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tv   U.N. Security Council Meeting on North Korea Sanctions  CSPAN  August 8, 2017 3:37pm-4:51pm EDT

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and we're not going for provider. we're going for the single mom who drops their kids off at school on a to the market for five minutes she jumps to death out of a skyscraper. >> watch saturday night beginning with tracy crowe and jerry bell at 9 p.m. followed by afterwards with senator jeff flake at 10 p.m. eastern, and robert o'neal at 11 p.m. on c-span2's booktv. >> c-span, where history unfold the daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by america's cable-television companies and is brought to you today by your cable or satellite provider. >> now we take you to a u.n. security council meeting where the unanimously voted approval of new sanctions against north
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korea on saturday the sanctions are in response to north korea's ballistic and nuclear missile. programs. [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: the 8019th meeting of the security council is called to order. the provisional agenda for this meeting is nonproliferation democratic people's republic of korea. the agenda is adopted. in accordance with rule 37 of the provision, of the rules of procedure i invite the representative of the republic of korea to participate in this meeting.s be is so decided. the security council will now begin its consideration of item two of the agenda.
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members of the council have before them document s/2017-74 containing the text of a draft resolution by united states of america. that counsel is ready to proceed to the boats on the draft resolution before it. i shall put the draft resolution to the vote now. will those in favor of the draft resolution contained in documena s/2017 dash 674 please raise their hand? the result of the voting is as follows. the draft resolution reseed 15 votes in favor.ot
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the draft resolution has beend adopted unanimously as resolution 2371 of 2017. i shall now give the floor to those members of the council the wish to make statements after the boat. i give the floor to the representative of the united states of america. >> thank you, mr. president. exactly one month ago, i came before members of the security council and declared it was a dark day for the world because of the dangerous and irresponsible actions of north korea. for the almost one week ago, i said theo days of talking were over and it was time to act. today the full security councils has come together to put theseci north korean dictator on notice. and this time, the council has matched its words and actions.
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the resolution we've passed is a strong, united step toward holding north korea accountable for its behavior.d step t today, the security council increased the penalty of north korea's ballistic missile activity to a whole new level. north korea's irresponsible and careless acts have just provedss to be quite costly to the regime. this resolution is the single largest economic sanctions package ever leveled against tht north korean regime. the price the north korean leadership will pay for its continued nuclear and missile development will be the loss of one-third of its exports and hard currency. this is the most stringent set of sanctions on any country in a generation.tion. these sanctions will cut deep, and in doing so, will give the north korean leadership a taste of the deprivation they have chosen to inflict on the north korean people. nuclear and ballistic missilees
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development is expensive. the revenues the north korean government receives are not going towards feeding its people. instead, the north korean regime is literally starving its people and enslaving them in mines and factories in order to fund these illegal nuclear programs. even as famine looms on the horizon; even as the regime continues to ask for international assistance to copr with devastating floods and a possible drought later this year; their displays of aggression take precedence over their own people. even as we respond to the northh korean nuclear threat, the united states will continue to stand up for the human dignity and rights of the north korean people. it is the continued suffering of the north korean people that should remind the security counc council that, while this resolution is a significant step forward, it is not nearly enough. the threat of an outlaw, nuclearized north korean
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dictatorship remains. the unimaginable living conditions of so many of the north korean people are unchanged. the north korean regime continues to show thatkorean widespread violations of human rights go hand in hand with threats to international peace and security.reats i thank each and every one of my colleagues who worked so hard to bring this resolution to a vote i have previously pointed out that china has a critical role to play on matters related to north korea. i want to personally thank the chinese delegation for the important contributions they made to this resolution. while the security council hash done good work, the members ofcy the security council, and all un member states, must do more to increase the pressure on north korea. we must work together to fullyt implement the sanctions wet the imposed today and those imposed in past p the step we take together today is an important one. but we should not fool ourselves
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into thinking we have solved the problem. not even close.roblem. the north korean threat has not left us. it is rapidly growing more dangerous. we've seen two icbms fired in just the last month. further action is required. the united states is taking and will continue to take prudentd. defensive measures to protecton ourselves and our our annual joint military exercises, for instance, are transparent, and defense-oriented. and they have been carried out regularly and openly for nearly 40 years. they will continue. our goal remains a stable korean peninsula, at peace, without nuclear weapons. we want only security and prosperity for all nations, including north korea. until then, this resolution andn prior ones will be implemented, to the fullest to maximize pressure on north korea to change its ways. today is a good day at the united nations.
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we will need many more such days in order to peacefully resolve the crisis that has been created by north korea's dangerous andd illegal actions.s. as i've said before, time is short. but today we have taken one step in the right direction. thank you, again, to my colleagues and their teams forai their action and support towards sending a strong message to the north korean regime. [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: i would like to thank the representative of u.s. states of america and i now givr the floor to the representative of the united kingdom. >> thank you, mr. president. north korea is no longer a threat faced by a single country or a single region. it is instead a threat that confronts us all. these two tests in the last month were often intercontinental missile extending the threat much further than before to many more countries. in a world where north korean
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missile tests seem routine, let me be clear. this is not business as usual. make no mistake. as north korea's missile capabilities advance, so tooir does their contempt in this m regard for this security council. council. we must meet this belligerence with clear unequivocal condemnation and with clear unequivocal consequences. of today, mr. president, we have bad north korean exports of coal, iron ore, land and sea seafood. these are the lifeline exports that sustain kim jong-un deadly aspirations. in simple terms should the north korean regime continue, they will have vastly less resources to do so. we have kept the number of foreign workers from north korea.ds every year dprk said styles of
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ordinary workers overseas. they offer often into her poor condition long hours and their total service to provide critical foreign currency for north korean government coffersv this is undoubtedly a form of modern slavery. and today we've taken the first outstanding it. the world will now monitor and curtail work authorizations to these desperate expatriates. and for those who are already aa victim of this abusive system, kingdom will continuek to work toward a complete and to north korea's institutionalized modern slavery. mr. president, north korea has full responsibility for the measures we have enacted today. by acting in flagrant violation of its legal obligation, by going against the will of the security council expressed in countless resolutions, north korea has chosen the path it now finds itself on. it is a path that at a minimum will lead to further suffering
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for its own people, and at most could prove to be catastrophic for the whole world. it doesn't have to be this way. north korea should forgo the path of provocation. ovirgo the path of further escalation. there is no reason why the people of north korea cannot share the normal prosperous life of their neighbors to the world would welcome them, not threatet them. so in this chamber let us once again call on north korea to halt and reverse its nuclear and missile development program. let us once again call on them to prioritize the well-being ofo the people over there illegal and destabilizing militarytheir program. north korea's security and well-being did not depend on nuclear weapons. they do not depend on far-reaching missiles. they do not depend on a myth of self-sufficient defiance of the wider world.
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to live in constant tension with the world cannot be in the interest of north korea's regime, let alone its people. mr. president, we have taken a step forward.ep we have spoken with unified voice that we are ready to act in an unprecedented way in response to north korea's reckless nuclear pursuits. every country must ensure that these measures are adhered to. every country must live up to our word. this time there's too much at stake. - we simply cannot afford to fail. thank you. >> i would like to thank the representative of the united kingdom and to give the floor now to the representative of france. you have the floor. [speaking french] >> translator: mr. president, france welcomes the unanimous adoption of resolution 2371, which strengthens the sanctions imposed by the united nations
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against north korea in the wake of a ballistic missile launchc which occurred on three and 28 july last we thank the united states for their leadership in the context of the negotiations as well as for their unwavering commitment on this dossier which to date more than ever before is of critical importance for international peace and security. north korea has for years now been an accelerated pace, building a nuclear and ballistic missile program initiated the highest level of the regime. it has methodically striving to acquire an operational nuclear arsenal at the cost of its own people. the lodges in recent weeks were another milestone in the threat posed by the north korean program by clearly demonstrating pyongyang determination to
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bring the entire international community within the range of its missiles. this is unacceptable situation which threatens the security of us all. we will not hesitate. this is a global threat, and beyond this threat, this great untracked threat which is being posed, the whole of the nonproliferation regime is imperiled as it constitutes a framework for collective security system. and the very bedrock of the system so weakness is not an option. for this reason france conviction has been from the very beginning been that only a strong position, a firm position can help pave the way to a diplomatic surge which itself is the only possible solution to this crisis. in this context it is more than ever before urgent to put an end to the north korean nuclear and ballistic program, and to bring
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pyongyang to the negotiating table. however, despite repeated warnings, north korea has in recent months ceaselessly flouted all the calls of this council and defied the whole ofo the international community given the gravity of the threat looming before us all today, it is urgent to collectively demonstrate our authority for only diplomatic and economic pressure to the maximum extent can halt pursuit of the program and can prompt north korea to turn to the negotiating table to help bring about a peaceful solution to this crisis. through this resolution, beyond the categorical condemnation of the unjustifiable actions by north korea, the council has toy complement tree and additional initiatives being put forward. another group of individuals and sanctions at the heart of the programs are now being
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sanctioned and there's an embargo for all key sectors, activity including the financing for pyongyang was program. these measures can generate lost savings of $1 billion per year for the regime, clearly this can change the situation. it underscores the scope of the mechanisms of the security council when it acts in a unanimous manner as is the case today. it also provides for humanitarian exemption clause to mitigate the repercussions on the north korean people who are not being targeted by these measures. this new resolution is not only a determined response and a decisive response but is a further warning, the dangerous and irresponsible push of the
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regime which is irrational and methodical in its goals. this must be put to an end. the north korea must be aware of the fact that if he continues to escalate and gauge andt provocations will have no otherp choice but to further step up pressure and we stand ready to do so. that is one of the messages we are unanimously delivering today as we repeatedly stated, sanctions are not an end in themselves but a means to compel pyongyang to meaningfully return to the dialogue, given the reckless unjustifiabletubbor stubbornness of the regime. today there is no other solution than from this to prompt the regime on a path to reason and on that basis to pave the way for political and diplomatic solution to this crisis. thank you. >> i would like to thank the representative from france firsr restatement etiquette the floor to ukraine.
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>> thank you, mr. president. ukraine welcomes the unanimous adoption of resolution 2371.aveh we commend the efforts of those delegations were involved in the effort and the text of the vote. under the strong leadership of the united states. north korea's advanced nuclear and ballistic missile programs is all but the most significant choliferation challenge of our time. ukraine condemns in the strongest terms pyongyang is continuous activities. besides highly visible in the form of nuclear tests and missile launches, there's also intricate system of -- to circumvent restrictions. today's resolution not only -- [inaudible] it reinforces it with additional targeted to sanctions and clarifies measures imposed by the council earlier. it also vigorously confirms the
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open is to dialogue for peaceful and diplomat solution to the situation on the korean peninsula. and its intention to avoid -- [inaudible] ukraine is always been -- bilateral actions against proliferation of weapons of mass distraction. our collective decision today clearly demonstrates that councils consolidated and to emphasize consolidated and from stansted response -- the threata to the global -- [inaudible] furthermore i wish to reiterate the key imports to prompt and comprehensive limitation of the respective counsel resolution negotiations by all member states to make -- [inaudible] actions of the global level are required to exclude the risk of further provocations. thank you. >> i would like to thank the
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ambassador of ukraine at they give the floor now to the representative of uruguay. >> thank you, mr. president. uruguay vote in favor of resolution 2371, and we hail its approval, it's unanimous approval. unity of the members of the security council in this matter is essential to provide a response to the series threat that is represent for international peace and security, that the fines obstinacy of north korea and continue with this nuclear andnu ballistic missile programs. last july there were two ballistic missile launches intercontinental ballistic missile launches in the same month, to launches, i repeat. now, dprk has flagrantly did this in flagrant violation of all the resolutions of this council.
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but if this were not enough of an abuse, then this also t undermines the common good and the spirit of peaceful coexistence that reveals in this organization. uruguay reiterates once again the need for the government of north korea to comply with all the resolution of the security council and to abandon its nuclear ambitions. as was stated by my delegation the past few days during the briefing session entitled general questions pertain to sanctions, improving the effectiveness of united nations sanctions. as i said it is necessary for say choose regimes to be effective. this effectiveness should be understood as the achievement of the goals in fall that the sanctions are seeking to achieve. sanctions regimes should be designed as an instrument that
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allows the security council to achieve a goal and to be effective. this incident should beo permitted to use of other instruments such as mediation and dialogue. the goal of the sanctions regime imposed on north korea should strive for the denuclearizationt of the korean peninsula in a peaceful manner. saying this i'm referring, mr. president, to what my delegation is always say regarding the neew to work for the benefit of reducing, easing tensions on the north korean peninsula and tons make every possible effort to return to the path of dialogue in order to find a definite solution to this very serious situation. at the same token it's important to have a greater commitment and determination of member states w to comply with international obligations and, comply with the sanctions imposed by the security council. .. their humanitarian consequences
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on the north korean civilian population. and like to reaffirm that earthquake is committed and determined and working towards solutions. >> >> it contains explicit provisions of the ndp archaic. -- dpark china is opposed to their activities and are defined in the community. insisting on realizing on, and
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the crimean peninsula and is seeking a solution through dialogue. china has always been firmly opposed this is what the resolution is all about. the fact that us councilon adopted this year unanimously demonstrates the international community is its position with the nuclear position. with those three major components but first thosens sanctions against the dprk program. second it does not cause significant impact not prohibited by the revolution -- 40 medicare and assistance and third calls for the six party talks too
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fine a solution to a political means. with the importance of the escalating tension and china is part of the parcel to implement those letter contained in the resolutions to china has been making efforts to uphold peace and stability. they issue a joint statemente on the peninsula. that puts a florida of a road map that calls for the parallel efforts while moving forward in on the
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peninsula.e acti it with this nuclear activity and also a step-by-step approach. also to join the initiative at the sentence in the root causes of the symptoms.soluti we hope this initiative will get support from the partyrom te to take no from united states has once again with a reasonable -- regime change with the push for reunification and it will not push through the 30th parallel that we can translate these from the
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dprk.- in otherwise that is not in the interest with the original peace and stability and willen not bring a solution for the nuclear testing.region and and then to bring balance to the region.d china. and the regional countries including china. then realizing the nuclear station in is in the interest of the parties that may further escalate tension on the peninsula. immediately to take effective action to createhe res
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with consumption of talk d with that nuclear issue with a peaceful solution through dialogue. thank you mr. president. >>for hi translator: i give moneyderati for a to a the russian federation. >> translator: mr. president the russian federation reported the adoption of the canadian council sanctions against the dprk community and the need to halt the peon gain nuclear missile program that is unacceptable to us the ballistic missiles
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pose a major risk in the region as well as the lives of the programs to reach herli and to the non-proliferation -- non-proliferation regimeas w to join the chemical weapons convention and of progress to the crimean peninsula will be different as long aspr the dprk perceives a direct threat to its own security because that is how they view the military buildup in the region of frequent wide-ranging maneuvers as they deploy strategic bombers and naval forces and other destabilizing factor is the scaling up in north korea with the anti-missile
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defense element this is an irritant but also undermine the military balance and calls into question we would like to hope u.s. secretary of state for the u.s. is space seeking to dismantle the dprk situation and to force that with military intervene but we are concerned that it was not supported with any side isau liable to cause a disaster because we stress mr. president that cannot be intended to insult.alks.
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to engage the country in constructive talk it is not possible to settle the caribbean issue ended must be a part of a strategy that is said to be crafted to reach the agreement and the sanctions must not be used for touche deliberately kills that strike those civilian sectors bin those sanctions significantlyof the deteriorate to recover the eritrean people in this is a the agencies are warning about and the approach of a universal means instead of us a diplomatic tool and it
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is clear to normalize that situation with a comprehensive approach that includes end end to the military infrastructure and reduction of those maneuversto to create trust we mustbs abandon the algorithmsunique through a unique creative approach and that is the t crux of that proposal we was like to say drafting a road map with the use of force wit
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ways without preconditions and through the resumption of six party talks as a possible starting point to break the deadlock we must find the leading candidate to engage in the dialogue so we would like to draw attention to the situation and we would like to draw attention in to use some contentious issues that does not have those did you and the components between counsel and the official actions in the context of
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sanctions must be ended and above all more than ever before to join the political solution with their range of issues over a the korean peninsula following this resolution has been exhausted for the same time to step up efforts of the people of the dprk at our insistence those relevant exemptions and thank you. >> then now zero give the floor to the representative of seven golf. >> mr. president and the delegation with unanimous adoption via the security
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council with nuclear non-proliferation with the republic of korea and what failed under negotiations would this resolution would strengthen for the second time this year and the third time in less than 10 months. in that is part of that methodical accumulation ballistic and nuclear program much's conducted by north korea from july of this year and with that non-proliferation treaty is
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a very serious threat to the peace and security and beyond. and with maritime navigation with those thousands of people that lived and worked in the region. there were no warnings of the launches to go way beyond those maritime areasjurio with of jurisdiction of the country that represents a serious threat and we will lead echo the words of the security general who calls for north korea for the
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obligations for irreversible so this resolution to freezing assets on travel of certain individuals imposes the bay and on the export of coal, iron ore and iron as well as well as access to the baking system. the of the report of the security console requested from the sanctions committee and it is invited to submit this report and to highlight those additional topics that
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could be added to the consolidated list of what had been taken and another important element has to do with the resolution to avoid any humanitarianan consequences with that normally give them neck of -- economic activities with food assistance with the exemptions with those diplomatic missionss established through dprk as well related to humanitarian assistance mr. president of the delegation has a series
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of targeted measures with that challenge represented must me part and parcel of a strategy with a political solution and with that diplomatic solution we would like to express our support for the six party talks for the korean peninsula and a peaceful coexistence on the basis of full respect for each other's sovereignty on the joint declaration we
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would conclude with the members of the securitymb council of the international community with this phase of dialogue on the north the korean peninsula now i would give the floor to the of representative of sweden to make the shows that then counsel continues tuesday and united with the growing threat imposed by the dprk each year as the u.n. security council takes the responsibility and authority on the situation for peacece and security. again the the intercontinental range with
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those security -- security council resolutions for the region and the whole world it is evident and expressed us deepest solidarity for those living under the constant shadow of dprk and they're threatening behavior and in the strongest possible terms with the dprk tusis all development with of nuclear weapons program to take it to the complete viable and in accordance to the council resolution so unconditionally to be a gauge the incredible dialogue with those general
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laid out by the council to redouble the efforts of that current resolution to act swiftly of those new but at the same time sanctions alone by the dialogue to reach long-term and sustainable. there is of urgent need to avoid escalation for that situation on the korean peninsula.regi it is also of key importance to establish communication
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channels. and then helps to resume conflict at the border station this contributes to reducing tension and transparency to have a diplomatic opening to facilitate a peaceful and comprehensive solution into a dialogue it is deeply worrying that tensions have continued to rise with a misunderstanding and miscalculation. the regional security mechanism there is no military solution and we
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stand firmly to condemn the actions of the dprk. with that diplomacy can we call again and i think you from the international community. >> this is solution. the id united states. >> so once again to send the message to the dprk.
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to increase prohibition with this new level of peace and security by taking further action. and so to continue with thete ballistic missile launch north korea is advancing soll with the global non-proliferation regime so for those proportional resources for the sanctionom ever applied that is the remaining force so we urge them to take immediate measures with their missile programs.
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and ed been consultation to support the european union conflicts. but the concern is not the people but it continued to suffer for economic development with a nuclear ballistic missile programs.ures the bed we call on the dprke to make progress on theio obligation and then over the
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last resolution in july 17 but this is a means for compliance. finally allow me to restateit the commitment to the full implementation of all of those resolutions. thank you. > translator: now the floor is to the representative. >> we welcome the of resolution. with the ballistic missile case. step
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but the consequence is to continue to maintain but in her view this is the most critical factor so this is with the great deal of care and wisdom. but dprk says serious threats to national security is important dprk immediately seize the actions of the peninsula to prevent further escalation. that is why we believe the
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measure the council took today is all the more apparent with managed properly of those possibilities it is both dangerous and it is undeniable that we must agree with communicationcomm with the miscalculation. that is why of the dprk s issue this requires the dprk
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of the denuclearization finally the of ballistic missile launch reminds us of that full implementation is much more critical now we believe that committee which supports the committee and should be encouraged to further strengthen the full implementation to affirm once again for the full implementation thank you
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mr. president. >> thanks to you the ambassador from ethiopia for his >> we support the adoption resolution as a means to ruth pursued pyongyang to change its course and also for the resumption of dialogue and strongly condemns the international missile a brisker rijeka with those efforts and with international peace and security to be in seriousre violation and force a threat
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to peace and furthermorethe into the north eastern asian region the policy of the dprk of us nuclear non-proliferation to ensureef the free future of the planet for the sake it insecurity of the development of the people in the threat of the of program makes it imperative to intensify the efforts as an acceptable solution and it is possible only through dialogue via the provocative action and i think you
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mr. president for girl --. >> thank you. >> to the representative of japan. >> to the dimmest adoption of the resolution may wouldut express interest to the venice states and also we would like to thank the members of the council of the hard work to make today's adoption possible the need a security council the with those ballistic missile launches in the past year-and-a-half since january 2016 north korea has conducted two new nuclear test machine even more missiles. the sheer number and
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frequency is unprecedentedable and unacceptable as, th so these advancements are also deeply alarming last month we saw two new ballistic missile launches within the continental reach. the second is even more than the first so broadcast on japanese television shows it was visible with the naked eye even as it fell into the sea off of the coast of japan that missile range
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shows it is not just a regional threat but a global threat to all member states. north kerry yes seems determined and in march 2016 the security council responded by adopting a resolution in 2270 with a clear message that it must halt nuclear development in an after 2016 the security council sends it even stronger message with 2321. and continues to ignore the cause of the international community the with the
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nuclear development programs that lead to the proposition in today to be impractical for the north korean regimee is increased by $1 million. with an urgent call and to change behavior. it was clear to everyone at this point to resume a meaningful dialogue and we have no choice but to continue to increase to demonstrate renewed commitment to thoroughly employment the security council resolutions.
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and with all the member states and with those problems related to number three and. >> now give the floor to the ambassador they give mr. president. with that condemnation with the conduct of the nuclear testing of ballistic missiles from the dprk with their full verifiable reversible way but with the present resolution our country doesn't believe in war as a means of solving
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the school will problems but mr. president so to consider contin and of itself. seventy-two help those parties involved in data that least possible impact. and to avoid the escalationavoi and to raise tensions with its national peas san security and relate to express our support and with
4:36 pm
those nuclear test m ballistic missiles. and with that resolution adopted with that review of the six party talks. also we would like to make a call with any military type of solution with the pack the dialogue in mr. president google's said that for the resolution with cooperation to prevent those on state actors from getting weapons of mass destructionetel this is in said nicole
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version or with the united nations. once again to express that categorical rejection with those sanctions as a flagrant violation to extend that jurisdiction of the state over the other state to undermine the sovereignty of territory. translator: i think the ambassador and now i will deliver a statement in my aa stm natural capacity. ejected joins that unanimous agreement of the resolution adopted today based on our consistent commitment with the nuclear non-proliferation system.
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as low as the credibility of the security council we'rey convinced of the importance for all the bodies and international stakeholders to deliver on the mission and uphold their responsibility in a manner reflective of what has been done. >> that importance of all serious threats to nuclear non-proliferation and furthermore we hear to the treaty without any double standards. ejected is aware of thee threat of recurrent violations from the number three yes security council resolutions this is a threat to regional peace and security in this regard.yp
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egypt reaffirms its hope to see all stakeholders joining hands to peacefully settle the situation plaguy in the north crimean peninsula -- north korean peninsula as well as pay the way to the negotiating so as to uphold the interest of all. egypt once again welcome as any constructive idea through negotiations and dialogue shows denuclearization of the peninsula for lasting peace and for reunification. thank you.
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>> and i go back to mine a role as president of the council. >> first of all i would like to ruth thank you for inviting my delegation to this important meeting.tion t the dprk once again has turned a deaf ear to the international community is responding with more provocations the dprk provocation's july 4th through july 28 was a great threat to peace than requires concerted action -- actions. such repeated cause should be met with a stronger measures and a the consequences of the flagrant violations so for this
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reason the republic of korea with the unanimous adoption of the resolution taking this opportunity with leadership and commitment as well as all of the other members including chinaouncil, resolution 23 introduce his robust measures that would be significantly cut offoff hard from the dprk that can be part of that wm d program so to curb that ability from those related activities and by adopting the resolutionsolutn to data security jones was demonstrated the international community will remain fully united in its commitment with the reckless
4:42 pm
and the destabilizing inhavior. to change course it is important in the republic of korea will support other states with these resolutions including the one adopted today. mr. president operating under the delusion that these programs offers to be security and on the contrary with the pursuit it only serves to strengthen the firm resolve of the international community to be in pursuit of nuclear ambition it has never been diminished so pyongyang should refrain from further testing and i sincerely hope
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that through thatath to denuclearization dprk will stand on the right side of history painting in very much. >> i would like to think the ambassador of the republic of korea. the meeting is adjourned. [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations]
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. >> for so long women's military stories have been discounted or appropriated by a others. so she just felt like the timing was right. >> we are not a social experiment. we are soldiers but in iraq and afghanistan during the same job as the men coming home to a country that did not recognize they did the same as the men
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. >> how da make the case right the the health of conservatism is an urgent matter with the real world the application?. >> you can win elections if you do that just for the sake of winning then we can do that but if conservatives want to enact conservative policy then you have to create the election like how old do we step this up to move forward with our agenda ?.
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>> we did not have a line by he pulled me aside and said don't take it the wrong way on going but if we know we're going to die than where we going? and his edward toggling for bravado but for the single mom drops her kids off at school on a tuesday morning then jumps to her death at of the federal building.
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in golden colorado student took the second place prize on cybersecurity also in denver the third place award of $750 went to these tenth graders for their document date about digital left - - theft and then winning the third place prize of $750 for racial inequality in america up. then in sioux falls south dakota was the price for the documentary on the national debt.
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and then winning honorable mention for the documentary on marijuana. a number of students won an honorable mentions and the national debt and terrorism and also receive being honorable mentions on their documentary on global warming. .


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