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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  May 8, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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bothered by it, that he's grown more open to his aides' arguments that pruitt me go. and t "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. >> trump dumps another obama deal. "the lead" starts right now. as he repeatedly promised on the campaign trail, president trump said the u.s. is now getting out of the iran nuclear deal. the big question, did the move bring iran closer or farther away from a nuke. he went after harvey wine stein while allegedly hiding his own history of beating and degrading women and now the new york attorney general is on the on his way out and what will become of the legal cases against president trump. >> and plus he's not on the ballot but on the ballot. the first primary of the mid-term elections about to show you the republican party that president trump created.
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good afternoon. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we begin with the world lead and one of the most important foreign policy decisions of the trump presidency, the president announcing the u.s. will withdraw from t-- with the iran nuclear deal and defying president obama's whose administration negotiated the agreement. >> america will not be held hostage to nuclear blackmail. we will not allow american cities to be threatened with destruction and we will not allow a regime -- that chants death to america to gain access to the most deadly weapons on earth. >> the president also called the deal a great embarrassment to him as a citizen and he declared, quote, we have definitive proof this iranian promise was a lie. that is a reference to the presentation by israeli prime minister netanyahu. and though top trump officials
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should be noted, secretary of state mike pompeo and dan coates before the senate in recent weeks that iran was in compliance with the agreement. president trump also revealed that mike pompeo is on the way to north korea for the summit with kim jong-un and he said, quote, we'll all soon be finding out, when asked whether mike pompeo will return with the american detainees. and we have more from the white house. >> i am announcing today that the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal. >> reporter: from the diplomatic room at the white house, president trump announcing that the u.s. will abandon the international agreement aimed at curbing iran's nuclear ambitions reached in 2015 under president obama. >> this was a horrible, one-sided deal that should have
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never, ever been made. it didn't bring calm, it didn't bring peace and it never will. after the sanctions were lifted, the dictatorship used its new funds to build nuclear capable missiles, support terrorism and cause havoc throughout the middle east and beyond. >> reporter: the president outlined his reasoning for leaving the deal, arguing iran negotiated in bad faith, never intending to give up nuclear ambitions. >> at the heart of the iran deal was a giant fiction that a murderous regime desired only a peaceful nuclear energy program. today we have definitive proof that this iranian promise was a lie. it is clear to me that we cannot prevent an iranian nuclear bomb under the decaying and rotten structure of the current agreement.
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the iran deal is defective at its core. >> reporter: but the president claim that iran is moving forward with the nuclear weapons program seemingly contradicted recent testimony from secretary of state mike pompeo. >> iran wasn't racing to a weapon before the deal, there is no indication that i'm aware of that if the deal no longer existed that they would immediately turn to create a nuclear weapon today. >> the president signing a memorandum reinstituting sanctions against the regime which will take time to fully implement. >> we'll be instituting the highest level of economic sanction. any nation that helps iran in its quest for nuclear weapons could also be strongly sanctioned by the united states. america will not be held hostage to nuclear blackmail. >> reporter: now even though it could take months before the sanctions go into effect, the withdrawal is effective immediately. the national security adviser john bolton telling reporters
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that this withdrawal sends a strong signal to kim jong-un ahead of the summit that the u.s. will not accept inadequate deals but now that the u.s. has withdrawn from this deal, the big question is what will happen next and what will iran do? >> indeed. pamela brown at white house. thank you. and joining me now to react to the announcement is republican senator jeff flake of arizona. he served on the senate foreign relations committee. thank you for joining us. you initially opposed the iran deal back in 2015. do you support president trump's actions today? >> no. it could have been a better deal and it should have been structured differently. president obama should have come to the senate and proposed it as a treaty and we wouldn't be going through what we are going through now and it would have been a much better deal. but getting out of the deal at this stage means that iran has already realized the benefits, the major benefits that -- the release of funds that were frozen, relief of sanctions,
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yets -- yet now we let them off the hook with regard to their nuclear obligations. i don't think it is a wise move at this point. >> pulling out of the deal was one of his campaign promises. your surely not surprised that he's doing what he said he would do. >> no, not at all. not at all. he did campaign on this. and he is following through on it. i just don't think that it is a wise move. often times when you get into office you realize that, hey, ma may have worked in the campaign or those were -- that was a good line but you realize it is not good for the country at this point. given where we are with negotiations now, especially with north korea, our allies and our adversaries need to know that we are reliable and i think that that is mission right now. >> senator, president trump said he thinks iran will be forced to come back to the table and then the u.s. and others will be able to negotiate a tougher deal. what do you think? >> i think we could have negotiated that deal and could have negotiated additional
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things or sanctions with regard to iran's maligned behavior in the region, its ballistic missile activity not part of the agreement but what we've done now is given iran license basically to get out if they choose of their nuclear obligations. and that is not good for anyone. so i think that we could have -- we could have still negotiated with iran on those other things while sticking to the nuclear part of the agreement. >> did the president just make the world more safe or less safe, do you think? >> i don't think that we're more safe. i agree with what general mattis said this year, we should stay in the agreement. i think that is overwhelmingly been the advise of his military leaders and his diplomats as well. also our allies who have worked on this with us, we're going to need them, we need to work with them for various threats to come. not just this one. and if we're not seen as a reliable partner, then we're
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going to have a hard time moving ahead. >> how quickly do you think iran will get a fully functioning nuclear weapon? >> well, the saying was before they are a couple of months away. i think they're probably further away from that now. under the agreement it was structured in a way that they would be at least a year out. so it may take them a while, but if we -- as we have done now, un latterly withdraw, there is not much of an agreement without us being a part of it so iran could move back to enrichment or other activities if they choose to do so and if we believed our own intelligence before, they could be within several months, a few months from now of the bomb. >> obviously this all comes at the same time the u.s. is hoping to sit down at the table with north korea, president trump announced that secretary of state pompeo is on the way to north korea to meet with the leaders there. do you worry that north korea
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will look at the u.s. more skeptically now given the decision to pull out of the previously negotiated and agreed to iran deal. >> i do. i think and a lost experts talked about the knock on aspects of this. what it will mean for other agreements and i think certainly here, if the north koreans say, well hey, they only stayed within this -- with this agreement for just a couple of years, then they'll be more reluctant to sign on the dotted line in particular to do what we're wanting them to do, and that is to denuclearize. but not just freeze but denuclearize. so i do think we'll have more effects. >> and tomorrow you are giving a speak talking about the role of the u.s. in the world and your concerns about where president trump is leading the nation in that regard. one of the things you say is this nation's transformation into a indispensable nation and not crafted through military might, it was our effort to
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build up international norms aimed at free market principles and some would skaunder. that sounds like your fellow republican john mccain. are you worried that president trump is leading the united states towards isolationism and thus leaving a vacuum for china and russia and others to fill? >> you bet. i think that is started as soon as the president announced his intention to withdraw from the negotiations on the trans-pacific partnership but we saw countries at that time not just,al right, we'll wait for to you come around, they moved on. they moved on without us. china is filling that vacuum. a lot of the countries, particularly in southeast asia would like about to be part of our trade orbit and now they are sucked into china. so we're giving up our global leadership and it has implications on the trade and security side and i'm concerned as are many colleagues. >> senator jeff flake, republican from arizona, thank you so much. appreciate your time. and can north korea trust
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>> customer: really?! >> singers: safelite repair, safelite replace. my number one priority is to dismantle the disastrous deal with iran. i've studied this issue in great detail, i would say actually greater by far than anybody else. believe me. oh, believe me. and it's a bad deal. >> that was candidate donald trump back in march of 2016. today president trump is taking steps to fulfill the campaign promise. let's dive floor it with the panel. phil mudd and simmone sanders and amanda carpenter. and amanda has a new book called gaslighting america. it is excellent. check it out. but i'll start with simone. for all of the chaos of the administration, the president has been very successful in checking off the key campaign promises, he's kept gitmo open
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and pulled out of the paris climate deal and with drew with the pacific trade deal and now with the iran nuclear deal. he's been successful in reshaping u.s. foreign policy. >> yeah. for the worst one could argue. look, i think what -- as someone who was a proponent of fixing the trans-pacific partnership, i could understand why president trump had the stance he does on the tpp. with iran, what we heard the president say, he noted he's getting out of this because iran isn't holding up their end of the bargain and everyone in the world -- except for trump and netanyahu disagree with that. so i think this is dangerous. this is not just president trump saying i'm just going to keep my campaign promise, he is going out there with erroneous and false information that is going to lead us down a path that looks very similar to iraq. >> and now, phil, do you think -- president trump pledged
1:17 pm
today because of this action, iran will be forced eventually to come back to the table and agree to a harsher and tougher deal. do you believe that? >> heck no. i would say he used a word here that we ought to focus on, "dismantle" and the u.k. and the french and german and russian and chinese in contrast to where we were five years ago, what do you think they'll say about a., sanctions and, b., limits on sale of oil to the countries. the iranian president is saying we think deal will continue. >> think he suspects he knows the other parties will thank you, united states, we'll keep trading with these guys and then the second question kicks in, what will the president do to the europeans and russian and chinese when they keep trading. >> and i spoke where -- with a european diplomat and he said they heard president trump's concerns and they've been working behind the scenes on trying to meet those concerns about the weakness in the deal
1:18 pm
and everyone pretty much agrees the deal could have been better or stronger. and he said that the diplomat said they got 95% of the way there and he's not sure whether president trump even knows about the work that they did. what do you think? >> here is what i think is really disconcerning. we keep hearing we'll see what happens. we'll see what happens is not a foreign policy strategy. >> it is not a doctrine or a plan of action. you could have a lost complaints about what the obama administration did and i think there is a lesson when an executive without congress and like the iran deal and the paris climate change, you can't expect it to hold. that is a fair point and dwell on that. where do we go from here? where are the officials from the trump administration saying where they are going to go. whery are they not reassuring the public who is saying what is going on with nuclear weapons in the world, this isn't some trite matter or a tweet.
1:19 pm
we're talking about nuclear weapons in the hands of a hostile nation. i want to hear an explanation. i want to hear the foreign policy officials go to the cameras and say why they're justified in making this decision and what the next steps are. they owe that to us. >> and simmone, one of the big questions right now is what -- how does this affect north korea and negotiating with north korea. trump fans might say -- trump supporters would say this shows that president trump does what he says. he said he would withdraw and he does that and now north korea sees that. others say, especially a lot of people in the diplomatic community, how is north korea supposed to agree to bide by an agreement when the united states show its willingness to withdraw from the agreement they made. >> at will. it is a very valid concern. foeb folks look at north korea and kim jong-un is holding on to his nuclear weapons or lack thereoff because that is in the -- because that is their mode of survival.
1:20 pm
and so he saw what happened in libya when gadhafi gave up his nuclear weapons and then he was no longer with us. so i really think that this is a -- this is dangerous territory for the white house. i want to say one thing about young people. in hard a poll of young americans every year and in the most recent poll, democrats and republicans and independents notes they are more fearful than ever for this country. the decisions like this coming from the white house are reasons why young people across the board are absolutely living in fear and not feeling this administration -- and our members in congress. >> so phil, iran's foreign minister said before the announcement, quote, if the u.s. continues to violate the agreement or if it withdraws we'll exercise our right to respond in a manner of our choosing. you said that you think iran -- you suspect iran is just going to keep abiding by the agreement with everyone else except for the united states. but what is to stop them from going from a year away from being able to create a nuclear device to being able to do it tomorrow? >> because you would expect that
1:21 pm
the europeans and the chinese and russians will see evidence and i don't think they've seen it yet, evidence that said they are violating the agreement. one of the most interesting things the president said today on whether the irans -- what they have done. he quotes israeli intelligence. excuse me. i live in the united states. i want to hear what the americans say. quick side comment, he set up gina haspel for nomination tomorrow and first question if i were questioning her on the hill tomorrow, why did the president not talk about american intelligence on the iranian nuclear program and is it the same as what netanyahu did? that set up is pretty interesting. i suspect she says no. >> but just -- let's drill down on this a second. what did the israeli presentation show? what did it suggest? my understanding was that it showed that iran before the nuclear agreement had ill intent and lying but it did is t say where iran is right now because u.s. intelligence, according to
1:22 pm
pompeo and coates, they say iran is complying. >> which the question to haspel tomorrow is significant. and read it the same way you d. that is a historic review of do. s acquired a long time ago and the preng was for political and intelligence purposes, a week and a half before the president will make his own statement and then netanyahu comes out with old intel and said they lied. why did he do that? because it is a current indication of where they are? no. because he wants the influence of popular opinion. that was politics. >> stick around. we have more to talk about. the new york attorney general who took on harvey weinstein and champions the many too movement is forced to resign after allegations he physically assaulted women. why the impact of his removal may spread far beyond the boarders of new york state. stay with us. hey shrimp fans - this one's for you.
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accusations against soon to be former new york attorney general eric schneiderman, one of the loudest voices for women's rights and resigning today at the close of the day in light of the scandal. there were four women who claimed he was violent with them and saying he slapped them and choke them and spat on them and telling one of the women, quote, i am the law. cnn tom core min is covering how this is unraveling. and we start first with brin ploom and this is the ally of the me-too movement and he pushed an anti-choking law, but he choked the women he dates, and the hypocrisy is second only to his abhorrent behavior. >> and hypocrisy is one of the words used to fuel a woman to come ford and hours ago the nypd said they will investigate the
1:28 pm
accusations and including district attorneys in manhattan and long island where the alleged physical abuse occurred. >> are we ready to fight against -- >> reporter: eric schneiderman now facing accusations from four women about his own behavior. two of the women spoke on the record in an explosive new yorker article saying the attorney general would, quote, repeatedly hit them, often after drinking, frequently in bed and never with their consent. michelle manning barish who dated s niderman for several years described one incident like this. quote, all of a sudden he just slapped me. open handed with and great force across the face and began to choke me. the choking was very hard. it was really bad. i kicked and every fiber i felt i was being beaten by a man. schneiderman addressed the allegations on twitter saying i
1:29 pm
have engaged in role playing and other consensual sexual activist and i have not assault the anyone, i have never engaged in nonconsensual sex which is a line i would not cross. ronin faroe, one of the writer of the new york article said the women were clear about what >> i want to relate the message of one of the women and it was a shared sentiment among the group that this was not role playing. this was not 50 shades of gray and not a gray area at all. >> the resignation is effective tonight. and it is possible the state's top attorney could soon face his own legal bandle. cnn, new york. i'm tom foreman. team trump is rejoicing at schneiderman's fall and don jr. tweeting, hey, eric, it is not role play if only one is in on it and kellyanne conway adding gotcha for a man donald trump called dopey, a light weight, a total loser. >> his name is eric
1:30 pm
schneiderman. not respected in new york. doing a terrible job. >> he was a deep thorn in donald trump's side. he drove the fraud investigation into trump university -- >> success -- >> reporter: which left trump ordered to pay $25 million to former students. >> he's a show-man and doesn't seem to think there is anything as a bad headline. >> reporter: when trump became president, schneiderman's crusade intensified and led the charge against the travel ban and health care reform roll backs and the daca immigration dispute and much more. >> i've developed a bit of a reputation since january as a guy who sues donald trump and the federal government. >> reporter: many democrats considered schneiderman the tip of the spear for possible allegations against trump and his cronies why robert mueller's russia propane probe came up empty or the president would
1:31 pm
hand out federal pardons, a move for which he was laying groundwork. and the interim attorney general has been named but who will get the job next fall when it comes up for election. no surprise, democrats are buzzing about several candidates who would certainly go after the president with just as many velocity. jake. >> one hopes that anthony wiener and eliott spitzer are not among them. thank you so much. want to thank tom forman and brin engrass. and now the panel. schmeider was a second option and does it turn up the heat on the special counsel. i'll get your answers right after this quick break. so, how's it going? well... we had a vacation early in our marriage that kinda put us in a hole. go someplace exotic? yeah, bermuda.
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new york soon to be ex democratic attorney general eric schneiderman has been a thorn in president trump's side for years and now he's announced he is resigning today over some really disturbing claims of abuse detailed by former girlfriends in the new yorker magazine. and as the drama was unfolding last night, donald trump jr. and kellyanne conway took time to gloat on twitter. donald trump jr. wrote, it is not role play if only one of you is in on it. it is interesting to see people in president trump's orbit gloefting abo gloefting -- gloating about this given there are plenty of charges against president trump as well. >> the tweets are great. we're on the record saying that the personal conduct of people in power matters. and so i hope now members of the
1:37 pm
trump administration will not go to the cameras and continue to lie for the president, regarding his hush payments with women. i would expect a person like press secretary sara huckabee sanders resign because the president knowingly fed her lies and wound her up on the white house podium and made her lie for him. if there is any line for a staffer, you cannot work for people who make you lie for them. and unless you are willingly complicit in it. so which one is it. >> and this is an important point. people that live in glass houses should not throw stones. and the people that work for donald trump live in a glass house. the president has been you accused by 12 women. i'm glad that schneiderman is stepping down and the backlash was swept and we should continue to expose folks for the truth. i'm so glad the women had the courage to come forward. but the fact of the matter is sarah huckabee-sanders or anybody else out there on behalf of donald trump is doing so of
1:38 pm
their own volition. these are grown people that go to the white house press party every single day and lie. and as a press person, i have no respect for that. but i'm also not giving anybody an out. you make a decision to be where you are. and they have chosen to be there. >> let me step back for just a moment. we're portraying this in a dog eat dog tone as a political issue and there is a bigger issue, this is not a gentle me-too movement, this is about physical assault and a violation of law. i don't care whether you are the president or the dog catcher, you do not gloat when you have exposure of information that indicates somebody was physically assaulted. so i know there is a lot of commentary about what donald trump did or didn't do, i think it is regular vant but a higher order question, why are we gloating about an issue that resulted in the assault of a woman. >> and talking about the assault of women on "access hollywood" because they think it is a joke. you don't and i don't and you don't, but this is what they continue to do and it is disgraceful.
1:39 pm
>> and i want to fit in some discussion about rudy giuliani. simone, sources are telling cnn the president is growing frustrated with his new lawyer rudy giuliani. >> welcome. we've been frustrated with him and his lack of facts. >> do you think he's next for the chopping block. >> perhaps. it is hard to tell. i think because donald trump is floating out there that he's upset or frustrated with rudy giuliani, he might be on his way out but the fact of the matter is that donald trump emboldened the former mayor to be in this position and tra-la-la him out there without the facts. so i'm confused why donald trump is not upset because he did this to himself. >> i subscribe to the giuliani mad man theory and they are so worried about the cohen raid and desperate to do anything to convince someone and anyone that it is not related to the mueller investigation and so you do this by copping to all of the hush payments, he say it was within the realm of campaign finance violation and you cop to that because you don't go to jail for
1:40 pm
campaign finance violations but financial laundering, money fraud, those are things you go to jail for. >> listen to this from the "wall street journal," they will decide whether the president will sit down with robert mueller. and there is a anecdote. in a informal four hour practice significance, mr. trump's lawyers were only able to walk him through two questions. and just -- that is four hours. four hours practice session and two hours given the frequent interruptions on naushl security and his lokeashousness one person >> i can't escape the humor. he is the president but can you imagine in the midst of a federal investigation of say jake tapper, well i kind of don't like the rules that we're setting for when you are investigating me. so i've decided i can only speak for two hours which is what giuliani said. he said this will only be a couple of hours. you got the example of why the mueller team doesn't want to agree to a short interview because you will get two answers
1:41 pm
and you walk out with no solutions. and the president then says i cooperated. >> do you think, simone, that rudy giuliani -- do you subscribe to the mad man theory and doing this just to get out as much information as possible and distract from the raid on michael cohen or do you think this is more shall we say ad hoc. >> i think it is a word vomit. i believe rudy giuliani got up there in the interview with "fox and friends" and just started going. and then once it was out there, he did a whole tour to either double down or correct and so i don't think there was elaborate strategy, i think these -- this was amateur hour. at the white house for usual. >> stick around. will trump's republican party get a glimpse of what november might have in store for them. will it be a victory or a shellacking? stay with us.
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♪ ♪ back with the politics lead. president trump's persona and policy are without question a major factor in today's primaries. voters in ohio, indiana, and north carolina and west virginia are making decisions that will set up the party of trump for the battle in november. ryan nobles offers this report. >> reporter: tonight in gop primary races in two states that could determine who controls the senate after the 2018 midterms, donald trump's anti-establishment politics will be on full display. in west virginia, former coal bearing don blankenship is running for the senate after
1:47 pm
spending a year in prison for conspiracy to violate mine safety standards in the aftermath of a 2010 mine explosion that killed 29 workers. he's using his legal woes to bolster his outsider credentials. >> i've had a personal experience with the department of justice. i can -- they lie a lot too. >> reporter: but president trump isn't supporting him, but compared him to failed alabama candidate roy moore. washington republicans are worried that blankenship could squeak out a victory in a three-way primary, hurting their chances to unseat incumbent joe manchin. >> they don't want to me to be there because they know i'm a extreme trump supporter and we have to make a change and they don't want that change to be made -- >> >> reporter: and his campaign is filled with okos of 2016 donald trump and touts his lack of political experience and bragged about his business background and not been afraid
1:48 pm
to delve into conspiracy theories. >> mitch mcconnell has created millions of jobs for chinese people and while do soing, mitch has gotten rich. >> reporter: it is driving the indiana gop primary as well. former state representative mike braun compares his business experience to the president's. >> i have a -- i am a life long business man and -- >> reporter: and his two opponents both members of congress have gone out of their way to tie themselves to trump. >> he should get the nobel peace prize -- >> reporter: luke messer is spearheading a campaign to nominate trump for a nobel peace prize -- while a congressman sports a make america great again hat but a jump on the trump train comes at a cost. while the approval ratings are sky high with republican primaries, the picture is different in the general election. even in states mr. trump won in 2016, there is little evidence
1:49 pm
that the president's popularity transfers and a success of these candidates may ultimately depend on their own connection with voters. >> there is a senate primary in ohio tonight. congressional primaries in new york -- north carolina but much of the focus is here in west virginia and it could be a good night for blankenship, still serving a probation sentence because of the federal misdemeanor charge. his aides tell us the probation is scheduled to end at midnight tonight. >> ryan nobles in west virginia. joining our panel is washington examiner reporter and cnn contributor selena zito with a new book called the great revolt reshaping american politics and it just came out today and check it out. selena, let me start with you. so blankenship who has done time said yesterday that he is tr trumpier than trump but trump
1:50 pm
has said don't for him because he won't win the general election. how do you think that plays out? do you think west virginia republicans are inclined to listen to president trump or go with the guy who is actually -- actually trumpier than trump. >> well first of all, i love primary day. >> it is a great day. >> so exciting. this is the closest we get to super tuesday for a couple of years. i think it -- blankenship, i could be completely wrong, but i'm not sure he's going to win. everyone is running as the heir to the trump coalition. and one of the things i think they're getting wrong is that they don't understand that trump was the cause of this populism or the result of it. not the cause. and i think that if these guys don't learn to focus more on local issues, then they're going to have a problem in -- in the general election. >> i completely -- i agree 100%. biggest thing that happened in west virginia in the last year
1:51 pm
was the nine-day teacher strike the schools shut down and they are not talking about. >> that everyone is focused on being trumpier than trump and you see that dynamic in indiana where everyone is trying to out-trump trump and the politics lost somewhere in the middle and you can't just run on his coat tails because it looks like they want to go to a trump rally more than they want to go to congress and achieve anything for the constituents in their state. >> and we should point out, you are a west virginian. >> i do. i keep that on the down low but i do have a stake in this race. >> you know what you are talking about. simone. >> and that point plays into why the campaign committee and the campaign -- they have about 15 or 20 states in their red to blue category and they've expanded to well over i think 35 at this point. i want to go back to the point about populism. i think what most of the folks don't understand is that donald trump's populism was racism and
1:52 pm
centrix and an economic populous and if you are not speaking about the issues that are directly affecting the folks in the states, particularly health care and the economy, you are not going to win. now it doesn't help that don blankenship, he is a racist, i want to be clear. >> he thinks he could buy a seat -- >> he is a racist and out there and he came from mitch mcconnell's whole family in a very, very racist ad and i didn't -- i didn't like how folks in -- in my opinion the republican party didn't rebuff it as largely and swiftly as they should have. but joe manchin is vulnerable but he is safe. >> and there are other candidates and the trump tweet said you can't -- and that just split the ballot. >> they associate win with donald trump and he wants to be a winner and something he said over and over again. i think that actually helps the other two candidates.
1:53 pm
and also -- most of -- 40% of the vote total comes in the areas closest to the pennsylvania and maryland line in west virginia. that is where the heavier population is and they are less inclined to be supportive of blankenship. and they have a stark memory of all of those people dying. and people love coal -- >> in the coal mine incident that blankenship went to prison for. >> exactly. so i think -- people dying, that sticks with you. >> the great revolt in the new book out today. when you go out there and talk to these voters, i know a lot of them are still with president trump, but do you sense a demoralization in any way because there is a lot of talk about the blue wave coming, and we have seen just empirically democrats haven sho-- have enthusiasm with conor lamb and
1:54 pm
western pennsylvania and where are the trump supporters not turning out to vote with the same enthusiasm that they turned out. because trump isn't on the ballot? >> i think they are exhausted. it is -- when you win, you kind of get lazy. you kind of step back a little bit and you saw that in 2010 with the democrats and 2006 with the republicans. they're like, oh, we'll be fine. oh, no we're not. conor lamb did a great job of expanding the universe because he ran on local issues. >> you were calling -- talking about conor lamb months before anybody else -- >> he ran as a solid race and a a-political race and the key this year is for people to run in their district and what suits their district. trump's coalition, this coalition hasn't left him yet. but that doesn't mean they'll not try something out different. because they're not very
1:55 pm
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demonstrate technology in 2020. i will be driving my car. be sure to follow me on facebook and twitter at jake tapper. could you tweet the show at the lead cnn and if you are so inclined to pick up the copy of "the hellfire club." now i turn you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." thanks so much for watching. happening now, breaking news, walking away. president trump follows through on his pledge to walk away from the iran nuclear deal and announces the u.s. will renew the sanctions. will iran now renew the nuclear program. pompeo in pyongyang. mike pompeo has gone to north korea to prepare for a summit with kim jong-un. could he set the stage by bringing home american detainees. and irritated. sources say president trump has grown irritated and frustrated over the negative coverage generated by