its very nature it would be regrettable. only the radicals would gain to the detriment of the moderates and region. finally, this is my 25th and last point following with concern the situation on the ground and we have seen ten days of competition which have led to the deaths of at least people and hundreds of wounded in gaza, west bank and several other areas of jerusalem. the reprisal of gaza we can
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firmly condemn is also a worrying sign. we must do everything we can to prevent an explanation of the situation on the ground which is why we call upon everyone to show restraint and to deploy all efforts necessary to see it return to home. over and above this there are the negative effects on the region caused by the announcement of the december 6 and the way this can be interpreted. these effects must be avoided. ...
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mr. president, allow me too conclude by stressing three points briefly. given its symbolism, jerusalem is really a key for peace between israel and palestine. without an agreement on jerusalem, there cannot be a peace agreement. this is why the outcome of jerusalem in the situation with jerusalem can only be decided by the parties with the support of the united nations and not through a unilateral decision. now, today, there is a body of international law and there is
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an international consensus on the two state solution with jerusalem as a capital for both states and it would be agreed-upon for resolving the situation. the egyptian text simply recalls these various elements. this is why france, of course, voted in favor of this text. as a permanent member of the security council, as a friend of both israel and palestine, france will spare no effort to bring the parties to the table of negotiation and to achieve an agreement in accordance with this council. there is no shortcut to this very hard path in france will continue to speak truth to both parties on this issue which, once again,}is key to stability in the whole of the middle east. that's why it is essential that we don't cease our
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efforts but continue to meet in the council to ensure we can play a powerful role on this crucial issue and you can be assured of the commitment to this end of france. i think you. >> think the representative of france for his statement. i now give the floor to the representative of a senegal. >> mr. president senegal has supported the resolution drafted by egypt and which aims at recalling the parameters surrounding the political issues of jerusalem which is very dear to the conflict that the israelis and the palestinians have but also to our world. the holy city represents, is a
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symbol for the three religions which is why we pay tribute to jordan in their capacity as the guarantor of the holy sites, alongside with the jewish people. we have to preserve the international consensus on the status of jerusalem which the israeli parties and palestinian parties with support of the international community and security counsel need to discuss final issues but we need to preserve the legal and historic standards of jerusalem to make sure they can keep its identity, the spirit of tolerance, openness and sharing which is always characterize. that is the reason why senegal
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calls for yet again strict respect of the status quo while in line with the international parameters which are acknowledged and recognize in particular to resolutions for 76, 478, 134 of the security counsel. these parameters were earlier determined by the foundational resolution of the general assembly 181 for which enshrined the jerusalem capital for the two states. jerusalem final status is qualified as this very resolution, 181. it is an opportunity for us to launch an appeal to the parties to display the greatest restraints and avoid escalation at this very
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difficult moment. the outcome of the vote, mr. president, should not lead to desperation or lead us to give up, quite the contrary is true to persevere and build on the basis of the agreed long-standing parameters but also on the already existing initiatives including the peace initiative and let's say very loudly the laudable efforts made by the american and ministration on the ground. >> i give the floor to the representative. [inaudible] >> thank you, mr. president. it was displayed quite openly to both israelis and palestinians. in our position on the
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conflict has always been persistent and we believe. [inaudible] as much as we support the right of israel to exist in peace, we also support the inalienable right of the palestinian people to self-determination as well as the right to exist as a free and independent state. this is consistent not only with the united nations resolutions, but also with that of the decisions of the continental organization. with regard to the recent developments surrounding the issue of jerusalem, we have had the opportunity to express our position on the matter during the emergency meeting of this council held on the eighth of december. we believe it is a final status issue that must be
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resolved through direct negotiations on the basis of the security council taking into account the legitimate concerns for both the palestinians and israelis. the resolution tabled by egypt today reaffirms this long-standing by the united nations and that's why we supported it. it was the way to balance the draft that egypt tabled. although the draft could not be adopted, there is no denying the fact that the latest developments have once again brought is really palestinian dispute underscoring the agency of reintegrating the peace process without any further delay. in this connection, it is absolutely important to work toward restoring it as a
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matter of urgency. it's also vital that the parties tone down the rhetoric and refrain from taking actions that could further aggravate the already difficult situation print however remained within the long-standing of status which has hindered progress so far is imperative in order to create the necessary conditions for direct negotiations between the two parties. this we believe should be done on the basis of the two state solution which still remains the only viable option for peace. that's why we supported the call for the intensification and efforts aimed at achieving a comprehensive, lasting solution. the community today is incumbent upon this council to
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discharge it for possibilities and just charge such efforts between the israelis and palestinians and peace in the broader middle east region. thank you, mr. president. >> i think the representative for his statement. i give the floor to the representative of the russian federation. >> thank you, mr. president. we would like to thank the special court later on the middle east for the informed briefing. we fully support the work you are making. you are an objective broker. we in moscow are following very closely the development of the situation. we are convinced the solution of the issue of palestine is something that is of fundamental importance for the groups of the long-term situation in the middle east. no other regional challenges can obscure this fact.
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a persistent vacuum in the political process is something that gives rise to a deep engine deep concern. under these conditions any unilateral action strengthens the risk of the conflict spiraling and makes it more difficult to relaunch direct palestinian israeli negotiations. as a serious criticism which became mass protest and it was a reaction to the recent decision made in jerusalem and this is understandable given that jerusalem is the cradle of three religions and the most sensitive issue in the peace process architecture. we are of the view that the issue, this issue of the city needs to be considered on the basis of known international and recognize basis within the framework of a bilateral dialogue between the palestinians and israelis and
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we call upon all parties to show restraint and refrain from any action which could be fraught with dangerous consequences. we cannot forget that this exact kind of methodology for settlement was approved in many resolution by the security counsel which were being passed over the past decade and there remain fully enforced today. against the background of the settlement activity by israel, it provoked rhetoric on both sides and also the very difficult humanitarian situation in the gaza strip. we continue hearing about the prospect of the two state solution being diluted. at the same time we remain committed in peace and security of israel of an independent state of palestine with a capital of jerusalem and west are some will be the capital of the state of israel.
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we welcome the strengthening of the unity of the people, we think this is a movement in the right direction. we in turn will continue encouraging all palestinian parties to overcome as quickly as possible. comprehensive and just settlement in the middle east is something that can only be obtained provided there is a firm international legal basis, the kind of basis which includes the relevant resolution of the security counsel. the madrid peace and som principal in the arab principal. russia will continue helping on a bilateral basis as well as to the middle eastern mediators, will help intensify the international efforts to find a way out of the current impasse in the middle east settlement. we think it is important not to underscore the energetic role that egypt and jordan play. at the same time we need to
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ensure that the united nations agency on the relief and agency needs to be assisted because this is a main mechanism of alleviating the burden of the palestinian refugees in the middle east and ultimately it is extending assistance to those arab states where the refugees find themselves. we think that under current conditions and the whole region, the issue of moving as quickly as possible toward direct his rally palestinian negotiationnegotiations is important and we reiterate the importance of our proposal to conduct the summit in russia between the leaders of palestine and israel. we are ready to become an honest mediator. we support trust based and friendly relations with all peoples in the middle east
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without exception, israelis, palestinians, arabs. our links are not burdened by the negative heritage of the past. the russian political practice never used the methods of colonialism or the interference of internal affairs which, let's be honest, became the reason of the lamentable situation that we have in the region today, but we cannot give up. let's look to the future. the priority of the task remains the same. it's pulling our efforts and finding terrorism this could be done by conducting the security counsel of comprehensive review of the situation in the middle east and we stand ready for such a cooperation. thank you. i think the representatives, i think them and i now give the
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floor. >> thank you, mr. president. we regret that the council was unable to adopt the resolution before us. we have recently, in this council, outlined in detail the reasons to why we disagreed with the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel and with the plan to remove the u.s. embassy to that city. we voted in favor of this resolution for a number of reasons. first it stresses that jerusalem is the final status issue and can therefore only be resolved through negotiations in line with relevant un resolutions. furthermore, it reaffirms that the holy city of jerusalem, as it's home to three religions has a specific status. most importantly, it reaffirms the view of this council expressed in previous resolutions that any decision and action which purport to have altered the character and status of jerusalem have no legal effect and must be rescinded. we also agree with the call
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upon all states to refrain from the establishment of diplomatic relations in line with this council's resolution 478. the european union has a firm position on jerusalem which explains why all eu member states on this council voted in favor of the resolution today. i would like also to state clearly that today's vote does not impact the resolutions adopted by this council. the status of jerusalem under international law remains unchanged. finally, mr. president, and looking forward, we urgently need to relaunch the peace process. it is high time to show commitment and to move ahead with a detailed peace plan that addresses all final status issues in a manner consistent with known parameters. this council has the responsibility, all stakeholders including regional actors should now engage, more than ever for peace in the middle east. thank you very much. >> i think the representative for his statement.
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i now give the floor to the representative of italy. >> thank you, mr. president. mr. president, italy has supported this resolution as established principle. [inaudible] the text is consistent with italy's position on this matter, they mention the emergency meeting of this council on december 8, we believe that the status of jerusalem, as the future capital of two states needs to be negotiated between israel and palestine within the framework of the peace process that we will eventually lead to the establishment of two states living side-by-side in peace and security, taking into account the legitimate concerns and aspirations of both parties. we also supported the
1:19 pm
resolution that opens the. [inaudible] rooted in the two state solution and the intensification of national and regional efforts toward the comprehensive, just, and lasting peace in the least. in this regard, we continue to see a crucial role to be played by the united states. we look forward to hearing the view of the u.s. administration of possible proposals for the israeli settlement building on the extensive context and intense dialogue developed with all parties over the past year. mr. president, at the same time we have deep concern for the increased tension over the past week and we have reaffirmed here our firm condemnation of the latest rocket attack against israel. an escalation of violence would be negative for all
1:20 pm
parties and not be prevented. we call on all actors and palestine and in the middle east to exercise restraint. the only way forward is through negotiation and the rejection of violence. thank you, mr. president. >> i think the representative for his statement. i now give the floor to the representative of ukraine. >> thank you, mr. president. today the delegation of ukraine voted in favor of the proposal by egypt. we are convinced that the issue of jerusalem is a final status issue that needs to be resolved through negotiations only and in strict compliance with the city council resolutions including 476 and 478 of 1980 and 2334 of 2016. these resolutions also in the inadmissibility i force, ukraine knows too well
1:21 pm
consequences of violation of this principle. we are strongly convinced that there is no other viable alternative to the two state solution. we urge both sides to engage in the constructive negotiations process in goodwill and with no preconditions. given the highly sensitive nature of the issue of jerusalem for all sides involved, we hope that the current escalation can be contained and will not get out of control. finally mr. president, i would like to add my delegations voice to the procedural voice placed by the college from uruguay. i urge the remaining in incoming members of this council to take into consideration. thank you. >> i think the representative of ukraine for his statement but i now give the floor to the representative of china. >> mr. president, china voted in favor of the draft
1:22 pm
resolution that was just put to vote. palestine issue is at the core of the middle east issue. it is a root cause issue of the middle east peace within which the issue of jerusalem is particularly complicated and sensitive and the basis for finding a solution to the palestine issue. for many years, a series of resolutions made stipulations on the issue of jerusalem. the draft resolution put forward by egypt is a continuation of the constant spirit of past council resolutions. we urge the security counsel and the international community to remain united in a common effort for a calling of the situation related to jerusalem so as to maintain regional peace and security of the middle east as well as the overall middle east peace
1:23 pm
process. china has consistently and firmly supported and pushed for the middle east peace process and we support the cause of restoring that legitimate national race of the palestinian people, support of fully solvent independent state of palestine, taken 1967 borders and with east jerusalem as its capital. such a position of china will not change. china will continue to be generally guided by the four-point proposal put forward by the presence of china this past july pushing for a solution for the palestinian issue, advance a political solution based on the two state solution and promote peace, stability and development of the middle east. we urge the international community to adhere to the resolutions of the security council and peace principal and initiatives to strengthen
1:24 pm
the efforts for the peace negotiations and find a solution to the key issues including the final status of jerusalem so as to achieve a comprehensive, just and lasting solution at an early date. thank you, mr. president. >> i think the representative of china for his statement. now i give the floor to the representative of the national state of bolivia. >> thank you very much. >> bolivia wasn't in favor of the resolution presented today. it reaffirmed that the definitive status of jerusalem should be resolved through negotiation and that any decision or act that seeks to change the status or the demographic of jerusalem should not have any legal effect whatsoever. it should be no and void and
1:25 pm
they should be revoked in accordance with relevant un and security council resolutions. furthermore, it reaffirmed that if we change, if we see a continuation of the efforts on the ground that are endangering two state solution , we must ensure that we continue efforts to achieve broad, just and lasting peace in the middle east. we therefore call once again on the government of the united states of rick america to reconsider its decision to recognize jerusalem of the capital of israel and to remove its representation from that city because it would only undermine any possibility of a dialogue between the parties and further make it more difficult to reach a peaceful long-term solution to this conflict. this is also in violation of
1:26 pm
resolution for 80 of 1980, this also refers to the withdrawal by member states of the representation from jerusalem. once again we wish to recall that it was the united nations which provided for the international status of the city of jerusalem. it was also the security counsel which reasserted that all measures that change the geographic demographic and historic character of jerusalem were null and void and should not have any effect. bolivia is no less convinced that the soul long-term alternative to solving this conflict is the two state solution. we will eventually see a free, sovereign and independent state of palestine take state with its pre-1967 borders, with east jerusalem capital in accordance with the relevant security counsel and general
1:27 pm
assembly resolution. thank you very much. >> i think the representative of bolivia for your statement. i now give the floor to the representative of kazakhstan. >> thank you. our delegation voted in favor of the draft resolution proposed by egypt. our position on the middle east peace process remains unchangeunchanged. we urge the parties to maintain the status quo of jerusalem where was previously reached an international agreement. we support a two state solution, especially in the bilateral format and conditions. the ultimate goal should be the restoration and promotion of the peace process in accordance to security counsel resolution, the madrid principal in exchange for peace and the roadmap of
1:28 pm
peace. let us also realize it's necessary to identify principles for the advancement of the peace process as well as to develop a concept for future administrations in implementing that. we therefore urge the leaders of israel and palestine to take concrete steps in the area that will strengthen the prospects for peace as the inalienable right for the palestinians to have the right to their own durable long-term security. i think you mr. president. >> i think the representative of kazakhstan for his statement. i now shall make a statement in my capacity as a representative of japan. japan's position on the middle east peace process remains clear and steadfast. japan supports a two state solution and believes that the final stages of jerusalem is
1:29 pm
part of a range of issues that should be resolved through negotiations on the basis of the relevant security counsel resolution and previous agreements between the parties. with this in mind, japan has voted in favor of the resolution. japan carefully listen to the statement of investor haley today. japan appreciates president trumps reaffirmation of his strong commitment to facilitating a lasting peace agreement and support for two state solution in his recent announcement and notes well the importance of the presence clear acknowledgment that the final status of jerusalem, including the solvent boundaries within the city must be subject to negotiation between the parties. we welcome that the u.s. will continue to play an important role in advancing the peace process. we are concerned about the possibility of the worsening of the environment surrounding the middle east peace process.
1:30 pm
all the deterioration of the situation of the wider middle east region. the continuing arrest on the ground is worrisome. it is important that the parties commit to making meaningful progress in the peace process. japan appreciates the efforts made by the member states to bring parties closer to the negotiating table. peace can be achieved only through negotiations between the parties. japan to will continue to be constructively engaged in this issue to promote an environment conducive to meaningful negotiation with a view to achieving a two state solution. i review my functions as the president of the council. and now give the floor to the observer of the observer state of palestine.
1:31 pm
>> at the outset i would like to thank japan and its capacity as security council president for convening this important meeting. i would like also to thank all the members of the supreme council and the meat members who voted in favor of the solution. those who have recognize the urgency of this matter and the need for serious follow-up and action in light of the recent provocative decision announced by the united states of america. contrary to the relevant resolution regarding the holy city of jerusalem we are also grateful to egypt for its efforts and for submitting
1:32 pm
this as the member of the scary council. mr. president, the total rejection of this u.s. decision and international consensus are beyond clear. the message has been unequivoca unequivocal. all security council resolutions concerning the status of the holy city of jerusalem and the rest of the palestinian territory since 1967 are legally binding, legally binding and must be respected. without question and without exception, including security council resolution 2334 of 2016. it constitutes a roadmap, and
1:33 pm
it is a resolution in international law. if only it reflects reality and the latest u.s. decision in jerusalem lacks this reality. the same applies to their rhetoric today and in the morning and afternoon. they have encountered the reality and we totally reject them. again, we reject them in their entirety. with regard to resolution 2334, it is clearly condemning sentiments, violence and terror against civilians and, it calls for promotion of peace. this is a big mistake when it is said that the implementation of the international role and not the building of illegal
1:34 pm
settlements is the thing that ascends in the way of peace. this is a farce. when the security council and its resolution in the international role become the problem rather than the illegal position of the settlement. as we heard today from the representative of the member of this council, this is also strongly reaffirmed by the statement of states and organizations across the world and in the emergency meeting of the security counsel on the eighth of december, and through the decisions of the council held in cairo on the ninth of december and the
1:35 pm
organization of oic held in istanbul on 13 december and the position of the african union among others and today and the overwhelming support of the council members for the resolution just voted upon today. this veto stood in the way of the adoption of this resolution, but the international community will find other framework for its position in the days to come. the draft resolution reiterates that any decision aiming at changing the characters and the status of jerusalem has no legal effect and it should be no and void. it should be rescinded in the security council resolution and it calls on all phase for
1:36 pm
action that run counter to this and not to establish political missions in the holy city. it also calls for intensifying and regional efforts aimed at achieving lasting comprehensive and peaceful solutions based on relevant un resolutions, legitimacy and peace principles in order to and the israeli occupation of our territory including in east jerusalem. the results of the vote is a demonstration of the position, community that recognizes the specificity of the situation and the status of jerusalem
1:37 pm
and the palestinian right to the city, however and regrettably, one state decided to oppose and stand against the whole world. with regard to this long-standing issue that has always been respected including the former u.s. administration since 1947. and decided to stand by israel, the occupying power. and all the international widget is me solution and regrettably the united states chooses to disregard international law and to ignore the international
1:38 pm
consensus to stand with the israeli occupation at the expense of our rights and the nature of our cause. with the speed of the united states has missed an opportunity to correct it illegal decision to jerusalem and it has persisted in its historic sin. we reiterate once again that this u.s. decision will have no legal effect that will alter the character and the status of jerusalem by any means. this resolution affects the status of the united states as a peace broker and actually stresses and undermines its role in any future peace role. like we heard today it is one 100% in favor of the occupying power rather than in
1:39 pm
opposition between us and the israelis. it is paradoxical that while we were awaiting a peace plan from the u.s., the administration instead decided to further obstruct the realization. this underscores yet again the failure of the old foreign union and there should be an new mechanism for the collective process going forward. these resolutions are binding and they remain valuable until there implementation. a veto cannot negate a resolution. no veto in the past has been able to do so and no veto in this era ever will either. it is truly.
1:40 pm
[inaudible] the thing that's casting the veto today concerns the council's authority in all other cases demanding respect of resolutions on every other issue aside from palestine. when it has to do with palestin palestine, there is in balance. we are refusing to accept that palestine be the exception to every rule and the international community has concurred speaking in one voice, insisting and respect for the applicable law and resolution that are the core of the peaceful solution to the palestinian, the u.s. decision encourages israel to persist against the palestinian people and continue its occupation.
1:41 pm
[inaudible] no rhetoric will hide this complacency in prolonging the occupation. no veto can conceal these facts not nor can it legitimize any provocative unilateral decisions or actions in security council resolutions. no one can deny that such provocation with the unending cycle of tension and ignites religious sentiments amongst muslims and christians around the world. everyone knows that these actions may be more elusive and threatened to transform the political and reasonable conflict into her religious conflict with consequences on
1:42 pm
international and regional peace and security. it only benefits the forces of extremism and terror, therefore we caution once again against such recklessness and we call for full respect of the status quo including. [inaudible] and of the special custodial role of jordan in the protection of the muslim and christian holy sites. we will continue all efforts and coordination and regard to ensure such protection and to re- do all. [inaudible] mr. president in this illegal and irresponsible decision will change nothing for the palestinians. jerusalem will always remain the heart of palestine.
1:43 pm
our history, our culture, our heritage, our religion as muslim and christian is so attached to the city and it is woven in its history as the cradle of civilization and the land of messages. east jerusalem remains occupied and an integral part that we've occupied since 1967 and is the capital of the state of palestine as recognized by the majority of the states around the world. this resolution has permitted israel to continue its flooding and to encroach on the palestinian rights rather than deterring israel and compelling to respect international law to achieve peace and security. therefore once again, we call
1:44 pm
on all these nations around the world to stand firm for the rule of law and in support of the steadfast palestinian people, defending their lands in jerusalem, in identity their identity and natural place in history and geography. mr. president, why in the world will we be celebrating in the coming days christmas and the birth of jesus christ lights will remain turned off in the land of jesus christ and celebrations will not take place in jerusalem. as joy has been stolen from us by a decision that, in the name has denied reality and
1:45 pm
violated the rights of an entire nation and insulted believers around the world. protest has rubbed against this decision not only in palestine but across the globe in defense of justice, freedom and dignity and in rejection of unilateralism and thousands have demonstrated against the u.s. decision and we are faced with repression, or arrest and. [inaudible] eleven palestinians have been killed. 3500 have been wounded and hundreds arrested. 500 and were shot. israel has also detained hundreds of our people including children. we pray for the families of the mothers and we wish to speed recovery for the wounded and freedom for the detains.
1:46 pm
how many sacrifices do we have to introduce in order for our people to endure the rights. the arrogance of the occupying power will only strengthen our position to liberate our land and achieve independence, restore our rights and dignity. it will allow our people to achieve the rights including determination and to finally live in freedom with peace and security and the independence of palestine with east jerusalem as its capital. side-by-side with all the people we urge you to continue to firmly stand on the side of those who want peace to not only recognize illegal actions and measure but rather to recognize all rights of the
1:47 pm
people as enshrined in international law and un resolutions and recognize the state of palestine and stand with freedom, the key to ensuring that peace can finally prevail in the land. thank you, mr. president. >> i think the representative of the state of palestine for his statement. and now give the floor to the representative of israel. >> thank you, mr. president. today united nation are taking another step backwards, another step away from advocating for truth and justice. almost exactly one year ago in this very same room, this body adopted the shameful resolution 2334. it was a resolution that had the audacity to try to designate israel's presence in the rest of the world. [inaudible] as a flagrant violation of international law.
1:48 pm
those words pierce the house of jews everywhere. they mark the generation of jews who prayed to jerusalem for thousands of years. they belittled the declaration of the jewish people that states in jerusalem and yet here we are again. we still found ourselves hiding the same truth and morality. those who voted for today's resolution have only reaffirmed the un decade-long double standard when it comes to israel. they are guilty of blatant hypocrisy. every other country in the world has the right to designate its capital city but when it comes to israel, somehow the most basic national right is questioned and condemned.
1:49 pm
we think the united states for staying loyal to the truth of this resolution. vice president tends, ambassador haley and president trump has proved that the united states does not back down from what is) they continue to advocate for real dialogue and hope for peace in our region. the palestinians however have once again displayed a disturbing trend. every time the prospects for meaningful negotiation emerge, the palestinians run away. every time there's a chance for hope, the palestinians sabotage the effort. all too often the international community only makes it worse. in 1947 the palestinians
1:50 pm
rejected resolution to anyone. they walked out of the talks and they denied the response of given to our demands or suffer the consequences of violence. the american administration is now working tirelessly for negotiations. they are eager to spark a new hope for peace. by declaring the obvious that jerusalem is the capital of the state of israel, president trump was simply stating a fact hopes to encourage both sides to move forward at the negotiating table but the palestinians once again responded with endless ruckus. mr. president, let me be
1:51 pm
clear, we will continue to stand strong when it comes to jerusalem, we do not back down. 3000 years ago king david declared the city of jerusalem the capital of the jewish people. jerusalem has been israel's capital for almost 70 years. our nation has never given up when faced with adversary. we will not allow others, including the united nation to determine our fate, especially when it comes to jerusalem. not then and not now. this week, and jews all over the world are celebrating the holy day of hanukkah. we welcome the good wishes cents from so many nations, many of whom are represented at this table today. but it seems that those who wish us well have forgotten exactly why we celebrate
1:52 pm
hanukkah. hanukkah is not about gifts. it is not about food. hanukkah is about the liberation of jerusalem in the year 167 bc, a king attempted to outlaw jewish practice and desecrate our temple in jerusalem. he failed. a small group of brave fighters, the maccabees we call them in hebrew, they reclaimed jerusale jerusalem. that is what we are celebrating. that is why we light the candle. we are honoring our brave ancestor who served more than 2000 years ago over our capital, jerusalem. history did not always turn out that way for our people. just 100 years after the miracle of hanukkah the temple
1:53 pm
injures them was destroyed. the jewish people were exiled but the connection between jerusalem and the jewish people was never broken. it will never be broken, not by the romans, not by. [inaudible] not by the british empire and not by the united nations. today, even as our adversaries are once again seeking to de- legitimize our place in jerusalem, jewish people will prevail as we always have. mr. president, we have held hateful statements over the past few days, statements from countries that continue to be hostile to the jewish people and to israel. from leaders of nations that throughout history restricted jewish prayer in the western world. even as late as 50 years ago,
1:54 pm
the jews were denied access in the western world. let me be very clear, leaders of countries that oppress minorities and journalists have no right to lecture israel. leaders of countries poisoned a violent anti-semitism cannot condemn israel for so-called lack of tolerance and acceptance. let me repeat what we have said time and again, jerusalem and their sovereign israel is more free and more open to people of all religions than any other time in history. we pledge to ensure that all people, of all religions would continue to be able to practice their faith freely in jerusalem and throughout our entire country. last year at this council you
1:55 pm
voted on resolution 2334. i held up a bible and reminded all of you of thousands of years of jewish history. this year, with another resolution attempting to deny we will fight back once more. members of this council can vote again and again, hundreds and hundreds more time to denounce our presence in jerusalem, but you will never succeed in changing the bible. you cannot rewrite history. not long ago a wise jewish leader called the un a house of darkness and life but he also noted that it's just one small tool and one could turn the darkness into light. we will continue to light this candle of truth. tonight millions of jews around the world will light
1:56 pm
the seventh candle of hanukkah. they will celebrate the unbreakable bond between the jewish people and our internal capital of jerusalem. now is the time for all countries to finally recognize that jerusalem is, always has been, and always will be the capital of the jewish people and the state of israel. thank you. >> i think the representative of israel for his statement. there are no more names. >> and we are going to leave this year, the united nations considering a resolution to call for its member states not to relocate to jerusalem and israel after president trump, a few weeks ago decided that the united states would recognize israel as the capital, jerusalem as the
1:57 pm
capital of israel. here live coverage this afternoon, president trump is outlining his security strategy at the reagan building. this is in washington d.c. a few blocks down from pennsylvania avenue. we will be here live for the president's remarks, expected to start in just a few minutes here on c-span2. also to let you know, over on c-span three the house rules committee will be taking up the gop tax bill and another bill to make changes to the dodd frank financial regulations law. that will be at 5:00 p.m. eastern. you can watch it live on c-span three. while we wait for president trump's remarks on national strategy, security strategy, it's expected to start soon. let's take a look at some of washington's journal. >> host: we will talk next about minority education and the role of affirmative action in public education. we are joined in washington by werobert woodson who is founder and president of the woodson center. joining us via skype from california is senior fellow at
1:58 pm
the hoover institute at stanford university, shelby steele. john, thank you for taking time to be with us this morning. the first semester of the year in college is coming to a close and kids are returning from the first semester, robert woodson, remind us again about the role of affirmative action in education. why was iton put into place in the first place? >> i think the whole issue of racess and affirmative action, those of you like myself, what we fought for was to end discrimination and the opposite of segregation was desegregation, and what we were trying to do was level the playing field. we wanted an equal opportunity to achieve. affirmative action was put in place in certain situations to be a temporary measure. for instance, if you have a town of 50% black and there are no people in fire
1:59 pm
departments or police, then i think you have to take some kind of remedial action to remedy that, but it should be an ambulance service, not a transportation system. that's what we have done. it is now morphed into a whole transportation system and so, as aha h consequence, the gains of the civil right movement that i fought hard for have been perverted and hijacked by people who are using it as a bludgeon against those who cry racism at every turn. >> give us a quic quick example where you say it's being used.e >> in our education system, the obama administration in 2014 decided there is a disparity in the number of a black chair children who are suspended from schools. it's three times in whites and asians.


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