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tv   Congressional Democrats Hold News Conference as GOP Delays Health Care Vote  CSPAN  June 27, 2017 8:57pm-9:19pm EDT

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this week, next week and beyond that we can have some real conversations about how to work together to solve real problems that deal with costs, prescription drug costs, out-of-pocket costs for people and we can do that in a bipartisan way if we are t focusing on the real problem in health care and how we make health care stronger, better, more affordable for american families. thank you mr. president could i suggest the absence of a quorum. house minority leader nancy pelosi spoke to reporters about the senate's decision to delete the vote on the health care replacement bill until after the july 4 recess. she is joined by other house democrats in this 20 minute news briefing. the house passed its own version of the health care bill in may. [inaudible conversations]
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>> good afternoon everyone. the american people have spoken. hopefully the republicans in the senate and the house will continue to listen. today is a significant day as a republican leader in the senate polls his bill. it's going to go back to the drawing board and her stand. it is interesting to see the success of the american people. they know what the republicans are putting forth was a bill that would increase their costs, given fewer benefits, undermined
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medicare and have 23 or 24 depending on which version of their bill people losing their health insurance. in addition to that it would do serious damage to central health benefits. most important among the changes republicans are imposing our the devastating impacts of their cuts to medicaid. our colleagues have addressed some of these concerns but it's important to note that this assaults of the good health of the american people is there so that they can have a tax break for the wealthiest people. it's just not fair. we have continued to fight and we thank all of our friends and the outside mobilization for honoring what abraham lincoln always told us, public sanction is everything. the distinguished democratic leader of the house.
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>> thank you leader. many members of the senate listened and what they heard from the american people was that this bill was not a build the bot would help themselves or their families or their country. ..
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the american people were complemented with a bill that did violence to the 24 million off insurance. pre-existing conditions and benefits put at risk. we have an opportunity by the republicans making a determination they were going to step back. and as they steppeas they steppe prepared to engage them in positive construct it, not destructive, not a negative policy but a positive policy for the american people and i am so pleased i've had the opportunity to work with this group to affect a bill that does not and everyonevery one of us believesn be made better so now i want to yield to the assistant leader from south carolina to share his thoughts.
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>> thank you very much members of the caucus. south carolina is one of the faster growing states in the union. the last redistricting we increased the congress and that means two things. number one, it is a state that people are retiring to and that means people are growing older that come to south carolina. that means when you look at medicaid, over 64% of the people who live in nursing homes are beneficiaries of medicaid and it's much broader than people tend to deal with in the discussions and when you do
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violence to medicaid it is to senior citizens living in nursing homes. a second thing, community health centers and the act expanded a billion dollars and that gets us to 4% to deal with the safety net that needs to be dealt under medicare and the delivered system so, i would hope that september 30. to look at the site would hope that we do come back with something that will fix the
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cliff for the community health centers and greatly expand them and i am pleased to yield to the chair. when we think they are done, they are actually not, so this fight goes on. we know they are not there yet whether it is one week, two-week, three weeks they may continue this basalt. if there is an opportunity to work with democrats now come and we hope and pray they will take us up on that offer. but we know that is not the case in this congress so we continue to fight on behalf of the american people. yes the american people have spoken that have republicans in the senate and the house actually learned anything? the senate bill is no less at tt the continued assault on the affordable care act.
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they have to face financial ruin because they get sick. the american people are speaking. and with that i yield over to my chairman. the senate delayed vote is for america's working families but that doesn't mean the fight is over i don't think it is an exaggeration to say what happens the next couple of weeks will have a dramatic impact and that's why we have to keep the pressure on senate republicans. americans have to keep a close eye over the fourth of july break and make their voices heard. mitch mcconnell is doing everything he can to try to salvage this bill and he will do anything it takes to try to drag it across the finish line.
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so if you are afraid of becoming one of the more than 20 million americans who will lose your insurance because of healthcare sure you make your voice heard and not just to the senators and member of congress to make sure they know what is at stake. my family is in alzheimer's in a nursing home and there are thousands of people in california and millions across the country who rely on medicaid to stay in the assisted living facilities. but if it passes, the nightmare that families with loved ones living in the same facility as my dad would have to face is unimaginable. that is the true human cost. it isn't measured in dollars and cents. it's measured in lives and that is what is at stake so people wl continue to push back against this terrible mean-spirited bill. i am proud to stand with my colleagues and with that i would
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like to yield to the ranking member frank vallone. >> they've been great for many years for the dutch are meant on what is in the senate bill is so clear but what is more important is in the affordable care act and what the public would like to take away from the american people. so i think the ranking member who can't be with us now but was with us earlier today in the children's hospital where we talked about what this means. i wish you could have all been there. both the leader and linda sanchez stressed what i want to stress and that is the only reason this delay is occurring
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is because so many americans contacted senators, roads, petitioned and e-mailed and there was a push back. i want to stress the medicaid aspect because the president said the house bill was mean and in my opinion it is even meaner when it comes to medicaid. first of all it does obviously eliminate the expanded medicaid and that's why you have anywhere from ten to 15 million that have the expanded medicaid who will lose their health insurance when that fully kicks in if there is no expanded medicaid but even beyond the fact less money is going to be available to the
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states and also because of the inflation factor so that means the states are not going to have the money in order to provide help for their medicaid recipients even under a traditional medicaid. we always talk about how you get judged by what you do in terms of people in the dawn of life and those at the end of life so when you talk about kids or seniors, linda already mentioned those that are dependent. they would lose two every year and as far as kid we were in new brunswick and heavily dependent on all of the hospitals on
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medicaid this is something that is extremely mean to both seniors and children and medicaid recipients in general in terms of what it would actually do to rip apart medicaid. the medicaid. and now i would like to yield to the ranking member of the ways and means committee. it was about cutting taxes and that is the reality of what was in front of us. the cut to medicaid to pay for people at the top so we are going to cut the medicaid budget where 64 cents on the dollar goes to nursing home care for middle class people.
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so we can again pay for a tax cut and remember you have to change the baseline ticket to the tax cut they want to undertake. when the american people's office for what it was, their health care is going to be curtailed. they are going to pay for the tax cuts for those people, so they shed light on this and the magnifying glass and with that i want to introduce our friend from the education workforce.
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it's the public, the doctors, the hospitals. they would cover smaller percentages of the actual bill. it would return and cut you off after they spend a certain amount. their voices were heard. the colleague from new york and others pointed out that this may not be the end. the house bill was withdrawn and then a few days later came back and was passed and we have to remain vigilant.
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they need to make improvements. so long as they are trying to go backwards we are not going to help them and we are not going to take a bill where 22 million people compromise can't we just get along what's make it 11 million. no, we are not going to go backwards so we will work together constructively to improve the affordable care act and i want to thank the leader for her commitment along those lines. saving the affordable care act making it better and pushing back. today when we were at the national children's hospital, we heard the stories of the children with their families right there and we wonder candice republican senators look
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in the eyes of these parents if they give me a tax break for the rich it's more important than saving the lives of your children that they look at themselves in the mirror and say i did a good thing today. i gave $700 billion to tax cuts to the high end at the expense of working families in our country and their children. these children are america's children some of them with complex and severe disabilities and the rest. they would be very seriously hurt if they both said they are doing is doing violence to the american people with their bill. yes, sir i thought we had two questions. >> what will your strategy be and how well you take advantage of this are you going to be
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organizing with outside groups to keep the message in the news? >> we have a successful communication showing a spotlight on what the republicans are doing a. this is not over. it died by a two vote majority and came back to haunt us with an even worse bill that went to the right. as a senior at you have so much
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to lose in this bill. it is not as complex as others you will pay a price for this. if you are a woman or any person that you can name suffers greatly we want to make sure they know that it's impossible to exaggerate the harm that this will cause. >> doesn't that imply if it is the same tech deck again. >> with all due respect there is no logic in what you are saying. they went further to the right.
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22 to 24 million people undermined medicare and then we moved it further to the right and that told people who they really were, that they didn't care about the perinatal care or any of that maternity care, whatever it happens to be that there's going to be discretionary from now on and not mandated. so i think that what we did then was a very important roadmap to how to view the senate bill. if they move further to the right.
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thank you. republican governor of ohio and the democratic governor john hagan latehicken lippard talkedo reporters about their opposition to the healthcare wall replacement bill in its current form. they called on republicans and democrats to work together to craft a new bill. the rema


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