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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  November 26, 2020 7:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning, everyone. happy thanksgiving. so glad you're with me this morning i'm poppy harlow. this is a special edition of "newsroom," jim has a well deserved day off. to many we're giving up traditions we hold dear. now is the time to stay strong because the pandemic is getting worse and worse by the day. yesterday the united states recorded 181,000 new covid cases and the second straight day the virus killed more than 2,000 americans. experts are warning about a surge on a surge. and a new forecast out by the cdc says nearly 60,000 more people will die from this virus in the next three weeks. in miami dade county the number of patients with covid-19 that need ventilators has increased
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44% in the last two weeks. that's where we begin with rosa flores in miami, that's a terrifying statistic. are the hospitals able to keep up? >> reporter: right now they are, poppy. you can probably remember back in july, we were talking about this in the number -- total number of patients was in about 2,000s, about 2,000. it's now 664. the number is lower, but, of course, medical experts are worried about the trajectory because the numbers continue to increase. process this with me for a moment because the total number of deaths here in the united states exceeds 262,000. the latest model from the university of washington, projects that number could grow to 471,000 by march 1st. that's why medical experts are so worried by this, that's why during thanksgiving they're asking people not to gather again because of the trajectory of these numbers.
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as poppy mentioned, the numbers here in the united states, the covid-19 infections are surging. yesterday the united states reported more than 181,000 cases. the number of hospitalizations is nearing 90,000 and the death toll continues to increase. it's been more than 2,000 for several days, including yesterday which it neared 2,300 here in miami-dade county where i am, the number of hospitalizations has increased by 25% in the past two weeks. number of icus up 43% during the same time period and the number of ventilators up 44%. poppy, you and i have talked about miami-dade a lot. i can tell you that the local leaders are very worried and they're asking governor ron desantis to do more. they're asking for a mask mandate statewide, they're asking him for more power because when he reopened the state back in september, he stripped mayors from powers that they had to impose mitigating
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measures, including he barred them from fining individuals that violated the mask mandate. ask some of the mayors in miami they tell you that was one of the mitigating measures that was working here. they don't have that power anymore. poppy? >> i'm so glad you brought that up. i had forgotten that happened and their hands are tied on that front. rosa, thank you for that reporting. happening right now, the macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york city is happening this year, but it's looking a little bit different. let's get to evan mcmorris, he's here in new york where usually you would be in a sea of people looking for the best eye line to see the parade. it's very different this year but they're still doing it, bringing a little cheer into people's homes. >> that's right, poppy. the idea is that it's still new york, thanksgiving, let's have a parade. there's not much of a parade this year, it's different designed around the pandemic.
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mostly a tv production. the 2.5 mile route that goes on, has been cut down. this is the best place to be. they are doing some balloons. we have macy's star and some kind of artistic octopus thing, which i think is cool but i don't know what it is. people have come down to look at this, even though there isn't much to see. i have with me zenith, who is a new yorker. this is the end of a long year for new york and the parade has been changed by the pandemic. tell me what it's like to be in new york and how you feel right now? >> i feel like new york is tough, resilient, and new york will always come back strong. and find a way to celebrate the holidays and to commemorate what -- how thankful we are this year. >> reporter: why was it important to you to leave your house, come out in the rain and watch balloons you can see move
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down half a block? >> i'm from l.a. we grew up watching the rose parade every year on new year's, so it was a really big -- it's really special to be here on thanksgiving and to see what new yorkers do. >> reporter: thank you so much. so, poppy, that's it. the people are feeling festive, even though it's a different parade people trying to stay safe in the pandemic. >> i think they should give you this assignment every year. only you can find the artistic octopus. >> i'm having the time of my life, i will say. it's a cool balloon, isn't it? >> it's a very cool balloon, evan. don't have too much fun. happy thanksgiving. we turn to a serious, important development overnight with the supreme court. the high court siding with religious groups and against covid-19 restrictions put in place by new york's governor, andrew cuomo.
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joan joins me now, a 5-4 decision and an important one and of course key vote, amy coney barrett. >> happy thanksgiving, poppy. >> you too. >> this came right at midnight last night, 5-4, and six opinions, a stunning decision with a lot of anger among the justices. first of all, what they said, the majority said were the restrictions on churches and synagogues were likely violated the free exercise of religion. the majority pointed out that there we there wereless there were lesser restrictions on retail establishments and other shopping-type outlets that contrasted with what was being put onto churches. and the majority also said there hadn't been any evidence that covid had been spread through these services. but then two of the justices in the majority, justices gorsuch
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and brett kavanaugh broke off to reiterate points about religion in this time of covid and justice gorsuch was especially tough saying it's as if the constitution has taken a holiday. chief justice john roberts was in dissent. a rare position for him. he said we don't have to do this, governor cuomo is still working out restrictions, the restrictions appealed to us aren't in effect right now. there's no need for us to intervene in this way. and justice sotomayor wrote, you're denying the input of mental health officials here. very important information. >> joan, this is really completely the opposite of the decision -- the decisions the high court made earlier this year about churches in california and nevada. the only difference then -- or one of the key differences was
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the late justice ginsburg was sitting on the bench now it's you justice barrett. >> this is the result of amy coney barrett seceding justice ginsburg because she's in the majority saying we can not let these restrictions stand. a very important development here, not only for the bottom line but in terms of relations among the nine justices. the remaining liberals are saying, denying health considerations here at a time of covid. >> joan, thank you very much. i appreciate you coming in on thanksgiving because this is really significant. >> it is. >> happy thanksgiving. >> thank you, poppy. president-elect joe biden and the future first lady are offering an opinion this morning it's a message to the american people on thanksgiving. in it they write, like millions
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of americans we're temporarily letting go on the traditions we can't do safely. it is not a small sacrifice. these moments with our loved ones, time is lost, cannot be returned. it's a price we pay but not alone. david swir lick is with us. good morning, happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving, poppy. how are you? >> i'm good. this morning reading that from the bidens after hearing the president-elect say yesterday the american people need to be told the truth by their president. the last 24 hours we've seen the current president trying to convince everyone the election was rigged and pardoning the national security advisor that lied to the fbi and the vice president. it's just a stark contrast. >> poppy, it's a stark contrast to the last 24 hours to the last
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month and to the last year. president trump, i think by any objective standard, has not taken a reality-based all hands to the pump approach to the coronavirus pandemic. and here we are blowing past a quarter million american deaths on our way to 300,000 american deaths. i see the op-ed on by the president-elect, by dr. biden as trying to accomplish three things, trying to re-establish a sober, hopeful but reality-based tone. they also talked about thanking the people on the front lines, everybody from doctors and nurses to people who work in grocery stores and drugstores. and also, saying, look, even if we can't be with our loved ones on this thanksgiving, my wife and i are here at home, not with our family like we normally would be, we can still be thankful for the things we do have and trying to sort of establish himself as saying,
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look, this is how the biden presidency is going to be, even if you're accustomed to the trump presidency. >> they're important words for sure, and the message of unity and bringing people together, and this country desperately needs it. as we saw in the exit polling from the election, it was like the fourth or fifth most important things to folks that they voted on. i just wonder what actions you think are necessary after january 20th to accomplish that. he said this week to lester holt, he may nominate a republican to be part of his cabinet, that might do some of it, but it won't do all of it in terms of unifying the country. >> that's right, poppy. upwards of 70 million people liked and wanted four more years of president trump. almost 80 million people liked and wanted four years of president-elect biden. that wasn't the top line issue. the pandemic. this was a referendum on trump
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or no trump. the biden/harris administration is going to have harder things to do than write op-eds. next year they have to get people to wear masks, they have to roll out the vaccine when it comes online, whenever it does come online. i'm sorry i live in downtown d.c. you may hear sirens in the back. >> that's all right. it's life. >> it is life. we have a situation here where there's a lot of work to do, i think right now what biden is trying to do is set that tone and get people to focus on the pandemic where like you said it didn't wind up being an issue, strangely enough, that decided the election. >> it is. the hard work is to come for sure. david swerdlick, thank you. >> happy thanksgiving, poppy. vaccines have yet to be authorized by the fda but states are reporting already how many doses they think they're going to get as soon as next month. and the president yesterday
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welcome back. pharmaceutical giant, astrazeneca, is facing some serious questions about its covid vaccine trial. they admit they made a mistake in the vaccine dosage received by some of the vul untiolunteer they're also pointing to missing data, and the lack of
7:18 am
information about two participants who got sick before the trial was paused in september. joining us is dr. lina wenn, formerly the health commissioner of baltimore. thanks for being here, especially on thanksgiving. good morning. >> good morning, and happy thanksgiving. >> you too. doctor when you hear that about astrazeneca, there was a portion in the trial of their participants that they gave half the dose to, they needed a full dose, they gave them half. that's a big problem and as elizabeth cohen pointed out last hour, there are a lot of question marks about how they get to that efficacy rate they're now publishing. i worry that might make people not trust all the vaccines about to go through the fda process. what's your message to everyone on this? >> it is really critical that we have transparent and credible data from the pharmaceutical companies. this is the reason why we have a
7:19 am
regulatory process. i trust that the fda is going to do everything they can to ensure that the data are sound. to ensure that they are not taking any short cuts when it comes to the science. i do hope that they're going to make all the data transparent and available to everyone so that the entire medical and scientific community can examine the data. but i want americans know we should have faith in the process, and ultimately having a vaccine is not what's going to save us from the pandemic it's having the vaccination, so it needs to be safe and effective but also trusted by the public. >> to be clear, the issues that astrazeneca is facing now, pfizer did not go through this, moderna did not go through them. so people should not lump it together. what about children? there's a top fda official who said children are likely going to be recruited into the trials soon. right now pfizer has started the trial on kids as young as 12.
7:20 am
i think about our kids we have little kids at home. what does that tell you for how many more months until we can vaccinate our toddlers? >> it's going to take time. i'm not sure we know how long that is, i would anticipate not until late spring, early summer because trials have to be under way for older kids and then we start in the toddler category and then infants. so it will take time but i'm optimistic the trials will be expedited not in a way that takes short cuts to science but a way that gets the vaccine to everyone as soon as possible. >> you wrote an important op-ed this week, as you often do, but this one is particularly striking that i think everyone should read. you're arguing that we need to keep our schools closed through the winter. that's hard for a lot of parents to hear. it was hard for me to read. make the case.
7:21 am
>> so a lot of people have been saying schools are not contributing much to community transmission, and bars are open so why shouldn't schools be open. first of all, maybe the bars should be closed. the other thing too just because there isn't much contribution to community transmission doesn't mean there isn't individual risk to the steefrp teachers and staff who are working at the schools. the american academy reported 144,000 children infected in a week, and that's an under estimate given the amount of testing we have. and according to the cdc's own guidelines, more than half the states are at highest risk of transmissions in school. i think the schools can make the conditions safe but they need to invest in ventilation, decreasing capacity in the schools and it's unfair for us to put the burden of the failure in our society to control covid on teachers and staff who work in the schools. i'm not saying every school
7:22 am
should close. i think a lot of schools that put in mitigation efforts should remain open and students with special needs and young children should stay in school. let's flip this. let's not have the default be schools should be open regardless but let's make schools safe first. >> it's a fair and important argument you're right about kids with special needs, those that don't have laptops, 60,000 in new york city still waiting for their digital devices so they can't get remote learning right now. a build should be open for them with computers right now. it's unfair. dr. wen, thank you. happy thanksgiving. >> you too, poppy. coming up the president is spending his final days in office literally phoning it in. two pennsylvania lawmakers upset talking to them about voter fraud without any evidence.
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a president's prerogative or aabuse of power or both? president trump granting a full pardon to his former national security advisor michael flynn. flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the fbi twice during robert mueller's russia investigation. multiple sources tell cnn the president is expected to issue a string of additional pardons before he leaves the white house. your reaction to flynn, who i'll just remind people, yes, the president can do this, but there's a lot here with flynn. he lied to the fbi twice, he lied to the vice president, the president fired him and he was cooperating with the mueller investigation up to a point. so much so that mueller said in documentation that it was providing valuable information for the future. what do you make of the president's pardon? >> i think we have to remember
7:29 am
this is before judge sullivan in d.c. and the justice department sought to drop the charges on this and made basically that it was an entrapment scheme and they sought to -- and that the case couldn't go forward because it wasn't credible because of potential entrapment scheme. that was sitting before judge sullivan and awaiting a ruling any day now. the justice department said they would have preferred that the president wait until the ruling came out but it's well within his prerogative to make that judgment call. i think given that fact, the president was sitting back thinking, this is something the justice department doesn't want to proceed with. there's no, at this point in time, if the justice department doesn't want to proceed forward, he feels it's the right time to issue clemency in this case, it's well within his province to do that and he made a determination to do it. >> he can do it, i said it at the outset. the question is all the other things i mentioned before asking
7:30 am
the question. let me read one thing. >> sure, go ahead. >> you rightly bring up judge sullivan, which is so important. and he wrote this in 2018, remember, when he was in this process because this has been a four-year ordeal with flynn. to flynn he said this in court, all along you were an unregistered agent of a foreign country while serving as the national security advisor to the president of the united states. that undermines everything this flag over here stands for. arguably you sold your country out. and flynn, under oath said, quote, i recognize the actions i acknowledged in court today were wrong. i'm working to set them right. that stuff matters when it's done by the national security advisor of the united states. no? >> no question that it matters. but at the end of the day, the justice system in this case, the justice department, trump's justice department but nonetheless the justice department made a determination not to move forward with this
7:31 am
case. i think -- >> which sparked such outrage that some of the prosecutors left the division. >> right. in this instance, the justice department made a determination. it's within the president's province to do so, he's doing so lawfully. we've seen other controversial pardons in the past from the clinton administration and the bush administration. >> i hear you. >> all of these issues -- i'm not playing that, you know, but this happens throughout just about every administration, including the bush administration. >> okay. let me ask you something else. because you have been willing to say what i don't think anyone else who worked in the white house has -- or as recently as you has said. you said -- you did a great interview with chris cuomo saying there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud. the president doesn't have evidence, the legal team doesn't
7:32 am
have evidence, we have to move on. this is the president calling in yesterday to this thing that rudy giuliani and others had still trying to fight this in pennsylvania. listen. >> turn the election over, because there's no doubt we have all the evidence, we have all the affidavits, we have everything. all we need is to have some judge listen to it properly without having a political opinion or having another kind of a problem because we have everything. and by the way, the evidence is pouring in now as we speak. >> i mean, do i need to list the number of judges, republicans, trump appointees who have thrown these out case after case, what's your message to the president? >> if i'm the president's lawyer, i'm looking at him, speaking truth to power. if i'm rudy giuliani and the rest of his team, they should be doing the same. matthew brand, a long-time republican, an appointed judge on the federal district court, wrote a scathing opinion --
7:33 am
>> franken stein-like monster. >> yes. i think giuliani is coming dangerously close from time to time from being sanctioned in some of the cases. filing a case in the third circuit court of appeals when it hadn't gone to the district court to ask for relief, that's a head scratcher for me. asking for the election not to be certified but the effect of the certification not proceed. i'm not sure the relief they were asking for. but at the end of the day there's a case filed by congressman mike kelly and that cut at the constitutional core of whether pennsylvania changing its absentee ballots to include mail-in ballots same process except you don't have to check the box you're not available, was unconstitutional. that case, the judge ruled in kelly's favor, at least preliminary in that case. but that was a law duly passed by the republican legislature,
7:34 am
signed by a democratic governor, people relied upon that, secretary of state relied upon that in setting rules for the election. a judge is going to be hard pressed to turn around and overturn votes that voters were relying upon the rules of the game and casting. so it's going to be very difficult for the remedy to have any outcome on the election whatsoever, as it relates to pennsylvania. even if they're successful in that case. >> tim schultz good to have you. >> thanks for having me. >> happy thanksgiving. we'll be right back. what's the name again? >>it's shiori. what? >>shi - or - i adam, emily and then... s-uh um...
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if you are sitting around a table with food this thanksgiving, count your blessings because the need for food pantries has been greater than many, many prior years. ryan young is in atlanta this morning, he joins us now. ryan, you're a charity event that's celebrating its 50th anniversary this year helping families in a new way. what can you tell us? >> reporter: i've covered this event quite a few times and usually it's on the inside of this building, they do hair cuts and pass out clothes. that's all changed because of the pandemic. also the customers have changed, there's a long line of cars here, there are people who volunteered here in the past who are now receiving food. one of the organizers compared this to katrina, the largest, longest sustained effort they had to give food. they said this is an extended
7:40 am
effort the last few months. you can see the line, it comes down this way and people get their bags of food and other supplies that they desperately need. this has been tough for a lot of people when you think about the covid pandemic. there are people who are losing their homes and not able to put food on a table for their families and thanksgiving highlights that. we talked to one veteran who's having a tough time in life right now and says without an event like this, he doesn't know what he would do. >> i'm just extremely grateful that there is still people and organizations that are helping when you need help. you know, trying to survive, i work a day labor job, make a little money and when i need help i go to these events. >> reporter: you can see, a few ya warnock, who's running for senate, he's helping pass out food here as well. but the stories about the cars
7:41 am
that lined up early the morning with kids and families in the cars, and people are saying maybe they'll go home and eat. the truth of the matter is, there's a lot of people that show up here who will eat that meal in their car tonight because they have nowhere to go. they are concerned about evictions here, how the pandemic is creating an economic pandemic for people who don't have any place to go and don't have anything. tough during thanksgiving but it's good to see the volunteers out here helping. >> you're right. they're all saints and conversations we need to have with our kids around the table today is how fortunate they are and how grateful they are if they have food on the table. let's go to texas where the state saw its most new covid cases ever in a single day. over 14,000. ed lavandera joins us from dallas. that has prompted a curfew for a
7:42 am
few parts of the state? >> reporter: right. good morning, and happy thanksgiving, officials in bare county, south of austin, texas, are instituting a curfew for this thanksgiving weekend, from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m., people not allowed out. restaurants are supposed to be shutdown and limited to takedown and drive through early. this extends through monday morning. and city and county officials say they're instituting the curfew because the area is seeing another surge of coronavirus cases that compares to what we saw back in july, the initial surge of the cases here in the state. and officials there also say that the last couple of surges that kicked up in baear county and san antonio followed holiday weekends so they're instituting this curfew to prevent another surge they're afraid of in the week after thanksgiving. this comes in texas where we're
7:43 am
approaching nearly 1.2 million coronavirus cases, the state with the highest number of cases across the country. and it's also the state with the second highest number of coronavirus deaths. but despite all of that, the governor here says that there is no plan, no plan to institute more economic shutdown in this state, despite the numbers we're seeing right now, poppy. >> ed, it's very disstressing to see that kind of number out of texas. i hope this is helpful. thank you. families struggling with so much this year, especially those struggling to keep up with remote learning and it is exposing a severe digital divide for children across the country, having a real impact. we'll talk to a student and his mother who are living it right now. this afternoon, cnn brings you the story of joe biden and his long journey from receiving the democratic party nomination in the summer.
7:44 am
don't miss joe biden's long journey, it is fascinating, it starts at 4:00 p.m. eastern today. when i was in high school, this was the theater i came to quite often. the support we've had over the last few months has been amazing. it's not just a work environment. everyone here is family. if you are ready to open your heart and your home, check us out. we thought for sure that we were done. and this town said: not today. ♪ our own hopes and dreams. we'll pass many milestones. moments that define you. and drive you. to achieve even more. so, celebrate every one. because success isn't just about where you want to get to. it's also about how you get there
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♪ heart monitors that let your doctor watch over you, just like you watch over your best friend. another life-changing technology from abbott, so you don't wait for life. you live it. well, after thanksgiving, millions of students are going to go back to school, but most of them are going online, right, digital learning. but thousands won't because they were never enrolled. today, 7,000 students from one florida district are missing, many due to evictions or because they don't have a computer to take their remote classes let alone do any school work. jason knows this rstruggle.
7:49 am
when his high school closed last spring, he and his mom didn't have a loptop and it took his school over a month to get him a working one. because of that and lack of wi-fi, he is still struggling to learn online today. in his school district, 66% of families live below the poverty line, 66% of students don't have high speed internet and 40% of students failed at least one course this semester. jason and his mom are with me. good morning, thank you for being here. as a parent, this is an injustice that is happening across this country that has to be solved, and we really wanted to share your story just to bring to light what it's like to go through this. thank you for being with us this morning. jason, i want to note, you are passing all of your classes, which is something to celebrate given all the challenges you faced. can you tell us what it's been like to go through this? >> it's been really hard and
7:50 am
tough, because i had to go through two laptops, and i can't really get a good connection. and it's hard for me to talk through the laptop because the computer mic don't work. so it's been tough. and some of the work i try to submit to my teachers won't go through. >> so i mean, you -- and what grade are you in? >> tenth. >> tenth grade. this is an important year when it comes to getting ready to apply for college and all of that. for you, what's it like as the mother sitting beside him. i can't imagine the frustration. >> it's very frustrating because one, i work, and also, to deal with the frustration with the laptop crashing and then the site crashing, we fell behind, and we still had to go ahead and catch up for a month to get him back on track. it was very difficult but the
7:51 am
assistant principal, he stayed on top, checking on me, he came to the house to make sure the laptop was working. it's stressful to have to work and be home and helping him at the same time, it's overwhelming. it was very rough. >> of course, it is. for people asking right now they might ask how are they talking to you now? it's not that. you're using the cell service that you're able to talk to us. and just to make clear for people. >> yeah because the laptop still -- even right now the laptop still kind of crashes on us. it's rough because they want to see the student to check in they're there instead of absent. so when the laptop starts to freeze they're marking absent. it's difficult. he passed, barely passed but he passed. as a parent i'm talking to them, it's very difficult.
7:52 am
to a point my baby was so frustrated he wanted to give up, saying i hate school, i don't want to be in school. >> no giving up, jason. you're so close. if any kind of you watching right now feels like sending a good laptop, i'll connect them with you guys. jason, i know that one of your teachers has been making a huge effort, that is mrs. cox, let me pull this up. we have a picture of the note. this is a note she wrote for you. jason, i really enjoyed seeing you in class, i'm proud of you for making such good progression in class, love ms. cox. can you tell us about her, if she's watching, what does it mean to have a teacher like this? >> it feels good, because i never had a teacher that will check up on me. and it's rough. because most teachers are only like check up on you or tell you that you're not doing good. you're not doing so good.
7:53 am
and for her to check up on me, send a letter directly to me, saying i'm doing good, i'm proud of you, that makes me feel so good. >> we see a picture of her there. there are so many ms. coxes out there that change lives i'm glad to have her. it's amazing your situation isn't even the worst situation in the district. the number we got is that 5,000 kids in your district don't have a device at all. do you have friends that can't attend because they don't have any connectivity or any laptop? >> i know a few students that live in our neighborhood that actually are like family to us that are struggling with the laptops. it's like four of them, the wilson family, they are forced to -- actually, five kids in the house, they have to work on two or three laptops and take turns just to make it work.
7:54 am
>> i guess my final question to you would be, the fact that this is happening in america, the richest nation on earth in 2020 that hundreds of thousands of kids, if not millions, can't go to school because they don't have connectivity or a laptop as so many people sit around their thanksgiving today with so much, what is your message to them? >> i want you guys to know that you're not alone. don't give up. there's ways you can get help. there's ways you can find a way by reaching out to your schools, teachers, out there there's places that will donate. it's a struggle for me as a single parent also. keep trying, motivate your child, call the schools, call churches, anywhere you can so you can get the help you need. it's rough, this pandemic is putting stress on everyone, mentally, physically and emotionally. but school is a must so we have
7:55 am
to do the best we can for learning. >> good for you, belkis, you're doing so much at work and being a single mom. jason we have to go, but quickly what do you want to be when you graduate? >> i'm thinking about going to the marines. >> yay! >> look at that that. make our country proud. jason, belkis, thank you both. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving, everyone. thank you. have a blessed day. >> you too. thanks to all of you for joining us on this thanksgiving, may you have a blessed thanksgiving full of gratitude for all you have. i'm poppy harlow. a special edition of "newsroom" with boris sanchez is next.
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hello. i'm boris sanchez. i want to welcome our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. it is a thanksgiving day unlike any other. americans this year expressing gratitude for what they have, while many are hungry, struggling and grieving those missing from their tables. another 2,297 people died from coronavirus. hospitalizations nationwide breaking records for the 16th day in a row as medical experts


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