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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  October 9, 2020 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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hello, and welcome to you our viewers joining us in the united states, canada and all around the world, i'm kim brunhuber, and this is cnn newsroom. president trump claims he is healthy andmen wants to hold a rally. he's refusing to say whether he has tested negative. the fbi foiled a plot to abduct and overthrow democratic governor gretchen whitmer skpnc. in europe, new restrictions as several countries struggle to contain a resurgence of coronavirus cases.
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barely a week after being diagnosed with covid-19 and spending last weekend in the hospital. u.s. president donald trump is now claiming he's cured and ready to get back to campaigning. the president has got a letter from his doctor saying he has finished his medical treatments and should be able to hold public events on saturday. with his poll numbers sinking nationwide, the president wants to hit the key battleground state of florida as soon as possible but does president trump still have the virus, and can he spread it to others? we just don't know. we get the latest from cnn's kaitlan collins. >> reporter: the president has been back at the white house since monday and in a letter released on thursday, his president's doctor believes he's going to be clear to be back in public at events in saturday. he said he wouldn't sigh of relief until monday. we haven't heard from the
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president's doctor since he returned to the white house. we have only seen in vildeos published by the white house. but the president continues to put his own spin on his health while we're not hearing from the medical experts saying he no longer believes he's contagious. implying he may have never been infected with coronavirus, and is ready to get back on the road, and might start holding a campaign rally in florida or potentially pennsylvania. that's what he told sean hannity in a phone interview on thursday night where at himtimes he seem to be a little hoarse. he spoke clearly for the other 20 minutes he was on air. one thing he did not say is whether or not he has gotten a negative test result for coronavirus since he first tested positive on thursday of last week. sean hannity asked the president three times. the president did not answer the question and said he would be tested on friday. he didn't see the reason for testing a lot.
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that goes against what the white house told us for months was that the president was being tested on a daily basis. kaitlan collins, cnn, the white house. meanwhile, next week's second presidential debate may be on again. the trump campaign changed its position for a second time late thursday after clearance from the white house doctor. cnn's jim's acosta reports on the back and forth. >> reporter: still dodging the white house press corps, president trump is backing out of his next debate with joe biden refusing to agree to a virtual virus free format. >> i heard that the commission a little while ago changed the debate style, and that's not acceptable to us. i'm not going to do a virtual debate. >> reporter: claiming the president won't be contagious in a matter of days, the trump campaign proposed postponing the debate for a week drawing a response from one top official saying quote trump's erratic
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behavior does not allow him to rewrite the calendar and pick date of his choosing. >> we don't know what the president is going to do. >> reporter: it was one week ago when mr. trump wanted to skip the remaining debates. >> i think he's cancelling the debates, let's see what happened. >> reporter: john f. kennedy debated remotely before, from two studios. >> democrats are accusing trump of sexism after he called kamala harris a monster and communist. >> this monster who was on stage with mike pence who dried her last night, by the way. >> reporter: in a white house video, the president who's been administered a combination of experimental medications is claiming he has been cured of the coronavirus. but that's not true as there is no cure for covid-19. >> we have medicines right now, and i call them a cure. i went into the hospital a week ago. i was very sick. and i took this medicine and it
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was incredible. it was incredible. i could have walked out the following day. >> reporter: mr. trump is boasting his natural attributes are an asset too. >> i'm back because i'm a perfect physical specimen and i'm extremely young. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi isn't agree with that. >> disassociation from reality would be funny if it weren't so deadly. >> reporter: dr. anthony fauci said the president could suffer a setback. >> one of the issues we have to be aware and his physicians are aware of this, that the history of covid-19 is that you could look and feel like you're doing reasonably well, and after a couple of days, you could have a downturn. >> reporter: aspects of the president's health remain a mystery. cnn has confirmed some medical professionals at walter reed were asked to sign nondisclosures when the president made a last minute visit a year ago. mr. trump is speculating that he caught the virus at an event for
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gold star families. >> i'm not going to be in a basement saying i can't see if you as you traveled in from california and the different places. it's okay. >> reporter: the white house is trying to clean up that one too. >> i appreciate you asking so we can clarify. his point was in the time frame he was potentially exposed there were a number of different venues that he had been at and individuals he interacted with. >> reporter: white house officials said they won't be specifying when the president had his last negative test for covid-19. saying that's mr. trump private information. as we have reported at cnn, the president was not being tested daily prior to his positive results for covid-19. jim acosta, cnn, the white house. now, u.s. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has of course been one of president trump's staunchest and most loyal allies in congress, but mcconnell draws the line when it comes to protecting his own
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health. he stopped visiting the white house because it isn't adhering to public health guidelines on the coronavirus. here's what he said on thursday in his home state of kentucky. >> i haven't actually been to the white house since august the 6th because my impression was their approach to how to handle this was different from mine and what i insisted that we do in the senate, which is to wear a mask and practice social distancing. >> so two days after unilaterally ending talks on stimulus measures to help struggling americans, president donald trump seems to have reversed course. a source tells cnn that mr. trump now wants a large scale deal. house speaker pelosi says democrats are open to talks but any agreement must be comprehensive and not piecemeal. >> this is deadly serious, so let's take a serious, not a skinny, not an emaciated but a
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serious, appropriate approach to crushing the virus, and then talk about some of the other good things that would flow from that. >> we are down to the last 25 days before the u.s. presidential election. so much still in the air, the president's health, the status of the debate, obviously it's a race like no other, so to tackle some of these issues, i would like to bring in julie norman, a lecturer at university college of london. thank you so much for joining us. i want to quote your words a week ago, you wrote because it was assumed he would have to isolate for ten days, cancel campaign events, quote, you said here, this really does throw a wrench in everything, it's unclear how the future of campaign will look for trump: now it seems like some of those things, isolation, cancelling events might not happen, so how do you reassess the effect you
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think all of this will have on his campaign? >> well, kim, of course we see the president trying to plow ahead with his own agenda despite his recent diagnosis and his recent hospitalization, which for pretty much anyone else for a point of caution, no matter how they felt would be staying at home, playing it safe, and really crucially not putting others at risk. but what we see for trump, someone who really thrives from the in-person rallies it does seem he's quite intent on moving forward. how that plays out in terms of other parts of the campaign are yet to be seen. for trump's on rally, he looks quite intent to carry on. >> you mentioned the debate, still in the air, the president says he won't do a virtual debate. there's confusion over whether the debate on the 22nd will be the 2nd one or the last one. on one hand, the president is
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down in the polls, who has the most to win and lose if the second debate doesn't go ahead? >> that's a big question right now. of course after the first debate, which really was quite a debacle and as we saw a swing of insults back and forth, there would be some incentive for trump to have another opportunity at the debate, especially in that town hall format. but debates are often where biden does well too. it's in both candidates' interest to have another debate especially in the late october time, closer to the actual election day. but again, for trump, it seems very important for him to have that be a live debate. his team has pushed back at the virtual option, which is, of course, something that the biden team was very open to, again, for this public health reason, which they really underscored. >> speaking of biden, a lot of the talk after the vice presidential debate was that it was from kamala harris, a front
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runner's performance, cautious, don't make any mistakes, and you know, there's a lot of glee in the democratic camp of polls, showing biden with a healthy lead nationally, and leads in key swing states with 25 days left, but could that be a mistake, the low key campaigning as the presuming front runner after everyone is fond of pointing out trump was down by a similar margin in 2016. absolutely. the democrats, i think, have certainly learned the lessons of 2016 to not be too complacent. it is crucial right now for bide sk en and harris to keep up that momentum. that's important for getting the voters to the polls and getting them to mail in ballots, especially in the crucial swing states. we know that most people have made up their minds. it's more of a focus on getting the voters to actually vote.
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that's where their emphasis will be, and they know from experience that they can't let up now. >> all right. well, we'll have to leave it there. thank you so much, julie norman in london. we freesappreciate you coming o >> thanks, kim. 13 people are facing charges for allegedly plotting to kidnap michigan governor gretchen whitmer. the governor is pulling no punches about who she believes inspired them. here's randi kaye. >> the alleged conspirators are extremists who undertook a plot to kidnap a sitting governor. >> reporter: that governor, gretchen whitmer of michigan. they planned to kidnap her from her vacation home and put her on trial for treason after she shut down the state to stop the spread of the coronavirus. the fbi began investigating earlier this year, after learning of the scheme through
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social media. they infiltrated the group using confidential informants. in june, the complaint says one of the six main suspects, adam fox live streamed a video on a private facebook group. the suspect allegedly referred to governor whitmer as a tyrant bitch, describing the plot as a snap and grab, say grab the governor, just grab the bitch. one person should knock on the door and when she answers, just cap her. >> the complaint further alleges that fox purchased a taser for use in the kidnapping and that the group successfully detonated an improvised explosive device wrapped with shrapnel to test its anti-personnel capabilities. >> reporter: of the six men at the center of the plot, five are
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from michigan, the others from delaware, according to the complaint, but they enlisted others, members of a michigan based militant group called wolverine watchmen. they were planning to assault the michigan state cocktail using molotov cocktails to destroy police cars. all 13 people have been implicated in the plot. one says the complaint, the group met in the business of suspect adam fox, a basement accessed through a trap door hidden under a rug. this isn't the first time whitner's life has been in danger. she faced multiple death threats after issuing stay-at-home orders to control coronavirus this her state. in april, protesters gathered at the capitol causing gridlock and demanding the stay-at-home order be lifted. later that month, this was the scene inside the capitol. protesters demanding an end to the state of emergency, many openly carrying firearms, which is legal in the state. that same month, president trump
1:18 am
tweeted liberate michigan. today after the plot against her was made public, governor whitmer called out the president who last week refused to condemn far white groups. >> hate groups heard the president's words not as a rebuke but a rallying cry, as a call to action. when our leaders speak, their words matter. they carry weight. >> randi kaye, cnn, palm beach, florida. >> and whitmer spoke earlier with our erin burnett, she said the trump administration just isn't doing enough to stop hate and division in the u.s. >> i have raised this very issue with this white house and asked them to bring the heat down. i have asked leaders, republican leaders in the state, let's bring the heat down. i was aware of a lot of the threats that were being made against me and my family, and i asked for their help, and they didn't do a darn thing about it, and then denied even knowing that it was a problem.
1:19 am
and here we are, we came very close to a plot that was to kidnap me and to murder. that was what the affidavits say. also to hurt law enforcement, to bomb our capitol, meaning all the press and the democrats and republicans in our capitol. this cannot stand, and we have to call it out for what it is. it is domestic terrorism. and i quoted ronald reagan in my comments earlier today because there are good republicans who stand up and take this on. i do have kids and a husband who have seen people with automatic rifles on our front lawn more weekends than i care to name how many. but this is a moment where, as americans, we need leaders who can bring us together. we need leaders who recognize the enemy is the virus, not our fellow americans, and these are hard times, but we're going to get through them. >> and the white house press secretary said whitmer was the
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hurricane delta is once again gaining strength in the gulf of mexico. evacuations are underway along the louisiana coast with delta expected to make landfall later today. of course you'll remember just six weeks ago, the state was hit by hurricane laura, so let's get the latest. meteorologist pedram javaheri is tracking this ferocious storm for us. where is it heading and how strong is it? >> still a major hurricane, 200 miles south of cameron parish, louisiana. a storm system here that we did not want to see, of course especially the way it is
1:25 am
forecasted moving to make landfall in the same general region that was so heavily impacted just a few weeks ago, and you'll notice the water temperatures in advance of it are going to be cooler, along the shelf region of the gulf coast, we expect it to weaken a little bit. it could maintain that intensity. we say with the systems that the ocean itself has quite a bit of memory behind it. the water in motion is going to be in place there regardless of this various fluctuations of the speed of the storm once it arrives. but you can kind of compare the tracks to have the storm where we had laura make landfall a few weeks back where delta is forecast to make landfall within a few miles of each other at the point of landfall, and we know with laura, it was the fifth strongest storm to make landfall in the continental united states, and left behind upwards of $12 billion in losses, 1 million customers without power across this region, and some 100,000 homes also either destroyed or damaged across
1:26 am
portions of louisiana. what's most impressive and notable is the 800 million cubic yards of debris left on the ground as a result of only 1 1/2 million have been cleaned up. quite a bit of debris, whether it be branches, portions of homes. we know a lot of homes have tarps on top of them, and the concern of the magnitude with hurricane force winds, extending 50 miles from the center, tropical storm force winds, 150 miles from the center. a lot of debris that's on the ground could be projectiles and could be dangerous, and that's why evacuations not only in place, but officials say evacuations are taken more seriously than six weeks ago when laura made landfall across the region. we have hurricane warnings widespread across the areas of southwestern louisiana. the model comparisons between the americans on the left side of the screen, the europeans on the right side, pretty good agreement.
1:27 am
now that we're 12 hours away from making landfall, a good agreement on where this will end up, south, potentially around portions of lake charles, louisiana, but again, intensity could be pretty impressive, up to a category 3 major hurricane as it is currently located. you'll notice with that storm, storm surge up to 11 feet on the right or eastern side of the system as it makes landfall on friday evening. certainly a story we're going to be following for the next couple of days. >> thank you so much for that report. appreciate it. coming up, we are live in paris, london and rome as europe struggles to get a grip on the second wave of coronavirus. stay with us for that.
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amid all the bad coronavirus statistics in the u.s. in recent weeks there's been a decline in covid deaths. even that positive trend may soon come to an end. the infection rate is trending upward again and more cases likely will mean more deaths. a cdc forecast predicts the u.s. death toll could rise to 233,000 by the end of this month. more now from cnn's brian todd. >> reporter: on the streets of brooklyn, violent resistance to coronavirus crack downs. fires set, a journalist beaten. members of orthodox jewish communities, many not wearing masks protesting the decision by new york officials to close certain nonessential businesses and limit indoor gatherings at religious institutions to ten
1:32 am
people. >> we have state mandated restrictions in particular areas to stop a resurgence and that resurgence if it is not stopped will overtake the whole city and lead to a across-the-board set of restrictions on all of new york city. >> reporter: the toughest measures are only in cluster areas in brooklyn, queens, and outlying suburbs, where there have been upticks in coronavirus cases. do officials have a handle on it or is new york city on the verge of a widespread outbreak like the one that crippled the city in the spring. >> the new york officials and governor know what to do, and the question is will the people in new york specifically in these communities let them do it. the protests that are happening in brooklyn are an affront to everybody in new york doing the work to keep these cases down. >> reporter: the news across the country no less alarming, half of the states continue to see increased cases. two states are trending down, at least half a dozen states have seen record hospitalizations in the past few days.
1:33 am
the surge is so bad in wisconsin that governor tony evers announced the state has to open a field hospital. >> we obviously hoped this day wouldn't come, but unfortunately wisconsin is in a much different and more dire place today and our health care systems are being overwhelmed. >> reporter: this comes as president trump is promising fda authorization of an experimental drug he is praising after taking it to combat his case of coronavirus. an antibody cocktail made by regeneron, which may reduce symptoms and can speed up recovery. >> i view it as a cure, not just a therapeutic, i view it as a cure because i took it. it's great, and what i'm doing is i'm going to supply this drug. >> reporter: experts say the regeneron cocktail is a treatment, not a cure, and trump's praise muddies the water. >> regeneron, monoclonal antibodies may work well, but it's tough to take that seriously, and it certainly isn't up to the president to decide what gets approved by the
1:34 am
fda. >> reporter: the fda isn't commenting but regeneron and eli lilly are seeking emergency authorization. >> we could have tens or hundreds of thousands of doses this fall pending fda authorization. >> reporter: what trump and his aides have not mentioned is that the regeneron antibody treatment was developed using technology that his administration has been trying to ban. the regeneron therapy indirectly relied on tissue taken from aborted fetus. trump whose base is against abortion rights has worked to reverse health policies from the obama era, including those that forwarded scientific research involving human fetal tissue. brian todd, cnn, washington. >> it's not just the united states that's seen cases rise. many countries across europe are tightening restrictions as their numbers spike. the paris region of france is mobilizing an emergency plan to deal with an expected flood of
1:35 am
covid-19 patients. in britain, the health secretary is warning that the country is at a perilous moment. that country reported more than 17,000 new cases on thursday. and italy also has seen another jump, the largest daily increase there since the height of its first wave in april. we have reporters live across the continent this morning in paris, rome and london. but i'd like to begin in the french capital where melissa bell joins me live. the situation across the country in key cities is worse skpning now i understand some new restrictions in more cities were announced. >> that's right. until now, there were three french regions, kim, that had been in this maximum alert category. the greater paris region, guadalupe in the french caribbean, now in the maximum alert, several other cities figure four extra cities that mean that they, too, will be seeing the sort of restrictions
1:36 am
that go with the fresh c categorization and the number of social gatherings, the amount, the size of social gatherings further limited and gyms made to close as well. substantial restrictions added, then, to four extra french cities, they haven't leading to the reduction of covid-19 cities in cities like paris that authorities had hoped for. the paris region, without fresh emergency plan, regional hospitals put in place that emergency plan yesterday because what authorities fear is over the coming days, the number of covid-19 patients coming into prison hospitals is going to soar. already we have seen the substantial includrease with a number of covid-19 patients doubling in just two weeks, and according to the projections of
1:37 am
local authorities here, that will continue to rise substantially and could threaten the functioning of the health care system all together, kim. >> how are they planning to deal with that, and are other cities also potentially facing the same jeopardy? >> it is that question of the trajectories of these new cases that are coming in then leading to people who have to get into icu, and look, nationally, the picture is extremely worrying. we have now seen two days in a row this week, kim, of rises in the new coronavirus cases above 18,000. a fresh record was set on wednesday above 18,000 new cases announced in a 24 hour period. just blow thelow that on thursd. 18,000 people were found to have coronavirus on thursday. so nationally, the picture is extremely worrying and for these cities now obliged to put in place these fresh measures associated with the maximum alert category, extremely
1:38 am
worrying times, as in cities like paris, already we have seen other emergency procedures have to be put aside in order to allow covid-19 patients to be treated in icu. these are extremely worrying times, again, with health systems fighting for their survival to ensure that they're able to continue coping. >> all right. thank you so much, melissa bell in paris. let's go to the uk, where rising case numbers have officials using a range of option. i saw that some hospitals in the north of england may run out of beds for covid patients within a week. in the country, they are talking more and more about the so called circuit breaker. take us through the situation there. >> we're hearing yesterday from the health secretary that the uk is at a perilous moment, hospitalizations are increasing, particularly in the north of the country. it was found that cases
1:39 am
increased by more than 56% in a single week. that was the last week of september. we have had outbreaks, the one in new castle, a thousand cases at that university. the government really is dealing with a rise, and the fear is that that could turn into a second wave. they have said that they are considering options. those are yet to be announced. we're expecting an announcement next week. of course some information has leaked to local media, and that is that they are considering a three-tiered system. you would carve out the country and put each geographic region in one of these three levels, if a certain area is found to be at the highest level, level 3, that area would have new restrictions imposed upon it, the closer of restaurants, bars, pubs, the banning of mixing of households and other restrictions, that would include an economic relief package of some sort, because of course shutting down businesses is of great financial concerns in the region.
1:40 am
it is stirring controversy across the country, paro particularly, again, in the north, which is seeing a rise in cases, manchester, liverpool, in these areas, we are hearing from local city councils saying we're being cut out of the loop. westminster is not telling us what's happening, we're finding out from front page newspaper. a true concern this is not a cooperative effort, but the biggest worry here of course is to avoid a second wave, kim. >> thank you so much. let's go to rome for the latest on the jump in cases in italy. the situation there not quite as dire as some european countries but still the cases are up significantly, and it seems the government is tracking down. >> that's right, kim, you know, as we have just heard, compared to france or the uk, italy has lower numbers, on thursday, they reported 4,458 new cases.
1:41 am
so they're not as high as other european countries and still that's the highest for italy in six months. now, they haven't had to put in place curfews on bars and restaurants, like in other european cities but what they have done is made mandatory face masks, even outdoors. we have already had to wear face masks in public spaces inside. now we have to wear them outside. basically the only place in italy where you're not wearing a face mask at this point is in your home and even there, the prime minister said it's strongly recommended if you're having people over to your house that you also wear face masks. another thing italy is doing, kim, they have put the united kingdom on their list of high risk countries. that means anybody traveling to italy, must undergo a swab test at the airport or other points of entry. there are other european countries, france, greece, spain, belgium, the netherlands
1:42 am
on that list. they have extended their state of emergency. >> all of these stark measures in contrast to what's going on in the u.s. thank you so much, delia gallagher in rome. appreciate it. >> still to come, the pandemic and its impact on mental health. >> i just felt like hopeless, i felt like there was nothing in the future that i was going to be able to accomplish. >> and the threat of another lock down could make things worse for people already living with anxiety and depression. we'll have more on that ahead. please do stay with us. out the n fees. so, you can start investing today wherever you are - even hanging with your dog. so, what are you waiting for? download now and get your first stock on us. robinhood. a livcustomizeper iquickbooks for me. okay, you're all set up. thanks! that was my business gi, this one's casual. get set up right with a
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lock downs and social isolation, might have been effective ways to handle the coronavirus pandemic, but they can also have a severe impact on mental health. cnn brings us the story of a young woman whose struggles were
1:46 am
much more difficult when the uk locked down. >> reporter: the sun may be shining but the 23-year-old knows that a dark cloud could happen at any moment. for months, she has been seeking treatment for anxiety and depression, exacerbated by covid-19. >> i just felt like, hopeless. i felt like there was nothing in the future that i was going to be able to accomplish. and i just felt completely lost and alone, really, so it was really hard, and i was struggling with self-harm at the time as well, and it was just one of those really really dark places that i just hope that i never get back to. >> reporter: like so many others, lock down and isolation pushed her mental health to the brink as her support network crumbled and she was unable to seek help of mental health professionals. she said a suicide attempt
1:47 am
forced her to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital for three weeks. these images show her inside the ward. according to a june report from mental health charity mind, the devastating loss of life, the impact of lock down, and the inevitable recession has made life bleaker for those with mental health problems. with 65% of adults and 75% of young people reporting their mental health got worse during lock down! w . >> what we have seen during lock down is people contacting us because they're having difficulty accessing their formal support services. there seem to be more young people self-harming as a coping strategy. >> reporter: with the number of infections on the rise in the uk and europe, the european center for disease prevention and control is warning about the impact of new lock downs on people's mental health. >> when you hear the prime minister talk about further restrictions, do you worry about that?
1:48 am
how about lock down, what kind of anxiety does that create in you? >> it does make me anxious that ultimately i would end up back in hospital or i would be really really really struggling with my mental health. all i can do is look after myself, take it day by day. >> reporter: for now, raj maintains a support network, and says she's focusing on positives, small victories. >> i have an app on my phone, and i'm 133 days of self-harm free and i'm really proud of that. >> reporter: small steps that will give her a better chance to overcome her darkest demons should lock down come knocking again. cnn, stratford upon avon, in england's west midlands. >> if you or someone you know is experiencing mental health difficulties, there's a worldwide directory of resources and international hot lines provided by the international association for suicide prevention. you can also turn to be frienders worldwide or go to the
1:49 am
web site, for more information. you're watching cnn newsroom. we'll be right back. want to brain better? unlike ordinary memory supplements- neuriva has clinically proven ingredients that fuel 5 indicators of brain performance. memory, focus, accuracy, learning, and concentration.
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well, if you believe the internet, and why shouldn't you, the true star of wednesday night's u.s. vice presidential debate wasn't either of the candidates. it was, well, you know where i'm going with this, the fly. jeanne moos explains. >> whatever you say about the vp debate, you can't say what fly, the fly that landed on mike pence's head was on everybody's lips. >> oh, my god, look at his hair. >> the real winner from last night is the fly. >> mike pence's fly just became the most popular halloween costume of 2020. >> there were jokes about how the fly has been diagnosed with covid, that it embodied ruth bader ginsburg, tell pence i want him to know the fly, it was me, the biden campaign sold 35,000 fly swatters with the words, truth over flies, a riff on their slogan, truth over
1:54 am
lies, that fly raised $350,000 before the swatters sold out. mr. fly, you get two minutes, uninterrupted, and that's almost exactly how long it stayed. even with stood repeated nodding. all that nodding is great for the pence fly bobblehead now being rushed into production. there's plenty of stuff on etsy, for instance, a pretty fly for a white guy shirt, even republican rand paul joked the deep state pla planted a bug on @vp. it was depicted as a fly dancer, it got the remix treatment. and of course it created its own parody twitter accounts, if you could land on one person's head for five minutes, who would it be. this cat. >> oh, my god, there's a fly on
1:55 am
his head. >> seemed just as capital at a time va-- cat seemed as captivad as the rest of us. the hero flies that landed on joe biden, hillary clinton, and barack obama, the owner of the bates motel was echoed in what the daily show called the debates motel. >> i'm not even going to sweat that fly. why she wouldn't even harm a fly. >> the 2020 race sure has been kind of psycho. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. and as our mike holmes said, that fly has more twitter followers than i do. well, we are just minutes away from the announcement of one of the world's most important awards, the nobel peace prize, and online bookmakers have been setting the odds. calls it a toss up with the world health organization as a two to one
1:56 am
favorite with a 33% chance of winning, greta thunberg has 25% chance of winning and then comes jacinda ardern, u.s. president donald trump is tied in the fourth spot with the u.n. refugee agency with 12-1 long shots. members of the nobel committee considered 318 candidates this year. that's it. thanks for spending your time with me. i'm kim brunhuber, "early start" is up next. you're watching cnn. robinhood believes now is the time to do money.
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new information this morning on what motivated the men accused of plotting to kidnap the democratic governor of michigan. president trump push to go get back on the campaign trail, even as he refuses to say when he last tested negative for coronavirus. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world, this the "early start," i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett, it's friday, october 9th. 29 days to election day. we start with new developments in what federal authorities was a plot to kidnap michigan governor gretchen whitmer. 13 people now under arrest


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