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tv   Cuomo Prime Time  CNN  May 17, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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shot, 11 holes in one in his first golf match ever. i mean, how about that. it's unclear if he shared his father's fairway tips or passed them through dennis rodman. it appears the president did have one heck of a good round of golf, big, beautiful, maybe just a bit unbelievable on the ridiculist. the cnn special report the trump family business starts now. >> the following is a cnn special report. >> his business practices are opaic. there's allegations of deception. >> it doesn't mean that we're the developer.
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>> often little guys get left in the lurch. >> literally a financial catastrophe for us. >> it's hard when you feel like you have been ripped off by a big name. you just start to be like how could this happen? >> there's ordinary real estate selling, and then there's this. >> i'm really rich. >> and now concern donald trump is leveraging the presidency to make money. >> whose interest is he working for? the american people or his own wallet? >> tonight, a look inside the trump family business. ♪ >> it's the fall of 2006 and after a series of corporate bankruptcies, donald trump is back bigly. >> my name is donald trump and i'm the largest real estate developer in new york. >> that's not reality.
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it's just reality tv. >> trump is a television star with the apprentice to promote him. >> you're fired. >> you're fired. >> and whatever he is selling. >> turned the name trump into the highest quality brand. >> trump seems to be selling and building a lot. >> the trump international hotel and tower in soho is the sight of my latest developer. >> that's downtown new york city. there was also northern mexico. >> escape to a place that's close to home, yet a world away. >> just ten miles from the u.s. border, trump is offering five star luxury to people that didn't think they could ever afford it. >> big windows, great fixtures, beautiful kitchens. >> i said oh my god that's am e amazing, let's do it. >> she was immediately interested in the trump ocean resort in baha mexico.
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a big reason, it didn't have a southern california price tag. >> we don't make that kind of money when we're driving around in a ferrari or lamb boar -- lamborghini. we are normal people. it's going to have a spa and pool and tennis court. it looked so beautiful. >> beautiful and she thought a great investment because she thought she was buying from a man with the midas touch. >> whatever he touches turns gold. >> they signed their purchase agreement in september of 2006. >> here's the purchase price of our condo. $14,900. that's how much the condo was. >> what they could afford. >> here's a confirmation of
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deposit. the letter confirms we're in receipt of a total deposit of $125,000. >> they'd lose every penny. >> it's hard when you feel like you have been ripped off by a big name. you start to be like how could this happen. >> trump ocean resort baha mexico was never built. construction never got beyond this. >> so there's any hole. that's what i bought. my hole. >> the failure was among several trump buildings that failed in the early 2000s. is two projects planned for florida also failed. the soho hotel, it went bankrupt. so did buildings in panama and toronto. >> most people in the city when
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that tower went bankrupt chocked it off to the global financial crisis. selling condos at a bad time but a lot of people were building condos during the global financial crisis and none of them went bankrupt. like, 400 towers were built at the same time as this one. >> they partnered with columbia's journalism school to investigate what happened at the trump building in toronto. >> everyone lost money except for trump. that is ultimately the main revelation that we walked away with. >> everyone lost money but trump. it's the bottom line again and again. he gained. others lost.
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take panama. >> how much did he make? >> he made from what we can tell piecing together fragments of information, probably between 30,000,055 million even though it was a project that went bankrupt, remember? so everybody else lost it goes bankrupt. trump walks away with somewhere between 30 and $50 million. >> right. >> everybody else lost and trump earned 30 to $50 million. how? a big part of the answer, licensing. >> somebody else decides to build a building. they say if i put trump's name on this i'll sell these condos more easily or get more attention to it. they say we'll pay you a fee to put your name on it. >> welcome to trump ocean club international hotel in panama. >> those trump buildings in panama, toronto, soho and baja mexico, all licensed properties. >> donald trump started
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licensing his name around the turn of the century because it was easy money. he didn't have access to borrowed capital from banks anymore because of all the money banks lost and here was an opportunity to sign your name and get paid up front. >> who made deals with trump? and what were the terms? that's where things begin to get fuzzy. >> this is trump inc. >> journalists at wnyc radio has been investigating trump businesses for more than a year. >> it's a podcast and reporting project to try to uncover the secrets of the trump family business. >> secrets because the trump organization fights to keep business details private. case in point. >> the only ones that care about my tax returns are the reporters. >> the president's battle over his tax returns. >> no lawyer would tell you to
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release your tax returns while you're under audit. >> if the trump organization was a public company there would be years of detailed information available. that doesn't exist. in fact, the only financial documents he released publicly are the basic financial forms required of all candidates. >> the financial disclosures give you a broad but incomplete outline of trump's business empire. >> incomplete but one thing they do reveal is that the trump organization is actually more than 500 different businesses. including golf courses and hotels. but there's a lot missing. >> what is not on the form most importantly are things like the people you're in business with or any of your customers or clients. >> later this hour, why that is important. >> up next. >> there's a picture of donald trump himself right here. it never says i'm just licensing my name. i have nothing to do with the
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a second home, especially one in baja was a dream. >> not every american dream is the same. ours was have a family and picket fence and second property. >> this is the sales office. >> it's why she bought a condo at one of the trump licensed properties. trump ocean resort baja, mexico. only problem was she didn't know that she was buying into a property. >> this was supposed to be my view. >> that had licensed the trump
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name. >> i own a franchise. i knew the word licensing but i had never heard it from the mouth or mouths of anybody representing trump baja resort, never. >> look at this letter from the project's developer to buyers in august 2007. one of the two signatures at the bottom, donald j. trump. official brochures made it seem as if he was a developer. >> developed by one of the most respected names in real estate. donald j. trump. >> trump said it too. >> when i build i have investors that follow me all over. they invest in me. they invest in what i build and that's why i'm so excited about trump ocean resort. >> when i build, what i build. but trump was not going to build
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anything at trump ocean resort baja mexico. he didn't develop it. >> he set up this licensing business where he would realize there was an incredible value to the name trump and he could sell it and he didn't have to put anything into the project. >> he didn't put in any money. he had nothing to lose. >> he would go to places with his family and his children. don jr. and ivanka and even actually eric and they would make these representations that this is a trump project. we're putting something in. >> often, what they put in were themselves. >> ivanka got up on stage and talked about how she purchased one of the units and she will be frequently visiting. she mingled her way to our area and she said if you ever need to borrow sugar, come knock on my door. >> she thought ivanka was there as a future owner. she didn't know the appearance was required by this licensing
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contract. donald j. trump junior and or ivanka trump shall make one publicity visit. it helps send the message that the world's best known real estate developer was developing. >> each case would be a little different but they would convey to people that were thinking of putting up their money that it was a trump development. >> it wasn't. time after time he lied or mislead about his role. baja, hawaii, where in a 2007 letter to the wall street journal he wrote this building is largely owned by me and being developed by me. false. tampa where he told a local paper in 200 5 that he had a substantial stake in a planned trump building there. false. and fort lauderdale.
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>> this is trump's 2013 deputy in a place where plafs alleged trump mislead them about his role in the fort lauderdale development. listen to trump himself. >> you weren't actually developing that project, correct? >> that is correct. >> in a trump biography read mr. trump is also developing the super luxurious trump international hotel and tower fort lauderdale. >> so you would disagree with that sentence? >> well, the word developing doesn't mean that we're the developer. >> there were multiple lawsuits. most were settled. jurors were shown the p perspectus. trump won. >> they didn't require these to be successful to earn money. >> it's because trump got a fixed fee from the developer that licensed his name, plus millions more as the condo sales were completed, even if the
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building went bankrupt. >> so when they failed which they frequently did, the trumps would make money and then they would say we weren't the developers. we were never the developer of this project. and that was made clear. >> we were just the licensers. >> we are not responsible for your losses. >> and there were big losses. >> deposits lost and no buildings completed in baja, fort lauderdale, and tampa. bankruptcy in panama, toronto and soho. and in those bankrupt buildings, more allegations of deception. buyers felt the trumps duped them by exaggerating sales figures to close the deal. take toronto. >> in 2007, trump told the toronto star the building was 70% sold. in 2009, his daughter told cbs it was nearly full. >> we have projects all over the
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world that are incredibly successful and that are virtually sold out so from hawaii to toronto to istanbul. >> bankruptcy papers filed years later told a very different story. >> years after it opened, they still had three quarters of the units that had never been sold just sitting empty. >> the trump organization did not respond to requests for comment. from the toronto star or cnn. >> trump soho is a very special building. >> similar story in soho. in june 2008 ivanka trump told reporters that 60% of the yunun sold. court documents showed the real number was closer to 15%. >> there were e-mails between the younger generation of trumps and the brokers that acknowledge that they realized that the building was not 60% sold. but they went ahead and said it
6:19 pm
anyway. >> so they lied. >> so they lied about how many units were sold. >> when buyers discovered the sales claims had been grossly exaggerated they sued. >> people ask me, isn't that just new york real estate? isn't that just the way it works? and the answer is there is ordinary real estate selling and then there's this which is a persistent pattern of saying things that aren't true. >> the civil suit was settled and the terms were secret. the trumps said they did nothing wrong. >> up next, when paying for a hotel room may be more than paying for a hotel room. >> they're here to curry favor. ♪
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simple, easy, awesome. three blocks east another one. >> it's the republican power center in washington. >> the president's washington d.c. hotel. from the beginning trumps made clear it was open for business. >> on his way from taking the oath of office at the white house they stopped the motorcade, the family gets out and they take a tour on the pavement, where? right in front of that property. >> he admitted the presidency
6:24 pm
could be a boom for his d.c. hotel. >> a lot of people like that so i think it's had a -- i think it will be great for the building in question. >> he was right. >> that was a wild scene. especially when congress is in session you could walk in on any night and i'd guarantee you'd see somebody that is in republican politics or a member of congress. >> how much money is the president making there? his financial disclosures say $40 million in 2017. but we only have so much information about who is staying there. >> among those spending money at the d.c. hotel, foreign governmen governments. >> they moved it from the four seasons to the trump
6:25 pm
international hotel. >> and jonathan o'connell and his colleagues at the washington post learned a lobbying group working for the saudi government paid the hotel close to $300,000. >> i think in total we tallied around 500 nights they stayed there. >> saudi spending turned it black and after trump became president saudi customers increased at his hotel in chicago. >> in d.c., the foreign guests landed the trump hotel at the center of a federal lawsuit filed against the president by the attorney generals of maryland and washington d.c. >> you ask them exactly why they're staying at the trump hotel? they're very clear. they tell you that they're here to show the president honor and of course we know they're here also to act in their country's best interests. >> honor. that's the word they use? >> yes. they're here to curry favor.
6:26 pm
>> it's a violation of the constitution for a president to receive preacceptabiliti receive presents or profits from foreign governments while in office. >> we know that president trump every day is receiving monies from foreign countries. >> the department of justice wants the case tossed out. the suit is working it's way through the court system and he vows to appeal any ruling that goes against him. meantime in 2017, a trump lawyer insisted there was no conflict. >> paying for a hotel room is not a gift or a present and it has nothing to do with an office. >> but it isn't that simple and the question remains are people trying to curry favors getting them from the president of the united states. take saudi arabia. the president made the country his first international trip.
6:27 pm
the cia blamed saudi crowned prince but the president took the saudi side. >> i hate the crime. i hate what's done. i hate the cover up. i will tell you the ground prince hates it more than i do and they have denied it. >> now there's many reasons the president may be he has tan sit anger the saudi government. >> we have cause to be concerned that the president's financial interests may be influencing government policy. i'll pause there and say we can't prove that but the burden of proof is not on the american people. the burden of proof is on the president. >> as for profits from foreign governments the president vowed not to take them. that's why the trump
6:28 pm
organization says it voluntarily wrote a check to the u.s. treasury for $119,000 claiming it represents all profits from foreign government patrons in 2013. >> what we know from president trump and the way he runs his business is that they are very opaque. nothing is transparent. >> he expects the president isn't telling the truth. just like when trump promised he was separating from his businesses. >> his investments and business assets have all been or will be conveyed to a trust prior to january 20th. >> while the donald j. trump revokable trust was created it is now run by his sons and didn't separate the president from his businesses. >> we have never had a president in modern history that has remained invested and profiting from his company while serving
6:29 pm
as president. let's underline that. >> correct. >> they all sold off their assets and put them into blind trust. there was no way to knowingly impact their bottom lines. president trump didn't do either of those things. >> it will be hard to describe what he did as the bare minimum because he essentially did nothing. >> >> he figured out some of what trump did do by digging into the federal financial disclosures. on the 2017 disclosure he looked at who trump listed as owner of each of his more than 500 assets. it was trump. >> trump is at the center. he owns bits and pieces and all of hundreds of corporations and llcs. >> he then looked at who was listed as owner on the 2017 assets. there were changes. >> he took all of these ownerships and transferred them to six different corporations.
6:30 pm
so on paper here, trump can point to his 2017 disclosure and say i am no longer listed as an owner and he would be right on paper. >> but not in reality. >> it's made to benefit him. he can make money from at any time. >> any time. and this document proves that. first uncovered the page says the trustees shall distribute net income or principle to donald j. trump at his request. the trump organization attorney confirmed the president has been able to with draw money since the beginning of his presidency. it means people that want to influence the president have places to try. >> so you could go to the trump international hotel in new york city and go to the trump international hotel in d.c.
6:31 pm
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>> right now spring of 2019 it's concrete trucks and piles of
6:35 pm
rebarb but some day it might be twin glass towers in the sky overlooking suburban new delhi, india. it's the biggest country for president trump's businesses outside of the united states. >> there's five in india right now all licensing deals. >> it's promising unprecedented amenities in a city run by the communist party until a few years ago. and this project where elevators roll up and down a building being sold as ultra luxurious. >> right now anybody can pay tens of thousands of dollars. maybe these are people that want to buy really nice condos or maybe they're people that want to influence the president. >> and the appointments. >> donald trump met with some of
6:36 pm
these buyers that were buying these condos. >> there were full page ads advertising that if you put down a down payment of $39,000 an on apartment, you could also meet donald trump jr. and have dinner with him. it raised a whole host of concerns about the ethics of this kind of marketing move and don jr. kept saying this is what real estate developers do. yes but this is a real estate business being run by the president of the united states's family. >> she penlt more than a year investigating trump projects in india and what she found is deeply concerning. >> india, particularly when it comes to real estate has this reputation for being very corrupt. >> which don junior appeared to acknowledge at a conference there. >> there's an entrepreneurial
6:37 pm
spirit here. >> so in order to make even just, you know, simple warehouse in a city like mumbai, you'd need 40 different permits and each step, what helps facilitate the process, what moves it along to get it to move faster so you're not waiting years is that. >> every other country goes into these places and they do what they have to do. >> but paying bribes in foreign countries can be a violation of the foreign corrupt practices act or fcpa. the law makes it a crime in the united states for american businesses to knowingly pay bribes to foreign government officials. not only is trump on record against it -- >> it's a horrible law and it should be changed. >> he specifically is against it in india. >> it's fine for india to prosecute and for this country to prosecute because something took place in india is
6:38 pm
outrageous. >> government reforms cut back on corruption in india but consider this context. >> two of the trump organization's largest partners in india have been under investigation for money laundering by different agencies. >> both investigations solved after trump became president. >> it could be because donald trump who was their business partner is suddenly now president of the united states or it could be something internal within india. both have close ties to the ruling bjp. as someone that knows the fpca and have done a lot of cases related does that cause concern? >> it would cause concern if you have a relationship with what you would call a politically exposed person. someone in government. you want to make sure where did they get this money? >> a trump organization lawyer told the washington post that any blemishes on trump org's
6:39 pm
indian partners are not reflective of the portfolio as a whole and they're not connected to business done with trump but india isn't the only place where trump is involved with partners with ties to foreign governments. >> conditions in russia lead to a need for a lot of russians to be able to get their money out of the country and park it somewhere and he travelled for years with a convicted felon. >> russian-born. >> russian-born felon. >> he had an office in trump tower. and was instrumental to the trump organization effort when the trumps were trying to build a tower in moscow and he's the man that suggested trump offer russian president vladimir putin a $50 million penthouse in the building which could be illegal under the fcpa. >> if you're going to try to get putin into the penthouse, that could be a major violation. >> if you're doing that in order to maintain a business
6:40 pm
advantage. >> the bulk of that money is into the pockets of five or six oligarchs and a hand full of officials. a contractor there told the magazine contractors were often paid in cash. >> they were paying did you havel -- duffle bags to the contractors. millions of dollars in cash which is as big of a warning sign as it gets. and you have a real reason to take extra due diligence. >> the trump organization attorney told the new yorker that the company did do due
6:41 pm
diligence for the project but wouldn't provide details. trump cancelled the deal a month after the election. the same trump org attorney termed it house cleaning. ahead, the most infamous trump business. trump university. >> paid in full by credit card. >> credit card. at a comfort inn with a glow taround them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at" who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at
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6:45 pm
>> the apprentice was on and we had been seeing him being held up and touted as this amazing real estate person. i thought it's a free seminar. i'm going to go across town and see what he has to say. >> so the apprentice influenced you? >> absolutely. >> beth wood spent 20 years in i.t. as a system's analyst. in 2010 she was newly retired and studying real estate for a second career. >> that first time, what was the pitch? >> they showed a video of donald trump saying that he was going to reveal the secrets of real estate. how to make you successful in real estate like he was. and he would do this with his hand picked, hand verified,
6:46 pm
personally selected instructors. >> these are all people that are hand picked by me. >> that wasn't true. and it would eventually come out as lawsuits are filed. >> in definition he said no, i might have looked at a few resumes and he had nothing to do with picking these people. >> but in the spring beth wood didn't know that. >> i stood three deep at this counter of people and signed up on a trump form that said trump university and here's the quick start class. >> paid in full by credit card. >> then came the gold elite membership plan. nearly 35 grand. also on a credit card. >> the gold elite membership plan was supposed to be trump's fabulous, personal mentoring of your real estate career. >> put proven donald trump secrets to work for you. >> all it was was a marketing
6:47 pm
scheme. people were signing up with this with no real means to pay for it. >> it's estimated that trump university brought in about $40 million and trump got around 5 million. >> it was pretty good money for trump. it was pretty good. >> but eventually there were multiple lawsuits and it ended up a big money loser for trump. >> so when they come to settle, i said i'm not going to settle and the problem with settlers when you settle, everybody sues you. >> after he won the election, he settled for $25 million. >> he got back around 35,000. >> that's a quarter of what she says she lost. 70 grand on seminars and webinars? and another 80 grand on rental properties recommended by her mentor. >> i hold donald j. trump personally responsible for this scam? >> how has your life changed because of trump university? >> completely. we are now renting. we had like to buy a house. we got approved for the house but the down payment and the
6:48 pm
monthly payments are going to be too much for us. >> at the same time students like beth wood were getting soaked donald trump was busy selling, well, everything he could. he licensed his name for the dress shirts and ties that used to sell in macy's, bottled water, blankets, games. there was even a personalized vitamin kit complete with urine test and of course the steaks. >> trump steaks are by far the best tasting more flavorful beef you've ever had. >> how did this happen? >> donald is always on the hunt for cash because he is not a wealth creator but a cash extractor. he needs to have cash and once he built up his name through the celebrity apprentice and very smart marketing then all of these other things are ways to make money for him that don't involve any serious effort. >> one way he earns money right now takes no effort at all.
6:49 pm
forbes magazine estimates trump makes around $175 million annually, that's in rent from commercial buildings he owns or partially owns. >> beginning in 2006, he spent serious effort and serious money, a golf empire. >> including this one in scotland were purchased by the trumps between 2006 and 2014 during a very unusual spending spree uncovered by reporters at the washington post. >> over the next nine years trump spent around $400 million in cash on real estate. and 14 of those transactions were all in cash. >> cash. a stunning discovery for many reasons. mostly because all cash deals are rarer than holes in one. >> it's unusual in the business world and particularly in the real estate world to make
6:50 pm
purchases in all cash of that much money. >> i never saw him use his own money to do anything to be honest with you. >> when it comes to real estate development, taking loans or bringing in partners spreads the risk. it's it's what trump did all the time. >> he didn't borrow any money, no other partners that we know of. >> no partners that we know of. so where did the money come from? >> eric trump spoke to us on the record how proud he was that the company was in a position where it was cash heavy during the recession. >> barbara res is highly skeptical. >> i don't see them having cash and using cash. >> and a golf reporter says in 2014 eric trump explained the source of the money differently. >> i said, eric, who is funding -- i know no banks because of the recession, the great recession. have touched a golf course. >> he said we don't rely on american banks. we have all the funding we need
6:51 pm
out of russia. >> i said, really? >> on twitter eric trump responded this story is completely fabricated. up next -- >> in seven days from this letter they needed $2,500 in their possession. >> a letter, a lawsuit and a decision. doubts behind. i faced reminders of my hep c every day. but in only 8 weeks with mavyret, i was cured. even hanging with friends i worried about my hep c. but in only 8 weeks with mavyret, i was cured. mavyret is the only 8-week cure for all common types of hep c. before starting mavyret your doctor will test if you've had hepatitis b which may flare up and cause serious liver problems during and after treatment. tell your doctor if you've had hepatitis b, a liver or kidney transplant, other liver problems, hiv-1, or other medical conditions, and all medicines you take
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now, but i'm not. it hurts. >> it's been a decade since sandra sapole felt duped by donald trump, it was 2008. the international housing crisis was coming to a boil and sapole sensed something was wrong with trump ocean resort, baja, mexico. we got in the car one saturday and drove down there, there was no furniture left inside. you start getting emotional, you're like, no, no, nothing's wrong. >> within weeks, two letters. >> this letter was the very first time that we heard the trump brand name and the trump there and the developer that, licensed. >> it read trump marks bajallc has elected to terminate the license agreement. the second letter explained, given the extreme dislocation of the financial markets the baja project will not be able to proceed. sapole felt stunned.
6:56 pm
>> what? >> and deceived. >> what? >> the market sunk the project but she believed trump, the deal maker she saw on celebrity apprentice, was steering the ship. trump organization attorney allen garten defended his client to cbs saying buyers had an obligation to read the fine print. >> it's incumbent on anyone accountable and responsible to read the documents. >> in the fine print someone else is identified as the developer of the property, but the fine print is not all that matters. >> the question is what are the representations that are made, are they true, or even close to true, and are they what we would call material, are they relevant to a decision that a buyer of the property would make. here one would think they are material and it seems as if they were false. >> so then, like next step is,
6:57 pm
what are we going to do now? where's our money? who has our money? where'd the money go? nobody's returning emails or any phone calls, we're trying to get our money back. >> sapole and her husband began contacting lawyers. >> and then somehow a law firm called us saying that many, many people are getting together, they're going to do a lawsuit and would we like to be included? i said, well, yeah, we would like to be included, of course we want to be included. >> soon after -- >> dear prospective client, in seven days from this letter, they needed $2,500 in their possession so that they can proceed forward. we're just like i keep saying, we're normal people, we didn't want to pay $2,500 to be part of the lawsuit. we didn't have that kind of money. >> they didn't sign on but scores of would be buyers did filing suit against donald trump and the real developer, accusing them of fraud. trump denied wrongdoing and the case was settled out of court.
6:58 pm
>> i don't know how much everybody got. >> that's because the settlement came with a confidentiality agreement. they are everywhere in trump world, settlements, licensing deals. it's one thing that makes it difficult for journalists to get answers to their questions, their many, many questions. >> what mystery about trump's businesses do you most wish you had the answer to? >> well, we know the russians put a lot of money into trump and we know the saudis and other middle east people put money into trump. but did they do it in ways he's compromised. it could come out these are legitimate investments when we see the documents. >> there's so little we do know. the president still hasn't released his tax returns. >> he's got developments in indonesia, in india, in the middle east. who is buying in? >> who is paying money at all of the clubs and resorts? i would want to know any loans to any of his businesses.
6:59 pm
>> they spent a lot of cash in a nine-year period before they became president. i would love to see where all that money came from. is there really money behind this man or is it all just a bunch of debt? >> i would want to know, what steps he took to prevent international corruption or to prevent fraud in his business. >> because there's so much we don't know we can't evaluate whether his policies are based on his stated aims or his personal financial interests. and that's what keeps me up at night. the way to answer all these questions is for the president to show his earnings. his partners, his debts. his tax returns. but the opposite is happening. president trump is now suing two banks and a congressional committee to keep financial documents secret. and as long as his finances stay hidden we will never know if the personal elected to lead the
7:00 pm
united states of america is working for the people's interest or his own. this is "cnn tonight," i'm don lemon and at the end of a week when this president brought us to the brink of war with iran, a week when he doubled down on his trade war with china, one that's getting more and more costly for more and more americans, now this administration is flat out unapologetically breaking the law. the treasury secretary steve mnuchin refusing to comply with a lawful subpoena from the house ways and means committee for six years of the president's tax returns even though the law does not allow him to decide for himself whether to comply. that is illegal. you don't think the attorney general would be advising the president to order his


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