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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  June 27, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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i'm obviously blitzer, you're in the situation room. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> former trump lawyer john eastman now revealing that federal agents seized his phone they investigate his role in efforts to try to overturn the 2020 presidential election here in the united states. our congressional correspondent ryan nobles is joining us. >> capitol hill. so, ryan, tell viewers what you are learning. >> that's right, wolf. this marks increase in the department of justice investigation into the former president donald trump and his allies to overturn the election results by -- thir investigating john eastman, the conservative lawyer at the center of that effort to try to pressure mike pence to stoond in the way of election results. eastman is claiming the federal
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investigators of the fbi stopped him when he was leave with a restaurant with his wife and friend, ask then aked for access his phone. that means they were able to seize the phone and that means the information on that phone is part of their investigation. now, eastman believes that seizure was illegal. he is complaining about it. that's how we learned through this, through a court filing. now, the interest from eastman b kmz as the january 6th select committee has announced plans for audio surprise hearing that is scheduled to place tomorrow. you will remember that last week, the committee said they were going to take a break in the hearing schedule, and not pick up again until the middle of july. well, that changed to the afternoon many they announced they had a witness to bring to the public to share what they know about that investigation. at this point, wolf, we do not know who that is but it suggests that the information is significant. wolf. >> is there a sense, ryan, this
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newly obtained by the select committee could be time sensitive? >> it certain seems to have all the markings of that wolf. as we said before, the committee pla h plans to take a step back. they were collecting new information that came in as a result of the first round of hearings. they weren't planting to have anything additionally be done until july and most members have left town. the july 4 recess is in effect for members of don't guess. we are thou told these members are making their way back to washington, d.c. to be part of this surprise, what many might describe as an emergency hearing. it makes it seem as if-let information they want to deliver tomorrow morning does have a degree of time sensitivity to it. >> ryan, i want you to stand by. i want to bring in am former fbi director an dandrew mccabe and
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maggie haberman-let warn shingt correspondent for "the new york times." andrew, the fbi agents seized eastman's phone as he was walking out of a restaurant. made him up lock it. what does that say to you about this investigation? >> well, i main, it -- it's yet another signal that this investigation is well developed and still in a very dynamic stage. let's remember, wolf, in order to get a search warrant which she had to seize this phone, those agents had to, first, go to a federal judge ask convince a federal judge that they had probable cause to believe there was evidence a crime on that phone. the execution of that warrant on mr. eastman as a left a restaurant is a little bit conventional but the reason getting hands on the phone right now is because we know mr. eastman and others involved in this conspiracy utilized encrypted platforms like signal
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and whatsapp does thing likes that so the only way to get content from the messages is to have an actual phone the messages were sent to. so this could give prosecutors a eat great degree of visibility to other people who may have been involved to overturn the election. >> yeah. very dramatic. itted happened on the same day, a senior-justice department official, jeffrey clark, his home raided approximate by the fbi aelz. how sig tnificant knowing eastm for example was in contact with then-president trump around key moments around january 6th? zblel, look as andrew said, you know, hs showing there is an active investigation involved. the fact there was such an aggressive step taken to get this device while according to him, he was leaving a restaurant, paints quite a scene of a sense of urgency. again, whether it goes, how much
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focus they are putting on former-president trump, i don't think we are going to know for a little pit of time but clearly at least one active investigation going into events related to january 6th. >> certainly does. you know, andrew, this comes as select committee suddenly today added a hearing tomorrow when, originally, therapy supposed to be taking a break until next month. so what new evidence or testimony would warrant a sudden announcement like this? >> great question wolf and i wish i had the answer for it. but i tell you what we it know. we know the committee has been very focused in telling a story in a compelling and engrossing way. we also know they created a fair amount of momentum last hearing, last thursday, about the trump administration kpermt exerted on the justice department. my guess sqush and it is purely a guess -- and is that rushing this hearing onto the schedule now indicates that what they are going to present tomorrow,
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either in the form of -- of a evidence or witness testimony, is relative to what they presented on thursday. a toimgz of that same story. it's like they want to keep that momentum going to kind of close out this story in its finality. or potentially, a witness. someone, who maybe was talked about hat the hearing last week ask now changed their mind and decided to come be questioned. it's really hard to say but probably related to last week's testimony. >> could be dramatic incleed. mag dpi, given the methodical way the select committee has approached all this so far, are you surprised they would announce a new hearing on such short notice? >> i think we all were surprised rgts wolf, thery were announcin this in such a dramatic fashion. there is one other piece of
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information that the committee got hold of last week and that is these 11-or-so hours of film from a documentary filmmaker who was spending time around the trump family and some time around former-president trump himself in the immediate lead-up to the election and the period afterwards and they were looking at all of the film. looking at the interviews. there were three filmmaker the filmmaker did with former president donald trump and so it also could relate to that. there are a number of options, however this has been a very dramatic pild up, and so it would be interesting to see what emerges. >> certainly will be, ask we will approximate watching every moment of that. ryan, does announcing a hearing on such short notice raise the stakes for the committee to actually deliver -- you are up there an cop toll hill? >> i don't think there is any doubt about that, wolf. the way this has gone, especially when think made such a big deal raises the stake force it hearing tomorrow and they really do have to deliver
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pause a big part of what comite se is trying to do is win in the court of public opinion and put justice department to take action on what they uncovered in their investigation. and i do think part of this wolf is i think the committee, to a certain extent, has been surprised by the amount of new information that has been generatedpy witnesses and other people who have been watching these hearings and it's heeithe jogged their memory or perhaps convinced them they need to be a part of that investigation and contribute what they know. so there is also a distinct possibility that what we saw tomorrow is someone who's come forward after seeing someone already taken place in these hearings saying i have an important piece of information to add. again, they are keeping such a tight lid on it. we may not know until they gavel in tomorrow at 1:00 eastern. >> i could be long. andrew, what do you make of the flurry activity now coming from the u.s. justice department at the same time the select committee is holding these
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public hearings? is there anything to that timeling? timing? >> wolf, i think the timing was a bit of unfortunate circumstance for doj because people quite naturally try to link the two. the search warrant on jeffrey clark's home and now we know the search warrant on eastman's phone and all heaping around the time of last week's hearing. it is more likely they are just at that point in their investigation, where they are ready to take some overt steps, like executing search warrants which, at that point, the gig is up, right? the public knows these people are under investigation. and that signals a very profound turn in the investigation. i think that timing probably just happened to coincide last week's hearing but, you know, we'll never know. >> always sensitive to get a serp search warrant for a high-riskening former justice department official or for the president's lawyer in this kind of matter. not an easy decision to make. we will see when happens tomorrow.
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guys, thank you very. maggie haberman, andrew mccabe, ryan nobles. a nation divided over roe versus wade is now struggling a patchwork of different bans on abortion. stand by for that. also, a cnn exclusive. vice president kamala harris. her first interview since the ruling. stay with us. you are in "the situation room." (man) [whispering] what's going on? (burke) it''s a farmers policy perk. get farmers and you could save money by doing nothing. just be claim-free on your home insurance for three years. (man) that's really something. (burke) get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. (dad) bravo! (mom) that's our son! (burke) we should. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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tonight, americans are grappling with the new reality that roe versus wade are phone and abortion bans are taking effect across the nations. cnn's nadia romero has more on the unfolding defenses of the u.s. supreme court decision. >> chaos and confusion after friday's supreme court ruling allowing states to immediately begin to set their own abortion policy, leaving women koos the country where very level of access. at least ten states effectively banned abortion. among her phone two dozen states which are certain or likely will ban abortions. that includes mississippi where this morning, the state attorney general certified a trigger law that goes into effect in ten days and prohibits abortion with
3:15 pm
few exceptions. >> the task now calls for us for laws that promote fairance and child support. >> the decision prompting mississippi to take a hard look at current laws to protect i am and kids. it rafrmgs 50th, dead last, base on several factors including health and education. >> it has been surprising to me actually to hear the leadership, the governor, the speaker, lieu tinnent gorcht talking about what they are going to do for women's health when they won't even expand medicaid which would give women healthcare in this state. >> reporter: it will go into effect 30 days after friday's ruling. but the state's attorney general already announce local prosecutors can begin enforcing a six-week ban passed last year before r owe was overturnsed. providers in oklahoma say they are worried about the resources for underprivileged women. >> he gave resources to all the patients with other clinics, names and phone numbers out of
3:16 pm
state, as well as resources th that could help pay for abortion and travel to get to the estates. >> michigan, the governor filed a motion urging the state supreme court to review a lawsuit to protect abortion rights. a 1931 law on the book there with would ban abortion without exceptions for rape or sin es. >> there is a lot of concern what this means for ivf, practitioners. >> which would ban abortion about six weeks in the pregnancy. >> meanwhile, some republican governors are signaling they will take action to block access to fda-approved abortion pills. >> we already had a bill passed that said on telemedicine abortions we don't believe it should be ill available because it is dangerous for those individuals. >> nationwide, protests were peaceful with a few kpepgszs.
3:17 pm
police made several arrests in arizona and oregon. also knocking jody sweeten to the ground as a group of officers tried to block access to the free way. and in iowa, a protestor was hurt pushed through the crowd, crossing the street. >> he grabbed, pushed my wide, a and drove off. >> and there are legal challenges underway. just this afternoon, a louisiana judge blocked the trigger ban -- trigger laws on abortions in that state. the lawsuit argues that they are up constitutionallivation, a hearing is set for july 8th. here in mississippi, at the state's last abortion clinic, the house behind me, they are pushing forward with their lawsuit arguing the state guarantees individual rights to privacy, separate and apart from the u.s. constitution. further, asking the court to bab the state's abortion ban. and wolf, we will have to keep a close watch on both side sites as both cases move forward.
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. tonight, a cnn exclusive. the heightest-ranking woman is sharing her take on the end of roe versus wade. vice president kamala harris sat down with chief political correspondent dana bash for her first interview since the u.s. supreme court' decision.
3:23 pm
>> there will be women who have babies who don't have the means to support the babies. will the federal government act at all to increase support there? >> i'm so glad you raise that point because i am going to say this. and here is the abject, obvious hypocrisy. those people who say they do not want to allow a woman to choose to make the decision with her priest, with her rabbi, with her pastor, that instead, the government is going to interfere and make the decision for her. those same people are the ones who voted against the extension of the child-tax credit. the same ones who voted against a tax cut for families to pay for childcare. the same ones who are voting against paid-family leave. the same ones who vote against putting resources into public schools. i just -- i said i was doing
3:24 pm
work on maternal mortality. we are pushing to say that, for example, medicaid should be extended for postpartum care from 2 to 12 months. these are the same people who reject the notion of medicaid. >> can the president do any of what you just talked about with his pen, without congress? >> we have, as a democracy, invested in congress an incredible amount of power. and specifically, the power to create laws. and so, we are gonna require and depend on congress to see this through, which means we do need to have the numbers in congress who are willing to say they stand for supporting women in every way including women and -- and men as parents and all the costs of being a parent. >> so let me ask you about that. you are saying now the president said that this fall, roe is on the ballot. but what do you say to democratic voters who argue, wait a minute. we worked really hard to elect a
3:25 pm
democratic president and vice president. >> yep. >> democrat-led house. a democrat-led senate. do it now. >> but do what now? what now? i mean, we need -- listen, we stebded the child tax credit. >> when i say do it now, i mean, act legislatively to make abortion rights legal. >> we we feel the same way. it -- do it now, congress needs to do it now in terms of permanently putting in place a clear indication that it is the law of the land that women have the ability and the right to make decisions about their reproductive care and the government does not have the right to make those decisions for a woman. >> so one of the ways you can do it obviously. one of the only way that is
3:26 pm
ledge legislatively procedurally possible is doing away with the filibuster on this issue. president biden told my colleague anderson cooper he would be okay with eliminating the fill dibuster to pass votin rights and quote maybe more. would you support eliminating f filibuster? >> right now, given the current composition of the senate, votes aren't there. >> that is your bully pulpit to say, yes, i support it? >> well, here is the thick. i understand what -- why you are asking the question is but the reality of it is we don't get to really answer that in terms of will it happens or not if we don't have the numbers in the senate. and that's why i keep coming back to the poimportance of an election that is only 130-odd days away because it really does matter. i sit as vice president for the senate. i was in the senate for four years representing state of california and if you don't have the votes, you can't move
3:27 pm
anything. we have seen countless examples, sadly, of that. this senate, in the current composition would not pass voting rights legislation. i sat in the chair when the women's health act was on the floor for a vote and didn't have the votes to get it passed. on the issue of roe, reproductive health care so the numbers aren't there. but we can't de-emphasize snifg dance of that. >> but as the vice president of the sflat, do you have a position -- i know you don't have a vote but do you have a position on whether the filibuster should be eliminated? >> i think the president has sp spoken on that. is that where he was leaving the door open to? >> i think he has been clear with what the president and our administration have within our toolkit to do. and so far, that's is what we he been pursuing. >> you were a senator with
3:28 pm
now-justices gorsuch and kavanaugh testified upon many issues, including roe at their confirmation hearings. now, kavanaugh called it precedent unprecedent. at that particular hearing, you were there. some senators say they intentionally misled the public and the done guess. what do you think? >> i never believed them. i didn't believe them. that's why i voted against them. >> do you think that there is anything to be done now? i mean, there is no -- they were under agent. >> i think that -- listen -- it -- it was clear to me when i was sitting in the chair a member of the senate judiciary committee, that they were -- they were very likely to do what they just did. that was my perspective. that was my opinion. and that's why i voted like i
3:29 pm
did it. >> big picture. do you worry about two americas now? because of the patchwork of different states having different laws now that roe v. wade is no longer law of the land. >> i don't believe we have two americas. i believe that when you look at at issue, for example, like abortion and roe, majority of americans support right of american to make decisions about her body. um, when you look at something like the issue of the need for reasonable gun-safety laws. the majority of people, including unwith of the numbers i have seen the majority of gun owners agree we should have reasonable gun-safety laws. so i don't know buy into the idea that we have two americas. what does concern me is that the rhetoric you see that -- among certain elected officials can actually not representative of where the people actually are. and we need to listen to where
3:30 pm
the people actually are. the vast majority people i think have so much more in common han than what separates them and they want us to lead in a way that is reflective of their -- their daily needs and their priorities. so, for example, supporting parents with a tax cut. for childcare expenses, which we have aen as administration. extending the child tax as we it, in the first year, we brought down child poverty by almost half doing the work of saying we are going to focus on an issue like maternal mortality because black women, native women, are almost dwaully impacted in terms of disparities of outcomes. >> i want ask to you about the economy. >> yeah. >> there is a lot of anxiety about the economy.
3:31 pm
walletswell being hurt right now. gas prices as you know, are still near about $5 a gallon. the president said he wanted a gas-tax holiday. doesn't seem like it's going anywhere congress. what else is in your toolbox? is there anything else you can do to help bring down the cost of gas? >> let's just say, first of all, this is a very real issue and we have to do something about it. and it's one of our highest priorities as an administration. so, there is the piece that is about gas and bringing down the cost gof gas, in which large pat sp exploded talking as he has been to bring allies and partners together oh so we can have a common defense around ha we believe to be democratic principles, around sovereignty and territorial integrity. for example, bringing down the cost of prescription drugs. one of we are fighting to say
3:32 pm
something like insulin should cost no more than $35 a month. we are fighting to say that we should have affordable childcare so that families -- working families shouldn't pay more than 7% of their income in childcare. >> but you have fighting for that wince day one but now ip tl inflation is really high. the administration said they weren't that worried about the -- about inflation. and then, that changed. >> i think that there can be no higher priority than what we have been clear is our highest priority, which is bringing down the cost and prices as soon as we can. >> just want to ask you quickly about january 6th. >> okay. >> you are a prosecutor. >> yeah. >> by training and by lots of pee experience. based on the evidence presented so far in the january-6th
3:33 pm
hearings, would you bring charges against former-president donald trump? >> as a former prosecutor, i never comment on a prosecutor's case. >> mike pence, has your opinion of him changed? >> el, i think he did his job that day and i commend him for that because clearly, it was under extraordinary circumstances that he should not have had to face. and i commend him for having the courage to -- to do his job. >> last question. i know we are out of time. your friend, the congressman jim clie burn said if president biden doesn't seek re-election, you would be first on his list in 2024. have you talked to president biden about re-election? and what did you say to congressman clyburn. >> joe biden is running for re-election and i will be his ta ticket mate. full stop. >> that's it. >> madam vice president, thank you. >> thank you. >> dana is with us in the
3:34 pm
situation room right now. dana, thanks so much for doing that really important. she also, nid, told you that from her expect efb, the u.s. supreme court is not done by any means. >> no, it was really interesting. we talked about that con currin opinion that clarence thomas wrote last friday, and where he said pretty specifically that the court should reconsider other cases that deal with things like same-sex marriage, contraception, intimate -- intimacy issues and she answered i definitely believe this is the not over. she said thomas said the quiet part out loud. i think that's why he with all must really understand the significance of what happened and called it row found. >> very important interview. thanks very much for dplent work as usual. dana bash helping appreciate what is going on. just ahead, the death toll is now claiming after russia launches an air strike at a
3:35 pm
shopping mall in central ukraine. where president biden and other g7 leaders are pledging to do in the wake of this brutal attack.
3:36 pm
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truly devastating attack in aw ukraine today. russia launched aen astrike in left at least 13 people dead. volodymyr zelenskyy calls it quote one of the the most daring attacks in european history. it happened as g7 leaders were traveling in germany. mj mj lee traveling with
3:40 pm
president biden. ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy delivered a message. hafs his basic message? >> one of the big takeaways from ukraine s president volodymyr zelenskyy with the g7 leaders was how he laid out how he sees the tra skrektry of the war. namely, that he would like to see the war end before the end of this year. he said that he would like ukraine to regain momentum in a matter of months, not years and that he really wants to maximize the use out of the infect couple months. now, he also know president zelenskyy asked the leaders for more help particularly when it comes to air defense systems. of the variety that can shoot down russian missiles while they are in the sky. and we also reported of course on this front the u.s. is getting ready to announce that it has purchased an against medium to long reign
3:41 pm
surface-to-air missile for ukraine. but overall, there was a collective message we heard from all the g7 leaders and that was they are willing to help ukraine for as long as it takes. >> could be a while. as you know, mj, russia made a point of launchlingi new strike including capitale kiefb, as well as the shopping mall as these g7 leaders were meeting. was this designed by the russians to send a direct message? >> yeah, first of all let me just quickly note because this tweet just came out from president biden. he sent a message saying that this attack is cruel and that we stand in solidarity with the ukrainian people. but just to your point, just now, it is difficult to ignore certificate of the overlapping timing of the to events at the same time that we have president biden meeting with g7 leaders to essentially talk about how to bring this war toen an end. we are seeing these horrific images coming out of ukraine at
3:42 pm
this shopping mall are there were many, many people inside. we don't even know, yet, what the actual death toll is going to be. certainly, this is going to be one of the driving factors, not just for president zelenskyy but for those g7 leaders because they have opinion talking so much about the human suffering and the toll ha t has taken on the ukrainian people. so again, these horrific images coming out of ukraine overlapping with this major meeting of the g7 leaders just really brings home the urgency behind the situation, wolf. >> certainly does and president zelenskyy says there were a thousand people in that ukrainian shopping mall when the russians launched that strike. mj lee, yeah. just before the strike, more than a thousand people inside -- inside -- that shopping mall. mj lee, thank you very much. i want to bring cnn's clarissa ward joining us live in london. k clarissa, does president zelenskyy really have any say
3:43 pm
over how much longer this ar will last? or will that decision ultimately come from the man who launched this brutal ingvation, namely vladimir putin? >> well, wolf, i don't think there is any one party who will have the ultimate say in how long this war lasts. obviously, hasman made of russia's momentum in aen ukraine. they have made significant progress there but at the same time, it has been plotting, it has been incremental and a high level of attrition. it's not clear, while they have taken the vast majority of the region of luhansk. whether they could push into donetsk, whether they could encircle major cities lbut thin the reason you are seeing zelenskyy come out of with this sort of timeline, if you will, is he understands the crucial nature of this moment with all the nato leaders meeting together this week. the west coming together deciding how they are going to handle this coming forward but also because he understands
3:44 pm
there is a dangerous fatigue creeping in with voters, particularly in europe and it is no accident that he talked about, by the end of the year, by winter, of course, many here are concerned that with rising prices, be oil and gas, and with temperatures plummeting you are going to see patients dwindling and support potentially for ordinary europeans dwindling as well. prime minister -- british prime minister arounded about this. he said listen, we cannot fall prey to ukraine' fatigue if you w will certainly be on their mine. >> these brutal missile strikes including the capital of kyiv today and also earlier today at this busy-shopping small in center ukraine. what does that it tell you about russia's current strategy? >> i think what it tells you
3:45 pm
quite clearly, wolf, russia doesn't have any intention of backing down. that it is going to keep on doing what it has been doing. it has consistently shown a flagrant disregard for civilians throughout this war. i understand that it's been a little quieter in kyiv over the past couple months or few weeks certainly. but it's important to remember when talking about missile strikes on kyiv. when talking about a shopping mall being hit by rockets, these nowhere near the frontline. and so, the message certainly to the ukrainian people are still you are not safe anywhere in your country and we are not going to take our foot off the gas and step down on the pressure. again, timing no zaebt. 300,000. that is the new number nato will be announcing for their rapid response team. that is up from 40,000. so, it's hard to believe that this is simply a coincidence has nato leaders come together to participate in what the head of nato has called a transformative
3:46 pm
meeting. >> yeah. striking a shopping mall with maybe a thousand people inside. that is not a military target at all. that could -- looks to me like a p ten shl war crime. coming up, brittney griner appears in a russian court. why that country says it is extending the detainment for the wnba for another sixth months, atat least.
3:47 pm
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brittney griner appeared in a russian court today. this comes as russia now set the trial for the wnba star to begin this coming friday. griner has been the detained on
3:51 pm
allegations of drug smuggling but the state department here in washington says griner is being, quote, wrongfully detained, cnn's brian todd here with everything suspected for the trial. >> wolf, this trial not expected to go well for brittney griner, the russian legal system simply stacked against her, but some believe the sooner this trial is started and get resolved, the sooner the u.s. can strike a possible deal for griner's release. >> britney, anything to say? >> in hand cuffs, flanked by guards in black vests, escorted into court today and learns extension of six months. >> the justice system if you can call it that in russia has nothing to do with justice at all, it is an instrument of putin regime's political power so they made a decision to keep her detained and want to do this probably to put pressure on the biden administration.
3:52 pm
>> the american basketball star has been detained more than four months in russia after being arrested at a moscow airport. she was carrying what russian authorities said was cannabis oil in her luggage, accused griner of smuggling narcotics, punishable ten years in prison, u.s. classified her as wrongfully detained, meaning her case is the focus of u.s. special envoy for hostage affairs, cnn sports analyst christine brennan says even if the trial is a sham, could bring a positive development. >> they have to go through this, russians can save face, convict her and then say okay, what do we get in return? so as sad as that is and it's strange and bizarre as it sounds, this actually means the entire situation as tragic as it is, is moving forward. >> one scenario that is always coming up in public discussions now is the possibility of the russians treating griner or fellow american paul wheelan or both, for victor boot. he is a notorious arms dealer
3:53 pm
known as the merchant of death, serving a long sentence at the u.s. penitentiary in illinois. >> he is a genuine criminal, notorious figure, supplied arms to some of the worst conflicts in the world so there's no comparison between the two. >> asked by cnn whether a trade for boot is possible, secretary of state antony blinken side-stepped it. >> i got no higher priority than to make sure americans being illegally detained in one way or another around the world come home and that includes paul wheelan, brittney griner. >> the washington post writer held in iran nearly a year and a half believes there's a good chance both griner and paul wheelan have spent significant time in solitary confinement in custody. >> so their mental health could be suffering. >> their mental health is definitely suffering, as is the mental health of all other americans held against their will simply because they are citizens of the united states of america. >> brittney griner's agent just
3:54 pm
tweeted that negotiations for griner's immediate release should remain a top priority and they suspect president biden and vice-president harris to do, quote, everything in their power now to get a deal done to bring her home. considerable pressure on the biden team. >> hope she comes home soon. just ahead, authorities just held a news conference on the amtrak train that derailed in missouri, tell you what we are learning about the crash. that's next. and i geget seven days to love t or my y money back... i love it! [laughs] we'll drive you happy at carvana. (fisher investments) in this market, you'll find fisher investments is different than other money managers. (other money manager) different how? aren't we all just looking for the hottest stocks? (fisher investments) nope. we use diversified strategi to position our client's portfolios r (other money manager)s. but you still sell investments that generate high commissions for you, right? (fisher investments) no, we don't sell commission products. we're a fiduciary, obligated to act in our client's best interest.
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3:59 pm
least 50 people injured and three people killed. the images from the scene are just harrowing, you can see multiple cars flipped over on their side, passengers having to sit on top and just a short time ago from a press conference from highway patrol said this fatal incident occurred at an uncontrolled crossing. >> it's an uncontrolled cross intersection on a gravel road so no lights, electronic control devices, such as that. >> a lot of rural intersections are that way, yes. >> there were at least 243 passengers on board as well as 12 crew members. this train was traveling earlier today from los angeles to chicago when the fatal incident occurred, just horrifying pictures there, we heard from eye witnesses in shock, saying everything started to move in slow motion. what we can tell you also, this is the second amtrak collision with a passenger vehicle in as many days, the other happening just yesterday in california. we are still gathering more
4:00 pm
details on this and will bring details as soon as we have them. >> horrible situation indeed, nick valencia thanks for the update, and viewers, thanks for watching, i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room," erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. >> "outfront" next, january 6th surprise, the select committee suddenly announcing the new hearing tomorrow they say with new evidence and witness testimony. and we're learning the fbi seized the phone of john eastman, the architect behind trump's plan to overturn the election, plus cnn exclusive tonight, vice-president kamala harris warning more to come in the wake of the supreme court's decision to overturn roe v wade and following a story out of missouri, amtrak derailment, killing multiple people, injuring at least 50. let's go "outfront." good evening, i'm erin burnett,


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