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tv   Americas Choice 2020 Democratic National Convention  CNN  August 18, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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to push to the finish line this november. >> i know where his heart is and his values and i think he's in such direct contrast to what we have now with president trump. >> reporter: kate bennett, cnn, washington. special coverage of the democratic national convention continues now. tonight, the democratsrats up their plea for leadership in the white house as they make their presidential choice official. joe biden is about to be formally nominateed d to challe president trump. jill biden is the headliner tonight and will discuss the values her husband would bring to the presidency and we'll hear from former president bill clinton delivering his sharpest rebuke of president trump ever. welcome to cnn's coverage of the
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democratic national convention. i'm anderson cooper. we're heading into the second night of this unconventional convention. tonight's theme is leadership matters. >> we expect a stinging indictment of president trump as commander in chief from former military and national security officials who serve and we just learned secretary of state colin powell will help make the case against trump promising that biden would bring values back to the white house and protect u.s. troops. powell is the most prominent gop figure to speak at this democratic convention so far. biden's appeal to republicans will be under scored in a very moving film about his very close friendship with the late senator john mccain. we're covering this convention as only cnn can along with jake tapper, dana bash, and abby phillip. jake, we're also learning more about bill clinton's remarks.
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>> former presidents tended to not publicly criticize their successes but no longer the president whose campaign mantra, it's the economy stupid, he will take aim at one of president trump's arguments. clinton will reject the claim he's been good for the nation's economy. clinton will argue that the chaos of the trump presidency has turned the oval office into a storm center instead of a command center and dana, first last night the former first lady michelle obama attacking a sitting president now a former president attacking him. democrats say these norms are out the window because they see president trump as such an urgent threat and of course, because of the threat of the coronavirus pandemic. >> that's right, jake. that coronavirus pandemic means that democrats have had to reinvent a lot including a signature event and a political convention. the role call vote to nominate their candidate joe biden in this case of course and the dnc
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will take viewers to every state and territory since they can't gather in a big arena and some of biden's former opponents will appear from their home states like bernie sanders, pete buttigieg and amy klobuchar and sanders will be nominated. he chose alexandria ocho g ocasio-cort ocasio-cortez. despite the attempt to put party unity on display, there are challenges and abby, there is another convention tradition that is going to have a new look tonight. >> yeah, dana, the keynote is usually the solo speech known as a spring board for political rising stars but tonight it's going to be a group effort. former georgia gcandidate is a keynote mashup and the democrats say it will offer a diversity of
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ideas and joe biden says he's the bridge of the next generation of leaders. we'll see some of that tonight, anderson? >> our political team is here to break it down. let's listen to a clip to join the democratic convention. colin powell, take a listen to what he may say tonight. >> the values i learned growing up in the south bronx and serving in uniform were the same values that joe biden's parents instilled in him in scranton, pennsylvania. i support joe biden for the presidency of the united states because those values still define him and we need to restore the values to the white house. our country needs a commander in chief who takes care of our troops in the same way he would his own family. for joe biden, that doesn't mean teaching, it comes from the experience he shares from millions of military families sending his beloved son off to war and praying to god he would come home safe. >> gloria borger, we've seen last night and clearly tonight a
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real emphasis on reaching out to republicans who may be dissatisfied or dislike president trump. >> right, and independent voters who may say look, i don't like the way he dealt with covid but what about the economy? about national security? i think what you hear from colin powell is the commander in chief issue and that and he tries to answer that question by saying this man is stable. he knows what it takes. he understands what it's like to serve. his own son served and don't forget, colin powell and joe biden go back a long way to when colin powell worked for bush for president bush and biden was chairman of the senate foreign relations committee. they have a long relationship. it's not a surprised he's endorsed biden but having him speak at this convention is a very big deal when you see the other republicans who spoke last night. it a continuation of that reach
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out. >> david, does it alienate more liberal voters to have so many republicans reaching out to independents? >> you know, this is a danger that -- this is a balancing act for joe biden and for this convention but the fact of the matter is these elections are not owon that way. they are won by expanding your base and creating a comfort level of permission structure for independents, for republicans, for more conservative democrats to cross over. colin powell is like the gold standard for the military. he's an iconic figure in american history to have his endorsement and have his words on screen very important for biden not just for the implicit attack on trump but for the certification of biden as someone who would be a strong commander in chief.
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>> i think it also blunts some of the attacks we already see coming from republicans which is that joy biden is going to be or is already captive of the radical elements of this country of this sort of more progressive side of the democratic party when you have all of these republicans saying they worked with him, saying they admire him, saying they want to see him in the white house. i think it will be a little harder to say that joe biden is a radical. what is also interesting about colin powell is if you think back to some of his critiques of the republican party going back to 2008, one of his big critiques was the way in which they directed islam phobia in 2008 at barack obama. he came and endorsed barack obama and criticized the republican party for a intolerance. tonight he's centering on the military and using that as a way to endorse joe biden and has a critique of the republican party about their inability to reach
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out to african americans and the way they did when he was a part of that party and a big part of the party and this is why colin powell, this decorated veteran no longer feels like he can be a part of that party and endorse donald trump. >> colin powell is a perfect example of someone i don't think joe biden would have used in the primaries given the iraq war but in a general election, you want him front and center when you try to appeal to those independent voters and moderate republicans. >> i can tell you back in 2008, i was in a motel room, barack obama was a couple rooms down and when colin powell went on "meet the press" and said he was supporting barack obama, you could hear cheers because of the importance in his endorsement. that was a few years ago. he's been out of the public eye in many ways but carries a tremendous amount of moral authority when it comes to
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issues involving national security and also, issues about racial equity. >> much more ahead of our conversation of our convention coverage as we stand by for bill clinton's most direct attack on president trump to date. we expect jill biden to get personal and emotional as she shares insights and get a preview to cnn why joe biden had to propose five times before he said yes. as business moves forward, we're all changing the way things get done. like how we redefine collaboration... how we come up with new ways to serve our customers... and deliver our products. but no matter how things change, one thing never will... you can rely on the people and the network of at&t... to help keep your business connected.
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>> we're closing in on the start of the democratic convention and jill biden's headliner speech. we expect a moving account of her husband's resilience and devastating loss and we're going to hear about the most prominent republican to address the democrats, the former secretary of state colin powell. we're getting new information what to expect from jeff zeleny and arlet signs. arlet, what are you hearing about jill's speech tonight?
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>> reporter: being a political spouse did not come natural but she will speak to joe biden's character. she's been working on this speech for weeks and has been the driving force behind the messaging and jill biden's central arguments will be her husband joe biden can mend a broken nation after enduring personal losses himself with the loss and death of his first wife and young daughter and later his son beau. she's expected to say how do you make a broken family whole? same way you make a nation whole. i'm told jill biden will make no direct reference to president trump in her speech, which is different than the approach taken by former first lady michelle obama last night. instead, jill biden is expected to deliver a subtle contrast with the president as she gives testimony to her husband's character and vision. wolf? >> arlette stand by.
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jeff zeleny, joe biden's relationship with john mccain will be feature in a film. what are you learning about that? >> we're learning more about this video. this will come shortly before jill biden's speech and it's going to be about an eight-minute video or so going through the relationship jill biden had with the late john mccain of course. joe biden was in the senate. john mccain was an aid in the senate. he had just been released from captivity. that started their friendship over some 30 years or so. i'm told that president trump's name is not going to be mentioned in this video, but he of course, is the subtext of all of this. one thing that will be mentioned i'm told is the vote that john mccain took in the summer of 2017 that essentially saved obamacare. he voted against the repeal of that so it is something that certainly earned him the ire of the trump administration and it's something he's never gotten over. this is something that is going to be one more in a series of
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argument really aimed at republicans and moderates as well if joe biden was liked by john mccain, perhaps that should translate into it's time for a new direction. the other thing that bonds them is brain cancer. beau biden died of brain cancer, nearly the same kind john mccain had. he talked about them as brothers. so i'm told this is going to be a very emotional video. sydney mccain is in there, as well. there will not be an endorsement but that's the central question. will the family endorse joe biden going forward in the final months of this campaign? >> over the years i covered senator mccain and biden. i saw the friendship and personal connection they had personally. it was a very, very powerful experience. all right. jeff, stand by. we'll get back to you. anderson, over to you. >> let's go to our panel. governor, i wonder what you make of this video and also just in
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general, the out reach two independents, two republicans. >> i think it's hugely important as we were noting last night with the republicans that were speaking, that this should not be a buy ninary choice. you have to create this permission structure for people that voted for trump and dissuaded to come over to your side. it critical they see other people who are like them whether it's big people within big leadership positions or just everyday people and anderson, can i just say a word about this the theme of leadership? the theme of leadership has many facets and we'll hear from these former presidents and all of that but i loved last night hearing from people who were not authorized, who have no title, who are just real people and how they feel like joe biden sees them.
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i had a body guy once that used to say you cannot lead them if you do not see them. i want to hear more from people that are not authorized how they felt seen by joe biden. >> governor and anderson, i'd like to jump in on this idea of creating a permission structure for republicans and independents. nia mallika henderson said using the people that worked with biden years ago to vouch for him and claim he couldn't possibly be a radical the way republicans are portraying. i'd like to hear what van thinks about this. years ago back when these people like colin powell were around joe biden, the democratic party wasn't run by these radical progressives and support the sanders agenda he said was main stream. it wasn't a thing. when obama and biden won in '08, they were against gay marriage and colbual burning power plant. when you consider how much the democrat party has changed to when joe biden was elected vice
5:19 pm
president. my view, the idea these republicans are going to buy the argument good old joe will return to the good old days of a moderate democratic party the way it used to be, there is no possible way anybody is going to buy that. >> i see it differently. first of all, mccain and obama ran for clean energy more than they agreed on it. >> he was a clean coal senator. >> listen, i know a little bit and let's talk about this one. i think that you are praying i don't know if it actually true. i think they are seeing this party, this is joe biden's party now and the convection reflects the nominee. i think what you're seeing is this is the character of the man. he wants to use humanity as a bridge builder. he always has.
5:20 pm
he has left wing elements in his parry and right wing in his party but you won't see any democrats go to trump's convention or work for biden go to trump's convention. you're seeing people leaving your party and coming over here because there is room for them over here. >> hallelujah. >> it seems both parties have changed significantly, i mean, the republican party is unrecognizable to the party of regan, to the party of bush and many of the people who we will see tonight and saw yesterday are from that side of the republican party. governor? >> i was just going to say, i would say, as well, everyday citizens out there maybe not the one whose are following conventions so closely are not so aligned with democratic or republican parties anymore. they are out there trying to get their lives together in the midst of these crisis.
5:21 pm
having somebody like joe biden able to speak beyond partisan politics, who is able to demonstrate, yeah, you know what? i want to fix your problem, i want to show the steady kind of normalcy you should expect from leaders to fix problems outside of partisanship. >> i have to respond to the idea the republican party is unrecognizable. i readily admit president trump is different than george w bush and h.w. and regan. he's a different kind of president we've had of anybody in any party but the issue is the republicans have always stood for lower taxes, which trump did, conservative judges, which trump did, generally lower government regulations, which trump did. generally, skeptical of open borders and immigration although there have always been elements of the other -- >> fiscal responsibility? >> i recognize that. it is not -- >> fiscal responsibility? >> i don't --
5:22 pm
>> fiscal responsibility, foreign policy, that views russia as an enemy, i mean, you know, relationship -- >> i don't agree with that, anderson there are plenty of people in the republican party that view them as an enemy. i don't agree with that. >> the nominee of the party determines the character of the party. i think you've always had people in the republican party who are skeptical about immigration. i don't think you've seen staffing bstaf snatching babies away from their mothers and saying if you're muslim you can't come not country. that's radical. george w. bush was the exact opposite of all of that. when 9/11 happened, he had george w. bush putting his arms around muslims saying you're not the enemy. i think your party has changed quite a bit. this party changed in that it's broader. by the way, i have to say this, the stuff you're saying is radical, you know, from a bernie
5:23 pm
sanders, everybody should be able to see a doctor in the middle of a pandemic isn't radical anymore. if you look at the polling data, even people in your party like. i think that joe biden is building a big tent that actually yes, it has room for people you don't like, it has room for people you don't like and they are coming. >> also, we should point out the president of the united states called a candidate who won her primary in georgia the future star of the republican party and she believes in qanon. according to the president, that's the future of the republican party and the future star of the republican party, i think you-all are a very different party than under regan. >> that is not the future of the republican party. >> okay. i'm just listening to the president. >> that's a conspiracy theory to believe in. trust me, that in my opinion is
5:24 pm
not the future of the republican party. >> i hope not. that's what the president said. we're moments away from hearing from colin powell and would be first lady jill biden caps the night and a revealing interview with her on her reluctance to say yes when joe biden popped the question. it's starting to happen every day. people are surprising themselves the moment realize they can du more with less asthma. thanks to dupixent, the add-on treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma.
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we are counting down tonight two of the democratic national convention and high-profile speeches by jill biden and bill clinton. she's talk about her husband and he'll take aim at president trump. it will be a big finish performance by john legend. ahead of jill biden's speech tonight, we're getting an intimate look into her relationship with her husband of 43 years. she sat down with gloria borger for an upcoming documentary. >> i had to ask her five times to marry me, five. five times. >> how come? >> because she would say no every time i asked her. i'm shaving one morning and the boys came in and said dad, we think we should marry jill. i didn't have heart to tell them i asked and she said no. >> why did it take so many times for you to finally say sure, okay? >> well, because i knew what the
5:29 pm
boys had been through. they lost their mother and they lost their sister, and i knew that this marriage had to work. i had to be 100% sure that this marriage would last until death do us part because i loved the boys so much that i thought, i can't break their hearts and they can't lose another mother through a divorce and so that's why i had to be absolutely sure. >> about 50 of us went to the u.n. chapel. we rented the chapel. they said who takes this woman? both boys got up out of their seats and stood up with me and said we do. swear to god. it was then, spontaneous. i give you my word as a biden. >> gloria joins us now. it's always interesting to see sort of the personal side of and hear stories we haven't heard
5:30 pm
before from candidates. >> don't you love that i'll give you my word as a biden? he says that all the time. all the time. it a reflective. >> gloria, we have a problem with your mic, i think it dropped. >> oh, oh. >> david axelrod, in terms of tonight what do you expect to hear from jill biden? >> well, look, i mean, you know, one of the things that strikes me just knowing them and the first time i ever met jill biden, she and beau picked us up to interview joe biden about vice president and it was p palpable the warmth of the family. she knows him. she knows his character. she knows the struggles he's been through and motivation and so i expect a very emotional speech here and it's going to be important. eventually they have to link up this with the pay off to the american people of his character and what it means in this moment
5:31 pm
and hopefully, she'll do some of that. we'll learn something about that from her but, you know, there is no doubt about the emotional link between all of the bidens and she's sort of at the hub of that. >> gloria is back after the mic drop. >> it was a great mic drop. the thing that strikes me watching this again is how many times biden says in my interviews i give you my word as a biden. you're going to hear that a lot think from joe biden over the curse of this campaign, and the story is touching. the story is this young woman who has to decide whether she's going to marry this fellow happens to be a united states senator, she's ten years younger than his, i believe. he's got two children and a lot of baggage. and i think her answer was remarkable to me. i mean, i haven't even ever thought of that because in a way, she wasn't saying i didn't love joe biden.
5:32 pm
it just i wasn't sure as a young woman i could take on all of this that he was really asking her to take on and becoming the wife of a senator who had presidential ambitions and she wasn't interested much in politics. >> you know, we as reporters and who have covered joe biden, we know those stories, these very, very sad stories about him losing his wife and young daughter and as a widow marrying and raising two young sons but it always breaks my heart to hear it and when you look at joe biden, you can really see the face of grief. he just lost beau biden a couple years ago in 2015 after the long battle with brain cancer and you'll see tonight jill biden talk about that grief and talk about the ways in which that grief makes him something of a healer in terms of this nation. it's very powerful. it was never not powerful. it's always heartbreaking.
5:33 pm
>> i think it's more than the face of grief they want to show. they want to show the face of resilience. >> exactly. >> they want to show the face of a guy that's been knocked down and suffered loss and come back and persevered through that and send the message this is what he can do for our country. i think you're going to hear a lot about that. you said she was dating this guy that happened to be a united states senator. that may have been reason to disqualify him in her mind. >> maybe that's why he had to ask five times. who knows. >> as the convention gets closer, we're learning tonight two of the most anticipated speeches. next, jake talks with senator elizabeth warren to see whether biden is progressive enough. ♪
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♪ and for the other candidates every person who voted for me understands donald trump is the most dangerous president in the history of our country and that it is absolutely imperative that we come together and defeat him -- and defeat him badly. whether it is healthcare, whether it's the environment or climate change, whether it's education, whether it's in the economy,
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joe biden would be the most progressive president since fdr. joe biden for president. america's progressive promise pac is responsible for the content of this a.
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tonight's democratic convention will be pointed and personal. and there will be appearances by senator bernie sanders and congresswomanlexandria oh g
5:38 pm
ocasio-cortez. >> reporter: under current of conversations we're hearing when we are talking to democrats really across the country who are tuning into this, yes, it the democratic national convention but progressives wonder why the former republicans and moderates having such prominent roles here particularly that is going to come into sharp focus with alexandria ocasio-corteocasio-c. she'll have one minute to speak. i'm told her address was recorded last week and it will be supporting the idea of electing joe biden, even though she's not endorsed him per se raises the question, why so many moderates. the biden campaign is trying to go after women and moderates, people who voted for joe biden in 2008 and 2012 with obama. the idea they left the party in 2016 is an urgent strategy to
5:39 pm
try and get them back but it does raise the question here in the obama administration, bidenedbiden administrati administration, excuse me, should he win, that is one under current discussion here in wilmingt wilmington. >> arlette, i understand we'll meet another everyday american touched personally by joe biden. what can you tell us? >> reporter: that's right, wolf f. her name is jackelyn brittany. she's a young african american that first met joe biden last year in an elevator at the "new york times" building. a clip of jackelyn went viral when she said i love you to biden. biden didn't earn "the new york times" editorial endorsement but the campaign continuously toted jackelyn's endorsement of joe biden. tonight she will be the first person offering that nominating speech of biden at the convention and this is just another everyday american that the convention organizers are trying to highlight.
5:40 pm
yesterday, we heard direct personal encounters that amtrak workers had with jill biden. today we'll hear from jackelyn, the security guard from "the new york times" that biden can connect to people across the country. >> stand by. the convention is playing out after the firestorm of mail in voting is heating up. john king has more. the fears of voter suppression, what it could all mean in key battle grounds. what are you learning? >> wolf, the president says mail in voting is full of fraud. it is not. democrats say they have questions for the postmaster general that threatened maybe we can't deliver the ballots to the people on time. let walk through this in a couple different ways. in someways the conventions could be more important than ever. this is our electoral map. let's walk through the timetable. 30 states will be open for voting when the first presidential debate is held on september 299tth if that debate
5:41 pm
holds. president trump wants it earlier. 30 states will be voting meaning some people cast their ballots before the two candidates have their first debate on the 29th, 35 days before the election. 42 states will be open for voting already by then. let walk through this. the second presidential debate october 15th, 48 states are open and if the candidates have a third debate, the two, all the states will be open. that's one way to look at it. voteris matter. let look at it using the battle ground map. nine states will conduct all mail in voting. utah has done it for sometime and washington state has done it for sometime. it works. it increases turnout. there is no fraud. very little fraud. look at it this way because of the coronavirus, 34 states will allow anyone to vote by mail. you don't need an excuse. 34 states including florida, georgia, north carolina, ohio, wisconsin, arizona, the states
5:42 pm
that could well decide who is president allow anyone to vote by mail. that's one of the reasons the president is worried about it. move it up this way, seven states require an excuse, military service overseas and medical and switeven states you have to have an excuse. 29 states require the ballots to be mailed or received before election day so the post office has to take those ballots, get them to the post office, get them to the election officials by election day. that's why the democrats have questions because again, look at the battle grounds, florida, georgia, wisconsin, arizona, those states it must be there by election day must be postmarked. that's why, jake, when the postmaster general, a lot of questions in an election because of the pandemic like no other including with mail in and early voting. >> let us also remember john king that president trump votes by mail from florida. the democrats are featuring in this convention many of vice president biden's former primary rivals as they look to try to present a united front.
5:43 pm
we're joined by one of those former rivals. senator and former democratic presidential candidate elizabeth warren from the great commonwealth of massachusetts. good to see you. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. god to be he good to be with you. >> the postmaster general said he's halting any formal changes until after election day and vowed to leave mail processing egypt and mailboxes where they are and deliver election mail on time. you've been very critical of what is going on with the postal service. are you sat -- sat 'tisfied with his response? >> no. talk is money. he raised a bunch of money for donald trump, came in and looked around and did what donald trump wanted and that is tried to start dismantling the post office so that we couldn't do mail in ballots. and so there has been a huge
5:44 pm
push back and now he's backing up and doing a little dancing. my view on this is first, we need to verify, make sure that in fact, the sorting machines are there and the mailboxes are there and people have got over time but the second, i say go forward. the governors of the most office have the pow toer to make sure things he's changed are reinstated and if necessary to remove him because i'll tell you what his statements today say. they say that pressure from the rest of america from democrats and republicans and independents that want a strong post office that hasn't been politicized have made him backup. that pressure works. we need to keep it up because we need to be able to vote by mail come november 3rd. >> let talk about the convention. you criticized former vice president biden in the primary for not being progressive enough especially on issues like medicare for all and you even suggested he was quote running
5:45 pm
in the wrong presidential primary unquote. last night at the convention the democratic convention, long-time republican john kasich former governor of ohio, former republican presidential candidate said he does not believe that biden is going to quote turn sharp left if he's elected. kasich seemed to be proving your earlier point. >> you know, look, what i think we'll see all this week is that democrats are united and that even some non-democrats support joe biden. let's take a look what joe biden wants to do. he wants to expand social security. he wants to cancel student loan debt. he wants to help families that have to go into bankrupt cy not get cheated by creditors and provide child care and provide universal care for seniors. joe biden is about ending corruption in washington and reigning in giant corporations
5:46 pm
creating more green jobs. these are the things america wants to see. and joe biden is right there. he's put those plans out. i'm with him all the way in this fight. >> so when i talk to your colleague and fellow progressive senator bernie sanders on sunday, he bake sically seemed suggest, i won't do my impression for you but look, we're going to get joe biden elected because trump is such a disaster in his view and after biden wins, then progressives are going to fight for what we believe in. the acknowledgement there is a real difference between the progressive wing and party and the more moderate wing, the biden historically represented. do you agree with that idea? >> look, i am focused on the next 77 days. that's where energy needs to be. we see every single day what kind of president donald trump is, how he's simply not up to handling the coronavirus.
5:47 pm
that he's simply not up to dealing with an economy that's in free fall. that he is simply determined to stir up more racism and hatred and division across this country. that's what donald trump is trying to do every day. what we're going to be doing every single day is working on the things that help us build that better and that's going to mean universal child care and cancelling student loan debt. these are things i get excited about and i think a lot of folks across this country do about building a country that's not on the side of donald trump and hand full of rich cronies but building a country that works for everyone. >> today marks the 100th anniversary since women got the right to vote. i know that you and senator harris and klobuchar hoped this would be finally the year a woman could be vice president.
5:48 pm
is it a little bittersweet when you dropped out of the race all those little girls are going to have to wait four more years for the chance to be president to see a woman president? >> you know, it was great to be on that debate stage and to be there with so many women and i just can't tell you tonight how happy i am for kamala and for every little girl who looks up and sees her and knows that we're going to help her be vice president of the united states of america who see themselves in her. this is a process but i'm so happy about kamala right now and i think we all should be. >> thank you for your time. appreciate it. enjoy the evening. >> thank down, i will. democratic convention gets back underway in a few minutes with jill biden bringing an emotional appeal and bill
5:49 pm
clinton we're told will take it to president trump and also colin powell will bring another republican voice to this democratic convention. that's all ahead. stay with us. thinking about your financial plan... are we. ever
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the second night of the democratic national convention, now just minutes away. the party staking its white house hopes on joe biden as he's formally nominated for the president of the united states. jill will be the closer tonight. and former president bill clinton speaks soon. he'll bring his sharpest rebuke yet of president trump. the democrats are giving a lot of air time to republicans who support joe biden. >> retired former general colin powell. he will argue biden can bring values back to the white house. we're told a film on biden's friendship with john mccain will pack a very emotional punch. anderson? >> back now with our panel. van jones, from bill clinton, what are you expecting tonight?
5:53 pm
>> the big dog. i mean, it's going to -- no matter what you say, bill clinton always brings it home. he and biden are actually a lot more similar than say biden and even obama, because they're both those emotional politicians. bill clinton knows how to move the whole crowd. biden has that bedside manner. there's a harmony toward their approaches to ordinary people. they have that working class hero upbringing. i'm excited to hear from bill clinton tonight. >> i am so excited about bill clinton, because bill clinton is going to be bringing it on the economy. remember in 2012 he was the explainer in chief on explaining why democrats are better for the economy than republicans. better at job creation. better for the stock market. better at bringing down the deficit. better at gdp growth. >> you love that. >> every single measurement. >> preach. >> and he's going to explain
5:54 pm
that tonight. i'm just saying. it's so great for joe biden, because joe biden saved the auto industry. >> i'm dumbfounded by this -- how is it that bill clinton has not been cancelled by the democratic -- how has he survived all of these waves of cancellation, when he's been one of the biggest violators of these rules all these years. >> you believe in redemption brother. >> we talked about the use of. >> redemption. >> we talked about the use of character to say donald trump is a man of low character, biden is -- that's fine. he's fair game on that. you're going to say that in one breath and then say character matters. ladies and gentlemen, bill clinton, does this make sense to anyone? if you want republicans to vote for joe biden, having bill clinton talk about character and not drama -- >> how far are we going to go back. this has been asked and answered
5:55 pm
decades ago. bill clinton is excellent at explaining stuff that matter to every day people. bill clinton's administration was an incredible job creator. they did an incredible job at reducing the deficit. he ended up with a surplus. he's going to talk about the things that every day citizens care about in the great way and use his great way of explaining it to make sure that people understand the reality that democrats are better on the economy. >> i don't want to duck the question, though. you are talking about bill clinton's character. and what i admire about bill clinton. he has acknowledged his wrongdoing, he's apology i'ded. he's tried to rebuild his family. i think apologies don't come as often or as easily from the present white house, even when they should. i don't think we have to say everything bill clinton has done is great.
5:56 pm
but when he's made mistakes, he's acknowledged them, and i admire him for that. >> who else are you looking to hear from tonight, alexandra ocasio-cortez is going to be speaking for a short speech. >> yeah, listen, she is going to show you what you can do with a minute. you can only have 13 1/2 seconds and she will be the most talked about person with her 13 1/2 seconds. and the same is going to have when you have all of those democrats collectively giving one speech. this is bizarre. no, this is the new normal in the media. if you can't cut through it in a minute on tiktok, on instagram, on twitter. you can't cut through it. it's actually the right way to show the new party and the new media and the way this party can deal with the new media. >> let's go back to wolf. >> thank you. i'm anxious to hear what general
5:57 pm
colin powell has to say, what bill clinton has to say. i covered them over the many years. not only in how much they support biden in his bid to become president but what they're going to say about the current president of the united states. >> that will be interesting. i'm looking forward to the corn trafrt between former president bill clinton and congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez. one of them representing the party's past, when the democratic party in the '90s was more conservative, then joe biden was a big part of that. and notwithstanding some of the issues that scott jennings was alluding to, president bill clinton's personal life back then also, very different from what we hear from when we hear from progressive, such as congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez. there's a real difference between her the future of the party and bill clinton the past. that tension is also partly what joe biden has to confront the. he's trying to be a bridge
5:58 pm
between the bill clintons and the aoc's. and in many ways, that casm is really unbridgeable. >> and it's a casm that we saw, remember, during the primary season. and it ended so abruptly because of the coronavirus, that we didn't see the kind of healing. and it wasn't front and center realtime as we have seen in the past during primary seasons. so now we have been understandably so focused on the crisis going on in this country. the politics inside the democratic party which have been there all alonger being born out in this convention. and we are seeing it not just within the democratic party but also the fact that the biden campaign, the dnc invited these republicans, including colin powell we're going to see tonight. even this video with john mcc n
5:59 pm
mccain. the biden campaign understands they need all of those people for him to win the presidency. >> the democratic party is not making a choice here by having all of these rising stars in all across the political spectrum showing up, they're basically saying, the future of the democratic party could be any of these individuals. i also think on john mccain, it's interesting that he's sort of there even in his death. it's going to be an important character witness moment for joe biden in the way that usually just the spouses -- so tonight we're going to have the spouse and john mccain serving that role. i think it will be fascinating to see how that works out. >> a lot of progressives were not particularly happy with the fact that john kasich got so much attention. obviously cindy mccain will bring an emotional moment to -- and the idea of the biden/mccain relationship will be again part of who biden is, but i also do
6:00 pm
wonder again, colin powell who was part of the iraq war and john mccain. what is the response going to be among these progressives who they need to get out to vote. >> and remember, aoc was invited to nominate bernie sanders tonight. that can't be forgotten. it's not going to be her own stand alone speech. >> let's go to the democratic convention, day two. i pledge allegiance. >> to the flag. >> of the united states of america. >> and to the republic for which it stands. >> one nation. >> one nation. >> one nation. >> under god. >> indivisible. >> with liberty and justice for all.


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