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tv   New Day Saturday  CNN  March 10, 2018 4:00am-5:00am PST

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>> reporter: which he defended a chilean jesuit accused of molestation, the pope sent the vatican to investigate. >> to know the truth, to prosecute. he will never stop until he finishes with this sham. >> reporter: through it all he's obviously most happy like this -- blessing the hopeful and the desperate. a pastor who wishes the church was more like a field hospital. above all, here to treat the wounded. bill weir, cnn, vatican city. "pope: the most powerful man in history" sunday at 10:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn. i'm actually one of the most successful adult movie directors in the business. actually just renegotiated and got a new contract. >> this is about the payoff, not theaffair.
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>> lawyers don't do that. they don't do that with their own money. >> did mr. trump know about the negotiation of this agreement? did he know about the payment? did he sign the documents? >> reporter: face-to-face talks between president trump and kim jong-un. >> the president will not have the meeting without seeing concrete steps and concrete actions. the nra is suing to block a new gun law signed by florida governor rick scott. >> governor scott is trying to look like he's taking a step in the opposite direction of the nra. panic at a mental health facility. >> you're scared. very anxious. >> reporter: investigators say a person armed with a rifle shot at deputies before taking three hostages. this is "new day weekend" with victor blackwell and
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christi paul. good morning to you. 7:01 is the time. this morning, another twist in the stormy daniels saga. >> we know president trump's personal attorney michael cohen used his official trump organization e-mail and signature while arranging that $130,000 payment to keep the porn star quiet about an alleged affair between herself and mr. trump. >> stormy, whose real name is stephanie clifford, spoke with cnn last night and sort of addressed the issue. >> i think it's pretty clear that with the new developments comes new interest. >> nick valencia is live in ft. lauderdale where stormy just made a stop on her tour. i'm going to leave the name of the tour to you this morning, nick. what is stormy saying? >> reporter: according to her team, we should start there, this is not her idea to have this tour. this is part of a regular dance performance that she's already scheduled. the clubs have a different take on that. here last night, we came down to
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see her first live performance since she filed a lawsuit in los angeles superior court over this nondisclosure agreement which she says is now null and void because the president of the united states, the man she's accused of having an alleged affair with, did not sign that document. now she performed in front of about 200 people last night, and we did not think -- in fact, we were told explicitly she would not be talking to the media. after that, she had a meet and greet and agreed to an interview. she didn't want to talk about the litigation and had no comment for the president, but she talked about how the alleged affair with the president is affecting her. >> sort of in a double-edged sword where a lot of people are interested in booking me for dancing. so i'm getting more dance bookings. i usually only dance once a month. now i'm dancing three or four times a month. so that's been great. but because of that, it's sort of overshadowing all of the adult films that i'm supposed to be promoting.
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a lot of the mainstream projects i was working on have been indefinitely put on hold. >> reporter: daniels gives the interview less than 24 hours after we learned that michael cohen, personal attorney of the president, used his personal e-mail to communicate with stormy daniels' attorney. michael cohen saying this is not a blockbuster development. he used his professional e-mail address to communicate for personal reasons all the time and released a statementing, i'll read part of that, saying, "the use of my company e-mail to communicate with the bank and ms. clifford's former counsel proves absolutely nothing despite the less-than-convinced arguments offered by her former attorney. i used this e-mail address for virtually everything, as many people do." the attorney for ms. daniels is saying this is not the case, calling his bluff, calling mr. cohen's bluff, saying that this is further proof that he wasn't acting in a personal capacity or in a freelance capacity, but rather an official one for the president. >> if in fact the payment was
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being made personally by attorney cohen, he wouldn't need his office open in order to effectuate the payment. >> reporter: there's a lot of anxiety, we're told, in the white house that this story is beginning to overshadow the day-to-day operations of the president. for her part, ms. stormy daniels is scheduled to perform here at the solid gold gentlemen's club here in pompano beach later today. the story showing no signs of going away any time soon. >> nick valencia for us in ft. lauderdale. the details of this story, i -- we were supposed to say the name of the tour -- >> i couldn't believe you didn't do it -- >> i couldn't say it. so many tawdry elements of what is happening test some of the bounds that we have for ourselves. >> it does. we came in and said, this is what we're talking about. >> will we stay or not -- >> this is what we're talking about. let's get to mark -- >> senior analyst and senior white house correspondent for
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bloomberg news. thank you very much for being here. how potential at the end of the day dangerous is this for president trump, for his policy, for his -- you know, plans for himself in the white house and the -- the policy that he wants to get done? >> reporter: yeah, i mean, i think you have to look at it on at least a couple of levels. one is the legal liability to president trump, to his lawyer, to the campaign, and whether that opens him up to anything from depositions to, again, some sort of liability. but then on the other hand, you have the political side of this which is what is the impact going to be, does this erode any of his standing or support from evangelicals. so far they've held firmly behind him because of his willingness to pursue policies from anti-abortion legislation or policies to support judicial nominees. does this erode that at all? does it erode the president's support from mainstream republicans who control the two chambers of commerce.
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also it is potentially a -- a distraction from trying to get tax policy done, infrastructure work done. the foreign policy machinations. and could it come in in way to robert mueller's investigation? i think that's kind of the next trench of questions. >> at least twice yesterday by my count, sarah huckabee sanders said she had spoke ben this extens-- spoken about this extensively and didn't have anything to add. clean air considering -- considering what speed this is growing, is that tenable? and unusual that the president has not talked about this on twitter for something that's become such a major issue. >> reporter: it wasn't the most for forthcoming answer but probably best answer for now. the last time the press secretary tried to talk about this from the podium she opened the president up to more exposure, that was the acknowledgment about the arbitration proceedings. so sounds like the lesson and takeaway for the president's press team at this moment is don't try to fuel the spectacle.
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it's not going to stop the questions from coming, and more importantly, it's not going to stop whatever the theoretical legal and campaign issues are that may be kind of moving along behind the scenes. the cardinals rule on this is if -- if you don't have enough information to talk about it from the podium, don't talk about it from the podium. >> all right. i want to move on to another issue that's come up. the letter from president trump to president putin back in 2013 inviting president putin to the pageant that -- that president trump, then citizen trump, of course, was having, the miss universe pageant was in russia. not unusual, would you think really, though, at the end of the day for a businessman of his stature to reach out to somebody, a leader in other country, and invite them? yes, no? >> reporter: well, in the context of donald trump 2013 businessman, the letter makes a
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lot of sense and isn't particularly surprising. in the context of president trump, 14 months into office and ensconced in the probe that involves looking at his relationship with russians, the context becomes more complicated. and so this is yet another piece of information that the special prosecutor's team can look at to try to understand the threads and connections between now the president and his associates and president putin and his associates. >> let me ask you about this reporting from gabe sherman in "vanity fair." a source saying a republican with frequent contact with the white house says that president trump now is in command, has been on the job for more than a year. he now has the power to work and doesn't give an expletive there trump decision to circumvent the policy process. imposed tariffs on aluminum, steel, and emboldened his power to desire to follow impulses and
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defy advisers. it was like a f-you, kelly. a trump friend said. with the unaccepted -- unacceptance from kim jong-un and the tariffs. could we see shifts in the staff around him? >> reporter: well, it's right to see that the pendulum has swung a bit. part of this has to do with the departure of rob porter as the staff secretary, the gatekeeper on the flow of a lot of information. and also some of this has to did with now the impending departure of gary cohen. the president has a number of these campaign promises that he wants to fulfill and a number. instincts about foreign policy and north korea that he's been thinking about for a while. i interviewed him, a colleague and i interviewed him last may, not even a year. at that time he was saying he was open to talking directly
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with kim. at that time, his staff clarified, well, under circumstances, none of which have been met yet. i think president was speaking from the gut at that time. and for the past year has been thinking about should he talk directly with kim, could that make a difference. you are seeing him take matters into his own hands. on the one hand, he's the commander in chief. he is the ultimate decider, and he should be the one who decides what to do. on the other hand, he has gone a lot of times by his staff. when he makes announcements, sometimes in this case, there's not much warning. and everyone else who is there to try to support him and stand up, these things in method cal fashion, has to figure out, wow, can we be ready to do this in two months? >> a lot of confusion. we appreciate your insight. thank you. >> reporter: thank you. so in other news this morning here, three women are dead after a hostage standoff at a veterans' home in yountville, california. >> the shooter was found dead,
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had been suffering from ptsd and been treated at home. let's bring in cnn's dan simon. dan, good morning. what else do you know? >> reporter: good morning. investigators are trying to figure out what caused this decorated war veteran to barricade himself with three hostages, murder them, and then apparently take his own life. this happening on the campus of the nation's largest veterans' home, specifically at a center that helps veterans deal with the trauma of war. tragedy at the veterans' home of california in yountville. three women hostages and a gunman dead. the nearly eight-hour standoff with police apparently started when the suspect barged into a going-away party. >> we were having cake and toasting. apparently he just walked in with this -- this rifle. >> reporter: the three victims were employees of the pathway home, a counseling service for veterans located on the campus of the nation's largest
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veterans' home. they helped veterans who suffered with ptsd, post traumatic stress disorder. >> tragic news, one we were hoping we wouldn't have to come before the public to give. >> reporter: the victims identified as 42-year-old jennifer galog, pathway clinical director. 48-year-old christine lober, executive director, and 29-year-old jennifer gonzalez, a clinical psychologist. in a statement, pathway said the brave women were accomplished professionals who dedicated their careers to serving our nation's veterans. >> three wolf, professional -- three wonderful, professional, talented young women who get up every morning and go to work to help veterans. sadly, they're gone. >> reporter: the gunman's identified as 36-year-old albert wong from sacramento. police say wong, who had served in the military, was a former program participant at the pathway house. he left two weeks ago. early in the standoff, wong and officers fired at each other. after the building was put in
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lockdown, hostage negotiators spent hours trying to make contact. >> it was just a lot of -- the residents were like just -- they were calm, they didn't know what -- what to expect or anything like that. i was thinking of wanting to go home to my son. >> reporter: that the gunman was deployed in afghanistan in 2011. he served for about a year in afghanistan, had a clean military record. had been awarded four medals including a good con detecti detectidetective -- conduct medal. what ultimately caused him to come to the pathway home where he had been receiving treatment for his ptsd and target these three hostages we don't know. of course, investigators are trying to determine ultimately what caused all of this. >> all right. dan simon there in yountsville, thank you. >> thank you. a making between president trump and kim jong-un. now the president, president trump, says this is in the
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works. the white house says one thing could stop it. plus, the nra suing florida over a new gun law that's raising the minimum age from purchasing a firearm from 18 to 21. and british troops trained in chemical warfare are called in to investigate after that russian spy is found poisoned on a park bench. live with the latest. ♪ there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ ♪
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president trump says his meeting with kim jong-un, it is still happening even though his press secretary said it would not happen without "concrete actions." >> sarah sanders said a promise to freeze nuclear tests is not enough. >> the understanding, the message from the south korean delegation is that they would denucleari denuclearize. we've accepted the invitation to talk based on them following through with concrete actions on the promises that they've made. >> after sanders said that, the
4:20 am
president tweeted this, "the deal with north korea is very much in the making and will be if completed a very good one for the world. time and place to be determined." >> joining us, senior fellow at the u.s. korea institute at johns hopkins. he was involved in north korea negotiations with the state department during the 1990s. thank you very much for being here. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> what do you believe will happen with these talks? do you think north korea has any intention of agreeing to some sort of precondition? >> i think the naeorth koreans have already agreed to our preconditions. we've been saying for some time that they have to stop nuclear testing, stop missile testing, and commit to negotiate about denuclearization. so they've met that requirement already. >> so i want you to listen to this exchange in a press
4:21 am
briefing yesterday in which there was this question about preconditions, and special denuclearization. watch this. >> promised the denuclearize, did they promise to denuclearize or promise to talk about denuclearizing? >> the understanding, the message from the south korean delegation is that they would denuclearize, and that is what our ultimate goal has always been, and that will have to be part of the actions that we see them take. we have to see concrete and verifiable actions take place. >> isn't -- >> yes? >> so if they've agreed to denuclearize before the meeting, what is the meeting about? how much of this, does the u.s., need to see before the discussion, and then can you give us what i guess sarah didn't define yesterday, the definition of denuclearize totally from the u.s. perspective? >> well, look, we're talking
4:22 am
about the concept of denuclearization, and that will be a long-term process. it can't happen overnight. the north koreans have agreed as far as i can tell that the negotiations will be about denuclearization, and that will be an objective of the negotiations. they're not going to give up their weapons beforehand, and i doubt if the trump administration expects them to. a first step toward denuclearization is stopping testing. they've said they're going from to do that. >> you've been involved, as we said, in negotiations between the state department and north korea. what do you think needs to happen to make the negotiations successful with kim jong-un as opposed to his father? >> well, i think what needs to happen now and quickly is a process of u.s.-north korean discussion that sets up the choreography for the summit. and that will take a lot of work
4:23 am
and a lot of preparation, and even if that happens, when you get two leaders in a room, sometimes they go off script. it's not just donald trump. ronald reagan did that in 1985 when he met with mikhail gorbachev in reykjavik. the process of preparation is now what's most important here. >> i was having this conversation with my team yesterday about how the word "sanctions" sometimes is hollow. it just becomes, you know, a placeholder like insurgence was a few years ago. in relaying this to the viewer, the listener, sometimes they don't really get what that is. can you detail for us which sanctions now are hurting which parties that would get kim to this, this position where just several months ago, not too many months ago, he was saying he would never give up and is having a conversation about denuclearization and accepting the u.s.-south korea military
4:24 am
exercises? >> as many people know, we've been imposing sanctions on north korea for a while. the trump administration has stepped up that effort, and it's hitting key sectors of north korea's economy. and that has to hurt. but the point here is i've been talking to north koreans since november, twea2016, after presi trump was elected. beginning then, they basically said we want to sit down and talk with president trump. and in early 2017, they even raised the possibility of having a summit with him. that was before all these sanctions happened. so i think there's a lot more going on here than them reacting to punishment by the trump administration. >> what else do you think is going on? >> what's going on is that they probably reached a point in the development of their nuclear weapons and their missiles where they feel they can pivot to having talks with the united states, to trying to lessen the
4:25 am
tensions, and to try to move toward modernizing their economy which is also another very big objective of kim jong-un. >> okay, joel witt, we appreciate your time today, sir. thank you. >> thank you. secretary of state rex tillerson is not feeling well and has canceled all public events in kenya today, according to the under secretary of state. he's under the weather because of long days working on major issues such as north korea. >> the events will be rescheduled, we're told. he arrived yesterday as part of a five-nation tour of africa. next week he heads to chad and nigeria. the nra is suing florida after governor rick scott signed a gun-control bill raising the minimum age to buy a firearm of any kind from 18 to 21, next. ar. the dual adjustability of the sleep number bed allows each of you to adjust to your ideal level of firmness, comfort and support... your sleep number setting... for your best... sleep... ever. in the morning, you'll discover the amazing
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welcome to saturday. grateful for your company, as always. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. good morning to you. the nra has filed a lawsuit challenging a new florida law that raises the minimum age to buy a gun. florida governor rick scott signed the bill friday. this is the first gun-control legislation since the parkland school massacre. >> the law raises the minimum age to purchase a firearm from 18 to 21 and allows some
4:31 am
teachers to be armed. cnn legal analyst and criminal defense attorney joey jackson with us now. joey, i want to read what part of the lawsuit says because they seem to target particularly that one aspect of the legal age limit that would be raised here. they say, "this blanket ban violates the fundamental rights of thousands of responsible law-abiding florida citizens and is, thus, invalid under the second and 14th amendments," is that true base on what you've seen thus far? >> it is not at all. we have to remember a couple of important things. the first thing, of course, is that yes, people have conditional rights. the second amendment is powerful, the right to bear arms. no right is absolute. and we see that no more than we do in the first amendment, right? you have freedom of speech, but you can't yell "fire" in a crowded theater for fear other people would be harmed. you can't defame anybody by saying false things that affect
4:32 am
their reputation. so, too, here, there are limitations which leads to the next issue. state can impose reasonable regulations that makes sense in order to protect its citizens. number three, as long as the state does that in a way that -- it's called irrational basis test. that is that the law is rationally related to an important governmental objective, then it's fine. therefore, i get that the law is going to be challenged, but look at the drinking age by analogy. that was raised to 21. you could argue that perhaps women are more responsible drinkers than men, if you want to argue that. in the lawsuit they certainly talk about science as it relates to women being more responsible and women and gun ownership, et cetera. they certainly have a challenge, but i do not see it going anywhere. >> another aspect to the element of this law is that it provides more money for arming school resource officers and, in turn,
4:33 am
some of that money could go to allowing teachers to be armed. and governor scott says he's not even completely on board with that. let's listen to what he said here. >> there are things in this bill that i oppose. i've been pretty open about that. i still think a law enforcement officer should be the ones to protect our schools. i've heard all the arguments for teachers to be armed. while this bill would significantly change -- would significantly changed on this topic, i am still not persuaded. i am glad, however, that the plan in this bill is not mandatory. >> florida teachers unions said that they're disappointed in the governor's decision. they said, "instead of leading, the governor followed along with legislators to put more guns in our schools." the governor argued he -- had he used a line-item veto power to cut the funding, that would have eliminated the funding for all of these school resource officers. was there any other way, joey, that you can see to have done that, to get the money to the
4:34 am
officers and still not made it possible for teachers to be armed? >> well, let's start here, those are policy decisions. hose policy decisions have really nothing to do with the legality or constitutionality of anything the state may or may not do. of course there's a way, in direct to response to your question, to get funding. a variety of ways. some may not be palatable. you increase fees, increase student fees, parking fees. there's a number of ways to get resources in order to fund the project. whether the public likes it or not is another matter. simply because resources could be allocated in a way that perhaps is deemed more appropriate, perhaps is more suitable, perhaps makes more sense, it does diagdao anything to take a-- doesn't do anything to take away from whether the law is passed. you have a system that's composed of a legislator in the state of florida which passes laws. the governor signs the law. and as long as the law is constitutional, that's going to
4:35 am
be the question, then any policy you, i, or anyone may disagree with is not at issue really. the legality of the law is what's important. >> always so grateful to have your perspective. joey jackson, thank you. >> thank you. mexico and canada are exempt for now from president trump's tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. australia now says it is, too. no matter how the markets change... at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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canada and mexico are getting a pass for now on president trump's steel and aluminum tariffs, and australia also may be exempt here. prime minister turnbull seems to think it's a done deal. he tweeted this after a phone call with president trump, "great discussion today on security and trade. australia-u.s. trade is fair and resick cal, and each of our nations has no closer ally. thank you for confirming new tariffs won't have to be in-- impose odds steel and aluminum. good jobs for australia and in the u.s." president trump tweeted, "spoke to prime minister turnbull of australia. he's committed to having a fair and reciprocal trade and military relationship working quickly a security agreement so we don't have to impose steel and aluminum and tariffs on australia." there's reporting in the welcomes that the prime minister says the president is confused about the security agreement element. let's bring in opinion columnist for "the hill" and ken blackwell, former domestic policy adviser to trump
4:41 am
transition team. you are my first blackwell guest on the show, sir. i want to put a flag in that. good to have you. >> good to be with you. >> ken, let may start with you. if the president, as he has, imposed these sanctions in the context of national security, got to protect the u.s. steel and aluminum industries, says if you don't have those, you don't have a country, how do you then create exemptions for canada, for mexico which combined make up about 26% of steel imports into the u.s. and then add australia to the list and potentially south korea down the road? how do you make that argument? >> i think you make the argument that what you are trying to do is focus in on punishing the major bad actors and to send a message to them. the original approach with the meat cleaver was too broad and counterproductive. as you know, i'm a free trader.
4:42 am
and i had problems with the direction in which the president was going. he engaged members of the conservative movement, champions of free markets, and at least we got him to tailor it to really bad actors who -- who caused us major problems. >> how has he tailored it? >> so i'm pleased with t-- excue me? >> how has he tailored it? >> he's tailored it by, in fact, focussing in on the real principle bad actors in this case. naturally, you know that that's china. >> well then go after china specifically. how -- how about india and -- >> and that's what -- that's what he's doing. he's moving -- moving to that sort of specificity. he in fact has worked with those folks who are definite allies in terms of national security and trade. >> if it's going after china -- >> it's reciprocal.
4:43 am
>> if it's going after china, why not just go after china instead of making this argument about national security? it seems like you can't make both. >> again, you can. the reality that he was elected president of the united states. he has a commerce secretary, and i can opine as much as i want to in the final analysis, he has engaged major economic thinkers on this. and he's honed in on a strategy that both makes sense in terms of our national security and dealing with bad -- the principal bad actors, most notably china. on the other hand, he is, in fact, embraced our allies who are so important to our national security. >> all right. brent, your take? >> bottom of my heart for not asking me about stormy daniels
4:44 am
since nude dancers and porn stars are outside of my expertise. >> stay with us because the question is coming. >> no -- no, to answer the question about trade, cnn is doing a wonderful series on the kennedys that will begin tonight. i look forward to it as a kennedy democrat who's written two columns in "the hill" praising joe kennedy, the congressman. i would advise the audience, look up the book, "the kennedy tapes" about president kennedy during the cuban missile crisis. it is the best thing ever written about how to be a president. donald trump would profit from reading it. kennedy mobilized our allies while trump attacks and defamilies our allies and creates -- defames our allies and creates fear. kennedy stood up to dictators while president trump praises a chinese dictator, at the moment wanting to be dictator for life, and praises a russian dictator as a strong man when he's
4:45 am
attacking america and being investigated now for murdering someone in britain. those are outrageous. and what kennedy understood is the job of a leader is to unite our allies and mobilize our allies and not to declare trade worse that are half baked against our allies. i'm not a free trade ei'm somewhere in the middle -- trader, i'm somewhere in the middle. this ham-handed action of blurting out because he has a bad day between firing his own people and his own people resigning, that we're going to do a trade war without the proper government channels, without doing the homework that presidents do in a way that alien yates our allies -- alienates our allies further and emboldyens our enemies more dictates that. >> president trump said trade wars can be good, but he doesn't expect that this will turn into a trade war. let's turn now to those porn stars and hush money that you mentioned a moment ago there, brent. and can -- let me come to you, ken. do you believe the narrative that at least michael cohen, the
4:46 am
white house is trying to stay out of it, but that michael cohen and the president's allies are selling? that somehow he got notice of this alleged affair and that stormy daniels wanted to tell her story. he didn't go and ask donald trump if it was true, if he could defend it, if he had proof that it did not happen. instead, he took out a loan against his house, his mortgage, and just paid her and didn't involve the trump organization, didn't involve the president or the candidate then at all? >> brent is 66, i'm 70. as the commercial says -- >> and the president is 71. >> -- we've seen a lot of things. and so -- so from -- from, you know, marilyn monroe and jfk, brent's hero, to bill clinton and lewinsky, the fact of the matter is that these tabloid
4:47 am
stories detract there the agenda -- detract from the agenda that the president is advancing. and that's why the white house is saying, look, let's focus on that agenda, let's focus on a growing economy and americans going back to work -- >> of course the white house would not want to focus on the idea that the president's personal attorney paid off a porn star. >> absolutely -- well, again, as -- as was the case in the mid '90s, you know, feminists had to strain to defend the behavior of bill clinton in the white house. they wanted to focus more on his agenda. and so those of us who, in fact, are concerned about the hollowing out of our military and now the president building this back up to address national security -- >> in doesn't matter to you? >> i didn't say it -- i'm saying that i'm more concerned about advancing an agenda that moves america forward and make it --
4:48 am
and safe, and i'll let his attorney we'll do the narratives that he's developing on some past behavior. >> okay. brent -- >> naturally, and quite naturally, i think we all have to deal with, you know, the inconsistencies between what we profess to believe and hold as moral standards and behavior -- >> we also have to deal with the potential legality of the $130,000 in-kind donation to a campaign when force the maximum is much lower than that -- >> i would let -- >> i really -- >> they should handle that. >> we're running low on time. i need to let you respond to that. >> well, i think that fundamentally i'd like to know what mr. blackwell and the conservative thiel only ans who have -- theologians who have made a career out of attacking liberals, not all, by the way, some of them, what would they say if a black president had behaved like donald trump? i would tell you what they'd say
4:49 am
-- you'd have five congressional committees of republicans investigating that black president instead of making seduces, apologies, and evasions for trump humiliating his wife who should get an awards for grace under pressure, putting up with this. it's a disgrace on all levels. >> you think it comes down that president trump is white, not that he's a republican? >> i think there's a double standard, you bet there is. >> okay. brent, ken, thank you both. we'll be right back. most people come to la with big dreams...
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53 past the hour. british authorities have investigating the nerve agent attack on former russia spy and now they have returned to his wife's gravesite. the former spy and his daughter were poisoned earlier this week and both are in very serious condition right now. phil black joins us live.
4:54 am
what information are you learning from investigators this morning? >> reporter: well, the investigation continues as you say at the local cemetery. that is where police have really focused their attention last night and again this morning. sergei skripal and his daughter collapsed just behind me here. his son and wife, their graves are at that cemetery. the police say they are not exhuming remains there, but they are studying this location themselves. what they are looking to determine is how and where this chemical weapon, this nerve agent, was used. where was sergei skripal and his daughter exposed to it. they determined pretty quickly that the substance in question was a nerve agent. that was achieved through sample testing at a nearby secure military lab. ever since then, they have been trying to work back from that point and establish the bigger
4:55 am
picture, precisely how and where the chemical weapon itself was used. they are in critical condition and a police officer also affected by the nerve agent is doing better, awake and talking. but still serious condition in hospital. back to you. >> phil black, thank you so much. in this week's staying well, you will see how a dog changed one man's life. >> my name is eric and i was 340 pounds taking insulin for type 2 diabetes in addition to about 1500 medications and i felt miserable all the time. i hit rock bottom, one day i was on an airplane and they had to delay the airline by about 345 minutes until they could get a seat belt extension. that caused me to feel very embarrassed. i found a doctor, she prescribed a whole food plant based diet and she also told me to adopt a shelter dog. adopting a dog forced me to get outside every day, so i had to
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