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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  June 21, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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the autobiography of malcolm x and said a need for motivation is the need and like her the slain human rights advocate overcame difficult circumstances. i'm brook baldwin. thank you for being with me. "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. thanks, brooke. no plan to reunite the 2,300 kids with the families. "the lead" starts right now. breaking news, melania trump making a surprise visit to children at the border but did she hurt the message she was trying to send with an unfortunate wardrobe choice? they're still frightened and confused and detained far from their parents but are we now seeing the first moves to try to reunite the families after the president's executive order? plus, face to face, the wheels in motion after president trump said he's planning to meet with russian president vladimir putin and will mr. trump confront the problem he wishes
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would just go away? good afternoon, everyone. welcome to "the lead." mixed messages and confusion and uncertainty for the 2,300-plus undocumented children seized from their parents by the u.s. government. president trump is talking tough an blaming democrats today after the dramatic reversal yesterday on his administration's own practice of separating every family crossing the southwest border illegally and while the president continues the blow off steam his administration is scrambling to contain the fall yacht and the confusion over his hastily written executive order changing his own policy of taking every undocumented immigrant child crossing the border from his or her parents, an order may or may not be legal, an order may or may be effective and while the president is issuing conflicting messages, his daughter and wife are attempting to put a compassionate face on a most callous policy.
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first lady melania trump with a surprise visit checking in on children between 12 and 17. being housed there. she pushed for them to be reunited with their parents. the first lady office also issuing a statement bashing people in the media who noted the odd choice of jacket the first lady wore boarding the plane to texas. i really don't care. do you. written on its back. the office insisting no significance to that jacket. what is of questionable significance is the president's executive order and raising questions that congress seems unwilling or unable to step in and address and most compellingly the remaining serious questions of how and even if the 2,300 children who have been separated from their moms and dads by the u.s. government will be returned to their parents. that continuing uncertainty as we learn about a request from the department of defense to be prepared to house up to 20,000
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unaccompanied children on u.s. military bases. beginninging beginning as early as next month. cnn's boris sanchez joins me again. >> reporter: the administration straining to answer even basic questions about how this executive order that president trump signed on wednesday is going to be implemented and the president himself today seemed to undercut it questioning how effective it is going to be and even suggesting that it could lead to more family separations. amid furor over the administration's separating children from their parents at the u.s. border, president trump again blamed others for the humanitarian and political crisis. during a cabinet meeting trump invited democrats to the white house to strike a deal on immigration before again taking aim. >> it's whole big con job. meantime, people are suffering because of the democrats. so, we have created and they
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have created and they have let it happen a massive child smuggling industry. >> reporter: the president also charged the democrats are refusing to fund the care of immigrant children. >> they want us to take care of bed space and resources and personnel and take everybody and, you know, like let's run the most luxurious hotel in the world for everybody but they don't want to give us the money. >> reporter: trump sowing confusion about the executive order saying his hands were tied and signed an order to end family separations wednesday leaving many questions unanswered. including what the administration plan to do with some 2,300 kids already separated from their parents. how they plan to locate those children's parents and how government agencies will handle incoming immigrant families. administration officials scramble to answer basic questions about the order as trump called it, quote, limited. even as the department of justice requested changes from a
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judge to help accommodate the order, the president told reporters it would ultimately lead to more separations anyway. meantime, first lady melania trump spent the day at the border. >> id also like to ask you how i can help to reunite with their families. >> reporter: the first lady taking an unannounced tour of a texas child detention center housing immigrant children after she was moved by recent images and sounds of kids separated from their parents, the first lady told the staff she wanted to see the situation for herself and said to president trump, quote, i'm heading down to texas. melania met with some of the children during class and thanked the center's staff. >> they all know they're here without their famililies. and i want to thank you for your hard work, your compassion and your kindness. >> reporter: jake, that request by the department of justice to overrun a portion of the flores
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settlement, that court decision that forces the government to release children to relatives after 20 days in detention. it is going to be an uphill battle for the department of justice to get that request granted. the obama administration tried to get that past and that was ultimately denied, jake. >> all right. boris at the white house, thanks so much. let's talk about all of this with my panel. kristin, let's start with you. melania trump at the border, seems as though the administration in addition to the executive order to put a compassionate face on this opposed to i think it's fair to call it a callous face. >> certainly. the president understands the power of visuals and knows there have been a lot of really just horrifying, heartbreaking visuals that have been coming out of the story down at the border and i think is hoping by i would imagine that the white house would want melania to go down there to try to provide positive visuals around this story to try to make it seem as though they care about the
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outcome and welfare for these kids. i think there's a difference between -- so there's both melania and ivanka deployed in these sorts of situations and the problem is one of the administration's own making, in some ways ivanka with the role of a senior adviser to her father with a job in the white house, i think it's much tougher for me to see her having as much of a role as let's put a compassionate face on something. advising your father on policy you bear responsibility for the outcome of the policies. melania is married to donald trump. i don't hold her responsible and i'm glad she's down there trying to bring attention to the issue. >> you look skeptical. >> i mean, that's -- at the heart of this is dealing with thousands of children who don't know where their parents are so the white house can send melania or ivanka can tweet but this is a -- this situation which is really a humanitarian disaster
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was created by donald trump and this white house and needs to be fixed by donald trump and this white house. and images at the border and melania saying things like we should reunite families, this mess needs to be fixed today this minute because children are suffering. >> yeah. there's no sense yet at least that they have a plan. i think you are right. they understand the power of the images but in many ways past that point. >> absolutely. >> sort of images and symbolism. they're kids 9 months old in new york shelters who, you know, split from their parents. so yeah. i think they probably thought this was a good idea but if you listened closely to some of the conversations that she was asking at that facility, some of those kids said they talked to their parents maybe twice a week. that's not a lot and sort of specialized facility. like 60 kids there between 12 and 17. yeah. i think 10% of them are people
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who -- kids separated from their parents so i mean, there's a certain way in which this was sort of propaganda from the white house. again, you know, you come in the -- melania trump for going down there and raises questions of the vulnerable kids and what the other facilities look like we don't know. >> i think that the scale of this problem is beyond white house spin. i think it's beyond propaganda. i think people in the country all throughout the country are outraged about what's happening. the fact that republicans can't muster votes for their bills, people are calling. people are calling congress. they're flooding the phones out of anger. this isn't a pr thing to manage. this is a crisis that's affecting children and needs to be fixed. >> and take a listen to president trump earlier today meeting with the cabinet blistering democrats and his presidential predecessors on this issue. and he's still supports a lot of policy that will make it difficult to reverse what he's
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already set in motion. >> the only real solution is for congress to close the catch and release loopholes that have fueled the child smuggling industry. the democrats are causing tremendous damage and destruction and lives by not doing something about this. >> also said he doesn't want to hire more immigration judges that will expedite the process. that's a part of the bill that ted cruz put forward, hiring more immigration judges so the cases expedited. those who deserve to be granted asylum are granted and those who don't sent back to where they came from. he seems to be getting in the way of solving the problem. >> yeah. every piece of polling that i have ever seen on the issue of immigration one thing republicans and democrats agree is the system doesn't work very well, may think it's not for very different reasons and different ways to fix it but backlogs and bureaucracy that prevent people from having an answer and for that to be dealt
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with in a quick and efficient and yet also thorough process means you need the manpower to do it. if we can have more folks processing those folks saying i like to claim asylum, process that here. hear their stories verify whether or not it's true and you need more manpower to do it or you have backlogs. >> take a listen to attorney general jeff sessions giving an interview to christian broadcasting network saying the opposite of what he said a few days ago on the issue of separating parents from their children. take a listen. >> hasn't been good and the american people don't like the idea that we're separating families. we never really intended to do that. >> if you're smuggling a child then we prosecute you. and that child will be separated from you probably as required by law. >> we never really intended to do it and yet a few days ago
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clearly that was the intention. >> this white house has said jeff sessions has said, the white house has said that this was a policy. john kelly has said they were adopting this policy as a deterrent. it failed. and then policy taking the children and their families as hostage to get the wall. as a legislative strategy. now it's backfired and they're i think basically lying to us about it but the reality here is if you listen to donald trump today he is making the same kind of noises about this. there's criminal gangs coming. he's basically still dehumanizing these people across the border. lying about democrats. if he wants to solve this problem he should reverse course but at the fundamental level when he talks about migrants, immigrants as infesting the border, he throughout his campaign and throughout his
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presidency has dehumanized these people and that is what leads to a policy where you think it is okay to take babies from their mothers and put them in camps. and that's what republicans have to struggle with and stop and it's up to them to stop it now. >> when the president met with republican caucus earlier this week he said that the crying babies doesn't look good politically. and he was looking at the political fallout, obviously. "time" magazine photoshopped a crying baby, a little girl, taken from her mother. i think she is from guatemala with president trump. that's obviously not an actual image but a photoshopped image and exactly the thing president trump is talking about. >> yeah. you know, again, this is of his own making. you know, in some ways to reverse this idea of him as a sort of heartless and lacking compassion maybe he could have gone down to the border and instead outsourced the
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compassion to melania trump. ivanka trump, also, weighing in, as well. but he has had this idea that he's tough on the border and he's sort of a man's man. right? in terms of dealing with this. it's up to the first lady and ivanka trump. >> stick around. one mother say it is ordeal of her son taken from her was like being stabbed in the chest. you're going do hear from her next. stay with us. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months, ... with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla.
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let's tell you about a child. in just hours an immigrant of guatemala, hoping, hoping to be reunited with her 7-year-old son after appearing in federal court in washington. the judge ordered him to be flown to her. after darwin was taken from her at an arizona holding facility. she said it's like they're putting a knife in your chest and killing you. i want to see my son again, please. the mother and son have only shared one phone call. the mother said he's never spoken to me with such sadness and a knot in his throat. one of more than 2,000 of these stories caused by the u.s. government. cnn's paw lo sandoval. any word on how others might be reunited? >> reporter: jake, civil rights
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attorneys here in south texas definitely want an answer to that question that there's still not clarification on. some of the attorneys traveled here to the federal courthouse in mcallen and said they witnessed something they haven't seen since the implementation of this policy, a u.s. attorney not filing charges against the families crossing did border illegally. in a trump era of zero tolerance, these are among the first parents to be spared. a group of 17 undocumented immigrants of central america led out of a federal courthouse in mcallen, texas. federal charges against them not filed. all of them have been recently separated of their children. >> i think it's a direct result of the administration changing things on the fly. >> reporter: the development comes in the aftermath of president trump's executive order calling for families to be kept together and still prosecuted for entering the u.s. illegally. attorney fernando was inside the
1:21 pm
courtroom. was there a sense of relief? >> i don't think so because they're so confused and main concern is their children. >> reporter: coming to the fate of the children and 2,300 others held in facilities like this one, hept and human services admits we are awaiting guidance and a new policy of newly detained families together does nothing for those here and held apart. far apart. young children taken from their parents at the southern u.s. border are placed in detenth tension centers in at least 17 states as far away as michigan, virginia and new york. new york city mayor bill deblasio telling cnn some 239 children are being held in the middle of manhattan. >> we've gotten no notification from the u.s. government that children were being sent there from 2,000 miles away. and i went to visit a classroom, 30 or 40 young children of gath la ma la separated from mothers
1:22 pm
or parents trying the best to make sense of the situation, it is appalling. >> reporter: how and when will things change for them? >> takes time, slow, not transparent. >> reporter: jim mattis approved a request for military lawyers to assist with cases. the trump administration may need legal help, as well. new york governor cuomo announcing the intent to file a state lawsuit against multiple federal agencies to reunite children with the parents and put an end to the abuse of immigrant families. we fully intend to move forward with the suit to prevent any further harm to the children in custody. all right. so tomorrow there will be another wave of dockets at federal courthouses along the border, jake. we have reached out to the department of justice asking if the assistant u.s. attorneys will have similar moves again tomorrow. these moves to essentially not charge these families who are
1:23 pm
crossing the border illegally. they have not gotten back to us. as for the department of health and human services caring for the roughly 2,300 kids in the country, they're still evaluating and waiting to see exactly how they will be compliant with this executive order, jake. >> all right. thank you so much. president trump keeps blaming predecessors for the crisis at the border so were families separated under the obama administration? metastatic breast cancer is relentless,
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1:28 pm
that there were families separations that happened under the obama administration and the bush administration. >> jake, there was no policy or practice, at least on my watch, to separate women, parents from their children. >> might be individual cases of it? >> i'm sure individual cases for reasons of health or safety. we did not have that policy or practice and it's not something i would have adopted. it is nothi something i would he accepted. >> kirsten nielsen enacted this policy meaning anybody crossing the border illegally, seeking asylum or entry illegally, gets prosecuted and as that happens they all get separated from their children. what was your response when you heard that? >> well, first, the actual policy and the messaging of the policy has been a moving target but what appears to have been
1:29 pm
the case up until yesterday was that the department of justice had adopted a zero tolerance policy where migrants would be prosecuted criminally and federal district court and once the migrant is taken into department of justice custody if the migrant had a child with him or her that child would have to be separated because you can't bring a child into pre-trial detention and so it was an obvious conscious policy choice to make knowing full well that the child would be separated if you choose to prosecute the parent. >> you never did that as a policy? obama administration. there's been reports of discussed it, talked about it. >> that's correct. >> to deter people from coming across the border illegally. president obama deported more undocumented immigrants than any other president i think. >> on my watch, three years, we deported, removed or repatrioted about 1 million people and
1:30 pm
especially in the rise in the families. i encouraged our border patrol, immigration enforcement people to bring forth every available legally available idea and so i encouraged them to bring us the various options. >> one idea was separate -- prosecute everyone, separate kids from the parents and you didn't do it. why? >> first of all, i didn't believe it was right. i spent enough time on the border myself talking to parents, kids and it's not something that i could envision ever doing, pulling a child away from its mother. when you get to the border you literally see mothers clinging to their children who have carried them all the way from central america. so it's not something i could do and ask a border patrol immigration or an enforcement person to do or float as a deterrent. >> somebody has to bring the kids back to the parents.
1:31 pm
that's what the administration says it will do and ivanka trump is tweeting and melania trump is saying. how do you do that? >> that's a good question. >> do they have a record of this kid is there and there and the parents here and here? do they know where everybody is? >> i don't know the answer to that question, jake. this policy was put in place in such a hurry it's already apparent that not all of the angles and implications were thought through before the attorney general announced this zero tolerance policy. i agree that the government here has some obligation to try to reunite the children from their parents. how they're going to do that i couldn't really tell you because it's not something we had to deal with in the prior administration. >> what you had to deal with was a crisis of unaccompanied children, tens of thousands, crossing the border. >> and families. >> and families and the continued undocumented immigration crisis. >> yes. >> there was a senate report in
1:32 pm
january of 2016 and an aclu report in may of this year saying that a number of these children unaccompanied children were either released into the hands of human traffickers because of incompetence by the obama administration or abused by custom and patrol agents. did you know about reports like that when you were secretary? >> i am aware of the recent aclu report. there was similar set of allegations while i was in office. i directed our inspector general to investigate them and i recall that most of the allegations came back unsubstantiated if not all of them but clearly very serious allegations and they deserve to be treated seriously and i hope that the current dhs is taking another look at investigating these allegations to see whether there's any type of pattern of abuse to be addressed current day, certainly. >> i appreciate your coming here because we can't get the current secretary of department of homeland security here and i
1:33 pm
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in mcallen, texas, today melania trump talked to children through a translator, told them to be nice to each other and asked doctors and facility owners about the physical and mental states of the children. the first lady's office is pushing back against reporters who asked about the first lady's jacket of choice boarding air force one. the jacket said on the back, i really don't care. do you? the first lady's communications director said it's a jacket. no hidden message after today's important visit to texas, i hope the media isn't going to choose to focus on her wardrobe and the aclu responded, quote, okay, we'll focus on how the
1:38 pm
administration has no plan to reunite the thousands of children separated, instead. the panel is here with me. nia? >> yes. >> the jacket, thoughts. >> why? you know why does she wear this jacket? it doesn't -- i mean, it was raining today. you manage she could have used an umbrella. here's a trip they designed to in part be about the projection of compassion. right? it was about the cameras being there. they had a press pool with them. they knew the cameras would be there and the idea that what she is wearing and this sort of image projecting with the clothes doesn't matter i just don't think it really passes the smell test here. i'm sure she has lots of jackets. $39 jacket from zara from 2016. an old, old jacket. >> 2016 is old, old? >> in terms of -- for melania trump. $1,000 jacket. >> stylish lady and the course of being first lady, i believe
1:39 pm
worn dozens of different coats. and many of them are beautiful. >> this one is not. >> this one is not. i just -- this white house has an incredible ability to take something good that has happened and convert it into something that is a bad story for them. whether it's last week a really good news cycle for them coming out of the summit in north korea, is president's numbers looking good, economy is looking good and suddenly you decide to implement this policy that's going to take children away from their parents and create a nightmare and similarly a great story today of the first lady showing compassion for the children and yet you have this jacket. why did no one say, maybe pick one of your other beautiful coats, melania? i don't understand. >> maybe it's a moment of true candor of her. the administration doesn't care about the kids or -- >> do you think melania trump doesn't, who went down there today? >> i'm not saying she doesn't. maybe she's telegraphing for the world the reality of what's
1:40 pm
going on living with donald trump, who as she's going to the border is attacking democrats and still talking about immigrants as if they're all gang members. at the end of the day, the reality is this white house has not seen these children as human beings and that is why we have the policy we have and i'm glad there's an uproar in america but the only reason why melania went down there or ivanka is tweeting is because there is a public backlash. not because they cared about these kids a week ago, two weeks ago or a month ago. >> or when the policy was implemented in april. we talk about the ivanka tweet. ivanka trump advise tore the president, also his daughter, of course, wrote now an order is signed ending family separation at the border it is time to focus on swiftly and safely reuniting the families that have been separated sigh there a message to ivanka trump, herself? works in the white house and can
1:41 pm
do something, right? i don't know why she is tweeting about -- >> she could say -- i'm going to supper vise this. >> i'm going to coordinate the calling of dhs and getting everybody together in terms of making this happen. i mean, this happened six weeks ago. i think it might be her first or second tweet on it. i mean, she's not been out front on this in any way, shape or form and works at the white house. >> i mean, just to be completely cynical about this, it's like she tweets just as they think that there's a slight shift in policy. trump said something. donald trump said something. we have no idea. they have no idea. how to unite these parents. this is -- but these tweets are really just a pr stunt for how the country will see her as the softer side of this heorrendous policy. she's willing to tweet about it now but the most important question is, where was she a week ago or two weeks ago or a month ago? >> here's the thing. let's put up the tweet again if
1:42 pm
we can. i just want to show people this. now that the executive order is signed blah blah blah it is time to focus on reuniting the families. it is not we are going to now. there is a weird detachment as if she is not one of the most powerful people in this administration. >> well, i think ivanka trump would like to be a very important figure in american politics and life for a very long time and i think she's seeing the same polls we are seeing which is that this is a policy that was deeply unpopular. outside of her father's very ardant and she understands this policy or other policies in the past, ivanka and jared very troubled by the president's policy on transgender kids and bathrooms and they're very sinned about the president's decision on climate change. i think she sees where younger americans are at on a lot of issues and wants to try to preserve her brand so that a few decades from now she can continue to be a prominent figure in american politics.
1:43 pm
>> i mean, i'm sorry. this is just gross. can i just say it's gross? >> you just did. >> like it's a pr message and her brand and all this stuff. the end of the day this is a woman that talked about caring about children, during the campaign, after the campaign she said she was a champion of women and kids. day after day, week after week, month after month. she is part of a white house that has designed a policy to rip children from their parents. and she's tweeting about it now? when it's pr disaster. >> says it's time to focus on reuniting them. >> it's outrageous. and she should -- we should all reject it as disgusting. >> everyone stick around. we got a lot more to talk about. shocking allegations of the children are facing, next. behr premium plus, "behr" through it all with a top-rated paint at a great price.
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heart breaking pictures and audio of children ripped from their parents at the southern border and kids who crossed the border illegally have been held in government facilities and now cnn's drew griffin learning about shocking new allegations about the way kids in some of those facilities treated from forced drug injections to physical abuse. >> reporter: outlined in court filings and special reports and witness statements, the allegations range from unsanitary conditions to unair conditioned rooms and hot text text summers and dosing children with mood changing drugs allegedly disguised as vitamins at the treatment center in texas. legal filings, quote, immigrant
1:49 pm
children being held down for injections given multiple psycho tropic medications against their will, some not even approved for use in children. and one case, a boy was placed on six drugs. and then independent psychologist found the boy had been misdiagnosed with a disorder and didn't have symptoms. another child, 13 from el salvador said in a witness statement i didn't want the injection. two staff grabbed me and the doctor gave me the infection despite my objection and left me on the bed. in other cases, alleging they took pills called vitamins given without consent and 11-year-old girl said she was forced to take ten pills a day. saying i would rather go back to honduras and live on the streets than be at shy lo. shy lo would not comment and 2014 congresswoman lee called
1:50 pm
for the state to order the closure of the shiloh treatment center and it is still open and children are still being sent there. >> if we have children endangered we have to begin investigations. >> reporter: in virginia, which holds teens accused of being violent, one child wrote of physically restrained and physically abused by staffers. they handcuffed me and put a white bag on my head, took off my clothes and put me into a restraint chair they left me naked and attached to that chair for two and a half days. this punishment chair was described in at least five other declarations from children. schenn dan yeah would not comment to cnn and denied assault and did acknowledge staffers use an emergency restraint chair as a last step of progressive response to
1:51 pm
aggressive behavior. some of the complaints and allegations stem from a long running lawsuit challenging the legality of the u.s. locking up or detaining any underage undocumented minors. >> the care they receive is shocking. what we have witnessed shocked my conscious and i have to repeatedly remind myself that this is actually happening in our country. >> reporter: jake, virginia's governor weighed in on this. he is ordering commonwealth officials to investigate these claims and we should point out that while most of the problems at the facilities took place before the trump administration's zero tolerance policy, these activist lawyers say that policy putting an extra strain on an already flawed system. jake? >> all right. drew, thank you so much. it may be one of the most controversial and highly anticipated meetings of the trump presidency, the world leader of whom president trump may be getting ready to meet.
1:52 pm
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one of the most talked about meetings with a russian may be in the works today. today president trump says he is considering a meeting with russian president vladimir putin next month traveling the vienna for the nato summit. let's bring back the panel. what do you make of this? optimistic? excited about this? >> i don't feel like there's anything good for the united states. there's very little russ has to offer that the united states wants besides stop misbehaving horribly in europe, stop trying to separate us from the allies,
1:57 pm
stop creating mischief. besides going in with a tough stance and telling vladimir putin he needs to knock it off, in a more forceful way, perhaps even than president obama when he supposedly said to knock it off with the interference in the american election, i don't think that donald trump is looking to talk to vladimir putin telling him to knock it off on much of anything. he views vladimir putin as in some ways a kindred spirit with a similar view of how to run a country and inspire your people and be tough on the international stage and that kind of thing terrifies me. >> why meet with putin? still attempting to interfere with elections. >> trump, you know, he talked with putin before and, you know, talked about the idea of meddling and it's some point i guess putin said, oh, i didn't do it and donald trump essentially said, you know, he believes him and walks that back. trump long harbored a kind of fascination for putin. even going back to before he was president, talked about maybe being best friends with putin.
1:58 pm
if you look at polls, americans think that putden is the leader that this president is closest to, something like a quarter of americans out of a list, putin comes up first. not may or trudeau, not macron. it's interesting. you have seen the elevation of figures like putin and kju. >> this is just a week after donald trump had a disastrous meeting with the g7 and attacked aallies, germany this week. he's planning to do this around the nato summit. it is a slap in the face to nato which is designed to defend against russia. you know, i think we could have a positive spin on this or say he likes him and at the end of the day russia -- mueller found that russia -- russian actors had a campaign to help donald trump get elected. intelligence community said the
1:59 pm
same thing. you know, i mean, you could be like maybe this is a thank you tour. >> when it comes to how the public views president trump a poll shows that 53% of the public disapproves with how the president is handling foreign affairs, 39% approve. he obviously sparks division here at home. with a lot of the issues he talks about. also on the global stage. >> yeah. and i mean, he is trying to sell success. i mean, you heard him today talking about the results of his meeting with kim jong-un. essentially sort of lying about the success and basically saying on the path to denuclearization. >> i don't think he said path. i think he said it was done. >> yeah, yeah. we all know that's not true. so he's in the kind of selling mode and if you're selling i don't know necessarily that you're convincing americans of this as a poll shows. >> unfortunately, that's all the time we have. thank you for being here. be sure to follow me on facebook and twitter.
2:00 pm
i turn you over to wonderful blitsz blitzer in "the situation room." thanks for watching. happening now, breaking news, chaos ensues. president trump's executive order on migrant family separations is causing confusion as the administration struggles to explain what happens now. and the president's latest remarks only adding to the uncertainty. full message jacket. first lady trump pays a surprise visit to a texas facility housing detained migrant children and the unusual fashion choice steals the show. what are the cryptics words on the jacket mean? who are they aimed at? detention nightmare. disturbing allegations against facilities housing detained migrant children including abuse and forcing them to take mood changing drugs. we're learning new