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tv   Don Lemon Tonight  CNN  February 17, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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and i often wonder this, was there a choice when she was between a rock and a hard place, either you can compete at the highest levels with the integrity that's required or you do what is expected. we don't know all the answers yet, but we do know just imagine what it was like when she's sitting there having lost, fallen multiple times, to have them rollout the carpet for the awards ceremony because they know as long as she doesn't place they can actually have a medal ceremony. >> a return to normal. >> yeah, a return to normal. and i heard i think adele was playing in the background, we could have had it all. and her coach was saying something along the lines of explain this to me. that's the looming question for everyone, right, explain this all to me, don. >> look, i think it's easily explainable. she had a lot of people pushing her. and 15-year-old, there was some talk as you know raising the age a little bit because they
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thought 15 might be a little bit too young. but as christine brennen told me last night it doesn't matter referencing russia and the issues they had with doping and performance enhancing drugs and they were actually on probation, whatever the technical term for it is. it wouldn't matter if it was 15 or 25 or 16 or 26, as long as you had a country that was behind you and a system that was encouraging you to break the rules, it didn't matter the age. it would still be there. >> wow, don, so well said. of course, and what else would it be? it's coming from don lemon of "don lemon tonight." >> laura, the times we're in. you couldn't write that there is this turmoil happening, all this tumult with russia and ukraine and then you have the olympics as a backdrop, right, with a russian skater and china. it is really unbelievable what's happening. >> there's some mastermind or a hollywood plot all afoot at
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once. either way i can't wait to hear your show. >> it's the year of the water tiger so get ready. more tumult coming. >> oh. we're all philosophical, everyone. enjoy. year of the water tiger. this is don lemon tonight. thank you so much for joining us, and yes, we have all the developing news. we're going to get to ukraine. we're going to get to russia. we're going to get to the skating, but we've got big news happening in this country. it is a huge smack down for the trump family in a new york courtroom today, all right, or a court today. a judge ordering the former president, his son don jr., his daughter ivanka, all of them to testify under oath. it is a family affair. testify under oath in the new york attorney general's civil investigation of their business practices. an attorney for the former president says he's, of course, going to appeal. the judge throwing out everyone
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of their arguments calling them audacious, preposterous, comparing them to george orwell, and remember this alternative facts? as we just said you cannot write this. going onto say they have the right to refuse to answer questions they say would incriminate them. eric trump took the fifth more than 500 times. 500 times. think about that. that's a lot of times. the thing is i don't know i've ever said five or fifth 100 times in my life and i'm old. the jury can assume there's an incriminating answer and that doesn't look good. just ask one donald j. trump. >> have you seen what's going on in front of congress? fifth amendment, fifth amendment, fifth amendment. horrible. horrible. the mob takes the fifth. if you're innocent why are you
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taking the fifth amendment? when you have your staff taking the fifth amendment, taking the fifth so they're not prosecuted. i think it's disgraceful. >> so here we are. today's ruling coming just days after the accounting firm of the former president and his business used for years unceremoniously dumped them saying it could no longer vouch for the financial statements it has compiled over the past decade. so today's ruling is bad news on top of bad news on tom of bad news for the trump family. but let's remember the former president is what you have to call an expert at depositions. he once estimated he has given more than 100 of them. remember the time in a deposition that he couldn't remember whether he had said he had the world's greatest memory. couldn't remember. >> did i say have a great memory or one of the best in the world?
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>> one of the best of the world is what the reporter quoted you as saying. >> i don't remember that. as good as my memory is i don't remember that. >> again. we've got a lot more to come on that in just a moment. meanwhile nobody seems to believe vladimir putin has any intention of backing down as thousands of russian troops amassed on the border with ukraine, rusnow within 30 miles the border. president biden seems convinced an attack will come in days. >> mr. president, how high is the threat of a russian invasion right now? >> it's very high. it's very high. number one, number two we have reason to believe they are engaged in a false flag operation to have an excuse to
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go in. every indication we have is they're prepared to go into ukraine, attack ukraine. my stance it will happen in the next several days. >> i don't know if you saw this today but the secretary of state making an unscheduled stop and warning in shocking detail what those claims might be. >> could be a fabricated so-called terrorist bombing inside russia. the invented discovery of a mass grave, a staged drone strike against civilians or a fake even a real attack using chemical weapons. russia may describe this event as ethnic cleansing or a genocide, making a mockery of a concept that we in this chamber do not take lightly.
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>> getting ahead of the problem there. a fabricated bombing, an invented mass grave, a staged drone strike, chemical weapons. like i said nobody seems to believe vladimir putin has any intention of backing down. the entire administration delivering dire warnings to russia, which couldn't be more different than the disgraceful performance from the former president kcozying up to putin, standing next to him in helsinki and taking his word over our own intelligence community saying he doesn't see reason to believe russia was behind the interference in our election. >> i have president putin, he just said it's not russia. i will say this, i don't see any reason why it would be. >> talk about opposite administrations. one paying attention, following the directives or at least the
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recommendations from our intelligence community. the other standing up with vladimir putin, discarding the intelligence community. interesting. there's also news tonight on the federal hate crimes trial of three men convicted of murdering ahmaud arbery. a judge said a jury was asking about counseling after hearing disturbing testimony about texts and social messages from two of the men full of racist insults, those messages, by the way. and it is disturbing. but i said it before, we live in an america where every day there are people who feel completely free to speak hate, to text it to each other, to make jokes loaded with it, to laugh about it, and they don't even think it's wrong. they have no idea it's even wrong. they think it's okay. they think they're right. they think it's the sctatus quo how everybody else should think. that's really the problem. it's the kind of hate that's
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hard to listen to in a courtroom in 2022, but it's there. just the same. a lot to get to this evening. i want to turn now to cnn's senior legal analyst and federal prosecutor eeli honing and tim o'brien. mr. o'brien, i'm going to start with you. you say it often looks like trump is ensnared, but you believe this time it really could be an existential crisis. explain why you think it's different this time. >> well, it's different this time, don, because he has two deeply resourced sophisticated prosecutors breathing down his neck. he has juggled these kind of accusations in the past from journalists, but journalists don't have subpoena power. journalists don't have the power of the law behind them. and he's in a corner now. we don't know if he'll stay
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there. we don't know if he'll end up deeply penalized in a civil case and possibly going to jail in a criminal case. i don't see that as an outcome, but i don't see also he's just going to escape through this because he has through every other legal snafu he's encountered in the past because it's a very different set of circumstances this time. and his organization has been under pressure. he has people inside his own company who could potentially flip against him. his in-house accountant has been indicted. his outside accountants appear to be cooperating with investigators. and now there's, you know, the likelihood at some point they're going to have to testify under oath. whether he says anything useful in that deposition is another matter. but it is a really intense set of circumstances facing him right now. >> elie, i want you to respond to what tim had to say because
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he puts together it seems like the walls are closing in, and then i want to ask you another question about the trump children. but what do you think? he says it's different this time. >> major threat to the trump organization, major threat to the business, major threat to the financial well-being of donald trump and his family. i think it's very likely we see a civil lawsuit by the attorney general letitia james. if that happens, that could wipeout the trump org. i think the question of criminal charges is a different matter. i agree with tim, i don't think that's particularly likely based on what we know right annoy, but of course we don't know everything. >> let's talk beyond that, not only a blow for trump but his children as well. it looks like they're going to be focused on the answers for what the judge called copious evidence of possible financial fraud. talk to me about that. >> well, you just said it. the single most important word in this eight-page ruling or so by the judge today, copious. that means a lot. i looked it up. and the judge said copious
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evidence of potential fraud here. i mean, that's coming from a judge. that's a big deal. and the judge said because the attorney general has shown me this level, this quality of evidence i'm going to uphold the subpoenas. generally speaking prosecutors, investigators have very broad authority to issue subpoenas, and that's why we saw such a decisive ruling from the judge. >> we often talk about trump's double speak. he'll say something in one and completely negate it the next. part of the arguments the trump lawyers are making the former president denies knowledge of his finances, but then he goes on and puts out a long statement bragging about his businesses and net worth. is that a legal problem for him, or could it become a legal problem for him? >> it is. he just couldn't control himself, and this is why lawyers always tell their clients just shut up, just say nothing. trump issued one of those memorandums saying i knew everything. that's going to be a problem.
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>> we just saw a clip how he acts during a legal deposition. trump and his children will all be under oath and they'll have to be on the same page. how do you see this going? >> you know, that deposition, don, involved litigating the same fact pattern that's in play right now. did he inflate theview of his assets when it was useful for him to do so? did he deflate it when it was useful for him to do so? and how responsible was he for all of those things? and the same accountants who just, you know, essentially fired donald trump were accountants we deposed over a decade ago. again, the only deference was i was a journalist involved in that case. i wasn't a public prosecutor. during our deposition with trump we deposed him for two days in december 2007 in two 8-hour sessions. and he was caught out lying in
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those depositions. we had bank documents, tax returns. we simply pushed documents over the table to him he simply couldn't refute under oath. and our evidence i don't think was nearly as voluminous as what tish james' office has and the manhattan da's office has. as elie pointed out the evidence is so voluminous they said to the trumps dispense with this idea this is a political prosecution. i think the trumps have a lot to point to. i think tish james has been judicious at times. but be that as it may the judge said the evidence i'm seeing is incontrovertible. now with all of them fought just donald trump but donald trump jr. and ivanka trump and eric, all being forced to testify under oath. if they get to a point where they're going to simply not do
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what eric did and take the fifth hundreds of times, they're going to have to make very sure their stories line up, make sure there's no evidence on the table that contradicts any lies or misstatements they make. and that's a very, very tricky situation. on top it, donald trump is about the worst client you could put into a deposition. i have to believe his lawyers are pulling their hair out. on monday they're saying donald trump has no knowledge in a specific way about any of his own finances, which of course has no credibility, that statement. but they've said that. and a day later he's on social media like yosemite sam shooting himself in his own feet and blowing up his own legal defense. >> as elie said, lawyers say to their clients, shut up, don't talk. elie, that's pretty hard for donald trump. >> he's not the easiest client. >> thank you both. i appreciate it. we have to get to the news
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overseas. r r russian troops. what are u.s. leaders doing to prepare? i'm going to ask a former defense secretary. that is next. >> our information indicates clearly these officers including ground troops, aircraft, ships are preparing to launch an attack against ukraine in the coming days. nyquil severe gives you powerful relief for your worst cold and flu symptoms, on sunday night and every night. nyquil severe. the nighime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, best sleep with a cold, medicine >> are you ready to start a great career? >> safelite is now hiring. >> you will love your job. >> there's room to grow... >> ...and lots of opportunities. >> so, what are you waiting for? >> apply now... >> ...and make a difference.
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president biden warning tonight that every indication his administration is seeing shows russia is prepared to attack ukraine within the next few days, that they have moved troops in and not out. and the secretary of state antony blinken addressing the u.n. security council saying russia will likely gin up a so-called false flag operation. there's a lot to discuss. good evening to you, sir. we're so grateful to have you here. he's warned today a russian invasion could happen in the next several days. the defense secretary lloyd austin says the russians are flying in more combat and
7:21 pm
support aircraft. what are -- what are top u.s. and nato military leaders doing right now to prepare given russia's very aggressive posture now? >> well, they are prepared to -- i hope reinforce the forces in nato itself. this is something president biden has indicated he wants to put more people, more troops in the areas most vulnerable to potential russian attack, and i think they'll be talking about ways in which they can beef up their defensive capability understanding that putin wants to break nato and the eu basically, to drive a wedge between the united states and european countries. so we have to do our best to reinforce the notion that we will hang together, fight together in terms of protecting our interests and then hopefully continue to provide information to the ukrainians to help them in their defense. >> one of the most important moments if not for me today,
7:22 pm
secretary, was -- and i'm sure you heard the secretary of state blinken today at the u.n. saying russia is planning to fabricate a justification for war. he points to things like a fake bombing or a fake mass grave or even a real chemical weapons attack. we have noted before how this administration has released a lot of intel. were you surprised by this level of specificity? >> not really. i'm happy to have it out there because you're really informing the world this is what the russians do. on a personal level they've used never agents, poisons, prisons, anything to keep dissidents in check and put them in jail or kill them. and so this is a tactic that the russians use, so the notion they would use chemical agents is not surprising, or nerve agents not surprising. they would use disinformation, denial, disruption, all of that as part of their game plan. so the more you can illuminate that, prepare the world for this
7:23 pm
is what they do. when they come out with denial and casting the blame elsewhere the world will know they're lying. >> so interesting. so you believe by laying it all out there, is there a hope it thu thu t thwarts putin in some way? and it has to get their attention, don't you think? >> of course it gets their attention. looking at how he's weighing the odds, i think he's prepared to go in and conclude that the united states and nato countries will fold over the years before he will, that this is an opportunity for him to take ukraine back under its wing. i think really the irony here is the people -- the ukrainians simply want to live free, and what he's saying i'm going to free you from freedom by killing you by the thousands, this is his answer to freedom. i'm going to bring you back under the russian roof and that's the russian jail. >> well, we're going to be talking about this a lot. we appreciate having you here.
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a special agent with the georgia bureau of investigations taking the stand today in the federal hate crime trial -- hate crimes i should say trial in the three men convicted of murdering ahmaud arbery. turns out he had a confederate flag license plate and the decal of a blue tool cross in the bed of his truck. and that after revealed social media posts from two of the defendants we're glad to have you this evening. good evening, areva. to remind everyone of this casual racism these men use in their daily lives here's what one of the texts revealed during the trial. it said a friend text travis mcmichael, quote, this cracker barrel up here is full of some other kinds of people. mcmichael replies, quote, need to change the name from cracker barrel to n-word bucket.
7:30 pm
now today we learn the confederate symbol is decorating his truck. but all this evidence, does it add up to hate crime? >> well, don, the evidence has been so horrific, so offensive. we know that the juror, if not one many jurors have asked the judge about counseling, about emotional psychological counseling because they've had to sit through the testimony of these prosecution witnesses and hear just the animus that these defendants had towards african americans. and yes, the prosecution has a heavy burden. they have to prove this racial animus was the reason that they chased and killed ahmaud arbery. but i think when jurors hear the kind of evidence that's been presented it's not going to be a big leap for them to conclude that it was their hatred for african americans that caused them to engage in this conduct that resulted in the death of ahmaud arbery. i don't think the prosecution is going to have a difficult time
7:31 pm
in making this case. >> interesting. like you said one of the jurors is asking the judge in the court if the judge is going to provide counseling services today. they will. if you're the defense -- if you're the defense attorney in this case, what are you making of this counseling request? that cannot be good if you have -- and i want to hear from you, though -- if you have a member of the jury saying this was so disturbing i need counseling. >> oh, it's not a good sign at all, don. and you couple that with the defense attorneys even in their opening statements they had to admit that their clients made these statements. but they then told the juries disregard these statements. you have to keep in context these statements weren't made in reference to ahmaud arbery and somehow they can make these statements but yet engage in conduct not motivated by racial animus. i think the defendants know it's a stretch. peoples minds just don't work that way. jurors minds don't work that
7:32 pm
way. they go into the deliberation room and take that common sense. if you hatred for plaque people and see a black man running in a neighborhood and you think they're criminals and subhuman, naturally your instinct would be to do what these individuals did. i believe the defense is worried. you have remember, don, these two at least the father and son team tried to enter into a plea negotiation where they would avoid a public trial, but the judge rejected that plea negotiation. so they are not at this trial because they wanted to be here. they were hoping to avoid having this kind of evidence presented. but they were left with no choice once the judge reject their plea agreement. >> you sparked something because they're admitting in their text messages they're otherizing people. saying this cracker barrel is full of other kinds of people. i got the chance to speak with some of the jurors who heard the murder trial for derek chauvin, the murder of george floyd. listen what they told me about how the trial impacted them.
7:33 pm
this is a very personal question. are you seeing anyone? >> i was seeing somebody, yeah. >> to talk about it. >> yeah. >> did it help? >> yeah. and also the court did offer us counseling if need be. so -- >> and you needed it? >> yeah. >> i can see that video playing in my mind right now while talking about it. >> the video plays over and over in your mind? >> yes. >> you think you'll be okay? >> i think so. >> you worry? >> yes. a lot. >> why? >> you wake up with nightmares, but, yeah, it's something i will never forget no matter how much therapy i've already done. >> you know, areva, you say that following these high profile trials involving the killing of black men, it has a compounding effect. >> oh, absolutely, don. there's this phenomenon called racial battle fatigue where african americans in particular after they have been
7:34 pm
eyewitnesses -- and really we are eyewitnesses when we watch these videos and we watch them over and over and over again and we are subjected to the kind of violence that black men face at the hands of police, in this case vigilantes. it has a psychologically damning effect on us. many people report not being able to sleep, not being able to eat, not being able to concentrate. and being in a constant state of depression and sadness over what they're witnessing. and some psychologists, don, tell folks to layoff the news. don't watch the stories, don't watch the videos, don't consume this kind of content because it is so painful and it's so offensive. you talked about the derek chauvin case, don. remember dylan ruth who killed the people at the mother emmanuel church in south carolina while they were in bible class. at that trial the survivors who didn't die from that massacre had to testify, and i remember the jurors also needed counseling after listening to those victims recount what happened. and then having to watch dylan
7:35 pm
ruth laugh as he confessed to the murders. they're subjected to this kind of offensive testimony and evidence, and it does have -- takes a toll on them emotionally. >> let's talk about the current federal civil rights trial over the murder of george floyd. jane alexander kueng testifying today. damning? >> oh, absolutely, that's the crux of the prosecution case that these officers failed to intervene and they failed to provide medical care. and the excuse we're hearing from these defendants that are taking the witness stand is somehow they believed it was derek chauvin responsibility, he was the senior officer there. so they're trying to point the finger at derek chauvin and also
7:36 pm
they're pointing the finger at the minneapolis police department, saying they're training was subpar. and i think expect jurors to believe somehow these police officers should be relieved of responsibility for doing what all of us saw with our very eyes was the common sense thing to do which was to save george floyd's life. after all, they're policemen, protect and serve. and we didn't see them protecting anyone other than themselves and trying to create a narrative that would relieve them of responsibility. i don't think their testimony, don, any of the defendants that have testified to date, i don't think it's done any good in terms of helping them avoid liability. we saw what happened with derek chauvin. i don't have a crystal ball. i can't predict with certainty, but i don't think this federal civil rights trial is going well for these defendants. >> yeah, but you've been there. you know the courtroom. thank you very much. >> i've been there and we've been here before. and we know what the outcome was in derek chauvin, and we're hoping the outcome is the same with respect to these three individuals, that they are held accountable for standing by,
7:37 pm
watching, not taking any action to save the life of george floyd. i we know, don, in the prosecution case one of the witnesses testified george floyd could have been saved. if medical care had been provided to him, he could have lived. he did not have to die on the streets in minneapolis on that night. >> yeah. thank you, areva. i appreciate it. the through line in both of these stories, they were caught on camera. and this week we're seeing more racist incidents causing outrage, again, because they were all caught on camera. cornell west is here. he's's going to weigh in right after this.
7:38 pm
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shocking video showing a black teen pinned to the ground and handcuffed by a police officer after a fight at the mall while the white teen involved was not handcuffed at all. plus hateful and racist messages revealed in testimony at the
7:42 pm
federal hate crimes trial of three men convicted of murdering ahmaud arbery. what does this all tell us about race in america? so joining me now civil rights leader and professor cornell west. there he is. professor, i love having these conversations with you. >> how you doing, my brother? >> i'm doing very well. i'm glad you're here. let's talk about this. you heard areva and i just talked about the developments in the trials over the killings of george floyd and ahmaud arbery. we've been reporting on this mall flight between two teens where police restrained and then handcuffed and arrested the black teen, but the white teen was just told to sit on the couch, was not taken away or restrained or, you know, taken to confinement or what have you. these are all very different cases, but we know what happened because it was all caught on video. that's the through line here, right? >> absolutely. but the important thing to keep in mind, yes, white supremacist behavior is evil.
7:43 pm
we know it's everywhere, but i have been blessed to be at the university under the magnificent leadership. and i say that because we've got to talk about forces of good in the face of evil. we don't want to be parasitic on evil. we don't want to be just reactive. we want creative responses that have a vision, that can highlight our strength in the face of what the police did to our brother. you think about emir, trayvon, george floyd. you think about all the strength and the love and power and vision that come out of their traditions, our traditions, any people who are concerned about being forces of good in the face of that evil. we don't want the evil to be so centered that we're just some kind of parasite on it.
7:44 pm
i refuse that paradigm and that framework. you see i come from a great people where we do the framing. we do the defining of how we proceed. and then we're not surprised by that vicious behavior of the police visa vi the black brother -- >> well, let me ask you this. i totally get the point you're making, and having framed that way we may not see these things in order to be able to frame it or react to it or figure out how do we make it better if there wasn't videotape. you think about all the instances of racial bias that we don't see that aren't caught on tape, do we have a true understanding of just how bad it may be so that we can counteract that with the good that you say? >> well, that's a wonderful question. i think we should assume that it is worse. i mean, that's the whole history
7:45 pm
of edward waters university, spellman, moorhouse, tuskegee. we know how deep white supremacy cuts. we're not surprised when it raises its ugly face over and over and over again. what we're concentrating on is what kind of counter veiling force we can be so that we hold up a moral excellence and a spiritual greatness. and i'm talking about the biblical conception of greatness. hooergs greatest among you will be getting service to the vulnerable, the oppressed, the persecuted. because if we're fortified, if we're ready for serious spiritual engagement against evil then we're going to spend a lot of time in fortifying ourselves in order to deal with what's happening at that mall so
7:46 pm
when brother guy comes home he says to himself, ci'm still a human being and i have a dignity those policemen can never take away from me. >> i tried to tell after last night we has a dignity they shouldn't be able to take away. here's the thing. i'm not excusing what they did at all, but aren't these people and even the ahmaud arbery, the hate crimes trial. aren't these people in many ways, in a big way caught up or co-opted in a system even now that is refusing to even teach people about race, to talk about race, to call people who try to bring light to it race baiting? do you understand what i'm saying? who don't want to confront the issue even to bring it to a positive place? aren't they caught up by that? they're victims of that system? >> yeah, in some sense we're all
7:47 pm
wrestling with it. but keep in mind the attempt to do away with critical race theory means 1619 project on number one "the new york times" best-seller week after week after week after week. so we can use the various kinds to continually broaden, deepen, universalize our vision and our efforts. it's just we should never, ever get so discouraged we think all we do is just react to all these vicious acts. no. we are taking off with vision, with power, with courage, with compassion regardless. now, if we wend up -- if it ends up that america dissolves and disintegrated because the hatred and the greed completely took over, we can say we went down swinging. we held on with integrity. that's all you can do, brother. >> professor, you are the best.
7:48 pm
thank you. we'll see you soon. we'll have another conversation like this very soon. >> salute you, my brother. >> how do we create something positive out of this, at least learning something. thank you, professor. i appreciate it. the russian skater at the center of a doping scandal flaping out at her last olympic performance. we'll talk about it nextxt. got lingering odors? grab febreze small spaces. press firmly to activate... and small spaces continuously eliminates and prevents odors... freshen up any small room... ...for up to 45 days. febreze. ♪laa la♪
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7:53 pm
15-year-old kamila valieva had been praised by many as possibly one of the best women's figure skaters ever. let's discuss now. cnn plus host kari champion is here. kari, hi. so good to see you. i wish we were talking about a better story. i feel bad for the young lady. there is turmoil around the olympics in this story. a shocking meltdown for valieva. a tremendous amount of pressure on her after her positive test and the fact she was still allowed to compete. what is your reaction to all of this? >> i agree with you. first of all, good to be here, my friend. secondly, i do agree with you. watching it was very sad. watching her have that breakdown in front of the world was horrible. i do understand where we have to sympathize with her situation. i feel the calls saying she is just a little girl. she is a victim of the system. sadly, though, he can't go that far, don. i do have empathy for what is happening but there is something here that is clearly wrong and
7:54 pm
it is also fishy. we deal with the roc. russia's clearly -- we've let them come and play and do whatever they want to in terms of the olympic games and to me it is the ioc. no governing body is really in charge. i believe much like the rooney rule in football this governing body needs to be dispaidd, reworked, because they continue to allow what is corruption happening at these games that are supposed to be pure, amateur in some ways, more importantly, they are supposed to represent true and fair competition. that's not here. >> two other russian skaters finished with gold. and silver. both share the same coach as valieva. are they under increased scrutiny, too, since valieva tested positive? >> absolutely. the entire program is. i don't understand why there is not more outrage. while watching today i am thinking to myself it is a very slippery slope if you are calling the figure skating.
7:55 pm
you want to be fair and talk about what's happening but you cannot deny the controversy. you cannot deny two of her teammates actually medaled. i'm sitting home and thinking when do we decide enough is enough? the winter olympics for so many people is their only opportunity, these athletes, to make money, get sponsorships, to live, to perhaps start a new future if in fact they do well. then you have this situation where you know the russians are dirty. i mean, listen. the russian doping committee i heard the other day watching your show is the wild, wild west. they are not taking control of what is happening. unfortunately, the coaching, it is a system that is well in place and has been for years. we're not acknowledging it and we won't just say this is what it is. we have to stop it. >> kari up on the screen by herself. if i was in los angeles i would be heading right over. that looks cozy. you got flowers, a fire place. i mean -- you're living your
7:56 pm
best life. >> yes. you're welcome. please join me. >> maybe you would serenade me with the guitar over your left shoulder. kari champion, everyone. >> don, this is a serious subject. come on in. it's warm, too. i have the heat on. it'll be great. >> you're the best, kari. >> nice glass of wine. >> i'm having a little fun with you. see you soon. be well. a judge says that trump has to talk about his business under oath and he won't be alone. his kids have to do it, too. stay with us.
7:57 pm
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the trumps must testify. a judge ruling the former president, don jr., and ivanka must sit for depositions in a new york state investigation of the trump organization bus


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