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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  May 25, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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pay for the last presidential election which saw the first woman chosen as a national party's nominee. >> i can't believe we just put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet. >> many women back then might have been surprised to know it would take so long, but then it might have been even longer if not for the amazing events of 1968. tom foreman, cnn, washington. >> airs this sunday 9:00 p.m. western. thanks for joining me. inside politics with john king starts right now. thank you, kate. welcome to inside politics. i'm john king. thank you for sharing your day with us. an important pea too milestone, disgraced hollywood mog you wul charged with rape harvey weinstein. and that despite the fact
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there is zero evidence to support his claim. and off or on? the white house is back in touch with north korea to see if the singapore summit can be salvaged. china is happy with the current state of play. south korea, furious. the president tells graduating navy cadets, all is fine. >> in every generation, there have been critics who try to tear down america. not working too well lately. they are respecting us again. yes, america is back. and in case you haven't noticed, we have become a lot stronger lately. a lot. >> and we begin on the world stage, president trump saying the big singapore summit might not be canceled after all. it is off as we speak right now at this moment. but the white house is back in contact with north korea today.
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and the president, listen here, sounds like he hopes he can work things out. >> we'll see what happens. it could even be the 12th. we are talking to them now. they very much want to do it. we'd like to do it. we'll see what happens. john, everybody plays games, you know that. >> by playing games we assume the president means in his view it's kim jong-un's behavior that forced things off the track yesterday. china is just fine with the decision to pull the plug. major u.s. ally south korea is stunned at the decision that also how president blindsided seoul in announcing the big meeting was off. so now what? share reporting is bloomberg, cnn manu raju, with "the washington post" and rachel with politico. back in touch. the white house was happy, supportive of the president's decision to pull the plug. why the next day are they saying let's see if we can fix this is this. >> i think given where the rhetoric and the moves went with
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north korea, the white house had no choice but to do what the president did but didn't want to be in that position anyway. i'm not sure there is unanimity inside the administration about the wisdom or merits of going ahead right now. but if that's what the president wants to do, the structure is there to support him. but the kind of leverage position has to be right. and they just couldn't go into the meeting given some of the things that kim had said and what we learned yesterday about them getting stood up in a planning meeting that sort of thing. you want in ha meeting like this summit like this for both sides to have some agreed upon deliverables, let's use that word, but something to show there was a point to it. >> that's certainly what tradition is. tradition you is work out 95, 96, 98% before the leaders sit down. the president was applauding this mornings, he said he found it good and welcome. this statement from the north korean regime. we reiterate to the united states we are willing to sit
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face-to-face any time anyway. president trump's statement on the north korea summit is not those who wish for peace offense the korean peninsula as well as the world. so the president applauding that. but again words are not going to get you successful summit. one of the reasons that within the administration pushed the president to cancel it is because they are not convinced that north korea means it. that north korea is going to come to the table, yes, we are opening to negotiating getting rid of our nuclear program which has been our end all for 50 years. >> they can make bold gestures, look, we are blowing things up nuclear power plant, but doesn't mean tt other hand isn't secretly behind their back doing something else. this has been decades dealing with the north korea problem. it is alluded several presidents running to be able to fix it t and a lot of people do not trust that all of a sudden this hermit regime that has been obsessed with keeping power is going to say, oh, yes, sure for some economic relaxation we are willing to give up our claim to
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power in this country. because you bring in liberalization politically and all of a sudden challenged sochlt if north korea was pulling power moves, the united states can do more power moves. the president was saying, we make fun of the fire and fury, but we can say we are walking away and have no options. >> to that point you hear anger within the administration with china. because they thought things were on track. and then kim jong-un has a meeting with president xi and the northern behavior and rhetoric changes. we talked about it before. last thing china wants is germany on border, reunified korea. and so listen this morning to lindsey graham. the big question now is what, will the president go back to tougher sanctions? will the north koreans go back to testing missiles and maybe have a nuclear test or some other pro vic tive behavior. listen to lindsey graham saying president is mad at china saying the next play is on president
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xi. >> he's going to go back to china, i think read them the riot act. if you want a peaceful conclusion to the north korean problem, help me. if you keep playing this game that we played for 30 years, there is going to be a war in your backward, not ours, and north korea is going to lose. >> that's my biggest question. are we going from let's try to have a summit, let's be more diplomatic, and even if you don't have a summit and even if you don't denuclearize korea, at least stop the provocative behavior. or are we back now in there could be a war in your backyard fire and fury? >> we don't really know. i think there has been actually a sigh of rewill leaf from a lot of republicans about the decision to pull the plug on this, this june 12th summit, because the fact this was a very ambitious time table to have a summit of this magnitude. it was unclear exactly what the united states was going to get out of this. the president seemed to really want a deal.
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to what end? was it going to be a dpod deal for the united states. so talking to a lot of the republicans yesterday, and bob corker told me yesterday this is a minor set back in his view, because i think there was that apprehension what exactly is the united states rushing into? perhaps it's better to wait this out, see what happens, and maybe war could be staved off and they can work with this diplomatic. >> i'm not sure the plug has been pulled. not just the president saying it could still happen. talking to administration folks this morning, still a sense that actually, you know, we could. >> and to your point about there is a lot you hear from inside the administration rgs that even secretary pompeo, the new secretary of state met twice with kim jong-un was a bit surprised how this happened. because he thought they were still moving forward. understanding there is still some issues to work out and blames it on john bolton working the system. proximity does matter. john bolton has the office across the haul.
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are they still tug a war among themselves? >> in a sense, pompeo has personal stake in this, he's the guy went over, diplomate now who is supposed to be brokering this. so to not have the chance is upset as well. you can't also say because you called off this meeting everything they've done to this point completely evaporated. it isn't. they have made contact in hawaii that others have not for a very long time. there is that chain to pull back. seems like north korea got scared by what the president said two days ago. so that puts them at least not at zero again. doesn't mean this is necessarily go towards fruition successful summit but starting again. >> colleagues from white house saying this was a lot of bolton decision and asserting his power saying he is having in influence over the talks as much as pompeo. the president accepted the north korea negotiation summit without talking to his team. it was spur of the moment. people were surprised.
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but when he announced he was going to be canceling this meeting, there was put out in a statement, it was discussed with a whole bunch of people on staff, and a lot of that we are told is because bolton is asserting himself and trying to bring the president in instead of spur of the moment type we are doing t we are not doing t back and forth. so we are seeing his influence there. >> to pull off big things in the world stage you need friends. south koreans who actually have the most at stake, live in the neighborhood, live across the dmc, they are furious because they found out like we did, that's what they say, no heads up, ntsd to pull the plug, they left meetings with the president thinking this was on. it's not the way to do business. decision might it be the right one not ready for successful summit don't do it. but how they did it has angered a lot of people. >> i think when something of this significance you need to have consistent message coming out of this administration, coming out of the united states government, different rhetoric, mike pence rhetoric versus
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pompeo and that's led to some confusion on the world stage at well. >> every stage of this they have been pushing for this the hardest and others have said not the right time or not had those cards to put on the table. >> we'll keep an eye on it. the conversations allegedly taking on. summit june 12th was can sed. president says he may bring it up. up next the president says fbi improperly spied on him. but wait can you make the case that he's actually the one trying to improperly spy on the fbi?
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welcome back. the president today not letting the facts get in the way of a good tweet. everyone knows there was a spy the president said this morning, placed he said inside the campaign for sole purpose of political advantage and gain. actually, everyone can't know that, because there is no evidence. and the president's conspiracy theory looks more farfetched today than it did yesterday. because of pressure from the
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president, the justice department held two briefings with lawmakers yesterday to discuss highly sensitive information about fbi tactics in the russia meddling probe. the president's right hand man congressman nunes was in both meetings. nunes talks a lot for what the president says facts or no facts is considered gospel. but not a peep from the intelligence community chairman. that should help you tip the scales between fant city and fact and president's deep state spying allegation. it's rare for the feds to discuss tactics while investigations are still ongoing. even more rare is outrageous the word being used a lot the fact that one of the president's lawyers and chief of staff were on hand for these briefings. democrats say the presence of john kelly and flood is beyond appropriate. telling rudy giuliani flood presence was a prerequisite. if the special counsel still wants to interview their client
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the president of united states, mr. flood has to be there for the briefing. just odor over the line? michael zeldon has experience with michael mueller. what does it say, um et flood is the president's lawyer to be there at that meeting? >> well, it's not a good appearance for certain. and you have to understand how this meeting was originated, which was to say that the doj and the fbi did not want to review any of this human source information. but they were eventually forced to, they were brought to the white house and the president said you shall do this. then when the meeting was to begin and under the guise of congressional oversight flood and the chief of staff show up to remained the participants about the need for transparency, i think that's the president saying remember i want you to reveal information about what you learned from a confidential
9:17 am
source. and then rudy giuliani compounds the problem of the appearance by saying until we know what these confidential source is saying, communication or participation in interview is a no-go. so they are really asking, john, as you set it up, they are asking for information from the prosecutor before they can make a decision about whether to go forward. that's not really the way it works in the criminal justice system. tas t as the prospective subject of the investigation, you don't get to know that unless your lawyer tells you in private about that. >> i'm assuming rudy giuliani when he was a prosecutor, pretty good one, he ordered an investigation, km on in, i'll tell you who your secret source is whan they are telling you. you do have the right ones you are charged under the crime under discovery to find out how they got their information. but by rudy giuliani saying publicly the president's team needs to know and right to know,
9:18 am
even though the president is not charged with anything as yet, that's ludicrous, isn't it? >> well, yes. and borders on sort of an abuse of his authority. when he is ordering doj and the fbi to reveal information that's relevant to a prosecution or inquiry that he is the subject of, and he has his white house counsel, doesn't have personal lawyers there, we have to be careful to make sure this is understood that flood works for the government. but when he's there to in the words of the white house, insist on transparency, i think that's sort of, you know, miss characteristic. i think it's a requirement that fbi reveal information, then as i said rudy giuliani then saying as soon we get debriefed what the informant said. his quote was what's most important what did the informant produce. once we know that, then we can figure out what to do. that's not the way the system works or the way it shouldn't
9:19 am
work. >> but if we offer transparency, maybe the fbi can say maybe sir, but he can release all his public text messages with his son during campaign years. >> it does send a terrible presence dent when the white house tells the doj what to do. >> he's trying to snoop on the fbi. works both ways. michael, appreciate your insights. >> thank you, john. >> let's bring in the appropriateness or inappropriateness team of the president being there, only there for the start of the meetings. >> wasn't there for any of the information being discussed but does send a message that big brother is watching, number one. them number two the meeting was about nunes and gowdy, one briefing, with two conservatives, one of whom is a very solid ally of the president on these questions and who wants us to believe essentially susan rice is in cahoots with jeff sessions to turn the deep state
9:20 am
against them. the fact he was in both of these briefings and said zip because there were other adults in the room who could say what he was saying is true or false, that speaks volumes to me. >> yeah. and, look, i think we probably are going to expect nunes to eventually make the case they need more information. i don't think that this is going to sea the conservatives, certainly. and the fact that senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said what he did yesterday saw nothing surprising in there also tells you something with staking out the meeting yesterday no republican wanted to discuss what happened at all. richard byrd who has not been pushing the issue like nunes avoided reporters. did not want to touch this situation at all. it seems what the democrats is saying no evidence to support the president's claim is all what we know that came out of that briefing yesterday. and the justice department as we know has been privately pushing
9:21 am
back. >> you mention mitch mcconnell. because again nunes conspiracy theories that everybody in the deep state was out to get the president and fbi illegally spying on the trump campaign. what the fbi would tell you, former fbi director james comey would tell you, no we have confidential in investigations we have rules and rules were followed. mitch mcconnell was in the same briefing. president says there was an illegal spying operation on his campaign. not majority leader says this. >> it was a classified briefing and consequently i don't really have any observations to make about it. i don't have anything new to say on that subject. two investigations going on that i think will give us the answers to the questions that you raise. the ig investigation in the justice department and the mueller investigation. i support both of them. and i don't really have anything to add to this subject based upon the gang of eight briefing that we had today which was classified. >> now, just quick translation. he's not going to say the
9:22 am
president is spreading conspiracy theories, the president is wrong or nuts. mitch mcconnell won't say that. but he does say we have two investigations going on. i support them. and i learned nothing today's in this briefing to change that opinion. again, that speaks volumes as does nunes silence. >> nunes silence was not just to the press. afterwards he did not say a room in the room either. >> but demanding these meetings saying you are all up to nefarious things and doesn't ask questions. >> right. what are you doing? taking notes and listening. and ha will you do next? . mitch mcconnell is the statement like so many sort republicans on the hill. i support my mueller's right to do the probe. i think mueller is person with integrity. they don't want to directly cross the people who are calling for mueller's head in various ways or taking moves that would end up with us getting there. because that will crossing the president. and yet they have been saying for months, and months at this
9:23 am
point, let it happen. we are getting sick of this. we are not going to put these resolutions for second special comb on the floor but they can't actually say those words in that much detail because that would set up a clash. >> i think the way mitch mcconnell handled it, everyone knows mitch mcconnell doesn't push back against the president. very diplomatic about it. he's not going to cross the president. but the way he addressed this really show how much of a dud it was. the president said there is evidence that this is basically watergate in reverse. >> said worse than watergate. >> yeah. and that the fbi had basically set up his cam page, et cetera, et cetera. mitch mcconnell comes out reaffirms his support of the investigation and basically says there was nothing surprising in there. so that goes against everything we know. >> two things the president is counting on. one is that the fbi and investigative body mueller's team is going to use their normal sort of decorum and sort of posture, which is not to discuss details. they are not going to come out
9:24 am
publicly defend what they've done. he's counting on that. hand true so far. and counting on second thing these details are so in the weeds that the average american is not going to investigate whether anyone was spied on. and doesn't matter whether the allegations are accurate, whether spy gatd is gate is a t not, what he's counting on people will remember that. it can impact the way the public perceives it. midterms coming up. re-election campaign underway. and that is the fence he is swinging for. >> and success in that regard too. public doubt particularly among republicans, they need to get republicans out to support this. that's one reason whatever mueller comes up they hope it has tarnished the views of the public because of campaign. >> certain to think if your title is president of a united states or chairman of a house committee you should be in way beholden to facts and reality and planet earth as opposed to
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only remfresh usesody's ion-powered melatonin to deliver up to 7 hours of sleep support. number one sleep doctor recommended remfresh-your nightly sleep companion. a dramatic day in new york city conference. disgraced harvey weinstein arraigned on charges including rape. two separate women. earlier in the women harvey weinstein turned himself to police and es courted out in hands cuffs. harvey weinstein attorney say he is no boy scout but he is not guilty of a crime. >> we believe at the end of the process mr. weinstein will be exonerated. mr. weinstein did not in vent the casting couch in hollywood. and to the ebxtent there is bad behavior in this industry, this is not what it's about.
9:30 am
it's only if you committed ha criminal act and mr. weinstein vigorously denies that. >> cnn was at the courthouse at that scene earlier today. brynn, walk us through that court appearance. >> reporter: everything was well or traited between harvey weinstein and da office. by the time weinstein got in front of a judge he pretty much knew what he could expect. we know he's out on 1 million cash bond and the limits include him wearing a gps monitoring device 24-7. also had to surrender passport. can only stay in new york and connecticut. this stems from several charges he face frs complaints filed by two victims, most serious of those charges being rape, john. >> it is a day his accusers, the alleged victims is long overdue. any preactireaction from them? >> reporter: oh, yeah there is
9:31 am
it reaction globally at this point. that's how far it took. really around the globe. i want you to hear from one woman, rose mcgowan, what she had to say about this arrest. >> this man had hunting grounds all over the world and he had accomplices and complicity machine. he was the cult leader of hollywood, the king. >> if he were watching this today, what would you say to him? >> we got you. we got you. yeah. >> reporter: and it's important to note, john, there are other investigations ongoing. a grand jury has been convened. it's possible he will face more charges in the future this is just the beginning for harvey weinstein. >> just the beginning. but dramatic day. brynn appreciate the reporting all day long. thanks. and from capitol hill a new
9:32 am
senate compromise holds lawmakers personally responsible for financial settlements and gets rid of a 30 day mediation and counseling period considered a stalling tactic for some. the big challenge reconciling the house with the senate. a, how hard will that be, reconciliation process, and b what are the chief complaints about the senate big in saying it's too weak. >> i think there is enough outside pressure and resistance from the house they will probably have to go to conference. there is it a sense from womens groups and from the chief anti-sexual advocates in the house the senate bill declaws many of the changes put in in the house version. for example, lawmakers under the house version held liable not just for sexual harassment but for discrimination which often comprises majority of harassment cases because it's harder to make a case of sexual harassment
9:33 am
versus discrimination. and maybe make lawmakers personally pay the cost for any settlements in the house bill. but in the stat they take out discrimination which again is the majority of these cases and only make them liable for certain damages. and one other big thing that i think you are going to hear a lot more about in the coming weeks and that is under the senate bill lawmakers on the ethics committees have to actually approve the claims. and that's particularly problematic. because in the house version it's totally ibd investigator who is looking at all these things and deciding who is right and who is wrong and how much is victim awarded if anything at all if they can prove anything. but this allows colleagues of the lawmakers to basically over turn that which people are really concerned about. >> right. essentially their process, if they had a better history on this maybe you could understand that. i want you to listen to the two senators it's not perfect but at least we got it done. >> it may not be everything everyone wanted exactly, but actually going to make a change.
9:34 am
because we know what's been going on isn't good and it has to change. >> without being critical of the house bill, too, the house had about five days to work on their bill. we had 100 days to involve our colleagues in this discussion. and, frankly, i think our bill will stand the test of time longer than theirs would. >> will it? >> you know, we don't know. i think that as rachel was saying, there is going to be a big push to strengthen the senate bill. i do think it's significant they have come to this point though. it's institution, congress has been unwilling to change their own rules, how they govern themselves and police themselves. it's really only when there is a tremendous public pressure and out cry where they actually do something to police themselves. so in that regard it's significant step. but they will have to resolve these differences. and there is not much time to legislate this year. so we'll see if they are able to get this done, this congress. >> it's significant. but isn't it sad it's significant? do you have a national conversation about an incredibly
9:35 am
serious itssue and we have to clap our hands that they did something. >> what occurs to me these are remedies after the fact things that shouldn't be happening anyways. and what's happening in society is a broader conversation that may prod expectations so that if you are elected to office you just come in with a different set of expectations. i think, also, there are so many women on the ballot this year, many have been inspired or motivated or carried forward by some of the me too issues. there will certainly probably come a day in society when many of the me too victims are men at the hands of women. but right now we are not quite at that tipping point. there is a thought that more woman in congress may modulate just expected norms of behavior. >> if they don't figure this out in a way that seas, you'll never sea everybody, but if you don't sea more people, they might have some new faces next year push it again. up next, why did a russian oligarch visit trump tower just
9:36 am
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welcome back. it's a safe bet special counsel asked about this. a russian oligarch caught on camera walking into trump tower for a meeting with michael cohen, the president's long-term personal attorney and fixer. footage there january 2017 showed him entering the trump tower. apparently unbe known to the president elect. person familiar with the meeting tells cnn that vessel berg was late edition to the schedule and meeting was to discuss u.s.
9:41 am
relations and ended pretty quickly. let's talk about this. russian oligarch, trump tower, ten days before the inauguration, or, no, three days before the inauguration or somewhere in that ballpark, ten days, 11 days. why? >> they are saying it was to talk to michael cohen about u.s. and russia relations. why did victor want to do this? like it was a question that he stopped and pulled them off a plane. they tried to question him and pull his electronics. other thing in this whole situation is victor's cousin is this guy trader who eventually wound up giving michael cohen a contract that he winds up paying michael cohen about $580,000 to do consulting work for him and have to do something to do with trump and perhaps getting some
9:42 am
benefit out of michael cohen because of michael cohen's relationship with trump. so certainly all of this is something that was concerning for investigators and something that they've been certainly looking at. >> the question is is it sinister i guess is the idea? >> the problem you have is victor is an oligarch he's worth $15 million. he is close to vladimir putin. we know that the special counsel has been looking at whether or not russian money somehow went to the campaign, went to the inauguration through these donors, whether these oligarch were using these donors. here you have oligarch showing up at trump tower with cousin who is u.s. citizen who actually did give money to the inauguration also. >> under the umbrella of following the money, special counsel is looking into roger stone financing. going back to the nixon day
9:43 am
close to this president and businessman president trump and. roger stone telling this to cnn special counsel having found no evidence of russian collusion seems to be going through my personal life and business affairs to conjure up some offense to testify against the president. i. >> we know he's under a lot of stuff now. he thinks publicly roger stone was a focus. roger stone has not been contacted by the special counsel which is not necessarily a good sign for him. it's a sign they are still trying to get information. we do know he's looking at any contacts he had through julian
9:44 am
assange through immediantermedi >> trying to get some clinton emails. >> absolutely. so all of which seems to suggest that there is more to roger stone than meets the eye about what the special counsel could be looking at here. >> and the administration, the president and his team's posture at the initiation of all these investigations was, all this is made up, there is fog see here. there were no contacts. there was nothing inappropriate. so there could be explanations for all of these things. but when you are starting posture is to say nobody was in contact and then these things emerge, that's where the most obvious discrepancy begins. >> and president i hire the best people surrounded by people live their ways in the gray like roger stone and try to figure out where to go. and also new reporting whether the president will sit down with the special counsel. rudy giuliani says he wants to. even though rudy giuliani tells you as your lawyer i don't think you should.
9:45 am
new reporting they had a potential date, january 27, four months ago, but then they say 20-page letter saying slow down. in margin another meeting between the teams. in april, team trump reevaluates mueller sit down at the raid. they get a little more hesitant. at the end of april, rudy giuliani meets with mueller again. we still get the idea that the president says he wants to do it. and all his attorneys say don't. but this tells you for all the complaints that why is this going on so long, maybe they could have been on a faster track had they gone ahead with the january meeting. >> yes. there has been this push and pull do the lawyers think the trump perjury himself the lawyers say no except when rudy giuliani changes his mind back in forth in his various interviews. and it's a microcosm of a big
9:46 am
are thing going on. if the president and team were playing ball more with the mueller probe, things probably would be moving at a faster clip. but resistant at every term so that makes people dig in harder and makes you have these a lot of the in indictments about lying to federal law enforcement officials. i mean, when you start to do that, it metastasizes. and, again, they are playing for two audiences here not just mueller but for the public as well. but that complicates t ait. and you have to ask at what point are they trying to drag it out or wrap it up? >> and you hear the oligarch and roger stone, confusing, but the bottom line is the lawyers don't trust the president to go into meetings. got it. and up next, both good and difficult times for the country. >> the west won't contain communism, it will transcend communism. >> don't just get involved, fight for your seat at the table. better yet, fight for a seat at the head of the table.
9:47 am
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this is just moments ago the president of the united states handing out degrees to graduates of annapolis, the naval academy, just about 45 minutes outside of washington d.c. you see him shaking hands as they get their diploma. speaking to the naval academy, this is the day after the president pulled the plug on the north korea summit talking up america's strength. >> you are now leaders in the most powerful and righteous force on the face of the planet, the united states military. and we are respected again, i can tell you that, we are
9:52 am
respected again. and our country has regained the respect that we used to have long ago abroad. america is back. >> this is the second year for the president being on the graduation circuit. it's tradition to give a few speeches, president, one in the military academy and couple others around the country. a slightly different tone today than when the president spoke last year at the coast guard academy. that was after he fired the fbi director jim comey. >> no politician in history, and i say this with great assurety, has been treated worse or more unfairly. you can't let them get you down. you can't let the critics and the naysayers get in the way of your dreams. >> so, you know, we often get
9:53 am
criticiz criticized for grading the president on the curve. but let's say this speech was less about him than last year. can you mark that down as progress? >> for commencement speech, yes, it's suppose be toed about the graduates. you have to do new things in the job, this is one of them. goes away from challenge all me that's actually on topic to the group he was speaking to. but the president, i was going to say the president is not an orator, but i should say the president is not an orator on traditional way you go on stage. it doesn't translate to this forum perfectly. >> he's a good communicator, not a speech giver. >> this is not a new thing that the commencement circuit becomes a political stage. other leading figures in american politics and public life give a few. hillary clinton gave one the other day where she held up a russian hat to make kind of a
9:54 am
joke about the president of the united states. a lot of the democrat 2020 candidates making their way around the country to get some high profile stages. of late two republicans here including the former secretary of state not being so kind to the commander in chief. >> in our leaders seek to conceal the truth or we as people become accepting offal tirn tive realities that are no longer grounded in facts, then we as american sit stens are cia pathway to relinquishing our freedom. >> our pathway has been debased who has a bottomless appetite for destruction and division and only a passing familiarity with how the constitution works. >> a lot of people use these commencement speeches for kind of imagery building that's certainly what rex tillerson is attempting to do now. of course if he said those things while secretary of state he might have been out of a job faster but a lot of people would have been interested in the message. but i do think you are note the
9:55 am
difference last year. i was at another address in virginia at liberty university where the president used an address to students really to talk about himself being besieged under the aus pa sus of telling them don't let anyone get you down. but it was a different flavor here. >> boston that's cambridge. >> sorry about that. >> where i live that we call that the left bank. up next for us gas prices going up this memorial day weekend. will that take a bite out of your tax cut? nutrients your eyes can lose as you age. it has lutein, zeaxanthin and omega-3. ocuvite. be good to your eyes.
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how much you are paying for gas this memorial day weekend. the national average up $3 up quite a bit. following the gas money from new york, alison, why.
9:59 am
>> sticker shock most expensive summers we have seen in years to fill up a tank. variety of reasons, more expensive blend produced for the summer. oil prices as a whole are up. opec raises prices goes into gasoline. and trump reimposes sanctions on iran is factoring in as well. demand is up as well. economy is stronger. people are diviriving. but higher gas prices are like an extra tax can help consumer confidence. also the rise in gas prices could really wipe out a big chunk of the extra take home pay some americans are getting from the trump tax cut plan. moody analytics said $150 billion benefit that will be wiped out this year. because that was considered sort of extra take home pay. so for families paycheck to paycheck, this is something they
10:00 am
could remember for midterm especially for republicans this could become a big pocketbook issues come midterm elections. >> the timing is interesting. we'll see how trump handles that. appreciate that. everyone enjoy the memorial day weekend. wolf starts right now. hello i'm wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. in washington. 2:00 a.m. saturday in pyeongchang. wherever you are watching from around the world, thanks for joining us. everybody plays games, prumtd saying cancelled summit with north korea kim jong-un may still happen. why north korea response is surprising many experts. plus, the president's conspiracy theory that the fbi planted a spy in his campaign blows up. why even some republicans briefed 0en this classified information are dismissing it. and he was once


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