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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  May 4, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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now more businesses in more places can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. i'll be straight up today. i have no idea what the president means. that can apply to many days, of course. but especially today. after his new attorney rudy giuliani went on tv and laid out that the president had reimbursed michael cohen for the hush money payment to stormy daniels, that same president now says that same giuliani didn't get his facts straight. >> rudy knows it is a witch-hunt. he started yesterday. he'll get his facts straight. >> trump also said it is everyone else's fault essentially for talking about
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all this despite his own triple tweet on the very topic yesterday. >> mr. president, when did you -- >> when did you change your story on stormy daniels? >> we're not changing any story. what i'm telling you is this country is right now running so smooth. and to be bringing up that kind of crap and to bring up witch hundred hunts all the time, that's all you want to talk about -- excuse me, excuse me. you take a look at what i said. you go back and take a look. you'll see what i said. >> so where does that leave us today? with simple things like the truth and facts? let's try to figure it out. jeff zeleny is at the white house for us. jeff, what just happened? >> reporter: i think what just happened is the president clearly certainly, you know, had some pent up frustration. he's been watching news coverage of this as we know. and he clearly wanted to talk. you can tell by the look in his eye when he was walking out of
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the white house about an hour aor so or so ago. we shouted questions, i didn't think he would answer them. boy, did he. clearly wanting to clear things up, but in the process once again, seemed to confuse things. so sorting through all of that, he threw rudy giuliani under the bus, said he just started yesterday, that's not true. he's been on the legal team for a couple of weeks or so. and certainly goes against what the president suggested just yesterday that rudy giuliani was, you know, happy with his performance. we have seen this before multiple times, kate. the president says he's happy with someone, happy with something, and then he watches the news coverage of it and changes his mind. so i'll be waiting to hear from rudy giuliani to see what statement he'll be releasing, the president said that rudy will be releasing a statement, so presumably to clear something up. most interesting thing, i think, the president is saying he didn't change his story on stormy daniels.
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and then pressing that reporter there, who, you know, who actually was the same reporter, catherine lucy, from the associated press who asked him that question a month ago on air force one, did you know about the payment? he said no. the president clearly trying to again dismiss this as a witch-hunt. not answering any of the specifics here about if he changed his story. we have some frustration boiling over the president, clearly wanting to address this himself. but again i think as many questioned now, as we had earlier, just different ones. >> honestly, i said it yesterday, i'll say it again today, we know less today than we did yesterday. jeff zeleny, thanks so much. great to see you. joining me now to try to make sense of it, mark preston, senior political analyst, doug heye, and julie pace, senior political analyst and washington bureau chief for the associated press. mark, what do you make of donald
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trump saying giuliani just started, and he will eventually get his facts straight? >> what he's seeing is that he's seeing this story going in a direction he was not looking for it to go. from what we understand, that donald trump told rudy giuliani to go out and make comments. after which, spoke to him, thought he did a good job. as you see with the narrative on this story right now, it hasn't been good for president trump. that's why we're seeing president trump go out and at least pretend to address the situation. didn't answer us at all by going on camera and attacking the media is something that works well with his base and i think that's just what we saw transpire. >> right. but, and a big but, doug, rudy just started and wasn't familiar with everything. should people accept that nonexplanation explanation because dana bash very perfectly as always reminds me that rudy giuliani told her that he coordinated carefully and spoke with donald trump before and
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after his appearances on hannity. >> as a former communications staffer, i know the worst thing that a communications director or press secretary can say privately is what do you mean he knew all along? and it is always a problem, if that's what you have to go out and defend, whether you're the press secretary or then if you're a counselor to the president as we saw with rudy giuliani where we know they spent a lot of time working on this. one of two things happened, either rudy giuliani didn't know what he was talking about, which is its own problem, or he did and then it blew up in everybody's face, which is a situation that i think is probably a lot more likely here. either way, it is a real problem for the white house. it means we continue to focus on this, we're not focusing on the good jobs report from this morning where the president could take a lot of credit for things. it also means that the white house is going to have further explaining and this story will continue to shift in different machinations which is bigger for
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the white house. >> there is a real problem here with truth and fact at this very moment. either rudy giuliani is telling the truth or donald trump is telling the truth or michael cohen is telling the truth on a pretty important thing that is real legal fallout and also political fallout. i don't know which one to believe, not that i expect you to exactly know, but i would love your insight and expertise. >> you're right. one of the problems with the president's attempts to clean this up this morning is that he just muddied it further. rudy giuliani didn't have all the facts. we don't know what he's referring to there. we still don't know whose version of events the white house is going to lay out as what they will insist is the real version of events. but this is what happens when you have an administration that for more than a year has found themselves in similar situations where a story keeps changing. we have seen this happen with the story about rob porter, a staffer who was ultimately --
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ultimately forced to leave the white house because of allegation of spousal abuse. we have seen this in so many different situations where you just can't take the white house or the president's own version of events as fact. it leaves them with a real credibility gap. >> mark, the president also said, we played this for you, basically puts it on everyone else, the country is going great and you guys keep bringing up this kind of crap, bringing up witch-hunts all the time. giuliani is the one who brought this up as part of -- as we now know a carefully coordinated strategy, he planned with the president from as we learned from dana. donald trump tweeted about this three times yesterday. rudy giuliani told dana bash also in his conversation with her that you're not going to see any daylight between me and the president. they're the ones that are pushing this or am i just simply going crazy? >> i think you're crazy anyway. that's something that is entirely different through this discussion. we can talk afterwards. but, no, the fact of the matter
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is is that this was a strategy that they thought they could pull off and it didn't work. >> this is what i'm trying to figure out. when did they figure that out, it didn't work. just because -- i think by last night. donald trump or by midafternoon. donald trump realized this didn't go this is the way i wanted it to go. one thing that is the next deflection point away from the story, president trump said that we're going to have details soon about where north korea and south korea and i are going to meet to try to put together a deal. expect that to come out in the next couple of hours i bet because that will be a huge story that the white house will hope override the screwup basically by rudy giuliani. >> i have faith in everyone and all of the intrepid reporters all over the country that everyone can walk and chew gum at the same time, still try to seek out fact and truth on this and talk about the date and location of another important meeting that the president will be having. doug heye, if you were sarah
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sanders, do you call in sick today? >> at some point that's what you have to think of. look, sarah and a lot of folks in the administration are skilled at what i would call the george costanza maxim, it is not a lie if you believe it. we have seen that time and time again. the problem is we don't know who believes what anymore and that's a real problem, not just for their own credibility, but ultimately for the credibility of their boss moving forward. >> do you think the president -- the president likes to intentionally muddy the waters. we know that he did that during the campaign as well. but yesterday the question was kind of is the president giving the full story or is the president keeping his press secretary in the dark and i guess now we can add to the question today, is the president keeping his personal attorney rudy giuliani in the dark too? >> well, you're right, the president has used this strategy for decades in his business life, his private life, he'll give multiple versions of
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events, he'll have different -- he'll shade the truth when he feels like he needs to. it is a much different thing to do that as president. it certainly is a much different thing to do that when you are telling someone like the press secretary who is your chosen spokesperson who has to go out and disseminate a message to the world on your behalf, and press secretaries will sometimes cut themselves off specifically from certain pieces of information so they can credibly go out and say i don't know. but there say strategy to that. you want them to say, i'm not aware of that level of detail. the problem that sarah sanders has found herself in, though, she will often get information from the president, pass it on and it is found to be not true. that say really difficult situation and when you have the press secretary and the legal team, both ending up in those kind of circumstances, it just creates a mess, we don't know what the long-term legal implications for the president will be, but certainly just as a
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political strategy and a communications strategy, it is deeply flawed. >> great to see you guys, thanks so much. >> thank you. coming up, president trump says he would love to speak with robert mueller. but his lawyers won't let him. that's what he said. did donald trump just take one big step further away from ever sitting down with the special counsel today? this is the story of green mountain coffee roasters dark magic told in the time it takes to brew your cup. first, we head to vermont. and go to our coffee shop. and meet dave. hey. why is dark magic so spell-bindingly good, he asks? let me show you. let's go. so we climb. hike. see a bear. woah. reach the top. dave says dark magic is a bold blend of coffee with rich flavors of uganda, sumatra, colombia and other parts of south america. like these mountains, each amazing on their own. but together? magical. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters packed with goodness. you might or joints.hing for your heart... but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish,
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i would love to speak. i would love to go. nothing i want to do more. we did nothing wrong. we ran a great campaign. we won easily. we won that easily. 306 to 223. we won it easily. that was a great victory. a great day for this country. we just had new job numbers out. we broke 4, 3.9%. i would love to go. i would love to speak. but i have to find that we're going to be treated fairly. wait, wait. i have to find that we're going
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to be treated fairly. because everybody sees it now, and it is a pure witch-hunt. >> president trump getting some things off his chest this morning. at one point insisting he wants to talk to special counsel robert mueller as you heard there, nothing he would love more, actually. but he also says his lawyers are advising against it. wonder why. now what? joining me now, jim schultz is here, former attorney in the trump white house and jennifer rogers, a lecturer at columbia law school. do you believe that donald trump wants nothing more than to speak to robert mueller? >> well, i'm inclined to doubt it. this is kind of what he said about the tax returns as well. i would be happy to release my tax returns, my lawyers say i can't. he zndoesn't want to sit down wh them. this way he gets to have his cake and eat it too. he says i love to do it, i want to clear the air, they won't allow me to. >> we hear from the president that the mueller team is all democrats. and let's not get into it,
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because we already discussed a lot of that, we all know that mueller is a republican and everyone respects what he has done. that is a political argument, though, we know, and could be an effective one that we have heard from him before. but do you think this, when the president says that now, is the beginning of what he hopes is a legal argument in the case of a subpoena? >> no, i don't. i think the president's message is consistent with what giuliani said over the weekend. when giuliani came out over the weekend, he started talking about scope and he started talking about time as it related to the questions. and i think this is -- and then the president today, talked about fairness. which echoed what giuliani said over the weekend. so i think giuliani started out very strong as it related to the mueller investigation over the weekend. now, that tailed off a little bit with the hannity interview in terms of the communication strategy. i think over the weekend, he started out very strong and starting to send a message to the mueller team that this needs to be negotiated and we're not just going to have it your way. >> if he's on message, if there
8:18 am
is no daylight between the two, when it comes to the perspective on sitting down with mueller, what about what we are seeing when it comes to the stormy daniels situation? you got giuliani going out there and giuliani going out there and now trump saying that don't worry, just started, doesn't have his facts all straight, if that were you and your client said that about you, what would you think? >> well, there is a lot of chaos going on right now with this communications situation. what i do know is that the prosecutors are only happy about all of this because if they decide to delve in this issue and really look at whether there is a campaign finance violation here, they're going to go under all of this, and find out who knew what, when, how the payments happened, what the purpose actually was. and all of these inconsistent comments only help them, it tells them what the defense is. and gives them fodder and ammunition when it comes to charge if that's what they decide to do. >> not just donald trump that is speaking out this morning.
8:19 am
giuliani speaking out again this morning, giuliani saying that trump didn't know that's what the money was for until he showed them the paper work about a week ago and that trump's response was, oh, my goodness, i guess that's what it was for. do you believe him? >> i think yesterday i would imagine giuliani got called in and someone toke with him, maybe the president, maybe someone else, and said, look, you got to get your facts straight here and tell the story in a way that answers questions. a lot of this -- a lot of what giuliani did just raised more questions. which goes back to the point you made, jennifer, about the prosecutors having more questions. look, they're going to find out all that information anyway. they subpoenaed michael cohen's records, all of that is going to come to light. but the fact of the matter is if effective communications strategy is to be employed here, got to get the facts right and disperse information that answers questions. >> the president also had this to say about the issue of
8:20 am
obstruction of justice, jennifer. he said, there is no collusion, no obstruction, and he says there is a funny thing, if you fight back because you people say something wrong or they say something wrong or they leak, which they have been doing, says the president, if you fight back, they say that's obstruction of justice. >> well, you know, the prosecutors aren't really concerned with the president's definition of obstruction, lucky for us it is defined in the federal statute. you know, that's really just, you know, not much of anything other than the president trying to get his message out to the voters. >> jim, even before the president undercut giuliani today, which he did, for sure, in some regard, do you think giuliani is helping the president? i think what i'm getting for you is no. the amount of -- the number of reporters that he's speaking with and the number of details he's offering up. >> i think he helped them a lot over the weekend as it related to the questioning by mueller. i think that was the right tactic to take over the weekend.
8:21 am
i think they need to get their facts straight going forward. giuliani could be a tremendous mouthpiece for the legal team. let's not forget, emmet flood is just coming on the scene. he's a guy that say true legal strategist, very good legal mind, has very good knowledge of the special counsel laws, he's got to be calling some of the plays here and giuliani needs to be executing on those plays based upon his quarterback. >> i would love to see the playbook, seriously, for how it changes day by day. stand by. we're getting some new information, breaking news coming in, we're following the hearing, we're hearing the hearing of paul manafort, a hearing he was in court today, he hoped to convince a federal judge to dismiss one of the charges against him. jessica schneider has been following all this. what do we know now, jessica? >> reporter: very interesting turn of events in this hearing for this motion to dismiss. it turns out the federal judge in this case, in the eastern
8:22 am
district of virginia, issued a reprimand of sorts to the special counsel's team. of course this was all unfolding over the past hour. and what happened is this federal court judge, he was a ronald reagan appointee in the '80s. he said this to the special counsel when casting doubt over the special counsel's probe of paul manafort and all of the charges that have resulted against paul manafort. so he said this, he said you don't care about mr. manafort's bank fraud and the judge continued saying this was really a way for the special counsel to get at the president himself. going forward saying that you want to know what could provide and lead to trump's prosecution or impeachment? that's what you're really interested in. this is the first time we heard a federal judge really kind of lash out and maybe slap the special counsel's team on the wrist here. this is all emanating from many charges that paul manafort is facing. he's facing dual indictments.
8:23 am
what is interesting here is that this hearing today was all about this motion to dismiss. paul manafort's team said, look, the special counsel has been overreaching here. they had a mandate to look into potential meddling of the russians in the 2016 election and all of these charges are not even anything to do with the campaign. you can see paul manafort here, leaving court, no doubt his legal team has to be feeling a little bit good after this federal court judge did reprimand the special counsel, potentially for overreaching, saying they're going after paul manafort to get eventually at the president here. so, kate, some very important and really what could be monumental words by this federal court judge as we move forward in this paul manafort case. >> fascinating. thank you for bringing to us. what is your reaction to that? >> well, it is extraordinary. you rarely see that kind of rebuke from a federal judge. so we'll have to see how it plays out. the virginia case, to me, i'm
8:24 am
kind of surprised that it happened there if nair. that case was -- a mortgage fraud case, a bank fraud case, fairly clear cut that these, you know, there is good cause to believe the crimes were committed. they have a lot of evidence in this case. to choose -- this is the platform to say this is some sort of illegitimate prosecution is a little bit of a surprise to me. but, you know, and i should also say that the standards for finding that someone is being prosecuted improperly are very high. but we'll have to see how it plays out. >> your reaction to what came out of the courtroom today? >> i think we saw last week and the week before, this issue play out in the civil proceeding and manafort's team got slapped down on that. i think this week you see a federal judge in the criminal proceeding looking at this in a different way and saying, okay, is the special counsel's office operating within the scope of their authority? and i think that -- he's raising that question and admonishing the team as -- and giving them
8:25 am
something to think about. >> never a dull moment, my goodness. stay close to it. jim, jennifer, thank you. fascinating fast moving developments today. coming up, how tough is the president willing to be on gun control? we heard a lot on the subject from him since the shooting in parkland, florida. which side will he see tonight? which side will the country see tonight of president trump when he speaks at the nra convention? live pictures from the convention right now. we'll go there. welcome to holiday inn! thank you! ♪ ♪ wait, i have something for you! every stay is a special stay at holiday inn. save up to 15% when you book early at
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8:30 am
regulation since he's taken office. listen to this. >> bump stocks, we're writing that out. i'm writing that out. i don't care if congress does it or not. i'm writing it out myself. >> mr. president, it will have to be you that brings the republicans to the table on this. right now the gun lobby would stop it in its tracks. >> i like that responsibility, chris. i do. i think it is time. it is time that a president stepped up. it doesn't make sense that i have to wait until i'm 21 to get a handgun, but i can get this weapon at 18. i don't know. just curious as to what you did in your bill. >> we didn't address it, mr. president. i think we -- >> you know why? because you're afraid of the nra. >> they're proregulation, anti-nra, but then a closed door meeting with the leaders of the nra and put out statements afterwards that he still stands for the second amendment and is against gun control. i ask, which president trump will stand up there tonight? let's discuss. joining me now, democratic congressman ted deutch of florida. he's a representative of the district that includes parkland.
8:31 am
thank you for coming in. >> good to be with you, kate, thanks. >> if he is -- if he's speaking to the nra convention today, do you take that as a sign that there is no chance he's going to back any of the changes with gun regulation that you have been pushing? >> i think you're asking exactly the right question, which president trump is going to show up. he's talking to an nra convention that is meeting for first time since the horrific mass shooting took 17 lives in my district. but it is also the first nra convention since the worst mass shooting in our nation's history in las vegas, when 58 were killed and nearly 600 were injured. it is the first nra convention that has taken place since the business community has started to separate itself from the nra because so many businesses just like responsible nra members have been alienated by the extremist rhetoric from their
8:32 am
leadership. i hope it is the president that sat three seats away from me in the white house, and acknowledged what the overwhelming majority of people in this country, over 90% of the people in this country believe, including the majority of nra members, that universal background checks need to be passed right now. what we hear over and over is that we need to enforce the laws on the books, while what we need to do is make sure that everybody receives a background check whenever they buy a gun, so that if they're dangerous, they can't get one. that he supported. he supported raising the age to 21, just like florida just passed, just like the legislation, bipartisan legislation i introduced. that's what he ought to be talking about. if i may, the most important thing for the president to do today is to remember what he said when he met with us in the white house. he pointed out that a lot of members of congress were petrified by the nra. but that stranglehold of the nra
8:33 am
is weakening and weakening because of the leadership we have seen from the student survivors in parkland, that's what he should keep in mind because they're having an impact, they had an impact already. the president should act on behalf of the majority of the american people who want action, not on behalf of the elite lobbyists who run the nra on behalf of the gun companies. >> let me ask you this, you lay out some of the regulations that you support and many americans support. we also have fellow democrat eric -- from california, he put at an op-ed yesterday. he said that he also -- what he also wants is we should buy back such weapons from all who choose to abide by the law, and we should criminally prosecute any who choose to defy itbykeeping their weapons. when gun advocates say they want to take away your guns, are they right?
8:34 am
>> there are gun buyback programs that exist in some communities. if people choose to turn in their guns, certainly law enforcement is working with them to do that. i think what we ought to do -- >> but is he going a step too far when he says people should be held criminally responsible if they don't turn over their weapons? >> i think what's important is to stop the production of weapons of war that don't belong on our streets. and then just, kate, remember, just remember this, it was just about 90 years ago, also on valentine's day, that a massacre, a massacre in chicago led congress to say we can't have all these machine guns on our streets. no one has questioned that decision. now it was another massacre on valentine's day, here in parkland, that should prompt congress to say we can't have all these assault weapons on our streets. no one complained about that law. let's treat these assault weapons the same way we treat machine guns. that ought to be something that
8:35 am
everyone can get behind, no more manufacturing, let's get them out of the communities. >> people are saying congress can't act and won't act. it is up to the states. we're seeing some states are acting in the face of some of these massacres. i want to ask you, while i have you, about everything that we have heard in the last 24 hours and i cannot list it all out, of the president, the presidents' attorney, the admission about payments to stormy daniels, he long said he knew nothing about it and now this morning the president saying about the admission from rudy giuliani, you know he's new on the job, he'll get his facts straight. what do you think? >> i found, look, i -- as stunning as i found it, that rudy giuliani went ahead and acknowledged that the president's been lying about this the entire time and sarah sanders has been lying about this the entire time, as much as that stunned me for the
8:36 am
president to then come back again this morning and say, he's new, he's going to get -- he's going to learn how to get his facts straight, does that mean he's going to learn how to get his facts straight after the administration, after the white house tells him what those made up facts should be? i believe that the truth matters. i think what we have seen over the past 24 hours raises enormous concerns about everything that we have heard from the administration. and the real -- the specific concern i have is if we now know so clearly about these lies, how are we going to be able to trust the statements coming from the president in serious matters, that affect the national security of our country. i think they need to come clean, they need to be up front about all of this, the president needs to talk to mueller so he can complete his investigation. that's what the country deserves. >> we shall see. trust but verify keeps coming to mind these days.
8:37 am
thank you for coming in. i appreciate it. the new jobs numbers are in. and it is good news for the u.s. economy. the last time that we saw this, bush v. gore was in front of the supreme court and facebook wasn't even a twinkle in mark zuckerberg's eye. we'll have the details next. when did you see the sign? when i needed to create a better visitor experience. improve our workflow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah! now business is rolling in. get started at
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8:42 am
comments about how we're at full employment, he's really glad about this unemployment rate and this is what he's talking about. below 4% for the first time since the year 2000, 18 years. this has been something that has just been steadily declining since that terrible peak all the way back in 2000. so year on year of progress and that's what it looks like. jobs added 164,000 net new jobs added here. when you look at these numbers, you see an economy doing well and hear from companies saying they would hire more workers even if they could find them. a lots saying you could see the unemployment rate down to 3.5%. health care, kate, we're seeing labor shortages in hospitals, in nursing facilities. health care added 24,000 net new jobs. and manufacturing up 24,000. look at a metal fabrication, a little uptick there and in mining. maybe that could be tied to the
8:43 am
president's trade policies, who knows. the market is up. not up because of the numbers. up because warren buffett said he bought a whole boat load of apple shares. 3.9% unemployment rate, about 236,000 people left the labor market. i'm not talking about just retirees, talking about all different age groups. that's something to kind of watch out here too. wage is 2.6%. w would like to see bigger wage growth. you talk about politics and the economy, do people feel like it is full employment yet? we'll have to wait and see. >> that's right. great to see you, thank you so much. is donald trump jr. the voice of the republican establishment? and west virginia, he just may be. that's next. there's nothing small about your business. with dell small business technology advisors you get the one-on-one partnership you need to grow your business. the dell vostro 15 laptop.
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struck a chord with one social studies student from new hampshire. he said he had to go and thank that student in person. watch. >> come here for a second. remember we said he wanted to skype with us. >> yes. >> he decided to do a little more than that. can i introduce mr. collie sweeney from downtown boxing gym and youth program from detroit, michigan. [ applause ] >> i'm so honored to meet him, meet somebody like collie sweeney who changes lives every single day. >> to see the full story of collie's surprise or to nominate someone you think should be a cnn hero, go to re we'll be right back. to bring together a group of remarkable people. to help save the universe... from paying too much on their car insurance.
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most pills only block one. flonase. try this one on for size. a man convicted of a crime associated with the death of 29 coal miners in 2010. he gets the maximum sentence and spends one year in prison. that man gets out and decides for his next thing, he'll try politics. enter don blankenship and his crazy ads. >> politics ran a lot of crazy ads. they blew up the coal mine and put me in prison. now they're running ads saying the coal mine blew up and i'm not in prison. there's no surprise there. >> then today he's releasing this one. >> mitch mcconnell has created millions of jobs for china people. while doing so, mitch has gotten rich. in fact, his china family has given him tens of millions of
8:50 am
dollars. i will beat mitch mcconnell. >> that is in reference to drugs found on a ship owned by a family of blankenship's wife. if he gets a nomination, running against democratic incumbent joe m manchin, but he's mostly running against the incumbent mitch mcconnell and is disparaging mcconnell's wife and family. elaine chow was born in china. her family came over when she was just eight years old. here's how she described it to dana bash. >> as an adult looking back and seeing my mother who was only like 27, how frightening it must have been for her as the only woman aboard this cargo ship with three young girls. i mean, that's pretty rough.
8:51 am
>> chow's family started a shipping company. she rose to be the first chinese american to serve on the cabinet under george w. bush. she is now head of transportation. the same organization that blankenship says he's running for the senate to support. >> for young people and young women, i want to give them strength and hope and confidence. just because there are no role models doesn't mean that you can't be the future role model that you now seek. just pursue your life's passion. do what you really love, and the way will unfold. >> so while she may have been born in china, it sure sound like she's living the american dream to me, don. i don't know about you. you don't have to take my word for it, though. blankenship is a slightly different candidate. just ask president trudonald tr.
8:52 am
i hate to lose. so i'm going to go out on a limb here and ask the people of west virginia to make a wise decision and reject blankenship. no more fumbles like alabama. we need to win in november. >> here with me now, republican strategist ted cruz, ted cruz. >> did you read a script? i think don jr. has a point here because blankenship is not the person for this race. blankenship got in a little too late, he's got a lot of baggage, and right now morrissey and
8:53 am
jacobs are the two front runners. they're the ones that have the majority and the momentum. superpacs are taking out ads against them. it shows they're in a favorable position. and the democrat shows his ratings are going down. we can't have blankenship given his history and baggage, and i do dare say donald trump jr. has a point. >> do youo you applaud donald t jr. for asking democrats to seek a different path? >> yes, i do. the writing is on the wall. don blankenship is not only responsible for this coal mining accident where 29 people were killed. he went to prison for it. he doesn't even live near the district, he lives outside vegas. he put out these outrageous ads about mitch mcconnell and his family. i thought the contrast was the two babies he was holding up in
8:54 am
the end and china. that's blatant racism. >> he apparently seems to like to make a differentiation between geography and race. continue. >> well, yeah. there's also hypocrisy because the guy has spent years and years in china. he actually wanted to become a chinese citizen himself. the idea that republicans would actually take him seriously is a reflection just how the republican party has gone off the rails. not just the establishment but the rank and file. i have to put some of the blame on the establishment, too, because they're the people who gave us people like sarah palin which led to the donald trumps and don blankenships in the world. you can't put up these crazy candidates and feed the red meat to the base and take no responsibility. >> mitch mcconnell has now become such a bogeyman. he really has become a bogeyman in west virginia in the debate. republicans were asked if they
8:55 am
supported mitch mcconnell for majority leader and none of them raised their hands. >> one thing all three of them agree on is they'll raise their hand if they support donald trump. donald trump won that state at 42 points over hillary clinton. they're embracing him. it's not a big lead to say people running this year will distance themselves from mitch mcconnell. >> what we discussed since the 2016 election was is this donald trump's republican party or, say, mitch mcconnell's republican party. that seems to be the real fight of what they're fighting right now. >> it varies state-by-state. you'll see congressional races in the midterm and the senate races. it's state-by-state. they're going to look at how they viewed trump, how they viewed washington. clearly draining the swamp is going to be a big key thing. but in west virginia right now, unequivocally donald trump is popular. that's why we'll probably see him more than once between now and the election. >> it's not just about mitch mcconnell, it's also not like
8:56 am
nancy be lohpelosi is super pop when it comes to democratic records. >> no, she's not that popular. the democrats don't have a problem with her, it's actually the people in the middle who have a problem with her. >> but i digress. well, you got bigger issues, and i got bigger issues, too. thanks so much for joining me. up next, "inside politics" with john king. issues ompropriety in washington. that's coming up.
8:57 am
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now more businesses in more places can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. thank you for sharing a beyond surreal day with us. at least so far, anyway. it drops 4% but yet the public is staring at a blue wave. why? rudy giuliani didn't get his facts straight about the stormy daniels hush payment. the president also launched a sharp new attack against the special counsel, ask th


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