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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  November 12, 2020 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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>> dr. william shaffner, appreciate it. our coverage on cnn continues right now. we'll see you tomorrow. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer in the situation room. we're following breaking news. republican support for president trump's refusal to concede the election is clearly crumbling. one of the president's closest allies, senator lindsey graham, is among growing numbers of gop senator senators, including chuck grassley and susan collins, along with other prominent republicans are finally saying that president-elect joe biden should begin receiving presidential daily intelligence briefings. at the same time, sours are telling cnn that president trump's eldest children are actually split on his path forward. meanwhile, an official with the biden team tells cnn the transition is, quote, moving full speed ahead and nothing will change that.
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we're also following breaking pandemic news. the u.s. coronavirus death toll now topping 242,000 people and more than 10.5 million americans have been infected. yesterday alone, the country saw a record 144,000 new cases and hospitalizations also now have hit an all-time high of more than 65,000 americans are in the hospital right now because of the virus. let's begin over at the white house right now. chief white house correspondent jim acosta is joining us. jim, we're finally seeing cracks in the wall for support that the republicans have built around the president. >> that's right, wolf. growing number of republicans are calling on the trump administration to start treating joe biden as the president-elect and begin providing him with intelligence briefings so he can hit the ground running after the inauguration. one big obstacle is standing in the way and that's president trump himself. sources tell cnn the president does not want to give up the fight until he's exhausted his
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challenges at the state level. challenges his own advisers and even some of his own family are telling him are going nowhere. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: in hiding for much of the week since he last addressed the public, president trump is finding out a lame duck cannot be stubborn for very long as some in the republican party are make way for joe biden. growing number of gop senators are calling on the administration to begin providing intelligence briefings to biden, a standard practice during a peaceful transfer of power. >> there is no loss from him doing the briefings to be able to do that. if that's not occur big friday i'll step in as well and push and say this needs to occur, regardless of the outcome of the election, whichever way it goes, people can be ready for the actual task. >> reporter: another influential figure in the party, karl rove, is urging mr. trump to make a graceful exit as soon as his long-shot election challenges are finished, writing once his days in court are over, the president should do his part by uniting the country by leading a
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peaceful transition and letting grievances go. ohio republican governor mike dewine is echoing that. >> i think we need to consider the former vice president is the president-elect. joe biden is the preside president-elect. >> reporter: other trump allies aren't dealing with reality. >> he's not president right now. don't know if he will be president january 20th. whoever is will get the information. >> reporter: when white house press secretary kayleigh mceneny was asked about him being provided classified briefings she punted it to, get this, the white house. >> all laws are being followed with regard to an expected transition. though we expect to continue on as the trump administration. >> reporter: democrats say they've had enough. >> these republicans are all auditioning for profiles in cowardice. >> reporter: sources tell cnn that the president is not expected to acknowledge the election results until he has exhausted his legal options
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later this month. some of his friends say that's the time to call it quits. >> time soon to say good-bye with grace and dignity. i know it's hard to hear but that's the way i feel about this. >> reporter: president and his advisers may then turn to krafth an announcement that mr. trump is eyeing the 2024 race with one source close to the president telling cnn it's something he is reviewing. until then, sources say the president still wants to settle scores and may fire more top officials in the coming days, including cia director gina haspell, chris crebs and fbi director christopher wray. other homeland security officials are already being forced out. he's lashing out at fox news tweeting very sad to watch this happen that they forgot what made them successful, what got them there. they forgot the golden goose. the president doesn't appear to be spending much time dealing with the coronavirus as more of his associates are contracting
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covid-19, including corey lewandowski, so much about his promise that media coverage will vanish. >> on november 4th you won't be hearing much about this. right now it's covid, covid, covid. >> reporter: as for the potential for president trump to fire cia director gina haspell i'm told by a close adviser she has been on, quote, thin ice, thin ice with mr. trump for months and could be in jeopardy as this lame duck session rides on. although the president is likely to wait until later this month to acknowledge the results, mr. trump could bail on those challenges sooner as he is telling aides and advisers he does not believe these efforts in courts will pay off in the end. positioning himself for a comeback run in 2024, meaning he will remain a force inside the gop for years to come, wolf. >> jim acosta, thank you. let's get more on the transition right now. arlette saenz is covering the
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united states president. what is the president-elect of the united states doing to show he's moving forward right now, quickly, with the transition? >> well, wolf, president-elect joe biden is trying to make it clear that nothing will stand in the way of his transition planning. and he did that by announcing his incoming white house chief of staff, a long-time adviser named ron klain, who will be responsible for building out that west wing staff as biden prepares to enter the white house. biden also has continued his phone calls with world leaders, including a phone call today with pope francis. the two men, according to a readout, provided by the transition team, the two men talked about climate change as well as the need to help immigrants and refugees. those are issues that pope francis has spoken often about. and this was not just an official call for joe biden. but it's also a personal one. biden will become only the second catholic to become president. he is a very devout catholic.
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you've heard him reference pope francis before out on the campaign trail. this was certainly a meaningful call for the president-elect. biden has been holding several phone calls with world leaders, but all of that is being done without the help of the state department as a trump administration still has not ascertained that biden has won the election. in fact, there are messages that are stacking up from world leaders over at the state department that biden is unable to alcohol's in this moment. but biden is insisting his transition planning can still move forward. now, biden arrived a little while ago here in the beach town of rehoboth, delaware, where he and his wife have a home. they will be spending time here. he is still meeting with his transition advisers as they are planning the path forward. >> arlette, the president-elect has said that addressing the coronavirus pandemic is a priority.
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what can he do actually before he takes office? >> that's been biden's message throughout the entire week, is that the coronavirus pandemic will be his top priority. we learned he actually spoke with congressional leaders today. he had a phone call with house speaker nancy pelosi as well as senate minority leader chuck schumer and one thing they spoke about was the coronavirus and also the possibility of passing a bipartisan package related to covid relief during the lame duck session. that is something that biden could get involved with, going forward. he also has to distance himself from some comments made by a member of his coronavirus advisory board but biden is still pushing ahead when it comes to the coronavirus. >> it would really be good if members of the white house coronavirus task force, dr. fauci and dr. birx, dr. redfield and others, started meeting with the biden transition advisers on the coronavirus. at risk right now, the lives of thousands, if not tens of thousands of americans. they should start working together right away.
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arlette saenz, thank you very much. i want to point out that jen psaki is also standing by, senior adviser of the biden transition team. we'll speak with her very soon. our cnn political commentator, bakari sellers. his new book "my vanishing country," and arlette is standing by as well. gloria, we're learning that the president is feeling dejected as he takes out his anger in the form of a dozen tweets alone, retweeting all these strange tweets about fox news at the time of a coronavirus pandemic as if he has nothing better to do. 1800 americans die just yesterday from the coronavirus. what does this say about the president's priorities as our country is facing a life and death struggle right now? >> well, as always, the president sees himself as the victim here. he sees himself as a victim of the election, which he has
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convinced himself is rigged which, of course, is baseless. it is not. and he promised, as jim acosta pointed out, that we would stop hearing about covid after the election. well, we haven't stopped hearing about covid from joe biden. we have stopped hearing about covid from donald trump. he seems not to acknowledge it. as you point out, he's more concerned with fox news and how they treated him and their ratings, and what his own future might hold in terms of perhaps becoming a tv star, who knows? and potential presidential contender in 2024 than he is about making sure people do not continue to die from the virus. >> you know, bakari, one by one, we're beginning to hear from senators and others who say the transition now must move forward, at least when it comes to highly classified intelligence briefings for the
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preside president-elect. are the flood gates about to open as more and more republicans come to terms with reality? >> i'm not sure the flood gates will be open ed. you're going to have a lot of republicans who see that trumpism is the path to the 2024 election. a lot of people will stay extremely close to donald trump and trumpism. what we are seeing is that many united states senators, they're done with him. this is going to be a in nasty breakup. they got the swelling turnout they needed to actually save the senate. we'll see what happens on january 5th. but many of them got the swell they needed like lindsey graham or tom tillis to preserve their own senate seat. they're going to break up with him and move on. donald trump right now, just as those senators will now be worrying about themselves, donald trump is also worrying about himself. that's what gloria was talking about. whether or not it's trump tv or whether or not it's trying to figure out how to pardon himself
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or whatever it may be, everyone right now in the republican party has their own self interest at hand, and that is the problem. because no one has their eye on the ball, that ball being coronavirus, outside of joe biden. joe biden cannot even get access to the individuals in the white house who have the expertise like dr. fauci, like dr. birx, so he can go out and do the work necessary starting on day one. everyone is so self interested in the republican party that it's killing us, day by day. >> let's not forget the lead, the joe biden lead over president trump in the national popular vote is growing and growing. they're still counting votes. it's now more than 5,200,000 votes, biden's lead, advantage over trump nationally right now. arlette, the president-elect has appeared totally unfazed in his public comments about the president's adamant refusal to concede. is that because the biden team knew republicans would potentially start to come around as they apparently are now?
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>> reporter: well, wolf, joe biden and his team have felt that republicans will eventually come around to accepting the results of this election. you know, he wanted his advisers to give republicans and the president some time to come to terms with the way that these things have panned out. you started to see some of that, as you've heard from some republican senators, saying he should have access to classified briefings as he prepares to potentially enter the white house in their belief. also, this is something that biden has talked about time and time again on the campaign trail. once republicans are out from under the mantle of president trump, they may return to acting and legislating in bipartisan ways. and that is something that he has pointed to time and time again. it's certainly taking a little bit longer, i think, than many had hoped for people to come to grips with the outcome of the election, but the other day biden was asked how are you
2:14 pm
going to work with these republicans if they're not accepting your win? and he said that they will. now one big question is what is that relationship between biden and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell going to be like? they struck many deals together, had a long-working relationship together. but to this point, we haven't heard of any conversation happening between the two of them. and that relationship could be very critical, especially if biden is confronted with the republican senate in january. >> gloria, you have some new reporting about how the trump children are actually viewing the post-election path forward and they're clearly not on the same page, are they? >> they're not. this reporting with dana bash, pamela brown, betsy klein. we've spoken to a bunch of sources who tell us the two adult sons, eric and don jr., are very much gung-ho about fight to the finish. this electric was stolen from you. it's rigged, sounding very much like their father. not surprisingly, i think, jared and ivanka are very different.
2:15 pm
they're more calibrated and measured when they talk to him. and what they're thinking about is what happens next. they're reminding their father of his legacy and they're thinking about themselves. they're going to come out and want to go into business. jared has his own business. how is this all going to be regarded? and don't forget, jared is thinking about his own legacy here. he has some foreign policy achievements that he does not want to see undone by joe biden. >> fwlora, thank you. bakari, arlette, thank you so much. biden team says the transition is moving full steam ahead despite the obstruction by president trump. we'll talk about it with jen psaki. she's standing by love. we've got lots to discuss. we will, when we come back. all closer together. ♪ for over 30 years, lexus has been celebrating driveway moments. here's to one more. the lexus december to remember sales event. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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an official with president-elect joe biden's team says the transition is moving full steam ahead. let's discuss with jen psaki, senior adviser for the president-elect's transition team. thank you so much for joining us. >> great to be here. >> republicans are slowly beginning to acknowledge the legitimacy, the realty of president-elect's win. do you expect more will follow in the coming days? >> we certainly hope so, wolf. the crisis you've been talking about on your show that the country is facing from the pandemic and thousands of people who are continuing to lose their lives from the pandemic every day, to the millions who are out of work and trying to fete back to work, these are serious
2:21 pm
issues. the country has elected joe biden, they've elected kamala harris. and we're pretty busy at work on the transition, trying to get them prepared to govern. we're ready to move to the next phase here. >> more americans are died from the coronavirus pandemic in the last two days alone than died on 9/11. this is an awful situation that's getting worse by the day. when asked earlier this week if the president-elect was considering legal action to fight back against the president's transition blockage, allowing officials to start meeting, joe biden said he does not see a need. is there a point, though, at which legal action from the biden transition team will become essential? >> well, wolf, no one -- no presidential transition or government ever takes any option off the table but ow preference is certainly to have ascertain letter signed and all move forward and continue to prepare to govern. there's a lot of work that's been going on for months behind
2:22 pm
the scenes. it's a little nerdyer than maybe what you see on twitter or television every day. you're familiar with it. it's policy experts, working to figure out how to prepare plans for joe biden on everything from the pandemic to the economy, to addressing racial injustice, climate change. the issues are endless, as you know. we also need to hire 4,000 political appointees. all that work has been ongoing and will continue. the places that will become more and more essential with every day that passes to get the ascertainment done is any incoming administration needs access to real-time intelligence, real-time threat assessments. yes, joe biden knows his way around the situation room. not yours, of course. yours, too, but he knows his way around the situation room in the white house, has been working on national security for 40 years. it's not the same as knowing what's happening day-to-day, what the intelligence reports are coming in day-to-day. he and his team really need
2:23 pm
that. i was pleased to see senator lankford came out and said that essentially as well. >> the transition team needs to be ready day one, swran 20th of next year when president-elect biden is sworn in. they need to be ready. the issues facing the u.s. here at home and around the world are enormous. transition official tells cnn that your efforts are moving full speed ahead. we saw the announcement of the new white house chief of staff last night. >> yeah. >> when can we expect to see additional cabinet and west wing staff announcements? >> i expect we'll have some more before thanksgiving. on the cabinet front the campaign was pretty busy, as you know, and everybody at cnn and american people who were glued to their tv sets the last few months know, he didn't have as much time as necessary to really make big decisions about a lot of those roles. he had limited time this week and i suspect he will have more
2:24 pm
next week. i think it will be close to thanksgiving or post to have any cabinet announcements. >> one prominent senator is angling for a cabinet position and i'm sure other are as well. listen to what brnz told me here in the situation room last night. >> if he asks you to join the cabinet as labor secretary, would you say yes? >> if i had a portfolio that allowed me to stand up and fight for working families, would i do it? yes, i would. >> what do you think? >> well, listen, i will tell you that senator sanders and president-elect biden have developed a relationship. and i know that president-elect biden has a lot of respect for everything that senator sanders has done to really elevate what's gone on with working people. i don't want to get ahead of him obviously, but i will say that he's looking at every cabinet position as one he wants to fill with people who are qualified. he wants a diverse cabinet that looks like the country. so he wants people of all different backgrounds and
2:25 pm
ideologies. i think he will make the choice for each post on who he thinks is the right one to represent his aenda and speak for the american people. >> as he should. he has an enormous amount of experience. eight years as the vice president, almost 40 years as the senator. president-elect named his coronavirus advisory board earlier in the week. what's next, jen? are additional advisory boards in the works? can we anticipate that there will actually be meetings between the outgoing coronavirus task force, experts like dr. fauci and dr. birx, dr. redfield, and the incoming advisory board? >> well, wolf, we also announced this week 500 policy experts who are members of what we're calling the agency review teams. and a lot of these people are people who have served in government previously, who are ready to roll up their sleeves. some come out of retirement and just kind of help the biden/harris administration get ready to govern.
2:26 pm
they'll also be engaged and they're already behind the scenes doing a lot of work. the covid advisory board is a group of health experts, medical doctors. their role is not to engage directly necessarily with federal government officials. their role is to give real-time advice, advice from the background of, you know, public health, medical experts, scientists, on what's happening out there and how to address the big issues, whether it's vaccines, or distribution, that are important around addressing the pandemic and moving it forward. they'll be giving him -- they may not even always agree with each other. they probably won't. he was looking for a group of people who have decades and decades of experience and are going to help give him the best real time advice on what we can do to bring the pandemic under control. >> jen, you've had a lot of success in your career. are you ready to roll up your sleeves and serve in the next administration? >> well, wolf, i'm just happy to be part of the transition.
2:27 pm
i have no plans to go back into government but it's been an honor to be part of it. i will tell people, just seeing some of the people who are involved, people know well, have seen well, they give briefings on covid, the pandemic, and they're substantive and they're real. this is a return to not just normalcy, but really rolling up your sleeves and doing the hard work on policy making. i think that's what people should expect to see from the biden/harris administration and people involved in the transition as well. >> now we know why you were at the state department. very diplomatic answer, i must say, jen psaki. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, wolf. >> today's breaking news on the coronavirus surge in the united states. our own dr. sanjay gupta calls it a humanitarian disaster. we'll speak with him when we come back.
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breaking news tonight. 242,000 americans are now dead of the coronavirus pandemic, and the united states has surpassed more than 10.5 million confirmed cases, setting another single-day record for new cases. national correspondent erica
2:33 pm
hill has the latest from new york. >> reporter: covid patients in hospitals hitting another all-time high. new cases surging, nearly tripled the daily rate we're seeing a few weeks ago. 44 states reporting a rise over the past week. deaths also climbing. >> this is a humanitarian tragedy. in my moments of despair i say it's a slaughterhouse. that's why i get so meeshl talking about this because these are lives that don't have to be lost. >> reporter: utah declared a state of emergency announcing a state-wide positivity average above 23% today. icu beds nearly maxed out. in iowa, front line health care workers are exhausted and overwhelmed. >> this pandemic has had staffing on high alert since, you know, march. >> reporter: even areas that seem to have the virus under control bringing back restrictions. new york and connecticut limiting private gatherings to
2:34 pm
just ten people. new jersey forcing bars and restaurants to close indoor dining earlier starting today. and coordinating with new england to ban interstate youth sports through at least the end of the year. >> our numbers have gone up dramatically. everything is going in the wrong direction. >> reporter: a similar message in the midwest. >> if things don't take a turn in the coming days i'll quickly reach the point when some form of a mandatory stay-at-home order is all that will be left. >> reporter: ohio's governor stepping up mask enforcement. >> my message to ohioans, it's not so much what i order or what the health department orders. it's really what you do in your individual life. you can control this. >> reporter: those personal decisions increasingly important, as thanksgiving looms. >> this thanksgiving is going to suck a bit. >> reporter: yet embracing a rough holiday this year may be the key to having one next year. >> what we do right now across the nation, what we do in each state will determine who lives
2:35 pm
and dies this wirnt. >> reporter: just a note, wolf, on what's happening here in new york city. the positivity rate we learned from the mayor, 2.6%. that is inching ever closer to the threshold of 3%. the mayor has said if the city-wide positivity rate reaching 3%, schools will be shut down the next day systemwide. again, the mayor saying today schools in his words are extraordinarily safe. they're actually doing very well, he said, at controlling the spread of the virus, but if it is raging citywide, then he will need to close schools. he said there's still time to avert that. but, of course, the clock ticking. >> certainly is, erica hill reporting for us. thank you. we'll get more on the situation in new york when mayor bill deblasion joins us live. i want to chat now with dr. sanjay gupta. more people are hospitalized with this virus than at any point in the pandemic, going back to january.
2:36 pm
you now say this is a humanitarian disaster that's under way in the united states. an extraordinary statement. explain what you mean by that. >> well, you know, wolf, i think a humanitarian disaster, an event or series of events that have led to so many deaths have, at times, overwhelmed the health care system. there's concerns about it overwhelming certain hospital systems going forward. and you just look at the numbers, wolf. you and i have both been reporting on these stories for a long time. i was reflecting on the types of disasters that i've covered over the last 19 years, the tsunami in south asia. 227,000 people died, haiti earthquake, 220,000. the famine in somalia, one of the toughest stories i ever covered, 260,000 people died. you look at what's happening here, wolf. already this is obviously on par with that and we know the numbers are going to get worse.
2:37 pm
doctors without borders, an organization, they were here earlier this year because they're an organization that goes to humanitarian disasters. they go to some of the hottest spots on earth. they were here in the united states over the sumpl, wolf. these are parts of the reason -- this is part of the reason that i think we think of this as a humanitarian disaster. i said it this morning. a lot of people ask me about it. i stand by it. it fits the criteria. in some ways i think it's very obvious that in the united states this coronavirus has led to a humanitarian disaster. >> more than 1,800 americans died just yesterday, in one day. think about that. so awhat should be happening right now, sanjay, to address this humanitarian crisis? where are we falling short? >> well, you know, i mean, there's a few things that people have been hearing for months now in terms of the public health interventions, these nonpharmaceutical interventions. we're still not doing this as a country adequately. we have seen hyper local examples of where it worked. look at delaware, for example.
2:38 pm
i find these places around the country that have been in crisis mode at one time or another. in delaware, we saw that the cases were going up, that the hospitalizations were going up. they basically put in a period of time where they did these things, mask requirements. they had some version of stay-at-home orders and basically broad contact tracing at that point. they were able to reduce cases by 82%, reduce hospitalizations by 88%. 100% reduction in deaths at that point. these strategies worked. we saw similar things in arizona, communities in arizona where numbers were spiking 151%. mask mandates closing down bars for a period of time. stopping public gatherings. it makes a huge difference, wolf. >> we'll speak with the secretary of health and human services, alex azar. we'll get an update from him as well. sanjay, thank you so much. other breaking news we're following in arizona right now. audits of the election results are coming in and so far, they
2:39 pm
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you can, too. with this seal, this restaurant is committing to higher levels of cleanliness. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the expertise that helps keep hospitals clean, is helping keep businesses clean too. look for the ecolab science certified seal. breaking news from arizona. post-election audits have found no fraud at all. let's get the latest on vote count from cnn's phil mattingly, standing by. what are you seeing? >> wolf, that's an obviously important finding generally for the integrity of the vote but
2:44 pm
particularly in the state of arizona. over the course of the last several days a narrowing race, joe biden up by 11,390 votes. when you look at what's outstanding, roughly 16,000 votes, donald trump would have to win, wolf, 85% of the outstanding vote to have any chance of coming back and surpassing joe biden in this state. right now the reality is that about a third of those votes come from here in p. ma county or here, another democratic county and the reality, when you talk to republicans on the ground, as one told me, we all know how this is going to end. this will be a joe biden state. still hasn't been called yet. we'll have to see how it goes. arizona looking okay from the biden perspective. same for the state of georgia. the hand recount. joe biden's lead still sits over 14,000 votes going into that recount. the expectation is that will stick even if a couple hundred votes flip or change, 14,000 is a very heavy lift for any kind of recount to shift. pennsylvania has been called for joe biden. that lead, wolf, continues to
2:45 pm
grow. another couple thousand. now joe biden's lead in this state 54,000, more than 10,000 than what president trump had in 2016. when you look at the entirety of this map with the uncold states at this moment in time, it looks like, wolf, joe biden will end up with 306 electoral votes. >> that's what trump had four years ago, 306 electoral votes. in the popular national vote, the biden lead keeps growing and growing. >> every single day, sitting at 5.25 million and expected to grow over the course of the next couple of days as california and new york continue to come in. i want you to focus right here. 50.8%, that's expected to grow as well, somewhere between 51 and 52%. no chag challenger since franklin roosevelt has had a total percentage at this level. it underscores what we've been talking about over the course of the last several days. look at the gaps he has been able to open up in these states. joe biden's win, while narrow in
2:46 pm
some states, overall when you look at the popular vote, the percentage and the electoral vote, it's desicisive. >> 5,200,000 plus is a significant win. thank you very much of the. we've obtained a copy of former president barack obama's new memoir. parts of it are so intensely personal. we'll take a closer look when we come back. all closer together. ♪ for over 30 years, lexus has been celebrating driveway moments. here's to one more. the lexus december to remember sales event. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. >>oh my gosh you made it! ♪ did you put some ah, kale in the greens? ♪ we didn't forget about you! welcome to the family. thank you. wooooow. ♪
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cnn has obtained a copy of former president barack obama's memoir in which he opens up about president-elect biden as well as his own family. brian todd is working on the story for us. the book is called "a promise land". >> right and president obama is often jarringly candid, taking us through his most intense, personal experiences during his time in office. in the home stretch of joe biden's campaign, former president barack obama was front and center, energizing crowds and building support for his close friend. >> it felt like the old days. for eight years he was the last one in the room whenever i faced
2:52 pm
a big decision. >> the former president delves and his complete confidence in joe biden in his new memoir "a promised land" saying this about selecting biden, quote, my gut told me that joe was honest, ordinary people, when things got tough, i could trust him. i wouldn't be disappointed. >> we never saw joe going out trying to contradict, undermine the president, even there being whispers about disagreements between joe biden and obama. >> some of the most powerful sections in the book, deal with the struggles over racial tension in america during husband time in office. donald trump's race baiting and his birther conspiracy theory, the false claim that obama was not born in the u.s. was frustrating. the team initially saw
2:53 pm
birtherism as a joke but trump persisted. obama released his birth certificate in the briefing room then told staffers we're better than this. remember that. still, it seemed an unsettling tone has been set. >> especially in the second half of president obama's time in office, he did spend a lot of time battling the forces that brought trump into power. the sentiment against him as the first black president, the changing demographic. >> obama writes that his predecessor, george w. bush could not have been more gracious during their transition but bush's daughters gave obama's daughters their own tour of the white house quote president bush would end up doing all he could to make the 11 weeks between my election and his departure go smoothly. april ryan who covered that transition and others laments what we're going through now with trump refusing to accept
2:54 pm
biden's victory. >> it's the ugliest we've seen and our founding fathers are probably turning over watching this from wherever they are. >> obama also gets intensely personal, especially about the toll his presidency took on his wife, michelle. quote, all her previous sources of frustration became more concentrated, vivid whether it was my around the clock absorption to work or the way politics exposed our family to scrutiny and attacks. >> they put their lives on the lines to be vulable, their hearts on the line to be attacked, to be chastised, made fun of. >> one of the white house reporters we interviewed said he'll be interested to see how he sees the biden administration. we may learn that in the next volume of obama's memoir, which is coming later. >> thank you. coming up the crack is
2:55 pm
clearly widening between president trump and some top republicans when it comes to briefing president-elect joe biden we have details of which top allies are breaking with president trump. we'll be right back. at university of phoenix, students with relevant life experience and eligible transfer credits save on average $11k and 1 year off their undergrad degree. see how much you can save. some things are good to know. like where to find the cheapest gas in town and which supermarket gives you the most bang for your buck. something else that's good to know. if you have medicare you may be able to get more benefits without paying more through a medicare advantage plan. call now to request this free guide. learn about plans that could give you more benefits from humana. a company with nearly 60 years of experience in the healthcare industry. humana offers a wide range of all in one medicare
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this is cnn breaking news. welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world, i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." we're following breaking news. the republican wall of support around president trump's refusal to concede the election is finally, finally beginning to
3:00 pm
show some cracks. one of the president's fiercest allies, senator lindsey graham is among the growing number of top republicans like senator chuck grassley, for example, who say president-elect biden should begin receiving highly classified daily intelligence briefings even within the president's own family we're told divisions are beginning to emerge. mr. trump's adult sons eric trump and donald trump jr. are pushing him to fight to the end but sources say that ivanka trump and jared kushner are privately looking for a way out. meanwhile president-elect biden's team says he's moving full speed ahead with his transition plans despite the president's continued obstruction. we're also following the worsening coronavirus pandemic n here in the united states that has now killed more than 242,000 americans and just yesterday a record 65,000 americans were hospitalized with the virus as the country


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