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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  February 22, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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top of a brand new hour on cnn newsroom. >> moments ago, president biden announced new sanctions against russia after vladmir putin declared troops -- ordered troops into two provinces in eastern ukraine. this is move that president biden said is a flagrant violation of international law. president biden detailed the sanctions and how they will cut off russia's government from western financing. >> this is the beginning of a russian invasion of ukraine as he indicated and asked permission to be able to do. let's begin -- i'm going to begin to impose sanctions in response far beyond the steps we
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and our ally and partners implemented in 2014. if russia goes further with this invasion, we stand prepared to go if you were the as with sanctions. this is a flagrant violation of international law and demands a firm response from the international community. >> the u.s. now joins the uk, turkey and others in responding to russia's latest aggression. germany halted approval of the gas pipeline. this is maa multi-billion dolla hit to russia but also to germany. erin, you heard from the president where he said, it was clear to point out that these new sanctions against russia go far beyond what was imposed in 2014 after they went into crimea. >> reporter: they absolutely do. after crimea they took five months for the first sanctions. here you are less than 24 hours
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after putin made the move. you have the sanctions. they are. they are on a continuum. there's a lot more they can do. these have real teeth and they show that biden is serious. you talk about stopping government debt trade for russia. that's obviously very significant. russia's prepared for that moment in a sense. they do have a huge stash of reserves. they're going to run a surplus this year. they have some padding but biden willingness to do it is significant. going ahead after that state owned investment bank and the military bank, it shows where biden is willing to go. not yet commercial banks where all russians have accounts. he's saving that fire but making it clear they can go there. interesting to consider here, the bill in the senate that stalled had the bank on it, veb, that biden sanctioned today. senate couldn't reach a deal. biden is sanctioning the bank which means the next step from him and the senate will be much more significant. the thing we're waiting onto find out is what happens with
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those -- who are these elites in putin's inner circle. thethe coming days. i have not seen that list. who those are is hugely significant. what oligarchs on that list, who in the inner circle. how much does it reach putin himself. when he says and family members. they are people who have the most power to put pressure on putin in russia itself. obviously, he's giving himself room to go and room to ramp up if putin accelerates. he is doing something much more serious than has been done before and than in 2014. i'm curious, mj is at the white house. what went into this thinking and how they are thinking about where they go next. obviously they didn't have lot of time to do there but this was a se cenario they fully anticipated might have. a lot of thought went into this. >> reporter: first of all, this
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was obviously a very important speech in terms of sending a message to the american people and the message at the very top of president biden's speech was clear thands is we have entered a new stage of this russia, ukraine crisis sag saying this is the beginning. we heard that from a top official this morning. now we have the words from the president. with the roll out of these sanctions that are targeting some of these russian financial institutions, russian sovereign debt. some of the russian elite and family members. he also made it clear this is only the beginning. he described the sanctions that were being announced as only the first traunch of sanctions. i think we have sound of the president talking about sanctions. here it is. >> defending freedom will have cost for us as well and here at
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home. we need to be honest about that. as we will -- as we do this, i'm going to take robust action to make sure the pain of our sanctions is targeted to russian economy, not ours. >> reporter: essentially, erin, president biden was saying what the administration had been warning all along would happen if russia were to invade ukraine. we are starting to see some of those things come into fruition. i will just note one more thing. one think that stood out, biden trying to communicate what this situation was not. he said he was willing to send in more american troops to make sure we are strengthening u.s. allies. he said i want to make sure that america is helping to defend every inch of nato territory. he said this. he said we have no intention of fighting russia. for anyone american that might be tuning in and feel like these events are far away and wants to know how will this affect me, this was the message the
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president wanted to make clear. this is not the u.s. going to war with russia. there are sanctions that are being rolled out that the u.s. is working in conjunction with its allies but this is not the u.s. going to war. >> reporter: they made that extremely clear. thanks so much. when you see a bit of recovery in the u.s. markets, perhaps that's what you're seeing. there wasn't more military escalation despite the president's tough and firm words about what he was doing and what he was unwilling to accept. interesting right at the beginning of the speech, did you notice he kind of came out right away and said putin has recognized these republics with the border that goes into into ukraine. much bigger part of land for a lack of a better land. he came right out and said that. perhaps that was some of their
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delay. to say that just happened. do we need to change or delay our response because putin is pushing the line out even further. >> so much has happened in the past hour and all day, in fact. for a long time there were incremental moves and today a lot has happened and the president just addressed it. thank you very much for all of that. president biden authorizing additional movement of u.s. forces and military movement into europe. what more do we need know about this move? >> reporter: president joe biden said the u.s. will be moving troops already in europe. we still lack details here. we want not only the number of troops but the types and whether this include combat aircraft or equipment that will bolster defensive capabilities of nato allies in the region. it's clear this is biden administration living up to the promise it would stand by its nato allies. see the threat that comes from
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vladmir putin's words in his speech from yesterday but also in the actions of the russian military. remember, it was on fire that u.s. officials said that the 40 to 50% of russian troops were in attack positions near ukraine. that hasn't gone into the right direction. the threat of a full invasion still there. t it's not the u.s. alone moving troops. all of nato is looking as well. >> thousands of more troops have been deployed and placed more on standby. we have over a hundred jets at high alert and there are more than 120 ally troops at the sea from the high north to the mediterranean. we will continue to do whatever is necessary to shield the alliance from aggression. >> in terms of what is so concerning about that russian
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positioning now following putin's declaration of the two self-declared republics in eastern ukraine. it's number itself, 190,000. the capabilities there, air, land, sea, cyber and more as well as russian naval forces in the black sea. the threat, officials say, is absolutely real that putin could order and asked for permission to order forces outside of russia and that could lead to the full scale invasion that many are concerned about. russia pulling its dup emiploma staff, not a sign this is going in the right direction. >> thank you very much. let's bring in now cnn international diplomatic editor nic robertson who is in moscow and william taylor. he's the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine and is now the vice president for russia and europe at the u.s. institute of peace. gentlemen, welcome to you all.
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i want to start with you general and on these military moves from the president. vladmir putin has demanded that nato move back to the 1997 lines. what does president biden do? he sends u.s. troops to three run e countries that weren't members of nato in 1997. what do you see as the significance of this decision from the president? >> it's to demonstrate that nato is a vital national interest to the united states. he is going to these lengths to assure our nato allies that we're in for this. we're going to support them and he leaves the door open for even a greater military preparation, not a response, but a preparation along the line of return of forces to germany exercises that we witnessed in the cold war. he's doing the right thing at the right level. >> nic, last hour we were
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talking about the sanctions, the new sanctions and one of the things that we heard was that putin has been basically trying to inoculate himself and his fellow oligarchs for the past many years by creating something like $3 billion rainy day fund knowing sanctions would be coming at some point and i think it was michael who said really what needs to happen is the oligarchs need to become persona non gratis and have everything cut off. all of their credit cards, access to money. that's not what president biden was talking about today. >> reporter: no. it wasn't. we have heard that from the british, from the european union. the g7 has its package of sanctions as well. the european union is sanctsanction ing all of those members who voted to recognize the independence.
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there are a large number of people but it is those top end oli oli oligarchs, who are worth tens of billions of dollars who are the closest to president putin. who have shared the vested interest in amassing huge wealth of the back off the russian state. who are the ones who can have a direct influence over president putin. the rainy day fund and i think the guest were saying 3 billion had been put aside for supporting oligarchs. the actual rainy day fund as we understand it that president putin has been building over the past five or six years pretty much since he annexed crimea back in 2014 but really accelerating it, 2017, '18, '19. it's understood right now to be at a round about $680 billion.
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when the central bank talks about trying to underwrite some of the financial impact of what's going to happen, there is a sizable chunk of money available to putin to do that. he can keep his key oligarchs from feeling too much financial pain. the idea they won't have the freedom to travel, that will be stopped and questioned at bordered, their credit cards will be returned, they won't be able to dine in the fancy restaurants and order the best wines, they'll have to find ways around it. it will not just be them. it will be their wives, partners, children, schools they go to. all of that. that potentially over time can send a significant message. this is putin's image at stake
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here . >> by president biden. that's a surprise. maybe i should shift my strategy here. was all of this expected. >> it's baked into the cake.
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fro >> it's a blow. there other things the united states can do. people have talked about put sanction ons the russian central bank. this will have a major effect. there are things that can be done that will not yet be done that will have a big effect that president putin has no choice to address, to acknowledge.
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>> thank you very much. the three white men who killed ahmaud arbery were found guilty of federal hate crimes. arbery's mother expressed gratitude but criticized the doj ermier decision to offer the men plea deals. she joins us, next. major victory in the equal pay fight by the u.s. women's national soccer team. we'll speak to the president of the u.s. soccer federation about how they got to this agreement. as a main street bank, pnc has helped over 7 million kids develop their passion for learning. and now we're providing 88 billion dollars
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today a grand jury all three men convicted ahmaud arbery.
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what came out in trial was just stunning. how do you feel at the end of all of it? >> i'm thankful that the jury came back with that guilty verdict. i'm very thankful. not only your son's death but to what you said. i want to play it. this is what merrick garland said today. >> i cannot imagine the pain that a mother feels pi heart goes out to hear and the family. that's really all i can say about this.
12:24 pm
>> i'm not sure if that's the first time you haerpdeard that. kw what's your response? >> i'm thankful that he did make that remark. at the same time, back of late january, i was offered a plea from the doj . >> it was because of mr. cooper that the deal was accepted because she said that was unacceptable to the family .
12:25 pm
>> we're grateful it went forward. very impressed with the case they pulled in and more than anything that the country got to see all of the evidence, as you said, that made clear what the motivation of this was. we wouldn't be able to see that if the trial had not gone forward. regardless of whatever their considerings are, we're grateful that all of this has come to light. >> mark, let me stay with you. all three were sentenced the life in prison with one having the possibility of parole. >> all we wanted is they di nod get any special consideration. the sentencing guidelines, we assume will be followed.
12:26 pm
there had to be a pre-sentence report. it will go this spring. >> you've been fighting for this for so long. you have been fighting for justice for your family and your son. what now? where do you go from here? >> hopefully to get court date for jackie johnson as well. >> this verdict coming just shy of two years since your son was killed there in southern georgia. wanda cooper jones, thank you so much. >> thank you. meanwhile, stocks are tumbling, oil prices are surging
12:27 pm
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12:32 pm
happening. >> what is all this going to do to inflation and supply chain situations. we have seen u.s. markets before president biden start talking. the dow is down 700 point ps p pairing the losses down about 400 points right now on pace for its fourth straight losing day. oil prices, the world benchmark hit above $99 a barrel. fresh 7-year highs. retreating a bit in u.s. oil prices down $91.50. the higher oil prices go will drive up gasoline prices. fresh 7-year high. 3.53 a gallon. up 23 cents in a month. this means they will see higher costs for transportsing goods,
12:33 pm
higher air fare. all that will be passed along to consumers. president biden did hit on this topic today. let's play the sound we have. >> we're closely monitoring energy supplies for any disruption. we're executing a plan in coordination with major oil producing consumers toward a collective investment to secure global energy supplies. this will blunt gas prices. >> the president has pretty limited options to blunt and mitigate the higher impact from oil prices. i hope to hear details from the white house on specifically what they will do here. >> the german chancellor announcing they are halting the gas pipeline. how much pain does that inflict on russia because i know it
12:34 pm
inflicts pain on germany. >> there's pain on both sides. europe relies on gas from them. this pipeline, the nordstream 2, 750 mile pipeline supposed to be carrying gas from russia to germ that. -- germany. a lot of gas. this was supposed to be $15 billion a year. all of that is hold for a moment. it could still happen but for now all this is on hold and it will drive up prices for consumers in europe. >> all right. thank you. >> thank you. u.s. soccer star say it's a huge win. it will mean a lot for girls and women play ing in the sport for years to come. the u.s. women's soccer team resolved the long, equal pay fight with the soccer federation.
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stressed, dry and sandpaper. strypaper? luckily, there's biotrue hydration boost eye drops. biotrue uses naturally inspired ingredients. and no preservatives. try biotrue! . the agreement guarantees equal pay for players on the women and men's soccer team going forward. the bulk will serve as back pay to several dozen current players on the u.s. women's national team. in a joint statement, the organizers said getting to this day has not been easy. today we recognize the legacy of the past u.s. wnt leaders who helped the make this day possible as well as all of the women and girls who will follow.
12:40 pm
soccer star megan rapino celebrated the deal. >> i'm so proud, to be honest. i'm so proud of all the hard work that all of us did to get us here. the players on team and the players this lawsuit represent and our extended team that has helped us but it's a really amazing day. i think we're going to look back on this day and say this is the moment that u.s. soccer changed for the better. >> joining me now, the president of u.s. soccer federation cindy parlo cohn. he was part of the 1999 women's world cup championship team. great to see you again. >> great to see you. when you and i last spoke, you didn't know if this day would ever come. it was not clear that you would be able to reach a resolution. tell me what this day means to
12:41 pm
the soccer world. >> it is such a huge day. this settlement is a win for every one. it's win for u.s. soccer . >> i want to ask you about how it's a win for all women. she said this a huge win for all women. how does this benefit women outside of the sports world? >> i think first in the sports world now we can shift the focus to growing the game at all levels and increasing opportunities for millions of players and millions of women both on and off the field.
12:42 pm
now we can do that hand in hand with our national team players. we all know giving a girl and a woman the opportunity to play sport will traensform their livs through the life lessons we will learn. having sport in your life i think has the opportunity to transform lives and countries because you learn those leadership skills. >> when you and i spoke in september, you said the biggest challenge was the massive discrepancies in fifa prize money between men and women. has that been rectified? >> no.
12:43 pm
this settlement is tied to the new cbas which we're negotiating currently. we have asked the mens and women's team to come together with u.s. soccer to find way to equalize the world cup prize money. we're also being pushing fifa to equalize it themselves. until theyentities coming together, we have been inviting the men's player association to the women's negotiations and vice versa so there's full transparency there and hopefully we can find a solution. we have extended the deadline to march 31st to do that. >> you were a player and understood feeling of injustice when you were player and you are the president of the u.s. soccer fed ration.
12:44 pm
how did you negotiate both of those competing agendas to reach today? >> not that i always told them i wanted to hear but they knew i would tell them the truth. i'll be the first to add mid the federation has made mistakes in the past. as a former player i understudio fru frustrations. this is just one step towards rebuilding the relationship with our players and this is truly a great accomplishment. i'm so excited about the future in working together with them. >> congratulations. i know you've been working on it a long time. thank you. >> thank you. there are people all around the world watching what's happening right there on the border of ukraine and russia. there are some here in the u.s.
12:45 pm
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in ukraine there are millions of people who are worried that vladimir putin's words and actions are a clear sign that russia wants war. >> translator: i can tell you right away that people of ukraine consider his speech as a full-scale invasion of his country. russia can't stand to see ukraine as an independent state. with our own nate anthem, coat
12:50 pm
of arms, flag. ukraine is and will always be independent. >> translator: his time is coming to an end. in those merciaries he sent here will go back to their country as dead bodies. we are ready and we are taking it seriously. we are not panicking, as you see. we are calm and we are just waiting for the order. i am ready to defend my country. my homeland. which we all love. he is making a wrong decision. people don't want the war. we want to live in peace. >> ukrainian americans here in the u.s. are also watching the russia tensions very closely. more than 1 million ukrainians live in the united states. the co-chair of the united ukrainian american organizations of new york is with me now. so good to have you. i wonder what you have felt over this last week. you will one of my producers that it felt like the end is coming. >> it felt like a punch to the
12:51 pm
gut. let's make it clear. we have been to ukraine. ukrainian americans get to speak to ukraine. it is a brand new world where we can face time any time with our friends living there, people with family members there. what we hear from them over there is the fact that a lot of life is going on as normal. at the same time, the fact that russian tanks are going over to eastern ukraine in the way we haven't seen since 2014 makes people, reminds people of what happened in 2014 and 2015 and on when almost every person in ukraine knows somebody who served on the front line, died on the front line or come back paralyzed from the front line. >> and you said that a lot of the people you know there in ukraine, friends, family members, are ukrainian americans. we've heard from the state department, the white house, that they're telling americans to come back to the u.s. to leave ukraine. are they considering doing that? are people laefg?
12:52 pm
>> for people who have the ability to leave, that is on the top of their minds right now. these are people who may have married ukrainians who were born in ukraine. imagine someone coming here in new york and somebody trying to take away our manhattan or brooklyn and what have you and you're being told that you need to just flee because they say that's the best thing for you to do. there's a lot of national pride for anybody in the country and you heard president biden's response to president putin announcing that he declared some provinces as his. we heard that last night at the security council. how dare the russians decide they can just go into ukraine? that's the attitude you will get from people born and raise in the ukraine. they've lived for 30 years with independence. they won't give it back to their occupier. >> we heard from some ukrainian who's were there who said they were willing to come out and fight.
12:53 pm
this is one man who lives in the donbas region. he said he's willing to protect that portion of ukraine. i wonder if at the top of the last hour, you heard from president biden his announcement of sanctions that are coming and what your thoughts are. what you heard from the president. >> as far as the sanctions, everything helps. a lot of this stuff could have happened a lot sooner. i would frankly have liked to have heard something more specific before today. we've heard a lot from either the white house press briefing, any other announcements from the white house that they have sanctions in place already. however, today, especially after we heard the announcement last night by putin, it seems like people are still discussing exactly what sanctions they want to put in place and it doesn't sound to me as if all of these are coordinated. even though we're hearing one country announce another country, et cetera. we'll see how powerful this is but frankly, why wait until something is actually as critical as more and more
12:54 pm
ukrainian lives dying? why can't we have the full amount right now? >> so that's the follow-up. if you don't believe what has been announced is enough, what do you want to see right now? >> well, for instance, we're glad that the nord stream pip pipeline, they said it will not go further. what they didn't say, they didn't say that president biden would take away his waiver against the entities that built that pipeline and what also they can't promise is that russia will not bomb the existing gas lines in ukraine and then force europe to say, you know what? we'll have to use that pipeline because russia destroyed the pipelines in ukraine. >> we also did not hear from the chancellor if that suspension of approval will last for as long as there are more russian troops there in the donbas region. thank you so much for your time
12:55 pm
and perspective. >> thank you. >> as you were discussing, president biden just announcing new sanctions against russia. we have the latest for you live from washington, ukraine and moscow. what you've saved, what you'll need, and build a straigightforward plan to generate income, even whehen you're not workin. a plan that gives you the chance to grow your savings and create cash flow that lalast. along the way, we'll give you ways to be tax efficient. and you can start, stop or adjust your plan at any time without the unnecessary fees. we'll help you go from saving... to living. ♪ play all day ♪ [ chantell ] when my teeth started to deteriorate, i stopped hanging out socially. it was a easy decision -- clearchoice. [ awada ] the health of our teeth ays a significant role in o overall health. chantell was suffering, anwe had to put an end to that. the absote best way to do that was through dental implants. [ chantell ] clearchoice dental implants changed everything. my digestive health is much better now.
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this is a momentous day. >> tell me. >> it's tuesday. >> okay. i think you mean twosday. today is 2/it was/22. the last time was november 11th, 2011. which was 11/11/11. >> and i'm told we won't see another twosday for many years.
1:00 pm
how will you be celebrating today? >> it is also national margarita day. >> everywhere? >> taco tuesday. i feel like you have to have two margaritas. you will miss out if you don't. >> the math just works. >> it's a fantastic day. what are you going to do? >> $2 tacos. >> i'm in. "the lead" starts now. president biden asks, what gives putin the right? "the lead" starts right now. harsh words from president biden as he punishes russian president vladimir putin with economic sanctions. and biden warns there's worse to come if putin takes even more of ukraine. and a pain in the wallet. gas prices already soaring. now the russian ukraine crisis could send even more prices surging. then the three white men accused of federal hate crimes for chasing down and killing ahmaud arbery learned their fate.


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