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tv   Interview with Representative Trey Hollingsworth  CSPAN  April 20, 2017 8:35am-8:55am EDT

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>> the 20th century center who has been written about the most is joe mccarthy. >> there's a dozen books about mccarthy yet there is no biography of the senator who has the backbone to stand up to him first. margaret j smith. >> do you remember how you went about preparing for that speech? >> hardest i've ever worked in anything i've ever delivered from a podium. >> david mccullough on his book the american spirit, selection of the speech is going back to 1989, sunday night at eight eastern on c-span's q&a. >> coming up in about ten minutes treasury secretary steven mnuchin and white house budget director mick mulvaney will speak at the institute of international finance policy summit in washington d.c. we will take you there live when it starts. but first a look at the freshman class of the 115th congress.
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>> trey hollingsworth represent the ninth district of indiana, a republican. what did you do before coming to congress? >> always been in business. i renovated and reposition old manufacturing facilities, so taking decrepit old facilities and turn them around, repositioning them, making them functional again, cleaned them up and helping manufacturers and distributors are right in america versus going overseas. i did that for about ten years and moved into owning some of those businesses themselves trying to figure at how we can create more opportunities not only in the marketplace but also fofrom place the one to come on board. >> how did you get involved with that work? >> i always knew i wanted be in business and back in 2004, 2005, 2006 it was all the rage to go overseas all the rage to go overseas. all these manufacturers were fleeing a training and manufacturing seem dead. i never believed it. always felt this country has the most innovative, most productive
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workers in the world. the products that we come up with, the refined processes were able to develop really set us apart. i started investing in these old manufacturing facilities and got lucky on if you are and able grade some real value, create an opportunity to expand near the headquarters rather than going overseas. certainly the energy resurgence in america, the realization supply chains stretch run the globe. was excited to be a part of that movement. >> went and why did you decide to run for congress? >> my feeling was we should be doing better than this. we should have more opportunities for americans and hoosiers to get great jobs come to see those jobs pay more over time come for them to create small businesses in the garage is that go on to become the apple and hewlett-packard and google of the world. i wanted to see more opportunity for americans anything the way to do that is bring real and
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genuine business sense up to washington, create the opportunity for americans by ensuring policies in washington reflect that the business of america should be business. i wanted to take some of the experiences i had gained, one of many diverse experiences appear, but take that and help inform good policy, and for my colleagues about what it's like in business trying to create opportunities against difficult regulatory environments or against a tax bill that doesn't promote growth spurt you grew up mostly in tennessee. how did you become the congressman in indiana? >> i grew up in a small town in coal country in tennessee, but like many kids moved away to go to college and met my wife shortly thereafter. as we would all the way across the country for her job, we decide when we start our family, or we were going to start a family we wanted to move closer to her home. we lived about four miles from where she was born and raised, about six miles from all of her family. she's one of five and so as we
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are expecting our first date in july and first grandbaby in the family, she knew she wanted to be close to her family. >> do you plan to keep a house in d.c. or keep your family back in indiana? >> where absolutely going to stay in indiana. my wife and i is expected first baby, we want to be close to her family. that was the point of living in indiana, to be close to, so we could raise our kids, knowing to grandparents, seeing the grandparents on a regular basis. we have sunday night dinners every week. i know my wife natalie started this would not ever get better. she remained in indiana and i fly back and forth and ghetto as soon as i can. >> you are 33? >> correct. >> what does that mean to you and an institution with the average age of a member of congress is just under 58? >> what it means is we all bring a different set of experiences. my world wasted by the experiences, formative
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experiences, 2001, the attack on new york city and the pentagon and in pennsylvania. also the financial crisis of oh eight and oh nine. and being able to bring those expenses to washington was very helpful and certainly i actually respect all of my colleagues and all the many diverse expenses they bring but i think millennials been representing caucus is hugely important to us, ensuring policies reflect a massive amount of technological growth we've seen over the last 20 years. >> so you don't plan to be a member of congress when in your 50s do you? >> i don't pick one of the big things i continue to push his term limits. i believe in them because we have to change the institutional culture. washington doesn't serve the people of this country as it should and it representatives who make a career out of politics, instead of taking great experience is outside of that, whether being a doctor or teacher or in business, take that inform public policy and go back to those career fields. we have professional politicians
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are trying to climb a ladder and nuts are their constituents and serve a better future for america overall. >> what's the term limit you pledge to? >> i pledged eight years. i will serve no more than a just because i fundamentally believe that we should be the example for what we want the change we want to see. i know what matters is aligning incentives. i want representatives to understand the letter to get another job, to understand after raised a family under the laws they create, live under those laws. if we don't have that alignment we will lead to poor outcomes in policy to what to make sure we stay away from the. >> what do you do after that eight years is up if you are reelected four times? >> probably spend more time with my kids. probably reengage in the business world and try to find an opportunity to create more value for the employees that work with me and in the marketplace. i hope to leave the economy, i hope to leave the country, i hope to lead the fiscal situation better than i found and to have done my part to be up to ensure that every
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generation of americans that comes after us will do better than this one. >> every day you start by making branded locals to constituents in the district? >> i do. not every day to start the way the every day i do that. i make landfall calls all all across the district, about three to 500. i get get you the most fantastic stories and what they are focused on. >> who have you talked to this week? >> actually the alzheimer's group was appear this week advocating, and i talked to a woman last week who had expressed to me has she cares for her husband. they had been married for decades. she lives in floyd county and now she's having to care for him as he goes through alzheimer's. hearing in her voice the desperation in the sense of a a lifetime of memories gradually being eroded. she asked me if i ever see trump, i would talk to trump. if i get an opportunity to hear from trump data should express her deep desire for us to ensure resources get allocated to find
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a cure for alzheimer's. and so i did. i wrote a letter to trump and said i've spoken with her, and like many people across this country, there's a deep desire for a cure to all sums being found and ensuring work properly marshal the resources as well as enable and empower the private sector, biotech and passion to find a cure for is hugely important to that is one of many great stories. also hear from a few shares this week. also make sure i call local officials and forces punished which are under all he can to support them as well. >> you didn't have a lot of political expense coming into this job? >> i had no political experience. >> but you had experience with national media dating back to when you're 15 in an interview with the "washington post"? >> yes. that was more posts about me than my seeking it out. >> what was that about? >> when i was very young i went to a camp, effectively for the summer that was focused on businesses and how to develop
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young entrepreneurs and people that were interested in businesses. i've always been focused on how i could help serve customers. i knew that's what he wanted to do. i was excited to go out to oregon and do that. the "washington post" was interested in a story about ths camp those promoting young people into business and trying to find ways to help them understand where opportunities might exist, have you might take advantage and how they can create sustainable, viable enterprise in the long run. i was just one of many that were there. >> about what use later what are your committee assignments? >> i'm on house in financial services which allowed. not only is it in your i've had a lot of interest in all of my life i would undergraduate focus on finance but i am a banner waving believer that if we can get capital out to small businesses come to individuals who want to start businesses we can redirect this economy. we are not seeing the type of
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small business creation that we have over the last 40 or 50 years. that's led to a lack of employment growth. it's like a lack of opportunity for individuals to control the financial future. i want to get more capital out to thee. i want people to start this business is in their garages that eventually become a big businesses. those type of success stories i want to hear about and i want to create that for them by unlocking the financial services sector to go to get that capital out. >> trey hollingsworth come ninth district of indiana, thanks so much for your time. >> thank you. i appreciate it. >> we are live this morning at the institute of international finance host a daylong policy summit here in washington d.c. notable speakers include treasury secretary steven mnuchin, white house budget director mick mulvaney. we will hear from white house economic adviser gary cohn, all expected to speak this afternoon to the sporty programs include panel for prospects for economic growth and tax reform effort. this is live coverage on c-span2.
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it should start in just a moment here.
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attendees still filed in the ronald reagan building in washington d.c. as the institute of international finance is about to kick off its a daylong policy summit. among the speakers you will hear from treasury secretary steven mnuchin, white house budget director mick mulvaney and white house economic adviser gary cohn. they will be speaking this afternoon. live coverage of that. this morning panels on prospects for economic growth and tax reform efforts. should start in just a bit. live coverage here on c-span2. want to let you know that some of the other programs we have coming up for you today. republican chair is holding a news conference after the agencies opening meeting and you can see that life at 12:45 p.m.
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eastern on c-span. tonight on c-span it's part two of a special program on the trump cabinet. we will show you portions of confirmation is with education secretary at the devos, epa administrator scott pruitt and others. it starts at 8 p.m. eastern on c-span. [inaudible]
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>> in the sweeping change in industry we have built stronger, more resilient institutions. we have adapted to a new regulatory landscape and enhanced risk management and common practices. but we still face headwinds, periods of high debt due to growth, low returns and heightened uncertainty in an increasingly interconnected global world. as risks if all the financial industry is rising to meet these challenges by embracing innovation and finding new opportunities to harness the power of technology, to meet the
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need of households and businesses worldwide. working to try a new course come to ensure growth, job creation and financial stability. together, we are making sense of an increasingly complex world.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome today's host, partner.


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