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tv   Don Lemon Tonight  CNN  February 14, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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thanks for watching. i'll be back tomorrow night. don lemon tonight with don lemon starts right now. >> okay. so how much did you eat yesterday -- last night? >> why would you call me out? i may have had the nachos and the hot dogs and the ribs and everything else. what do you mean? that's a hypothetical. are you asking for a friend? >> because i'm surprised i'm not flying today as many wings as i ate last night. it was so, so, so bad.
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>> wait. hold on. what kind of wings? are you talking dry rub, barbecue? was it a sweet one? was it a spicy? i'll do the forrest gump thing right now. >> i had just regular chicken wings. i love popeye's wings. i got popeye's wings, and then blondie's is a place here. blondie's sports bar, and they have buffalo wings, so i got buffalo wings. but i get this extra, extra crispy, all drums, sauce on the side. >> how is that a buffalo wing, sauce on the side? >> because you dip them in the sauce. i like to control the amount of buffalo sauce, of hot sauce. >> wait. are you one of those salad people who like dressing on the side? >> and then i dip it, yeah. i like to control mine. >> i love that you have moderation. that's wonderful. >> i woke up, though -- everybody is looking. i'm going to tell everybody -- with a stye. i didn't stay up that late. i didn't drink that much. maybe it's the sodium.
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i don't think i've ever had a stye. >> maybe you have put the buffalo sauce on the wing. >> and dipped it in my eye. >> i didn't even see it. you're as handsome as ever. >> thank you. coming from you, that means a lot. just look at you. you're laura coates. >> okay. now i got to put on boots for the rest of this discussion. all right, don lemon. >> bye, laura. >> bye. >> have a good night. this is "don lemon tonight" and we've got a whole lot. president joe biden faces what may be the biggest test of his administration, a source telling cnn a russian attack on ukraine sometime this week more likely than it is not. the pentagon is warning that russia could invade ukraine, quote, with little to no warning. the u.s. embassy in kyiv closed. remaining diplomats relocated near the western border with poland. that as sources say there are at least 130,000 russian troops surrounding the eastern part of the country. tonight a kremlin spokesperson telling cnn vladimir putin is,
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quote, willing to negotiate. cnn's nic robertson explains to us. >> reporter: don, very interesting that we should get this additional clarification from president putin's spokesman late in the evening, saying that putin is willing to negotiate. now, earlier on in the day, he had had this sort of choreographed sequence on state tv with the foreign minister down a really big long minister an account on all the steps of diplomacy going on. putin asked the question, is there a chance for diplomacy to continue? sergey lavrov says, yes, there is. we can pursue this and we should increase our efforts there. that wasn't very sort of, if you will, subtly handled on state tv, and it really wasn't clear, you know, what level of commitment there was coming from president putin towards diplomacy. i think that's why we've heard this clarification late in the day from his spokesman. >> nic robertson, thank you very much. there's also big news from
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the committee investigating what happened on january 6th and in the days and weeks before and after those bloodthirsty, trump-supporting rioters stormed our nation's capitol. a source telling cnn that rudy giuliani may be willing to testify after all and under oath. but only about the bogus big lie of election fraud. the source says that giuliani doesn't intend to waive executive or attorney-client privilege, so you've got to wonder what has changed since just last month when rudy giuliani was subpoenaed and his attorney said he didn't intend to provide information. why has a guy who spread wild, wild accusations about how guy chavez, george soros, antifa, and wait for it of course, black lives matter -- why is he maybe reconsidering testifying? >> you couldn't possibly believe that the company counting our vote, with control over our vote, is owned by two venezuelans who were allies of
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chavez, are present allies of maduro, with a company whose chairman is a close associate and business partner of george so soros, the biggest donor to the democrat party, the biggest donor to antifa, and the biggest donor to black lives matter. >> he got in the whole shebang. what is going -- what? what is happening when people start to -- why are these people doing this? why do they do that? why do some of you watching believe this crazy conspiracy theory b.s.? it's -- it's frightening. you couldn't possibly believe that because it's not true, what he said. but rudy giuliani sure would have a story to tell if he testifies. >> if we're wrong, we will be made fools of. but if we're right, a lot of
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them will go to jail. so let's have trial by combat. >> all of the above, is there one for that? if you're wrong you'll be made fools of, and you'll go to jail maybe. there's no agreement yet for giuliani to cooperate by the way, and we've got developments to tell you about on two trials that we have followed very closely on this show. two cases that say a whole lot about the state of justice in this country. the prosecution resting tonight in the federal civil rights trial of three ex-police officers in minneapolis in the killing of george floyd. multiple witnesses testifying the ex-officers made no attempt to get derek chauvin off george floyd's neck for nine minutes and 29 seconds. the teenager who recorded floyd's death on her phone, and without that evidence we might never have known what happened to him, darnella frazier broke down crying while she was being
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sworn in to testify today, saying, i can't do it. she took the stand after a short break and testified george floyd repeatedly said he couldn't breathe. the federal civil rights trial of the three ex-officers resumes tomorrow morning. meanwhile in georgia, prosecutors in the federal hate crimes trial of three men convicted of murdering ahmaud arbery say that he would not have been killed if he were white. his mother, wanda cooper jones, saying this. >> i think it's going to be a long, long, hard trial. a whole lot of hard evidence is going to come into play, so i got to be prepared for that. >> it is a big show, and we've got a lot more to come on all of that tonight. our clarissa ward is going to join us in a little bit. i want to bring in general wesley clark. thank you so much. we appreciate you joining. >> good to be with you. >> let's talk about russia has an estimated 130,000 troops
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along ukraine's border, and pentagon spokesperson john kirby says that putin has added at least a half dozen landing ships in the black sea with the purpose of putting troops onshore. they are talking diplomacy but advancing into attack positions. >> right. this is a moment of maximum pressure against ukraine. so he's got the military machine moving. he's moving it to its attack position. the world is on edge. people in ukraine are starting to take this seriously. it could be very damaging. what he wants is the collapse of the government in ukraine or president zelensky say, we give up on nato, or please accept us as your friends, russia. i don't think that's going to happen. president zelensky has stood very firm, and mr. putin's running out of time. that was the reason why i believe foreign minister lavrov did a public conference with putin, was to sort of extend the
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clock, to increase the diplomatic pressure as the forces approach readiness. >> part of russia's plan according to one u.s. official is that they would begin with air and missile attacks on key military infrastructure and then further invade ukraine with plans to encircle kyiv within one or two days of military action. i mean this sounds like if it happens, it's going to happen very fast. >> i think that would be the military logic behind this. get it over with. the lodnger it delays, as you drag an operation out like this, the more opposition might rise and the morne nato nations migh do something. if you can present a fait accompli to nato of a night of devastating missile and a morning of air strikes and jamming and nothing works and there's a seizure of the ukrainian government and somebody pops up and says, no, i'm the real president.
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president zelensky has abdicated and i'm here, and meanwhile the russian forces are coming in from all directions, it's enough confusion that in that, they think perhaps that would be the most desirable case. they'll come at it, i think, from all directions. that's what we have to assume in any case, that it would be quick, as large as possible, and over as rapidly as possible. >> general, i want to put up a map for you. it's showing u.s. and nato troops. this is along nato's eastern border. the u.s. troops are marked in r red. 5,700 u.s. troops in poland. talk more about the role u.s. troops will play in this region. we're not going to see americans fighting russians. the u.s. is not getting directly involved here, right? >> absolutely not going to happen. if you look at all those forces, those forces are trip wire forces, essentially except in
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romania where there's some air defense and some missiles that are directed against potential iranian attack. but the rest of it is simply a presence. now, the additional forces that have been deployed to romania and poland would be there to assist in handling any refugees that might come out. but mostly this is about the united states reassuring our east european allies, members of nato, that if they are attacked, then the united states would be with them. but this is not a -- they're not organized. there's not sufficient of them. don, let me give you an example. during the cold war when we were defending a 400-mile stretch from the north sea to the alps, we had -- in europe, we had about 500,000 americans. we had the equivalent of almost
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five divisions of force. what's going against ukraine on the russian side is larger than that right now, and those five divisions, we don't have them in europe. we don't have a single division in europe right now. we have one brigade of about 100 tanks there. that's it. and so there's no way we would ever be able to, in this scenario, do anything. but vladimir putin knows it, and that's why all the rhetoric about the nato threat. it's just -- it's just a pretext to do something to ukraine or more. >> just a quick question because i want to move on. the shorthand, as everyone says, oh, we're going to war. is that shorthand wrong, right in. >> absolutely wrong. >> okay. >> we're not going to war. but russia may be going to war, and if they do, don, this is an act of -- this is an illegal act.
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this is not 1930 where adolf hitler could just do things. we have a united nations. we have international law. it's a criminal act to invade another country. >> mm-hmm. >> vladimir putin becomes a war criminal. that means no business with him. >> i want to show this video. there's also images of ammunition arriving in kyiv after being donated by the united states. you see that there. and then we know russia has amassed troops in belarus. well, i should say a few miles away is the area now known as chernobyl exclusion zone, which is the site of the world's worst nuclear disaster. chernobyl is abandoned, but now ukraine security forces are there. that area is a direct way for russia to get to kyiv. what are your thoughts on the dangers here, general? >> i think it's a very dangerous avenue of approach that kyiv has to be prepared to defend against if possible.
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if the eastern part around the old reactor itself, it's marshy. it's damp, and it hasn't frozen solid. so there are roads that go through there, but you're talking about vehicles moving single file. to the west, it's more open, and it's more maneuverable. but it's definitely a dangerous avenue of approach. if you look at the map on the far, far east and the southeast, that's where the current forces are. that's not the most optimum place for the russians to attack from although they might do that. the most optimum place is this chernobyl exclusion zone. >> general clark, thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> thank you. the kremlin says vladimir putin is willing to negotiate, but could there be a diplomatic solution with russian troops massed on the border? i'm going to talk to the former ambassador to ukraine next. f.
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11:19 pm
any moment. but the kremlin saying today russian president vladimir putin is still willing to negotiate with western nations. i want to bring in ambassador william taylor, the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine. ambassador, i really love having you on, and general wesley clark, to get both of your takes on this. thank you so much for joining us. the kremlin saying earlier today that putin is still open to negotiations, but roughly 130,000 troops on the border. he's coming to talks with a gun pointed at ukraine. which do you think will prevail? >> so, don, this is up to president putin as you say. he says he's willing to negotiate. he's got all this force on three -- 3 1/2 borders of ukraine. negotiations, don, can't be serious, can't really get anywhere, can't be productive with all that force on the bo borders. so the ideas of making plans to
11:20 pm
negotiate is good. in order to have serious discussion, though, he's got to send those troops back to the barracks. he's got to move those troops away from the border so that there can be serious negotiation. now, there could be serious negotiation. there are areas that russia has expressed concern about, that nato has expressed concern about. there are areas where both nato and russia could be better off after these negotiations. so there could be this diplomatic off-ramp if president putin wants to take it. it would be a bad mistake, as general clark just said, for him -- for president putin to make a decision to invade ukraine. it would be very bad for him, for russia, and for european security. >> talk more about that. why do you say that? >> think about the cost, don. the cost that putin would bear if he were to go over the precipice. i think he's inching up to the precipice, and if he goes over, first of all, general clark can
11:21 pm
tell you this much better than i. but when you invade a neighbor, when you invade someone, when you initiate military activities, you can't tell. things are unpredictable in war. so he doesn't know what's going to happen. what he can be sure of is he'll lose some russian soldiers, probably thousands of russian soldiers will die. ukrainian military is much tougher than it was in 2014. the ukrainian military will make it very painful and very bloody for russia to move toward kyiv as you and general clark just talked about. but they will be able to do that, and as they're doing that, even in the first couple of days, there will be the sanctions that we've been talking about for months that will be imposed on russia's economy. now, don, these are serious sanctions the likes of which putin has not seen. we know he's bothered by it. we know that he's concerned
11:22 pm
about these sanctions. he said as much -- he said explicitly that to president biden in a phone call in december. he said, if you put those sanctions on me, you know, you'll disrupt our relations for generations. well, yes. if he invades, he will disrupt for generations. but there's one other thing, don, in answer to your question about why it would be so painful for him and so risky for him, and that is the russian people are not particularly angry at the ukrainians. the russian people by and large have a good attitude towards ukrainians, and they're going to wonder why president putin is sending their sons and daughters and fathers and brothers into combat and are getting killed and going back to be buried in russian towns. that is not -- that could disrupt president putin's regime. it could be destabilizing to his regime. so he's got a lot to think about, and i think he will -- he will look for the off-ramp.
11:23 pm
>> let me jump in because you keep saying and everyone's saying he's got a diplomatic off-ramp. we've been saying that for weeks now if not months, and so far, you know, his gps seems to be saying, keep straight ahead. do not exit. it doesn't look like he's looking for an off-ramp? how long can you say that? i guess until there is conflict, until something happens. when does he miss the turn and is unable to do it? >> don, he misses the turn when he goes across the border, when he sends tanks and troops across the border, when he fires across the border, sends missiles across the border. that's the precipice. that's when he falls off. up until then -- and we don't think -- i don't think, most people don't think he has actually made the decision yet. he's still, i think, evaluating those costs and benefits. the benefits are that somehow --
11:24 pm
the benefits what he wants, what he's trying to get from this is control of ukraine. president putin has indicated in things he's written and said and done that he wants to regain control. he wants to get ukraine back under russian authority, dominance, and he will do it in any way he can. and if he makes that -- if he does that, if he decides to invade in order to get ukraine, he can get in. he can get in. he can't get out. remember when russians went into afghanistan, we had our own problems with afghanistan. but the russians went into afghanistan very quickly, very easily, and they had to leave with their tails between their legs, and it led to the end of the soviet union. >> ambassador, thank you. we'll have you back of course. we'll see if this escalates or if he does take that diplomatic off-ramp as everyone is suggesting he does. thank you very much. >> thank you, don. rudy might actually testify.
11:25 pm
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so this is new tonight. the january 6th committee still expects rudy giuliani will cooperate with its subpoena. that as a source is telling cnn he may be willing to engage with the committee on certain topics.
11:30 pm
joining me now, cnn legal analyst elliott williams. sources telling cnn giuliani may be willing to testify to the committee about claims of election fraud after the 2020 presidential election. listen to what he was saying then, and then we'll talk. >> philadelphia is a professional place for voter fraud because you have a decrepit democrat machine that you have had in power for 60 years, and it's the reason why you have voter fraud. and there's no doubt about it. this was not an individual idea of 10 or 12 democrat bosses. this is a plan. you would have to be a fool not to realize that. they do the same thing in exactly the same way in ten big democrat-controlled, in most cases, crooked city. >> my question is, you know, everyone is like, oh, rudy is going to testify. rudy giuliani is going to
11:31 pm
testify. he said all of that. i mean isn't he just going to say the same thing to the committee? what kind of nonsense should the committee expect to hear? >> you know, don, when people talk about testimony, they see it as this sort of all or nothing thing where either someone's going to come and testify from a big hearing or get hauled off in handcuffs. you know, there's a world of ways that rudy giuliani can engage with the committee, from interviews and private or depositions, transcribed interviews or so on. there's a lot they can get out of him even if it's not specifically -- look, they can press him on these statements made at the four seasons hotel, i believe? >> no, four seasons landscaping. >> oh, pardon me. >> four seasons hotel is very nice in philly. but the four seasons landscaping, i'm not so sure. i don't know. >> i stand corrected. so they can press him on that, but there's a world of other information they can get from him, namely about the president's whereabouts, conversations the president had, and so on.
11:32 pm
frankly, it is in his interest and the committee's interest to negotiate and work out some terms for his testimony. >> so he does not intend, i understand, to waive executive or attorney-client privilege. what actual claims of privilege can giuliani make based on his role as trump's lawyer slash voter fraud vigilante? >> yeah. now, we got to be careful with how we talk about the privilege because ultimately it rests either with the president or the holder of the privilege, which is, you know, the client, right? it's not really up to the attorney to be the one who waives it. now, he can speak about anything outside of the scope of his representation of the president as his attorney. now, look, rudy giuliani gave any number of public statements, including the two that you put there, don, where he can speak to those things. anytime he gave media interviews, anytime he went down and spoke with georgia election officials, all of that's fair game because those were not conversations with the president. they were not legal advice or
11:33 pm
sort of executive advice he was giving to the president. >> there's a separate trump legal issue. the former president's longtime accounting firm informed the trump organization last week that it should no longer rely on nearly ten years' worth of financial statements and that they would no longer be their accountant. okay? so it was only last month that the new york attorney general's office alleged it has found significant evidence that the trump organization used fraudulent or misleading asset valuations. what do you think of this development? >> the interesting thing about those financial statements is that information is at the heart of both civil and criminal investigations into the trump organization in terms of how they were alleged to have elevated the values of properties for getting loans but deflated the values of properties for paying taxes, right? so it all speaks to the same allegations, which is that they were just not being candid about what the values of the property were.
11:34 pm
now, the problem, don, here is that at the end of the day, the valuations of properties are inherently subjective. like i might believe that my house is worth $10 million, and i can say that to my accountant. but at the end of the day, it's just an opinion, right? and it's hard to charge someone criminally sometimes on the basis of what they say in statements like this. >> but even if you're trying to use it for leverage and -- >> well, you know, that's at the heart of the investigation. is it just puffery, and is it just beefing up the values of properties, or is it systematically and fraudulently trying to bilk banks and lenders out of their money? that's just what the attorney general is looking into. it's taking a long time, and, you know, at a certain point, either we need to find out that nothing's happening. the public needs to find out that nothing's happening here or that they're coming forward with charges. >> i got to get this in because they did respond. a trump org statement says that what mazer says does not contain
11:35 pm
any -- and the disclosure renders the a.g.'s investigation moot. is that the case? >> that's not the case. it's what they're looking into. the idea that somehow this statement moots all these months of investigations is just not accurate. >> where do all of these crazy legal theories come from in the trump era? >> how much time do we have, don? it is striking how sort of across different areas of conduct, whether it's election fraud or fomenting insurrection frankly or valuing properties. there's a consistent threat of dishonesty, but there's also a consistent thread of, well, maybe, that makes it sometimes hard to criminally charge. and evading liability. >> and grift. let's not forget the grift. thank you, sir. >> thank you, don. >> i appreciate it.
11:36 pm
opening statements in the federal hate crimes trial of the georgia men who killed ahmaud arbery today. and in minnesota, the teen who shot the video showing george floyd's death testifies in that trial. we're going to tell you what went down in both courthouses right after this. (music) ♪ i think to myself ♪ ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ knowing where you came from, it gives you a sense of “this is who i am”. oh my goodness... wow, look at all those! you get hungry for more and then you're just like, “wow, i'm learning about my family.” yeah, yep. which one, what'd you find? lorraine banks, look, county of macomb, michigan? look at grandma... hey grandma!
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the prosecution resting today in the federal trial of three ex-minneapolis police officers charged with violating george floyd's civil rights. the defense set to begin their case tomorrow. that as in georgia, opening statements begin in the federal hate crimes trial of three men convicted of murdering ahmaud arbery. arbery's mother, wanda cooper jones, speaking today. >> i think that we'll get another victory out of this. i think it's going to be a long, long, hard trial. a whole lot of hard evidence is going to come into play, so i
11:41 pm
got to be prepared for that each and every day. but i'm grateful that we're here, that we made it this far, and i think we will get a good victory as well. >> these moms in these cases are always so strong. i have the utmost respect for them. joining me know, cnn legal analyst joey jackson. good to see you. >> always, don. >> let's start with arbery, the arbery trial. gregory mcmichael, his son travis, the neighbor william roddie bryan all on trial again after having just been found guilty of murder in the state trial. the prosecution actually pulling out social media posts from the mcmichaels with really crude language. so be forewarned about this. travis mcmichael referred to black people as criminals, monkeys, and subhuman savages. he also said in a text message, zero n-words work with me. they ruin everything. that's why i love what i do. not an n-word in sight. do you think evidence like this is going to convince a jury? >> yeah, i think that's very
11:42 pm
compelling, don. so it's important to make a very critical distinction and that's what the defense is going to do, i don't think with much success. the defense is going to acknowledge, as they did in opening statements, the horrific and colorful language that was used by their clients. at the same time the defense is going to try to distance their clients from that. how? they're going to try to suggest that simply because they may have harbored those views, they were in no way connected to this specific incident on this specific date, at this specific time. it's a very hard argument to make. the prosecution, of course, introducing that to the jury, don, because in this case, unlike the state case, racism is at the core. you have to demonstrate, show, and establish, if you're the prosecutor, that the actions of the defendants were motivated by racial hatred. that is, they were the underlying basis and reason to demonstrate why they chased ahmaud arbery and why they engaged in the act of killing him. so that's why you heard the colorful language during
11:43 pm
openings. i think you'll hear more of it during testimony. the defense again trying to distance. the prosecutor saying, believe what you heard. believe what you see. that's why they did this. yes, it will be compelling to that jury. >> you know, it's interesting because they have to put on a defense. to me, i'm a layperson. it sounds ridiculous to me, but the defense is arguing that these posts and messages are old, not from the time of the murder. i mean how does a jury take that into consideration? doesn't that show part of who you are? >> i think the prosecution will turn that to be not only who you are, it's the fabric of what you are. the bottom line is that you establish that these were older posts, well, you thought that then. you continued obviously, if you're the prosecutor, to say you thought that now. why? because if they said during opening as the prosecution, if this was a white person jogging in the neighborhood, he would have been home in time for dinner notwithstanding the fact that he was jogging through the area and may have been a person
11:44 pm
milling about at that construction site. i think it's a very difficult argument for the defense to distance their clients from the statements they've made not only at the scene but with respect to social media posts, with regard to things they told other people, and of course the colorful language that you used at the outset demonstrating what they believe people of color to be. and i think if the prosecution is able to establish that that is the basis for them running down ahmaud arbery, i think their get their conviction. difficult argument to make if you're the defense. >> that social media stuff will do you in every time. it leaves a trail. joey, i want to turn to the federal civil rights trial of three former minneapolis police officers in george floyd's death. darnella frazier, the teenager who videotaped the murder of george floyd, testifying today after initially breaking down in the courtroom. she said that she didn't see george floyd resist at all. her video is everything in this case. how big of an impact will her testimony have? >> i think it's huge.
11:45 pm
here you have a brave teenager who, as you mentioned, broke down because it's difficult to watch, difficult to see, and i'm sure more difficult to record, particularly as people in the crowd, they realized, right, bystanders and lay people without training realized that mr. floyd needed medical attention and assistance. why didn't you? you're trained to do this, right, with regard to providing medical assistance, which they are, of course, charged with failing to do. you are in charge of the person who's in your custody. how did you allow this to happen? how did you not see the warning signs? and more importantly, don, how and why did you not intervene? so i think her testimony is compelling in addition to all the training officers who testified that they are trained to know what to do. they simply didn't do it. the manuals, the policies, the records and procedures speak to preserving life. why did you not preserve life here? that's what the defendanse has
11:46 pm
explain as they begin their case tomorrow. >> let's talk more about the defense because they're set to pick up tomorrow morning. two of the officers on trial intend to testify in their own defense, jay alexander king and tu thou. do you think it's the right move to testify? >> i think all three will testify, and i think at this point, i think there's little choice. why in opening statements, lane, the officer who was holding the legs of george floyd, and that was the one who actually said, hey, should we turn him over and really did intervene. the attorney is arguing he helped him into the ambulance. that is he helped george floyd. he provided aid in the ambulance. the defense gave an opening statement on lane, saying, hey, i'm going to testify. if lane testifies and the other two don't, that looks pretty bad. he's already committed to. i think the other ones are going to have to explain why didn't you do more? the crowd was yelling to help. you didn't hear the crowd? you didn't see the condition
11:47 pm
that george floyd was in? you're not trained? you're not experienced? but of course what they will do, i think, is throw chauvin under the bus. he's the senior officer. it was really him who was engaged in this activity. we were just there. i just don't think that cuts. you have an obligation. you're a law enforcement officer. you're wearing a badge. protect and preserve the sanctity of life. don't just allow it to happen. and for that, i think they have a lot of explaining to do, don, should they testify. >> mr. joey jackson, thank you, sir. appreciate it. >> always. thanks, don. if you didn't see this, then what were you doing instead? legends taking the stage at the super bowl, making it -- take this -- their stage. ♪ motion.
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♪ ♪ i mean why y'all coming to me? don't you want to hear that? take this. free speech on full display at sunday's super bowl halftime show featuring topics typically a third rail for the nfl after reports that the league was not so happy with some of dr. dre's lyrics, the rapper did not censor himself when rapping and he still is not loving the police. you just heard it. so dr. dre joined by hip hop
11:53 pm
greats snoop dogg, mary j. blige, 50 cent, kendrick lamar, and eminem. by the way, the only white headliner and the only one to take a knee. the move seemingly in solidarity with colin kaepernick, the former quarterback from the san francisco 49ers who was heavily criticized for kneeling during the national anthem to protest police brutality and racial injustice. the league says they were aware he would kneel. they watched multiple rehearsals. kaepernick is currently not playing for any nfl team. an update on what we have covered for as an example of cancel culture here, and that is whoopi goldberg. return to the "view" after saying the holocaust is not about race. she was suspended by abc two weeks despite an on-air apology and conversation with the anti-defamation league. she said "the view" will keep having tough conversations because that's what they have been hired to do.
11:54 pm
next, growing concerns in washington that russia could invade ukraine with little to no warning. live in ukraine after this. we'lt what you've saved, what you'll need, and help you build a flexible plan for cash flow designed to last. so you can go from saving... to living. (music) ♪ i think to myself ♪ ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ stuff. we love stuff. and there's some really great stuff out there. but i doubt that any of us will look back on our lives and think,
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new tonight a source telling cnn a russian attack on ukraine sometime this week is more likely than not. >> i won't get into a specific date. i don't think that would be smart. i would just tell you that it is entirely possible that he could move with little to no warning. >> out ranged at the winter olympics after a russian figure skater who tested positive for a banned substance is allowed to compete. >> the athlete is under 16 and is a protected person under the world anti-doping code. >> also ahead this hour, 6'3", 240 pounds, a man confronts crew
11:59 pm
members outside a cockpit. two flights forced to divert. due to unruly passengers. we are going to go live to ukraine. cnn international correspondent michael home holmes is live tonight. russian tanks are lining up 15 miles from the ukraine border. the u.s. saying an attack could happen at any moment. are people in ukraine ready? >> reporter: hi, don. yeah, welcome. ukrainian leaders say yes. they say that they are ready and they united. but in a military sense, of course it's a one-sided affair. if it comes to actual conflict. there is a booklet out now for citizens advice like know your blood type, know where there are shelters and hiding places near you. and information also and plans on evacuations and stuff like that. i will say, as for the people, there is a sense of anticipation here. you know, created by, you know,
12:00 am
russia's troop mobilization of course, but the dire u.s. and other western nation warnings of what they call possibly action on the ground. perhaps this week, although they have offered no hard evidence of that. i will say day to day ukrainians are getting on with life. usual daily routines they are continuing given the language and the troop movements and people here i would say are concerned, but not by any means panicking or showing anything like fear. they are aware. they are concerned. they are worried, but getting on with it. as i said, ukraine's leaders continue to urge calm while at the same time they are emphasizing their own preparedness for whatever might come. concerns, too, about possible hybrid assaults as well, things like cyberattacks and hacking and targeting of communications and infrastructure and so on, don. >> what are you hearing? what is the latest from president zelensky? he seems to be making jokes


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