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tv   CNN Tonight with Don Lemon  CNN  November 17, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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and it comes next. d lemon. >> i thought you would say that while holding the premiere. i know you. >> are you trying to get me in trouble? every night you get earlier and earlier. you know i'm running up the stairs. >> as i say to you all the time. i don't want to owe you anything. and i don't want one second of time to have been taken from your precious show. and look, we had a lot of news fall on our watch tonight. >> the michigan thing. can we talk about that? wow, michigan just refused to certify the election results. having scourge a beautiful thing. they did have courage. they wound up overturning the vote. i don't know if you got to watch all the michiganers there and the detroiters who were on a zoom meeting. a zoom council meeting. they were letting them have it one after another after another. it was live for a while.
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and the outrage that the two people, the two republican who's refused to certify the election, they got an earful. and i'm just wondering in the fallout from the local people when they report back later tonight or tomorrow, how much of an influence those citizens, just regular everyday citizens. how much of an influence did they have on those two electors there? >> look, i love that all politics is local. and i think people should and must put pressure on the people they put in power. if you do the job the right way or get them out. what is so scary to me, is that we have half of our political culture in washington sitting by and saying nothing. what if it hadn't been for those michiganers and detroiters who decided to yet at these people. nothing is happening. none of the big republican there's say anything about it.
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and there was no proof offered. >> it is all local. they can be a very big influence on a national election on who was president of the united states. i think i heard some folks on your air talking about how history is going to look back on this. they'll look back and say what happened to me? what was i thinking in that time? you may want to win, you may want whatever it is. what do they call it? liberal tears. you may want all of that. but your grandchildren will look back and say what did grandpa do? what did mom do in this moment? and realize that you were on the wrong side of history. that you possibly were teaching them the wrong thing. >> this is an uncharacteristically optimistic d lemon. i see these people as having no shame in their game.
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none. >> well, you'll be surprised what happens to people as they get older. and sadly, when they're on their death beds. speaking of death beds, it is a weird transition. it's true. a lot of folks are dealing with that as well. we're in a very precarious time. >> did you see the food lines around this country? we haven't seen it since the depression. >> we are we live we hear the stories about the food bank. >> he operates the food bank. >> heart of the hamptons. they are the heart of the hamptons and a lot of people need them right now. if you have a local food bank, you should be donating to them. >> they run out of everything. >> everything every day. i have to run so i can talk about all these things and hope to get us on track and call it out. i'll continue on with what you did. thanks for showing never way in the hour before.
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>> i love you, d lemon. >> there was someone on twitter who said, i forget who it was. i'm so glad that don lemon and chris cuomo every night, they tell each other they love each other. maybe that will break some of the stereo type about roles for men and what is straight and what is gay and all those things. hey, look other, you are a heterosexual man, you have a wife and a family. i'm a gay man with a fiance and a dog. we can love each other. it's not weird. >> we're not friends. you're family to me. >> i don't love all my family. >> they can give you things. >> that's our relationship. >> i'll see you later. >> make your witness. >> yes. this is cnn tonight. i'm donnell lemon. we are in a precarious time. our democracy is being tested. the republic is being tested right now.
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imagine if electors in a number of different cities or states had decided to do what they did in michigan tonight. what would we do? what would happen? it's unprecedented. and then we have someone in the white house firing people. someone in the white house who is downplaying the virus. not really paying attention to it. wants the credit for the good things. the bad things, he has nothing to do with it. and then we have people trying to overturn the election. it is all happening right now, people. you should be scared and you should be at attention. at set, ready, set, you may have to go quickly. breaking news. a president who cannot semithe fact that he lost the election is determined to hang on. democracy be damned. he's out for payback. that's what's happening. he's in the white house, he's angry, upset that he lost. he's a sore loser. he is the loser in this
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competition, or the election for presidency. this is what it has come to. the top administration official in charge of voting security, chris krebs, fired. rejected the president's bogus claims of widespread voter fraud and it got him fired. he was fired. not just for doing his job but for defending our free and fair election. the most sake relevant right that we have i believe under the constitution. that's the most sacred right that we have. we are honored to serve, defend today, secure tomorrow. that seems pretty patriotic, doesn't it? yes. that's who the durant president of the united states fired tonight. and more breaking news to tell you about.
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after outrage, to block detroit's election results, the wayne county board of canvassers has reversed their decision last minute. just moments ago. reversed the decision. voted to certify before results including the city of detroit. apparently ending a last-gasp attempt, attempt that would have disenfranchised the voters of detroit. i want you to look at what happened in between when the two republicans on the panel said they had blocked certification, right? i wonder if this had any influence. i want to you look at this. this is between when they blocked and it then reversed their decision. here it is. >> i was at tcf on election night. i was there as we saw hundreds of detroiters doing their job, who literally make the wheels of
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democracy function. michiganers across the state don't take kindly to folks who though up barriers to justice. who try to remove people's voices. >> it seems that you pre planned a choice to sum arrestly affected the votes of people mostly black and brown. i feel it so deeply with the rage that i can barely speak. >> how dare you! how dare you try to silence the voice of the citizens. you will not get away with this. and understand and know that every decision you make that does not have moral decency, you will have to stand and give an account for that. >> don't underestimate your power, peach. don't just sit back and say i can't believe this is happening. do what you did. millions and that's and millions
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of you did on election day. exercise your power if you think something is wrong. those people were outraged. they defended their votes, they defended democracy. at least in wayne county, the jig is up. the people's votes will count the way they should count all over this damn country. stand up for your rights. this was nothing more than a blatant attempt to steal votes, to steal democracy, and to do it in the most racist way. do you think it was a coincidence the republicans on the panel wanted to take votes in wayne county away in detroit? a city that is 80% black? they dared to try it and the
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people said, don't you dare. they're not going to do it. this current president is willing to do anything at all. his acolytes and to do anything to defend the inevitable. the day he leaves office and joe biden becomes president, it is going to stop it. he's going to do everything to block it, to undermine, the new administration coming in. this is a crisis of leadership. and the president is still blocking the president-elect from being fully briefed on all challenges facing the country that he will lead in just 64 days. forcing biden to move ahead just today with a briefing of his own. >> to state the obvious, there is no presidential responsibility more important
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than protecting the american people. >> it should be obvious. that doesn't seem to be getting through to this president. hunkered down. he's behind closed doors at the white house watching tv. he hasn't had a classified intelligence briefing in more than a month while he is denying briefings to biden. no public events for this president. no answering questions by reporters, nothing. two tweeting, wrongly. other breaking news. the president has canceled his thanksgiving trip to mar-a-lago. one official telling cnn, quote, it feels like a bunker mentality. instead of stepping up and doing his job, this president is spending hours watching tv and tweeting. that's not how even he had pictured losing, is it? >> if i lose to him, i don't
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know what i'm going to do. i will never speak to you again. you'll never see me. can you imagine if i lose? my whole life, i'm not going to feel so good. maybe i'll have to leave the country. >> just drive the hell out of here. just get the hell out of this. i had such a good life. my life was great. >> so much i can say to that. and you know i could. but this is such a serious moment. i'm going to reserve that for another time. will you grant me that in because if you don't want to be here, bye-bye. yeah, i said it. bye-bye. and as the current president of the united states is nursing his grievances and refusing to acknowledge the reality that joe biden is the president-elect, he has his number one enabler. lindsey graham.
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lindsey graham is working overtime. he has zero elects oversight responsibility. none. acknowledging today that he reached out to officials in arizona, nevada and georgia. why? as we say in the south, ain't none of your own business. you need to mind your own business. not at all coincidentally, all states that joe biden won. while the president is trying the discredit the results of this election. i want you to listen as, a conversation that brad gave them impression they wanted to lure for ways.
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>> i categorically reject it. that wasn't, it is the in the we have a now race coming up. >> i have a bridge to sell you. lindsey, lindsey, lindsey. so lindsey graham, no election oversight responsibility. reaching out to arizona and nevada and georgia. all states that joe biden won. interestingly. a georgiian election official says the state is on track to finish its recount tomorrow and affirm biden's win which will be
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another loss. to deny joe biden his victory over the impeached one-term president who is presiding over a coronavirus pandemic that he has done nothing about. the impeached one-term president is presiding over a virus that he knows nothing about. hunker down. in a basement? maybe in a bunker or maybe the residents watching tv. enraged on twitter. and you know what they say. there is a tweet for everything. especially if you're lindsey graham doing a convenient about face from what you publicly said just a few years ago. this is lindsey graham. 2016. okay? and i quote here. like most americans, i have confidence in our democracy and election system.
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during debate mr. trump is doing the party and the country a great disservice by continuing to suggest the outcome of this election is out of his hands and rigged against him. if he loses, it will not be because it is rigged but because he failed as a candidate. thank you, lindsey graham. prescient. can we put that up again? it says everything about today. this is lindsey graham in 2016, okay? it sounds like he could have written it today. he says, like most americans, i have confidence in our democracy and electionystem. during this debate mr. trump is doing the party and the country a great disservice by continuing to suggest the outcome of this selection out of his hands and rigged against him. if he loses, it will not be because the system is rigged but because he failed as a
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candidate. maybe he should have gotten people to believe in mail-in voting. absentee voting. all kinds of things. lindsey graham is like, you know, the ghost of christmas past. or future. like scrooge, he sees the past and the future and they all line up. lindsey graham came back from 2016 and told you what was happening right in the moment. so good luck with that. kaitlyn collins, alex, both here. every night you have to follow me after i go off on all this crazy stuff. it is jarring and flooring. good evening to both of you. the president firing the
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director of the agency that says this election was the most secure in american history. first off, tell me about that. >> this is not shocking because even this official, chris sperktsd to be fired. but of course, the idea that the president is firing someone for simply telling the truth about what happened in this election, it should still stun people. and he worked in the george w. bush administration, left to be an executive in microsoft. mainly the the president himself tied it to others saying last week, the 2020 election was one of the most secure in history. what the president has done, it isn't tro. he nationally denied that. it was his enadministration day in and day out in the two weeks
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since the election. he expected to be fired. tonight he fired through. the president firing someone in his administration simply because they said something. it is saying that this is a fraudulent election though he has knotted no evidence toback up. what was his thinking over the president's false claim of election fraud? >> well, she's absolutely right. this is stunning but not sprising. what you can say more than anything is thatett public servant who cares deepbly americans' ability to vote. he has dared to say that this
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election was the most secure in election history. in u.s. history. in the run up to the election, he has been pushing back against the claims that the wloeks lead to the most fraudulent claims in our life times. with you he has pushed back. not exactly calling back the president with you certainly rebuking, rejecting these conspiracy theories, these lies pushed by the president and his supporters. i want to read you a little more from that statement that was put out by this cyber arm, we should say, there is no evidence any voting system dloetd or lost votes, changed votes or was in any way compromised. now if you've been following the president's tweets over the last few days, that's what he's been saying. that votes were fraudulent,
11:23 pm
votes were changed. he, he called one company in particular saying votes were changed. we've seen allies. there was a cia super compute per changed votes from trump to bottom. so after he was fired by tweet rather edcy, that krebs didn't know he was fired until he saw the tweet. he did respond. he wrote that he was honored to serve. we did it right. defend today. secure tomorrow. one more thing he often said was he wanted to make sure americans deci decide. for caring to speak up and --
11:24 pm
daring to speak up and say this stuff was nonsense, he got fired. >> yeah. it might be the best thing for him. not for us but for him. alex, thank you. kaitlyn, thank you. i appreciate it. mr. president, you are not thinking straight. someone needs to sit down and have a come to jesus with you. your thinking is off. there is something going on. revenge? sour grapes? whatever it is. it won't work. it makes you long bad. you're going to go down in history as the childish president who tried to refuse, who refused to leave the office. who tried to burn the house down on the way out. the people's house, by the way. the ones, the house that slaves built the.
11:25 pm
so for the sake of my ancestors, and all the people, the ancestors of the people watching and out in america, who helped build that house, don't burn it down. i mean that figuratively. a figure of speech. don't do it. don't divide the country any further. we don't need to be divided anymore west need to come together as much as we can and you are not helping with that. so if you don't want to help the country, do what you said in those sound bites that i showed. get in your car, go, move. whatever you do. but get out of way of progress. you're regressing. you're bringing the country back. you're holding us, keeping us from moving forward, from evolving into a more perfect union. back after the break. these folks don't have time to go to the post office
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to care for your intimate skin. are you still here? kind to skin. protects like tena. a bipartisan panel in michigan's largest county unanimously certified its results. a stunning reversal coming hours after republicans had temporarily blocked certification based on dubious claims of voting irregularities in detroit. the president-elect joe biden won mayor by more than 148,000 votes. the decision to certify results
11:30 pm
after the meeting tonight slammed republicans on the board saying their initial decision to block the results was racist and demanding that the voices of the people be heard. look. >> we will be working in the courts and in the streets to make sure this injustice is overturned. the people's voice is heard and these voices are counted. what is happening today is an absolute travesty against democracy. >> history will not look kindly upon what you are all doing. that has been emphasized a number of times today if you believe in a god, just know that he is not pleased and you will have to pay for this unthe just act. >> so glad that those folks spoke out and made their voices heard. i want to bring in pamela brown. i know you believe in democracy as we all do. highway did this all go down? >> there was so much drama in
11:31 pm
wayne county michigan. for perspective, wayne county is the largest county in michigan. it is the home to detroit, the democratic stronghold. and tonight at first, this bipartisan board, it was blocked by the two republicans. there were two democrats, two republicans. the two republicans in an unprecedented move blocked the certification of the votes there in detroit. as you pointed out, joe biden won michigan by almost 150,000 votes. so when that happened, there was immediate outrage from those on the zoom call and really beyond. that was hearing from election experts that said this is outrageous. one david becker, an election expert said this is a tantrum. it would be sorted out but only after hours the citizens there just showing outrage that these two republican members of the board there were blocking the
11:32 pm
certification of the votes. they claimed it was because there were irregularities. that there was an imbalance in a couple of the precincts where the signatures in the poll book didn't match with the number of votes that were tabulated. it is important to note, wayne county has had a history of that issue and it was only a few votes that were off when it was unbalanced. in august they had the same situation and the votes were certified in august. but now these republican board members cited that as the reason they were blocking this. and then in the stunning reversal, after the outrage for hours from citizens, and you played them there. they left the room. they came back and it was certified. the votes were certified. a stunning chain of events there tonight. >> thank you for guiding us through this and helping our viewers understand. thank you. >> i want to bring in now michigan's lieutenant governor, garland gilchrist.
11:33 pm
thank you. really appreciate you joining us. i think people should know there are irregularities in every single election. there are irregularities that happen in work places and spaces every single day. that is why you look at it and try to correct it. even with all of that, there was no need not to certify initially the results of the election. >> first of all, thank you for having me back on the show. joe biden won michigan by a margin 14 times larger than what donald trump did. with these partisan actors, these people really following the will and the space created by the president who has been lying about the election for months. i am so thankful that the people of wayne county, the people of detroit, the city that i was born in, that i live in, that i speak with you from now, stepped up, made their voices heard and
11:34 pm
rejected this. republicans showed we can't trust them with democracy. >> i don't know if you got to see it or where you were, i was in my office this evening watch all these people just outrage. one person after the next after the next. blasting the two republican members. were you surprised they stood up that way? >> not at all. before i was the lieutenant governor, i was a community organizer. i saw people really stepping up saying we voted. we spoke. and that our truth will always be heard and always be felt. so i'm proud, people should step up for democracy. that is what this is about. the people who voted by mail even though they said wasn't safe to do so. the people who stood in line
11:35 pm
during the bamd a mask on. it was that important for them to cast their ballot. >> i do have to run here. what i understand as a city near detroit. 85% white. i forget the name. >> yes. 85% white hfl more voter irregularities than wayne county but they had no issue with them initially? >> one of the republican canvassers said they were comfortable certifying every place except detroit. it is part of scheme -- >> racism? >> yes. frankly, cities like detroit and atlanta and philadelphia and milwaukee where there are lots and lots of black voters and that was wrong and it shouldn't work across the country. more breaking news, the president firing the top official responsible for
11:36 pm
securing the election. the former director of national intelligence, james clapper. i can't wait to speak to him. we have to get a break in first. tonight...i'll be eating cheesy cauliflower pizza with extra broccolini. my tuuuurrrrn! tonight...i'll be eating cheesy cauliflower pizza and yummy broccolini! (doorbell rings) thanks. (doorbell rings) thank you. ♪ is that my leotard? no. yes... ehh, you can keep it.
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a lot of breaking news. one story is president trump firing chris krebs who had repeatedly shot down face withless could be spearcy theories trump has been pushing claiming voter fraud. joining me now, james clapper. good evening, sir. so chris krebs fired for shooting down conspiracy theories, for daring to tell the truth. there is no voter fraud and the president's claims, no widespread voter fraud. president trump's claims are false. give me your reaction, please. >> i'm sorry. i didn't hear you. what was the question? >> just give me your reaction of the president's claims of widespread voter fraud. >> well, i had this vision of the president sitting in the
11:41 pm
white house soaking, watching the tube all day, and tweeting. and you know, he's sort of really gotten into his own world of illusion which is kind of scary, really when you think about it. he's still the president. he still has all the responsibilities and burdens that go with that. principally, the safety and security of this country. it doesn't seem like he's paying a lot of attention to that. as for chris krebs, he's a hero and i think he and the men and women of his agency, i know what the fbi and an agency i'm pretty familiar with, the national security agency, did a lot to secure this election. and i can attest the dramatic improvement over this situation if 2016. >> our time is short because there's so much breaking news.
11:42 pm
sorry that we have to cut it short. have a good evening, okay? >> thank you. >> we've got a lot more breaking news out of michigan tonight. is what republicans tried to do there even legal? make sure you stay with us. we'll be right back. some hot cocoa? mom, look! are you okay? s for exceptional lease and financing offers at the mercedes-benz winter event. sarah: for a while i've negative self image. there was like this contrast between like the way that i was thinking about my personality and the way that i was thinking about my body. with noom, i was able to learn how to interrupt those habits and create new ones. so my goal was 35 pounds and i've lost about 30 pounds now.
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. so we have more breaking news to tell you about. as i said in the segment before with director clapper, i had to cut it short because i wanted to get to breaking news. this is the latest. we told but chris krebs being fired. he was the director have cyber security and infrastructure security. now we're being told the cesa official resigned in the weighing of president trump firing the director chris krebs. that's what a source said. he said he would not take the helm at cisa.
11:47 pm
the executive director number three expected to serve as the acting director. i want to get to john avalon, senior legal analyst, and laura coates. what is going on? what is this, like a coup that is happening in front of our eyes? i don't even know the terminology to explain this. >> it is a purge of people who are doing their jobs. senator angus king said the surest way to get fired in this administration is to do your job. and krebs did it with integrity. he stood up to the president and spoke the truth. and telling the truth is -- >> i was trying to figure out a way to tell the viewers tonight, i hear people saying, well, it is the president's prerogative. think about the timing. why is he doing it now? it is not like the guy ran off
11:48 pm
with some office furniture or did something so egregious that needed to be firing. he looked at the election, the results. he said it was a free and fair election. he put out a statement and now he's being fired and now the number two is leaving as well. please. what is happening here? >> what you're saying is akin to our form of a tuesday night massacre. we're looking to situation, because someone refuses to go along with not the party line but the president's line of a fair, unfair election. he's saying, an election actually worked as it was supposed to. there were no outstanding threats for the american electorate to be concerned of and that's what cause concern and allows him to be fired. he's gone to great lengths in recent days prior to being fired saying you should treat those unverified or sensationalized claims with skepticism. that statement is common sense derive. you look at something with no
11:49 pm
evidentiary support. everyone should be skeptical. his statements are frankly benign and instead of helping him add his credibility. it has allowed him to be fired by tweet. it is preposterous. >> first, i want to ask you about the constitution. are there safeguards in the law to protect americans against this? or whatever the president says? >> go on. sorry. >> political appointees serve at the pleasure of the president. the safeguards in place are not the same for everyone else. if he were a career member of the federal government otherwise. the idea of the safeguards here that are in place are the very things that were touted by mr. krebs prior to being fired. that there was actual monitoring. there were operations in place to prevent fraud. to prevent widespread fraud. those protocols were actually followed.
11:50 pm
the safeguards there actually did him in in the end. that's really shocking that allowed noise was me dropping my pen. sf that was my pen. >> any safeguards? can the president give someone like an >> no. this is the underlying problem. we have a lot of democratic norms for people that care and understand about our democratic traditions. they set up a system of checks and balances. when republicans in the senate roll over to this president. are afraid to face the facts that he lost the election, it leads to a moral erosion where all of a sudden he starts firing people who are in charge of our national security for personal reasons. they're refusing to lie consistent with him.
11:51 pm
the reason he fired krebs is because the argument in court is about election fraud. this is a sickness in our society. this is hyper partisanship run amuck. >> conspiracy theories. >> big time. >> thank you both. i appreciate it. we'll talk about all of the turmoil and the president-elect and how he is moving forward. he is announcing that his top advisers -- he's making an announcement about his top advisers. i'm going to speak with them. that's congressman senator richmond. if i can get my lips to work. take a break and i'll talk to you after this. growing up, there was a teacher that believed in me and he took the time to invest in me. and that changed my life. i joined amazon because i am impatient. i wanted to change education,
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and it got to the point where things i took for granted got tougher to do. thought surgery was my only option. turns out i was wrong. so when a hand specialist told me about nonsurgical treatments, it was a total game changer. like you, my hands have a lot more to do. learn more at today. with all of the turmoil in
11:56 pm
the white house, we have the new president-elect building his team. we have congressman cedric richmond. he's soon to be the senior advisor to the president and director of white house public engagement. you're still congressman, right? >> no, don, i'm still a congressman. you can't get rid of me that quick. >> well, you know, you did it to yourself. thank you so much. congratulations for all of the hard work. every night we try to report here on the show what the incoming team is doing and what's happening, but there is just so much going on that undermines democracy. i've got to ask you, what do you think the team thinks of what happened to chris krebs today? >> it's dangerous. the entire transition, trump's whole behavior right now should frighten the american public and so when you look at all of the things he's doing, especially with krebs. i'm on homeland security. >> and travis.
11:57 pm
sorry. >> right. but krebs was an honest broker and a straight shooter and so the simple fact that he said our elections are something we can believe in and there was no fraud or abuse or any cheating, the president didn't like his answer so he got rid of him. american people at some point, my republicans no matter where you are, at some point stand up against just outright lies that erode our confidence and our great democracy. >> speaking of that, what about the reversal of that happened in michigan. at first they refused in wayne county, refused to certify, then there was outrage in the public, disenfranchising voters of public, we're going to do it. two people with a hell of a lot of power there. >> well, the good thing is that people rose up and they spoke out and they saw something wrong and they fixed it. and so those two people who have an enormous amount of power, not an enormous amount of courage to stand up to the president, they
11:58 pm
were going block the certification. the fortunate thing is the people of detroit, just like they did showing up and voting to joe biden, made sure that their votes counted. that was important. that was a victory tonight. >> let's talk about the biden administration. biden's campaign pledged an administration that looks like america. tell us about your new job, what other key staff announcements that we might see soon. >> well, today he rolled out a number of people and all of the people who were on the campaign i know very well who work very hard and who care about this country and they respect and share the same feelings that the vice president had, that we are going to make sure we bring back everybody along and build back better and break down systematic racism and make sure we're the country that we want to be. whether it's mike, annie, julie, it was just a great group of people he rolled out today.
11:59 pm
more importantly, we need to make sure that the transition starts in a real manner. national security, we should be getting those intelligence briefings daily. on homeland security, we know that the 9/11 report said one of the weaknesses of the country is we didn't have a full transition in terms of national security, and especially with covid and warp speed, we should be getting briefed on that. the president said it very clearly, people are going to die because of president trump's actions. i am calling on people in the house and senate to call upon this president to share warp speed and to engage in a full transition with the next president of the united states, joe biden. >> maybe you should take a page from those people in wayne county tonight and do what they did. thank you, congressman. i appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> congratulations. more on our breaking news tonight right after this. stay with us. tonight, i'll be eating a veggie cheeseburger on ciabatta,
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