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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  September 13, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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hello, everyone, i'm kate bolduan. here is what we're watching "at this hour." biden heads west. california, idaho, colorado all on schedule but also a critical week for his agenda back in washington. recall decision time. the political fate for california's governor will be decided this week. he's getting some last minute help from the president himself to try and save his job. the state's lieutenant governor is our guest. and vaccines by the numbers. the debate over vaccine mandates is always been heated, has been for the beginning. yet new polling shows there is more consensus than you might think. thanks for being here. "at this hour," president biden is on his way to idaho to begin
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a two-day trip on the west coast. his first trip to the region since taking office and the president will once again tie the extreme weather events that we've been seeing across the country with the need to pass his infrastructure plan and the bigger broader economic agenda. president biden will be surveying the damage from the recent wildfires there which has burned millions of acres in several states this year. he will also campaign for governor gavin newsom ahead of tomorrow's recall vote that could decide newsom's political fate. this visit comes as so much of the president's domestic agenda is hanging in the balance. top democrats have set a wednesday deadline to finalize a deal on the the massive $3.5 trillion budget proposal but major differences between moderate and progressive democratic lawmakers is threatening to derail the whole thing. the wednesday deadline seems like a no go at this point.
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let's start with john harwood at the white house. john, what is the white house looking to get from this trip? >> reporter: well, they're looking to mix a heavy dose of disaster relief with some politics and advancing their legislative agenda. so today the president, he's now on his way to boise, idaho, and look at the fire agency there as wildfires burn across the west. he'll then go to sacramento and look at fire damage. and make an appearance for gavin newsom. final day of voting in that california re-election is tomorrow. prospects are looking fairly good for gavin newsom. but the president is trying to help at the last minute. but he's also going to take advantage of this trip to do the same thing that he did when he looked at flood damage and hurricane damage from the ida and its recommnants in new yorkd new jersey last week. turn to the climate agenda part
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of the infrastructure bill he's trying to advance and they're seeing some progress, division within the democratic party and a long way to go but they put out a statement praising the product that the ways and means committee published last night toward rewarding work and not wealth in this economy and cutting taxes and providing benefits for middle class families while making corporations an the wealthy pay their fair share. so with a tight legislative deadline, the need to unite the democratic party and keep things moving, they're trying to marc everything count. and he'll do the same thing tomorrow when he goes to colorado, push the infrastructure agenda there as well. >> thank you so much for that. and really what john is talking about, this bigger broader agenda facing this deadline in washington, let's go to capitol hill right now. democratic senator joe manchin is throwing a major wrench in this timeline, the democratic leaders have laid out for trying to pass and move forward this
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$3.5 trillion spending package that is part of all of this. manchin said clearly he's a no on the the price tag and said democrats need more time to work out the differences. manu raju is live on capitol hill with more on this. and manchin is very evident from yesterday at odds with progressive senators like bernie sanders on a lot of this. what is going on here? >> reporter: and this is significant. because in the senate he would have all 50 members of the democratic caucus in agreement to move forward. in one defects, joe manchin defects, this whole effort could collapse and this is all tied to also a separate efforts, the bill that passed the senate last month to provide about $1.2 trillion to build up the nation's infrastructure, roads and bridges, et cetera. that bill is awaiting a vote in the house. but if this larger democratic plan stalls in the senate, progressives in the house are threatening to tank that infrastructure bill. so all of this could collapse and that is when the next few weeks are absolutely essential right now. but what joe manchin and bernie
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sanders both of them representing the different wings of the democratic party, made very clear how they view this differently. one, joe manchin wants a significantly limit in the scope of the plan. he thinks about 1 to $1.5 trillion. and bernie sanders said $3.5 trillion at least and the question is how will the democratic leader bridge the deaf ides. but yesterday they both made clear the differences on this package. >> he will not have my vote or 3.5 and chuck knows that and we've talked about this. we've already put out $5.4 trillion and we try to help americans in every way we can and all of the help is out there and will run there until next year 2022. >> the bottom line here is if you think about the house as well, these two bills, the bipartisan infrastructure bill and the reconciliation bill are marching down the path together. it would be a terrible thing for the american people if both of
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those bills fail. >> reporter: but there are still so many differences. today the houses and means committee put out plans on how to pay for the proposal on tax increases and joe manchin has some differences on that and also staring a key deadline to avoid a government shutdown by the end of the month. they have to raise the national borrowing limit and then key hearings today on the house foreign affairs committee we'll hear from antony blinken about the chaotic withdrawal from afghanistan so a significant moment for the biden agenda. major questions ahead, kate. >> thank you for your reporting. joining now for more is cnn chief political correspondent co-anchor of the state of the union dana bash. on the show yesterday it really crystalized what they're up
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against right now. where -- how real the differences are. from your conversations was it clear where the fault line really is right now in is it price tag or is it specifics? >> such a good question, kate. you must have covered capitol hill for a while. because it is both. and i'll add a third. it is timeline. so it is the top line number, it is how and what that number composes, the policies, that add up to that number and how quickly they're going to do it. joe manchin is opposed to what the democratic leadership, not just bernie sanders who of course is the budget chair and the leading progressive, but it is the democratic leadership and in the house and senate and the white house. he opposed all three of them. but we've been talking about the topline, is it $3.5 trillion or what joe manchin wants and $1.5 trillion. but the question is, the policies that are underlying.
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and one of the key priorities for democratic leaders, because this has been a progressive priority for a long time, is that expanded child tax credit. it is already on the the books right now. it will expire and what they want to do is make it permanent. so i asked joe manchin about that example of something that is in this big budget bill. listen to what he said. >> let's make sure that we're guesting to to the right people. people that are working poor and making every effort to get ahead in life. that is in the 50,000 and below. i have people making combined 200 and 300 and more up to 400 saying they're getting checks. if we have x amount. >> it is on a sliding scale. they shouldn't be doing that. >> well it is happening because of the sliding scale. if the child tax credit, you want to help the children and parents providing for their children, there are no work requirements whatsoever and no education requirements for bet every skill sets. if we're going to help the
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children, the people should make many effort. >> so that is one example. this is a big part of the price tag that will be in the democrats' bill once they actually write it. another big difference is on clean energy. the senator from west virginia said that he thinks that the way that the leadership is going at it, it is too basically too punitive. these are my words not his, for the energy companies and at the end of the day will make it harder for in case of emergency people to get energy. there will be no kind baseline for them. also on other questions, other big issues, the only one that i could find that i asked him about that he supports is universal pre-k. that is one area where they agree. so the question, kate, is going to be, how they can bridge all of these where, when you have fund. al priorities by the white house
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and democratic leaders that he doesn't support and i should say that he was the guy on set with me. there are others namely kyrsten sinema from arizona on the the democratic side who may have problems with those things too. >> talked to you about the remarks given by former president george w. bush on saturday and i knee ow you're p of the coverage of the 20th anniversary of 9/11. he very specifically if his remarks in shanksville and precisely drew a parallel between the 9/11 attackers and the mob that attacked the capitol on january 6. though not saying it by name. let me play a key part for everybody. >> and we have seen growing evidence that the dangers to our country could come not only across borders, but from violence that gathers within. there is little cultural overlap between violent extremists abroad and violent extremists at
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home. but then there is disdain for pluralism and the disregard for human life and their determination to defile national symbols. they are children of the same foul spirit and it is our continuing duty to confront them. >> what did you make when you heard this from the former president, equating these two things. because i wonder what the impact of this could be? >> that is unclear what the impact is going to be in the short-term. but i could tell you, i covered the bush white house and i got to know him a little bit and that is the man that we all knew, his legacy was and still is always will be what happened in the iraq war. let's be clear about that. but i think especially seeing and hearing the reaction to this speech, particularly that line that you just played, that this will now be built into his legacy.
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and what i mean by that is what is the biggest void right now in the republican party? it is leadership. it is standing up and saying things like that before truth and about what is real and what is right and what is factual. >> good to see you, dana, thanks. >> let's get to breaking news in washington. u.s. capitol police have arrested a man armed with a bayonet and machete near the dnc headquarters. this arrest is coming against the back drop of growing concerns about security near the capitol just days before a scheduled rally of for right supporters and -- supporters who are supporting the insurrection rioters. let me get over to lauren fox live on capitol hill with the details that are just coming in. what more are you learning about the arrested. >> reporter: around midnight last night as part of a routine patrol, a capitol police officer noticed a man in a pickup truck
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that had a swastika and instead of a license plate there was a picture of an american flag. when the officer went to go talk to this individual, they noticed that there was a machete and a bayonet, both prohibited weapons in the district of columbia inside of that truck and they made an arrest. the individual was a 44-year-old from oceanside, california, donald craighead who is potentially someone that lawmakers are trying to understand or capitol police officers have trying to understand whether or not this individual was here as part of that planned september 18th rally coming up on saturday. that is something that they still don't have the answer to. and they're continuing their investigation. but obviously this is coming as lawmakers, top lawmakers and leaders are expected to be briefed this morning on this security posture around capitol hill heading into this saturday rally. there are a lot of concerns up here on capitol hill about that rally because there was that violence on january 6. there is a feeling that
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lawmakers are trying to do the best they can to be prepared because they fear that they did not take the warning seriously enough leading into january 6. so they're about to have a security briefing this morning. that is going to be important. how much of this latest arrest is going to factor into that security briefing. we still don't have an answer to, kate. >> we'll find out very soon. thank you, lauren. coming up for us, california's recall election is now in the final stretch. the mud slislinging is getting y with baseless fraud claims. a live report coming up.
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one day left to vote in what has become a wild and bitter california recall election. democratic governor gavin newsom is getting some help today from president biden who will be campaigning with him tonight but there are 46 name as peering on the ballot of people who candidate want to replace newsom if he's recalled. larriel ser utilizing what is becoming a republican strategy, spreading baseless claims of voter fraud and more. cnn's dan america is live in los angeles for us at this hour. dan, what is the latest one day out? >> reporter: we really have seen a frenetic pace of campaigns over the last weekend with both candidates crisscrossing the state. but as you note, larry elder is closing out this campaign by
8:20 am
largely pre-butting the results and saying that if he doesn't win, he's expecting shenanigans. now he's being -- that is being echoed by people from donald trump to republican media figures andeler sees the same shenanigans that he saw in the 2020 election which are baseless. he expects them to happen in california. the governor is taking these on and questioning this closing argument. here is what he said to a audience in sun valley, california, just yesterday. >> his closing argument is i will fight a lawsuit because of the voter irregularities in this race with no evidence whatsoever. it is act two of the big lie. that is what we're up against, democrats. >> reporter: newsom's strategy has been to take on accusations like that, call them baseless and then also to nationalize this race. to talk about the national implications of having a republican governor. what that would mean in the state like california and that will continue tonight as you note with joe biden coming to
8:21 am
town to rally on newsom's behalf. he joins a long list of top democrats who have come to newsom's defense and also all of them hope come tomorrow he's still the governor of california. >> it is good to see you. thank you for reporting. joining me is lenny luna. thank you for come on. tomorrow is last day of voting. is the governor going to succeed and fend off this recall? >> well we certainly hope so. but of course we have to let californians vote. as you noted, president biden is coming here today. people are very excited. president biden won california by 29%. he's very popular here. he's coming here to help the governor and all of us fight this republican assault on our system. so we're all working very hard to mobilize and get out the vote and beat this recall attempt. >> what do you think the governor needs from the president in this effort?
8:22 am
>> well, as i said, joe biden is very popular in the state of california. it is his first visit here. they're going to be going up to northern california to survey the wildfire situation up there. of course brought on by climate change. which we know the republican party has tried very hard to -- to say is a fraud. but of course we know in california it is real. and then they'll be in long beach together, really talking about what this is, which is the weaponizing of a recall process to try to elect a republican governor in the blue estate in the nation. so, people are very excited to see the president. of course, he chose his vice president, our senator, the first woman vice president kamala harris. so there is a lot of excitement about the visit. and of course i think we're also going to be hearing a lot about
8:23 am
the way that governor newsom has dealt with the covid crisis, far more successfully than many other places in the country. >> it has gotten ugly if the final days. larry elder is trying to draw the governor's wife into this fight suggesting that she had been working on the behalf of harry weinstein years ago to silence one of his accusers. the governor's wife vehemently denies that. does it surprise you that it is gone this route, that it has gotten this personal? >> no, because this is what larry elder does. he's a right-wing extreme republican shock jock and a lot of, as you noted, baseless claims of all sorts of things. and mudslinging are happening now in the last 48 hours or so. so, we're not surprised but i think the people of california are smart enough to be able to rise above the mudslinging and ask themselves what is really at
8:24 am
stake here and as we know, the governor has been very aggressive in really making sure that vaccine access is an adoption here in california is high. we're at about 80% of californians having received at least one dose compared that to florida which is at 65%, where the hospitals are overloaded and they've had the worst fatalities of the entire crisis in august. when all of the life saving vaccines are widely available. so people are looking at those questions and i think that is why in spite of the fact it is been a hard time. and we understand that people are hurting and trying to do the best during a difficult time with the covid crisis. but ultimately the governor has done a very, very good job, the best he possibly could during a very difficult situation and i think that voters are
8:25 am
recognizing that now here in the final hours. >> well and in the final hours we'll find out very soon if the voters agree. and a lieutenant governor making the final argument for the governor on this. thank you for coming in. appreciate your time. coming up for us, north korea has successfully fired a new long range missile. wha what the regime is claiming and what means for the region. a delicious, salty, crunchy ratio. planters. a nut above. tempur-pedic's mission is to give you truly transformative sleep. so, no more tossing and turning. because only tempur-pedic uses a proprietary material... that adapts and responds to your body. so you get deep, uninterrupted sleep. and now save up to $700 on adjustable mattress sets. sales are down from last quarter but we are hoping things will pick up by q3. yeah...uh... doug? sorry about that. umm...
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developing at this hour, north korea claims that it has test fired a new long-range cruise missile as the latest provocation which is starting a arms race with south korea. we're live in seoul with more on this. what more are you learning about this test, paula? >> reporter: well, kate, this is a test that north korea has claimed took place over the last weekend saying that they had test fired long range cruise missiles. that is the first time that they would have carried out that kind of test fire. we know they've done short-range cruise missiles in the past.
8:31 am
and it appears that according to state run media at least, that they flew about 1500 kilometers and that it could in fact be able to reach japan, yjapan is very concerned about this. with you know that u.s. and south korea are trying to figure out exactly what was fired. at this point it is interesting that this was this kind of a missile. clearly it is going to rattle the region and washington because it is going to increase the capability of north korea's weapons program. but it is not a ballistic missile, the technology banned by the united security nations but they did break the rules but they did concern the region. >> thank you very much. coming up for us, from shouting matches at school board meetings to counter protests on street corners, you might be surprised how much consensus there actually is. the new numbers just into cnn next. nlisted.
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8:37 am
in-person learning since the pandemic began and all public school employees are required to be vaccinated with no testing opt out. a new cnn poll shows that more americans are growing more supportive of mandates like this. joining me now with the numbers is cnn senior data reporter harry enten. it is not just the numbers right now and today, it is the change over time that does matter. what do you see here? >> climbing higher and higher for support for vaccine mandates on particular issues. you mentioned schools. that is one of them. you could see here, a in person up 49% to 55% and attend sports or concert up to 55% and work in person like we're doing right now, 46% to 54%. all majority. even shopping in a grocery store, while own a minority of americans support that, look at the jump since april. it is a 15-point jump. so most individual actions americans are supporting mandates and what is clear there
8:38 am
is a big rise since april. >> and take a step back also and look for broadly at what people think about mandating vaccination if gem. what does it show you. >> it shows it is much tighter and this is what republicans will try to fieght on. and you've heard republican governors say they don't want the mandates. they are acceptable to increase vaccinations, 50%, but well within the margin of error of unacceptablin fringement of rights on 40% and democrats and republicans are mirroring each other with 75% democrats in favor and but 76 republicans against in a so far a pandemic in which republicans and democrats have all said we want to get vaccinated, when it comes to mandates we're seeing a much bigger partisan split and we've seen that in response to joe biden's remarks last week. >> and how about just the sense in general of how people are
8:39 am
feeling in where they think we are in the pandemic and what precautions people are taking in their daily lives at this point? >> yeah. people don't think we're out of the pandemic, right. there are securityome people th but the vast majority did not believe so. 86% of americans say the pandemic is not over. you rarely see 86% of americans agree on anything. at least they agree on this. i don't know what other 14% is thinking. 64% said the recovery hasn't started. and are you still taking extra precautions outside, a majority, 64% say that they are. so even if there are is differences in how to deal with the pandemic right, when it comes to vaccinations, when it comes to the overall reading of where the pandemic is, the vast majority of americans at this point are in agreement that it is not over just yet. >> agreement that it is still not in a good place. thanks for bringing us the data. appreciate it as always. right now kentucky has just hit a new and dangerous point for that state.
8:40 am
more than 2500 people in the hospital with covid and that is an all-time high for the entire pandemic in that state. patients in icu and on ventilators also at the highest number yet. the governor is deploying hundreds more national guards troops to help at hospitals across the state that are now nearing a breaking point. zw joining me now is dr. will milan from saintclair health care in moorhead, kentucky. thanks for being here. when i spoke with the governor last week he pointed to your hospital as one that he was concerned about. you've had, he said, you had to close operating rooms to expand icu bed space. how do you describe what you are all are up against right now? >> we're in a historic surge of covid. we have actually i just got off the phone right now, our temporary icu is also full as about -- since last night. so we're opening a second temporary icu right now while on
8:41 am
e i'm on the the phone with us. we have a record number of patients on ventilators. and we have a record number of patients in respiratory failure. not even record. we've never seen it, so -- >> it seems hard to kind of grasp. the fact that you're having to open up another temporary icu. it's -- that is hor rible for yu guys. >> and it is not about -- i want to be clear about it, it is not about the physical space, although that is a big problem, it is our lack of staff. right now the only reason we are holding this life boat together is i have a federal disaster medical assistance team here, 14 people who have just been heros to us and unfortunately they're deployment is over on friday and i'm going to lose 14 health care professionals and i literally have no idea what we're going to do on friday. >> that is happening.
8:42 am
it is going to happen. that means you're going to have to, what? turn people away. >> no, we will never turn anybody away. we just -- just to kind of level set that for you, we're a rural hospital. we're 50 or 560 miles from any other hospital that has our ability. we won't turn anybody away. i don't know what we're going to do. i don't feel like answering that question right now. because it is so disturbing. but we're never going to turn anybody away. >> i respect that. i totally understand. it is hard to -- i guess it is hard to look even to friday when you have to survive today. you have to keep people pushing. >> yeah, we -- we are trained health care professionals, there is just not enough of us. i talk some of the our physicians over the weekend and i said, we zodon't have a crisi of the people, we just don't have enough of us.
8:43 am
and you know something has to give. so when we have to commit everything, we've closed offices to bring nurses into our office from our offices that don't usually care for patients in here. we have brought in fphysicians and this gift which was this disaster medical assistance team that unfortunately has to leave on friday. but we keep going. that is our mission. so we deal with the vulnerable and the marginalized. >> the biggest reason behind the surges we know are that people are still not vaccinated. not enough people are vaccinated. and they're resisting getting vaccinated. the president for his part last week said that he is losing patience with people still resisting the shot. do you feel that way, doctor? do you blame them? >> no. um, i think it is really important for us to really be focused. well never be angry at a patient.
8:44 am
these patients are afraid. they have been manipulated or told that vaccination is more frightful than covid-19 and we have to ask why. so is it because they're more fearful about loss of liberty or loss of freedom, or is it that they think that the vaccine is actually more of a risk than the actual infection and they hear that. they hear that from experts, they hear from politicians and from social media. and we're not here to be angry with them. we're here to help them and take care of them. i think if i had to summarize it, you know, there is only one enemy and only one thing to be angry about and that is coronavirus. that's the real enemy. and we're at war with coronavirus. and it is killed 630,000 of us.
8:45 am
we can't fight each other. we can't turn ourselves into enemies of each other. because the only thing that happens when you do that is the real enemy wins. so we really need to figure out why they're afraid. i think it is fear and anger and i think that anger comes from fear. the most angry people are usually the most frightened people and i think our patients here are frightened of a vaccine. i don't have any anger toward them at all. >> well i will say, they are very lucky to have you, doctor, thank you very much for coming on. coming up for us, president biden on his way out west to see the damage from the wildfires. he's planning to use his visit to push his economic agenda to combat the climate crisis. one of his top climate advisers is our guest next. for as little as $25 a month. and the best part? it's powered by verizon. but it gets crazier. bring a friend every month, and get every month for $5.
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tropical storm nicholas is taking aim at the gulf coast today. the storm is expected to make landfall tonight along the texas coast. a tropical storm warning and hurricane watch are now in effect for most of the texas coastline. forecasters say flooding is the biggest concern right now. some areas could get as much as 15 to 20 inches of rain. all of this happening as louisiana, mississippi and parts of the east coast are still recovering from the last major hit, from hurricane ida.
8:51 am
and at this hour, president biden is on his way out west to survey the damage of other natural disaster being made worse by the climate crisis. he's set to visit the national interagency fire center in idaho and travel to california to take an aerial tour of the wildfire damage there. california is in the middle of one of the most destructive wildfire seasons in history. the president is expected to point to the cost of these more frequent and devastating weather events to push the importance of passing his economic plan which includes major investments to battle the climate crisis. joining me now for more on this is white house national climate adviser and former epa administrator, gina mccarthy. so the fires out west, flooding in places that never see flooding in the east, the climate crisis has never been more relevant to people's lives, but how do you translate that to real change? >> well, i think what the goal of the president is he's traveling both last week to new
8:52 am
york and to new jersey, today as you mentioned, he's going to boise idaho to thank the firefighters who are working so hard and to show his support for all of the efforts underway to not just tackle these wildfires but to do it in a way that keeps our firefighters safe, and keeps money coming to those states so we can continue to expand those efforts, and in sacramento, he's going to go down there because we are talking about thousands of buildings being displaced. we're talking about hundreds of thousands of acres actually being burned. so he's going to point out the challenges that we're facing today that let everybody know that climate is a code red now. we have to take action. but, kate, you know, we're not going there just to point at the disaster and frankly, the president's strong commitment to help states and communities and families who are being hurt, but one of the most important messages is we can do something about it. we have to take action now on
8:53 am
climate, and that's what the president's investment strategy is all about. that's what he means when he talks about building back better. that's what he means about resilience in our infrastructure, and how we support this. so while it's important to point out the disaster that we're seeing and the connection to the changing climate, it's most important that people have a sense of hope, that we have a way forward. we just need to pull the trigger and work hand in hand with congress to see these investments getting made so we can make people feel comfortable that they are going to have a shot at keeping safe, being secure, and growing jobs in the future as we move forward. that's what this investment strategy is all about. >> the question about the strategy in part is how to tackle the crisis, and how fast, because that's not yet decided,
8:54 am
at least not when you look on capitol hill, of course we have been talking about it already this hour. i want to pay for you what west virginia senator joe manchin said about the massive budget bill as it relates to some of the climate crisis provisions. >> the transition is happening, now they're wanting to pay companies to do what they're already doing. it makes no sense to take billions of dollars and pay utilities for what they're going to do as the market transitions. we have proven that and we'll continue to transition. they're accelerating something that could be vulnerable to the reliability. >> so sounds like a no, you don't support the provisions. >> he's talking about using tax incentives to push companies towards clean energy. he doesn't like the price tag. he's making clear he doesn't like the policy, and you need his vote. >> yeah, and we'll certainly achieve that. i mean, we know that senator manchin is pushing hard. he's asking all the right questions. the issue is that we have answers to these questions, and
8:55 am
we will work with him because he's a strong partner here. we know we have to get these investments. we are not simply paying utilities to get better. we're assuring, again, a safe and healthy future. we need to accelerate what is already happening big time because we cannot afford to sit back and let nature take it course. today the president's showing how nature will take its course if we don't act and we don't start investing. so we fully intend to work with the senator, and we are, to conduct analysis so he can see what's happening on the ground now, and we can talk about how much these investments need to accelerate the shift to clean energy. how many jobs can actually grow when you take these actions. how it is time today to make these investments in our future, and our economic future. you know, kate, for every dollar that we spend today, you're going to save $6 over time
8:56 am
because we won't be investing in the kind of destruction and rebuild that we would otherwise have to do if we build resilient infrastructure from this point forward, if we work with utilities. >> not only is this visit today important to the president, but this is a critical week for all of the conversation you're talking about now. >> sure is. >> gina mccarthy, thank you for coming on. >> thanks. >> "inside politics" with john king begins after a break.
8:57 am
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hello, and welcome to "inside politics," i'm john king in washington. thank you for sharing what is a very very busy news day. the democrats collide over the biden agenda and its price tag. there are major decisions coming this week, both sides publicly digging in over how big that pack


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