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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  February 4, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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the loss. >> it could have been the greatest game in nfl history if only the buffalo bills had won that, patrick mcenroe. thank you very much. appreciate it very much. we will continue this and to our viewers, thanks very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." erin burnett "out front" starts right now. "out front" next mike pence takes on trump telling the world, quote, pence is wrong. why now? why finally today? plus putin's power move today standing shoulder to shoulder with his chinese counterpart. what they are learning as they are deployed more jobs. has the pandemic lost its grip on the economy? let's "go out front."
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trump is wrong. mike pence saying those words, something we have never heard before. former vice president before a crowd of republicans calling out his former boss, his partner, a man that he of course was fiercely loyal to for more than four years. >> i heard this week that president trump said i have the right to overturn the election. president trump is wrong. i had no right to overturn the election. the presidency belongs to the american people and the american people alone and frankly there's no idea more unamerican than the notion that any one person could choose the american president. under the constitution i had no right to change the outcome of our election. >> the outcome, accepting and saying the words. trump is wrong. pence then took it further
4:02 pm
because he made it clear, his words, the lies about the election are putting the entire american democracy and constitution at risk. >> men and women, if you lose faith in the constitution, we won't just lose elections, we'll lose our country. >> pretty powerful words coming from the former vice president. clearly he's tired of trump using every opportunity he gets to go after pence for failing to object and overturn a free and fair election. >> mike pence, i will tell you right now, i'm not hearing good stories. >> i only wish that my friend mike pence had that additional courage to send the results bhak to the legislature. >> i think mike has been very
4:03 pm
badly hurt by what took place with respect to january 6th. i think he's been mortally wounded frankly. i see the reaction he's getting from people. they say, why didn't he just hand it back to the legislature? why department he do that? >> well, for a morally wounded man he showed a lot of courage today finally standing up in front of a sea of republicans and saying the truth. this week trump said the unselect committee should be investigating why mike pence did not send back the votes for recertification or approval. that it has now been shown he clearly had the right to do so. of course, he had no such right. what pence did today is a big deal. we haven't heard from trump yet by the way. apparently he is hosting a d.j. party at mar-a-lago tonight. some are saying why did it take 394 days since january 6th for pence to come out and say those four words, president trump is wrong. that's a fair question. that's a fair criticism. because as obvious as it is,
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what he said is obviously we know all those things are, for pence it also means that he could be giving up something huge. he's already traveled to new hampshire. he probably threw away any hanss he thought that he had to be president by saying what he said today because he took trump on. on the one thing that defines trump right now to the world and to his loyal voter base. trump is a man that 69% of republicans want to run for office again. when pence said what he said today, that may kill pence's political future. keep in mind that it was trump and trump's words that put pence's life at risk. he had to be rushed out of the senate chamber while a mob was hunting him down and chanting for his death. >> hang mike pence. hang mike pence. hang mike pence. >> hang mike pence.
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>> today pence reminds the party. >> january 6th was a dark day in the history of the united states. lives were lost. many were injured. >> simple words, lives were lost. you think it's so simple. keep in mind that the vast majority of the elected republican party won't say anything like what pence said today. the party that pence has been a member of for decades today censured two republicans trying to get to the bottom of that dark day by serving on the select committee. punished by their own party which even today is whitewashing the deadly assault. according to the rnc resolution are participating in a democrat-led persecution.
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people died. kinsinger and cheney are investigating the events leading up to that day. people who talked to that committee, democrats and republicans said on this show, to me, how professional and fair the questions are from both sides of the aisle. this is fracturing the republican party. senator mitt romney tweeting today, shame falls on a party that would censure a person's conscious to seek truth. honor attaches to liz cheney and adam kinsinger for seeking truth, even when it comes at great personal cost. pence has seen republicans turn on him for doing his job. our political reporter is out live where pence spoke not long ago. steve, you were inside that room
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where pence's remarks today, republican audience saying something that the vast majority of republicans don't want to hear. tell me what it was like in that room. >> reporter: erin, a hush came over the room. there was an expectation going in that he was going to have to address head on the president's remarks that he could overturn the election, but i don't think anyone expected him to essentially formally call out his former boss by name and say trump is wrong. several people walked out when he started to down that line of thinking although i will say it was an overall friendly crowd. these were lawyers for the federal society. a group pence has been close with for years. this wasn't like when i saw pence speak a year ago and people actually booed and called
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him a traitor. much more polite audience. governor desantis, florida, very popular republican. he spoke 90 minutes after mike pence and,rin, he had a very enthusiastic reception from the audience. >> more toleration or politeness. some walking out on pence although polite. the energy and enthusiasm for desantis. >> appreciate your time. i want to go to john kasich. along with former republican congressman francis rooney. i appreciate both of you. governor kasich. let me start with you. pence comes out and said, quote, president trump is wrong. he has not used them directly. he used them today. he was firm, he was clear, he was bold, he elaborated. why not? >> first of all, erin, i don't think it was that big a deal myself. what was he supposed to do? he's been attacked and he said, look, i couldn't overturn it because of the constitution.
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but, erin, here's the question. >> yeah. >> donald trump accelerated the division in this country. it's now down to school board meetings, in our families. where was mike pence for four years? i'm disappointed that at no time when he -- when he stood up against a lot of the crazy stuff that donald trump was doing. >> so your view is it's nice but it's too late to really essentially matter? >> well, it's not so much too late. it's never too late for anybody, but what i would tell you is i'm very disappointed because i think he should have publicly challenged trump when things were going on. just remember charlottesville, there were attacks on immigrants. i believe he should have said something. people say that's not conventional. well, neither was donald trump so i think he should have done something. the definition of courage, courage is not standing up for something when you might have
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something to gain, courage is standing up when you have nothing to gain and, frankly, there are more and more republicans standing up against donald trump and i think you're going to gain some ground by doing it. >> so let me ask you about that comment. trump hasn't yet responded as i said. he is actually a party. i think some people thought i was being facetious. he's on the invitation. it is though -- you know, you hear the governor pointing out more and more people are getting on that camp with the republican party. i still would emphasize it's still few when you look at elected republicans who are willing to come out and say that. it's the same few plus some being added. now that pechbs says this does it change anybody's mind? does it move anybody, congressman, or no? >> i think the governor made a very good point and bill crystal made a very good point on your show this afternoon. let's see what pence does now that he's been forceful enough to at least say the obvious.
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let's see if he's willing to say i'm not going to support trump. because nobody seems to want to do that. the party of the governor and me and mitt romney doesn't exist to us anymore. we're like orphans out in the woods somewhere. trump has hijacked the whole thing. we've either got to get it back or it needs to disappear. >> so let me ask you about that, governor. does pence open the door to others? and by the way to what the congressman is saying, susan collins, cornyn, thooune, none them when asked in recent days said they would not support trump. collins voted for impeachment and still wouldn't say it. >> look, i think people like larry hogan, you saw where asa hutchinson had said he didn't care whether trump is running or not. there are a number of them that are getting sharper elbows. the reason it's happening, francis rooney is an incredible guy. i couldn't believe he ran for
4:12 pm
congress. >> you said that to me. >> what the heck is wrong with you? he did it anyway. he saw what it's like down there. erin, what's happening, including the censure of these two, cheney and kinsinger, i think the trump people are becoming a little bit more desperate. they're getting angrier and angrier. no, i think it makes -- it's smart politically to begin to distance yourself from donald trump. he did it on the basis of i didn't have the power but there are going to be more and more people who are going to be openly critical of him and take him on because i think the congressman is right, it's an effort to save the party. sometimes we get caught up in the numbers. you mark my words, he's losing influence and you're going to see more people taking him on. he is losing influence. it is happening and you just -- you just -- -- >> we will. i'm going to mark your words. >> mark it down.
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>> i want to read from the sen suring resolution. representatives cheney and kinsinger are participating in a democrat led persecution of ordinary citizens engaged in legitimate political discourse. what in the world do you say when you see that? that's the words coming from the gop today. >> i would say that is nascent totalitarianism, group speak, monolithic adherence to a person and ideal. i would encourage all of those people to read "the road to serpent" and when you succumb to adherence to someone like trump. >> governor? >> i mean, that was about as good as it gets. that was poetic. >> it was.
4:14 pm
>> bottom line is, think about this. they're trying to shut these people up because they're standing on principle, condemning january 6th and even think about mitt romney. he's condemning what the committee did. if the party keeps doing this, there will be a time -- if they keep doing this and they don't come to their senses there will be a time when a kid will read in the history book about something called the republican party and that kid is going to say, whatever happened to that party. it used to exist but it didn't exist anymore. they have nothing that they stood for. look, i'm not desperate. we're going to get there. it's going to take time with the help of people like francis rooney. >> i appreciate both of you. thank you very much. >> thank you, erin. >> thank you. next, putin turning to the chinese locking up support as he weighs pulling the trigger on a ukrainian invasion. a stunning joint statement tonight to the world. plus the investigation into trump's efforts to overturn georgia's 2020 election entering a new phase tonight. the da revealing a special grand
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president xi jinping meeting with russian president vladimir putin in beijing. two leaders making clear to the world that they stand together. their joint statement says, quote, friendship between the two states has no limits. those words sending a clear message to the united states. the fact that these talks were face to face is very significant and meaningful. you may not realize this, but it is the first time that xi, the president of china, has met in person with a foreign leader in nearly two years. that honor goes to vladimir putin. putin is looking for support as he threatens to invade ukraine. xi has his eyes on taiwan. their joint statement saying that russia, quote, confirms that taiwan is an inalienable part of china. china making it clear today it believes that taiwan, just like ukraine, is not a country. the leader of the global times, the paper controlled by the
4:20 pm
country, welcome team chinese taipei, not team taiwan to the opening ceremony. get used to it is what they're saying. for putin's part, he's looking to china to help deal with the u.s. and possible sanctions. he's now secured a new contract to supply 100 million tons of oil to china. oil is russia's biggest import. it would be the crucial target for u.s. sanctions. matthew chance is live "out front." as this meeting happens, what are you hearing from ukrainian officials as they see putin get the very clear backing from president xi, both financially and, you know, the implication is perhaps in other ways as well? >> reporter: yeah. diplomatically, for instance. there was a whole lot of agreement between president xi and president putin about how nato should not expand and specifically that ukraine should never be allowed to join the western military alliance.
4:21 pm
yeah, i imagine the ukrainian officials were watching that meeting, playing out in front of them with some degree of horror. they tried to get on earlier this evening and officials told me that there wasn't a policy in ukraine, a statement they could make no policy when it came to china supporting russia in that way when it came to ukraine's nato membership. but, remember, ukraine is in a good position when it comes to china. china is an important investor in ukraine. it doesn't want to anger the chinese administration by criticizing it so outright but there was a stark illustration on our television screens watching president putin, watching president xi together walking together in that way. there's difference between autocratic governments that are working together and the democracies that are confronting them. ukraine very much sees itself as
4:22 pm
a democracy, as an outpost of democracy. imperfect one but it very much wants to be on that side of the equation and it is watching with horror with what is happening with russia and china. >> thank you very much. matthew chance, from kyiv, pretty amazing how clear they were. the president of china supporting that ukraine is not an independent country and yet ukraine quiet because. chie mees company. so, paul, when you look at what happened today, there are optics and there is reality. what do you think putin achieved in this meeting with xi. >> look, the optics are important. they showcase their relationship as much as they
4:23 pm
showcased@leelgts. the putin/xi relationship is very strong. it also showcases the state of relations between the countries. diplomatic, military and the economic relationship are going more tight, more close and more important. they show it as much of anything, while they may not have other alliances like nato, that they have each other. >> you know, some are saying the beijing olympics, i think it's fascinating that you point out today, the most important day on the olympics? the olympics itself. he was also there as you're well aware in 2008, while he was there he gave the green light for the russian invasion of georgia. now i understand that could be obviously complete coincidence. i'm not saying that's what's
4:24 pm
going to happen. what do you think he's planning? >> i think most people would argue paris is not going to be a virtual necessity. most people would also forces in place. they may need a little more time before they're able to invade successfully. it's important that a little more time appears it's important before doe ploe ma si throughout. one final question for you, paul, they were deals. the u.s. is not going to put come bad troops and right now china is making it clear they
4:25 pm
will do a lot, to help china. how significant is that margin. >> they reflect what's already the trend of russia becoming a supplier state of hydrocarbons to china. china needs hydro cash cash. and russia needs customers to sell what will eventually become a resource of declining value as the energy green transition takes place. europe faces a rough winter if europe decides to throttle back. when you send it out of china, that's definitionally. >> thank you. next the georgia d.a.
4:26 pm
investigating their details about the focus of a probe. >> president biden says america is back to work after surprising new numbers on the economy. what do those numbers really show about inflation?
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tonight the prosecutor considering criminal charges against former president trump for his efforts to overturn georgia's 2020 presidential election says her investigation is now enterina new phase. >> we realize we're coming to a
4:31 pm
place that there are enough people that will require a subpoena for us to speak to or for us to be able to get information. >> fulton county district attorney in an interview with the atlantic journal constitution said she expects the recent special grand jury will see a lot of activity in june and july. this is one of three criminal probes surrounding trump at that march, let me start with you. willis has been tight-lipped about the investigation. at the very beginning i remember she did an interview on television and that was it.
4:32 pm
went quiet immediately. she agreed to speak with you. what did she tell you? >> she acknowledged that the investigation is entering into a new phase. she kind of announced that she was looking into former president trump, his allies and didn't say much. she told me her prosecutors have spent the last year reading up on everything that's out there, talking to witnesses who were willing to talk without a subpoena, but she mentioned that she really has hit a wall in terms of folks who are willing to talk to her without a subpoena. a couple of weeks ago she requested and was granted a special purpose grand jury which is a rarely used tool in georgia. on may 2nd she'll begin calling jurors. she requested zurty from the fbi after former president trump
4:33 pm
told them not to do that. >> they're going to be seated in may and they have hit a wall on subpoenas. the grand jury has the power to do that. we're told tomorrow the grand jury will see a lot of activity in june and july. if you see them in may, she expects it in june and july. that moves quickly. to get from where we started a year ago, more than a year ago, to now which is not a short period of time to state the obvious, what does the time line say to you? >> i know it takes some time but not this much. it is hard to deal with very high stakes potential charges in cases as complex, more complex than this.
4:34 pm
here we are, already more than a year out and just now the d.a. is getting to the ramp up phase. just now a grand jury seated -- >> you need a grand jury other than, one, the d.a. does not have the evidence she needs right now to invite and they're not bringing the urgency to the case that it requires. >> tamar, did she give you any answers to that conversation or any feel you got from the conversation? >> not really. i should have mentioned of course -- that former 3ru678d when the secretary. we know he was looking at the former u.s. testimony from the thompson reuter.
4:35 pm
so, yeah. it's kind of unclear. we don't even know how many more witnesses she talked to though she did mention it was a substantial number. that includes secretary of state brad raffensperger who would be the star witness in this case. >> absolutely. now trump did describe as recently as today. >> in tamar's conversation with willis she told you, tamar, about the brutal attacks. >> i've gotten more racist comments in the last year than i had in the entire 49 years up to this year. >> it is really silly sometimes that they believe that by controlling those type of in
4:36 pm
souls. we don't do it with our investigation. >> she told us those made her have a racist remark? >> absolutely. she's mentioned having to increase the amount of security both at home and the office. within this last week she had written to the fbi for increased security for the ferreras-copeland courthouse. how can you -- >> it's been a big university. she's mentioned she's cooking in for the situation. >> fortunately it is unusual to see a situation where the prosecutor or judge needs it. i've seen it in the making.
4:37 pm
a person does have a right to criticize an investigation be good. when he calls on his supporters to basically engage in civil unrest if he's indicted, now we're into dangerous, unacceptable territory. >> of course there is precedent when he has fallen for that before. thank you both very much. next the latest jobs report. double the highest expectation about whats economist and what they're doing to help them.
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tonight president biden celebrating january significantly better than expected jobs report. u.s. economy added 467,000 new
4:42 pm
jobs last month. it's a very big number and it's double the highest numbers that was out there. it wasn't just in january. the labor department looking at november and december when we attained the hits for omicron revising up the jobs in those months 709,000 jobs. those are pretty stunning numbers no matter how you look at it. of course it was something that biden was tickled about today. >> we have the tools to save lives and keep businesses open, keep schools open and keep workers on the job and sustain this historic economic come back. >> joining me now is diane swan, chief economist at grant thornton. obviously strong numbers and strong revisions. we saw them across the boards in many sectors. even places where there's been a real shortage of workers. transportation. as i said, double highest
4:43 pm
estimate. nearly four times the average estimate. i spent many years covering these numbers. what did everybody miss? >> well, we missed a lot of things. one of the things we missed most was actually before seasonal adjustment the jobs were do you know by 2.8 million which is not unusual for january. this is a month when you tend to see a lot of workers hired for holiday buyers let go. in year we saw those workers not let go at the same pace they were in the pasta cross a lot of industries. that's where we saw a lot of strength. with after seasonal adjustment it looked like an increase. what's important about that, we saw large employers basically try to hold on to workers because of both acute labor shortages and staffing shortages, they were already needing them. they needed holiday hires to deal with a record number of people who were absent during
4:44 pm
illness during the month. they had people stay on to cover those shifts as those workers were out. i think we're going to see another big number in february but really march is the number to watch out there. that's the economy bookings for spring break pick up and we'll see much more movement in terms of services. i think that's really important as well. >> right. obviously as you point out, a lot of times you have someone who you're employing but they're out and you have someone else, how much both those jobs exist, right? that's going to be a big question. >> 5.7%, nearly 6%. that's great news. i want to caveat that with in the midst of what some say could be a wage price spiral and a big inflationary problem that eats away at people's ability to drive, that's obviously the big concern. when you look at today's report, how does it make you feel about the inflation problem?
4:45 pm
>> i am concerned about the inflation problem. there's no question the federal reserve is concerned. they've all but promiseds to raise rates. today's report will start that. we'll see more than one rate hike between now and june. that's important as well. we're really seeing the fed now chase inflation for the first time in decades. much of our careers, erin, has been with the fed preempting one that's nonexistent. what i worry about is although i think it's necessary, i worry the fed will over shoot and we'll get a much weaker economy the back half of this year. >> all right. thank you very much, diane. next, an inside look the steep toll covid has taken on children across the united states. most are back to school. but that's almost since the beginning. anyone with kids know this, there's a lot to fix.
4:46 pm
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tonight, devoting 20 minutes a day to mental health. that is one school district's strategy to help students returning to the classroom. does it work? evan is out front with tonight's inside look. >> reporter: why else do we think it is important to talk about our mood first thing in the morning? >> do we say mean words to them? no, right. >> reporter: a different kind of bell rang in one denver public school recently. a calming sound for students who educators say are stressed out two years into the global pandemic. a new district-wide requirement for all students, at least 20 minutes devoted to mental health. every grade, every classroom,
4:51 pm
every day. >> we found they come back a lot of the time a shell of their former selves prior to the pandemic. we understand we have to be patient and we have to persevere. >> reporter: schools are where the emotional trauma shows up. >> so that human connection piece and being able to respond to one another, just human to human. that was something that some of our kids lost out on. >> reporter: the process is different for each age group. for these kindergartens it is a lesson in what to do when emotions boil over. >> we might feel the strong feelings like mad if we don't do it the right way or nervous. what can you do to help yourself stay calm? >> take a deep breath. >> yeah. stop and take a belly breath. >> reporter: down the hall in third grade, show and tell is
4:52 pm
students sharing what was good and about about the day before. >> who likes morning meeting? what do you like about it? >> what do i like about the morning meaning is the good things. >> reporter: what is the secret to getting a third grader to open up about how they feel? >> i think waiting is important and making sure they know they don't just have to share good things. >> reporter: this is called social emotional learning and it can be controversial. >> take emergency action to remove it now. >> reporter: in some states parents criticized over masking and others are concerned about s.e.l. what is your response to people saying this is not real school. it should be books and times tables and phonics. why am i talking about my feelings? >> i think talking about feelings is a great place to
4:53 pm
start and we have to teach people how to interact with each other and i think we are arming them with life skills to be successful and to talk about what we are going through right now. we have to be ready to learn. >> was that hard to be online for so long? >> yes. >> reporter: this eighth grade teacher, amanda winters, sees what students are going through. >> our six graders were in fourth grade when they were last in school. meeting the bar that is expected of a sixth, seventh, eighth, they are being asked to meet the behavioral and developmental bar and the academic bar and they miss out on both of them. hard to meet the academic goal when you are figuring out how do i stop being a fourth grader. >> reporter: 1:45 p.m. on a thursday. i'm evan, cnn, nice to see you.
4:54 pm
what usually goes on in this room? >> so, i teach language arts and english language development and also do advisory. today we are going to do gratitude and some goal setting for academics and also do mindfulness. we are one of the only schools that has someone that does yoga and plans mindfulness for us. >> we are going to do breathing and we are going to do meditation or visualization. and the connection with their peers which they have been missing so much during the pandemic and remote learning. >> we want to make sure that we cushioned it to really focus on the social emotional piece. >> parents who are saying this is a waste of time. we shouldn't be doing this. with kids they should be focusing on academics. you might wonder what the kids saabout it. i talked to a lot of them.
4:55 pm
they lovit. educators tell us they are seeing kids asking for more mental health and asking to talk to counselors and refer their friends to counselors when they are seeing these changes. this is the key to unlocking students to get back to academic learning. >> fascinating the way they said it. you know, you perceive yourself the way you are with your peers. there is such a difference socially and developmentally. i appreciate it. next, the verdict is in. michael avenatti, guilty of stealing frostormy daniels, but not before a bizarre twist in the jury room. that's next. ld be a sign that yr digestive system isn't working at it's best taking metamucil everyday can help. metamucil psyllium fiber, gels to trap and remove the waste that weighs you down. it also helps lower cholesterol and slows sugar absorption to promote healthy blood sugar levels. so you can feel lighter and more energetic
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5:00 pm
avenatti negotiated a six-figure advance for daniels put money in an account controlled miguel angel jimenez and didn't tell her about it. the jury sent a note to the judge saying one juror is acting on a feeling. jurors were brought to the courtroom, instructed to deliberate on the evidence and then they reached a verdict quickly thereafter and it was guilty. thanks for joining us. it is time for anderson. good evening. at the end of what has been a landmark day. the former vice president saying his bosses claim that he could overturn the election was wrong and that him saying that was a big deal at all. he told the truth which sadly in this moment is new