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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  October 4, 2020 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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welcome to you, our viewers joining us in the united states, canada and all trnd a world. you're watching cnn news room. u.s. president donald trump is currently spending his second night in the hospital amid contradictory reports about just how sick the coronavirus has made him. on saturday evening mr. trump posted this video from walter reed medical center. >> i'm starting to feel good. you don't know over the next period of a few days, i guess that's the real test. we'll be seeing what happens over the next couple days.
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>> all right. that was the sorry from the president. and we're also getting a look at how he's conducting business. the white house released photos supporting the claim that mr. trump is still work bug here's where the narrative becomes a little fuzzy. a short time later an administration source gave journalists a less positive report saying the president's vital signs were concerning and the next 48 hours would be telling. and it was identified as the chief of staff, but later saturday meadows changed his tone for fox news. listen to this. >> the doctor is exactly right. he is doing extremely well. in fact, i'm very optimistic based on the current results. as the doctor said, he's not out of the woods. the next 48 hours or so with the history of this virus, we know, can be tough.
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and -- but he's made unbelievable improvement from yesterday morning when i know a number of us, the doctor and i were very concerned. >> and then there's the president's physician. the white house source confirms mr. trump has had supplement cal ox since ygen since treatment s. >> has he ever been on supplemental oxygen? >> right now he is not on oxygen. >> i know you keep saying right now. but -- >> yesterday and today he was not on oxygen. >> so he has not been on it during his co-vid treatment? >> he's not on oxygen right now. >> if that wasn't enough, the doctor also sent heads spinning when he said trump was diagnosed 72 hours earlier. that would mean mr. trump knew he had coronavirus wednesday. later the doctor claimed he misspoke releasing a statement
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meaning he meant saturday was day three of trump's illness. to unpack the details lest go to sara westwood. she joins us now live. so many unknowns about the president's condition. what's the latest? >> reporter: well, kim, the latest comes from a memo released from the president's physician on saturday evening. in that memo the doctor said the president has made substantial progress since his diagnosis. also that the president received his second dose of remdesivir this evening without complications and went into saturday night not having a fever. of course, that came after a day of confusion and mixed signals from this white house. beyond the doctor's evasion on the question of whether the president has needed oxygen at any point during his illness, a source tells us the president did before he was hospitalized. the doctor painted a rosy picture of the president's health with upbeat projections over what the next few days
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would look like. at a press conference on saturday morning, but moments after that press conference ended, a source told reporters at the hospital that the president experienced, quote, very concerning symptoms in the hours leading up to his hospitalization. so there was not a lot of clarity about just how sick the president has been over the past couple days. dr. conley also made comments about the timeline of the president's illness that raised a lot of questions. he made it sound like the question may have gotten sick and started treatment earlier than the white house initially said. the doctor later came out with a statement claim he'd misspoken. the medical unit is conducting tests and contact tracing for people who may have come into contact with those in the president's inner circle who have tested positive for the coronavirus. that list is growing still. it includes first lady melania trump, recovering from her relatively mild case of the virus at the white house.
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campaign manager bill, kellyanne conway, chris christie, two members of the debate prep team, and three reason senators who have announced their positive diagnosis. we are learning the president's personal assistance, nicholas luna is positive. perhaps not a surprising diagnosis there. but we just still don't know the extent of the outbreak that has sickened the president and his closest aides nature testing effort is still underway. mark meadows said on friday he did expect the number of positive cases in the white house to grow as that testing effort continued through the weekend. >> yeah. not surprising. thank you so much, sara westwood. appreciate it. all right. let's dig into questions about the president's health and treatment, and for that we turn to an infectious disease specialist with the university of oxford in england. he joins us live.
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thank you for doing this. we're trying to piece together details about the president's condition based on what his doctor and aides are saying. at times confusing. what stands out to you? what can we glean if we sort of read between the lines? >> well, thanks for having me, kim. it was a day full of mixed messages. i think two things stand out. the first is the president did receive supplement cal oxygen on friday. and that would presumably put him in the category according to cdc of severe covid-19 infection. certainly would be concerning. and also explain why he's received such an aggressive treatment plan including the anti-viral remdesivir as well as an experimental antibody treatment. so that's number one. and then number two i think is the ongoing question about exactly when the president was diagnosed and got infected. there's two possibilities. either he was ill and was diagnosed earlier than kppded.
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and that's concerning because he was traveling the country to several events, or that he was diagnosed thursday evening in this case it would be concerning that he developed symptoms as severe as he did within just a day or two. that could suggest an infection with a high viral load and maybe a higher course risk for him. >> to clarify with the oxygen, it's not something you would just put somebody on as a standard precaution. it does sort of indicate that would be more serious? >> normally. i mean, it could be put on for comfort. usually supplement cal oxygen would be given when someone's blood oxygen levels were below 94%. that's what the cdc would call a severe covid-19 category. >> all right. you mentioned that experimental treatment, the cocktail of antibodies. should they be experimenting on the president? does that concern you at all?
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>> i think in this case it makes sense. we have limited data about this antibody treatment, and, in fact, it's promising. so these are sint thesed antibodies that can prevent the virus from infecting cells and in some cases destroy the virus. in the early research we've got in trials with a couple hundred patients, it did quite significantly reduce the viral load. the medication itself is fairly low risk apart from maybe a risk of an allergic reaction after administration. i think on balance, granted this is not something available to the public, to the thousands of others who are suffering from covid-19, but given the circumstances, i do understand that decision. >> so the president reportedly said he feels like he could walk out of the hospital right now. many are taking this as a cause for optimism, but is there a
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point there given symptoms can manifest days later? >> that's right. we know the president is in a high risk category and he had concerning symptoms, particularly requiring oxygen, and it's very early days in most cases when people take a turn toward more severe disease, that happens between day 7 and day 10 of illness. so this is very much early days and is going to require patience and observations. we won't know if we're out of the woods for several days. >> all right. so obviously we hope the president recovers fully. but even if he does, what kind of effects might this have on someone of his age and profile, someone who will have to embark on a hectic reelection schedule? how realistic is it that he'll be able to resume a normal schedule if given the all clear by the doctors? >> it's really hard to predict. it will depend on his course. the course we've seen even in individuals who are older,
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there's a range of outcomes that some people have fairly mild symptoms and recover quickly within a matter of weeks. of course, to much more severe outcomes. in inbetween, though, it's quite common for people to develop long-term symptoms and have a slow skroefr. in the uk when the prime minister boris johnson was infected earlier in the spring, he was hospitalized as well in a second week of illness. but then it was several more weeks of recuperation before he was able to fully resume his duties. so there is a reasonable chance, actually, that the president may take some time in his recuperation. >> all right. we have about thirty-seconds left. many people who thought co-vid was a hoax, thought the danger was exaggerated, do you think the fact that the president got it will change public opinions about masks and risk taking at all? >> i hope so. this is a full brunt outbreak in the white house right now. we have to remember that the pandemic is still raging across the united states.
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we had about 45,000 new cases a day. cases are rising at 33 states. we all pray for the president and for a speedy recovery. i hope it can foster in him a new focus on actually trying to tackle the pandemic and trying to move beyond the misinformation and help us get this under control. >> all right. let's hope so for all our sakes. thank you so much, doctor. we appreciate it. >> thank you. president trump's covid-19 status is having a big impact on the biden campaign. we'll have more on what we're learning about the former vice president's testing schedule ahead, plus the vice president is facing calls to self-isolate. we'll have details on mike pence's campaign plans coming up. stay with us. robinhood believes now is the time to do money.
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many health experts are warning the vice president mike pence should self-isolate. have a look at this. you'll see here there he is in yellow at the white house rose garden event a week ago sitting close to others who tested positive for covid-19. pence has tested negative since the president's diagnosis.
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monday he'll travel to shake city ahead of the vice presidential event. democratic vice presidential nominee kamala harris is in utah. she visited a monument that honors people who came in the 1800s. she tested negative on friday before traveling. after president trump's diagnosis democratic nominee joe biden will get tested more often. a source sells cnn the former vice president will be tested each time he travels. and his campaign is vowing to disclose all the test results. we are following the biden campaign. >> reporter: joe biden is moving forward with his in person campaigning and officials say will be tested more regularly for coronavirus. this follows the news that president trump tested positive
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for coronavirus as well as several other people in his orbit. the biden campaign says they will release the results of the tests each time he is tested. biden last received his last negative test results on friday and told reporters that while he wasn't tested on saturday, he will be tested for coronavirus on sunday morning. now, the biden campaign has always adhered to social distancing and safety standards at his campaign events. officials believe the way they've structured these events have promoted health and safety not just for their candidates but also those involved in the events and for the general public. biden is always wearing a mask when he is at the events and they have people at social distances from each other and him. and that those are protocols that they plan to move forward with as he continues to campaign in person. on monday biden is heading to south florida and on thursday, he will travel to arizona. his first visit to the battle ground state and his running made kamala harris will also be
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joining him. kamala harris is set to case off against vice president-in their first debate on wednesday. and we're learning there have been changes to the way that debate will play out. the two candidates will be seated down for that debate, and originally were only slated to be seated seven feet apart. they will now be 12 feet apart from each other as this debate plays out. we've also learned that masks will be required for everyone in that debate hall except for the two candidates and the moderators. this follows tuesday night's presidential debate when many in the audience on the trump side were not wearing masks. but going forward, anyone who was in that debate hall must wear a mask and if they fail to do so, they will be asked to leave. one of the many changes that is occurring in this campaign due to the coronavirus pandemic. cnn, wilmington, delaware. as we mentioned, the next debate will be between democratic vice presidential
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nominee harris and mike pence. and cnn's special coverage begins at 7 p.m. wednesday on the u.s. east coast. that's midnight thursday in london and 7:00 a.m. in hong kong. >> well, what happens when you gather a large mostly maskless crowd in a small space during a pandemic? you get a super spreader event. with one we're talking about features several of the most powerful people in the u.s. government. last saturday president donald trump held a ceremony in the white house rose garden to announce his nom night for the supreme court. amy coney barrett. dr. sanjay gupta shows us how the event became dangerous. >> reporter: what you're look agent is the origins of a likely super spreader event. at least eight people including president trump himself are now infected. and that is among those who have had the ability to get tested. you can't see the virus, but
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what is happening during a super spreading event? >> it's a rough analogy but if there's a person infected and releasing virus, it's not like it's the ring around the person that is actually going to be the risk. it's those that are on the side where more of the virus is being projected through talking or through the breeze, the air blowing it there. >> but it was also these moments that caught cnn medical analyst's eye. >> when the event finished and they're hugging and shaking hands and sheaing con 2k3wr567lations, that's where if i was a betting person, i would be putting their money on of where this occurred. >> reporter: we see the safety protocol was to test anyone in close proximity to the event, but it wasn't required for everyone attending, and it clearly wasn't foolproof. again, take a look here where the people who were diagnosed as
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positive were sit. not next to each other. it leads us to look at what happened right before and right after. former white house counselor kellyanne conway closely leaning in to speak with attorney general william barr. lots of people closely interacting with their guard down. it can be difficult to pinpoint the super spreader events. this one ceremony is giving us a look at the anatomy of how it happens all the time, not just here but any time people gatter in large groups in the middle of a pandemic. >> there's no doubt that there has been transmission at the protests, the political rallies. it's just a fact that the virus doesn't discriminate. just because we haven't documented it doesn't mean it hasn't happened. it's just we've got an event now that is visible, well documented,ing we tested and we're seeing the outcome from it. >> that gives you some idea of how a potential super spreader event could occur. also keep in mind as you heard,
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it's usually not just the event itself. but sometimes people get together before the event, the preevent. sometimes they get together after an event. closely clustered together in smaller settings. that's something the contact tracers have to look at as well. what's tieing people together that have tested positive? it's also important to note the answer to this question. when was the president's last negative test? w why is that important. we had a positive test on friday, but when was his exact exposure in we also know he developed symptoms on friday, but usually if you look at this timeline here, you'll see that at the bottom you learn that the people are usually most contagious two or three days before they develop symptoms. so if you develop symptoms thursday or friday, you're talking about wednesday, tuesday, possibly even monday where the president may have been post contagious. who was he in contact with then? it's a big job contact tracing all those people, but that's what's happening right now.
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>> thank you so dr. sanjay gupta for that report. the spread of the coronavirus could jeopardize a quick confirmation for the supreme court pick. two members of the senate judiciary committee have recently tested positive. that raises questions about the swift vote on conley's -- >> it's not just the white house grappling with kind of the magnitude of this moment. the president obviously testing positive for coronavirus. it's also here on capitol hill where three republican senators have tested positive for coronavirus. there's obviously the public health issues, trying to figure out how the senators are going to deal with it. right now two to the senators reported mild symptoms. the third believes he's asymptomatic. there's also the question of what happens next on a massive issue. >> the nomination of amy coney barrett to join the supreme court. republicans have made clear they want her confirmed before the election. in fact, hearings are scheduled
1:24 am
to start october 12th. well, two of the three republican senators, mike lee, thom tillis, they're on the senate judiciary committee, the committee that moves forward on the nomination. they'll need to be present if the committee is to vote on the nomination. the big question now is two-fold. one, will the senators who tested positive be okay in time be able to come back and time to consider that nomination? i think the second one, and this is what unsettled everyone else, is anybody else going to get sick in right now they don't have answers to those questions. while they've made clear they want to move forward on the nominati nomination, the answers could change the calculation. cnn, capitol hill. we're less than a month away from the u.s. presidential election. and voters are weighing in on donald trump's coronavirus diagnosis. >> you should have wore a marveg, dude. you didn't wear a mask and now you're going to pay the price.
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welcome back to you, our viewers in the united states, canada and around the world. you're watching cnn news room. our top story, diagnosed with covid-19, u.s. president donald trump is spending a second night in a medical center amid questions about just how sick he really is. his doctors say mr. trump is doing better but he's not out of the woods. he also says the president has been given a second dose of
1:29 am
remdesivir. other sources are painting a less positive picture. one said the president received supplement cal oxygen even though his doctor was evasive about it when pressed by reporters. an administration source said mr. trump's vital signs have been concerning and the next 48 hours would be critical. the source was identified by the new york times and associate press as the white house chief of staff, mark meadows. we're less than a month away from election day in the u.s. the president's co-vid diagnosis is reverberating in voter's minds as they decide which candidate to back. jeff zeleny spoke to voters in the key state of michigan. >> reporter: as denise hardaway cast her ballot on friday, she had president trump's health on her mind. >> i pray for him. i hope he recovers. i hope his family recovers. >> reporter: but she voted for joe biden in part because of what she believes has been the
1:30 am
president's mishandling of coronavirus. for which he's now tested positive. >> he has been denying the whole science behind coronavirus, and so i hope this is a wakeup call for him. and i hope that it changes his administration's thinking and that he realizes and understands the importance of this pandemic that we're in. >> reporter: in michigan like many states, the election is already underway. with voters dropping off their ballots, even as the campaign is filled with fresh uncertainty. >> this is not a matter of politics. it's a bracing reminder to all of us that we have to take this virus seriously. >> reporter: at a stop in grand rapids biden wished trump well. hours before the president was admitted to walter reed hospital. a remarkable development that put the pandemic back at the forefront in the final stretch of the campaign. >> i hope it turns out right for him, but he was kind of pressing the limits with a lot of things
1:31 am
he's done recently. >> reporter: tom has supported from republican presidents but friday he voted for biden. did the president's handling of coronavirus influence your vote this year? >> sure it did. i believe based on, again, what i know, that this is poorly handled and a lot of it could have been eliminated. i can't help but think it's going to be a big issue in this election. people that know people who have died or been affected by it. >> reporter: four years ago trump won michigan. the first republican presidential candidate to carry the state since 1988. >> on november third, michigan, you'd better vote for me. i got you so many car plants. >> reporter: his strength in the suburbs of detroit will determine if he does so again. phillip cast his vote for trump and does not blame the president for how he's handled coronavirus, yet, he said he was
1:32 am
not surprised trump tests positive. >> this is a very contagious disease. i figured at some point he would have caught it. >> reporter: the president's diagnosis is the latest bomb shell of the 2020 campaign. the conversations with voters suggest it may not change many minds. >> i can't believe it took this long for him to get the virus. because he just didn't follow any of the rules as far as staying safe. >> reporter: linda said the president should have taken the pandemic more seriously but noted she always planned to vote for biden. david was less charitable toward trump. >> you should have worn a mask, dude. you didn't wear a mask and now you're going the pay the price. >> reporter: dripped the sarcasm but turned serious. >> i don't want him to die, but he should get a little bit of taste of his willingness to avoid what everybody tells him
1:33 am
he's supposed to do and set a good example for this country. >> reporter: not all voters here are as harsh. >> nobody could have done anything different. blaming him for the deaths is ridiculous. >> reporter: this michigan doctor who asked to be identified only as steve, said he is leaning toward trump because of his economic policies. will coronavirus play a role into how you vote this fall? >> not at all. >> reporter: it's an open question if the president's case of covid-19 changes the minds of any voters. one thing is clear, coronavirus now is front and center in this campaign conversation one month before election day. jeff zeleny, cnn, birmingham, michigan. we want to look at how president trump's diagnosis impacts the election next month. for more on this i'm joined by robert gucci, an associate professor at the uk's lancaster university. he's also the editor of the book "the trump presidency,
1:34 am
journalism and democracy". thank you for joining us today. i want to start with the big basic question with an unknowable answer. how is that for a start? how do you think this will affect the race given that seemingly no matter what happens the polls seem fairly consistent? >> well, the difficulty here is not for donald trump. i mean, he always seems to find his golden goose and his way out of things making him appear the hero and the wictor in almost every bad policy. the challenge is going to be for joe biden to not let the co-vid issue or the delicate nature of attacking somebody in the hospital politically, it's going to be for him to keep the focus on police brutality, immigration, threats to issues of abortion. the things that have really upset americans and his party for the last four years. so it's going to be a balance between treating donald trump in his condition and his wife's
1:35 am
condition respectfully. but it also not forgetting what has angered and created a divide among this country. >> yeah. i mean, on that the biden campaign has withdrawn negative ads. some are saying you shouldn't do that. you've got to be tougher especially since the republicans aren't withdrawing their negative ads. is that a mistake? >> well, i think it is a mistake. and i think that that's what we saw from the first debate. despite everything there being a bit of a mistake, but the issue here is that joe biden just like in the debate, has to figure out who joe biden is against donald trump. he has to understand that to get the people who might be on the fence, he has to appear presidential and that means creating a policy, creating a rhetoric and optics that are consistent. and so he has to find a balance. but the trick for donald trump is that he also can't give in to the concerns of coronavirus
1:36 am
folk, that he's sick and ailing, but his video didn't help very much on that account that he came out with, so his strategy is going to have to say look, i'm through this. i'm over it. everything is fine. if that will be the case for him. >> so then you don't think the fact that his message was basically the coronavirus would magically disappear, that all of this will affect his credibility on the issue, obviously as you say with his core vote that won't change, but with the undecided voters, will that change their minds? >> well, i think first of all, he's walking a fine line by c l calling things miracles, but we saw him moving toward a religious component, saying these are miracles coming from god. he's speaking to part of the electorate. with donald trump even things that don't seem intentional are. he's speaking to an avenue there to the white house. he's speaking to people who want to say look, you know, this
1:37 am
might be a bad flu. maybe he should have worn a mask or shouldn't have, but have to believe that he's still better than joe biden at dealing with the pandemic that quite frankly very few people have been able to prepare for. and so it's going to be a balance. again, on donald trump's side, but knowing what he's done over the last several decades and his business and then as a politician, he will find a way, assuming that his optics are a little bit better and he looks better on camera, then he can say we're coming through this. i now know your pain and here are the things we're going to implement going forward, whether they're implemented or not. >> we'll see about that. already people are stopping me and asking me whether i have any inside information on whether the president's really sick, whether this was just a distraction from other issues, predictably online. we're seeing conspiracy theories abound. how might the role of misinformation about the president's health affect views
1:38 am
and the vote? >> well, that's really interesting. the same thing happened here in the uk with boris johnson when he went into the hospital with co-vid. there were concerns that maybe he was just faking it. right? especially because he came out so quickly and so well so quickly. but now what we're seeing with boris johnson is he's really slumping in the support of his peers. so he got a bit of a rise. he had a great response from folks, but then after he's losing the support of people in his party. we might see the same thing from donald trump. we might see some folk coming through saying you know, this could be a hoax. this could be fake. but they're hoping that people are going to come back and be compassionate. a lot of social media right now, even from people who are critical of donald trump, are wishing him well. well, you know, you didn't say that six, eight, ten months ago when he was doing things you didn't like. you weren't wishing him well then. and actually, wishing harm to the man.
1:39 am
so there's a really weird moment when people get sick or pass or when something is going on with their health that we tend to give them a few bonus points. but if those bonus points last into the election, we have to wait and see. >> absolutely. these are truly unprecedented times. thank you so much for speaking with us. robert gu ccci of lancaster university. after hearing of trump's diagnosis, reactions in china have been a mix of sympathy and criticism. david culver explains. >> reporter: a range of responses to president trump testing positive for the coronavirus coming from officials here in china. the original epicenter of the outbreak. as well as state and social media. as far as officials are concerned, you've got president xi putting out a diplomatic and compassionate well-wishing to the president and first lady of
1:40 am
the u.s. state media taking a different approach. harshly criticizing president trump, and one editor of one of these state-run tabloids putting out a harsh critique on twitter saying that president trump and the first lady have paid the price for his referring to the president's gamble to play down the covid-19. going onto say the news shows the severity of the u.s.'s pandemic situation. that coming from the editor of the global times. social media is echoing that to some extent. it's also creating a rise in nationalism as china is in the midst of golden week. i just traveled within the past couple days from beijing to shanghai. we feel as though we're living in a bubble state media wants to promote as a safe and stable environment. china believes they have been able to contain this spread of this virus. daily reported numbers have ranged from single digits to
1:41 am
upwards of 20. but really no more than that. all of that, according to the central government. so the juxtaposition from what we're seeing on the ground here as life as gone pretty much back to normal to life in the united states, and the president, the leader of the free world himself, now being diagnosed with this virus is quite striking. nonetheless, the reaction is expected to continue over the coming days as folks here are closely monitoring how the president, first lady and other officials in the u.s. are able to move forward with this diagnosis. david culver, cnn, shanghai. the number of people around the u.s. president infected with covid-19 is raising new concerns. particularly about the potential spread of the virus on one of the most visible symbols of american strength. we'll have more on why experts are so concerned about air force one. stay with us. robinhood believes now is the time to do money. without the commission fees. so, you can start investing today wherever you are -
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u.s. president donald trump had a busy schedule before he tested positive for coronavirus. monday he was in washington d.c. holding events on the south lawn of the white house and in the road garden. he also held debate prep sessions with others who have since tests positive. on tuesday he flew cleveland for a presidential debate. the next day he traveled holding a private fundraising in minneapolis, minnesota and attending a crowded campaign rally in duluth. later that night one of his top aides hope hicks began feeling sick and on thursday tested positive for coronavirus. the president still went to a fun raizer. when he got back to the white house, he confirmed the diagnosis of hope hicks, and the next morning he tweeted he and the first lady tested positive for coronavirus. the new infections along with
1:46 am
the president and his inner circles are raising concerns about safety around his recent travels. experts fear it puts at risk hundreds of people who fly on, operate and maintain the presidential plane. cnn reports the outbreak is threatening a key national security tool. air force one. >> air force one, a symbol of presidential power around the world. now the question is how key it was to spreading the virus through the white house and to key members of the administration including the president. we know hope hicks good on board air force one wednesday night and began showing coronavirus symptoms on board and was put in a separate cabin. air force one is different than most airplanes that we fly on. a large floor plan, about 4,000 square feet, says the president with the president's cabin in the nose. a conference room in the wing and a conference room in the back. those who studied the spread of
1:47 am
the virus, especially in the confined space of an airplane say there's no way that hicks could have been truly separated from everybody on board and those who have flown on air force one say there's no way the president could not have known about this. here's what they had to say. >> i traveled on air force one. it is a larger plane than others, but it is not a huge space. the notion that hope hicks would be quarantined on air force one and that the president wouldn't be made aware of that situation is really suspect to me. at the same time, white house physician staff travel on air force one. they would update the chief of staff. >> researchers say flying on a plane is safe so long as you're wearing a mask. commercial airlines mandated that, apparently no such mandate on air force one. we've seen the president and hope hicks boarding without wearing a mask. that brings into question a
1:48 am
layer of the story, whether those who operate air force one could have been endangered. that could create a whole new security risk. one air wing says it's following protocols and has not said if any airmen have tested positive with the virus. our analysts say air force one needs to be ready in case of a national emergency. it's a flying white house like seen after 9/11. cnn, washington. the u.s. is reporting a staggering number of new infections months into the coronavirus pandemic. and one top researcher warns the death toll will skyrocket unless americans take action now. we'll bring you what he says needs to be done to avoid a potentially disastrous future next. are you a christian author with
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a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! growing coronavirus cases across much of the u.s. are alarming health experts. nearly 50,000 new cases reported in the past 24 hours according to onhopkins university. more than 7 .3 million americans have contracted the virus that we know of and more than 209,000
1:53 am
people have died from covid-19. on saturday california passed -- officials in kentucky report the highest number of new cases for the state since the pandemic began crossed a record high case count in wisconsin as well. now, the u.s. is currently averaging more than 700 do ko vid deaths a day. an influential research model predicts there could be as many as 2900 co-vid deaths per day by the end of december. now we're told to prevent the - potential future from becoming a reality. >> we have a tremendous amount of -- we the american people have a tremendous amount of control over what happens by how we behave, how much risk we take in terms of interacting with others. and most importantly, wearing a mask. and that can make a huge difference to that. >> right. >> your latest model predicts
1:54 am
363,000 u.s. deaths by the end of december. do you know if masks were worn what that -- how many lives could be saved by december? >> yes. you know, given what we know about the effectiveness of masks and given what we know about half of americans wearing a mask when they're out, we think that about 86,000 lives could be save first down we can get mask use way up. so it's very much in our control as to what's actually going to happen. >> so this is so important. so you say what -- 86,000 lives could be saved in the next several months if people wore masks and you said get way up. what percentage of the population would you need to wear masks to save 86,000 lives. >> we've got to get up to the level that we see in places like singapore and that's 95% of the population wearing a mask when they're in a setting where they're at risk of transmission. so out of the home, in any
1:55 am
indoor setting, or even outdoors when you come within close distance of other people. >> and currently you think what percentage of the population is wearing masks? you said about half? >> we're just under 50% are wearing masks in those settings. >> less than half of america is wearing masks in setting they should? >> absolutely. >> wow. >> well, we continue to see the impact of the pandemic on the sports world. now cam newton has tested positive for covid-19 according to espn. the 31-year-old who is most recently with the carolina panthers has played three games with the patriots. the nfl decided to postpone their game after players on both teams tested positive. they hope to play either monday or tuesday. the patriots took to twitter but didn't name newton by name but confirmed a player is
1:56 am
self-isolating. any players coaches and staff who came into contact were tested and the results came back negative. now, this will be the second game this week that this has been postponed due to the coronavirus. on friday the league rescheduled sunday's tennessee titans and pittsburgh steelers game for october 25th after several titans players and staff members tested positive for the virus. christine brennan says more games could be postponed. >> this is the worst week for the nfl during co-vid and during a time that they're trying to play games in the midst of all of the issues we are discussing as a nation, obviously. it carries over to sports as well. my sense is this will not be the last -- these will not be the last two games postponed? >> that wraps up this hour. for our viewer in the u.s. and canada, "new day" is ahead. for everyone else, tech ahead is
1:57 am
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i can't tell you with any degree of confidence what the situation is with our president. >> he's not out of the woods. the next 48 hours or so with the history of this virus, we know can be tough. >> i'm starting to feel good. you don't know over the next period of a few days, i guess, that's the really test. >> they threw the kitchen sink at the president at the very beginning of his illness. either the president was extraordinarily ill, or his team was extraordinarily


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