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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  January 28, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PST

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we're hearing now from the new york city mayor eric adams speaking at the funeral of a slain new york police department officer at st. patrick's cathedral in new york. let's listen to his comments now. >> for a few months, october 9th, 2021, it was clear the love was present as she walked inside the hospital and i saw just the collapse of emotion of losing her husband to senseless violence. and to her parents, anna,
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daniel, all they ask is just justice for their son. justice for the children of the city. parents want what every parent desires. i say to you, we're sorry. we're sorry. jason was the first person in his family to become a police officer. as i thought about him, i could not help but to reflect on my life. disappointed in my observation, the desire in the police department to build new bridges, he decided to go inside and help from within and he was committed to that desire and he did it for the right reasons. he wanted to make a difference. he wanted to become a police
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officer. and also thought about jeffrey. what it means to be a big brother, jeffrey. all you want is the best for your baby brother. you spend your entire life trying to protect them from harm and feel hopeless when something devastating happens. we have a tendency to blame ourselves when that happens. please don't do that. your brother was a hero and he understood the bonds of brotherhood and what it means to be a brother. and how painful this is for you. i remember looking at your face and thinking about bernard, my baby brother, and all i could say to you is that you have
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physically lost your brother, but you have gained me as your brother. and i thank you for what you have done to have this wonderful human being become a member of the new york city police department. and how you've guided him throughout his life. you did your job so he can do his job. jason was fortunate enough to also have a wonderful extended family. dominique's parents. lilliana and jimmy and their children, his siblings in law. the entire dominican community as well as the entire city of new york is in mourning, but it also lifts up our acknowledgment of how much first generation new york has played a vital role in
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the fabric of this city. he was a first generation new yorker, son of immigrants, example of how we can come together as a city. he's a hero and our fellow new yorkers acknowledge that. and we grieve for all of them as well as his family. and with the family of his fallen partner, officer wilbert mora, our hearts go out to his family, but also speak to my men and women that wear and adorn the uniform every day. once a cop, always a cop. it never goes away. every retired member inside this church and in this city fills
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the pain. i think about glen martin. the husband of a long time chief adviser ingrid martin. he gave me a picture of his son that i hung in my locker evening da every day as a rookie cop in my career and afraid one day i would have to tell his family that he was not coming home. and it concerned me. there were days when i thought the public did not understand and appreciate the job we were doing. and i want to tell you officers, they do, they do. don't ever give up on the people of this city because they will never give up on you. and every day when i see new yorkers, they say thank the men and women of the new york city police department.
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and i want to thank you, i want to thank you for what you do every day. you stand in the gap of safety. these two fine men wanted the tree of safety that allows us to sit under its shade from the hot sun of violence. you play a vital role in the prosperity of this city, and today's a morning for all of you. the tragic death of your brother in uniform a stark reminder of what's on the line every day and i'm here sitting next to the governor of the state of new y york, senator chuck schumer and other electeds, giving you the resources to do your jobs and ensure we can keep the people of this city safe.
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it takes courage to put on the uniform and the badge, to answer the call, to serve the cause of justice in every sense of the word. carter, this is a biblical moment. scripture states, greater love have no one than this. that a man that lay down his life for his friends. that is what jason did. he gave his life defending his fellow new yorkers. that greater love unites us here today, standing side by side. it has been a tremendous amount of sadness and grief in our city, but as i travel, i see something special about new york. inside the crevices of violence, uncertainty and covid, inside the uncertainty of what tomorrows are alike, i see love
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and hope and opportunity. we are new yorkers. i believe in this city with all my heart and i know what we're capable of doing as we lift up this family and the families who are experiencing this violence. we care about each other. that's what makes this city possible, along with the courage of officer like jason rivera. the hearts of 8.8 million people are reaching out in mourning today and we will ensure everything within our powers to not lose our family members through this senseless violence. y not thank you enough for your contribution and although your loved one has taken a physical transformation into the spiritual realm, we know he's always with us and this city will become a better place because of his sacrifice.
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god bless new york. god bless the new york city police department. god bless america. >> maejor eric adams there eulogizing jason rivera. 22 years old. praising him for putting his life at risk in the line of duty to protect his fellow officers and others and also notably, biana, speaking to the many officers there attending the funeral and saying, we're going to be giving you resources. in other words, saying the city is going to back the police to prevent something like this from happening again. >> a powerful speech there from mayor adams and what you saw was not a novice politician but a veteran police officer speaking from the heart, not only to fellow nypd but also to jason's family and his brother.
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his older brother saying you may have lost a brother but gained one in me. and again, jim, reiterating his support for the community, right, in what police really do mean to the city of new york. cnn's shimon prokupecz is outside of st. patrick's cathedral. a touching tribute there from the mayor. you can tell that came from the heart. this was emotional from him and you are surrounded by many, many nypd there as well honoring their fallen officer. >> reporter: yeah, and the mayor saying once a cop, always a cop. and of course saying that police officers are vital, vital to the prosperity of this city. there's a key line here because what he is doing is he knows there are perhaps tens of thousands of officers standing outside here along 5th avenue where 50th and 5th avenue. the number of offices here stretches all the way down to 34th street where the procession
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will go a. after the services are over, the coffin driven out past the thousands of officers who are lined up here from all across the country saying good-bye. the mayor here obviously using this as an opportunity trying to unite this city, trying to unite the city and the police officers with members of the community which is really, somewhat strained for quite some time. also, the level of violence across this city using this opportunity to speak to these officers and i have to tell you, most of them out here, very quiet as they were listening to him speak. certainly, they are listening to him and those messages from the mayor are not going to be lost. the fact that he says that the police officers are vital to the prosperity of this city, very note about hoere. of course, also addressing the family members and the wife of the fallen officer who's set to speak here in just a few
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minutes. she will be the last speaker. it will be the first time that we will be hearing from her. of course, posting messages on instagram. but it will be the first time we will hear her speak and certainly, that is going to be an emotional moment and then everyone will come outside here where they will say their final good-byes. his coffin will be brought here down the stairs and then the american flag, which is draping his casket, his coffin, will be handed to the family, the wife, which will certainly be an emotional moment and then he will take his last ride down 5th avenue and then make a left and then head to services later on this afternoon. but this is going to be certainly an moshlemotional moms officers get a chance to say good-bye. >> in the pictures, he was just a kid. 22 years old. >> married for only three months and we're expected to hear from his wife, dominique, as you
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said, shimon, later today. thank you so much. still ahead, the breaking news out of pittsburgh where a bridge has collapsed just hours before the president's visit to talk about infrastructure of all things. plus, what's known as a bomb cyclone is predicted to slam into the northeast today. some cities could see up to 2 feet of snow paired with 70-mile-per-hour winds. we'll have a live look at the latest forecast. a strategic and sustainable asset... the path is gilded with the potential for rich returns. living with diabetes? glucerna protein smart has your number with 30 grams of protein. scientifically designed with carbsteady to help you manage your blood sugar. and more protein to keep you moving with diabetes. glucerna live every moment
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this morning, we are following a major bridge collapse in the city of pittsburgh. officials there say there are thankfully no fatalities. while three people were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. after the collapse, which several describe as a major artery in the city, several vehicles crossing over the bridge at the time of the collapse. now, the pictures that you're seeing are just stunning as a bus was literally dangling over one portion of that bridge. now, for some context, this is what it looked like three days ago before the collapse. clearly night and day. >> and quite a fall there under those trails below. the collapse happened hour before president biden expected to city to discuss the crumbling infrastructure and now infrastructure law passed last year will hope to fix it. cnn's jean casarez has been following the story. so jean, first, what do we know
7:19 am
about whether there were any warnings about this bridge's stability but also, crucially, the folks who were injured this morning? >> well, the cause is being investigated right now. so i think a lot of work is being done on that level. but we are learning right now how these people were rescued and it is amazing. officials are telling us. three to four cars when the bridge collapsed this morning, they used rescuers, first responders, firefighters, heavy rescue units. they had to use rope to get down, 100 to 150 feet and then they formed what they're calling a daisy chain and they actually pulled people up to get them out of that area and as you know, there were ten injuries. some involving, all minor, people in the cars but also first responders because there were ice injuries, slip and fall injuries. but i want you to listen to the
7:20 am
lieutenant governor of pennsylvania because he talks about how important this bridge was to the city of pittsburgh. >> the bridge collapsed on both ends of the span and it came down into frick park and it's surreal seeing the bridge you've crossed several times down. >> no fatalities discovered at all. why do they say discovered? the last we heard they're still performing reconnaissance to look at the walking trail underneath because it collapsed on to that walking trail. and as far as the cause, they are looking at that. now, as far as the gas leak, it's confirmed following the collapse, there was a gas leak but they cut it off immediately. there is nothing at worry at this point but had one of the gas lines exactly under that
7:21 am
bridge, under the roadway. >> close call. no question. jean casarez, thanks so much. so joining us now, the pittsburgh fire bureau chief, darryl jones. thank you for taking the time this morning. a lot on your hands. first thing, how do you manage these rescues and to get the folks off the bridge safely? that's no small thing. >> no, it wasn't. i attribute that to the highly skilled people in our ems bureau able to conduct that rescue. the technical aspect of that, we worked together. fire, police, and ems. coordinated effort to respond to and recover from this incident. >> kudos to your colleague and the first responders there for acting so bravely and quickly getting to the scene. obviously, given the weather at hand there too. i'm curious, there had been a previous bridge collapse just
7:22 am
two years ago. was this particular bridge on your radar in terms of concern that we could very well see the images that we see now? >> no, it was not. and we do have people go out and inspect the bridges, as you know, the city of pittsburgh is the city of bridges. we have a lot of them. and they're routinely inspected. if there was any warning or concern, we would have been notified and would have made sure we debidn't use this route we would have come up with an alternate route. this caught everybody by surprise this morning. >> we did hear from our reporter jean casarez that there is still an effort under way to make sure there's no one else in danger. the possibility that someone might have been walking under the bridge on one of those paths as this happened. do you have any update on that, sir? >> we've called in our regional
7:23 am
resources, pennsylvania urban search and rescue strike team one, and they're going to come in with their search specialists. we're going to drill some holes into the bridge deck and use our search cams to check just to make sure everyone's accounted for. >> in terms of moving forward, obviously, this being such a vital artery for the city and traffic there, it will take a long time to rebuild. what does that do for the area and commuters there and residents as they try to navigate the roads in the days and weeks ahead? >> well, they're going to have to find some alternative routes. extra traffic congestion on those routes. people are going to have to leave a little earlier. plan accordingly. the main thing is, no one got hurt here. all the rest of it is just inconvenient. we can deal with that. >> the president, as you know,
7:24 am
is going to pittsburgh today. part of the reason is to draw attention to the nation's crumbling infrastructure and you've got an infrastructure now in the pipeline to start repairing these kinds of things. in your role there, are you aware of other bridges or structures that need immediate attention? >> i am not aware of any others that need immediate attention, but we do have some that have weight restrictions and as far as the president coming today, how's that for timing, huh. some with the restrictions, some that need repairs. i guess this is a good time to have that discussion. >> would you hope to have him come visit or do you think that would just cause too much of a distraction at this point? >> i personally hope that he does come and visit. one thing to talk about, another
7:25 am
thing to actually see it. >> imagine that for a backdrop as he speaks on the need for more infrastructure funding. chief darryl jones, hats off to you and your colleagues for the incredible work you've done. thank you so much chbl. tens of millions of americans are facing the threat of a bomb cyclone at the east coast. blizzard warnings issued from coastal maryland up to maine including boston where travel will become nearly impossible by tomorrow. >> some areas expecting the possibility of as much as 2 feet of snow as well as hurricane force winds. meteorologist chad myers is monitoring the storm. what's a bomb cyclone and how likely do you see the more severe scenarios mayiplaying ou here? >> it depends on the coast. if it's very close, the pressure on this is going to go down to category 2 hurricane strength and the bomb part is not no
7:26 am
bomb. it's the bombing out of the pressure. right now, there's not even a low just east of georgia but tonight, it's going to get the cold air, it's going to get the warm water from the gulf stream and the pressure is going to go down like a rapidly intensifying hurricane. so that's the rub here. we have the warnings all the way from maine. there's going to be snow up into new brunswick and this thing hitting maybe close to halifax up here and nova scotia with gusty winds here but the big story is blizzard-like conditions. we are going to get not only in these red zones, but whiteout conditions almost the entire area you're going to see here in these winds of 40 to 60 miles per hour. that's where the snow is going to be the heaviest as well. move you ahead, and at times, we're going to get snow amounts of up to 2 to 3 inches per hour a and i can picture it in my head. people think they can drive 2
7:27 am
and then all of a sudden, the highway has 7 because snowplows can't get to the highway because you've clogged the highway. don't turn this into another virginia like a couple of weeks ago with people stranded in the roadways. got down to 10 to 15 degrees. here the windchills will be ten below zero. >> listen to those warnings. chad myers, thanks so much. the ukrainian president right now, vladimir zelenski is speaking as tensions between ukraine and russia intensify with white house warning the u.s. will not tolerate any level of russian intrusion into ukraine. is there a diplomatic path forward? we'll discuss next. fied inside. inner voice (sneaker shop owner): i'm using hand gestures and pointing... no one can tell i'm unsure about my business finances. inner voice (furniture maker): i'm constantly nodding... ...because i know everything about furniture...
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we learn new details about the written responses the u.s. sent to russia's demands. the u.s. ambassador to moscow, john sullivan, said this morning that there were not a lot of surprises in the white house document but did note it did contain areas of at least potential progress that both countries could be interested in. have a listen. >> we have addressed the possibility of reciprocal transparency measures with the russian government, including on
7:33 am
offensive weapons, systems in ukraine, as well as measures to increase confidence regarding military exercises and maneuvers in europe. >> we're still waiting for the kremlin's official response of that document but foreign minister said he sees no room for compromise on russia's central demand that nato pull out of eastern europe. that's the non-starter by the administration. john sullivan reiterated russia will face massive consequences if it further invades ukraine. joining me to discuss, former ambassador to ukraine, john hertz, senior director of the eurasia council. thank you for being here this morning. >> my pleasure. >> weeks into the massive military build-up around ukraine. dire warnings from the white house. is russia, in your view, more or less likely today to take the next step and invade, further invade ukrainian territory? >> it's less likely because they're afraid of the consequences outlined by the
7:34 am
biden administration. massive sanctions on russia, perhaps including putin himself, increasing nato's posture in the east and then additional arms to ukraine. >> you're saying the policy of deterrence is working. >> i think it is, or should be stronger. >> there is discussion, cnn's reportingier iearlier this week handful is considering preemptive moves to move more forces to the eastern flank of nato, the pentagon's spokesperson john kirby asked about this this morning. i want to play his answer and get your interpretation. >> i don't have any imminence in terms of deployment orders from the state. i will tell you though. when you have tens of thousands of troops in europe all over the continent and we're certainly looking at their posture as well and trying to decide whether we need to make that more forward leaning and whether they want
7:35 am
more organic as well. >> would you like to see a move like that, move more nato forces to the eastern european allies more nervous, frankly, about russian activity? do you think that additional deterrence would have value? >> those 8500 troops should be sent immediately to eastern europe. we can let them know privately we're happy to have them back after the build-up on ukraine's border. "a," determination and american determination to punish russia is the most important element in avoiding this invasion, new invasion. but also, russian military planners who are thinking of invading ukraine have to worry about those additional forces. so this just complicates the kremlin's life, which we want to do. >> if you're correct and russia does not choose to go forward with a massive invasion, perhaps something short of that, what are the other possibilities that
7:36 am
you could see russia doing inside and around ukraine? >> if putin really wanted to stress the alliance and our relationship with the eu, he would send russian troops transparently into the areas moscow already occupies. there are already russian troops there but he would do that transparently. saying we shouldn't sanction moscow for that and i believe we should. pushing hard to make sure we do sanction moscow for that. that would be the smart move by putin. he can also see snake island in the black sea, relatively ease for him to do and perhaps not too many pictures to excite world attention and enhance the chances of major sanctions. >> understood. regarding nord stream 2, this crisis put further tension on the leverage that russia has over europe. supply 40 to 45% of natural gas.
7:37 am
nord stream 2. seen as exacerbating that dependence. the biden administration position is that russia invades further, nord stream 2 is done. but if he doesn't invade further, they still keep that leverage, do they not? >> look, i believe the biden administration made a huge mistake when it caught on germany and waived sanctions. we should have put that baby to rest back in the spring but now i'm delighted to see at last the crisis the state spokesman if russia goes into ukraine, again, nord stream 2 put. that's at least a good thing. but nord stream 2 is a measure for putin to put leverage, the leverage gas against the countries of eastern europe and also increases russia's influence in germany which is a very dangerous thing. it's definitely against american interests. >> the columnist josh rogan wrote a piece for the "washington post" saying that one thing russia succeeded in doing here is for yet another american president who said
7:38 am
we're going to focus our resources, attention and power on asia. putin has dragged those attention, resources, and power back to europe. do you agree with that analysis? >> not taking the eye off the ball, it is but absolutely right that putin has reminded especially the biden administration, but also our european allies that nato is important to stand up against kremlin imperialist policies. putin's objectives still on ukraine. the draft documents he sends wants nato to dearm itself in eastern europe, he wants to threaten european security. not just ukrainian security. >> as always, ask the es tonians and swedish and others, they want more, not less security.
7:39 am
ambassador herbst, great to have you on. >> we look for good news, especially going into a weekend. reassuring to hear from him he thinks the likelihood of a major invasion have been lowered a bit by some of the tactics taken by the administration. >> he is a former ambassador, very public in his criticism of the biden administration for not doing enough now saying some of these more recent moves may, in his view, have done enough. >> hopefully diplomacy will continue to work here. president biden hasn't selected a supreme court nominee just yet but it's already clear that whoever that choice is, she will face pushback from the gop. we're live on capitol hill up next. but first, here's a look at some of the other events that we're watching today.
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7:45 am
justice stephen breyer on the supreme court. senate gop members setting a very high bar for giving their support to the nominee. >> doesn't necessarily need gop support if democrats stick together. despite how qualified the women are on biden's short list, the possibility of confirming the first black woman to the high court is not enough to sway them. manu raju is on capitol hill this morning. the simplest question is, does it matter? do democrats expect to have their ducks in a row here to pass this even if no republicans join? >> they expect to. of course, a long process that has to play out. there has to be a nominee and then a vetting process. questions about the confirmation process, and will they get their members in line with the 50/50 senate and any concerns about the process, the process being one that the democrats want to move quickly. the majority leader chuck schumer wants to move this in potentially a month's time frame, as the republicans employed to get amy coney
7:46 am
barrett confirmed to the supreme court in october of 2020, just before the november elections that year, but already, republicans are pushing back on that idea. one of them, susan collins of me maine, a swing vote on this issue. the senate should take time to vet the nominee and josh hawley, a republican on the judiciary committee, to oppose whoever biden supports told me yesterday it would be a heavy lift to go quickly as that even though he supported the barrett timeline and suggested that republicans should fight this given it's a midterm election year, show the voters the senate is in important because it could determine who can get, whether a supreme court nominee could get through. and talking to republican senators about the short list emerging, very few offer their support for members on the potential nominees on the list. some contending too far left, some contending they cannot get behind despite the history-making credentials of the first black supreme court
7:47 am
woman, supreme court justice. what this means, if there's any republicans that break ranks, probably a handful at most but in the end, does it matter? joe manchin, kyrsten sinema, if on board with the rest of the 48 democrats, that's enough to get this through. at the moment, democrats are confident it will happen. >> the president yesterday saying he will name his pick by the end of february. manu raju, thank you. new details this morning about text messages between former white house staffers during the january 6th riot. former white house communications director alyssa. is someone getting to potus? has to tell to dissipate. someone going to get killed. >> described as completely insane. jeffrey toobin joins us this
7:48 am
morning. the consistency here, right, people inside the white house serving this president at the time, one, were panicked about what they saw on january 6th at the capitol. playing it down as tourists, right, and then two, trying to get the president to do something, sorry, hold that thought, jeffrey toobin. we're going to go back to st. patrick's cathedral where the widow of slain officer jason rivera is now speaking. let's listen in. >> i would say good morning to you all, but in fact, this is the worst morning ever.
7:49 am
i can't believe i'm standing in front of thousands of people in a cathedral we planned to visit later this year. all of this seems so unreal, like i'm having one of those nightmares that you never thought you'd have. friday morning, we were together eating breakfast and drinking some starbucks. eating was probably our favorite hobby. maybe that's why we gained those extra pounds. friday morning began just like every other morning before work. you were always my big spoon. watching netflix, youtube law enforcement shorts, read emails and wait for your mom to come home. you packed your book bag because we had to leave before 2:00 and,
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really, before 2:00 sharp because of your ico sergeant. you would drive me home and say good-bye with three kisses all the time and texted me when you were 84. that was our rue outine. at around 1500, i receive the roll call text. and through our day, you told me about your jobs eot. this friday was different. we had an argument. you know, it's hard being a cop
7:51 am
wife sometimes. it's hard being patient when plans were cancelled or we would go days without seeing each other or when you have to write a report that would take forever because you had to voucher so many things. so you did ot. or a bad day at work. but you always reminded me that it was going to be all right. we were going to get through it. this friday, we were arguing because i didn't want you to use your job phone while we were together. you were so mad that you took your lebron jersey down, gave me your chain and put the lotion i gave you for your ashy hands in the bag and said, here, take
7:52 am
them. we left your apartment and because i didn't want to continue to argue, i ordered an uber. you asked me if you are sure that you don't want me to take you home. it might be the last ride i give you. i said no. and that was probably the biggest mistake i ever made. later that day, i received the call i wished none of you that are sitting here with me will ever receive. i had gotten a notification from the citizen app which was my central and i saw that two police officers were shot in
7:53 am
harlem. my heart dropped. i immediately texted you and asked you, are you okay, please tell me you're okay. i know that you're mad right now, but just text me okay. at least tell me you're busy. i get no response. we used to share locations on my iphone and when i check yours, i see you're at harlem hospital. i thought, maybe you were sitting on a perp, but still nothing. i called and then called again and then called one more time and this time, i felt something wasn't right. i messaged david and joe because
7:54 am
i know they were your friends from the 32 and i got no response. then i get a call asking if i'm jason's wife and then i had to rush to the hospital. walking up those steps seeing everybody staring at me was the scariest moment i've experienced. nobody was telling me anything. thousands of people were surrounding me and yet i felt alone. i couldn't believe you left me. seeing you in the hospital bed wrapped up in sheets, not hearing you when i was talking to you broke me.
7:55 am
i asked why. i said to you, wake up, baby, i'm here. the little bit of hope i had that you would come back to life just to say good-bye or say i love you one more time. i was lost. i'm still lost. today i'm still in this nightmare that i wish i never had. full of rage and anger, hurt, and sad, torn. although i gained thousands of blue brothers and sisters, i'm the loneliest without you. i know you're looking at me and beside me telling me i could do this and i'm trying. trust me, i am. but i didn't prepare for this.
7:56 am
jason and i met in elementary school. all the way up to 8th grade. we had the time of our lives. he was part of the cool kids crew. there was never a dull moment with him around. he was the class clown. got me in trouble a couple of times. had our teachers sit us away from each other because we couldn't focus. we never thought our innocent childhood love would lead us to marriage. even when we said i do, we couldn't believe we said it. october 9th was the happiest day of our lives. i know i drove you crazy saying i love you so many times, you would stop replying, i love you more, but you made me feel
7:57 am
alive, you make me feel alive. jason so happy that you all are here, through pain and sorrow, this is exactly how he would have wanted to be remembered, like a true hero. or like i used to call him, big po rivera. you have the whole nation on gri gridlock. and although you won't be here anymore, i want you to live through me. the system continues to fail us. we are not safe anymore. not even the members of the
7:58 am
ser service. i know you were tired of these laws, especially the ones from the new d.a. i hope he's watching you speak through me right now. i'm sure all of our blue family is tired too. but i promise, we promise, that your death won't be in vain. i love you to the end of time.
7:59 am
we'll take the watch from here. >> i invite all members of the service -- >> biana, i haven't heard anything that heartbreaking in a long time. slain nypd officer jason rivera there, dominique, just the details, biana, of texting him when she heard officers shot and not hearing back and then checking his location, seeing he's in harlem hospital. she's so young.
8:00 am
>> revealing that they had an argument that day and she decided to take an uber home and said to her those fateful last words, are you sure you don't want a ride home, it might be the last one. what a powerful speech we just heard there. >> that standing ovation, a sign of support from all those officers there, goodness. so sad to watch. thank you all so much for joining us today. we do appreciate it. >> at this hour kate bolduan starts now. snow covered bribdge collapsed before president biden visits to talk about infrastructure. the transit bus at the bottom of a ravine where the bridge gave way. this point, there are no fatalities but ser


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