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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  September 3, 2020 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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possibility of a vaccine before election day and now the cdc is telling the states to come one a game plan for how to distribute a vaccine as soon as late october. but this is key. what is the science telling us? the top infectious diseases expert, dr. anthony fauci, he'll join me in the next hour and we'll discuss the vaccine and as we approach labor day he is urging americans not to let their guard down. that comes as the midwest in particular is grappling with surges, especially in college towns as students return. cnn is in iowa, the latest u.s. hot spot for the virus. we are also live this morning in wisconsin where joe and jill biden will head to kenosha today after the shooting of jacob blake and the shooting deaths of two protesters by an apparent vigilante that followed. the bidens will meet with blake's family, something president trump on his visit did not do. one thing the president is
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looking to do is to cut funding now for several democratic led cities. his claim that their leaders are allowing anarchy, violence and destruction. we'll have more on that in a minute. i have been to new york, i don't see any anarchy, violence and destruction. first to senior medical correspondent, elizabeth cohen, on the cdc telling the states to prepare for the vaccine to distribute by november. what's happening here? are there concerns that the political time line is influencing the vaccine time line? >> yes, jim, certainly some people are very concerned about this. that there's sort of this push to get this vaccine out by election day or at least to make it look like that it is highly possible. the experts i have been talking to say they find it very, very difficult to believe add a couple of veries to that, we could have a vaccine by election
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day but by the end of the year, possible. let's look at what the cdc have put out there. they say limited covid-19 vaccines doses may be available by early november 2020, but the vaccine supply will increase substantially in 2021. now, jim you and i have talked many times about how the cdc is in effect no longer acting on its own all the time. there has been pressure from above to say certain things to make certain statements. jim? >> yeah. which is not how the cdc was designed to operate. okay, let's look at treatments now because doctors have been innovating throughout and learning about things that helped save lives and one is common steroid use for covid-19 victims. what have we been learning? >> so, jim, as you just said, steroids are very common, every hospital has them. and doctors use them including those recovering from the terrible viral infections so doctors started to use them many
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months ago and there's data to show they work. so let's look at the numbers from the large uk study. they looked at more than 1,700 patients and almost 33% died, but among the about 1,000 who did not get steroids, 41 -- almost 42% died. there's a substantial difference there. jim? >> understood. i hope -- we're always happy to report signs of hope. thank you very much. well, advisers from the national academies of sciences, engineering and medicine have drafted a four phase plan for distributing an eventual coronavirus vaccine. the plan suggests that health care workers be among the next to get it and the decisions on who gets a vaccine right away should be about individual risk, not just their job titles. senior director with new york city health hospitals joins me now, doctor, thank you very much. tell us your concern because at
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the end of the day we want this going to the people facing the most risk here. how do you best ensure that when a vaccine is available? >> so when we talk about the allocation of a covid-19 vaccine, we know there's not enough in the beginning and this is where we need to make sure we have a good, equitable approach that look, at, you know, the science. and what we have put together is based on the core principles which is great. that's how we want to shape it. it's also based on risk based. what that means it's not based on your job title or your race or ethnicity but based on your likelihood of getting covid-19 and having a severe outcome. that's why you have others in the first tier. so what we also know is just because risk is not uniform, we also know that for example with health care workers there's 20 million in the united states. we won't have 20 million doses
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right away. so there needs to be some tough decisions made even within that group. >> understood. okay. let's look at a time line here now because clearly, we're making progress on vaccines. a lot of the early trials show hopeful signs. that said, there's a reason why you do phase 3 trials. you want to test as large of a group of people as possible to make sure it's safe and effective. when you have the president talking about a vaccine before election day and telling the u.s. health professionals are being told to distribute one as late as october, are you afraid that politics are infecting the vaccine? >> absolutely. there are certain benchmarks that have been to met and those benchmarks don't seem to be likely in terms of when the time line is being proposed in october or november. just seems pretty ludicrous, if you will. this operation warped speed obviously is based on politics
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and not based on science here. so you have mentioned having a vaccine that's safe and effective, but another third category is making sure it's protective. we can't know if the vaccine is actually protective until we have all of the data so it needs to go through the typical time line to get that information. because, you know, having an allocation, distributing the vaccine is part of the problem. so you may have all of the billions of doses but you may have not an end use their actually wants to get vaccinated because they don't see the data that's first transparent and actually is showing that it's not only safe and effective, but protective enough you know for the purposes it is being met. so we need to be very careful f of, you know, the time line. because we want to make sure people get the vaccine once it's available. and vaccine hesitancy is one of the top ten global health threats that we have around the world. >> so who can people trust, right? i mean, as we get closer to having a vaccine it's not the first time it happened.
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you know, hydroxychloroquine political meddling it seemed there, without approval. convalescent plasma, there are questions from the nih as to how effective that was compared to how it was advertised from the white house. you know, a lot of americans will have decisions to make about taking this vaccine and whether they give it to their kids, right? who do folks trust when word comes out? who can they trust to know it's safe and effective? >> you make an excellent point. you know, the administration of the public health agencies it seems like a lot of decisions are based on politics not science. for me in particular being in the public health field, i trust the public health institutions because they have career scientists that have focused on this particular topic. so i'm going to look at them and i'm going to look at the local and state and public health departments. because they have also been doing a great job and being champions of the voice of reason. this is one of the most
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consequential elections of our lifetime. it shouldn't be having a -- having a vaccine shouldn't be politicized for that reason so we need to be very, very careful. >> follow the science. thanks very much. >> thank you. well, worries are mounting over a surge in coronavirus cases in midwestern states, particularly iowa. the governor there says the state has seen the highest rate of increase in covid-19 cases in the nation. right now, cnn's omar jimenez is joining us from des moines. the governor -- is the governor taking new steps in response to this? >> jim, what she is focusing on, governor reynolds, what she's focusing on is increasing the testing and on the college campuses. they have been trying to work through strategies there and make sure that the campuses have access to the data and keep that access so they can better monitor the activity of covid on campuses. as she says, this is part of why
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she's been against a no mask mandate statewide at this point. she says that she knows where the issues are. and that she wants to be more targeted about how they go about this mitigation process. she says that it is social activity among young adults that is to blame for what we have seen in recent weeks. when you look at the metrics, when you look at positivity rate, when you look at the number of cases overall, even hospitalizations, they have all been trending up in recent weeks. it's part of why when the white house coronavirus task force issued their report to the governor here, they were concerned and they said here in iowa they had the highest new coronavirus case rate in the country with a positivity rate in the top five. so obviously a reason for concern and then you look at what the task force recommended. they recommended a mask mandate for the state and the governor has been against at this point. and these recommended closing
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bars which governor reynolds said they have done, but tied to locations with higher positivity rates. then when you took -- look at the impact of schools in general, the county that holds the university of iowa, 74% of the cases there are in the demographic of 19 to 24-year-olds. over 90% from the 18 to 40 demographic. jim? >> revealing. thanks very much. still to come this hour, we'll speak to the mayor of the midwestern city already hit hard by the virus now facing a new spike in cases. what he is doing to help get things under control there? plus, today joe biden will head to kenosha, wisconsin. an effort to bring that community together as attorney general barr says the notion that there are two justice systems is quote, a false narrative. we'll be live from kenosha. one of the largest school districts in the country not only dealing with coronavirus but now enduring days of cyber attacks on their remote learning system. such a disruption for students
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again last week, nearly 1 million americans filed first-time unemployment claims. it's the first time it's fallen below a million but the weekly numbers just off the charts historically. not even matched during the 2008, 2009 financial crisis. christine romans joins me now. christine, first put this into context historically when you see numbers like this. good it's below a million, but i mean, historically it's a remarkably high number. >> it's interesting because the damage is so extensive that the labor department is tweaking how it seasonably adjusts the numbers so they can get a better picture. even the math they use isn't suitable for how terrible this has been the summer. >> they're tweaking it to get a
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number that looks better? >> no they're not trying to get it to look better but they have changed the way they seasonably adjust the numbers because it just -- the scope of the problem is so big they're changing how -- they're very clear about it on the news release if anybody wonky wants to take look at it. it's complicated, but, you know 881,000 is a big number. it's below a million and i'm glad it's below a million but it's a big number. when you put it all together, all the different programs including the new emergency programs for gig workers and for part time workers, right, you have 29 million americans receiving some sort of jobless benefit. 29 million that's a big number. and looking at continuing claims, people who have been on the state programs for at least two weeks in a row. that number fell. that's a good sign but it's still a lot of people, jim. every one of those numbers is a person or a family who is wondering why congress has gone away on recess and is not working of the next package here. >> i mean, these payments have made a difference, right?
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for families and for businesses, frankly. you see it in sales and so on. let's talk about the budget deficit, a record $3.3 trillion that's 1,000 billion. these numbers are off the charts. a lot clearly from the stimulus in the wake of the pandemic. >> sure. >> but it was already coming from a very high point prior to that as well. >> right. we had corporate tax cuts, right and even in a strong economy, we were running big deficits. we were spending a lot of money and now you have a crisis that hit and now in an emergency you're spending all this money. so now by next year, the size of the national debt will be as big as the size of the entire economy. that's something that hasn't happened since world war ii. we're spending money like we're fighting a world war. >> folks had warned when the times were good, that's not the time for deficit spending because if a crisis were to hit
6:18 am
and here we are. crisis hit. >> textbook i told you so. >> yeah. christine romans, thanks very much. an alarming warning for meat packers hit by the pandemic. meat processing workers are still at an elevated risk of exposure in iowa. this as cases across that state surge making it the latest u.s. hot spot. joining me is the mayor of waterloo, iowa, quentin hart. thank you for taking the time this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> there's a particular risk at meat packing plants because of the concentration of folks there as they're working and also their living conditions at home. et cetera. what's being done to address that issue? you know, to address the outbreaks we're seeing here because it's not a new thing. we have seen this for months. >> right. when -- you know, when we went through a lot of challenges several months ago within our meat packing plant locally in our community but we have to
6:19 am
make sure that every safety precaution is taken at our plants. on site testing needs to be done and immediate contact tracing. dividers placed in workstations. there has to be a myriad of different changes that have to take place within our processing plants to make sure that people are safe and that you could hold the spread to a minimum if it actually happens. >> as you know the president hasn't involved in this in recent weeks, forcing the plants to reopen. has that been helpful or hurtful in your view? >> well, it's been hurtful in one way that it may take away some of the accountability that some of the processing plants have to do to ensure overall safety. where we had the benefit, our local company reached out to the chamber, reached out to our health department and us within the city and we were able to
6:20 am
actually tour, take a look at the myriad of difference changes that were going to be done internally within the plant. so it's a dangerous situation when you reduce the accountability and liability, but you don't hold them to t the -- hold their feet to the fire with regards to putting in all of the safety mechanisms that we need to have to keep people safe. and when you have such an outbreak as we had last time it puts a strain on the local businesses. it hurts our ag economy because there's no one to produce the processing of meat. >> no question. who's listening to your voice? right? you're very close to this, right? these people are your constituents, i mean, the businesses are -- you know, in your town. when you issue those warnings up to the state level or the national level, do folks listen? >> it seems like it goes on deaf ears some of the time.
6:21 am
we have had a challenge around here being able to locally make decisions that impact our local community. there's no cookie cutter solution for all of this and we need the individual decision making on the local level for us to be successful in controlling this virus. >> understood. as you know, your senator joni ernst, she is facing some backlash after she appeared to call the pandemic death toll into question which is something that starts on the dark corners of the web and lo and behold you have national political figures stating this. just from -- you have lost constituents, right? i'm sure you have a lot of families suffering through this. what's your answer to senator ernst and others who have questioned data like we have on the screen here which is, you know, comes directly from the cdc and johns hopkins. >> i find it as being away from what reality really is. you want to see it, come talk to
6:22 am
some of my friends. some of the relatives and people i know this this local community that have lost their lives or dealing with long-term health issues. but that is the challenge we're having. even talking about direct funding to local cities, we haven't seen that yet. we were a city over 500,000 people, maybe there would be some direct funding, but in her very own state, we are needing help. cities need help. and people need real officials that know what's really happening on the ground here. >> well, mayor quinton hart, we wish you the best of luck. we know you have a lot on your plate going forward and the people who live in your town as well. >> all right, thank you. well, former vice president joe biden is heading today to kenosha, wisconsin. he's going to meet with the family of jacob blake. what can we expect from the trip? and we're moments away from
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♪ go your own way your wireless. your rules. only with xfinity mobile. today presidential candidate joe biden and his wife dr. jill
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biden will head to kenosha, wisconsin. he is expected to meet with the family of jacob blake, the black man shot by the police and then they'll host a community meeting to bring americans -- bring residents of the community together. cnn's shimon prokupecz is in kenosha with the latest. we heard many officials were uncomfortable with president trump's visit earlier this week. what are they saying today? >> i think a lot of people would love for all of the politics to stay out of what's going on here right now. things have been calm for several days now. starting to get back to normal. businesses are reopening, the coffee shops, people are sitting outside. a lot of the stores are still boarded up, but some of that is coming down. i would think that a lot of people based on what i'm hearing on the streets would want to keep all of the politics out of this for now. as you said, biden gets here today. he'll be here for several hours and what he's calling a community meeting, he's also
6:29 am
expected to meet with the blake family. we don't have specifics on that, but that is all supposed to happen later today. much different than when the president came. he came here supporting law enforcement and to support some of the businesses damaged during some of the violence here. >> okay. yesterday on cnn the attorney general, william barr, to our colleague wolf blitzer regarding the jacob blake case, he said that quote/unquote jacob blake was armed with a knife. initially the family lawyer said there was no knife on his person. questions about whether it was in the car. what have we learned in the days and weeks since the shooting? >> so a couple of things on what the attorney general did yesterday. this is still a very active investigation. state investigators from the attorney general's office are looking into it. the fact that you have the attorney general of the united states already out there making predictions sort of, by saying
6:30 am
words, jim, he used two words in what he told wolf blitzer yesterday. he used the words armed, regarding jacob blake and felon. two words that would certainly in the eyes of the law, in the eyes of any prosecutor and investigator give justification to the officers involved in this shooting so that's a dangerous thing to do. because the investigation is still very much ongoing. what we know from the investigators here who have come out and the little information that they have provided, they say they did find a knife in the vehicle, in the car that jacob blake was using. that was on the floor. that it was on the driver's side floor and that jacob blake admitted to possessing the knife. that's all they have said. they do not explain how the knife may have been in any way threatening or in any way how the officers found the knife to be threatening. and that is the key question here because remember, in the video that we have seen, jacob
6:31 am
blake, his back is to the officers, when they grab him by the shirt and then the one officer fires the seven shots. the knife is a big thing here. and the circumstances that are leading up to those moments at the car, those are the key questions that the state attorney general is seeking to answer, jim. >> as you note it's still an ongoing investigation. thank you for helping to clear up the questions. well, president trump is issuing a new threat, vowing to withhold federal funding from several u.s. cities. the catch, those cities, they're run by democrats in blue states. he claims the leaders there are allowing anarchy and destruction and you might want to visit the cities to fact check the president's assertion. joining me is john harwood. what's notable is that minneapolis and kenosha were left off the list run by democrats. do we know why? >> well, it's pretty clear why
6:32 am
because both minnesota and wisconsin are key targets in the presidential campaign. president trump won wisconsin in 2016. he wants to hold it this time. minnesota he fell just short. he's targeting and joe biden is trying to defend that turf. what the president wants to do is pick a fight with democratic cities. he's said so out loud and these are in places typically seattle, portland, washington, d.c., new york where he has no shot of winning. so there's very little cost or very little risk of local backlash and in fact he triggered backlash last night from andrew cuomo from new york which is something that the president wanted. here's what the governor had to say. >> president trump has actively been trying to kill new york city ever since he's been elected. it really does speak volumes about him. he changed his residence to go to florida, why? he can't come back to new york. he can't. he's going to walk down the
6:33 am
street of new york? he better have an army if he thinks he'll walk down the streets of new york. >> now, seems irresponsible for a governor of any state to be raising the suggestion of physical harm to the president. but nevertheless, this is an order the president's issued, it looks like a campaign document. very unlikely to be vindicated in court when the jurisdictions would inevitably challenge it. >> right. and you are right about those words from the governor. the president, another comment remarkable from a sitting president, but encouraging people in north carolina to vote twice. once by mail and once in person and i believe that's against the law. what's happening here? >> well, the president is losing the election, he's behind in north carolina. we had a fresh poll yesterday. he's behind nationally and in
6:34 am
most of the battle ground states. so what he's trying to do is raise a cloud of doubt about the legitimacy of the outcome. he encouraged people to vote twice to test the security of the mail-in voting system. it is a felony to attempt to vote twice in north carolina. he got some backup yesterday from his attorney general bill barr in his interview with wolf blitzer. barr said he didn't know if it was illegal in particular states to try to vote twice, although it obviously is. and he also encouraged the president in suggesting that mail-in balloting was illegitimate and posed a risk to the election. here's the attorney general. >> this is playing with fire. we're a very closely divided country here and if people have to have confidence in the results of the election and the legitimacy of the government and people trying to change the rules to this -- to this methodology which as a matter of logic is very open to fraud and
6:35 am
coercion is reckless and dangerous. and people are playing with fire. >> now, the fact is that mail-in voting has been on the rise in the united states for a long time as wolf pointed out. some states -- five states do mail-in voting exclusively and so this is, again, an attempt by the administration, both from the justice department and the white house to raise doubts on a voting method that has not been shown to have widespread fraud and they're doing it because they're fearful of losing the election. >> yeah. notably of course the president has exempted states like florida run by a governor. john harwood, thanks very much. we have to take a moment yesterday. yesterday on the broadcast i spoke to trump 2020 campaign national spokesperson hogan gidley. i pressed him on why the president isn't warning russia against meddling in the upcoming election as u.s. intelligence
6:36 am
assesses it is attempting to do. >> he's talked about that many times and he's told -- >> he's never warned russia? >> that is -- i'm sorry, that is incorrect. i swear. >> when is the -- when is the president uttered the words russia, do not interfere in our election? if he has i'll play that tape on the broadcast. >> good, you have to stop peeing on my boot and telling me it's raining. the fact that he said it to vladimir putin it's on tame. he said don't meddle in our elections. >> we keep our word here so we'll play the video he was referring to and let you make your own judgment. have a listen. >> will you tell russia not to meddle in the election? >> don't meddle in the election. >> now we assume he wasn't referring to the single joking
6:37 am
exchange which as you can see trump delivered with a smile and vladimir putin laughed at. so that according to his campaign is president trump standing up to russia. we should note this, here's what the president said about russian election interference when he wasn't joking. >> i have president putin, he said it's not russia. i will say this, i don't see any reason why it would be. i will tell you that president putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today. >> in that infamous helsinki moment, the president denied russia had interfered at all taking the side of vladimir putin over the intelligence community. i should note i asked him why the president has not publicly warned putin on a host of other provocations since then, russian bounties paid to the u.s. troops to kill them in the taliban, armed sales to the taliban,
6:38 am
dangerous interactions with the warships. russian interference in belarus. russia's suspected poisoning of the opposition leader alexei navalny. hogan gidley didn't cite any such comments regarding those provocations. look at the facts, we'll continue to do so. we'll be right back. that wall is your everest. but not any more. today let's paint. and right now, get incredible savings on behr premium paints and stains. exclusively at the home depot.
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find a stock based on your interests or what's trending. get real-time insights in your customized view of the market. it's smarter trading technology for smarter trading decisions. fidelity. breaking news in to cnn. an arrest has been made following the cyber attacks targeting the miami-dade public schools which interrupted remote learning for thousands of children. they and their families are depending on. rosa flores is following the story from miami. as we talked about this yesterday, i asked did they have a sense of where this is coming
6:43 am
from. who has been arrested here? >> you know, we just learned this from the miami-dade county public schools. they say that a 16-year-old, a junior in high school, has been arrested here in miami and on two charges, jim. first of all, computer use and an attempt to defraud a third degree felony and also interference with an educational institution which is a second degree misdemeanor. according to the school district this teenager admitted to at least eight attacks and according to the district these are distributed denial of service attacks and that this teenager used some sort of online application to execute these attacks. now, to give you an idea of what these are, imagine a million people knocking at your door trying to enter and that's what the cyber attacks do, which then bottle neck the system and don't allow anyone to enter in this case students and teachers
6:44 am
trying to just learn, their virtual learning online. according to the district, the fbi, the secret service and the florida department of law enforcement are involved. now, the superintendent said in the statement we just received moments ago that other attackers are out there, jim, and you and i talked about this yesterday. where are these attackers coming from? we learned late yesterday that the -- that the police chief from the miami-dade county public schools say they believe they have traced some of the ipo addresses to foreign and domestic addresses. the breaking news out of miami is that a 16-year-old has been arrested with two charges in this case. >> wow. remarkable. remarkable damage done there too. thank you. health officials in los angeles county will allow in-person learning for at least
6:45 am
some students this fall. public school buildings will be opened for those with individualized education plans and those with special needs. this as the education secretary, betsy devos says that the parents have the right to choose the best option for their families. cnn's bianna golodryga has more on a tough choice for parents. >> i feel so happy that i want to explode. >> reporter: for 5-year-old isabella and her brother, going back to school is a long-awaited return to some form of normalcy. >> it's like the schoolhouse -- i think i'll learn more. >> reporter: like millions of other students across the country, remote learning has been a struggle for the brooklyn, new york, siblings. >> i had so much stress getting my daughter to learn, remote learning. she cried most of the time. my son, he distracted himself by talking to his peers and playing
6:46 am
on the computer. >> reporter: but returning to in-person instruction is not without risk. their mother suffered the improbable case of covid-19, and she said her asthma made her recovery much more different. >> it was very scary. i thought i was going to die. so i don't wish that on anybody. >> reporter: she worries about sending her children back to school, especially isabella who also has asthma, but says another semester on line would be even worse. >> i don't have a choice. it's either try to get her into this education so she is going to learn that is so essential. or, you know, just stay at home and do the same thing that we did last time. >> reporter: two-thirds of the 100 largest school districts are starting the school year entirely online. >> school reopening is really
6:47 am
important for our society. it's not that i think we should reopen at all costs but trying to do this safely in places where we can do it safely seems just really important for kids, for getting people back to work for the mental health of parents, for learning. >> reporter: as doctors continue to study how susceptible children are to the coronavirus and whether they transmit the disease as easily as adults, dozens of schools that have reopened have experienced outbreaks and thousands of students and teachers have been forced to quarantine just weeks into the school year. some teachers unions fought against in-person learning, unless additional safety measures are taken. >> we cannot open our school buildings unless it's safe. >> reporter: for parents like carla still haunted by scenes like this one in a georgia high school where packed hallways full of maskless students led to
6:48 am
positive cases and the school shutdown, the decision to send her kids back to schooln't wasn't an easy one. >> let's see how this works. >> it's so difficult and here in new york, it's one to three days a week by ten days so they'll resume september 21st. this of course came from a lot of pressure from teachers unions who wanted more safety in place and for more ventilation and for more testing across the city. this is of course one big example to the world whole and our country will be watching as students start to go back to school. it comes with some risks but we know the downside to online learning. >> and new york has gotten the positivity rate down which is
6:49 am
one of the benchmarks for reopening. bianna golodryga, thank you. many of the nba teams are planning to use their arenas as voting centers in november. how many voters will this be a service to? we'll have more on this next. i'm hector. i'm a delivery operations manager in san diego, california. we were one of the first stations to pilot a fleet of electric vehicles. we're striving to deliver a package with zero emissions into the air. i feel really proud of the impact
6:50 am
that has on the environment. we have two daughters and i want to do everything i can to protect the environment so hopefully they can have a great future.
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6:53 am
the oenchldo magic are now the 17th nba team planning to turn their arena into a voting center this fall. league owners vowing to improve voting access across the country as part of an agreement with players following the police shooting of jacob blake. cnn's victor blackwell joins me now from atlanta from the state
6:54 am
farm areap, a, home of the hawks. victor, have we seen this before, particularly this widespread and how many voters do we expect this to impact in november? >> this is the first year that we've seen this. we saw this here in atlanta during the primary, and the hope is that it increases access to thousands more voters. you know, the 16,000 plus seats here at state farm arena have been empty for understand in, likely will be for the rest of the year because, of course, of the pandemic, but the hawks were the first nba team to offer up their arena as a voting location for early voting. imagine this. we've got some video from the primary. 300 voting machines, most of them here down on the floor. thousands voted during the primaries, so many more are expected. you know, in georgia, the law allows for mail-in voting without an excuse, but we know that there will be so many who want to vote in person. we saw the long lines. this is an attempt to alleviate
6:55 am
that. beyond the hawks though, we know that this now, almost a dozen and a half teams, this list that's growing, is the early fruit of that coalition between the nba and the players association created after the boycott during the playoffs after the shooting of jacob blake, the coalition focuses on social justice and racial justice and voting. we heard from lebron james and chris paul and other players that voting in this election is the way to get some action, change the outrage and energy into some effect. we will see that. there is also the secondary impact of getting a lot of people back to work. the crews and the security needed to make this happen. early voting starts here in georgia october 12th. jim? >> and you see some of those in key battleground states, north carolina, florida, michigan. it's a good service to american voters. victor blackwell, thanks very much. dr. anthony fauci is making
6:56 am
a plea now for the public to keep wearing masks. stay away from crowds and be vigilant heading into this coming holiday weekend, this as confusion grows over other guidance regarding everything from vaccines to testing. we're going to discuss all of of this with dr. fauci live on this program just ahead. there was a time when this represented the future. well it did to anyone from the 1800s. but this, this is the future. the future of communicating of hearing and connecting with life.
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good thursday morning to you. i'm jim sciutto. get a vaccine game plan ready and early. that's what the cdc is telling states and major cities, instructing them to be ready to distribute a vaccine as soon as late october, but with potentially millions of americans taking a vaccine, health experts are warning now is not the time to rush the science, to get this through those crucial trials early. dr. anthony


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