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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 3, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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challenge and says cases will surge if americans disregard the new rules of the new normal. he is urging people, please, wear a mask, socially distant. >> we don't want to see a repeat of the surges that we have seen following the holiday weekends. we don't want to see a surge under any circumstances. but particularly as we go under the other side of labor day and enter into the fall, we want to go into that with a running start in the right direction. we don't want do go into that with another surge that we have to turn around again. >> there's also a coming trust question, a trust test on vaccines and if americans are willing to take them. the cdc putting out all 50 states guidance to them to prepare to distribute a coronavirus vaccine perhaps by lat october. more ahead but we begin with both candidates on the trail today. the president to pennsylvania. joe biden to wisconsin. for what his cam pane calls a healing trip to kenosha. it is the former vice
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president's first trip to that state since becoming the democratic nominee and first trip since kenosha became the country's latest racial powder keg after a white police officer shot jacob black a black man in the back seven times. a new ad released centered on racial justice. >> part of the point of freedom is free from brutality, from injustice, from racism and all of its manifestations. >> can't turn away. now is the time for racial justice. i believe with every fiber in my being we have such an opportunity now to change people's lives for the better. >> let's get straight to cnn's arlette saenz in kenosha. what are we looking for at joe biden visits kenosha? >> reporter: joe biden is making his way to wisconsin right now for a trip that he has described as being within of healing. he is set to hold a community
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meeting here in kenosha, he says that will be with local leaders, business leaders and some law enforcement. there is also a local stop expected later today in the milwaukee area. and he and jill biden will both be sitting down with the family of jacob blake. biden and running mate kamala harris spoke with them last week on the phone but today they will be taking the time to meet with the blake family in person after that police shooting of jacob blake about a week and a half ago and this is really offering biden a chance to present a contrast to trump. trump did not meet with the blake family while he was here in kenosha, he did not say jacob blake's name during his day's stop here and biden is also trying to present himself as this unifying figure, that goes back to the very heart of biden's message from the start of the campaign as he launched the bid almost a year and a half ago to unite the country, to
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brnlg some of the division in the country and yesterday as he spoke about the trip he talked about how he wants to help this community heal. this is also biden's first major campaign travel outside of delaware and pennsylvania sense the coronavirus pandemic brought campaigning to a halt back in march. biden did make one trip to houston, texas, to meet with the family of george floyd but the first time that he's getting out there in the midwest for campaign events for that small event and won't be a giant rally but of course wisconsin is a critically important state, the first time he's coming here during his presidential campaign and is a bit different from 2016 when the democratic nominee hillary clinton didn't visit wisconsin. john? >> very important afternoon ahead for the former vice president. a test for joe biden today in kenosha, of course. trying to draw a contrast with the president. let's discuss now with us is two
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guests. so the former vice president, you saw a little snippet of the ad, focusing on racial justice and heal prejudice in this country. and let's contrast this with the president of the united states in kenosha on tuesday and here's the question. do you believe systemic racism is a problem in this country? here's the president. >> do you believe systemic racism is a problem in this country? >> you know, you just keep getting back to the opposite subject. we should talk about the violence that we have seen in portland and here and other places. it is tremendous violence. you get to the other side. what do you think about this or that? the fact is we have seen tremendous vie listens. >> we have seen some violence and could have a debate over the word tremendous. but the president just doesn't want to answer the question of
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system systemic racism. the president says, no, this is about violence. the american people, 75% in a quinnipiac poll believe racism is a big problem in the country. a fair amount of republicans have to believe it and the president can't talk about it in yuy way. p to say that racism is something that exists in this country because we know that it is and the president does not see this as part of his interest and more so try to flip that script, to use this as a wedge issue, particularly in certain swing states rather than rally around it to bring the country together or a unity message that we are seeing joe biden try to present. there are republicans all across this country who say that racism is a problem and they offer different solutions, they say that democrats are distorting it, big government is the solution. tim scott has talked about his
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own experience and then a conservative, small government solution to that. that's the tradition of black republica republicans specifically and some white republicans. this is not the tradition of donald trump. this is a person, as a personal figure and as a political figure sought to use race to divide and a kind of a wedge issue for his own personal gain rather than to admit the facts all staring us in the face. >> i'm old enough to remember jack kemp and i thought that was a few years ago but it was a parallel universe apparently. margaret, to the challenge now to joe biden, there are some democrats, of course this is a big issue. the law enforcement concerns are a big issue, as well. yet there are democrats who are a little bit nervous thinking that donald trump baited joe biden to his turf. >> we have a new focus group out today and focus groups are not
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polls but they do give you a flavor of some of the messaging that really hits different types of voters and swing voters that previously voted for obama and then went to trump in 2016, with this group, this focus group gave ussen sigh insights on whi resentiment of paying so much attention to the needs of black voters and not lower class white voters. the term systemic racism is a term that some white voters, potentially swing voters, don't like even if you ask them is it fair there's enjustice and of course not and this notion of two choices, protecting the public from coronavirus or law and order and a false choice but that way and force people to choose the president's calculation is that he can shave off some of that support for joe biden or at least depress the
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support for joe biden. in kenosha county like 250 votes that that county gave it to trump by in 2016, razor thin majority and this is just pure poll it ca politics playing out and the needle to thread to joe empathy and talk about what's right and express that what happened to jacob blake is not appropriate, at the same time without alien yating some of those swing voters and it is a complicated dance. >> it is. threading a needle as you put it. we thought some progressives and they did go after joe biden saying you were part of the tough on crime approaches in the '90s and didn't have the sensitivity that you need today on these issues. it was viewed as a liability potentially in the primaries and could be an asset to biden now but only if he can thread the
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needle as margaret put it. he'll say i'm for good, tough cops and mj asked him about the officer that shot jacob blake and burst boo the home of breonna taylor. >> senator harris said that the officer that shot jacob blake should be charged and do you believe that and the same for those involved in the death of breonna taylor? >> i think we should let the judicial system work its way. i think there's a man mum need to be charged, the officers and as well as breonna taylor. >> i guess the question back to margaret's point, is joe biden nimble enough to thread the needle? >> not only have they run this ad and listening to the conservative black americans around police, they published a
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different ad that talks about joe biden condemning vie listens and rioting. this is the strategy to be all things to all people, to try to push back against the idea that it is a choice between the kind of coronavirus and law and order, a choice between being tough and soft on crime and frankly the president helps him with that because the president has not proven himself as someone who has credibility on these issues. when we think back to the primary, there's a cadence to the suk ls. progress ifrs hit joe biden saying tough on crime, implemented the crime bill and the like and then go to voters, particularly black voters swaying this election for the vice president and they would say over and over that is not the top concern, we are worried about defeating trump, this is about electability and still with joe biden. joe biden has not kind of won back the younger voters. not seeing the big become-esque coalition from them that he would need and tied back to
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those issues but building a different coalition driven by seniors, higher number of white voters and moderates and that is not something that that kind of threading of the needle hurts him with. >> an interesting thing in that part as joe biden tries to build the coalition is that the trump team says, you know, he is a puppet of bernie sanders and the radical left, always a question how much will bernie sanders help joe biden. this is an odd way and joe biden will be grateful for this help. >> joe's agenda is not my agenda. if you like my agenda it is not joe's. if you don't like my agenda, it is not joe's. >> there will be a lot of gratitude for bernie sanders saying, no, no, not me. >> but i think we saw joe biden test this the other day coming out and you'll notice these are not joint appearances with kamala harris and joe biden saying do i look like a radical? i'm not sure what a radical looks like. there's a bit of a dog whistle
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there but they're testing that messaging without giving any doubts to the coalition. the base coalition. voters of color, younger voters to bring along. it is a real balancing act, the challenge with the big tent is that there's different parts of that tent and respond differently to different messages. >> it is a complicated challenge. we'll see the former vice president on the ground in wisconsin today. up next for us, dr. fauci weighs in on the vaccine timeline and tries to clean up, clear up mixed messaging from the white house. as you get older, staying sharp
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right now. 18 states, the orange and red, trening up including new england and the northeast, out here in the middle of america. reporting more new infections now compared to a week ago. 23 states holding steady. nine in the green trending down. california still high but beginning to trend down. the death trend map follows the case trend map. more deaths now compared to a week ago in 12 states. 16 holding steady. the case trend what dr. fauci talks about heading into the fall. there is no evidence we'll be prepaured to get that running start. essentially a plateau here. recent pays of 40,000 new infections a day. 20,000 at the gunning of tbegin
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summer surge. again, averaging about 40,000 cases right now. with that many cases it is hard to pub dosh down the seven-day moving ar moving average to the middle of july, 1,000 americans dying every day of coronavirus. you see across the line right there. one of the reasons it is hard to get that baseline down, 20 states with a positivity rate over 10%. the experts say get it to 5% and shove it down from there. the states are highlighted. some have been in better shape lately but the positivity rate is high, meaning down the road you get more cases. now the help here would be a vaccine. right? put the conversations behind us with a reliable, safe, widely available vaccine. 33 vaccines in how many trials around the world right now, 9 in china, 5 in the united states. germany, russia and united
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conditioning dom. dr. fauci said today this could be a source of some good news. >> there's good news in the public health area. we see that when we have states and cities and counties in areas that do abide by the public health mandates i spook about now with you today that they do turn around the surges and blunt surges. other good news is vaccines, we have three in phase three trial and on the right track. >> let's bring in the senior medical correspondent cnn's elizabeth cohen. should we be as optimistic as dr. fauci seemed there? is it good news? >> dr. fauci has used a phrase that i have talked about with you many times, john. cautiously optimistic. he may not have said it this time but hundreds of times before. the vaccine trials have enrolled very quickly. the question is, how quickly will they get data?
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so we asked that question here on cnn. we asked dr. fauci when do you think we might have a vaccine available? here's what he said. >> could this be earlier? sure. if someone comes out saying, you know, i will shoot for the possibility that i'll get it by october, you can't argue strongly against that. that's unlikely. not impossible. i think most of the people feel it's november, december. it is conceivable to have it by october though i don't think that that's likely. >> john, this is why dr. fauci and really no one can tell you when this vaccine will be ready and that's because what they have done is they have taken tens of thousands of people, split them in half, half get a placebo and half get the vaccine and they have to see who getsen fekted and sick with covid-19 and who doesn't. either people get infected very, very quickly and will have answers or takes a while. a lot depends on who they
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enrolled in the vaccines. if they enrolled people who like to stay at home and wear masks diligently it takes a while to get an answer. if they enrolled high risk people living in situations such that they run into the virus very quickly then we could get the answers more quickly. john? >> we'll wait meantime. elizabeth cohen, grateful. up next, president trump threatens to pull federal funding from democratic-led cities again. ♪ but come ye back when su-- mom, dad. why's jamie here? it's sunday. sunday sing along. and he helped us get a home and auto bundle. he's been our insurance guy for five years now. he makes us feel like we're worth protecting. [ gasps ] why didn't you tell us about these savings, flo? i've literally told you a thousand times. ♪ oh, danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling ♪ i'm just gonna... ♪ from glen to glen that selling carsarvana, 100% online wouldn't work.
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a new threat by president trump, this time vowing to withhold federal funding to several major cities, all just happen to be run by democrats in blue states. the president says those cities permit anarchy and destruction. jonning us with more is kaitlan collins. a threat. will he follow through? >> reporter: also what are the states or cities going to do in response if the president says tries to cut off funding to somewhere like portland? likely sue, going to court and challenges just like when you saw the president threaten to cut off funding to sanctuary cities, something that went to court, as well. so now in the new five-page memo that the president sent out last night singling out the democrat-led cities that he has singled out on twitter and in his comments over the last several days, portland, seattle, new york, washington, d.c.,
9:27 am
going after them saying they're letting lawlessness run rampant in the cities and instructing the budget office to have the justice department look at the cities of anarchists jurisdictions, that's the term in the official memo from the white house where, of course, these are areas where the president said they want to defund the police, even though we have seen leaders in the democratic party like the former vice president running to be the president saying he does not with a tonight de want to defund the police. he's hoping it will be e febtffe of the election. but the question is, john, does it resonate with voters? so far it hasn't and so far it does not seem like it's resonated them in a substantive way. >> we'll watch that one play out. same morning the president sending a series of tweets about voting seeming to try to clarify
9:28 am
or clean up, i don't know the right word, what he said yesterday essentially urging people in north carolina to break the law and tweeting sure you can vote early but then go to the polls. walk me through this one. >> reporter: kind of doubling down on what he said yesterday defending the comment where people were caught off guard because this is the president railing against voter fraud and now he's tweeting saying that based on the massive number of unsolicited ballots sent to people and stress test the system. vote absentee and go to polls on election day and make sure their vote was counted. of course that causes problems because some places don't start counting votes until election day and it would be a felony for someone to tie to intentionally go and vote a second time knowing that they have cast their ballot so this is the president pushing this trying to defend it though we haven't seen his aides come up with a viable defense to this as the president telling people to commit what would be a felony, voter fraud.
9:29 am
of course railing against voter fraud but this is a way of basically he is concerned that if there is a lot of mail-in voting to potentially lose the election and so he is looking this argument and it's not surprising but it is a little stunning to see the president making it so blatantly and repeating it on twitter today. >> it would be nice if he knew what he was talking about and the north carolina attorney general said you can go online to see if your ballot is received. >> reporter: exactly. >> don't need to go in the middle of a pandemic to put yourself at risk after voting by mail. we have seen protests now across the summer nationwide calling for an end to systemic racism but listen here with wolf blitzer yesterday the nation's top law enforcement official said he feels quite differently about the issue. >> i don't think there are two justice systems. i think the narrative that
9:30 am
there's a -- that the police are on some epidemic of shooting unarmed black men is simply a false narrative and the narrative that's based on race. >> let's discuss this. elliott williams is former prosecutor and former assistant attorney general. listening to the attorney general now, do you agree, there's not two systems of justice in america? >> i'll say i will agree with the attorney general that there are not two systems of justice in america. we have one system of justice in america but unpack how that works in real terms. under a 2015 study unarmed black americans shot 3.5 times more likely to be shot by a police officer than an unarmed white individual. this is once they're engaging with the officer. let's look at a university of michigan study of 2016 that blacks consistently on average get sentences about 10% higher
9:31 am
than whites when they are arrested for the same crimes. if you look at marijuana, with relatively consistent usage rates across the population, blacks are arrested about 3.7 times more likely than whites. so once arrested, blacks and frankly other people of color are more likely to be charged, once charges with an offense convicted by a jury and once convicted by a jury they're more likely to face a stiff sentence. fine if the attorney general says we don't have two different systems, we can agree with that. we have one system with hugely different disparate impacts on black and brown members of the society. to some extent maybe we immediate twneed two systems. >> one of the questions from the very early days of the attorney general's tenure, america's lawyer or president's lawyer? writing the summary of the
9:32 am
mueller report it was not by any means accurate, did not accurately portray the mueller report and that question persisted for sometime. listen to the answer, wolf tried to ask him about foreign interference in the election now in 2020. >> the intelligence community has pointed to russia, china and iran. which is the most assert i, most aggressive in this area? >> i believe it's china. >> why? >> because i have seen if intelligence and concluded. >> what are they trying to do? >> i won't discuss that. >> it's what he's concluded, china. if you read the published documents, never mind the private intelligence, if you read the published documents from the intelligence community they disagree with what you heard from the top law enforcement officer of the united states. those documents say that russia is actively helping, actively interfering, meddling in the election to help president trump win re-election and china has a preference and prefers joe biden and no evidence right now of a
9:33 am
massive china trying to pull the levers. there is evidence of russia trying to move voters. how can the attorney general lie to the american people of what the intelligence says? he says i conclude. >> again, we don't know what intelligence the attorney general himself is reading but i think quibbling about whether it's champion or whethi it's china or russia is the wrong question here because there seems to be a partisan tint to that because of the way that president trump regarded talking russian interference as not wanting to acknowledge it, suggesting it all came from democrats. what we know is russia, china and iran are all trying to interfere in our system of elections and this is a nonpartisan issue on a core system of american government, on a score system of constitutional rights and frankly a core national security
9:34 am
issue and what it sounds like the attorney general is doing is echoing some of the president's tacking points to minimize the threat posed by russia. they're all serious and needs to come together and take them seriously and not getting that rhetoric from the attorney general today. >> some rhetoric from him is saying we're playing with fire if we have greatly expanded mail-in voting in the united states. you can talk to democrats and republicans of secretaries of state saying we need help, but we can do it, we can handle it. why would the attorney general undermine the integrity of american elections? >> in those comments he talked about not basing this on evidence he had but on logic. seems logical there's going to be fraud. and that contradicts bipartisan scholars and analysts looking at this issue who have said that vote by mail is safe with adequate protections in place and the state that is do this do
9:35 am
have adequate protections in place and don't find this raft of widespread voter fraud that people see. in any governmental system there's going to be some risk of harm. there's going to be some risk of fraud. we have that everywhere in society but you have to weigh that against the importance of the constitutional right at issue here but public safety and the question of not forcing people to be in a position of having to go out in person and vote where -- in communities that may just not be prepared to have them out there. when you layer that on top of the president of the united states literally calling for people to commit a federal offense, around this question of voting, we have a profoundly big problem so again the attorney general here just isn't basing his statements on evidence or facts or actual actionable research but just logic, logic
9:36 am
is a wonderful thing but we live in a world of laws and facts and just seems the attorney general and the president aren't there with the rest of us right now. >> eliot, grateful for your insights. up next, the coronavirus pandemic forcing millions of children to go some days without food. alice loves the scent of gain so much, she wished there was a way to make it last longer. say hello to your fairy godmother alice. and long-lasting gain scent beads. part of the irresistible scent collection from gain!
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new data this week confirmed a national disgrace, richest country in the world cannot feed the poorest kids. the department of agriculture putting the number of fooden secure americans at 37 million, the salvation army says the number of boxes handed out at
9:41 am
drive-through pantries up 84%. meals on wheels serving 47% more people. the pandemic impact pushed already struggling families to a point where going without food is part of the new normal and part of why the back to school moment is so important, naegsal school lunch program is low cost or free meals to nearly 30 million children in 2018. joining me now to discuss is renee simms, a retired teacher and maribal garcia. i know you work with no kid hungry, one of the many organizations trying to deal with this. i'm fascinated by the challenge now when you have children going back to school, we have lived through this through the summer, a national disgrace, no child should go hungry. when you have some children going back to school, some at home, a hybrid, how can the logistics of that be handled to
9:42 am
make sure that the children get food? >> thank you. it is a pleasure to be here and talk about the very important issue. as you described, there are many scenarios that are taking place throughout the country and school districts are working around the clock to meet the need, a very, very essential tool, an important tool for kids, aside from pencils and erasers is nutritious meals. meals are needsed for kids to learn and so districts are planning to provide services. in my district we are currently in a distanced learning mode and we are providing five days worth of food in addition to that a farmer's market basket that will assist families to get through this crisis. >> and, renee, you read things leek this and it just stops your heart. this is from brookings institute, 13.9 million children lived in a household characterized by child food insecurity in the third week of
9:43 am
june, 5.6 times many as all of 2018 and 2.7 times as many did at the peak of the great recession in 2008. this is a stain on the country but at the moment those numbers, i'd say, wow, but wow sounds positive. it's so depressing. >> it truly is depressing and when you think in terms of everybody going through the pandemic and with the children being at home, parents being at home full-time, student who is are normally getting the meals pretty much in school who no longer have that opportunity, it's really devastating for those families who are on fixed income to provide for their families and the data shows you that. were really suffering right now and our children have too many situations right now that they don't have to -- they shouldn't have to worry about being hungry, having food to eat, a well balanced nutritional meal
9:44 am
and important that the usda has to understand that the programs they provide the communities are opportunities for the families to be able to live, survive an enbe happy. >> we have all had to learn new things and continuing to new things going through this pandemic. >> yes. >> so, to that point, so you have these places, this is a terrible problem but places and organizations, charities, government programs, school systems with a structure in place and then hit with the pandemic. what has to be done differently? for somebody listening to help in some way, what is the best way to help? >> john, excellent question. let me just tell you that there's food insecurities before the pandemic and one of the things that we continue to say at share our strength is childhood hunger is most preventable issue, so the idea is that we need government policies that will support families during this time, we need extensions to go through
9:45 am
the remainder of the school year and charitable donations, support organizations like no kid hungry are essential. they have provided lots of technical assistance to districts and organizations in order to continue 0 feed students in this time and we also need to come together. right? so this is an opportunity for government policies, charitable donations, for people to come together to solve this issue once and for all the. childhood hunger can be eradicated. >> if you are a parent and confused and maybe the child in remote learning is getting help at home and now going back to school some, how does a parent in distress find the right guidance and information? >> for my child attending idea public charter school here in washington, d.c. it's a small setting and they provide these opportunities. they come out on the school bus. they have and they bring us bags of nice produce.
9:46 am
fresh fruits and vegetables. it has really been a great savings and a great big help for my family because i have growing youth. i have 16, 17 and 20-year-olds and who are still in school and this is very important for them and i appreciate the opportunity and i think that we must continue these opportunities for many other schools and other parents and families in our community so that they'll be able to provide those nutritional foods for our families. >> for all the things we legitimately argue about -- go ahead. >> quickly to share, you canner you can go to no kid and there are resources there for families to tap into. they have created a website that allows you to locate food availability and sources in the local community and so that's a wonderful resource for parents to have on hand. >> yes. >> renee, maribel, grateful for your times. for the things we argue about
9:47 am
and should be debating this is one we should not be. i'm grateful for your time. pictures here, the former vice president joe biden now nominee for president, arriving in milwaukee airport. spending time in kenosha today following the shooting of jacob blake. also ahead for us, facebook has a plan it says to limit campaign advertising ahead of election day but only for the final week. the details next. to reconnect and be together. and once we did that, we realized his greatest adventure is just beginning. (vo) welcome to the most adventurous outback ever. the all-new subaru outback. go where love takes you.
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facebook says it will stick by the policy for candidates to lie and mislead in ads but laying out rules to limit misinformation about the election and voting. let's check in with business correspondent donie o'sullivan. a small fix is the way to put this? >> reporter: really small. despite facebook and zuckerberg out there, they're saying they won't allow campaigns to run new ads in the last week of the election campaign but if you're the trump cam pane, any campaign, buy a ton of ads the week before the campaign and it will run all the way out through election day and lies about your
9:53 am
opponent. zuckerberg was on cbs this morning and here's what he had to say. >> dumping information, the misinformation the last days of the election may not be time for the normal debate and process to play out and why i think it's important to have extra restrictions in the last week. the thing i'm sensitive is us be the ultimate deciders of what is right and wrong and true and false in the world. >> reporter: so there's zuckerberg saying that if there's ads being placed and bought in the last week of the election, because facebook allows false ads, there might not be enough time for the scrutiny of the ads and saying that facebook will accept the money from the campaigns, millions of dollars from campaigns can still run ads with lies in them and it's up to us in the media, the voters and i guess opponents to call out those ads all the while facebook making a nice pretty penny off
9:54 am
these ads, john. >> if your ads lie book them early so you're not inside the final window. got it there. what's the policy of misinformation about election results? >> reporter: yeah. i think this is where the real challenge for these companies might begin is actually on election night and the week after the election. we have seen what president trump is doing laying the groundwork to call the integrity of the results of the election into question and the companies now are really scrambling, all across silicon valley to figure out a way to rapidly respond to posts that call into question results, maybe posts that circumstance lat false election results but as we have seen the companies don't have a great track record in removing this false information and as you saw there even mark zuckerberg said they don't want to be the arbitrator of truth. they said they'll take down
9:55 am
blatant misinformation about the election that does call the result of it into question and that are false and hard to have confidence in this company with all, you know, its track record in election misinformation. john? >> i get it. you wantsds to have the big platform, the first amendment but with that much power comes responsibility and nice to see them do a better job at that. thanks for joining us today. hope to see you this time tomorrow. brianna keilar p.kicks up the coverage after a quick break. have a good day. so you're rey with a clean shave and a clean face. look at that embarrassing you. that wall is your everest. but not any more. today let's paint.
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