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tv   Don Lemon Tonight  CNN  February 2, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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this is cnn. >> closed captioning brought to you by sacka law. >> welcome back. he is suing over what he calls racial discrimination and the entire nfl is reacting. former dolphins head coach brian flores joins me on the set live in a moment. also tonight a gop senator making a despicable comment on president biden nomination of a black woman to the black court. we will talk about the black woman on the court. plus he is a daily show correspondent talking to trump supporters. >> what would you call the event of january 6th? >> a wonderful glorious event. people were excited. >> january 6th was the greatest
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day of my entire life. >> comedian jordan kapler is teaming up with governor john kaisch and they say they know what will heal this country. i will ask them just what that might be. and president biden relaunching the cancer moon shot initiative aiming to cut the race of cancer death in half over the next 25 years. first i want to start with this very important story. react to the explosive lawsuit rocking the nfl former dolphins coach brian flores alleging discrimination and the league calling it meritless but he is getting support from current and former players. >> we're seeing as people who can't lead, i mean i'm speaking african-americans. there was a notion of african- american quarterbacks not being able to perform at the level of white quarterbacks. there's a notion of african- american coaches not being able to perform at the level of black or excuse me white coaches. >> i believe that he should
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have filed a lawsuit. what is most embarrassing about this situation is the memo that the nfl put out disregarding what brian flores has to say. >> black coaches are not awarded the same opportunities at black counterparts. black coaches take longer to get hired. they get fired faster. >> the nfl owners are the ones that determine who will be the head coaches for the football team and they have no incentives to hire black coaches. minority coaches because nobody, they don't have to answer to anybody. >> all right. this is a real conversation we are going to have here. brian flores joins me with his lawyers. thank you so much. we go way back. >> we do. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> i'm proud of you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you for doing this. >> i appreciate it. >> thank you for coming on. why are you doing it? >> for a number of reasons.
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first and foremost i think there is one black head coach in the national football league and i think the system is broken and the national football league in regard to hiring minority and black head coaches and people in power, gm and head coach. i'm doing it because i think about my two boys and my daughter. and there simply is not enough representation of people that look like them in head coaching roles and general manager roles and executive and president roles and national football league and i want them to be look at those roles and able to look and believe that they can get into a role like that and that's simply not the case right now. >> you know people will say brian you have had a successful career and you can make a lot of money. the black man doesn't get a
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chance to do that. you are risking it all and you say what? >> this is not about me. none of this is about me. we didn't need to file a lawsuit for people to see that there is issues regarding the hiring and firing process in the national football league. look at the numbers. look at the players in this league are -- 70% are black and you are telling me that there is only one qualified black coach -- one qualified person to coach an nfl team. i think there's a lot of issues. >> i want to read some of the things that athletes have pointed out. it is the nfl owners that need to answer. they are the gate keepers for change. there's not a single black owner in your lawsuit compares it to be like a plantation. do you see this ever
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changening. >> that's why we filed the lawsuit. >> you think it is like a plantation? >> a modern form of that. the people that make the decisions and the people that are working, the players, 70% are black making decisions and the majority are white. and what we are doing with this lawsuit is create change. i think that people talk about it. we implement a policy here, a policy there. i'm not looking for fluff policies. i'm looking for real change and to me that starts in the hearts and minds of people that make those decisions and that's got to come through dialogue and communication and come through keeping an open mind and being
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willing to talk to and get to know people that are different than you are used to. quite frankly, i think that an owner is not willing to do that he is not fit for this league. this league is better than shown. >> i jumped off the red eye and the first thing i turned on and i saw steven aand they were having a conversation about this. i want to play this and bring the rest of you guys in. let's see what steven says. >> all of the social justice issues we attack and it was valid and length, we saw players in the national football league and players in the nfl addressing that. this is an issue to protest about. this is an issue to speak about. this is an issue to come together as athletes, black athletes everywhere. and say we got to do something
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about. >> it we all remember what happened to kyle kaepernick. are you -- why are you willing to risk it all because kyle kaepernick has not worked and he just took a knee from a service member that told him it was more respectful to take a need. you are out here on your own and you got these gentlemen supporting you and other players supporting. what do you think? >> i am not on my own. i have gotten a lot of support and text messages and emails and phone calls and a lot of support from other coaches that have gone through similar experiences that i have gone through. so i'm not on my own. and this is bigger than me. this is bigger than football. this is for generations for those that came before me and generations to come. >> we hope that owner sees this as an opportunity.
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steven was just talking about it. the opportunity to do the right thing. we will do better and hire more black coaches at different levels and make sure that we dot right thing. we hope that as outpouring of support comes for coach flores that things will change. >> you want to jump in, john? >> yes, the amount of people when we have been together traveling today and obviously listen to the conversations of people calling, coach, and talking about how grateful they are and how thankful they are and how they feel like they can come forward off of his courage and obviously lending himself. and come together for a greater
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cause. the intended effect of promoting change and stepping out it is working. >> i want to ask this because i think it is important. you also and this is a serious charge and it is a charge. you allege that dolphins owner steven ross offered to pay you one hundred thousand dollars for each game you lost in 2019 to at a point the season and get the first pick in the 2020 draft. your coach is trying to motivate players to win games. that's a serious charge. >> this game has done a lot for me. it has opened doors for me that would have never been opened. to hear that. to disrespect the game that i love that has done so much to me. that was appalling and i wouldn't stand for it. that's unfortunately more common than you think.
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i think there other coaches that are hired and give the coach resources that are necessary to field a competitive team and then you get rid that have coach. that happens. and it happens to black coaches and it is unfortunate. >> steven ross has denied that the nfl says they will fight vigorously. what do you say? >> they came forward in an hour pretty much of us filing a 60 page complaint ripe with allegations of criminality and inappropriate conduct and racial discrimination which is obvious in the numbers. and within an hour this is meritless. no investigation and said earlier they investigated deflated footballs longer than they even have given any consideration for these serious allegations. it is ridiculous when you think
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about it. >> i am so happy that you gentlemen came. thank you again. i am so glad you are speaking out and have the support system. good to see that thank you and we will have you back to discuss this and you will continue the course. >> certainly are. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. >> see you again. >> i have worked with this guy before. some people sure seem to be afraid of black women. what else explains the demeaning comments like senator john kennedy says he wants a nominee that knows a law book better than a catalogue. all that from a nominee that is not named yet. our best lollipop. that's not fair. at at&t we think it's only fair that all customers get our best deals... ...and you get a choice of plans. she said everyone? it's not complicated. only at&t gives both new & existing customers
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>> republican heads are exploding over president biden's vow to nominate the first african-american woman to the supreme court. no one knows who he will pick but it is about stoking outrage. here is what senator john kennedy told po litco. i want a nominee that knows the law book better than the crew magazine and someone that won try to rewrite the constitution every thursday to try to advance awoke agenda. how low can they go? join me senior critic robin gavant. to me it is ridiculous. the difference between a law book and a j crew catalogue? that is a despicable comment. this idea about awoke agenda. is that the new racist buzz word? >> well, i don't know that it is a new buzz word but i do
8:19 pm
think that it is a reflection that is a nearly hysterical react to the idea of a black woman on the supreme court because all of this has come before there is an actual named nominee with qualifications that can be judged and can be compared to the qualifications of previous nominees. >> this is what you wrote in the washington post about the women mentioned as potential nominees. you say they are afflicted by stereotypes that black women have a difficult time shaking off presumptions that people view as threatening and unworthy and others unruly and angry when they are making a case for fair treatment and their fair share.
8:20 pm
threatening and inconsequential, how do you make sense of that? >> i think it is impossible to make sense of it because it doesn't really make sense. i was struck by this idea that you know the retiring judge breyer, justice breyer was described as a liberal and the likely replacement would be like justice sonia sotomayor. that suggested that a woman of color in this case a latino is neither stately or refined and it is apparently something so far beyond liberal that it is unspeakable. at the same time there are other critics that are suggesting that it's an absolute insult to the court to look for a black woman to sit on it. >> i got to ask you this.
8:21 pm
do you think president biden could have prevented this manufactured outrage by not saying out loud that his pick would be a black woman and nominating one any way and i say that because reagan said he wanted to nominate aoman and trump said he wanted to nominate a woman but somehow president biden says black woman and it is different? >> no. i don't think it would be different because i do think that as soon as the nominee is selected or revealed there would be a media attempt to dis qualify that person. it was pre-empted because there is an understanding the ability to block this is pretty woe and the desire is to just attach an
8:22 pm
actor to this person's name to succeed in the public consciousness that this person nominee is not qualified and shouldn't be there and paid attention to. >> robin it is a pleasure to have you and i would encourage everyone to read your piece in the post. thank you for joining us. be well. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> one us a comedian and the other a governor. jordan klepper and john kaisch
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our democracy is under threat as we learn about the plot to overturn our free and fair elections. americans are divided. not even living in the same fact universe. more than a third of people don believe that joe biden is the legitimate president of the united states but our next guests, kaisch and klepper and hosted by john kaisch and george klepper. thank you very much. i will get to how difficult it is to carry you on this forecast but i will start with this. thank you. i appreciate it.
8:28 pm
one thing to contend with i'm sure as we talk about here all the time, john, that we are not living in the same fact based reality as people that believe lies and information about covid and the educational issues and on and on and on. after the 2020 election there was some hope, i think, that this divide would ease and that we would put it all back together but it has gotten worse. what do you think? can we hang together? can we come to a basic reality about what is truth and what's not? >> you know in a lot of ways it has gotten worse and more depressing and you know you see it in your school board. these campaigns and these meetings that go on where you got neighbor against neighbor. there's so much emotion. people seem to be afraid and that's why they are angry when people are afraid for whatever reason, whether it is economic. whether i is they feel safe or not when they are angry. that way they tend to be angry
8:29 pm
and don it is in our communities and in our families. i happen to believe the only way out is for people to be able to recognize each other's humanity. everybody deserves respect. we should never treat somebody else as an object. don, over the years that you and i have worked together we disagree a lot but you know i have great respect for you and we have some good conversations. i respect you as a person with your beliefs and that is the way it ought to be across the board for everybody. >> jordan, i have watched you all the time and i want to talk about this disparity on basic facts in our society like who is a duly elected president and you are known to talk to people that don't believe the basic truths. let's listen and we will discuss. >> what would you call the events of january 6th? >> a wonderful glorious event. >> people were excited that day. >> january 6th was the greatest day of my entire life. >> okay. >> your obviously not a police officer. >> there was no insurrection
8:30 pm
that day. if there was any intention on our part, we would have been actually freaking armed. >> people would have come with zip ties or pitchforks. what about people that did come with pitchforks and zip ties. >> those were defensiv measures. >> okay. when you talk to these trump supporters and these folks on camera and when the camera stops rolling do you have breakthroughs ever? >> i wish i could say yes. but no. we tend to live in different worlds. the last one i went to i did talk to someone that offered me a glimmer of hope, he said he was to three months of stop the steel rallies and after that he was wiped out and talking to himself and his friend said he was in a cult and he looked it
8:31 pm
up and realized he was in a cult and that moment i was sort of like we are reaching a point to have some awareness of these devices that control our thoughts. i asked if he bleak the election was stolen and he said he is certain that it was stolen. i don't know that we got to a point that we could change but getting to a point of aware of the messes we are in but not quite willing to get out of them. >> john, it is concerning to me when we are not of the exact same generation but we learned about a lot of things in school, right, about slavery, about the holocaust. >> yes. >> we are seeing this concerted effort by the gop to white wash history whether it is banning books or critical race theory, there is a vote by the gop to capitalize on people's anger. is it solely about winning the gop? are they giving thoughts to the consequences to our society? >> well, you know don, one of the things that has concerned
8:32 pm
me that is legislatures across this country have been now passing laws, i think it was like in 38 states where they are putting some restrictions on teachers's ability to teach history like the profound things that people need to understand about race. you go too far on that and you are getting towards something like book learning where people shouldn't know the truth. they should know the truth. when you see states doing that, and it's probably not just limited to the republican party, it is people in the states who are responding to a lot of the anger that people have out there. i think i read this and i felt terrible about this because that's not the way people should understand the history of our country. we have so much good but it is also importanto understand those places where we made terrible mistakes. it is concerning to me. >> jordan, how do you think -- how do we overcome the
8:33 pm
divisions when people are so dug into their information styles. there was a glimmer of hope and the election was stolen and one hundred percent sure. >> well, i mean i do think right now people get their information and if you are going to a place that you know is going to tell you the things you want to hear than you are going to hear those things and not change your mutual bond. we need to fundamentally rethink the way we get our news and information and how we reach out to people that we may not understand or think differently and that takes vulnerability. i would like to think that americans have the ability to be vulnerable and admit that they are not perfect and the country is broken. we have school boards right now that are trying to ban books and control the narrative and that comes from a place of invulnerability and con front evil things. i wish we treat books the same way we treat guns. it will start with conversations but take a an
8:34 pm
larger effort than that to let americans actually be open with the things that they don't know. >> and perhaps media literacy should be a required course. john, let me get to your podcast. let me play this clip and we will talk about it. >> we are not just the r or the d next to our names. >> we have so much more in common than we have that divides us particularly if we open our minds we can learn from one another. it seems that more and more in the country if you don't think the way i do or you think the way i do we should cancel each other out. >> to be clear i never agreed to enter into this with an open mind. when we talk about politics and talk about the things that affect us and i might ask for fatherly advice of how do you raise a child who won't become a republican? >> that is funny. john, i want to you continue but made sure we got the podcast because you take up all of the time. >> i don't want to take up
8:35 pm
anytime. i just want to say it is this whole division, don. it is in our families too. families can't get along and people are canceling each other out. it is a debate about so many things and not just critical race theory but vaccines and it is everything. you know how we treat police. it is right down into the family level, the next door neighbor level and it has to stop. >> not the first pairing that came to mind, jordan, i mean, how is it talking to your dad every day or talking to john on the podcast? >> you know what it is a real nightmare, don. clearly i have been on to people that i disagree with so at this point it is like i don't care let me pick a name out of a hat and i got somebody that almost -- i was going to say almost speaking -- i
8:36 pm
football player a failed presidential candidate as my podcast party. i would like to show the american public if i can do it and sit to a failed presidential candidate and why can find some common ground maybe there's hope for you. i will take this burden on to myself for the greater good of this country. >> i have to listen to this podcast. john, we're going to see you here on cnn because your here all the time. jordan we love having you and we will listen to the pot cast. podcast. the name is kaisch and klepper. you can find it anywhere you get your podcast. thanks, gentlemen. >> thank you. >> thanks, john. >> a mission to have cancer death rate caught up, to slash them. president biden launching his cancer moon shot initiative. >> it is one of the reasons why quite frankly i ran for
8:37 pm
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we have been talking about the lives lost in this pandemic. more than 894,000 americans have died from covid in the
8:42 pm
u.s. the loss has been horrific. in one year we lost nearly 600,000 american live to cancer based on the latest data from 2019. president biden wants a cancer moon shot with the goal of cutting cancer deaths in half. >> i promise you we can do this. all of those lives we lost and missed we can end cancer as we know it. >> in 2015 the president's oldest son, bo, died at the age of 46 after battling brain cancer. dr. lori g lanzer is joining us and says we can end cancer as we know it. is it attainable is the
8:43 pm
question? >> i think this is great news for cancer patients, don. and their families. because more money and attention is going to be directed to research to help find cures. and you know i was so pleased with president biden's a noun many that his mission is going to rein act the canada moon shot and he has that specific charge. let's decrease the death rate by 50% over the next 25 years. that will improve the experience of our patients and families as they go through a difficult time. i'm optimistic that 25 years from now cancer will be detected early and treated earlier and new cancer drugs and will benefit all of us no matter what our zip code is. >> is it possible, doctor, to cut cancer by more than 50% without flat out curing certain types of cancer? >> i think it is.
8:44 pm
most people present to dana- fabber with cancer that have already progressed and have spread. if you present with stage one cancer, we have got a very good chance of curing you. we need early detection strategies. and i believe that is going to help make this effort possible over the next few years. this is a very hot topic now. and we are moving forward. we have to be able to detect cancer earlier and prevent cancer from occurring. >> the president said speaking of that, the president said that americans missed more than nine million cancer screenings in the past two years because of the pandemic. what do you think the impact -- what impact is that going to have on american health? >> you know we are already seeing the impact. we are seeing more patients coming in with more advanced cancers because they didn't have the opportunity to get
8:45 pm
cancer screening with colonoscopies and mammograms and what have you. the percentage of patients that didn't receive those important screening was huge. so i think that we are going to have a 10% increase in deaths from cancer over the next few years. >> wow. >> i hope that's not true but clearly the pandemic took us down a very bad road here. it also -- cancer disparities have been hugely exacerbated by the pandemic. and at dana fabber i want you to know we are absolutelily committed to addressing this disparity and looking forward to working with the president and his team on this effort. our own chief officer was in attendance at the white house today and we are excited to share our experience and our neighbor with the president and his staff as they move forward
8:46 pm
with with this wonderful new initiative. >> that's a positive note that we should end on. you began with a positive note and thought you were optimistic what the president said and some folks were there for it. doctor, we will have you back and i hope it is possible and your words ring true. thanks so much. >> thanks, john. sentenced to seven years in prison for murdering a teenagers d a former police officer set to be freed after only serving half his time. a flexible plan for cash flow designed to last. so you can go from saving... to living.
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tomorrow, former-chicago police officer jason van dyke is set to be released from state prison in illinois after serving just over three years, only half his original sentence for murder until the shooting death of 17-year-old laquan mcdonald. now, many people expressing outrage at van tyke's early release, and demanding that he face federal civil rights charges. more on this story from cnn's omar jimenez. >> reporter: now, it's 16 shots and an early release. former-chicago police officer jason van dyke was sentenced in 2019 to nearly seven years in prison for the murder of laquan mcdonald, shooting him 16 times. >> it was due to my actions, that the mcdonald family -- >> reporter: he is now being released after a little more than three years tied to good behavior in prison. >> in illinois, individuals who
8:52 pm
are sentenced to prison are eligible for, by law, statutory good time. less than what i thought was appropriate. but it's an incredibly rare for a police officer in any jurisdiction, especially here in chicago, to be charged, convicted, and sentenced to prison for a murder. and that's -- that's the message. >> reporter: but for many, the successful state prosecution isn't enough. u.s. congressman bobby rush is among those now calling for federal civil rights charges against van dyke. >> being sentenced was a slap on the wrist. justice have not really been served, and so there is no relaxing. there is no sense of, well, let's move on because we can't move on. we can't move on.
8:53 pm
>> reporter: this moment doesn't disqualify any future? >> absolutely not. we will fight in the future. we'll fight right now in this very moment. fo for justice. >> he is not alone either. some of the family has pushed for the same, and the naacp even penned a letter to attorney general merrick garland this week, asking to provide your commitment to move forward with appropriate and applicable federal charges. but not everyone agrees. >> it will set a precedent in this country for hundreds and thousands of black men that are still in prison. they could use it to -- to reprosecute them, and keep them there. >> reporter: mcdonald's great uncle feels some evoking la kwan's name are are more concerned with themselves than reforming the system. >> a lot of this stuff that you see happening, it is not about la laquan mcdonald. it's about cash app and sales. the real problem in america is not jason van dyke, it's the system that jason van dyke
8:54 pm
worked for. we never asked for revenge. we ask for justice. >> reporter: the protest in 2015 centered on what was deemed a cover up. police, initially, claimed mcdonald pointed a knife at van tyke in october 2014. dash-cam video released over a year later showed something different. mcdonald moving away from van dyke, with his back turned, before being shot 16 times. do you think you would have gotten a conviction here if not for the existence of -- of that dash-cam video? >> no. the narrative would have been dictated and controlled, really, by members of the chicago police department. it was horrific, what happened to laquan mcdonald. >> it was a lynching. that's what you saw with laquan mcdonald. they were invoking fear. this is what you do when you get out of line. this is what you do when you do anything other than what we tell you. >> some of those same wounds are are now being re-opened years later as the man responsible for them walks free. >> after laquan had been shot 16
8:55 pm
times, he was left to die in the middle of the street and there were at least a dozen members of the chicago police department who were standing there, and not a single police officer rendered aid. >> they reduced this boy to a second-class citizen by saying that, no matter what happened to him and how he suffered, we're not gonna take his suffering into consideration. that is not how the justice system in this country was designed to be. if you are wrong, you should pay for what you've done. >> reporter: the question now is, will that payment end with this sentence having been served? or will there be new federal charges? a spokesperson for the department of justice acknowledged receiving the letter from the naacp, along with a similar one from both of illinois's u.s. senators and says the department is currently reviewing the information. don.
8:56 pm
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good evening. tonight, action and reaction as tension builds in the ukraine crisis, even as our european allies scramble to find a diplomatic way out. also, the white house grappling with how to characterize the exact state of the conflict, namely whether or not a russian invasion is imminent. a word officials had been using until now. as for the action, president biden today ordered deployment of 3,000 troops to nato ally, poland, germany, and romania. roughly 2,000 will be drawn from bases the u.s. the other thousand will be moved from germany to romania


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