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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  September 9, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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a furious president, and the damning essay that made him so. >> it's really a spineless, gutless coward. plus, a rowdy reception but brett kavanaugh says his critics are all wrong. >> my only loyalty is to the constitution. i'm an independent judge. president obama joins the political fray.
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>> i hope these last two years have corrected that impression if you thought elections don't matter. "inside politics" now. >> i'm john king. for the viewers around the united states and around the world, thank you for sharing your sunday with us. president trump called it treason and now there's a white house manhunt under way for the author of the eessay who the president says -- >> subversive in a sense. we'll take a look at that and eventually we're going to find the person. >> plus the trump paradox. brett kavanaugh is evading their questions, some say, some say he's even lying, but the math still favors him winning a key
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seat on the supreme court. >> can a sitting president be required to respond to a subpoena? >> so that's a hypothetical question as a matter of canons of judicial independence, i can't give you an answer on that hypothetical question. >> and all hands on deck for the democrats. president obama comes off the sidelines just in time for the critical midterm election stretch. >> this is one of those pivotal moments when every one of us, as citizens of the united states, need to determine just who it is that we are, just what it is that we stand for. and as a fellow citizen, not as an ex-president, but as a fellow citizen, i'm here to deliver a simple message and that is that you need to vote because our democracy depends on it. >> to share the reporting and
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insights this sunday, bloomberg's and the washington post. slow week. nothing to talk about. we begin with that manhunt for the senior trump administration official that this week delivered a message that was both somewhat jarring yet unsurprising. it's not unusual for a senior official of the white house calling that same president of the united states immoral, erratic, uninformed and at times a danger to the country he leads but unsurprising somehow. from the essay came on a the new heels a book. things like stealing documents from the president's desk. decorated military generals turned now into key trump
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lieutenants, quoted as calling the white house crazy town and the president an idiot or someone with a fifth or sixth grade understanding. all of this inside 60 days now to a midterm election that is a referendum on the president and his performance. an lex that could swing the house back to the democrats and possibly the senate too. the president sees himself as the victim not problem. had he his team making a list of officials who koorptcooperated the bob woodward department. >> reporter: do you think jeff sessions should be investigating who the author of op-ed piece was. >> i think so. because i think it's national security. i would say jeff should be investigating who the author of that piece was. i believe it's national security. >> should it be taken against "the new york times"? >> i'm looking at that right now.
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. >> this is new drama and not normal. we have heard these things but a senior administration official publish there essay is drama. is there an impact on governance or problem in the white house? >> i think there is both. part of what is interesting about the impact that the author of this -- of this op-ed had is that it appears that it may be doing the opposite of what the author says that they have been trying to do internally. in other words, the author of that op sed said, look, we have been trying to contain the worse impulses of this president and by publishing the essay it appears to be inflaming those essays and not containing them or holding them back. if a person in the government like this is concerned about what the president might do at critical moments of either foreign policy or domestic policy it feels like he is only
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more enraged and more likely to sort of act out because he is focused not on governing but focused on, you know, this witch hunt inside his own government. >> this is the president who likes to give people nicknames and he likes to engage on one-on-one battle answers we have seen people leave the white house and talk negatively about the president, omarosa and the president has shot back and tweeted against them and attacked them personally and he is able to figure out how to manage that situation but this is an anonymous person who continues to work in the administration and the president and the white house have not figured out how to deal with it and not figured out how to undermine this person's credibility and not to figure out how to find out the weak spots and give them a nicknames and i think a reason the president and white house are alarmed by what is happening. >> you mentioned omarosa. we will hear from her tomorrow. apparently she has another tape tomorrow so add that to call at the time reality show or call it
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what you will. >> i think there is a little thing called free speech. what he is going to do? dig through everyone's trash who works at the white house to figure out, you know, how this actually happened? >> that seems to be what they are doing. i don't know about digging through the trash part but his own team is looking at it and asked for the justice department to get involved and the last week he wanted gone and sent to siberia and on to determine who wrote this. >> the real point is so often the focus of president trump is not on governing at all and it's hard to tell how much this is inflaming the situation as opposed to being the latest drama he want to blow up in the press. >> is he going through the treasure, unless this op-ed writer screwed up or the resistance gives up to the president not enough time for the president to figure out who it is and do his house cleaning before the midterm elections. this is a beautiful, but well-wrapped gift for democrats who can now sit there and
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basically be like, do you really want to trust anonymous people in a white house? we are not sure what they are resisting or if there is this much desire for resistance then please vote us into the majority of the house so we can actually have, like, you know, a real check and balance on the president and in a month in which they were, you know, not on the greatest with kavanaugh and everything else, it's like almost made to deliver a special present for democrats. >> we know this president is perhaps overly sensitive to the headlines and to what happens in social media and on cable television. here are some of the headlines this past week including from his friend matt drudge. sabotage in the white house and open season on the president and sleeper cells have awoken and trump's nightmare. snakes are everywhere! this is the kind of stuff that affects the president. so we have had what i will call the is not me movement within the trump administration where everybody rushing out to say it wasn't me, it wasn't me, it wasn't me! the president gleefully celebrating the fact his top aids and cabinet secretary saying saying i didn't written
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it and among them the vice president who is deputying a piece in the op-ed says pavert of the discussions inside the trump white house at times whether to go to constitutional crisis or invoke the 25th amendment and move the president from office. the vice president says never happened. >> it seems to me to be just an obvious attempt to distract attention from this booming economy and president trump's record of success. >> reporter: one of the claims made in the op-ed is that there had been discussion of invoking the 25th amendment to even remove the president from office. have you ever been part of a conversation about that? >> no, never. and why would we be? >> we are sitting here 57 days to a midterm election which is a referendum on the performance of a president, always in the first term, and the vice president feels the need to go on national television to say, hey, i didn't write it and, b, i don't agree with it but, b, no we never discussed whether we should try to remove the president from
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office. first for me. >> it's not good on one hand because the democrats can use that, but i will say there is a way the president and republicans can use this as well. it absolutely has the ability to confirm this whole narrative that he has been describing which is this deep state resistance, that can help fire up the republican base and that has been a problem, right? right now, we think the democrats are more energized heading into mid terms than the republicans are and they can potentially use this to energize the base and on balance i think not great for the president but an opportunity for him. >> he says this is deep state. in this case if is this a person who has joined the deep state, if you believe such a thing exists, he hired this person. >> roux true. >> within the last 19 months he hired this person and somebody not sitting in the federal bureaucracy to oppose a president he doesn't like. i want to read something else of what this senior official you may think this is treason and you may think this is great for the country.
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whatever you think this is what the senior official says. the root of the problem is the president's immorality. here is the quote. that is damming. >> the last part of it, yeah. it calls the excerpt from wo woodward, adequate. those things are serious and gives credence to the president saying there is potential national security implications for this. just kind of going back to the substance of this amorality and the things he says and what you were saying about the deep state. look. we know that the moral argument has not really dissuaded that many people. this has come up from time to time and time again before he
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was president and doesn't cost him any votes but the deep state of the argument you were bringing up. the deep state seems to work with trump's base but lifelong republicans who have kind of turned the other way from some of the amorality stuff, do they care about the deep state? they are the deep state. >> that plays to the president's base and deep state and my enemies. the question is among the key voters of the groups. we will get to the mid terms in a bit. suburban women, independent, people will decide do the democrats get the house back and possibly the senate back? this conversation matters in the short term. democrats say judge brett kavanaugh is lying under oath and they say he is evading their questions. that's what they say. >> i am concerned, because there is evidence that mr. miranda provided you with materials that were stolen from me! and that would contradict you prior testimony.
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but vow to keep up the fight even though the critical hearing phase is now over. always contentious the hearings even more so because kavanaugh is a trump nominee and the democratic base thinks all things trump are toxic and because he is viewed as more conservative than the man he is placing. justice anthony kennedy was the high swing voteffirmative action and abortion rights. >> roe v wade that a woman has a constitutional right to obtain an abortion before viability, subject to reasonable regulation by the state up to the point where that regulation constitutes an undue burden on the woman's right to obtain an abortion. >> now you could read that as kavanaugh saying he would never vote to reverse roe because of his promise to follow established precedent but today' abortion court fights are more focused on significantly narrowing access to abortions
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and social conservatives see kavanaugh as more conservative on kennedy on the questions he outlined there, viability and reasonable regulation. a lot of drama at these hearings. on the substance if you were going to stop brett kavanaugh, democrats know they have to get susan collins, republican of maine, lisa murkowski, republican from alaska, on the roe questions and early indications the democrats did not get across that bar. fair? >> it's just not going to happen. it was like so much a road show 2020 for the democrats. i think everyone understands that democratic activists get -- traveling around some some of these districts in california, the hillary districts that are up in the mid terms, there is a real sense of kind of resignation out there among democratic voters that this is going to happen. he is going to be confirmed and
5:19 am
there is really nothing that the democrats can do about it. >> so to your point, if there is nothing they can do about it they at least want the fight so let's get to that. cory booker a democratic senator of new jersey announced at the iowa democratic party and you can connect the dots. at one point he called this a different moment. >> knowingly violated the rules that put forth. i understand the penalty comes with potential ousting from the senate. i say i'm knowingly violated the rules. >> how many times? >> yesterday, i broke the sham committee confidentiality rules and i accept full responsibility what i'm doing. >> if you're not following, senator booker said the broke the rules but he didn't. get to that in main. senator harris has legitimate questions. i'm not disputing her questions but at the same time she has
5:20 am
ambition. >> have you discussed mueller or hi investigation with anyone at kasowitz benson and torres, the law firm founded by the president's personal lawyer? i -- >> be sure about your answer, sir. >> now, the democrats these moments vewent viral and they le this and republicans say, wait a minute. you had no evidence of evidence in that. that is inu wnuendoinnuendo. you democrats say -- is that what they were doing there? >> a little bit. democrats -- i think the democratic base wants democrats to show a fight on this issue. even if it's a losing fight, they are worried there hasn't been enough fight in the democrats, there hasn't been enough action to take on
5:21 am
president trump and i think is probably what you saw with senator booker saying i'm breaking the rules and showing some civil disobedience here. he wanted to show the democratic base is willing to, you know, rough it you will a little bit be a little bit like the president who doesn't necessarily abide by the rules or stay within color within the lines when it doesn't -- it's not seen as something that would help his party. >> i remember talking to a democratic operative who was involved in this fight at the very beginning after kavanaugh was nominated. he said if this is just sort of normal, you know, show, the normal circus that we all have, we will lose. something has to change and nothing, i think, looking back on it now, i don't think anything has. second point is that the republicans will take it. if the democrats want to grandstand this is a supreme court nominee to shift the ideology of the court for
5:22 am
decades. >> 30 years from now we will not have this conversation. >> the guy will be on the court. >> the trump presidency the substance gets lost in the theater and the dramatic. a man replacing anthony kennedy was reagan apopointee. >> the question of indicting a president, the question of what may happened if congress pursues impeachment proceedings opens a whole new host of things. yeah. it's a very pivotal position and not a surprise. democrats are at a disadvantage of the numbers they can't put up
5:23 am
a blocking fight. that -- they are trying to pull out every stop they can. kavanagh has been bold and not trashing roe v wade. we are back in the political arena and what you're seeing right now. >> we are back in the political arena. the democrats tried during the hears. chuck schumer quoted in a radio interview this morning calling kavanaugh a candidate on the president's list. the president has a list of 25 or so and he calls him the candidate most allowing the president to overreach meaning on presidential power. s democrats say kavanaugh in the supreme court. what if power questions come before supreme court the democrats are saying kavanaugh was not forthcoming? that is not new. that is a practice both democratic and republican noom kn -- nominees have perfected.
5:24 am
>> i will say those points, these venue is the best place for them to show says what they have got to democrat irvoter. you think about all of the problems they have running in 2020 with the party moving increasingly to the left, having to go more and more liberal positions about health care and so many other issues, this is where they want to get those clips that are going to show up in the tv commercials. this is a big, big moment that will be remembered and talked about in 2020. >> to prove they have the fight to take it to trump, whatever the rules -- rules be dammed in some cases. >> be objected from the senate is the best thing could happen to cory booker. >> president obama off the sidelines and on the campaign trail. that is coming up. of heritage, style, nature and nurture. all one of a kind. if your blend comes with hair that hates humidity, we have a blend for you. whole blends smoothing haircare. paraben free.
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president obama is silent no n more and hoping to help the election stretch to win new power to confront president trump. >> this is not normal. these are extraordinary times. and they are dangerous times. >> dangerous times as he step back into the fray with the big speech on friday. he was in california stumping for democrats running in seven of the party's big midterm target races. >> the fact is that if we don't step up, things can get worse. the good news is in two months, we have a chance to restore some sanity in our politics. we have the chance to flip the house of representatives and make sure the real checks and balances are in washington.
5:30 am
>> michelle obama is joining the effort. focused on getting voters who often sit out midterm elections like african-americans and millennials to show up. after this college taping aimed at the young audience of now this news. >> a lot of times young people are only interested when it's a presidential race. if you're concerned about what we have been seeing out of the white house over the last couple of years, the only check on that behavior is going to be having a congress and other elected officials across the country who stand up for american values. and american ideals. >> democrats say glad to have you back. where have you been? but we will take your help in the stretch. some republicans are saying glad to have you back that you're the reason donald trump is president
5:31 am
and we can have that. >> i think the republicans right about that, to some extent. i think this was the smartest politics we have seen from democrats, those two speeches over the last week. because what you hear out in the country, more than anything, is a sense of apathy. a sense that democrats don't have real unifying message. this is the first time i think we have heard a really coherent unifying message from the president and i think it was something that could kind of give an electric charge to not those, you know, far left activists who are going to turn out, but those millennials he was speaking to, younger voters, particularly younger voters of color, those are the people that did not turn out to hillary clinton and he was very targeted in that message saying you got to get out there. >> midterm elections, the problem with them there isn't as he was referring to, there isn't a face or galvanizing option so he is the best they have for that and he is not taking the
5:32 am
limelight from anybody else. >> he was the galvanizing person in 2014 and his history in mid terms is historical. the democratic party got wiped out in the obama midterm at the state and congressional level and he hopes it's trump and not obama. republicans are saying obama is back, great but this is an election about trump. >> you can't be a resistance galvanizing force against yourself. >> i'm skeptical. i got to say, i mean, you know, president obama spent a lot of time on the campaign trail for hillary clinton and wasn't able to translate his personal peel for her voters either. and the other thing is that, you know, there is very little in this republican party that unites republicans across the board. trump republicans and george w. bush republicans. barack obama is the one thing that does. i mean, barack obama is the one thing that republicans of all stripes and especially those moderate republicans who are on the fence, they are not barack obama fans. so if you're one of these sort of middle of the road people
5:33 am
that, you know, if president trump is so -- to you their going to come out you probably would come out and vote any way regardless of barack obama's presence and i'm not 100% sure it's smart on politics. >> we will see how it plays out. one of the reasons, if you're obama and you're thinking i've stayed on the sidelines a long time and why get involved now? am i taking part of the blame if it doesn't work out? look at the example of many of the primaries but my home state of massachusetts aayanna presle knocks off a incumbent by getting aechlefrican-americans turn out when they don't normally turn out. it's not that he needs to turn them out. he might need to juice it a little bit. listen. >> i knew we would be essentially alone. i knew we would find no favor
5:34 am
with the democratic establishment, both here at home, and in washington and i knew we would have to fight. change isn't waiting any longer. we have arrived! change is coming and the future belongs to all of us! >> you are going to hear more about her when she gets here, i can promise you that. an impressive show there. is there that? if you're the democrats watching this, you've learned some lessons. you're the mayor of boston you supported the incumbent. he just lost put you have to deal with her. you do see three african-american women, one in boston and not just ayanna pressley. i grew up there. that is history. that means the page is turning. if you grew up and if you're obama can i get it from here to here? >> look what happened in alabama during the special election there and seen higher turnout among african-americans during the 2016 presidential election and president obama is still the democrat who can bring out the biggest crowds and raise the most money and unite the wings
5:35 am
that include the bernie sanders and more moderate wing. aren't many democrats who can do that on a national stage and president obama can do that and i think part of the reason democrats are looking to bring him out more and have him more as a standard bearer when you have people on the far left' and moderates trying to figure out what the democratic message is. >> if he can't unite those wings and talk about all the time democrats have a feisty fight of their own and convince them can we talk about this in december? let's get through the election and keep a watch on that. this sign of the times the president on the 2018 trail as a 2016 campaign aide is sentenced to jail. it was love at first slice but who wants to stop at one? for pizza lovers everywhere here's o, that's good! my new line of frozen pizzas with a twist one third of our classic crust is made with cauliflower
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people ask me, what do you think of president trump? it's simple. when he is for hoosiers, i'm with him p.m. like our fight to secure the southern border and take on the opioid epidemic. >> i'll work with both parties and any president who wants to get things done for the people of west virginia. >> a taste there of how trump state democratic senators are trying to navigate a very difficult re-election planet. big senate races are getting most of the president's campaign focus on the road and this last night in a tweet. republicans the president says are doing really well with the senate mid terms and races we were not thinking about, he says, are now very close or even leading. the last part is debatable but
5:41 am
some in any rankings releasing right now remind us it's a make to focus only on the question of whether democrats with take back the house. the democrats have a narrow path to retake senate control but quite possible given the competitive nature of this republicans could add a seat or to to their majority. here is what we woke up today. if you take the solids and likelies and leans we have as of this morning, 49 leading and solid republican and 44 for democrats and 7 tossups there in yellow. our new ray rankings changed the overall math just a little bit. becomes improving 1, 49 for republicans and 45 for democrats and six tossups. what are the steps that make this a little bit more for the democrats? we are moving the tennessee race, open race held currently by a republican from lean republican to tossup. west virginia, a tossup, and now move it to lean democrat. texas, this is a great race. ted cruz versus o'rourke.
5:42 am
these three races moving in the democrats direction to the left. two moving toward the republicans. north dakota we are moving from a tossup to lean republican. it's a democratic incumbent there. republicans are some hope in new jersey to have it happen in new jersey but the race has trended a bit their way. these are the current changes and back to the new maps you can see it here a competitive senate campaign map. travels this past week, the president talked up those senate republican hopefuls in and he had a more national message to his supporters much more house cent eric. >> if the opposite party becomes president, every time before it even start, before you even have found out whether or not he or she is going to do a great job, they will say, we want to
5:43 am
impeach him! and you'll impeach him. it's so ridiculous but we will worry about that if it ever happens. but if it does happen, it's your fault because you didn't go out to vote. >> i get it! i get it! it's not what republicans want to talk about out on the campaign trail but you can understand, especially in this week and everything that has happened this week. let's get into what i'll call the trump parabox. unemployment is under 4%. yet republicans think they might lose the house and it's possible. they could lose the senate it's possible. first year midterm a referendum on the president but why? >> how do you get through that bull horn of distraction to actually talk about those things? traveling around the country, it's interesting because people do bring up that they are seeing, you know, a small increase in their paycheck because of taxes, they are
5:44 am
feeling better about the economy such a shift and took on long to get over the fear from 2008. all of the people in his administration and his republican colleagues who are trying to make that message just can't breakthrough crazy town and everything else to talk about that and give him the credit that he wants. >> the president who blames the media for him not getting enough credit, contributes to just what you are talking about. this is him on friday, remember, the president has been out campaigning. his former campaign aide george papadopoulos was sentenced to jail. an hour earlier, he tweeted unprecedented job growth increases. maybe he should focus on the economy. >> why the one word answer is trump, basically. he undermines himself more than any of the other political
5:45 am
attacks can undermine him and thing that frustrates the gop so much. he'll send out one tweet and ricochets back to what he is thinking about which is the pressure on him. doesn't deal well with grace under pressure. >> we understand focus more attention on our house because it's more in play for the democrats or at least thwarting any trump agenda in the democrats take one chamber of conference. the senate is interesting. jake tapper will talk to ben sasser of nebraska who had an exchange i think about becoming an independent instead people talk about. if a republican left, see how that plays out. priceless, nick mulvaney, the president's budget director at a fund-raiser said this to "the new york times." how likeable is a candidate? that still counts.
5:46 am
that is dig for mick mulvaney at ted cruz. ouch! >> everybody knows that ted crews is unlikable but you don't say it outloud. >> the president is going tock texas to campaign for ted cruz. he is spending a lot of his precious presidential time in states like tennessee and texas and going to mississippi this week in another senate race. even though the president is going to spend a lot of time on the campaign trail he is playing a lot of defense each at a time where republicans should be on offense in the senate because they have such a favorable map. >> you asked why doesn't -- don't the economic numbers breck through more? part of the problem you see president trump at these rallies, the mentions of the economy improving and the things that are a regular political strategy gift would tell you to focus on dutiful. it's the red meat, the attacking "the new york times" or attacking cnn or, you know,
5:47 am
going after the mueller and the investigators. that's where he gets animated and you can see the crowd animated too. it's the kind of lack of political discipline that a lot of newcomers have but in particular he does. >> the environment around him as well. a new omarosa tape tomorrow and president is backing away from the stormy daniels case. more on whether the white house is ready for what you might say a tsunami that could possibly hit in november. show me the carfax? now the car you want and the history you need are easy to find. show me used minivans with no reported accidents. boom. love it. [struggles] show me the carfax. start your used car search and get free carfax reports
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now that you know the truth, are you in good hands?
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let's head one more time around the table and ask our reporters on-to-share something from their notebooks. >> as we have been talking about, president trump has been putting out a lot of optimistic
5:52 am
tweets about the milldterm elections but there is real concern among republican operatives and donors he is totally delusional about the chances of taking back the house and is not focused enough on what he needs to do to keep control of the house and that is, in part, because there are not leach around him willing to tell him the truth. so they are trying to get him moving in the right direction on that. >> the president doesn't like tough news is what you're trying to say? >> yeah. >> the presidents often when they get in trouble a at home they often go to abroad and find it a way to escape their troubles back home. president trump has that opportunity this fall. he is going to talk about foreign policy at the u.n. general assembly in new york and that he'll go to france, ireland, and argentina. president has not been as successful using the foreign trips to get away from trouble.
5:53 am
helsinki was an example it doesn't go so well for him but at least an opportunity to change the subject. fountain democrats do take over the house he'll want to try to to do that. >> different trouble. >> remember when the mid terms are supposed to be about the tax cuts from last year? it hasn't worked out for republicans and now a new line the president is trying out which is we are going to save medicaid and social security number -- social security. if you look at the legislation passed has done and shortened the life of medicaid and social security so republicans are punching back saying the tax ruts are making it harder to fun the programs and president obama saying medicaid for all is a program he endorses so expect to hear a lot more about those entitlements during the next 60 days before the mid terms. >> interesting twist from the
5:54 am
president. paging speak ryan on that. >> after the helsinki conference let's sanction russia before the midterm elections because of the threat it poses. the gop basically said the leaders are like, hold on hold on hold on hold on we go through a step by process first and it is picking up steam this weak. foreign relations look at nato and looking at roush's role in syria. the banking committee actually look at what sanctions look like if they went forward the question are they going to do anything as people wanted them to? not necessarily that. clear they have time or inclusion to do so but the process afoot right now and give clues what they may do down the line after november once they have all of the politics and -- with the president settled as to this issue which is a real life one. >> it's the inclusion part. you're being kind. up close with this circling back to the mid terms. they are harder to find these
5:55 am
days but some republicans believe is a path to narrowly save the gop house majority. race-by-race. make it about the economy and local issues and minimize any intention on the recess. but there are rising doubts even in this group and during the stretch now. for starters the trump noise has made it noted and hard to block out. despite great national economic news republicans see trouble with the president's trade wars bubbling up in several competitive midwest and farm state races. republicans also are giving democrats begrudging credit for a relentless focus on health care in competitive races. quote, a roaring issue is how one veteran republican strategist describes health care heading into the final weeks and quoting this veteran operative, quote, the gop has no answers. that's it for "inside politics." thanks for sharing your sunday morning. we are here at noon eastern during the week. "state of the union" is coming up with jake tapper who sits down with republican senator ben sasse and white house kellyanne
5:56 am
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