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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  October 10, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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king to ibs-c. if your constipation and belly pain keeps coming back, tell your doctor and say yesss! to linzess. ♪ president trump plans a risky event close to home. 2,000 people are reportedly invited to the white house this weekend as the president claims he's been cured of the coronavirus. and the u.s. gulf coast is battered once again. hundreds of thousands of people as hit the ground. welcome to our viewers here in the united states and canada and around the world, i'm kim brunhuber and this is "cnn newsroom."
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>> the trump administration is planning a large event at the white house in the coming hours, despite a recent outbreak of covid that infected numerous people including obviously, the president and the first lady. a source tells cnn 2,000 people have been invited to see and hear mr. trump on saturday in his first public appearance since returning from the hospital. the president said he's been retested but doesn't know the result. he told conservative radio show host rush limbaugh he was very sick but feels great. >> i was not in great shape. we have a medicine that healed me. that fixed me. i feel better than i did two weeks ago. it's crazy. i recovered immediately. almost immediately, i might not
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have recovered at all from covid. >> president trump doesn't know where he caught the virus but admits it might have been at a rose garden event two weeks ago. the president and first lady tested positive. but the top infectious disease expert says the effects are clear to him. >> we had a superspreader event in the white house. and it was in a situation where people were crowded together. were not wearing masks. so, the data speak for themselves. >> with the u.s. election now looming and president trump trailing in many polls, he appears eager to launch an aggressive schedule of campaign rallies beginning monday in florida. but thursday's second presidential debate has been cancelled after the council rejected to do it it remotely. but first, well, one question the white house refuses to answer is whether the president still has an active case of covid-19. we get the latest from cnn's
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kaitlan collins at the white house. >> reporter: although it's only been a week since the president was hospitalized at walter reed he is moving full steam ahead and planning an event at the white house where 2,000 people have been invited on saturday. and a campaign rally in orlando, florida, for the following monday. that was actually an event the president was supposed to hold until he tested positive for coronavirus in recent days and, of course, had to cancel. the big question is whether or not the president has since tested negative. it's one the white house is refusing to answer but they would let us know when the president tests negative again. we do know he was tested on friday and he admitted as much in an interview with a fox news analyst and had not gotten his results back even though it had been hours after that. and the white house still did not disclose what the results were. they also did not send any update from the president's
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doctor even though they had done that on a daily basis since returning from walter reed and also stopped the briefings. no updates from the president or his current aides even though they were planning to move ahead to hold rallies, hold events with thousands of people on the south lawn on saturday. of course, the president is going to be addressing reporters from a balcony. far up where he won't be interacting with guests according to the white house. but you have to remember, that supreme court event, the president wasn't walking around the rose garden. but still, multiple people at that event, even some who wore masks have tested positive for coronavirus. including the former new jersey governor chris christie who still remains hospitalized a week later which they said at the time was a precaution. now, it's raising questions. far-reaching repercussions of that event. kaitlan collins, cnn, the white house.
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>> let's get some international perspective from leslie vinjamuri in london. she's a professor at chatham house. we saw how covid-19 changed boris johnson's outlook when it comes to covid, not so for president trump. most people hoping the president would have a hospital conversion about covid. they've been sorely disappointed. we just heard he's going to gather and hold events when we don't know what is happening. it's perplexing, he went on fox, almost like reality tv. how does this help him pick up ground against joe biden? >> well, i think the first thing to say is that it's deeply concerning at a time that we all know the numbers, 210 -- more than 210,000 americans have died. but we're just three and a bit weeks out from the election.
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and so i think the level of uncertainty, of concern, of chaos that this -- that this is lent amongst the electorate can't be understated. we know that donald trump's base, he has that hard core who have stuck with him. but i think for so many americans, they're very worried. we're seeing this in the polls. i think older americans, in particular, are concerned, deeply concerned, about the signal that this sends. it's not only about the election, of course, the number one thing in so many people's minds right now is november 3rd. people are already voting. but it's also so much to do with what signal it sends to all americans about the seriousness of the pandemic that we're currently in. and the signal is that it's not -- it's not a clear message of wearing masks, keeping distance. and i think there's so much concern about whether the president is recovered yet, as
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he's interacting again with americans. >> you mentioned the older voters. i don't like to focus on polls. the trends there are interesting. when a series of several recent polls show that the president, as you said, seems to be losing support among older voters, you mentioned one reason. but do you know exactly why that is and how that might affect the vote overall, we're seeing one of those polls there just on the screen there. >> yeah, i think what we've been seeing for a little while is a concern amongst older voters about whether the president is reflecting the values, the certainty, the stability, that they value. and when you add the fact that they're in very naturally high-risk category for the pandemic, this is obviously of grave concern for anybody over 55 that increases, as you look at over 65s. and see a president who really hasn't taken this seriously.
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he's denied the pandemic, has marginalized science and public health experts, even the cdc at times. and these are values that are held dearly by older americans and so it's not surprising paper president that won, you know, the over-55 vote by 13% in 2016 is now really trailing, and that's likely to hurt him. of course what we know from all of these polls, it's not about people's preferences. it's about whether people exercise that preference by voting. >> that was leslie vinjamuri of chatham house in london speaking with me a short time ago. almost 730,000 homes and businesses along the battered u.s. gulf coast are without power right now, after hurricane delta roared ashore friday evening at category 2 strength. now, it's weakened to a tropical storm as it moves over land. this video that you're seeing here was shot in lake charles
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about 40 miles north of the spot where delta made landfall, the area is now dealing with life-threatening flash flooding. and talk about this, we're joined on the line by mike steele in baton rouge, louisiana. he's the communications director for the governor's office of homeland security and emergency preparedness. how are you doing? >> hey, good morning. it was a pretty rough night across the state. it's pretty remarkable that this storm, you know, did make landfall about 12 miles from where hurricane laura made landfall. so, many of the areas that were impacted initially when the storm came on shore were some of the same spots that we're trying to help recover, you know, from laura. but then it kind of roared across the rest of the state as the night went on. i'm sure it's going to be another busy day as we begin to assess when the sun comes up to see what we're really dealing with. you're probably talk about a
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much larger impact area as it moved into north louisiana. and some part of the state are still see heavy rains and wind damage. there's a lot of trees down, power lines down in many, many areas. so, you know, we'll be ramped up pretty much all weekend as we deal with this. >> you have to wait for days, you said. do you have any idea of the extent of the damage caused by this so far? >> not totally, because once most of the problems started, it was after nightfall. so, you get to a situation, you know, where it's really is not safe for people to be out. the power outages have been massive, but even the utility crews that were prestaged ahead of time, you know, there's safety considerations for those crews before they can get out and hit the road. and begin that work. there are areas where power was restored, but it's a matter of waiting until those conditions
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improve enough to where that work can begin. >> i mean, baton rouge hit pretty hard by those power outages. how dark is the city at this hour? >> so, it's, you know, over the course of the night, there were a lot of, you know, intersections without power. you know, it was pretty widespread, even here. we were kind of on the fringe of what we were seeing as far as some of the wind totals. so, you know, when you take a look at what happened to baton rouge, you know, the problems are much more sfeeshgs as you kind of move into the southwest corner of the state area, like lafayette, lake charles. but again as the night went on, those problems moved up into the alexandria, shreveport, monroe areas. and we even had a lot of flash flood emergency alerts that out overnight. so, once the conditions improve, and once question start getting the reports in from our partners at the local emergency management level, you know,
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we'll begin to start those assessments and see what support is needs from the state. >> all right. well, listen, we wish you absolutely the best with that, as you deal with, you know, the effects of a double hit of two hurricanes in such short succession. thank you so much, mike steele in baton rouge, louisiana, for talking with us and do stay safe out there. >> you bet, thank you. >> all right. let's bring in meteorologist karen maginnis, karen, horrific pictures that we were seeing talking to our guest there but the good news is it is, you know, getting a bit weaker, what's the latest? >> even weaker than when we last spoke. it's still a tropical storm intensity, but it is really dropping off very rapidly. so, we'll start to see some of those really strong winds that we saw over the last six hours or so. they there weaken considerably. but now, it looks as if that
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tornado 38 is still going to be impactful across the deep south. earlier, we were looking at tornado warnings issued across the panhandle of florida. those have since dropped off. i want to show you what's on the western edge of the system. it's not clearly defined, doesn't have a clearly defined eye. it's a broad shield of wet weather that is still capable of producing significant flooding as it trucks off to the north and northeast fairly rapidly. as you saw, we have just about 720,000 give or take without power. the bulk of those being in louisiana. the other states mississippi and texas, but louisiana's been hit the hardest. they've been hit the hardest all this hurricane season. 43 days ago, it was laura. the debris was piled up. the tarps were going over the homes, primarily in lake charles, but not only in lake charles. about 95% of the city in some way, homes or businesses, either damaged or destroyed. we saw a lot of damage.
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and people still recovering from that. they have been in shelters, thousands of them. now, without power. and it is also a flooding situation that we've seen in this beautiful coastal vicinity right around homa and new orleans seeing heavy rain. before i run out of time, i want to show you a video from a viewer, william pratt, in sweet lake, west of lake charles. listen and watch this. all right. sounds scary enough. but that was during the high time when delta made its way on shore. it was only within ten miles or so where the actually landfall was in louisiana. staying on top of it.
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>> karen maginnis in atlanta, appreciate that. coming up on "cnn newsroom," a federal judge blocks an order in texas about ballot boxes. plus, new details about the alleged plot to kidnap michigan's governor and the trump administration's virtual silence on the arrests. stay with us. three derm ingredients in one cream. don't settle for less. revitalift triple power with pro-retinol plus hyaluronic acid and vitamin c. it visibly reduces wrinkles. firms. and brightens. now that's triple power.
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in the u.s., six men were arraigned in a michigan court on friday on terrorism and other felony charges. they're afternoon 13 suspects accused in the plot to kidnap michigan governor gretchen whitmer and overthrown several state governments. she says they're all domestic terrorists. cnn's sara sidner has new details about the investigation. >> i hate to say i love the kid but i'm mad right now. i'm just shocked, mad. >> reporter: bryant titus says one of the suspects in the alleged domestic terrorist plot was his employee. >> the owner of this vacuum shop said adam vause lived here for a couple weeks. he lived behind this door and in the basement. >> reporter: down here in the basement, his dogs, one with an
2:20 am
emotional support collar with do not tread on me. >> he was on emotional support. >> reporter: titus became concerned when he noticed packages from fox. what would you get from amazon? >> like mies. he was buying stuff for attachments and buying like, food. and i'm not stupid. i was in the marine corps. i told him he had to go. >> reporter: but before he left, he and others were in raids. one suspect calling president trump an enemy. >> trump is not your friend, dude. >> reporter: while another had praise for the president. tweeting, keep up the good work. we the people love your work. the alleged plot centered around to kidnap michigan governor gretchen whitmer. whose coronavirus conditions
2:21 am
have been railed around. two of the suspects discussed detonating explosive devices to divert please from the area. one said in an encrypted chat the fear will be emanated through bullets. fox said copy that, loud and clear. >> these are things that you hear from like isis. this is not a militia. this is a domestic terror group. >> what we're seeing here in michigan lake is not just a michigan problem. it's an american problem. >> reporter: a problem forewarned by frank meeink, a former neo-nazi convicted in the mid-'90s. i spoke to him the days before the initial plot was known to the public. what's the scenario in this election that would create what you're calling the potential of a race war? >> i'm telling you, this is going to happen, states like michigan, states like wisconsin, the north states, in the
2:22 am
wilderness area, there have been militias from other states training up there. they are waiting and hoping that something does go wrong because they want to hold up in those hills and they say we don't want the federal government up here no more. >> reporter: he said president trump's rhetoric has emboldened extremis extremists. witmer agrees. >> of course, we know anytime this white house takes a shot at me, we see an increase, rhetoric online, violent rhetoric, and so there's always a connection. and certainly, it's something that we've been watching but this took it to a whole new level. >> reporter: in a slew of tweets, president trump said he does not tolerate any kind of extreme violence, he then went after governor whitmer and saying she did a terrible job with dealing with the coronavirus in her state but the governor did what many governors have done to try to slow the spread of this deadly virus.
2:23 am
sara sidner, cnn, grand rapids, michigan. a federal judge has blocked an order from a governor of texas limiting ballot boxes to one per county. several groups sued saying it would suppress voters particularly in larger counties and the judge agreed. democrats cheered the judge's decision saying it was common sense. no word yet if governor abbott will appeal. now, with just 24 days to go until the presidential election, president trump is spreading even more disinformation about mail-in ballots while polls show joe biden with a double-digit lead over mr. trump, the president continues to stoke doubt on voting by mail. cnn's pamela brown has the latest. >> reporter: president trump is continuing to undermine the integrity of the election. >> they're sending out millions and millions of ballots. are they sending them to all democrats? this is going to be the second biggest political scandal in
2:24 am
history. >> reporter: trump is spreading disinformation. vote by mail states and ballots to all active voters, and there are no signs of a looming scandal. and he went on. >> you're never going to know who won the election. it's going to be two weeks later. >> reporter: but election night results are always unofficial. the very real there won't be a winner is something that trump's security team has warned is no problem. >> november 3rd, we may not know the outcome of the election and that's okay but we're going to need your patience until the official results are announced. >> reporter: the plot to kidnap michigan's governor is raising fears on election day as tensions rise. >> it's not just a michigan problem. it's an american problem. and i think there's going to be more incidents to come. >> reporter: michigan's attorney general is work on guidance for law enforcement on haw to handle
2:25 am
guns at polling stations. many states including michigan don't have strict rules against it. >> bad things happen in philadelphia. >> reporter: in philadelphia, a judge rejected the trump campaign's lawsuit over its attempt last month to use supporters as unofficial poll watchers ahead of see election day. something that officials wouldn't allow because it's against the law. the president fumed about it at the debate. >> they were thrown out, they weren't allowed to watch. >> reporter: all campaigns are allowed to have registered poll watchers on election day. but the judge ruled it is illegal on satellite locations for preelection voting now both parties are gearing up for a contested election with no clear winner for november 3 order weeks beyond. "the washington post" reports nancy pelosi has discussed it in meetings. one scenario involves invoking
2:26 am
the care act which gives congress the ability to settle disputes. last week, pelosi acknowledged any potential involvement would be messy. >> if all of that chaos takes to us a time that would be past the date when the electoral college must meet, we will be ready. >> reporter: the clamp-down on this information around the election, twitter is announcing several changes it's making, including blocking any twitter user, including the candidates themselves for declaring victory before state officials have announced or before two national news outlets have made their public projections, pamela brown, cnn, washington. well, even though donald trump defeated hillary clinton four years ago, it seems like that contest is never over for the president. secretary of state mike pompeo one of the president's fiercest defenders was recently criticized by his boss for not
2:27 am
releasing clinton's emails from a public server when she was secretary of state. well, on friday, pompeo told fox news he's on the case. >> we've got the emails. we're getting them out. going to get all of this information out so the american people can see it. you'll remember there was classified information on a private server should never have been there. hillary clinton should have never done that. it's unacceptable behavior. it's not the kind of things leaders do. >> president has the authority to declassify anything he wants. all authority is for him. could he declassify it and toward released if he wanted to? >> absolutely. we're going to get there. we're going to get the information out so the american people can see it. >> the kcoronavirus pandemic is on the rise in the u.s. and could overwhelm hoptspitals.
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♪ and welcome back to you our viewers in the united states, canada and around the world. the rate of covid infections in the u.s. has slowed since it peaked in july, but the pandemic is obviously far from over. more than 7.6 million americans have been stricken so far. and nearly 214,000 have died. and many places that have limited the virus' spread are seeing resurge. cnn's brian todd has those details. >> reporter: shuttered
2:32 am
businesses in parts of brooklyn, a hot spot of covid-19 clusters in new york city, the governor says the infection rate in those clusters is much higher than in the rest of the state. residents of those neighborhoods, particularly religious groups, have been battling city and state officials over the closures of nonessential businesses and the drastic limits of gatherings in houses of worship. >> the way the government has been treating us and a lot of americans has been like really as if we're not capable of making intelligent decisions. and i consider it simply tyranny. >> reporter: governor andrew cuomo says it's not a matter of religious freedom that they simply have to attack outbreaks in those neighborhoods. >> if you don't follow the rules, the infection rate spreads, people get sick and then you make others sick. we're talking about brooklyn. we're not talk about a hermetically sealed area. this is in brooklyn. they will make other people sick. >> reporter: neighboring new
2:33 am
jersey just report its highest number of cases since may with more than 30 states seeing the case count go up and the country averaging more than 45,000 new positive tests per day, a whistle-blower who recently left the trump administrations that his warning. >> this winter, we're going to have an explosion of cases of coronavirus. this winter, we're going to have an explosion of influenza and other respiratory infections. this is going to overwhelm our health care system again. >> reporter: in wisconsin, that's already happening. the governor says the number of people in the hospital with covid-19 in that state has nearly tripled in a month. a temporary field hops in wisconsin will start receiving patients in the coming day. a top official says doctors and those are among those infected. >> every region has hospitals reporting current and imminent staffing shortages. and at least one region is shorting these shortages in the majority of their hospitals.
2:34 am
>> reporter: with the majority in the spike as seen in the spring and part of the summer, it could be be even worse because the country is only starting with awe few hot spots. now -- >> we've seen particular hot spots in the northern midwest and the plains states but it's not just there. i think what put us in a precarious position. >> reporter: a leading member of the coronavirus task force say people asymptomatic are silent sprerds in some communities. and she issues this warning for the upcoming holidays. >> it's important for us to not put our guard down around thanksgiving. people are yearning to be together. >> reporter: and there are questions when we'll see another favorite tradition around the holiday this year. the pro football. the nfl had to reschedule two games again this weekend because of positive tests. the tennessee titans are under investigation after more than 20 players and staff members became infected. and the nfl's chief medical
2:35 am
officer said the league hasn't ruled out pausing the season. brian todd, cnn, washington. >> let's bring in a physician who is a physician with the national health service from london. thanks so much for being here. the idea of thousands gathering together to hear the president speak, and then, you know, we're told a rally, potentially another superspreader event. it seems -- it seems baffling. what message does this behavior send? >> i think it's extremely reckless and i think it's extremely selfish. it's sending the wrong message. this is a potentially deadly virus that we know. we've seen huge death rates in the uk and the u.s. and the message that it sends that was that people should take the virus seriously. that we should be following public health messaging is really, really concerning and could lead to more deaths. >> yeah, i meaner that's exactly
2:36 am
what a new report from the council on foreign relations said. it examined all of this and it said while the pandemic threats are inevitable. the failures that contributed to the spread of coronavirus weren't. it said that the u.s. response was deeply flawed and too slow and it singled out leaders, including the president for failing to condemn clearly and defend public health leaders. from your viewpoint, what have been the biggest failures to date? >> yeah. so, i think, you know, we're seeing across the globe, yet we know there are some countries that acted decisively, in countries including east asia that protected their economy. there are other countries like the u.s. and uk where we've not done so well, we've seen high death rates as well. i think of all of the key things
2:37 am
that we know from other countries that did well that need to be done which we are failing in our countries. number one, we need government to understand the science. we need clear public health messaging about what needs to be done to keep ourselves safe. and we need the public to follow these guidelines and to trust what we've been told and the rationale behind it. and thirdly, we need to have really robust comprehensive testing capacity so we can pick out new cases very quickly and contact cases quickly as well. and also i think what's missing from the u.s. and u.k, when people have the virus, we need to be able, in the context of the coronavirus, we need to be able to isolate so that we don't spread the virus. we know in the uk, people contacted with the virus, we know only 10% have quarantined
2:38 am
for less than 14 days because they don't have the support. >> that is dr. adesara speaking to me from london. this coming in the british medical association is warning that the uk government is losing confidence of the government's handling of the pandemic and is urging immediate reaction due to the spiraling rate of infection. medical professionals say face masks should be mandatory in all offices and outdoor. and they also say public gathering should be limited to six people. the uk has almost 585,000 confirmed cases of covid and almost 43,000 deaths and cases have been rising sharply in recent weeks. >> the world health organization is reporting a record number of daily global covid-19 cases. it reported more than 350,000 new infections on friday. but officials say cases are being vastly undercounted.
2:39 am
6,000 new deaths on friday for a confirmed total of 1,000,66,000 deaths worldwide. in the area, the region is reporting new cases in india, brazil or the u.s., in fact, nearly a third of all of the world's infections in the last 24 hours are on that continent. >> in spain, a state of emergency on the country's capital in france, several cities on maximum alert. across europe, fears are growing of a lockdown 2.0, as the continent sees new cases of coronavirus surge. >> many countries in europe are experiencing a rapid rise in cases. and governments do have to take decisive action in order to shut down. >> reporter: from iceland to italy, russia to the uk, france to slovenia, more than a dozen countries are smashing records for daily numbers of new cases. governments are doing what they
2:40 am
can to stem the surge, while trying to avoid an all-out lockdown. >> translator: the increase of infections is so rapid in some cities that we have almost reached a point of no return, where the virus will spread without control. my top priority is to avoid having to shut down the economy and the public life completely, as it was needed at the start of the year. >> reporter: germany, mulling more draftic restrictions, as well as russia where citizens are advised to stay home this weekend as hospital s begin to buckle from soaring infections. meanwhile poland making face masks mandatory outdoor. and the uk will have a 10:00 p.m. closing time for pubs and restaurants. others have already taken the plunge. in the belgian capital bars and
2:41 am
restaurants will be closed for a month. in scotland most populous cities, patrons taking their last sip friday, before doors closed once more as the country joined the rest of europe fighting to contain a resurging coronavirus pandemic. joining me now is cnn's melissa bell who has more on the cases in europe. melissa, a disturbing picture we're seeing on the continent. let's start in france where you are and the record number of cases you're seeing there. >> reporter: that's right, it was a record announced more than 20,000 new cases in a single 24-hour period. we simply hadn't seen that at any point since the outbreak began here in the spring. and, of course, what we have here is being repeated elsewhere in europe. these are national figures with positivity rates, for instance, rising in france to 10.4%. it was a few weeks ago 5.4% it gives you an idea how fast it's
2:42 am
moving. in a sense, you have these hot spots, the area where is the virus is progressing faster and we're talking for the most part in the second wave about europe's big cities. we saw in that report how madrid has now gone on lockdown. we expect several procedures in other cities as well. in paris, we're currently in a maximum alert category, one of the criterias for deciding that is the icu occupancy rate for covid-19 patients is above 30%. in paris, above 40%. if 40% of icu beds are taken by covid patients, according toe projections here in the paris region that is going to reach beyond 80% this month. and that is one of the criteria that might take us into the next category which would be a state of sanitary emergency which would bring much harsher restrictions, similar to what we've seen in mad brit here in paris. for the time being, the figures are not being brought under
2:43 am
control and the governments are doing what they can to avoid harming the economy further but it is in the end the ability of health care systems that will be the decisive factor on this. >> keeping an eye on that disturbing situation. thank you so much, melissa bell, in paris. and coming on "cnn newsroom," a cease-fire is on the way between armenia and aft azerbaijan. but that doesn't stop the firing from hours before. we'll have the latest coming up. stay with us. it also turns into an air fryer. bring outdoor grilling flavors indoors with the grill that grills for you. tonight, i'll be eating a veggie cheeseburger on ciabatta, no tomatoes.. [hard a] tonight... i'll be eating four cheese tortellini with extra tomatoes. [full emphasis on the soft a] so its come to this? [doorbell chimes] thank you.
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south korean officials say north korea likely celebrated the 75th anniversary of the founding of its ruling party saturday with a massive military parade. authorities say they detected personnel and large-scale military equipment mobilizing in pyongyang in the square. the pictures that you're seeing of north korean leader kim jong-un ten days ago.
2:47 am
we're waiting to see fresh pictures of kim and the military hardware that would have been on display. the anniversary is usually celebrated with festivals and concerts. the last time they broadcast the parade was in 2017. a cease-fire between armenia and aftzerbaijan is now in effe according to sergey lavrov. in the hours before the cease-fire, both sides fired with missiles and unclear how fast it will hold. armenia held the talks since the two sides erupted in the breakaway region. and the enclave is in azerbaijan, but is currently populated and governed by ethnic armenians. international security editor nick paton walsh is in london with more on this. nick, how significant is this? is it an important first step towards a peace deal, or just a brief pause in the violence?
2:48 am
>> well, certainly, it is good news that both sides brought together by moscow who have been urging diplomacy and failing, frankly, to have its voice listened to over the past two weeks with increasingly escalating violence. with hundreds dying, many civilians on both sides. finally, we have seen both sides agree in principle to the cease-fire. it is open-ended. don't have a particular moment where it's supposed to end known. and it's also supposed to usher in new talks on the negotiation process that for decades have kind of kept the guns mostly silent but came up with a final permanent solution to things here. the other thing, kim, unfortunate list, we are hearing since the cease-fire was put in place about three hours ago now that it hasn't held particularly well. both sides are accusing the other of limited shelling. both sides are denying the other's accusations. this isn't particularly
2:49 am
concerning when a cease-fire is put in place. you can have miscommunication or access of anger or misbehavior on either side can lead to things like this. the key thing is they have in technical terms agreed for a cease-fire which the red cross are supposed to be involved in retrieving the dead from either side and also exchanging prisoners. the broader question is whether or not the longer term about resolving the issue inside of azerbaijan which nationally recognizes part of that country but yet controlled by an ethnic armeniaen population, where there is a long term-fix for that particular problem. azerbaijan has moved stride dentally with a very advanced campaign to push them back. many armenians are saying turkey is providing military assistance, too. on the other side, armenians are
2:50 am
looking to russia to step in. they've done it here with diplomacy but not with military assistance. the hope is that these talks will see an end to the violence and maybe stops the resumption of conflict in the months ahead. kim. >> all right. we're following that story coming weeks. appreciate it. nick paton walsh in london. after the break, we'll look at the world food program which has been honored with the 2020 nobel peace prize for its global work to end hunger. stay with us.
2:51 am
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the world food programme has won the nobel peace price for its fight to hide hunger. still, 600 million people around the world go to bed on an empty stomach every night. cnn's phil black takes a look at the organization's accomplishments. >> reporter: no one picked this but no one is disputing the worthiness of the world food programme as a nobel peace prize winner especially this year. it helped 100 million starving people. in 2020, that number has
2:55 am
expanded to 135 million, largely because the pandemic and the organization warns it could expand further. its executive director has talked about a potential wave of famine around the world before this year is over. the nobel peace prize committee justified its choice in awarding the prize to an organization that combats hunger by drawing a clear drink between hunger and war, saying they're often locked in a vicious cycle, and you'll never solve one without the other. the world's executive director was in nyjer when he heard the news. >> this is the first time in my life i've been speechless. this is unbelievable. talk about the most exciting point in time in your life, as the nobel peace prize and it's because of the wp family. they're out there in the most difficult places in the world. whether war, conflict, climate extremes, it doesn't matter,
2:56 am
they're out there and they deserve this award. and wow, wow, wow. i can't believe it. >> reporter: the nobel committee said through this choice, it wants to turn the eyes of the world to the hungry. the world food programme is being honored for its work but example. the committee made it clear they're sending a message to working together to solve real world problems. and comments making its announcement in oslo, it said the need and international solidarity and multilateral cooperation is as great as ever. phil black, cnn, london. >> well, that wraps this hour of "cnn newsroom." i'm kim brunhuber. for international viewers "techniq"tech is next. and for other viewers, "new day" is just ahead.
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where do you think you got the virus? >> he wants to have another event after the last one became a super spreader event. >> he didn't take the necessary precautions to protect himself and others. >> alleged domestic terror plot to protect the governor of michigan. >> two discussed detonating explosive devices. >> this is not a militia. this is a domestic terror organization.


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