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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  August 21, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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♪ everybody here is doing their best. but it's not where -- if it's fast enough, if enough people can get out, and how much longer they have to finish this massive operation. as thousands of desperate people struggle to get out of afghanistan, cnn's clarissa ward shows what it's like inside the kabul airport. plus, afghan refugees arrive in safe countries as joe biden makes a promise. >> any american who wants to come home, we will get you home.
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>> live from cnn world headquarters in atlanta, welcome to all of the viewers here in the united states, canada and around the world. i'm kim brunhuber. this is "cnn newsroom." u.s. president joe biden is vowing to bring every american home from afghanistan if they want to leave. but nobody knows how many u.s. citizens are in the country. the state department says it's trying to track down as many as possible. meanwhile, the taliban published photos showing their fighters armed with u.s. weapons seized from the afghan national army. while it's menacing images like these and the taliban's history of brutality that makes many afghans scared to stay in the country. on friday, the pentagon
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confirmed it had flown 160 helicopters from the hotel to the airport, after the taliban blocked the gatesing it's the first known rescue of americans outside the airport perimeter. the first flights of evacuees have begun arriving in the united states. now, we don't know how many americans were among the passengers but a source tells cnn about 1500 people evacuated from kabul in recent days are expected to arrive in the washington area this weekend. others are being flown to germany, until permanent accommodations can be arranged. disturbing new video has emerged. we have to warn you, it is graphic. a local flow at a u.s.-based ngo captured pictures of two people outside. gunshots could be heard. and hundreds of people could be seen crowding together and
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screaming in panic. president biden says the evacuations out of kabul rank as one of the largest and most difficult airlifts in history. even as thousands are flown out daily, many more people are clamoring outside of the gates and the situation becomes more desperate. cnn's sam kiley has the latest. >> reporter: desperate for salvation, a baby handed to u.s. marines at kabul's airport. president biden offering a dispassionate view. >> from the airport, allowing flights to resume, not just from other countries and the ngos taking out civilians and vulnerable afghans. and now we have almost 6,000 troops on the ground. >> reporter: but through the hours of daylight no evacuation
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left the runway. some 13,000 people have been flown out by the u.s. since last saturday, august the 14th, many times that number awaiting in heat, chaos and gunfire. threatened by taliban that they fear worse awaiting them if they stay. the german broader says that taliban fighters searching for a journalist killed a member of its family and an artist feared, too. >> under taliban, okay, you leave, or a miserable life. okay. life is not just eating or making progress, it is about creativity. >> reporter: the taliban is dismissing allegations of reprisal attacks against those who fought them or worked for nato as fake news. 20 years of fighting by the u.s. and its allies have resulted in a taliban triumph. and an evacuation of local allies and foreigners that looks more like a rout.
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many european allies of the u.s. are rattled by the sudden withdrawal of american forces and the taliban victory. >> there are hard questions that we need to ask ourselves, our engagement in afghanistan. >> reporter: the president defiant. >> there's a greater danger from isis and al qaeda and all of these affiliates in other countries by far than there is from afghanistan. and we're going to retain an over the horizon capability that we're able to be able to take them out, surgically remove. so this is where we should be. this is about america leading the world. and all of our allies have agreed with that. >> reporter: the taliban, meanwhile, celebrating with broadcast parades of its special forces carrying what appears to be captured american weapons. they were all born in a time of war like this baby who was treated in an airport clinic and returned for their family. if he or she makes it out of kabul, they at least will have
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no memory of these dark days. sam kiley, cnn, doha, qatar. after reporting from afghanistan for three weeks, our clarissa ward and her team made it inside the airport friday. before flying out of kabul, she spoke with anderson cooper about the conditions thousands ever facing as they try to flee taliban rule. >> reporter: just chaos. right now, we're actually on the airfield which is the privileged place to be. that means we've reached the final furlong. and we are, in principle, about to get on board and taken to safety. although, we've been here well over 10 or 12 hours. others have been here two days and still haven't managed to get on a flight yet. i'm looking around now. people sleeping on the ground, the gravel. it's a very chilly night. a woman just came up to me and asked me for a blanket.
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i gave her my scarf. there's babies everywhere. and the situation with the washrooms is not good at all. i had a couple of families come up and complain to me that it wasn't sanitary. they couldn't wash their children or keep them clean. i'm looking around now, looking a little bit inside, there's an inside processing area. it's just children lying all over the floor. mothers desperately trying to stroke their backs and calm them. and this is what we've been seeing all day. only earlier, it was under the blistering hot sun. and the only thing that the marines had to give out were little strips of cardboard to be used as improvised fans to try to help keep them cool. one baby, we saw, had to be
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evacuated because it was a newborn baby and the sun was so hot it was dehydrated. so it's a desperate situation. >> several hours later, clarissa tweeted that she landed in doha, qa qatar, with her team and along with evacuates saying we are the lucky ones. a stagg gering number of people have made it to the kabul airport with hopes of getting out of the country, but they're not necessarily all eligible. nick paton walsh joins us. nick, the situation may be more dire than we previously thought. you've done reporting on that. what can you tell us? >> reporter: a source familiar with the situation says the number of people on the planes is now at 14,000. now, i should point out, they have pretty good information. but, obviously, these numbers are changing a lot at the time. so clarissa heard from somebody
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there, a marine, looking at 10,000, but that has swollen, which is entirely with the sheer volume outside, 14,000 with extremely bad math, 400 per plane, about 30 plane loads of individuals that have to get off, just to start letting more people on. an afghan i spoke to at the base is spoke to the marine, saying to get into the airport right now, it's a trash-filled dumpster. it's just so overloaded. the question is, of course, how to get to that situation. a source i spoke to it came from a number of days. you might call it the filtration process the americans have there. working out, who are you? what documents do you have? are you eligible for a visa program? et cetera, et cetera. that collapsed and there was a bit of a humanitarian crisis and especially the vulnerable were allowed in. they may at this point beginning
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to tighten that up. but the question, of course, now is how long can this actually go on for? it's quite clear from both president biden and the pentagon, america does not know how many american citizens are currently in afghanistan still. that's pretty important. they have guaranteed they will get that out. that's one indefinite measure how long this might go on for. the second, if indeed there have been humanitarian cases allowed in and still there are many cases out there in the crowds, some dying to get in, and the sib program has been expanded to get in. and those employees not necessarily employed by it, but the number of afghans could be in the tens of thousands already. and imagine that, there are hundreds of thousands of afghans that would jump at the chance to get out of afghanistan to get to the west. you could have millions of afghans who would love to take this opportunity up. when does the u.s. say, this is
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enough. we can't do this forever. you've seen the scenes. it's unsustainable. it's exactly the indefinite commitment they were trying to get out of by sparking this crisis. the source i spoke to says the conversation about how long has sort of begun. and there are some defense officials, the source had heard, beginning to think about a week is how much longer this would make sense for. so, that is problematic to some degree as well. because if this ends, this will be a rush. if this goes on there will still be a rush. and people are getting often and will want to get on the airport. so, essentially, we are dealing with volatility that's just going to escalate. kim. >> yeah, absolutely. but among those who did make it out, now former president ashraf ghani. you've done great reporting on what exactly went on behind the scenes as he fled the country. so, take us through that story. >> reporter: yeah, i mean,
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essentially the big mystery is why did president ashraf ghani, now in dubai in a health care center, why did he leave, not telling anybody. and that's of course how the taliban stepped in comfortably. speaking to a senior official, that's pretty good how this went down. but a source says it was unprecedented the speed of the taliban advance. they underestimated it. they were pushed into defending capitals by the americans and essentially gunfire near the palace. and it was time to go to save kabul for a lengthy fight against the taliban. but one thing that shocked me, the taliban gave a demand to the government to especially surrender, the man who did that. if you know that name, the al
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c kanis are the affiliates here. the reason america came into afghanistan were the people who actually told the government they were trying to support to get out. here's what we found out. >> reporter: they were the final days of the afghan government. kandahar falling. kabul on the edge. and then suddenly, the taliban in the presidential palace, now a former senior ghani administration official has given cnn for the first time their detailed account of what happened. before the president, the official said, fled to uzbekistan for one night and on to dubai where he is now. there was no money with him, the official said, he literally just had the clothes he was wearing. but why did the collapse happen so fast. first, the official said they underestimated the local and
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tribal demands the taliban made. and the ability to fall back. the cities like kandahar fell before they could. and they underestimated, too, the effect the u.s. withdrawal would have on the rout. as kabul began to look precarious, the u.s. helped focus on a negotiated settlement that would lead to ghani stepping aside to transition. the president agreeing to leave to assure peace. the official said the concern was war inside a city of 6 million people. we knew if ghani left, the guns would be silent. talks were went for monday in qatar, but on sunday, the taliban hit. and they got a final demand from a man that the u.s. wanted as a terrorist from a network affiliated with al qaeda. a long-term negotiator wanted a peaceful transfer of power and
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that the government should issue a statement of surrender. but ghani fled and the official insists there was no single scapegoat here, because the process was never fully controlled by afghans in the first place. now, with plenty of recriminations here. certainly, there's no doubt that the afghan forces did crumble. there's no doubt that the sources were not particularly effective. and reimains what they could do. and that america was leaving obviously would undermine their morale. what is still extraordinary for me, the symbolism of somebody linked to al qaeda telling the afghan government it's time to surrender. remarkable after all these years. >> shocking and doesn't bode well for the future. nick paton walsh thank you very much. the ministry of health is
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still up and running with apparently few changes. at least so far, the acting public health minister convinced his team to stay on without any interruptions to medical care. the doctor spoke to me the last hour about his efforts. i asked him if women would still be allowed to work in health care, under the taliban. here he is. >> the message we have received during the last two days from the leadership from the hill commission of the taliban, they've allowed the female staff members to attend their jobs at the facilities as well as their offices in the ministry. we haven't observed any limitation until now. hopefully, we have our female directors and staff members here in the office, as well as the ten facilities in kabul and around the country. yeah. it takes time. it takes time to assure them
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that it's safe and to convince them to get back to offices and health facilities and are working on that. >> i have to say, you sound very optimistic when many are very pessimistic about the future, about the future of women. whether they'll be able to work and so on. what will has given you cause to perhaps be as optimistic as you sound right now? >> well, i think at this point, i have no other options but to convince the health personnel to join the health facilities. during my tenure, even though during the hard days of conflict what i could do and what i tried for was to ensure neutrality of the health sector. i tried my best to keep the health sector away from all political aspects of the game in the transition. and today, this is my responsibility and commitment, to try my best to ensure that our patients are attended by health care personnel. with pessimism, only thing i can
2:18 am
do is to try to enhance the environment of limitation for my staff members. and deprive persons in bed from health care personnel. let's see how it evolves in the future but currently committed to try to convince all parties, including the commission, to have the right atmosphere for female workers to attend their health facilities and provide services needed by mothers and children in these centers. >> and there's such a need. so, we wish you the best of luck in these extraordinary and trying times, dr. majrooth, afghanistan's acting health minister, we appreciate having you on, thank you. >> thank you very much. much more ahead on cnn,
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we'll take a look at the impact the crisis in afghanistan is having on its neighbors. a live report from pakistan. plus, hurricane warnings are issued for long island and any england as hurricane henri approaches. we'll have a live report from the weather center. stay with us. smoother skin you can lovingly embrace. renew the love for your skin with dove body wash. hey lily, i need a new wireless plan for my business, but all my employees need something different. oh, we can help with that. okay, imagine this... your mover, rob, he's on the scene and needs a plan with a mobile hotspot. we cut to downtown, your sales rep lisa has to send some files, asap! so basically i can pick the right plan for each employee... yeah i should've just led with that... with at&t business... you can pick the best plan for each employee and only pay for the features they need.
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hurricane warnings are posted for long island and southern new england at this hour, as tropical storm henri gathering strength and approaches the coast. new york city is under a tropical storm warning. henri is expected to make land fall sunday as a category 1 hurricane. let's bring in cnn meteorologist tyler mauldin for the latest. tyler, it's hitting an area not used to seeing hurricanes? >> that's correct. it's been about three decades, if not longer, for some of those folks to experience direct landfall. the 5:00 update from the hurricane center, tropical storm henri is out in the western atlantic churning at 70 miles per hour. and moving to the northeast at 12 miles per hour. and on this track it does have new york city and new england in
2:24 am
its sights. that's why we have a hurricane warning in effect for portions of long island and also portions of connecticut. you'll notice here that the entire state of connecticut is under some sort of warning, either tropical storm warning or hurricane warning, that's i insane. new york city, you're under a tropical storm warning at the moment and this is because all of the conditions are just going to go downhill within the next 36 hours. and we expect tropical storm to hurricane force conditions within the next 36 hours. according to the national hurricane center's latest trek, we're going to look at a storm at or near category 1 hurricane status come noon or 2:00 in the afternoon on sunday making landfall. from there, it pushes north and meanders around new england for 24 hours. anytime you have a slow-moving tropical system like that you're going to have a lot of landfall in very short order which is exactly what we see here. the models are in really good agreement now that we are going
2:25 am
to see a direct impact on land out here in new england. and notice that they're very tightly clustered here on long island and going into connecticut. so, we are going to feel impacts in this area. if anything, they'll get a little tighter, maybe budge a little westward. now, everyone is going to feel some sort of impact up here, once we get to the wee hours of sunday and the rest of sunday afternoon. and the evening hours, too. new york, you're going to feel the winds. you'll see a little bit of rainfall, but the really heavy stuff is going to be bottled up in massachusetts and connecticut. we've already picked up several inches of rain this week. and then this, about 4 to 6 inches will just add insult to injury. this will cause flash flooding in some areas. we're also going to see the saturated ground mixed with the strong wind gusts which could be in excess of 74 miles per hour, for sure. that will cause the winds to
2:26 am
topple over which will lead to widespread power outages. we have to be mindful of that. all right. make sure if you haven't done any preps yet, make sure you that go ahead and do preparations because you could lose power for a little while if you're in new england. in addition to all of the hazards we've already talked about, this is also going to coincide with high tide, and we could see a storm surge of up to 5 feet in some areas of new england. if it does make landfall as a hurricane up here, kim, it will be in rare company. it's been a very long time since we've seen that. >> absolutely. all right. lots to track throughout the weekend. tyler mauldin, thanks so much for the update. well, there's some good news on the u.s. vaccine front. a senior federal official tells cnn that full fda approval of the pfizer biontech vaccine is imminent. a biden administration official added that it could come as soon as monday. now, this could be a game-changer in how some skeptical americans view shot
2:27 am
safety. the vaccine currently is authorized for emergency use. the experts hope full authorization will lead to more people getting vaccinated. now, despite a recent uptick in vaccinations, roughly 30% of eligible americans have yet to get even their first shot. cases and hospitalizations continue to soar across the u.s. and that's causing intensive care units to run out of space. cnn's miguel marquez has that story. >> reporter: more than 1 million vaccines reported by the cdc went into arms thursday, the most in weeks. but the delta variant hasn't slowed down yet. >> from the bottom of my heart, we as a medical team are completely exhausted. >> reporter: nationwide deaths up 62%, most unvaccinated, on a seven-day average. 862 americans now dying every day on average from vid. more than 93,000 americans now in hospitals, numbers climbing
2:28 am
towards january record high. cases 14% higher than last week's seven-day average. more than 141,000 americans now testing positive on average every day. just 30 days ago, the average was around 37,000. >> not only are we seeing a significant number of covid hospitalizations, but we have a much higher volume of critically ill, naunl covid patients. >> reporter: florida intensive care units statewide nearing capacity, along with georgia, mississippi and texas, icus filling to concerning levels, all at more than 90% capacity. alabama is out of icu beds statewide. >> we are seeing a much younger group of individuals who are hospitalized for covid in our intensive care units on ventilators. these are healthy, young 20 year olds, 30 year olds, who, because
2:29 am
of the aggressive nature of the delta variant, are now being hospitalized. >> reporter: in florida and texas, the battle over masks and schools continue. the texas supreme court ruling the governor cannot stop schools from imposing mask orders. in florida, the state ordered two counties to give an opt-out option for their school mask mandates or lose funding and face new scrutiny from the state. >> my view is that the parents understand what's best for their kids. >> reporter: the governor instead pushing monoclonal antibody treatment clinics being set up at the state. one of those sites, this jacksonville library where louis lopez snapped this disturbing picture. >> they were so sick, the picture really doesn't do it justice because they were moaning, they were in a lot of pain. it really drove the point home, as to how serious these people are. >> reporter: this pandemic creating really disturbing scenes across other areas of the
2:30 am
united states as well. in roseberg, oregon, mercy hospital saying there was a patient in their emergency department and they were waiting for an icu bed. one did not open in time, that person died. the hospital issued a statement about it asking for kindness from the community. and in places like san francisco, they are now mandating vaccinations to enter places like restaurants, bars, gyms and theaters. the backlash to this pandemic and this pandemic is a long way from over. back to you. floods of people are seeking to flee afghanistan as the u.s. president makes new promises to get people to safety. we'll have the latest on chaotic evacuation efforts next. and these people are headed towards safety. they are just a handful of 1,000 afghans evacuated thanks to neighboring pakistan. we'll have the live report from islamabad after the break. stay with us.
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welcome back to all of you watching us here in the united states, canada and all around the world. i'm kim brunhuber. this is "cnn newsroom." we're learning more about what's happening right now at kabul, afghanistan's international airport. a source telling cnn that 14,000 people inside the perimeter, hoping to flee afghanistan. it's not clear how many are foreign nationals, afghans or what permissions any of may have to leave. for a few days, anyone was apparentlial allowed to enter without being screened. and that same source think that
2:35 am
the evacuation process might not be able to last another week. president joe biden makes fresh promises to get americans and afghan allies out. he insists he's mobilizing every resource to make it happen. >> there will be plenty of time to criticize or second-guess when this operation is over, but now, now, i'm focused on getting this job done. when this is finished we will complete our military withdrawal and finally bring to an end 20 years of american military action in afghanistan. >> all right. let's get an international perspective on this, cnn's sophia safi is covering this, but first, i want to go to jomana karadsheh in istanbul. they're taking a stance of what could be a huge migrant surge.
2:36 am
>> reporter: well, you know, kim, these are two countries in this region that are watching events with a lot of concern of how to deal with a new refugee crisis. don't forget, turkey and greece were on the front line of the 2015 syrian refugee crisis. and they have to deal with that influx of refugees and migrants headed to europe. they had to deal with that on behalf of europe. so, right now, they are looking at this with a lot of concern, very seriously yesterday a phone call between the turkish president and the greek prime minister. they've had their differences. they've dealt with crises, diplomatic crises, between these two countries over the past couple of years but right now they're talking about what president erdogan is saying could potential be an inevitable migrant and refugee crisis they're going to have to deal with. both countries are at a point where they just can't take it anymore. if you look at the situation in
2:37 am
greece, the refugee camp there has been full of asylum seekers yet to be processed. that have been there for years. a lot of pressure there on the government not to take in any refugees. greece has been criticized for pushing back at times violently, migrants and refugees headed there, something they continue to deny. so, we have heard from greek officials saying they're not going to sit there possibly and wait for this crisis to happen. they have completed that border wall with turkey that they have been working on, a 40-kilometer, 25-mile wall that has been set up, completed, ready to deal with whatever might happen. same thing when it comes to turkey. you know, this is a country that is helping more refugees than any other country in the world. about 4 million. most of them syrian refugees. and also, kim, we've heard from the turkish government over 14
2:38 am
years more than half of migrants coming to this country prior to the crisis have been afghan migrants. so they are very concerned about what is happening. there is a lot of pressure building on president erdogan on his government to ensure that they are not going to have to deal with a new refugee crisis. there has been a growing immigrant sentiment in this country, as a result, primarily, because of the economic situation here but also turkey showing that it is enhancing border security with iran. trying to ensure there's not going to be more illegal crossings into the country. and what we've heard from president erdogan in the past few days, yesterday with his call to the prime minister and prior to then saying, rather than european countries -- countries dealing with a strategic input, what they need to be doing is focusing on preventing that from happening in the first place rather than
2:39 am
focus on stabilizing afghanistan. he's impressing on erdogan and call for countries like iran to try to prevent a refugee crisis. a lot of concern looking ahead from turkey and from greece about humanitarian disaster, beyond what we are seeing unfold right now, kim. >> yeah, lots of moving pieces there, jomana karadsheh in istanbul. thanks so much. well, pakistan is already home to hundreds of thousands of refugees. and the country's keeping a keen eye on the chaos unfolding next door. on thursday, it helped evacuate over 1,000 people from the war-torn neighbor. cnn's producer sophia saifi joining us from islamiabadislam. is the taliban victory being celebrated there? or could this victory come at a cost, particularly in terms with pakistan's relationship with the u.s.?
2:40 am
>> reporter: well, you know, kim, you know what's happening here, sending out signals before the fall of kabul, it's been saying for many, many months, it does not have the leverage that the u.s. expects it to have. this was, when it came to pushing them, during the peace talks, spakistan said it would assist them. even now when the government, deciding whether to acknowledge the taliban as the official government of afghanistan, pakistan has backed up. pakistan has put out a more measured response from the official channel. they said they're going to take a multilateral approach when it comes to acknowledging the government of the taliban. and of course, china at stake as well. the one road, one investment plan into afghanistan, when it comes to central asia.
2:41 am
the plans of linking trains from pakistan all the way south to the port of pakistan, somehow linking it to afghanistan. so, there are a lot of things at stake. of course, security at play as well. there are the refugees that pakistan has hosted for about 40 years. we're not just talking 2001. since the 1980s, pakistan has had the highest number of afghan refugees in the world. and even before pakistan has said early june, they will not be taking any more refugees. country just cannot economically -- it doesn't have the economical capacity to do so. and security. there was a chinese convoy attacked by a separatist group in the town which borders pak pakistan, they say it linked to india. there are many, many powers at play. there are many moving pieces, like you just said, and it remains to be seen how it falls
2:42 am
into place. because things are moving quite fast. there was -- there were members of the northern alliance who were hosted in pakistan come sunday. so the whole week they were in pakistan. and mehsud's brother was here as well. there are leaders talking about an inclusive government being formed in kabul. so, we just have to wait and see. currency is a bit elastic at the moment, it's not even been a week since kabul fell. we'll have to wait to see how this will go. kim. >> thank you so much, sophia saifi, i appreciate it. some areas in haiti have yet to see any aid even though it's been a week since the devastating earthquake. next, cnn deals with remote towns dealing with the aftermath largely on their own. stay with us. for severe eosinophilic asthma. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth,
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relax people, my wireless is crushing it. that's because you all have xfinity mobile with your internet. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself. more international aid is trickling into southern haiti. even as the needs of earthquake
2:46 am
victims get more dire by the hour. unicef delivered its first batch of supplies to the capital friday with more aid on the way. but there are some areas which haven't received any help since the earthquake struck a week ago. our matt rivers takes us there. >> reporter: our chopper take off with no clear destination in mind. flying the charity group world central kitchen, we want to find remote villages in haiti that still need help. a week after this earthquake, just finding out where the needs are remains a challenge. a tip led us to an island off of haiti's coast. on the ground, we're told damage is actually a bit farther west. which it is, seen from above. dozens of structures were damaged and the contact in town tells us no one comes to help them yet, but we can't either. so there was damage in that town that people clearly wanted them
2:47 am
to land the problem is there is no safe area to touch down. that gives an idea how difficult it is. just because you geent somewhere doesn't mean you can, at least right away. another tip leads back into hatety's mountains into the remote town. and destruction and damage. in terms of figuring out exactly what needs what, you really need to go to the round? >> correct, the areas are remote. the service is knocked out due to the earthquake. >> reporter: their team fans out and so do we. the damage is as bad as anything we've seen. entire blocks destroyed. there's some damage, the distinct smell of bodies lingers. amidst all the rubble, there is grief. rose's mom died when her home collapsed. my mom was everything to us, she says. and now she's gone. we're just waiting for help.
2:48 am
rose is now homeless, saying the government has yet to visit her town. they have had to do with what they have, not easy in such a remote place. that's why charities like wck is trying to fill the gap. a team drops off a few hundred sandwiches. now that they know where to go, workers say thousands of more meals will likely follow suit. of course, it is a good thing that organizations like the world central kitchen have identified this town in dire need of assistance. they're starting to figure out exactly what those needs are. but those are just first steps, unfortunately. getting those government resources actually moved into that area is a different challenge altogether. and this is not the only town affected by the earthquake there, scattered throughout the region affected by all of this, many of which haven't gotten any
2:49 am
help so far. matt rivers, cnn, port-au-prince, haiti. >> and you can find out how you can help the people of haiti suffering from the earthquake. go to slash impact. "cnn newsroom" continues in a moment. washed your hands a lot ? probably like 40 times. hands feel dry? like sandpaper. introducing new dove handwash, with 5 x moisturizer blend. removes germs in seconds, moisturizes for hours. soft, smooth. new dove handwash. my plaque psoriasis... ...the itching ...the burning. the stinging. my skin was no longer mine. my psoriatic arthritis, made my joints stiff, swollen... painful. emerge tremfyant™. with tremfya®, adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...can uncover clearer skin and improve symptoms at 16 weeks. tremfya® is the only medication of its kind also approved for adults with active psoriatic arthritis. serious allergic reactions may occur.
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the popular tv game show "jeopardy!" is once again looking for a new host. mike richards has announce head will step down from the coveted role, just days after accepting the job. it comes after offensive comments he made in the past resurfaced. cnn's brian stelter reports. >> welcome to "jeopardy!." >> reporter: that's mike richards out from the host podium, just one day after he started taping the new season. n now," jeopardy!" a show synonymous with smart is mired in scandal over richards' offensive comments about women and minorities and sony's failure to vet him. >> everyone is talking about this. >> reporter: richards is a longtime host and executive producer last year. he briefly hosted for alex
2:54 am
trebek who had pancreatic cancer. h when trebek died, "jeopardy!" needed a new star. ken jennings filled in first and then richards. >> and now here is the executive producer of "jeopardy!" mike richards. >> reporter: he implied that he was filling in because a-listers like savannah guthrie and aaron rodgers could not get to l.a. because of covid on the rise there. >> very literally at the last minute the decision was made for me to step in and keep the show going. >> reporter: some viewers liked him a lot. but questions persisted about his double role. was he in the running while auditioning for others? for some it was a bucket list for him. >> a life dream. >> reporter: others were snubbed, some banned favorites felt slighted or shelved until the end of the season. >> who is me, levar burton. >> reporter: the bosses at sony
2:55 am
who run the show went with richards despite the theory that he picked him or manipulated the race. >> wow, what are the odds. [ laughter ] exactly the same as me getting named stephen colbert "people" magazine sexiest man alive. >> reporter: he apologized when the website found his old podcast with a litany of remarks about asians, jews and other. he pledged to be a role model but the damage was done. the ringer story hit wednesday. richards taped five episodes on thursday. but friday's shows were cancelled. guest hosts take over again starting next week. but sony says richards will remain executive producer and execs claimed they didn't know about his old podcasts. which means the smartest game show on tv made a rookie mistake. brian stelter, cnn, new york.
2:56 am
well, depending on how you feel about artificial intelligence the next idea from tesla's elon musk might be the think you always wanted or a horrible nightmare. it's a robot that looks like a person except it will have a video screen for a face. the idea is that tesla's robot is supposed to do what you tell it, the boring jobs you don't want to do. tesla might have a test next year but does not say when it will be say. but the robot should be friendly at least. i should hope so. all right. i'm kim brunhuber, thanks for watching "cnn newsroom." "new day" is next.
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so grateful to have you with us. good morning. i'm christi paul. >> good morning, christi. i'm boris sanchez. we are tracking henri. tropical storm expected to reach hurricane strength before making landfall. we have the latest on the storm's impact. also, thousands of afghans are camped out at the airport in kabul. begging for a flight out. imminentva


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