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tv   Countdown to Election Day  CNN  November 2, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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get done, pennsylvania, in the next 24 hours, joe and i about to get rid of that tax bill. and invest that money in working families. invest that money in infrastructure, building back up our roads and bridges, partnering with the building trades, the carpenters, plumbers, electricians, knowing their apprenticeship programs are the best in the world. building up america's workforce, investing in our auto industry, making our auto industry the largest manufacturer of electric vehicles. invests in working families, not raising taxes on anyone making less than $400,000 a year, but also investing in working families, knowing you should never pay more than 7% of your income in child care.
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investing in our students who come from families who make less than $125,000, saying if you go to a four-year public school, including an hbcu, you will go for free. that's how joe thinking about the economy. there's a real clear choice in this race. let's deal with what joe, being a student of american history and having the courage to speak truth, knows we need to do with a long overdue reckoning on racial injustice in america. ♪ there you see the vice presidential candidates, both of them in pennsylvania, dueling rallies at the same time, pennsylvania seeing a lot of action today. president trump as well as former vice president joe biden will also be there on this day, election eve. it is the top of the hour on
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election eve. i'm brianna keilar, we're in this final countdown. both candidates and their surrogates are in a mad dash, fighting for the 270 electoral votes. this hour, both president trump and former vice president joe biden trying to woo voters in pennsylvania, delivering their closing arguments to voters who they feel could determine this election. >> when america votes, america will be heard. when america is heard, i believe the message is going to be loud and clear. it's time for donald trump to pack his bags and go home. >> if i don't all play by the rules of the washington establishment is because i was elected to fight for you, and i fight harder for any president has ever fought for his people. early voting ending today in
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22 states and the district of columbia. more than 95 million voters have already cast their ballots. that 70% of the 2016 ballots already in. as excitement builds for this big day, so is the anxiety building. president trump has questioning the legitimacy of this election for months, predicting the election could be decided by the supreme court, and businesses across the country are not taking any chances. they are boarding up, clearly concerned that they may have reason to fear violence, as the results come in. the white house also increasing security, a source telling cnn a non-scalable fence is expected to be put up. this is the same type of fence earli used earlier this summer during protests. ryan nobles is with us. >> reporter: no doubt the
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campaign is putting a lot of emphasis -- the trump campaign believes that republican voters, particularly in the key swing states, are most comfortable with voting in person and doing so on election day. that's why you see the president with a mad dash across the battleground states, and five different stops today, in four different states, including pennsylvania, which may be among the most important on the electoral map. it's of course, a state that he surprised many winning four years ago, and it's a state his campaign firmly believes he with k can win again. president trump believes they can close the gap here in the closing hours of the campaign. they're focusing their effort on the rural blue collar parts of pennsylvania.
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yes, pittsburgh and philadelphia, their suburbs will play a big role in determining a winner, but the president is focusing his travel on the red counties across pennsylvania. that's why we're here in scranton today, the boyhood home of joe biden, and it's part of joe biden's broadser message. president trump believes that those voters, particularly in a state like pennsylvania, still back him in the next election it's also important to point out that the trump campaign believes these rallies function as a get out the vote mechanism. they're going to track and collect data on every single person who comes to this event today, and have volunteers and staff follow up with them, to make sure that they get to the polls tomorrow. this is a lot of work. they have invested some $300 million since the day the president was inaugurated f.
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will be benefit to them in pushing the president over the top here in the closing hours of the campaign, brianna. >> ryan nobles for us in pennsylvania. former vice president joe biden trying to drum up support in the final few hours, the commonwealth critical to biden's map to the white house. he will hold a canvass kickoff event there. jessica dean is following this for us. what is biden's strategy? >> reporter: his campaign is holding a briefing in the last hour, telling everyone they feel really good about the fact that they have many pathways to victory in their mind, that they can put together a whole different combination of states and get to 270. pennsylvania plays an absolutely critical role in vice president biden's strategy. they really see that they can bring out a coalition of people here all across the state, and
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to that end, vice president vice president biden, his wife jill biden, his running mate and doug emhoff are sent to all four corners of the commonwealth of pennsylvania, and they're pitching that are message to a whole collision of people. they're talking to voters that ryan nobody else was just talking about who maybe voted for president trump in 2016, but are willing to vote for vice president biden and kamala harris in 2020. the campaign is very encouraged by the data they are seeing across the country, that they like what is coming in, and they're going to continue to try to press home the value of voting early on this last day, for so many states to do that, and of course getting out the vote on election day here. a canvassing event in beaver county, pennsylvania, which was
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won by president trump pretty substantially back in 2016. it's another example of joe biden we've seen going into areas won by president trump back in 2016, he really believes his message resonates with. that scranton versus park over messages that joe biden talk to people here, and sells them on the message he understands working families, he knows how to control the environment avire the economy. they're putting a lot of resources in a this last day before election. >> jessica dean, thank you for that. why is pennsylvania so important this year? let's dig in on that. let's dig in with david chalian. they're all he getting the attention today. you can see just how both they candidates and their running mates being in the commonwealth
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today suggests that these a big deal. >> it's a big price, 20 electoral votes. this is the 2016 map. brianna. donald trump won it by 44,000 votes, less than a percentage point difference. 44,000-vote difference out of about 6 million cast. so it was a very narrow victory, which is exactly why it's getting so much attention do. i want to show you why it is so critical. let's go back to the 2016 map for donald trump. this is where it ended on elect night. if donald trump is able to hold pennsylvania. that's why you see this mission, but let's say joe biden does indeed take michigan back to democratic territory, take wisconsin back to democratic terr toy, but if pennsylvania stays and the rest of
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donald trump's map holds, he will get reelected. just to put a fine point on it, why they think pennsylvania is the best of those three, look at the polls averaging, poll to poll over the phi days ago. it's closer in pennsylvania. and the 30,000-foot view here, what is biden's best path to 270 as he looks to pick off some of trump's states? >> these taking all the,
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colorado, minnesota, new hampshire, he's got to hold those, okay? the campaign believes their best path is to go through pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin, and that would do it. but let's say donald trump does indeed win pennsylvania. you're going to see joe biden go to the sunbelt, pull averages from the sunbelt states. in north carolina, biden 50, 46, florida 48/46. 49/46 in georgia. more tossups, but constituent biden is in the hunt. joe biden as 258? you know, he might look to pick up arizona. or maybe north carolina, if he
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gets those two, joe biden doesn't even need pennsylvania, he would still win. brianna? >> and for president trump what is his pathway? >> it's exactly what we've been talking about. he needs to win all the toss-up, right? he needs to hang on to ohio. he needs to hang on to iowa, certainly hang on to texas. he would really like to hang on to arizona. that would do it if pennsylvania is there. again, it comes back down to whether donald trump can hang on to a state that had been blue for a couple decades before donald trump flipped it, barely, but won it four years ago. can he repeat that? that's critical to his success. >> which is why he's there today. thank you, david. >> sure. next, president trump denying a report he's considering declaring victory before all the votes are counted.
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we'll talk to an election lawyer about that. a mess unfolding in the houston area, where a hearing is under way to determine if more than 125,000 ballots already cast will be thrown out. reporters could not get into the courtroom for the first hour and a half. you are watching cnn's live special coverage. some things are good to know. like where to find the cheapest gas in town and which supermarket gives you the most bang for your buck. something else that's good to know? if you have medicare and medicaid, you may be able to get more healthcare benefits through a humana medicare advantage plan. call the number on your screen now and speak to a licensed humana sales agent to see if you qualify. learn about plans that could give you more healthcare benefits than you have today. depending on the plan you choose, you could have your doctor, hospital and prescription drug coverage in one convenient plan from humana, a company with nearly 60 years of experience in the healthcare industry. you'll have lots of
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today the president is denying a report that he plans to declare victory early on election day, even if he's short of electoral votes.
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adding that if campaign officials believe they're on the cusp, they're just likely to announce it as a win. after that denial, the president revealed this. >> no, no, that was a false report. we'll look at what happens. we're going to go in the night of -- as soon as that election is over, we're going in with our lawyers. i don't think it's fair we have to wait a long period of time after the election. if people wanted to get their ballots in, they should have gotten their ballots in long before that long time. they don't have to put their ballots in the same day. they could have put them in a month ago. >> the president already planning to send in the lawyers after polls close in some battleground states. joining me now rich a ar hildis, a constitutional professor. richard, you know, continuing to count votes after election day,
11:19 am
this happens every election. explain this to us. >> of course, it has to happen after every election. number one, you have military voters who are overseas. you have overseas americans more entitled to vote. you have a process every year in which state officials have to check the ballots, check the counts and there's an official process called the election canvass, which is completed a few weeks after the election, actually, in which the state officials finally get to the official determination of the vote count. that's all completely normal, and of course this year, in many states we have all of these absentee ballots, which some states can't even start processing until election day, so of course those ballots will be processed and counted after election day. people need to expect that. that's the normal workings of our election process. >> so, as you look at what he is
11:20 am
proposing, is it sort of like the idea -- i mean, clearly he's thinking this would work to his advantage. is it the idea of maybe getting to halftime thinking you have a bit of a lead and then declaring victory in the game that's only partially played? >> well, we know no chaents try to shape the narrative. if this were to actually happen, it could le incredibly damaging for the country. as we know, many of the president's supporters believe their information only if it comes from him. of course, it would be completely inappropriate for a candidate to declare victory before the vote count accurately gets to the point of determining who the winner of the election is. >> right now we are waiting on a federal court to rule on this drive-thru voting that happened in harris county, texas, which is an area that includes hugh
11:21 am
houston. 127,000 votes that have already been cast at those locations, republicans are arguing that the locations are unconstitutional. where do you think the federal courts will land on this? >> well, i think the best case the plaintiffs have was in the texas supreme court under state law. they lost that case. it's even more of a long shot to argue that this is unconstitutional to allow people to vote in their cars at the early voting sites. it would really in this context be completely stunning if the federal courts were to say that voters who did everything lawfully would have 127,000 ballots thrown out at a time when they could be not likely able to repair the damage by taking other measures. this would be pulling the rug out from under voters in a way
11:22 am
that itself would arguably violate due process in the u.s. constitution. >> you covered a piece about your biggest concern for election day. you said, quote, we understand that the country is living on a knife's edge while violence is unlikely to break out emotion are high, and irresponsible coverage could act like a match in a forest. you can't say if minor's events are misinterpreted, it could keep voters away. you're very concerned that this could keep people away. explain this. >> yes, of course, i have many concerns about election day, but one of the big concerns is that there are inevitably going to be problems with the process. we have them in every election. we may have more than in this election, but because we're conducting it under somewhat different circumstances with all the absentee ballots and the like, but people who claim that they see things or believe
11:23 am
they're seeing things going on, the media that may react very quickly to a particular isolated episodes, everyone has to be very, very careful. we will have problems. they need to be put in context. we have to make sure we get the actual factual information before reporting on rumors. we know how social media works and how quickly rumors, even things people sincerely believe, get spread incredibly rapidly, and it's a dangerous situation given how much of country is on a knife's edge, as i said, about this election. so i think that for voters and for the media, we need to be careful to slow down, put things in proportion, and as you mention, one of the things that happens on election day, if voters hear there are problems with the polls, if they get exaggerated accounts about how long it takes to vote, stories
11:24 am
of chaos, that turns off a certain percentage of voters, particularly voters least motivated to vote. >> and if it's thes president raising those concerns, then what? >> that's an enormous problem, absolutely. we do not want to deter voters, alienate them, make them fearful of exercising the most fundamental constitutional rights, the right to vote. >> richard, thank you so much. we really appreciate your expertise on this. in moments, former president barack obama will speak live in georgia and both joe biden and president trump also speaking in their last several events of the campaign. we're going to take you there. plus a look at the key senate races to watch as the results roll in that could tilt the balance of power in the senate for democrats. and the president defending his supporters who surrounded a biden campaign bus on the
11:25 am
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. the election day countdown is on. all eyes will be focused on the battleground states. cnn has a team of reporters on
11:30 am
the ground, and we begin in iowa. >> reporter: i'm martin salvidg in des moines, iowa. the lines have only you growing throughout the day, by the end of the day it's expected to be close to a million iowaen have cast their ballots early, a significant you number of tho expected to -- it means come when the polls close at 9:00 center, 10:00 eastern, they will have already tabulated the votes, which is why the secretary of state believes iowa will have a result tomorrow evening. the requests "des moines
11:31 am
register" has a new poll saying president trump is ahead, but there are other polls saying, no, this state is still competitive. biden was here friday, the president was in dubuque on sunday, his daughter is here in des moines today. the other factor, tomorrow the weather is expected to be perfect. we'll see. i'm evan mcmorris-santoro in maine. here at the gym, they're preparing for heavy turn out-of-.
11:32 am
polls booths have been blocked off, and only 50 will be allowed in at any given time, including poll workers. voters will be asked to wear a mask, but if they refuse, they won't be turned away. it being main, these shields are made by l.l. bean. >> reporter: in pennsylvania, they're 20 electoral votes are critical for both candidates. polls open tomorrow at 7:00 a.m., but we've got an update from the secretary of state, already more than 2394 mail-in ballots have already been returned. that is ten times as many mail-in ballots being current
11:33 am
than they had in 2016. a major operation there. here in philadelphia, over my shoulder, you can see that's one of the, making a party out of it. a big get out the vote operation, that's today, tomorrow, and that's it. so we're here in philadelphia, pennsylvania. brianna? >> i see they have worked on their moves out there, kate. let's go to pennsylvania, where -- let's go to georgia where president obama is speaking live in atlanta. >> it still looks good, you said? i'll let michelle know. the reason i'm here, look, i thought after my last campaign in 2012, i thought, all right,
11:34 am
i'll campaign in '16 and just kind of go off and write my book, and work on my golf game, spend a little more time with my wife. things didn't work out the way we expected, because we weren't focused. each one of us didn't do everything that we needed to do. so in this election when i got a call and said, look, georgia could be the state georgia could be the place we put the country back on track, not just because joe biden and kamala harris has the chance, but you have the chance to flip two senate seats? i said, i got to go. i told michelle, i'm sorry, baby, i got to go to georgia. this is a big deal.
11:35 am
you have two extraordinary candidates in jon and the reverend, who deserve your vote. let's face it, you also a two senators who badly need to be replaced. look, i served in the senate. i remember when we used to get briefings in the senate for threats, including the kinds of briefings that your two current senators got about covid-19. they got briefed. you go into this room and it's all top secret, you have to kind of closing everything off, you can't take anything out of the briefing room, because this is part of your responsibility the point of these briefings is so you can take quick action to protect the american people before it's too late.
11:36 am
that's why the senate gets these special briefings, to serve the interests of the people who have sent you to washington, to serve their interests before your own. when i heard that your two senators here in georgia -- and understand, what i'm about to say now is not a partisan statement, i would be just as hot if i heard a democrat was doing this -- your two senators publicly were telling you the virus would be no big deal. but behind closed doors, they were making a bunch of moves in the stock market, to try to make sure their portfolios were protected instead of making sure you were protect ed man, that's shade,. >> look, that's a natural fact,
11:37 am
i see this world from working-class towns. that's why the build back better plan for the first time in a long time, we're going to start rewarding work, not wealth. we're not going to raise taxes on anybody making less than $400,000 a year, but more than that? guess what? you're going to start paying your fair share. you're going to start stepping up. you know, 90 of the fortune 500 companies didn't pay a penny in taxes. we're going to invest in the money in working people, creating millions of good paying union jobs $2 trillion into infrastructure. no matter how many times trump has tried to lie about it, i
11:38 am
will never ban fracking. i never said i would. but we have a trade strategy right now where you get 10% cut in your tax if you send a job overseas. we're going to reverse that. you bring a job home, you get 10%. i want to promise you one thing. you know, the president has control of $600 billion, handing out contracts for construction for anything from aircraft carriers to public housing. well, here's the promise i make to you. not one single contract will be let to a contractor who doesn't have products that are all made in america. that's a guarantee. every one. we're allowed to do it now, but we have never done it. it's about time we stepped up and made sure people -- by the way, one other thing to mention,
11:39 am
donald trump talks about himself as a tough guy. i grew up with guys around him, and they thought because they had more money, they could look down their nose at you will. because they came from well-known families, they were somehow bert. let me tell you something, he talks about how hard-working he is, how he's done so much, let me tell you the things that bothered me the most in this campaign. the way he talked about our veterans as being losers -- losers -- what's this guy all about? who is he? he doesn't understand what is going on. folks, my son was the attorney general of delaware. he gave up the seat to go fight in iraq for a year. he won the bronze star, and -- service medal. he came home, and guess what? he was no loser. trump's a loser.
11:40 am
and all -- i want to bring in harry enten. we've been talking about the importance of pennsylvania. this is where both of the president uses candidates are and their running mates today, so let's start with the math there. >> to me the math is simple. pennsylvania could be the determining factor in this election. you can see it take a road to 270 electoral votes. let's say we give biden the clinton states, then wisconsin, michigan, which are states in which he old eight or nine-point leads. and then in pennsylvania where he holds a six-point average lead, that gets hem over the market, so to me at this point there isn't a state that's more important than pennsylvania. >> what about arizona? >> so, sure, let's say joe biden does not win in pennsylvania,
11:41 am
but wins in the states or contexts in which he's held at least a four-point lead. well, in that case, what you do is you get joe biden to exactly 270 electoral votes. even if he loses in places like pennsylvania, florida, north carolina and georgia. so that's a backup plan for joe biden. >> you say it would be heart for the polls in both arizona and -- >> what we know about polls, they tend to be correlated, and obviously the regions of arizona and pennsylvania are very different. but also look at some of the demographics, right? arizona has fewer non-college, many more hispanic voters,le more urban than pennsylvania. if the polls are off, they would be more likely off like ohio than they would be arizona. >> it's not a slam dunk for
11:42 am
biden. it's not easy for trump either, though. >> polls are not perfect. polls are not perfect. that being said, biden's lead is fairly significant. but the true margin of error, the 95% confidence is plus or minus nine points, this is long tailed errors. it is possible that he does pull off this win, the map is essential if he does win in arizona. if he does win in pennsylvania and holds on to florida, north carolina and georgia. if he does that, le gets will. not easy, but doable. >> harry, thank you so much. i want to go to president trump, who is holding a rally in pennsylvania right now. let's listen in. >> only in pennsylvania. you know, we win pennsylvania, we win the whole deal. you know that, right? just like last time. we want to have the same result
11:43 am
as we had last time. hello, scranton, hello, pennsylvania. thank you very much. tomorrow we are going to win the commonwealth of pennsylvania, and we are going to win four more years in the white house. with your vote, we will continue to cut your taxes, cut regulations, support our great police, support our magnificent military, protect your second amendment, defend religious liberty, and ensure more products are productly stamped with that beautiful phrase "made in the usa," right? more and more [ chanting ] >> thank you.
11:44 am
remember last time they had, no, no, pennsylvania hasn't been won by a republican for many, many years. many, many years, and then we won. it wasn't even close, when you get right down to it. thank you very much. thank you. [ chanting ] >> that's really nice. don't make me cry. i'll cry with that whole thing. i'll cry. and then they'll have it -- they'll say the president broke down and cried in front of his -- i don't know, hey, maybe that would lift you up, right? you pick up ten points for crying. i say, i still don't want to do it. thank you very much. no, it's really nice. [ chanting ]
11:45 am
all right. president trump there in the hometown, in scranton, pennsylvania, the hometown of his rival joe biden. all eyes on pennsylvania, both presidential candidates as well as their running mates there today, a key battleground state. next, an astronaut, what 33-year-old, and combat veteran among the democrats looking to unseat incumbents in the senate. plus the political strategy with picking another fight with dr. anthony fauci. why the president can't fire him, after suggesting he may after the election. this is cnn special coverage.
11:46 am
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it's time for theraflu hot liquid medicine. powerful relief so you can restore and recover. theraflu hot beats cold. anxiety is high the day before the election, both campaigns fully aware the vote could go either way. i want to bring in ron brown ste
11:50 am
brownstein, cnn political analyst. ron, it's great to see you right before election day. twitter has made warnings to campaigns if they attempt to declare victory before official results are declared. what do you think we can expect tomorrow night? >> it is possible that joe biden will win early in north carolina and florida, and a lot of the fears about trump trying to dispute the election will evaporate, become irrelevant. but it's also possible we will be waiting for pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin where it's important to note that republican legislators have refused to allow them to do what so many states do, which is begin to allow mail-in ballots beforehand. north carolina, florida, arizona does that as well. it depends on the results, but we could see a very aggressive move by the president if he sees it going against him. >> there is this battle in the
11:51 am
senate that is playing out in the presidential race. democrats are really hoping to flip enough key races, so they're trying to flip some of these. i wonder what you'll be watching specifically. >> absolutely. the senate is on the knife's edge about which party will control it. the big picture in the senate is that the results of the presidential race and the senate races are aligning more completely than ever. in 2016 for the first time since the direct election of senators, we started in 1914, every senate race, brianna, went the same way as the senate race in that state. that means democrats will have a hard time holding alabama, republicans will have a hard time holding arizona and colorado which are leaning to varying degrees to biden. then you get to the tipping points, tipping points at both the presidential and senate level. can susan collins in maine overcome what is a double victory? can republicans hold georgia and
11:52 am
north carolina? montana also on the list of tipping point states might be the states where democrats have the best chance of winning. even from there it's kind of an uphill climb. you have a two-man chess going on not only with the senate races but what's happening with the presidential race. unless biden wings some of the key senate swing states, places like north carolina, iowa and georgia, above all. >> the president suggested he may fire dr. anthony fauci. let's listen to this. >> fire fauci! fire fauci! fire fauci! >> don't tell anybody, but let me wait until a little after the election. i appreciate the advice. >> now, under federal law, we
11:53 am
should point out trump does not have the power to directly fire fauci and remove him from government. but fauci is certainly playing as a device for the president here in the final stretch. >> right. and this is revealing both his approach to the pandemic but also his broader political strategy. talking about firing fauci is consistent with not wearing masks at rallies and no social distancing and pressuring governors to open up. he is speaking to roughly the 35% of the country that is saying open at all costs and further alienating the majority of the country that believes you can never get the economy fully going again unless you get the virus under control. brianna, this is indicative of his broader political strategy since the time he took office. he is talking about speaking to his base even if it means alienating the voters, and where that left him and the republican party is in a position to try to swing bigger margins of groups that are shrinking in society
11:54 am
and alienating the groups that are growing. if there is a path for joe biden to win, it's vastly more a college of non-urban whites than people expect. that may be a vital path, but it's a big hill. if you look at numbers among young people, college-educated whites, and in the big metros, every big metro center economy or population of the country, he is likely to deteriorate. he may win texas by a million votes. not colorado, not california, but texas. that is the story. he has left the republicans with only one path, a potentially doable path, but a very narrow path speaking to a minority of the country and exciting them to turn out in unprecedented numbers. >> if anyone told us we would be talking about texas, we would say, what? no. ron, thank you so much for joining us. ron brownstein. big day tomorrow. we know you'll be watching. next, a nation on edge as we
11:55 am
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who's sujoe biden.rop 15? biden says, "every kid deserves a quality education and every family deserves to live in a safe, healthy community. that's why i support prop. 15." vote yes. schools and communities first is responsible for the contents of this ad.
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who'sgovernor gavin newsom. the governor says prop 15 is, "fair, phased-in, and long overdue reform", that "will exempt small businesses and residential property owners." join governor newsom. vote yes on 15. president trump is denying that the fbi is investigating his supporters after they surround aid bed a biden campai, which is a lie. we have the details. >> reporter: a video from friday shows that bus traveling from san antonio to austin. it is swarmed by a group of motorists waving trump 2020 flags. at one point it appears that a trump supporter veers into a vehicle belonging to a biden volunteer, leaving that vehicle damaged.
12:00 pm
now, the president rushed to the defense of his supporters saying they did nothing wrong, saying the fbi should instead be focused on antifa. former vice president joe biden also responded saying the nation has never before had a president who would condone what took place on that texas highway. brianna? >> josh, thank you, and jake tapper picks up our coverage now. the election music is back. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. it is election eve. at this time tomorrow we'll be standing by for the first results from this historic presidential election. right now president donald trump and democratic campaigner joe biden are making visits in their key states. joe biden is in pennsylvania while president trump is in michigan, wisconsin and pennsylvania. these events that the president is throwing is


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