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tv   President Rouhani Remarks on Islamic Revolution Anniversary  CSPAN  February 10, 2017 8:55pm-9:48pm EST

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>> sunday night on q&a: >> but in all these years, i have never seen a case where the snowden case went so uncritically. journalists have accepted information from a single source, edward snowden, who is in moscow under the russian government. >> edward jay epistein in his book. >> he did enormous dangerous. his supporters say he did enormous good. that is their view. maybe he did some good because he started a national conversation and he opened up the subject of interest. but i think where trump is certainly right is that this man has not faced justice. he deserves to face justice
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whatever we decided. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span's q&a. today, iran celebrated the 38th anniversary of the islamic revolution. the iranian president rouhani said he would not be bullied by the u.s.. this is from iran's english news channel press tv. >> and the beginning of the freedom of the great iranian nation, reaching independence, the independence of iran, and the establishment of the islamic republic in the country. our revolution since that day
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has seen ups and downs, has seen many ups and downs. and many of it has lost many officials and people. however, the iranian nation succeeds their lofty ideals of the revolution and the iranian nation continues to seek those ideas. today the late imam and the late hash mean and many other big officials and brave men that are
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not among us today. men and women who actually served this nation in different cities and villages and who have served this nation and created big ethics in this country. they lost their lives and now they are not among us. however, our concern are the same concerns which were eight years ago. our worries and concerns are those on progress, spirituality, justice, freedom. ....
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six foreign countries. with dependence on the united states. and the fate of the country left in the hands of its own people. you people. which revolution do you know, which still actually only two months into his victory, the people go to a referendum and is in no revolution only after two months, two months after
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the revolution exactly 74 days after the triumph of the revolution iranian people lined up and went to the polls in a referendum and devoted for the islamic republic of iran. and no revolution has such a thing happened only one year after the victory of the islamic revolution, less than a year, 10 months after the revolution we had a constitution no revolution -- only one year after the victory of the revolution, people went to the polls five times to cast their votes. no revolution has this happened
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the ranking authority to the country has been elected. election directly or indirectly in this revolution. the islamic revolution of iran was an revolution of all iranians. it is all of the religions, all iranian ethnic groups. it belongs to all people people from all walks of life. all generations. not only yesterday's generation which contributed to the victory of the revolution, not only the revolution 20 years ago but today. our younger generation, a youth
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ãare playing a role in the stabilizing and continuing the path of the revolution. they're contributing to that like the youth of 38 years ago. they are making devotions, continuing the power of the revolution. all of those who today, out there in order to help must i run and make the iranian nation stronger, they are here to safeguard the civilization and the legacy of iran and -- all of those are actually the real protectors of the legacy of the revolution. all of them take pride in being
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revolutions. they are part of that. all of those who consider islam is a religion of justice, mercy, morality, freedom and freedom seeking and a religion of standing up for the rights and fighting against domination and a religion of fairness and justice. all of those are the children of this great revolution. our revolution does not only remain in the memories of our nation, our revolution plays a role throughout our lives in our culture, economy, politics and has a role in all of those domains.
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in the plays a role in all of aspects of private lives and public lives. the idea, thoughts of the revolution remain, will remain alive. i am a servant of the person who served the nation, as a soldier since years ago. since the beginning of the islamic movement in iran. i have been here along with the revolution through all of the ups and downs. i have been serving the nation along other people who serve the nation and have been here with -- and tell you loud and clear that the inside and the method, the revolutionary method is one which serves to
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attract more and more people in order to attract more people toward itself. being revolutionary means more resistance, more freedom. being revolutionary is not in conformity with narrowmindedness. he revolution is not a lake, a revolution is a flowing river which continues to flow and all of the generations of today and tomorrow will join this river. today is the day on which we should protect and safeguard the and stabilize the islamic
9:07 pm is the day in which we should further stabilize the islamic republic. today is the day when we should stabilize freedom and independence. stabilize the basic rights of the iranian nation. it is a day when we should restore the right, the civil rights of everything, member of the society and safeguard those rights. today is the day on which we should secure the dignity of all people of this nation. today is a day when everybody should feel that they are equal. there are equal before the law. this is they should feel that.
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it makes no difference which party, which group, the young and old, managers and other people. officials and layman, our revolution will reach the ideals when all people of the society, all 80 million people are equal before the law. nobody should have an advantage over another. wrong seeking is not accepted in this country. in revolution, it will reach its peak when we trust one another, when our trust is 100 percent in one another. our revolution reaches its peak in the perfection when the
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iranian nation are hopeful of the future of the system of this revolution and they begin to increase, their hopes begin to raise with responsibility to the revolution is to tell the truth and have good deeds. our responsibility is to be accountable for the iranian nation.our responsibility is to have a country and a nation, a society which is away from tension. why is open for further development and progress of the country. our responsibility is to remove the concerns of the people. our responsibility is to
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provide the livelihood of people and raise their living hundreds. our responsibility as a leader of the revolution is to allow the political authority to set the scene for them to feel that they feel security. the revolution after its triumph actually they went through tough paths. this revolution has been here by waves of terror. in its first year. of being hit by waves of aggression on war. during his first years of victory and actually do the
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devotion of the people it passed through all of those years are great martyrs of disabled war veterans, our former pows, all the for war veterans. all of those who served during the revolution, they created honor for the nation and we take pride in them. these are great national assets. we should not take them for granted we should appreciate them. the great families of martyrs, disabled war veterans, former pows, former war veterans, we should salute them and respect them. let's announce to the whole world that our path is that of martyrs. our path is that of former pows
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and war veterans. we will not deviate from the path of evolution and one of -- we will never deviate from that path. [inaudible] our nation through the tough ups and downs of this revolution and with twist and turns in revolution they found their way through all of this through the guidelines of the leader, they did not lose their path and a weathered all of the problems of international ã
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they face threats and more and they turned those ãour economy today is passing through stagnation to boone. and our inflation has harnessed, our infrastructure in the oil industry, transportation, agriculture and industries are, is improving every day and getting stronger and moving towards progress. our health education, science and technology, social welfare, research, all of them are beginning to bear fruit. all of the past 38 years since the victory of islam revolution, all of this
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happened, the honor and dignity for us.let me enumerate a few cases of experts made over the past few years. and achieving these and only made possible through the resistance and presence of the people and their devotion in order to safeguard our rights. all of us to become the leader. and we achieved very good results. today, our nuclear right the whole world has accepted our nuclear right. we are happy to see you today that our nuclear industry is
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offering its product to the world. and is moving on the path to global trade. we have produced the heavy water, that we produce the efforts of our young scientist we are sending, exporting and we exported the water to the us and russia concerning the iraq reactor, we have redesigned that reactor and the reactor is now more modern than before. it will be reconstructed in the field of centrifuges, we achieved one of the most modern
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centrifuges.three years ago, the time when i said in addition to economic i was individual continue to spin nobody would have thought that our young scientists will move -- through all of them and reach by our aid, centrifuges. over the past week, -- this means progress by our scientists on the path to progress and also in the nuclear field. today we have secured an brigade of nuclear rights. we are at a time, in a
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situation which says the very beginning of the revolution until now, until the last iranian year, we hadn't even imported one grams of yellow ã into the country. they did not allow us to do so. they had banned a trade on that. by god's grace, but over the last few months we imported more than 350 tons of uranium and yellow ^ whatever, actually feel wishes on a run, our oil, had been limited, they
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have blocked our path actually reopened up the path to promotional production. overall you products, crude oil and gas ã1,200,000 barrels a day. but today it has reached 2,800,000 barrels. that means more than two times, 2.3 times more than last year. they say me -- those who say the iranian nation is not making progress should pay attention to this. over the past 38 years we have
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been hit by ãand underdevelopment. he should pay attention to these figures. at the meeting we secured the right of the iranian nation to produce crude oil and export oil. we secured that right through a successful oil diplomacy. we take pride in that. this is the glory of the iranian nation. one $0.7 billion in uranian assets -- $1.7 billion in uranian assets. we got back that amount from ã the treason of the us with the iranian nation.
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they trampled the -- during the 1980s, the us seized our assets during, and in the past month it seized our assets. we have filed a lawsuit against the us and we have registered the lawsuit and we will continue until our right with a secured, diplomats, legal experts and democrats will continue until securing and regaining our rights.
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over the past three and half years, thanks to efforts by you, entrepreneurs, young people, women and men, all people, all of those in different towns we have managed to improve our economic growth from -6 to -- our trade balance for exports and imports, none oil imports and exports, we made it positive last year none
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oil exports our exports more than $900 million. actually rose by more than $900 million. after 37 years it was the first time that we managed to secure a positive trade balance. this year as well. our none oil exports. over the past year in the 1980s during which, what we exported, we often do that in addition to
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$20 million from oil income or imports, last year and this year, we haven't made this oil money is important, our none oil imports have been more than none oil exports and this is an honor for the nation. for the government for the revolution. and for our younger generation in this administration over the past three years, every year, and the budget, in the national budget our dependence on oil has decreased the same point that the leader of the revolution has stressed before
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this revolution this is 44 percent of average. in the pasture dependence on oil has been 32 percent. this means we are moving towards achieving the ideals of the islamic revolution.we are chatting that path well and smoothly and we are on the right path today. we are in a situation in which by god's grace. under this administration for the first time in the south parts, oil and gas, and natural gas extraction has and will be more than the amount of natural gas they are extracting over the past year, sometimes they extract the gas twice,
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sometimes 2 and a half times more than us that is a common oil and gas -- during the past administration. 10 days of that field came online. but during this administration, hopefully 11 will come in a stream our extraction, the amount of the natural gas with extract to age of 40 million cubic meters of natural gas per day but now it stands around 500 meters of natural gas on a daily basis. and hopefully by the end of the administration, the figure will rise to 560 million cubic
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meters. which will be more than the amount extracted by from a natural gas field our neighbor used to extract twice more than us with things to efforts by our expert engineers, workers all of our young people trying to now we have reached a point at which actually and which we are both extracting the same amount. ...
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a they think that the establishment of the islamic revolution is just taunting. they should know that the iranian nation, we are among the top countries in the world. why don't you compare this with 38 years ago when it was a
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dependent country and the only important thing at that time. a great iranian nation. in order to achieve our lofty ideals our revolution took place in order to administer justice to help the oppressed. our roads and villages we have supplied natural gas to our urban areas. we are supplying electricity to villages and urban areas. we have more than 20 families, all of them have electricity and by the end of the administration, the 11th administration all the villages with at least 10 families had electricity. today actually our natural gas
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supply, more than 90% of the whole country is supplied with natural gas. many remote areas natural gas pipelines have been late in order to provide energy during the cold season and winter. we have supplied natural gas by years and hopefully our gas pipeline will go all the way with the supply, supplied with natural gas. the iranian nation. our trade balance in the agriculture sector at the beginning of this administration , we had a deficit in order to import food stuff in that one year we had to pay
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$8 billion but now today thanks to the efforts of our dear farmers, today this year actually our trade balance has only a 2 billion-dollar deficit from an eight early in dollar deficit made up the 6 billion-dollar deficit thanks to efforts by our farmers. you see three years ago our agricultural productions was 7 million tons but today our agriculture produced stands at 180 million tons. our water efficiency in the past
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was 37% but thanks to the efforts made in the irrigation field, the modern irrigation field, irrigation officials say it stands at 42% today. in many agricultural areas. those areas have been modernized with state-of-the-art agricultural replacement in order to produce more products. you know during the past year, this year we exported and god willing we hope that next year the case will be the same. three years ago, 4.2 million tons of waste from farmers but this year we bought 11.5 billion
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billion -- million tons of waste from farmers. we have been witnessing a considerable rise in the agriculture sector. you know arise in the agriculture sector in the first six months of this year was more than 5%. that means that in the agriculture sector, we have redoubled our efforts in order to secure self-sufficiency which is the message of the islamic revolution and we are continuing in the field of transportation. our airplanes, our railways, our roadways and our transportation ways. now there's a situation in which we are now and much better shape than in four years ago thanks to efforts by our diplomats.
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we managed to break the sanctions on the airplane sales to iran so that people will have more safety while traveling by air. over the past three years, we established 564 kilometers of real road and around 1000 kilometers of railroad will be -- soon. 216 kilometers of highway has been in not grated. 2,511,000 kilometers of expressways and 2600 kilometers of new roads have been inaugurated.
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the affordable housing units for low income families, we managed to finish 756,000 housing units and millions of people along with all the services, associated services including schools, everything which is required. by the end of this administration 8000 58 -- 848,000 more units, affordable housing units will be offered to the people. actually, we haven't not grated 7000 megawatts of electricity as far as power generation is concerned and we are -- in terms
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of power generation. we inaugurated a lot of dams and infiltration actually more than 4 million cubic meters of water have been created. we have provided insurance coverage for more than 10 million people and more than 11 million people we provided food baskets. we paid for hospital costs of people and we decreased those costs for people both in the villages and in the towns. we now stand second place in the world in terms of training engineers and we stand in third place in the world in terms of scientific progress. we extended this place in terms of job creation. a course we have a lot of
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problems in the field of employment but employment is a big scourge facing the iranian nation. over the past one year, around 500,000 jobless people have -- but on the other hand 700,000 jobs have been created. we are the fifth country in the world which has been able to create 700,000 jobs in one year. this means the progress of the country and the progress of the iranian nation and the progress of the islamic revolution as well. in technology we are at six in the world. when it comes to defense capabilities where the seventh country in the world. those who say the 11th
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administration in economy and foreign policy and cultural freedom and social freedom, they should know that over the past three and a half years production of light ammunition, light weapons have increased inside iran. this is the official figures released by the uranian defense ministry. important strategic product produced in the country during the 11th administration. it has increased by 1.4% in the past 10 years. in the past decade everything which has been produced and the defense around 1.4% more of that
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has been produced during this administration. this means that this administration is paying attention to all dimensions of the nation and the establishment in order to defend against enemies and be vigilant on watch. in the iranian nation you should know that today we are at a time when the path that we have tread over the past 38 years, well we have come a long way. there is a long road ahead. a long road ahead. we know that our nation is setting the standards and they have every right to demand this this -- to be demanding that.
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we note that artists academics and groups of assemblies and open atmosphere in order to be able to have activities. they complain about narrowmindedness. we should join hands to combat corruption in this country, fight corruption. as long as corruption is there it's not possible to achieve economic goals. as long as corruption is there we could not achieve the progress that we expect. so in this society we have a lot of problems, social problems. still there are many people in the suburbs with drug addiction,
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i'll high divorce rate, a lot of high unemployment rates. poverty. this means that the path of the islamic revolution, we should continue that path of management. we have achieved all these lofty ideals. we will achieve all the lofty ideals of the revolution. our people should know that if we want to make progress, the key to that is unity, solidarity , observing moral principles, trusting one another the key to that is to help the government remain united and bring the three branches of government together and create
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unity. fortunately a good relationship exists among the three branches of government and other groups come armed forces, all those who are defending this country today and those who are defending the holy shrines in our sanctity. the revolutionary is young people, academics, intellectuals. all of you should know that anybody who wants to paint a dark picture of the establishment is a revolutionary person. anyone who wants to buy polarized the society is not revolutionary. anyone who seeks to create tension in the society is not a revolutionary. we have criteria for the revolution. the criteria for the revolutionary is to follow in the footsteps of the late imam.
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the criteria is to follow guidelines of the islamic revolution leader and the constitution. differences of opinion should not need the criteria. personal interest should not be seen as the yardstick. today, we are facing problems in the region and in the whole world. however this great iranian nation created for the efforts they make today they will not be scared. they will not be afraid. we are facing a problem in the region, in our region. psalm -- have taken power in the
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whole world and in the u.s.. some harbingers have assumed power. all of those should know that the iranian nation, they should respect the iranian nation and they should talk to the station with respect. this nation will give a response to any threats to any person who threatens our government and armed forces. ..
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they have showed their vigilance at the right time. a few weeks ago people bid, a bid farewell to ayatollah -- there were vigilant enough, they were aware and they showed their vigilance. this is a great nation. we should slit this nation. this by some problems, criticism, established the revolution has always relied on a people and revolutionary,
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whatever thrashed and any move to feel tension. all of those were able to stand up to with power. we are to stand up to those. it comes from the power of our great nation. we are not seeking tension in the region and in the world. however, we will stand up to those who have an eye on the iranian nation we will stand up to them with their termination power. we will take all we have. people from the villages and towns, with one voice we will stand up. we are telling all ill wishers here, here is a run.
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a place for brave men. nobody can have and i on the iranian nation. we, in the coming months, we will show our power when people go to the polls will show our power to all ill washers, all powers -- the language, the clear language of the iranian nation will be the ballot boxes. we are seeking to build a freedom seeking iran, and independent iran. all of us follow the guidelines of the revolution and follow him as we seek reconciliation. national reconciliation and unity.
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we want to promote the objectives of the islamic revolution.we take pride in years of revolution. we take pride in efforts made by our nation and the ãwe respect those efforts and our future will be one full of hope and by god's grace. may god bless you all. [inaudible] >> as we were earlier discussing and they lead into this is an election year. the political situation as


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