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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  August 28, 2020 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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♪ >> this is cnn breaking news. >> we want to welcome our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i am wolf blitzer here in the situation room. thousands have been taking part in a new march on washington, demanding racial justice as the police shooting of jacob blake adds to the outrage and urgency and we learned that blake is no longer shackled to his hospital bed hours after his father's exclusive interview with cnn suggesting his paralyzed son was being treated as an animal. the u.s. coronavirus death toll now surpassing 181,000.
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a key model projects the number will soar above 317 by december 1st. as president trump continues to send the wrong message about social distancing. holding another in-person campaign event tonight in new hampshire after delivering his campaign speech out of the south lawn of the white house. now to our national correspondent in kenosha for us. we heard emotional appeals from jacob blake's family. what is the very latest? >> reporter: we did. jacob blake family while marching in washington, here in kenosha we know now from jacob blake's local attorney that he is no longer shackled to his hospital bed. he has been shackled his whole time by the leg to the bed but that has changed. we learned from his attorney that he is no longer being guarded by police because warrants out for his arrest have
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been vacated. the family of jacob blake joining thousands in washington rallying to give a voice taken away at the hands of police. >> you must stand. you must fight. not with violence and chaos. >> authorities revealing new details now about jacob blake's past and the circumstances surrounding the shooting that left blake paralyzed. the sheriff saying he has come to the hospital bed because blake has felony warrants for his arrest including one from july for sexual assault and the restraint highly criticized by blake's family. >> i walked into the room and he is paralyzed from the waist down. why do they have steel on my son's ankle. he couldn't get up if he wanted to. so that is a little overkill to have him shackled to the bed.
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that makes no sense to me. >> friday afternoon blake's local attorney said the cuffs were removed and blake's warrant vacated and dispatch audio from the moments before the shooting is shedding more light on police approached him. >> jacob blake. he has the -- >> and new information about the 17-year-old accused of shooting and killing two people and wounding another during protests over blake's shooting. in the charges authorities say that kyle rittenhouse was running away from the scene heard saying on the phone i just killed somebody. his attorney said his client was acting in self distance. >> he loved the city because it was his city. he wanted to make it better. he wanted to stay in this house
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with me and my daughter and raise her here and like make it a better place. >> blake's father said the two shootings are an example of two different justice systems in america. >> that 17-year-old caucasian shot and killed two people and blew another man's arm off on his way back to illinois. he got to go home. my son got icu and paralyzed from the waist down. those are the two justice systems right in front of you. you can compare them for yourself. >> and we are now getting new information, wolf, from the association representing the kenosha police. they are saying new details we have not heard. this coming from the union. they are saying they were aware mr. blake had warrants out for his arrest when they approached him and they say he was not unarmed and that indeed he had a knife.
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they are also saying when he was approached to drop the knife he refused to do so. these are details we have not heard before. the last thing the van that he is trying to get in that his three children are inside, the van did not belong to him. wolf. >> all right. thank you very much. let's get some more -- let's listen right now to more of the powerful appeals for racial justice in today's march on washington. relatives of jacob blake joining with the family of george floyd speaking with their personal and painful experiences. listen to this. >> my brother cannot be a voice today. we have to be that voice. we have to be the change. and we have to be his legacy. >> our leaders, they need to follow us while we are marching to enact laws to protect us.
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>> every black person in the united states is going to stand up. we are tired. i am tired of looking at cameras and seeing these young black and brown people suffer. >> black men, stand up stand up black men. educate yourself and protect the family unit. period. >> we are not taking it anymore. i ask everyone to stand up. no justice. >> no peace. >> joining us now are attorneys for jacob blake's family. patrick, we have a lot to discuss including new claims from the kenosha professional police association. you heard about some of them. first of all, how is jacob blake doing tonight? >> well, thank you for having me on, wolf.
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i can tell you that jacob is in such a condition where every movement is painful. he has a painful set of injuries. he has no control over bowel and bladder function. on heavy doses of pain medication. so, he is in a lot of pain but it will be a long road to recovery and incredibly he is a survivor. >> as you heard, patrick, the kenosha professional police association says that your client was armed with a knife in his hand and forcefully fought with the police officers including putting one of them in a headlock. i want you to respond to the allegations which are very serious.
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>> sure. >> my discussions with jacob have been limited by his inability to community. what i can tell you about the allegations is that they are overblown. it is a good thing that there is a video. they get to writeup the report as to what will happen. thankfully there are videos of this and everybody can see in that video that in the moments leading up to him being shot point blank at least seven times back that he was posing no imminent threat to the officers. so the existence of a knife if there is a knife anywhere
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around. sadly what we saw is at a young white man can brandish a arrive and he will they give him water and let him go home. it can only be explained by racism. there is no other explanation. >> are any of the allegations they made in the statement they released accurate? >> so, i think what we are talking about are issues with the police are taking things out of context. from what i have been told they immediately became physical with
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him. he was brought to the ground and t t tazed. as he tried to get away from the situation that is when they shot him in the back point blank seven times. when you say mr. blake initiated the physicality and put an officer in the headlock. that does not comport with the video from the passenger side of the car showing them essentially beating him and then when he is tazed and able to get up and look away, they shot him. brutalizing him throughout. it is interesting that they will say well, you have a right to defend yourself. apparently mr. blake does not. mr. rittenhouse does.
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>> let me ask what your thoughts are when you hear these allegations from the police officer's association? >> you know, i think that this is the common strategy that police departments use in the circumstances. always trying to justify misdemeanors. even if jacob did resist an officer or obstruct an officer, just say that is true. the penalty is up to nine months in jail and $10,000 fine. we commonly see in these police brutality cases they try to justify their actions. the world can clearly see and
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their actions are unjustified and excessive. >> you are here in washington do you know if he was able to watch his family participate in the event and what has been his reaction as far as you know? as patrick explained his medical condition right now is very serious medical concern that he still has and it puts him in a place where he is not able to be conscious enough. he is typically in and out. there may be times that he could be awake to be able to articulate or to have discussions. today, unfortunately, in this historic moment.
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>> he is no longer shackled to the bed, right? >> no. he is not. that is a good thing. there was something by the criminal defense attorney that is representing jacob. there is a great deal that the public put and when we unify together for a common cause to have jacob shackled knowing that he won't be able to walk again. so, what is the purpose having him shackled in the first place? >> thank you so much for joining
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us. patrick, thanks to you as well and we will of course have you back. the story is obviously not going away. thanks for joining us. all right. just ahead cnn tried to get president trump today to comment on the march on washington and we will show you what happened and an alarming new forecast for coronavirus deaths here in the united states. the toll keeps climbing. we will tell you what is going on.
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>> president trump is out on the campaign trail after his fear-stoking republican convention speech last night. he may be eager to lead the new march for racial justice behind
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him. you are learning more about a little dust-up that is going on. what are you learning? >> president trump is on his way to a campaign speech in new hampshire as he is hoping to have momentum coming out of the convention they had here in washington. just a short while ago, moments before the speech was going to begin event organizers asked people to put on a mask and people in the crowd started to boo. let's take a look. >> ladies and gentlemen, in accordance with new hampshire orders, please wear a mask. >> we are told at than moment people in the crowd refused to put on a mask and by the way the president is not commenting on the other big event in washington, as thousands of protesters are demonstrating on
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the national mall against police brutality. mr. trump refused to answer questions on the subject. in counter programming from the white house to washington down on the national mall president trump held a surprise photo op and issued a full pardon to alice johnson. >> we are giving alice a full pardon. >> the president refused to comment on the march and the protesters hopes to end police brutality. a subject kamala harris addressed. >> as we continue to see black men and women slain in the streets and left behind by a justice system that too often
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denied black folks our dignity and rights and will share our anger and pain and no doubt they will turn it in to fuel. >> the president and his team are trying to have it both ways with mr. trump hammering away his law and order message. the republican party condemns the rioting, looting and arson that we have seen in democrat-run cities. >> mr. trump is actually a compassionate leader. >> i just wish that everyone could see the deep empathy that he shows to families whose loved ones were killed in senseless violence.
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>> we are focusing on the science, facts and data. >> reporter: that is not true, hundreds of supporters sitting side by side with few masks in site as one official told cnn everyone will catch this thing eventually. mark meadows said attendees were there at their own risk. people together, the willingness that you make choices individually. >> any crowd whether it is a protest or any crowd that you have people close together without masks is a risk. >> there is more turmoil at the food and drug administration as the agency fired their top spokesman who is part of the roll out of convalescent plasma, a covid treatment that received
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emergency authorization this week. despite the dangers the president will be holding big events with large crowds in the coming weeks like the one we saw at the white house and the one in new hampshire and just as we saw over the summer in tulsa, oklahoma, campaign officials will learn in the coming days whether staffers or other attendees at last night's speech will be coming down with the coronavirus. not everybody at the speech last night was tested. >> that is pretty risky indeed. let's break all of it down. don, the president taking credit
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for what he calls a success in kenosha, but he hasn't addressed the police shooting of jacob blake which led to all of the unrest? >> this president is doing what he always does and is taking credit for what he believes is good and he won't take ownership of his actions and what is happening on his own watch. he keeps blaming the situation in kenosha on joe biden. it is an alternative universe, earth sinking because joe biden is not the president of the united states. he must take credit for ignoring what is happening with race in the country and ignoring the 17-year-old arrested for killing people. by the way, wolf, had the luxury
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to drive back 15 miles to his house and turn himself in the next day with a visible weapon on his chest. the president should address the unrest in the country because he has to take ownership of it. not that he is the direct cause but that it is happening on his watch. he owns it. there is no joe biden administration right now. >> in a lengthy statement, michelle obama she writes she is exhausted and frustrated but is inspired by the protests. that seems to be a widely held sentiment right now. if you talk to any professional or psychologist or therapist
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they will tell you that i believe the bulk of patientings are for people with low grade depression, either the alternative reality, misrepresentation of reality and facts from the administration or because they lost someone or they have been affected by the coronavirus. michelle obama is everyone right now. we are all feeling that. this administration won't own up to what is happening in the country. keeps pointing at shiny objects and things that are happening that are not happening. the perfect example of that is what you saw at the president's rally when asked to do a simple task, social distance or wear a mask, they booed. where did they get it from? the man at the top, donald trump.
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>> the president hasn't condemned the actions of the 17-year-old accused of killing the protesters. rittenhouse was able to walk away from the scene. jacob blake's father said there are two justice systems, one if you are white and another if you are black. >> i think the father is right. i don't know all of the details. but here is what i do know. i know that someone suspected and alleged as the police association says not confirmed by official sources that he might have been armed with a knife. we don't know that until it is brought out by official sourcs s what you see for yourself is that this 17-year-old who walked
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up to a police car and several other trying to turn himself in. that is what it looks like. people are yelling at the police officer saying he just shot someone. whether they heard him or not i don't know. nobody arrested him. he went back to his home. he turned himself in the next day. if that is not two different starts, i don't know what is wolf. >> don lemon, thank you very much. important note to the viewers. be sure to join don 10:00 p.m. eastern and join him for his podcast silence is not an option. very important. don, thank you very much. the u.s. coronavirus death toll now tops 181,000 people and a
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>> we are following multiple breaking stories including all of the news on the coronavirus crisis. tonight as the u.s. death toll rises above 181,000 a key model projects another 136,000 americans will die by december 1st. more now from los angeles. >> like those brave americans before us, we are meeting this challenge. >> reporter: now our president is leading by bad example, no distance, few masks, many places prohibit gatherings like these, all brushed off by a senior white house official. everybody is going to catch this thing eventually. one prominent model projects 135,000 more americans could be killed by covid-19 by december 1st. remember, last week we were told -- >> you are going to see the death rate really starting to drop. >> if that is true the average
3:35 pm
death toll hovering around 1,000 and it will actually rise. right now we are seeing record rates of infection in dakotas, minnesota and iowa where the governor closed all. >> 8,000 cases and counting across the country as students return. here is the good news. nationally new case counts are falling. new york's rate is the lowest since all of it began and the white house announced the purchase and the production of 150 million new 15 minute tests. >> it could be game-changing, before you go to school or work. you could catch a lot more of the asymptomatic cases we are not catching at all. >> plus there is vaccine optimism but some concern over
3:36 pm
complex logistics. >> it is rapidly making large scale distribution of covid-19 vaccines in the fall of 2020, asking states to be quick with the permitting process. >> we can't afford 1,000 deaths per day with the vaccine. we need to drop the control and the containment strategy in the united states. >> the president's message up close, unmasked, totally cool. in nevada researchers say a 25-year-old man was sick in the hospital with his second bout of covid-19 a month after recovering from the first bout and a potential reinfection.
3:37 pm
the implications of that, remain for now, unclear. >> disturbing indeed. thanks very much. let's get context now on the new projection of more than 317,000 coronavirus deaths here in the united states by december 1st. despite the new numbers from the university of washington, you are seeing a series of large gatherings taking place over on the southside of the white house. we saw thousands gathering here in washington, the march on washington where many did wear a mask but there were many large crowds and a lot of non-social distancing going on. >> i am concerned.
3:38 pm
i am concerned when large numbers of people gather without wearing masks or any amount of social distancing. i thought what happened last night at the white house really set a bad example. i have been talking about it even in protests that are going on. when people are not wearing masks, that is really risky. we have to encourage people if you are going to gather in any sizeable group outdoors, you have to be wearing a mask. >> the model as you know, they say 317,000 americans will be dead from coronavirus by december 1st. but they also say that if 95% of the american public wore a mask outside 67,000 lives would be saved. there would be 67,000 fewer deaths. do you buy that? >> i do. i do. what we know is that if we get close to universal mask wearing it can make a dramatic
3:39 pm
difference. this is a serious virus and complicated pandemic. all we need to do is to wear a mask. >> another important issue, the department of health and human services said they are absolutely on track if not a little bit ahead in the effort to approve a coronavirus vaccine by the end of the year. is that a realistic timeline from your perspective to have a vaccine that is safe and effective? >> yeah, so at the end of the day -- first of all, we are moving very fast. i think that is good news. the end of the day we have to let the science dictate this. it is possible that we will have one by the end of the year. but the most important thing is that we get it right and that we get a vaccine that is both safe and effective. and rushing it may feel tempting but it will end up doing a lot
3:40 pm
more harm than good. i try to not guess when we will be ready and i hope that science will move quickly. when it is ready it will be ready. >> american academy of pediatrics says the new cdc guidelines advising against testing if you are exposed to the virus and are asymptomatic, are a dangerous step backwards. do you agree? >> i do. and this is the american academy of pediatrics, the infectious disease society and the american medical association, all of the doctors and public health people. everybody is on the same page. that is what made the cdc's recommendation so baffling. it is just not grounded in science. >> doctor, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> just ahead we will tell you what a cnn investigation reveals about the teenager charged in the shooting of three protesters in wisconsin. and the veteran sportscaster, bob costas o the nba resuming
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we are back with breaking news on the teenager charged in the deadly shooting of protesters in wisconsin. the police says that kyle rittenhouse was able to leave the scene while still armed because he was walking towards police officers with his hands up. we are learning more about his legal defense and how he is being embraced by some
3:46 pm
conservatives. drew griffin reports. >> reporter: it was chaos, protesters, heavily armed vigilantes. kenosha, wisconsin on fire and in the midst of it all an out of state 17-year-old illegally possessing an ar-style rifle being chased. conservative commentators are calling it self-defense and the 17-year-old shooter a hero. >> i have been very vocal about my support for this young man as have many others that are sick and tired about the anarchy that gripped our country. >> they have led a social media ground swell of support for the accused gunman, kyle rittenhouse that led to a nonprofit defense fund asking for donations and the hiring of one of the most prominent conservative attorneys to lead rittenhouse's defense,
3:47 pm
tweeting from his twitter account with a qanon hashtag thanks to all freedom loving americans. help is on the way. the 17-year-old is accused of murdering two protesters and wounding a third. attorney john pierce, part of the rittenhouse defense team tells cnn this is classic self-defense and we are going to prove it. the criminal complaint filed against rittenhouse details a confusing series of events. they may have been trying to grab his gun. the first victim, a 36-year-old shot in the car lot. a witness says the first round was fired into the ground and rosenbaum made a motion that he is trying to grab the gun. as he lay dying rittenhouse made
3:48 pm
a phone call saying i just killed somebody. he falls, fires two shots from the second shooting victim, a 26-year-old hits him with a skateboard while appearing to reach for rittenhouse's gun. >> i saw him starting to run, and i heard the shots. >> reporter: the witness to how the incident began is a journalist with the right wing daily. supporting a conservative belief that the 17-year-old illegally carrying a semi automatic rifle was actually there to keep the peace in a town that police left out of control. >> there is a big mob. where were the cops? >> definitely they are there but obviously not responding in any quick fashion. so, the 17-year-old who is -- who i interviewed earlier in the night, he mentioned that he was there to maintain peace. in the absence of police.
3:49 pm
>> reporter: video footage shows police were everywhere around kenosha and responded to the shooting within minutes only to ignore the shooter walking right past police with his hands up and a now alleged murder weapon slung across his chest. >> dave: despite the high powered legal defense team kyle rittenhouse's first appearance in court lasted just moments. his lawyers want a continuance with expedition back to kenosha on six counts. that hearing takes place late september. >> just ahead, bob costas is standing by with the inside story on the nba players agreement to get back in the game. robinhood believes now is the time to do money.
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we have more breaking news now on the protests for racial justice that have rippled through the world of pro sports. women's basketball is resuming tonight. the nba playoffs will happen tomorrow after player agreed to end boycotts. we're joined now by bob costas. bob, thanks so much for joining us. nba players agreed to resume playing tomorrow, but not without new promises from the league that will promote social justice, voting access at the arenas, for example. help us explain the significance of the players' actions in
3:55 pm
recent days. >> for those that said it's just virtue signaling or people getting it off their chest, they've affected concrete change here. it should be said that historically the nba has been the most progressive of the leagues. and i use the word "progressive" in the best possible sense. they've been forward looking. they've been more inclusive on the coaching ranks, thought office, league office. david stern and adam silver has been receptive to these concerns. there's more trust between the commissioners and the players within the league than other leagues. i'm not criticizing the other league, but i think the nba would be at the top of the pyramid when it comes to that. so, it's not at all surprising that they've come up with some specifics. every arena that is controlled, which is not to say all 30, but every arena that is controlled by the own rship of the nba team will be a polling center, it will be a registration center.
3:56 pm
there are other social justice initiatives. so, already in fairly short order, they have affected some changes, yes. >> they certainly have. i want you to listen to oklahoma city guard speaking out today, also the player of the national basketball player's association. listen to this. >> what we're doing in our league is huge. i think for the young guys to get the chance to get together and speak and see real change, real action. we're all tired of just seeing the same thing over and over again and everybody just expect us to be okay because we get paid great money. we're human. we have real feelings. >> you can hear the emotion in his voice. very personal to these players. they're clearly taking their role right now very seriously. >> yeah, we talked about that yesterday. people can quibble about any particular assertion, but the emotion and the history that it
3:57 pm
attaches to, you would have to be without a soul, without a heart not to respond to that. here's what's also interesting, obviously nba is a predominantly black league. but every one of the white players stands in solidarity. there are fewer than 10% of african-american players in basketball. you get a mookie betts of the dodgers saying i don't feel i can play. clayton kershaw, one of the great players of his era says if he can't play, then i won't pitch tonight. the nhl is overwhelmingly white. there used to be no black players at all. now there are a relative handful. in truth only about 30% of the nhl players are american-born. so, the cultural dynamics in nhl locker rooms and arenas and different. yet the nhl has postponed games for tonight and tomorrow. as fellow athletes, these players have come to recognize
3:58 pm
there's a concern here and they want to get on board in some sense. if i have time heerkre, wolf, i want to mention one thing. today's date is significant. it's the 57th anniversary of the march on washington. it's also the day that baseball is celebrating jackie robinson day. an eventually they do it on april 15th. there was no baseball in april because of the pandemic. why did they choose this date? because on august 28th, 1945, branch ricky, the general manager of the dodgers had a secret meeting with jackie robinson and told him, i'm going to sign you. you're going to break the color barrier. and less than two years later he did. this date is significant for the players too. and the players will wear his number, number 42. >> that's significant indeed. thank you very much. we'll continue these conversations down the road. finally tonight, i want to remember some of the truly
3:59 pm
wonderful people that we've lost during this coronavirus pandemic. andrea of manhattan was 42 years old. she was born in argentina but a proud new yorker. her husband says andrea had a wonderful sense of humor and a passion for taking care of children. cesar created the american dream for himself in miami. his children will always remember road trips with their dad as a great bonding experience. may they rest in peace and may their memories be a blessing. to our viewers, thanks very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in the witch wit "situation room." i'll be back tomorrow for a special edition of the "situation room." you can follow me on twit e @wolf blitzer.
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tweet the show. erin "outfront" starts right erin "outfront" starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- "outfront" next, breaking news, the police union in wisconsin fighting back tonight saying jacob blake was still in the hospital, had a knife in his hand and put an officer in a head lock before he got shot. michelle obama weighing in tonight saying she is exhausted and that's not all. and more breaking news. the president about to speak to more than 1,400 supporters in new hampshire and it is now a crowd without masks defying state law to wear them, no social distancing. we're going to go there. let's go "outfront." and good evening. i'm "erin burnett outfront" tonight the news. the kenosha police officers association giving a different side of the story tonight releasing their first detailed version ofha


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