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tv   Don Lemon Tonight  CNN  February 2, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PST

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another top aide from pence world is taking -- is talking, excuse me, to the january 6th
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committee, as the former president himself spells out clearly in his own words just how far he was willing to go to stay in power. and ahead, the so-called teacher loyalty law proposed in new hampshire, aiming to bar educators from reaching the u.s. was founded on racism. and more than a dozen historically black colleges and universities reporting bomb threats. former head coach of the dolphins and brian flores filing a lawsuit against the dolphins and two other teams alleging racial discrimination allegations, bob costas is going to join me straight ahead. and abc has suspended whoopi goldberg for two weeks in the week of her comments on "the view" claiming the holocaust was not about race. and the president of abc says i have asked her to take time to reflect and learn about the impact of her comments. more about that in the next
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hour. i want to bring in stewart stevens, senior adviser to the lincoln project, and elliott williams. good evening. thank you so much for joining us on a very busy news night. elliott, another big name from the pence inner circle, greg jacob. just spoke to the select committee. greg jacob was a former general council to vice president pence, he was with him on january 6th as the capitol was attacked. how crucial do you think his testimony is? to the investigation. >> a number of people around pence is testifying. chief of staff. if pence does not come to testify, all of these are witnesses. that can help fill in the blanks around his potential testimony. a lot of folks would have been in the room with pence or the president at the time the events were happening. or would have been briefed afterwards. greg jacobs would a general council to pence.
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obviously he would have been consulting him. we may never seen the testimony from mike pence, and frankly, that's okay. given the constellation of staff. stewart knowing it well, for being in and around washington. someone at that level he has a lot of people around him who can provide valuable testimony that is great use to the economy committee. >> elliott, they are firsthand knowledge of what went down during the right. -- riot. and they speak with keith kellogg who was with trump. that gives them insight into both sides of the equation. you don't think they need pence to talk at this point? >> you know, you don't ever need anyone in the testimony. in the investigation. what they need is evidence. and information. it will be valuable. but what the witnesses do is fill in the nature of the threat, the extend of the threat. what was pence saying at the time? what was the president saying and doing? it can be incredibly valuable.
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of course pence's will be great to have. but you may never get or you spend so much time negotiating, the months will run off the clock. >> the evidence is what is important. thank you for clarifying. stewart, in the fast few days, trump said he could have overturned the elect. election. he floated pardons for the rioters who assaulted officers. we are learning he may have been directly involved in plans to seize voting machines, according to "new york times." there can be no doubt there was one goal that day, and one goal only. and that goal is what? >> look, you can't say it's to end the peaceful transfer of power. they did end the peaceful transfer of power. people died that didn't. people died that day. that never happened before. when i go to discussion of mike pence, how can anyone who took an oath of office to the vice president, who calls himself al
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patriot, made a career of traditional values, not be breaking down the door of the committee demanding to testify. it should not be a cutesy game of whether or not he is going to step up. he was witness to the most successful attempt to overthrow the u.s. government ever? since 1860. and nobody died at fort sumter. what does it say about mike pence? and the republican party, they are not demanding that anyone who knows anything about it make themselves available? >> what does it say? this is the technical term. duh. we know what it says. saying the words out loud. admitting he wanted pence to
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over turn the election. is he blundering his way? into admitting it. >> he's baiting the justice system into charging him. >> it's hard to know what's happening and weather they're going to go forward with it. that is egregious, and the voting machines, what they sought to do was deputize the department of homeland security, a law enforcement agency. and it's yet another instance of the president trying to use law enforcement to his own political gain and aims. we saw that throughout his presidency. like you said, it's playing chicken, if the committee or justice department will actually bring charges. >> jamie raskins saying this. about trumps admission. >> one of the interesting things about donald trump, is he is so
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overt, if you rob a bank in broad daylight, you are still robbing a bank. >> it's so blatant that everybody we have learned here -- why isn't anyone coming out and saying he is not fit to run? this is disqualifying. >> well, i wrote a book about that and called it "it was all a lie." i think the republican problem for most part no longer exists as a party in our system. it's not advocating different ideology in the party. there is no conservative agenda here. it's about power. the republican party exists to defeat democrats. that is why cartels exist. nobody asks opec what is the higher moral authority? it's oil. and that is what the republican party is. it's a historic moment. i don't think we have ever seen
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a moral collapse of a national party in america like this, and the ramifications of this are just unimaginable. the majority of the republican party does not believe we have a legally elected president. which means they don't believe we live in a democracy. where does it end? it's extraordinarily disturbing and i think democracy and the survival of democracy is a key issue of our time, and the outcome is unknown. >> where does that end? that is the question. thank you, stuart, thank you, elliott. i want to turn to the big pandemic development. pfizer has asked for emergency use authorization for two-dose covid-19 vaccine. for ages 6 months to the 5 years old. joining me, the governor of colorado. thank you, you are one of the governors telling joe biden the country need to move away from the pandemic. why is that the right step?
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>> good to see you, don. and yes, paints with young kids are among the last group that is worried. the risk is much lower for young kids. i'm glad that for my kids that are 7 and 10, they already have protection, and soon, parents of younger kids will have relief as well. this virus will be here and in a year, ten years, things are not able to be as safe as they were in 2018, 2019. but we're in order of magnitude. better or lower risk than the pandemic last year. why? the vaccine works. it reduces your risk 10, 20, 30 times. nothing is zero risk but you are safer if you have all three doses of vaccine, and if you have, we need to live our lives and continue on and address some of the challenges we have faced in every day life. like increasing costs and the need for kids to improve education. >> i understand your point. the vaccine works, absolutely. but not everybody is getting the vaccine.
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colorado has a high vaccination rate. there are people that have not gotten the dose. tens of millions of americans. people could be host for the next variant. making thin things gdangerous fr the rest of us. we don't know where the next variant is coming from. does that concern you at all? >> you know, we're proud. don, one of the reasons colorado has one of the lowest hospitalization rates, we have the highest vaccination right. and third doses. and we have 15%, 16% of the population, adults, that haven't gotten a single dose yet. we gave you every chance to get vaccinated and protected. if you don't, it's your own darn fault and you suffer the consequences are hospitalization and deaths. and we have gotten protection, and other people have gotten additional protection by get ing
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through and omicron, a little more minor than the delta phase and we need to move on and move forward. >> there are a lot of democratic cities like baltimore, san francisco, denver, all lifting indoor mask man dates. they have gotten chair commune tips vaccinated. so what about places where vaccine rates are still low. what do you think of that? you know, most of the places in colorado, where i know it more intimately, the places that have lower vaccination rates in colorado haven't had masks for a year. they haven't had mask orders. we haven't had a statewide mask order since the early days of the pandemic. that means they have it through. natural immunity. which means that i have gotten there the hard way. they had more hospitalizations and deaths. we lost a county commissioner in one of the rural communities. but one way or another, we get the population level protection, and you're right, denver has
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high vaccination rates and it's reasonable they are moving away from the masking. >> i know, but to pay the price for -- for getting what you -- masked immunity. that is a pretty -- that is a pretty harsh price to pay. death or hospitalization or serious illness. >> it's frustrating. but that's the decision that some people have made, right? simple thing. getting vaccinated reduces your risk. it depends on your age group, but 50 fold, depending on your age to have very low risk. similar to the risk of the view orb -- flu or other illnesses, and it's frustrated. you can bring a horse to water but you can't make it drink. we have done everything we can. we have had clinics. we gave people incentives. we brought it to church parking lots and school yards, and people have had that opportunity for many months now. and there's still people getting
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vaccinated. it slowed down and encourage people to look at the science. but for most people, it's time to say, you know, it's going to be with us for years. let's live our lives. it's nothing like -- nothing like the risk pro file last year in the mind of the pandemic. >> governor, thank you. appreciate it. >> thank you. here we are, one day into black history and the effort to erase uncomfortable history is in full swing. why one proposed law would prevent teachers from saying this country was founded on racism. knowing where you came from, it gives you a sense of “this is who i am”. oh my goodness... wow, look at all those! you get hungry for more and then you're just like, “wow, i'm learning about my family.” yeah, yep. which one, what'd you find? lorraine banks, look, county of macomb, michigan? look at grandma... hey grandma! unbelievable. everybody deserves to know who they are and where they came from. this whole journey has been such a huge gift for our family.
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i don't just play someone brainy on tv - i'm an actual neuroscientist. and i love the science behind neuriva plus. unlike ordinary memory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger. a proposed new hampshire law is capitalizing on the manufactured outrage over
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critical race theory and the issue of race in schools. something that we have seen in several gop-led states. i want you to listen to the key part of what the republican lawmakers call an act relative to teachers' loyalty. no teachers advocate a theory with no negative account or the founding of the history of america, in new hampshire public schools which does not include the context of outdated practices. such includes but did not limited to teaching that the united states is founded on racism. okay. i want to -- i couldn't believe that i -- it was coming out of my mouth i was reading it. let's discuss with kyle joseph, professor of public affairs and history. and meghan from the new hampshire department of education.
12:19 am
you know how i feel about it. let's get context. megan, thank you both of joining us. you say the bill is the next step in whitewashing history. why do you think that? >> yeah, it is. thanks, don. the really big thing is truth matters. laws like this one are aimed are stopping educators from teaching the truth. >> very simple. the bill centers on teachers' loyalty. that's almost authoritarian. >> it was backed with communism and mccarthyism. to the 1940s. this is something they're bringing back up. it's an attack on the students' freedom to learn. and new hampshire, they are expecting educators to teach one sided history. >> let me know when you have full screen what the proposed law states.
12:20 am
it prohibits educators from teaching that the u.s. was founded on racism. there it is. no teach shoulder advocate any docket win or theory promoting a negative account or representation of the funding of the history of the united states in america, and how do you do that with this? if you are teaching about colonialism. slavery. the civil war. how do you do that with this? help me. >> well, happy black history month, don. i think that what you find here is just an effort to erase american history, and again to whitewash the most tragic parts of that history that don't give us a context to understand some of the most prideful contexts of the history as well. this is not the first time we have had this. this is not the mccarthyism and communism.
12:21 am
it goes back to reconstruction. the period is what gives us it gives the 13th, 14th and 15th amendment. it gives us to barack obama. the context for me and you to have positions that we hold in society. but the other side, redemption. not just the klan and violence. the south of mothology. mythology. there is archibald humming that started a history that presented lies about american history. half truths. that was everyone from john f. kennedy to average americans, and what we see is a push back to black power, and now in 2022, after the political era of 2020, we see millions of americans want to know truth.
12:22 am
they want to know about tulsa. they want to know about slavery. they want to know about structured racism, and to have a law like this, state by state -- and not all states have done this. we are setting ourselves up as two, separate countries. hostile and unequal. but the banning of black history, the native american history, the jewish history and the holocaust and anti-semitism, and anti-black racism, it's profoundly un-american. it's a tragic turn for the worst. we have been here before, don. i believe this is america's third reconstruction, and we are once again caught between redemption -- and reconstruction. >> what it is. that is the history of america. all the things you mentioned about the holocaust, native americans, that is american history. african-american history. i know you are in new hampshire. new hampshire is not isolated here.
12:23 am
there is a proposed bill in florida to tip line for parents to complain about teachers. that is open. why do white people get the option to a void history that makes them uncomfortable? >> that is a great question. all we want to do is teach honest history. i taught u.s. history, social studies for 18 years and something i told my kids every year, we have to learn the past so we don't repeat it in the future, and unfortunately, we are stifled from teaching honest, american history. the history of america is not always pretty. but we still have to teach it. we still have to learn from it so we don't have the same things happening in the future. part of the law that is so scary, you can have your teaching license taken away from you, and we have a website of the department of education
12:24 am
website, anybody can put in they anonymously that heard something was happening in a classroom. that has to get investigated. but still, as an educator through the whole process, it's really just not right. there was actually moms for liberty tweeted out in november, when this was put on the website, they were giving $500 to anybody who caught a teacher doing something they weren't supposed to be doing. they pretty much put a bounty on teachers' heads. >> megan, thank you very much. i appreciate it. he says the nfl is managed like a plantation. a former nfl coach suing the league and several teams alleging racial discrimination. we will talk about that next.
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this is a very interesting story, considering where we are now with the super bowl coming up. there's breaking news the former head koch of the miami dolphins, brian flores, filing a lawsuit against the dolphins and the nfl, the new york giants and denver broncos alleging racial discrimination. included in hiring practices. the suit saying in certain ways, the nfl is racially segregated and managed like a plantation.
12:30 am
the 32 owners none of whom are black. benefit from the players 70% are black. the owners watch the games from atop nfl stadiums in luxury boxes and the black work force put their bodies on the line taking hits and suffering injuries to their bodies and brains while the nfl and its owners relationship billions of dollars. a lot to talk about now with legendary sports caster bob costas. bob, i appreciate you joining us on this. i know you are really honed in on the story and want to discuss it. good evening. he said the giants interviewed for the head coach position under bogus circumstances. he said he was part of another shame interview with the broncos in 2019. he said the dolphins owners wanted him to lose games to get better draft picks. what do you think? when you first saw the lawsuit.
12:31 am
>> let's dispense. >> we will get in the racial aspect of it in a moment. but the steve ross part of it, the owner of the dolphins, flores alleged in 2019, ross was upset with him because they won too many games in the end of the year and moved down in the draft order. he wanted them to lose, and offered him $100,000 for each loss. he also claims that in 2019, when tom brady was still under contract to the patriots, that ross wanted flores, who had been a patriot assistant, and had a relationship with brady, wanted him to contact him when to become a dolphin when he was a free agent, and under nfl rules would be tampering. both of the charges are serious from the standpoint. to the racism part, in the big picture, this sun -- undeniable. until david cully was fired by the texans and flores. there were three black head
12:32 am
coaches in the nfl. now there is one. the long tenured mike tomlin with the steelers, and the steelers owners, the rooney family, who pushed. the rooney rule. saying you must have at least one legitimate interview for a head coaching defense, defensive or offensive coordinator, and general manager, one legitimate interview with at least one minority candidate, and before you hire whoever you decide to hire. the giants say they interviewed six people. three were minority candidates. they wind up hiring brian gable an assistant in buffalo. bill belichick, the patriots head coach, both flores and dabel had been assistant coaches. under him.
12:33 am
the way he kept his contact list. he had two brians next to each other. two days before flores' schedule inview, he gets a text saying congratulations. now, what the giants -- >> it's up on the screen. let me read it. here is the first part of the exchange. belichick congratulating flores, and flores asks if he heard something. he seard that giants want him, and later, he thinks he is thinking to brian flores, and brian -- and he say that he f'd this up. they are naming dabble. he's saying this was a sham. i hate to interrupt you. but i wanted people to know what they were reading on the screen. bob costas, continue. >> yeah, that is very helpful. flores' position is like, look, they interviewed me a few days later but that was a sham if they had decided. the giants say flores was under
12:34 am
consideration until they put it in the 11th hour. they came close to hiring him and they felt that dabel was the more qualified candidates. the defense would be maybe belichick heard it from a third party. or whatever. and assumed it was a done deal. but it wasn't. flores doesn't see it that way. there were five openings still in the nfl for head coaching positions, including the dolphins. the saints, the texans, the vikings and the jaguars are all without head coaches, and flores was in the mix. at least he was until now. he is only 40 years old. he won eight of the last nine games this year with the dolphins. he has a pretty good record. his firing was perplexing to begin with. so he is a highly regarded potential head coach, and he has said, this kind of scorched earth thing, make him persona non grata in the nfl, but he is
12:35 am
willing to put his future on the line if he can be a catalyst for positive change. and one of the things he wants, when is coach is dismissed, any coach, that it will be league policy the team has to spell out in writing the reasons for the dismissal, and people of color have to be part of the decision. they have to have input on to who is hired and let the chips fall where they may if the process is fair. you're not going to have every black candidate hired and you will get a representative number, and that is not the case in the big picture. >> let's go over something you talked about. he did manage to have, flores, some success in the system. he came up through the patriots. head coach in miami three years. had a winning record for two of those seasons. so what does that mean in all of this? what does that matter?
12:36 am
how does that matter? >> well, there are often quirky decisions made and some are brilliant and so are bone head. that is the nature of sports. no one is contending that in every situation it's going to be fair and objective. but in the big picture, it's clear that despite the stated efforts in the league and the presence of the rooney rule, black head coaches have not -- no one is saying it needs to be 50/50 or it needs to parallel the playing personnel. but when you have three and it's down to one out of 32 teams, that is a pretty bad record. >> yeah. bob, i just want to read this. thank you, and by the way, i still stand by what i said about the overtime rules, even after this weekend. >> oh, come on! you're killing me. you're killing me. >> it was a very tough weekend
12:37 am
for me. because i love both of them. i love mahomes and burrow. i'm a lsu tiger, and you know, what burrow did this, and mahomes is a great player. and thank you. bob, before we finish, i want to say, nfl released a statement and said the nfl is deeply committed to ensuring equitable employment practices and continue to make progress to providing equitable opportunities throughout the organizations. diversity is core to everything we do, and there are few issues. and we will defend against these to claims which are without merit. bob costas, thank you very much. >> thank you, don. it is the first day of black history month, and what are we seeing? more than a dozen black colleges forced in lockdown because of bomb threats. i will speak with the president of one of them next.
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interesting story that we're about to talk about. 19 historically black colleges and universities receiving bomb threats in the past two days. i want you to look at the map.
12:43 am
several campuses causing campuses to lock down or postpone classes. 14 bomb threats today, including xavier university in new orleans. let's discuss the president of xavier, president verrett is joining us here. thank you for joining us. how you doing? >> we're doing well. good to be with you. >> it's not lost on anyone that today is the first day of black history month, and your school has received a bomb threat. more than a dozen received a bomb threat. why do you believe black schools are being targeted. do you think black schools are targeted here? >> i think that the facts speak for themselves. we had a recent cluster of bomb threats, and also three weeks ago as well. the beginning of january as we approached january 6th, there was another cluster of threats.
12:44 am
it seems that what we worry about is that we have seen that hbcus have a high symbolic value as black churches and synagogues, and the struggle as america fighting about what america should be and what shut become. the black schools are part of that struggle. >> so how are the students dealing with this at xavier? >> our students, i think you have to be proud of them. they are realistic. they have responded to the cautions we have taken. the same time, they know history, they also know that this is the not the first time that xavier or any of us have faced adversity. but we have gone through it. but also the mission of their education, setting them out to
12:45 am
do what they need to do to serve the world where they go is important enough that we will continue educating. so even as they arrive, we basically continue educating remotely. we continue for the classes and at noon, classes enter. resuming in normal fashion. the students, we have to be proud of them. >> the president says police received a call early this morning indicating there were multiple explosive devices that have been placed and the plan for the person making the threat was to come to the campus, on to the campus, and shoot any survivors after the detonation of explosives. that is serious. that is chilling. >> we have received a similar message in the first that we received in january, that they would be -- there were incidents that would follow.
12:46 am
the message to day, i don't have -- i don't have the reporting yet. that's in the hands of investigators. but the first message said that. so creating more fear for us is part of the messages. it's also an effort to divide the country as well. >> has law enforcement told you anything about the nature of the threats against your school? you said you had a similar one, as the one i just mentioned. have they told you anymore? >> we know that we are investigating -- they are telling us that -- that we have information that they will not share with me. and i do not want to know yet. i want them to find themselves. they are working, and the fbi has been on campus, and also, what it means with homeland. they are paying a lot of attention to it and looking at it as a localized -- -- it's a national issue. >> we are going to continue to
12:47 am
follow the issue. we are grateful you came on to talk to us about it. please be safe and thank you, sir. keep us updated with new information regarding the investigation. >> we will continue what we do. thank you very much. signs of escalating tension between russia and ukraine have people on edge here in the u.s. but what to people in russia think? cnn goes there and asks. that's next. got powerful reliefve from your worst nighttime cold and flu symptoms. so grab nightshift to fight your symptoms, get your zzz's... and get back to your rhythm. feel the power. beat the symptoms fast. you don't know how much pressure you put on your septic system. but rid-x does. in a 21 month study,
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tonight, vladimir putin blaming the united states for his country's tensions with ukraine, accusing the u.s. of attempting to draw russia into armed conflict by using ukraine as a tool to expand nato. now keep in mind that putin's amassing tens of thousands of troops with the pentagon saying today he could move them across the border at any moment. meanwhile, in russia people are waiting to see what he'll do next. cnn's nic robertson is in moscow. >> reporter: on russian state media, ukrainian soldiers train on american anti-tank weapons as a pro-russian separatist from ukraine begs moscow to send them weapons. the state seems to be readying the nation for a potential conflict. but are russians listening? in moscow's gorky park, state media gets a cold shoulder. >> translator: try not to watch the news, she says. i think they're escalating it a lot.
12:53 am
i believe very little of what they're showing. >> translator: what the state media are saying, there is hardly any truth in it, he says. it's just information that plays into someone's hands. even so, people are worrying. >> translator: of course we are worried, she says. we hope that everything will settle down. we wish the ukrainians well. they're our brothers. what can we do, she says? nothing depends on us, absolutely nothing. so everything is possible. everyone here is waiting for president putin to make his next move. one thing he doesn't seem to need to worry about is panic at home. outside the kremlin, in moscow's fabled red square, a winter fun
12:54 am
fair to cheer russians through the frigid months straddles the historic military parade ground. realities of war feel distant. >> translator: i think there will be no war, she says. our president, whom we love, will not allow war between our states. we love ukraine. i'm from ukraine, she says. i don't think there will be war because we are a friendly country, and russia and ukraine are fraternal peoples. even the threat of western sanctions, despite russia's ruble having a rough ride is being shrugged off. well, sanctions don't scare us, she says. our homeland is so rich, we'll figure it out. >> translator: we ordinary people, we will not be affected, he says. there will be no sanction on us. "of course food becomes more
12:55 am
expensive," she says. "but i'll just earn more." but optimism here belies the pressures on putin. if diplomacy fails, he'll have a heavy lift prepping russia's people for the pain that could come their way. all those critical decisions going on just yards from the fun fair and president putin's office behind the kremlin's high red walls. nic robertson, cnn, moscow. >> all right, nic, thank you very much. if you ever miss our show, you can find the latest episode shortly after it airs. you can find it on our podcast. you can scan the qr code on your screen, there it is right there. on the screen with your phone's camera or find the show at and all major podcast platforms. so just search for don lemon tonight. and you know what? thanks for watching "don lemon tonight." our coverage continues.
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