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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 30, 2020 10:00am-11:00am PST

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has got to come out and vote january 5th. and there's real concerns that the republicans won't show up as the president blasts the voting system. so what we are seeing is don jr., donald trump jr. taking to the air waves with the super pac on television and radio. >> thank you for that reporting. thank you for joining us. brianna keilar picks up our coverage right now. hello, i am brianna keilar. welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. as coronavirus floods the u.s., we start today with sobering numbers on the effect of the pandemic and also some hopeful news on the vaccine effort. another vaccine maker is ready to ask the fda for emergency approval after new data shows great results. we're going to have more on that in a moment. here is where the pandemic stands right now. more than 138,000 new cases reported sunday, that marks 27
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straight days that the united states recorded more than 100,000 new cases. today is expected to be number 28. 93,000 americans are in the hospital as of last night. 19 states set new records on hospitalizations and that is strange health care systems with overcrowded hospitals and icus out of room and out of life-saving equipment. >> can't continue to work extra shifts forever and ever without having some type of burnout. the fear of the unknown, what the thanksgiving holiday may bring for already the surge we have seen the last few weeks is very concerning. >> that's where we are, waiting for expected post thanksgiving covid tsunami. more people flew sunday than any other single day in this pandemic. doctors say the gatherings they traveled to to participate in will lead to surge upon a surge as we head into the december holidays. there's reason to be optimistic
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today about vaccine efforts. moderna has new data out showing efficacy of the double dose vaccine candidate, one member of the vaccine advisory committee calls amazing. they expect to ask today for emergency authorization on the vaccine. here's what the data is showing now. it shows it is about 94% effective against coronavirus. and this, 100% effective against severe cases. by end of the year, moderna hopes to have 20 million doses available in the united states. it is a double dose. that would be enough for 10 million people. pfizer is asking the fda for authorization after releasing similar numbers for their vaccine candidate. the cdc is calling an emergency meeting to discuss who will be first in line for the vaccines. joining me now, steven thomas, chief of infectious disease at up state university hospital, investigator in pfizer's vaccine trial. doctor, thank you so much for
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being with us. we have a lot of questions. we have been getting a lot of questions from americans. i would like to go rapid fire through them, if we could. let's start with the when of this. when will americans start getting the vaccine? >> so if the fda and bodies that advise the fda give the thumb's up to one or more than one vaccine before the end of the year, i believe vaccines will start leaving the manufacturing warehouse and go to distribution centers. i expect before end of the year people outside of the clinical trials will start being able to receive vakccinations. >> who is going to get this first? >> good question. i think there are lots of different groups that are pondering this question, who should be first, who should be second. i think most agree that the first few groups to get this, one would be the front line health care providers taking
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care of covid patients day-in and day-out. also in that top tier would be people that live in sort of communal living arrangements, people that live in skilled nursing facilities, typically elderly people, people with other medical problems, those are people that have borne a lot of burden of the disease. they would be in that primary group. then look at essential workers. people that keep the country running and can't do it working from home. that would be kind of the first tier of people to receive a vaccine. >> what about kids? when will kids be able to get vaccinated? >> so my expectation that kids are probably going to be in the lower tiers, when i say kids, i am assuming these are healthy children that do not have other medical problems. we know kids can get very sick from covid, unfortunately kids have died from covid, these are typically kids that have other medical problems. kids that are healthy, they're probably in the lower tier.
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that would be sometime second or third quarter of calendar ye year '21. >> second or third quarter. let's talk about how the vaccine is going to be distributed. >> yes. so this is a complex process, and it requires great coordination because what you're going to have to do is get millions of doses of vaccine from manufacturing sites to distribution centers, and ultimately to places they're going to vaccinate people, a hospital, pharmacy, doctor's office. the other thing you need to do, make sure what we call the cold chain is preserved. some vaccines need to be stored at very cold temperatures, minus 20, minus 70 degrees celsius. there are special shipping boxes that have been created that measure the temperature 24 hours a day, they have gps systems so they know where they are in the shipping process, and once they
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get to their site, they have different sort of life spans, if you will, once to the site for administration. what they're going to try to do is leverage pre-existing infrastructure that exists at the federal level, state level, tribal nation level, like we use for influenza vaccines, for example. they're going to have to bolster those because of the size, distribution, and complexity of cold chain. >> how many doeses will each person need to take? >> so it depends on the vaccine. the vaccines that are applying for emergency use authorization, those are two dose vaccines. the pfizer vaccine is given, you get the first dose, three weeks later a second dose. moderna vaccine is separated by four weeks. the astra-zeneca vaccine is separated by four weeks. that's a two dose vaccine, and that's an important point because when you see companies report we're going to deliver 20
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million doses, deliver 50 million doses, those numbers are typically global numbers, not specific to the united states. and second of all, those are total doses. you have to divide that by number of doses an individual needs. so if the united states is getting 20 million doses, that's 10 million people. >> so many people want to know how quickly we go back to normal, after getting the vaccine, is this going to change how we socially distance? are we going to still need to wear masks? >> that's a great question because no, we are not going to immediately, once you get vaccination, the absolute best way for us to do it is turn the epidemic curves in a completely different direction, by improving public health behaviors, which we have spoken about a number of times, social distancing and masks are the
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foundation, and ensuring that everyone that's eligible to get a vaccine is willing to take the vaccine, get both doses of the vaccine. if we do both those things, this time next year, we could look completely different in a positive way compared to where we are now. >> let's hope we get to that point. it feels so far off, but we can see it from here. dr. steven thomas, thank you for walking us through this. >> thank you. for the next three weeks, l.a. county residents are under a new stay at home order, this announcement coming one day after california set a new pandemic record with more than 7,000 people hospitalized across the state. cnn correspondent stephanie elam explains what the latest order involves. stephanie? >> reporter: brianna, los angeles county implementing a new stay at home order in effect for three weeks and bans anyone gathering outside of their household during this period. also looking at hospitalizations in the county, there are more
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than 2100 people in the hospital, that's noteworthy. california as a whole has hit a record number of hospitalizations. also seeing here that now they pulled nine counties back into restrictive tiers, now 99% of the population in california is now at the most restrictive level. >> stephanie, thank you so much for that. now to florida, where the governor spoke to reporters about schools after weeks of being essentially mia. >> schools will remain open for in person instruction, we will continue to offer parents choices for spring semester. every parent in florida can take that to the bank. closing schools due to coronavirus is probably the biggest public health blunder in modern american history. >> the governor is standing firm on masks, will not mandate them or fine people failing to wear them. the announcement comes as the state is close to crossing the
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one million mark for coronavirus cases. and cnn correspondent rosa flores has more on the disturbance rise in numbers across the boards. rosa? >> brianna, look at the line to be tested at miami beach, it wraps around the corner. they have more than 190,000 cases reported just this month. here's the reality on the ground in state of florida. the number of hospitalizations has increased by 30% in the past two weeks. here in miami-dade county, it increased by 29%. here's the biggest worry in miami-dade. positivity rate continues to race, being 10% yesterday. >> thank you so much for that. president-elect joe biden getting his first presidential intelligence briefing today. we'll hear what's in it or at least some of it. a lot of it is classified, right? biden unveils his economic team, there's one name won't make the right or left very
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a milestone moment for president-elect joe biden. after weeks of waiting, he is finally getting the president's daily brief from the intel community today. first time he'll receive the top secret intelligence since the election. trump and the white house signed off. the only ones that could grant access to the material. biden will receive intelligence and analysis about threats to the u.s. that he needs to know to run the country, keep it safe. cnn correspondent vivian salama
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is with us. it is a bit delayed, but tell us more about what's in the brief and how critical it is for the president-elect to finally get it. >> reporter: hey, brianna, that's right. so joe biden is going to be receiving his presidential daily brief or pdb as known in washington in wilmington. he has waited a couple of weeks. normally it is a traditional thing given to the president-elect, a courtesy if you will, once they won the election, you let them receive the daily briefing. this is not just a courtesy, it goes beyond that, it is a very important issue for national security, the pdb is essentially a collection of intelligence that's gathered from all the different agencies and compiled for the president, everything the president needs to know, as well as top national security advisers. let me give you a real world example we're looking at. viewers may have heard us talk about a situation brewing in iran where a nuclear scientist was assassinated, iran is
10:17 am
blaming israel for that. the issue has a big, large national security implication, not just for the trump administration now to deal with, but for the incoming administration. something like that would definitely be in the briefing as well as other potential threats. we have troops all over the world, incoming president and his team will need to know what threats are posed against them, what they have to deal with. this essentially makes them go in on day one, ready to take on any threats to the united states. obviously the delay in the presidential daily brief was a concern to a lot of people in the national security world because they wanted the president-elect to be up to speed from day one. now, remember, joe biden is not someone who is knew to this. he has been in the white house, he's also had roles in the senate where he had access to intelligence matters. so he's well read, so is his team. while it wasn't necessarily a situation you had people coming in new to the job, unfamiliar
10:18 am
with what they're going to be dealing with, it still is a changing landscape. national security threats change by the day. it is important for them to be up to speed january 20th when they hand over the keys to the biden team, brianna. >> yeah, such a good point. vivian, thank you so much for that report. live from washington. president-elect biden today is unveiling his economic team which will take the financial crisis in this country head on. as millions of americans are unemployed, facing eviction, facing loss of their unemployment benefits, biden says he is committed to building an administration that, quote, looks like america. women tapped for four top spots, janet yellen, would be the first woman in that role if confirmed. neera tanden to lead office of management and budget. cecilia rouse to chair council of economic advisers, and i want to bring in political correspondent abby phillip to talk about this.
10:19 am
yellen and tanden, abby, have to be confirmed. tell us what republicans are saying about the nominees. >> reporter: first of all, start with neera tanden, head of center for american progress. someone that's been more than janet yellen in the political space. she has made a lot of public comments about not just policies but personalities, about individual united states senators and so on, so forth. also a political ally of the clintons. so she's someone who i think no matter what, republicans would probably have something to say about her nomination. they suggest because of past comments about them, particularly on twitter, she may face tougher confirmation process. one of the questions about that going forward will be will they hold up a president's nominee because maybe she said not nice things about them on social media. i think that will be a big
10:20 am
question going into confirmation. as for janet yellen, i suspect she might be an easier confirmation for biden because she's someone that has held a top economic position before, a well known, well respected economist, is not really a political figure in that sense. there's a sense while republicans may disagree with her economic philosophy, the grounds they would have to push back on her nomination would be i think much less significant than what we might see with neera tanden which may end up being a lot of theater when it comes to the united states senate and some lawmakers who she's had things to say about in the past. >> and of course, we're in the middle of a pandemic right now. there are millions of americans who do not have jobs. is this team going to be able to help biden push through big stimulus spending measures? what's the outlook there? >> it seems like the team he is putting together is a group of people, progressive minded
10:21 am
economists, policy makers who are thinking about things in a very specific way, especially when it comes to workers' incomes, when it comes to government intervention in the economy. i think the big question now is how much does the federal government need to push the economy forward, to get the economy back up and running, to help the country recover from coronavirus. it seems that based on some names he is putting together, these are people that favor strong federal intervention in those areas, but someone like neera tanden that comes from a progressive think tank, those are the kinds of organizations that come up with policies like $15 minimum wage, they're talking about whether or not how much the government should intervene to boost salaries. talking about the policy towards labor. this is clearly a team looking toward worker incomes and actual
10:22 am
salaries, dealing with this income gap we have between the rich and poor, but also the big question that faces biden, how much would they push nfor the kboft government to spend more even if it increases debt. >> we'll see what the path holds. the president escalating absurd claims about the election, introducing new conspiracy theories republican senators are enabling. how a fox host is helping him do it. and republican lies back firing in georgia as republicans have trouble convincing voters to participate because they think the system is rigged. listerine® cleans virtually 100%. helping to prevent gum disease and bad breath. never settle for 25%. always go for 100. bring out the bold™
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nearly a month after losing the election, president trump still won't admit he's lost. the conspiracy theory he is spinning to explain joe biden's win is a doozy, even for him. president trump wants you to believe without a shred of evidence to back it up that the fbi, department of justice, department of homeland security, venezuela, poll workers in multiple states, but only the ones that trump lost, fox
10:28 am
anchors, but only the day side ones, republicans, but only republicans in the states trump lost, and of course democrats were all in on a conspiracy that forced him to lose the election. the strangest of strange bed fellows, motleyest of crews, came together to throw the election. that's what trump wants you to believe what happened. he also wants you to believe they covered their tracks impeccably because remember, there is no evidence they coordinated or communicated and zero evidence of widespread voter fraud, zero. we know this because election officials across the country, democrats and republicans, have told us that. we know that because trump's own administration has told us that. joe biden won the election fair and square and quite frankly, it wasn't even close, but president trump continues his journey through never neverland held aloft by tinker bell tv. >> i don't think we even have to prove this. they say i was doing so much
10:29 am
better than they thought that they panicked and started just doing ballot after ballot quickly, and just checking the biden name on top. >> now, that is a new one, alleging they, and who is they, by the way, he doesn't say, that panic led them, whoever them is, to fill out ballots for biden, ballots that are verifiable, counted by hand by democrats and republicans. his desperate conspiracy theory fails the plausibility test and flu flunked the evidence test. unless he is not trying to prove anything, trying to muck it up, assuage his bruised ego. >> this is total fraud, how the fbi and department of justice, i don't know, maybe they are
10:30 am
involved. >> maria bartiromo seemed shocked by the president of the united states casually suggesting the fbi and the doj rigged the election against him. departments helmed by his own appointees. >> missing in action, can't tell you where they are, they just keep moving along, and they go on to the next president. >> they do, because that's how it works. they do move on to the next president, as baffling as it may be to trump who it appears is just nursing this open wound of losing a popularity contest. >> we won the election easily. there's no way joe biden got 80 million votes. >> yet the president's 74 million votes totally real, legit, no reason to question those, he says. >> i was called by the biggest people saying congratulations, political people, congratulations, sir, you just won the election. it was 10:00. >> congratulations, sir. these unnamed people said to
10:31 am
him. cnn fact checker daniel dale that spends time reviewing trump's false hoods says sir is one of his tells, he uses it often when he is lying. not the first time trump c conjured out of thin air. cnn was unable to find jim or verify his existence. no other news outlet was able to do it. apparently trump has an imaginary friend or friends plural, like john barron, bragging about trump sounded exactly like trump himself. let's say john barron doesn't have a linked in page, but has a hand in white house messaging which at times gets a little stopped up. >> this election was over, then they did dumps. call them dumps, big massive
10:32 am
dumps. >> he appears to be describing what his legal team and their allies are doing across the country with 40 cases now lost or withdrawn. >> they weren't allowed to have poll watchers. the democrats and thugs, thugs, i'm not talking about saying could you please move over, they threw them out of the counting rooms. >> that's a lie, something his own lawyers say they can't prove in court. trump went after the republican governor of georgia. >> the governor has done nothing, he has done absolutely nothing. i'm ashamed i endorsed him. >> he hasn't reversed the will of the voters, hasn't stolen an election for trump? >> mr. president, if you take out the contested swing states electoral votes, you're back down to president trump having 232 electoral votes and joe biden having 227.
10:33 am
>> true, but that's also like saying if you take out points that michael jordan and scottie pippen scored, you're back to john stockton having the starting role in the last dance. that's not how it works. unless you're on planet trump. >> i wanted to file one suit, donald j. trump, president of the united states against, and put everything in one simple suit. they say sir, you don't have standing. i say i don't have standing. you mean as president of the united states i don't have standing. what kind of a court system is this? >> assuming he's upset he is not going before the supreme court, he doesn't quite understand he is not entitled to automatic attendance to the nation's highest court because he filled a third of it. his lawyers apparently don't understand that either. >> waiting for the united states supreme court, the president nominated three justices, to step in and do something, hopefully amy coney barrett will come through.
10:34 am
>> they're hoping the president's appointments will further fuel his fantasies as he takes the fairy tale global. >> and you have leaders of countries that call me, say that's the most messed up election we've ever seen. >> of course, he doesn't name world leaders, nor was he challenged to by bartiromo, but nearly all world leaders have congratulated biden except for vladimir putin. >> this is disgusting. we cannot allow america's election to be corrupted. we cannot. >> how about she stops embracing conspiracy theories on national television. that might help. if she let's the president's phone call go straight to voice mail, she wouldn't get his validation. >> you're actually very brave because you're doing something the media doesn't want to talk about. >> there were so many conspiracy theories analyze in this interview that his decision to boot sidney powell off the legal team for being too tin foil hat
10:35 am
as a result of his actions and lead lawyer that keeps saying the quiet part out loud. >> city of detroit probably had more voters than citizens, i am exaggerating, but all you have to do is look at statistical data. >> we are, the courts are, the facts are not on your side. ahead, felt officials fear the covid surge after thanksgiving. getting word america saw its busiest travel day since start of the pandemic. experts say north and south dakota are seeing the worst covid rates in the world. i speak live with a city councilman who says he's scared. what about subway? it's a good call and everyone loves it. we raised our kids on it. so it stopped the bickering? (mocking tone) "mom, jj's copying me!" grow up. mom! knock it off! try the new subway buffalo chicken or bbq chicken. try the new subway get their dishes as clean as possible.olks ask me how to i tell them, try cascade platinum plus the power of oxi.
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experts tracking the spread of the coronavirus across north and south dakota say the states have the worst rates in the entire world. north dakota's governor decided to issue a statewide mask mandate after months of resistance to doing so. south dakota governor still won't do it, has one sioux falls leader saying he is scared. curt sale, vice chair of the sioux falls city council. tell us for folks that are not there in the dakotas, tell us what's happening in your state.
10:41 am
>> well, we're certainly seeing the spike here in south dakota. being a mainly rural state, in the middle of the country, we have kind of avoided the big rush that happened with the eastern coast and west coast. normally things take awhile to get to south dakota and being a state that's sparsely populated and large area, doesn't effect us as quick. it has finally come to south dakota and it has spread like wildfire. the numbers today, yesterday's testing, 50% positivity rate, so it is here, here to stay. >> and you know, one of the things since it did take awhile to get to you, one of the benefits of that should be that you had the advanced warning, right? you had the knowledge of seeing what other states and cities had done but in the end you haven't been able to use that knowledge in a powerful way to keep people safe in your state.
10:42 am
>> well, certainly when it takes so long to get here, is something invisible, not tangible, hard to wrap your hands around that it is going to come. the benefit we received in south dakota from being so late is the fact that our death rate is lower for those people that are infected. we are treating in the hospitals better than we could have six months ago based on what has happened on the east coast and other countries. could we have been better prepared as far as lock downs, mandates? possibly. we might have been a little too late, but it is here now, we have a mask mandate in our city and other states are looking for it too. >> what are your fears. certainly you're no stranger to what's going on, you have family on the front lines, both your daughters are nurses, married to folks that work in health care as well. what are your biggest concerns? >> well, my concern mainly is
10:43 am
for the health of our community and also that we're maybe not paying close enough attention as we should be, and secondly, those people in health care, especially in our city of sioux falls, we have two main hospitals in the city that are private and those people working in the hospitals are being taxed beyond belief in what they're doing. the stress of what they're seeing is beyond comprehension, something they've never signed up for. my daughters tell me and other people tell me it is just the strain it is putting on the system. even if you're not sick with covid and you have another issue, you're not getting the kind of treatment you would have had before because it takes so much more for health care professionals today to perform their services than it would have a year ago, so they're being stressed. >> indeed, they are. you know it. we're thinking of you and your family. you're very much entrenched in this, mr. vice chairman. thank you so much for being with
10:44 am
us. >> thank you. pedaling lies and conspiracy theories is beginning to backfire. republicans have to persuade georgia voters to vote election day in critical senate runoff races, after being fed baseless claims of rigged elections and widespread fraud. the cloud ea. but we didn't stop there. we made a cloud flexible enough to adapt to any size business. no matter what it does, or how it changes. and we kept going. so you only pay for what you use. because at dell technologies, we nothing. ♪
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all eyes still on georgia as senate control hangs in the balance. two runoff races in early january will determine if republicans keep control of the senate or if democrats are able to flip control of it. the president trying to get out the vote there, he plans to
10:49 am
campaign in georgia saturday. in order to do that, he has to get supporters to buy into an election process that he has repeatly told them is rigged. the president's lies on voter fraud in georgia are haunting him. over the weekend, rnc chair ronna mcdaniel was met by a crowd of skeptical georgia republicans that asked why they should turn out and vote in an election when the outcome is already fixed. >> it is not decided. this is the key. it is not decided. if you lose your faith and don't vote and people walk away, that will decide it. so we have to work hard, trust us, we're fighting, we're looking at every legal avenue. >> so staff writer for the dispatch, cnn political analyst, sara sidner, the trump reporters were asking the rnc why to bother voting, and ronna
10:50 am
mcdaniel's answer is if you lose faith, while at the same time she and the president and other republicans worked to undermine that faith she's talking about them you have three different buckets going on. an unprecedented amount of money going into the races. the think about the governor's race between kemp and stacey abrams. that was $100 million. already there's close to $300 million reserved and spent. two, you've got ongoing litigation. you have the sydney powell and livewood lawsuit going on, that claims all the voting machines that are created by dominion have been rigged. they want to sxlos tore voting machines. three, you have donald trump continuing to say that election was rigged, that the ballot boxes were, quote/unquote, stuffed over the weekend. so it's no surprise you have voters in georgia, who support
10:51 am
the president, who are listening to what he says and saying, why should i give my money? why should i spent my time if the whole election is rigged and they're just stuffing ballot boxes? the problem with a special election, though, brianna, as you know, is it's not like a presidential, where the turnout between registered voters can be, you know, 90%, a special election will be much lower, so the only question here is which side can get their voters to turn out. the republicans have a big problem if their voters don't think their vote matters. >> no, they have a very big problem. is it of their own creation? it appears so. the president has been attacking the voter system in georgia, as you're aware, sarah. he's also been blasting the republican secretary of state who oversaw the election. he called the governor halless, and unloaded on him. >> they had judges making deals
10:52 am
and election officials making deals, like this character in georgia, who is a disaster. the governor has done nothing, absolutely nothing. i'm ashamed i endorsed him. >> what do you make of this, his an anti-kemp tirade. it puts perdue and loefflerloef puts them in a strange position. they have come out and called for the resignation of the secretary of state, the republican secretary of state, and so now what are they going to do about their governor? don't forget that senator loeffler was appointed by this governor. so you have the president attacking the republican governor, two republican senators trying to turn out the vote for them, donald trump has created a mess in georgia. of course, this is not just two random senate seats. this is for republican control of the senate during a biden administration. i do think, brianna, that's why in the end republicans still have the advantage in georgia
10:53 am
despite this rhetoric. perdue beat ossoff by votes, it's a huge advantage that he goes into this race with. georgia is still, all in all, probably a pretty red state, even though joe biden won it. so donald trump doing everything he can to undermine this result, especially in the two seats republicans are expected to win and they need to win to droll the senate. >> it's essential for them to hold on. we know joe biden isn't banking on winning these seats. we're seeing that as he makes the picks. wonderful to see you, sarah. >> you're welcome. arizona certifying the results of the election. that affirms that joe biden won arizona, but the president's legal team is in the state today pushing their baseless claims. we'll have that next. sfoo and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service you can trust.
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. new york police say they shut down an illegal club in the weekend. under the current panty restrictions all indoor and outdoor gatherings are limited to ten people. brita brinn gingras has more. >> that didn't stop more than 400 people from partying in an underground club.
10:59 am
the sheriff's department said it shut down the illegal bottle club saying it was in violation, and it was operating without a value liquor license. these are some of the pictures the sheriff's department tweeted. the four organizer were also charged with offenses for penal health alcohol and beverage control laws. brynn, thank you for that report. we do have breaking news in arizona form the secretary of state has just certified the election results and awarded the 11 electoral votes to president-elect joe biden. this comes amid a hearing from the trump administration lawyers. >> reporter: this is one of a series of states we have seen certify their election in the runs by the trump campaign this
11:00 am
is another state really controlled by the republicans, so, of course, you know, that is something that is similar to the state of georgia, where the president has repeatedly railed on the governor there. this is something that, you know, for many weeks now, almost a month now after election day, come tomorrow, either have recounts after tallies, states the only thing is they're still contesting this with zero evident. officially now a red state merning it blue for the first


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