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tv   New Day  CNN  February 6, 2018 2:59am-4:00am PST

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>> you know what the healthiest thing you do -- >> the actor starred on screen and on stage. he was on ensemble member of the stepping wolf theater in chicago for 39 years. he died following a brief illness. john mahoney was 77 years old. thanks for joining us. christine briggs has where the markets are heading and a pair of democrats discuss their dualing memos. it should be fun. we'll see you tomorrow. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news -- all right. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world, this is "new day," tuesday, february 6th, 6:00 a.m. in new york. chris is off. this morning john berman joins me. asian and european markets rattled by the steep losses on wall street. the dow suffering its percentage decline in more than six years and the largest single-day point
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drop ever. u.s. markets have now erased this year's gains in just the past two days. >> we've been watching all the numbers come in and all signs point to a rocky day when u.s. markets open in just a few hours. one big question is how will president trump handle this? he bragged all over the markets when it was booming, taking credit for nearly every day of gains. he wanted to own the gains, so will he own the losses, especially if they continue today. our christine romans with the latest. what are we seeing? >> you have global markets continuing the decline. the plunge really rippling around the world. look at asia here? asia markets closed a lot lower. europe all lower and dow futures are swinging wildly, john. they fell as much as 700 point. they were up 200 and down again. there's really no way to know what's going to happen at the opening bell. the dow lost more than 1,800 points, 1,800 points over two
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days. that is brutal selling. shedding a record 1175 points, that's 4.6%. it's the worst one-day point loss in history. guys, it's not even one of the top 20 percentage losses. 5% is a big percentage loss but it's not in the record books here. now the dow is down about 8.5% from its most recent high. that's important. that's just within reach of what we call a market correction. a 10% drop. so what's going on here? a couple of things here. the trigger was actually the jobs report on friday, wage growth 2.9%. if inflation picks up too fast, the federal reserve may need to raise interest rates faster than planned. the biggest concern is this huge selloff in the bond market. bond yields move opposite to price and hit a four-year high on friday. they are much more attractive to investors than risky stocks.
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now, even if stocks drop again today, i want to be careful about the language here, there's no chance of a crash or a panic here. conditions are still good. the economy is strong. the job market is robust and corporate earnings are on the rise. ironically, it's the fact that the economy is so strong that's spooking bond market investors. they think it might be overheating. >> we're living in an upside down world. you did a great job explaining it. the idea that people making more money is bad for the stock market is counterintuitive. >> we have had no inflation in this economic expansion and no inflation. that's something that worried economists and worried workers but now it's coming back in. the wage inflation is starting to come back in and the bond market, we had low interest rates for so long, that period of low interest rates looks like interest rates are going more back to normal, back up. that's why you're seeing the uncertainty.
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>> inflation can be a problem. some inflation is okay, a lot of inflation it hurts corporate profits and hurts consumers as well. that's what you're seeing a little bit of the fear seep in here. >> but just fear. this is just the very hint of new inflation. inflation has bedevilled presidents in the mid 1970s and destroyed political careers. the fact we're getting a glimmer of it and had that kind of reaction yesterday is really destabilizing for markets and particularly by donald trump. >> we actually have some sound of him living by the markets right now. again, it's unusual for a president to take so much credit in stock market gain, but this is president trump. let's listen. >> the stock market has smashed one record after another, gaining $8 trillion and more in value in just this short period of time. >> the united states is doing fantastically well, better than we've done in decades.
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the stock markets are incredible. >> you're seeing what's happening with the stock market. people are appreciating what we're doing. >> the stock market is way up again today. and we're setting a record literally all the time. i'm telling you, we have a long way to go. and had the other side gotten in, the market would have gone down 50% from where it was. >> there's a reason why presidents don't take credit or blame for what's happened in the stock market because it can turn on them like a dime and they don't really have control over the day to day stock market. in fact, i think presidents get too much credit and too much blame for the economy as well. they campaign on it and live on it. the president in jobs numbers when they were really good a few years ago they didn't believe them. they were 42% unemployment rate and now believes them and takes credit for them. will the tone change from the white house? you started to see that a little bit yesterday, mike pence, the vice president, said these things ebb and flow but we're proud of the stock market gains
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we've seen. it's the long-term health of the american foundation that's important. >> so the law of unintended consequences always at play, and so the president often touts the tax cut plan that he helped usher through obviously. and so do we think that that's at work here? all the talk of people getting bonuses and what you just reported on the wage growth, so is this an unintended consequence? >> there are signs to that. alan greenspan said the tax cut may have overheated an already strong economy, the ballooning deficit in debt a real problem ends up fueling fears of inflation. yes, there's a chance those tax cuts created the conditions for this. probably won't hear the president take credit for that. >> republicans always talk about cutting deficits and national debt. the interesting thing is you have an economy that's roaring and tax cuts rolled in there. you want to talk about cutting deficits and national debt, you do that when the economy is
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roaring. >> you shouldn't stimulate the economy when it's roaring. >> we did need corporate tax reform. every ceo will tell you ted gdp
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growth. the biggest stumbling block happens to be a lack of worker. that's not something you're hearing about either. so there's a lot going on here that i think that are concerning investors. >> i think christine is floating, floating a grand bargain on immigration. oh, probably not going to happen, but it should. >> such a great point. i think that that is something that's ironic and something that we really need to talk about. so for people watching out there, i know that you're obviously suggesting everybody remain calm, cool and collected. what does it mean for people? if they're not in the stock market, does this mean anything to them? >> in my exper not smarter than everybody out there in the stock market. there's an old phrase, don't just stand there, do something. well, on wall street there's a phrase, don't just do something,
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stand there because you're probably going to make a mistake if you're buying or selling stocks. if you're close to retirement, you should not have everything in the stock market. the more working years, you can be loaded up on stocks. have a good balance of everything. know your risk tolerance and rebalance at least twice a year. >> and fear is the worst counselor. >> don't go far. we're watching these mornings coming in all morning long. president trump's lawyers reportedly want him to refuse an interview request from the special counsel robert mueller. "the new york times" says that the president's lawyers are concerned he could get caught lying to investigators, following cnn reporting from last week that the president's hve not met the threshold of a face to face interview. cnn abby phillips at the white house with the very latest. >> reporter: good morning, john. that democratic memo rebuttal of the republican memo on the russian investigation is now in president trump's hands.
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he has about five days to decide what to do with it, whether he will release it or redact it in some form or block it. and this, as we are now learning through some new reports, that the president and his legal team may not be on the same page about whether or not he should sit down with special counsel robert mueller. lawyers for president trump are urging him not to agree to an interview with special counsel robert mueller, partially out of concern that the president who has a history of making false statements and contradicting himself may incriminate himself with investigators, according to "the new york times." mr. trump insisted he is eager to speak with mueller. >> there's been no collusion whatsoever. there's no obstruction whatsoever. and i'm looking forward to it. i have to say, subject to my lawyers and all of that, i would love to do it. >> reporter: cnn reported that mr. trump's attorneys are arguing that mueller's team have not met the high threshold they believe is necessary to interview a president in person. the russia probe hanging over the administration as the
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president decides whether or not to publicly release the democratic memo unanimously approved by the house intelligence committee last night. the democratic rebuttal challenges the accuracy of the declassified gop memo, crafted by committee chairman devin nunes accuses the fbi of surveillance abuses. >> we want to make sure that the white house does not redact our memo for political purposes and obviously that's a deep concern. >> reporter: the president attacking ranking member democrat adam schiff ahead of monday's vote, calling him one of the biggest liars and leakers in washington. but praising nunes as a great american hero. ♪ and during a speech in ohio, mr. trump gloating about nunes's memo, which he falsely claims vindicates him in the russia investigation. >> oh, did we catch them in the act? they are very embarrassed. they never thought they were going to get caught. we caught them. they're like the great sleuth.
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>> reporter: democrat mike quigley continuing to press nunes about whether his staff coordinated with the white house in drafting the gop memo. >> he wouldn't answer questions. besides having my feelings hurt, he didn't answer the question. >> reporter: nunes refusing to answer questions from cnn -- before appearing on fox news again to tout his memo. >> political dirt was used by the fbi and they knew it was political dirt to open a counterintelligence investigation into the other campaign. that's what people -- i just can't believe that people on the other side are not furious about this. >> reporter: president trump also raising eyebrows with this rebuke of democrats for not applauding during his state of the union speech. >> they were like death and un-american, un-american. somebody said treasonist. yeah, i guess, why not? can we call that treason?
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why not. i mean, they certainly didn't seem to love our country very much. >> well, those extraordinary comments coming at a really bad time for the president when he really might need democratic votes to get a spending bill through congress and also to deal with the issue of immigration. on the president's schedule today, there are a couple of immigration-related events. he has a law enforcement round table on the issue of the central american gang ms-13 and then he'll sign a national security memorandum establishing a vetting center for immigrants coming into the united states. >> thank you very much, abby, for all of that reporting. so the democratic rebuttal memo is now on the president's desk. what happens if he decides not to release it to the public? we take that up next. when did you see the sign? when i needed to jumpstart sales.
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3:17 am
avlon. david, first to you, one could look a the last few weeks as a pretext not to do an interview with the special counsel. the white house obviously making a legal decision here and a political decision that they don't lose politically by fighting this fight. explain. >> well, i think the president has at all turns resisted this investigation, tried to delegitimize the investigation. he has said he wants to talk to the special prosecutor, but i think he's in a position now where he thinks he's muddied the investigation up enough to at least keep his core supporters in his corner on all of this. i don't think that helps him as mueller bares down and finds whatever he's going to find. but, you know, the president for all of his bluster -- and there's so much of that and how he says he wants to sit down with mueller's team -- i think recognizes, as his lawyers do that he would not fair well in that kind of setting facing direct questions about his involvement in trying to resist
3:18 am
and obstruct this investigation legally. i think at this point it's probably the best take for him to not sit down unless he feels he's absolutely got to. >> let's reality check on two things. >> this was a when asked earlier said 100% he wants to do it. the president's lawyers are acknowledging that was pure bluster designed to create a sense of confidence where there was none. second, the president's lawyers are saying he should not testify, not because this is all blown out of proportion but because they're afraid he will lie under oath. they don't trust him to be interviewed with lawyers without creating more problems for himself. that itself is both pathetic and unpresidential. >> so listen cnn had this reporting that they also were arguing that it doesn't meet the threshold. trump's attorneys are arguing that special counsel robert mueller's team has not met the high threshold that is needed to meet with a president in person. so, as we all remember, david,
3:19 am
bill clinton didn't at first agree to an interview with the special counsel and then he was subpoenaed. and so, that could play out here, but then that opens a whole another can of worms. >> sure. >> and then it could be the supreme court deciding things. but you know, listen, you think normally when the normal laws of gravity apply politically that would be unwise. what is the president hiding. but, you know, as you know, president trump has been sort of teflon to his base that he'll spin it in a way that it doesn't mean he's hiding something, it's unfair. >> right. and i think the legal part will play itself out. this president is using the clinton play book when terms of going after the special prosecutor and whether this has gone too far afield as an investigation, but let's just remember whatever the president has tried to do on this nunes memo, to argue that this was kind of -- the investigation
3:20 am
where there was garbage in and garbage out. there are republicans, even those who are involved in drafting this partisan memo that indicate this is not really a statement about the mueller investigation, this is about this particular process before the fisa court with regard to carter page. it's much larger than that. the second point is -- let's also remember and this is probably what his lawyers are worried about and boy they should be -- look at president trump as a private citizen and his record at being deposed. i can't imagine any lawyer would want him to sit and answer questions under oath or any way that could be -- >> hang on one second. you brought up the memo because i want to move on to that subject. the house intelligence committee voted unanimously to open up this memo, send it to the president to declassify. it's now on the president's desk, john. he has to decide whether or not he is going to release this democratic memo which provides a very different argument that he
3:21 am
doesn't want people to see. >> let's take everyone at their word about wanting more transparency. there's no reason to believe the president is going to go out of his way to sign this. he doesn't want transparency. he wants that other narrative out there. but there's a catch here where he can't just indefinitely refuse it. the house intelligence committee voted unanimously to release it. >> he doesn't seem inclined to do what adam schiff is doing at the moment, david. he's picked this fight with adam schiff. adam schiff has returned fire. so, if the president does not release it, then it goes to the full house and then it could be released, if they choose to do it? >> well, again, i don't have confidence in anybody doing that. what they have done and the house speaker has done is open the door to such partisanship on this investigation, which has been there all along which is why there's value in a special prosecutor as opposed to a political process in this investigation. but the whole thing is absurd and the president talking about
3:22 am
democrats being treasonist because they didn't applaud for him during the state of the union. some point even the president's core supporters has to make an assessment about the president of the united states who is so weak and so whiny. i thought he was strong and attacked other people who had low energy. what is the insecurity all about. it's one thing to be on the offense and that is his right and he's certainly done that. but this incredible insecurity is not good from the office. >> watch your twitter feed the next few hours. >> i'm not doing that. >> you brought up something the president said yesterday right now, which is the type of thing i don't think we can grade on the curve. let's listen to what the president said yesterday when he was in ohio. >> you're up there. you've got half the room going totally crazy, wild. they loved everything. they want to do something great for our country. and you have the other side even
3:23 am
on positive news, really positive news, like that, they were like death and un-american. un-american. somebody said treasonist. i mean, yeah, i guess why not. can we call that treason? why not. i mean, they certainly didn't seem to love our country very much. >> you know, john avlon, as i said, there will be people who said oh it's just the president and he's joking. >> yeah. >> you can't be graded on a curve. when a president calls something treason, it's outrageous? >> it is outrageous. and we shouldn't get -- to say all of a sudden the democrats, the political opposition is treasonist for the crime of not applauding you during a state of the union, is just nuts. and un-american itself is also something we shouldn't gloss over. i don't think it's un-american
3:24 am
to me is people who call other americans un-american. the president using these phrases so casually in our rallies is a departure from our traditions and we cannot get numb. >> part of the problem for trump supporters, even if they make fair criticisms about the media, about democrats who oppose the president, there is a willingness to compartmentalize this president and to simply willfully disregard comments like this, behavior like this. some of his attacks, which they don't support, but they're willing to say, yeah, but. and it's just important to take the president in full when you're evaluating him. >> well, listen, having spoken to many, many of them, they feel that the policy is more important than the words. so, yes, they admit they can compartmentalize and they do so because they believe in the regulation roll backs and believe in the tax cuts and the supreme court pick. and so you're absolutely right. they admit that they're doing that. and obviously we just all talk
3:25 am
about whether or not there's ever a tipping point in the middle. we'll talk more much about this as the morning continues. vice president mike pence heading the u.s. delegation to the winter olympics. will he meet with north korean officials while there? we have a live report from south korea next. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months, ... with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring.
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>> announcer: closed captioning, brought to you bri -- . vice president mike pence arriving in japan any moment before then heading to south korea for the winter olympics. before leaving, the vice president became the second trump administration official to signal a willingness to meet with north korean officials. cnn ivan watson is live in pyeongchang, south korea, with more. what's the latest, ivan? >> reporter: that's right. vice president pence is supposed to be leading the u.s. delegation here at the opening ceremonies of the upcoming winter olympics, but he is also
3:30 am
bringing a tough message for north korea. take a listen to what he had to say at the air force base in alaska. >> we're traveling to the olympics to make sure that north korea doesn't use the powerful symbolism and the backdrop of the winter olympics to paper over the truth about their regime. we'll be telling the truth about north korea at every stop. we'll be ensuring that whatever cooperation that's existing between north and south korea today on olympic teams does not cloud the reality of a regime that must continue to be isolated by the world community. >> but while having these tough words for north korea, vice president trump said we'll see what happens when talking about whether or not there would be any meeting with the north koreans here at the winter olympics.
3:31 am
meanwhile, the north koreans are coming in large numbers here to pyeongchang, a ferry boat arrived carrying more than 100 north koreans who will be performing in concerts in south korea tomorrow, delegation more than 200 people including cheerleaders and taekwondo demonstration team arriving, this in addition to 22 athletes who will also be competing in the games. north korean state media has come out really hard against president trump in the last 24 hours, denouncing his state of the union speech and while also trying to reach out to the south koreans and talk about unity, they're sending a bit of a mixed message. they'll stage a military parade for the first time ever on the eve of the opening ceremony olympics when they'll show off their missiles, which isn't quite the message of unity that perhaps the south korean government was hoping to receive here. >> the u.s. trying to send messages at different levels at different times.
3:32 am
ivan watson at the olympics in pyeongchang. president trump's lawyers urging him not to speak with special counsel robert mueller's team. it's a perjury trap. we have a debate you don't want to miss next. your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation.
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♪ so "the new york times" reporting this morning that the president's lawyers are concerned he could incriminate himself or be charged with lying to investigators if he meets with special counsel robert mueller. president's long-time supporter newt gingrich shares that concern. >> and i think the idea of putting trump in a room with five or six hardened, very, very clever lawyers, all of whom are trying to trap him, would be a very, very bad idea. >> don't put him in a room with smart people because he might lie to them. could an interview with the special counsel be a perjury trap for the president? let's discuss with cnn legal analyst michael zeldon and ken. michael to you, there are three questions here, right, let's try to address them one at a time, why won't the president testify or talk to robert mueller's
3:37 am
team? can he be forced to? and what does this fight look like? first to the why he won't testify, michael. newt gingrich and his allies call it a perjury trap. that's a loaded phrase, michael. >> well, a perjury trap actually is a term that has a definition. it is a form of entrapment. it is impermissible and implies that the prosecutor is bringing the witness into the grand jury for the sole purpose of getting him to lie so he can charge him with that lie. that is not what is going on here. and newt gingrich is just flat out incorrect about that. what is going on here is a dually constituted special counsel is investigating a matter and he wants testimony with respect to that matter. that witness is subpoenaed or called under a voluntary process and the witness is asked to answer questions. if the witness is truthful in his answers, then there's no perjury. if he lies in his answers, then
3:38 am
there's perjury. but it is not a trap. >> ken, i do not have the legal expertise you have, but in my 45 years of research, i always found the best way not to get caught lying is to not lie. >> well, first of all, certainly michael's correct about the technical use of the term perjury trap, but newt gingrich is a history professor, not a lawyer. he was using it descriptively in mr. trump's personality type. he is the king of hyperbole. that personality type and his stubbornness about it are really not well suited to sitting down and giving particularized, specific answers. i mean, that's what newt gingrich is talking about, which doesn't suggest anything michael said about the term is wrong from a legal perspective. i agree with him. but i think that newt gingrich is being descriptive. if you look at somebody like
3:39 am
donald trump and i were his lawyer, i would be very, very concerned about whether or not even going -- walking through a hypothetical interrogation, if you will, repeatedly with his personality type is going to be adequate to get him disciplined enough to stay away from the hyperbole that can get him in real trouble. another way to think about it is do you get the state of the union donald trump who stays on message and so forth and of course that was a written speech? or do you get the more common donald trump who really says whatever comes into his head without even double checking himself in public remarks frequently and so forth. that's a real danger for the president. but the bottom line is that given the process that the special counsel is in, they can compel him to talk to them. i do think that president trump's lawyers would be wise and i'm sure will succeed in
3:40 am
getting limits put around as bill clinton's lawyers did the manner and place and duration of that kind of questioning. >> so michael zeldin, ken brought up the key point, can special counsel robert mueller force the president to answer questions? how does that work? >> he can. he has the power of grand jury subpoena and he can compel the witness in this case the president to appear. there's nothing in the law i found that reflects on the possibility that there needs to be some sort of threshold which is the word his lawyers are using, some threshold that has to be met before the president has his right to receive a grand jury subpoena and be compelled to testify. and so, this notion that some how newt gingrich the historian is going to tell robert mueller the prosecutor that he doesn't want his friend, president trump, to testify is really
3:41 am
besides the point. the truth of the matter is they would be much better off, not with standing ken's counsel to the president which is correct, the president has to learn how to stay on message, which in this case is on the truth. but they would have been -- they would be much better off to take a lesson from ronald reagan who in the iran contra-testimony did not exert executive privilege, did testify, did cooperate, gave his personal diaries over and suffered the consequences of being interviewed. >> written answers in that case, though. i think the president -- trump that is, is going to be forced to sit down. ken, to this point, legally speaking, the president will likely lose here. he will lose. ultimately he will have to answer questions to some form to the special counsel. the interesting thing is why then is he willing to have this fight? he's going to lose it. what determination have his lawyers and political advisers
3:42 am
made that this fight then is worth having? >> well, first of all, i think you've defined losing as him having to give answers. >> they've defined it. they defined him losing to give answers because they're nervous he's going to lie. >> no, no, no, no. i just don't agree with your characterization. i think what you see going on is a negotiation. president trump's lawyers as his predecessors have are using the fact that his -- of his office to contain the scope of examination. look, when i do depositions, i want to go seven or eight hours and i'm going to save my best stuff for the end. and with president of the united states, i don't think you're going to get a judge to give seven hours, which would be sort of the rules of civil procedure time limit. that's not what applies here, of course. but it's a useful benchmark. and i just don't think they're going to get that. i do think that when they do sit
3:43 am
down with him it will be very pointed questions and it won't take that long to get to what they want to get to. so long as the president is answering. >> well, let's see, guys. we're actually out of time. but let's see if this is the beginning of a negotiation or perhaps the beginning of what could be a long, drawn-out political fight that we will all watch. ken and michael, great to have you with us, guys. i appreciate it. alyson. >> super bowl update, ear muffs, john. the city of philadelphia preparing for an epic super bowl parade. there will even be free beer. what could possibly go wrong? free beer for people who show up.
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save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed with adjustable comfort on both sides. ends soon. visit for a store near you. the philadelphia eagles receiving a hero's welcome and they deserved a hero's welcome as they went home with the franchise's first super bowl title. andy scholes has more in the bleacher report. >> eagles fans been waiting their whole lives to celebrate a
3:48 am
super bowl title, and they are certainly making the most of it right now. thousands of fans greeting the team at the airport yesterday as they arrived home with the lombardi trophy. championship parade starting 11:00 a.m. in downtown philly. school is cancelled, so should be a huge crowd out there. now, before the season, lineman lane johnson and bud light promised free beer. bud light is sending out this decree saying everyone 21 or older along the parade route will get one free beer. dirk nowitzki reaching the milestone last night. just the sixth player every to play that many minutes in the nba. get this, his jersey was misspelled last night. the z and the k should be flipped right there. amazingly, dirk wore that jersey against the kings on saturday and nobody noticed.
3:49 am
. dirk had fun with it. you know what, this sums up our season. mavs are one of the worst teams in the nba rite now. >> that's a good attitude. someone who spells her name in an unusual way, i can relate to the misspellings. they happen. thank you, andy, very much. so more controversy involving president trump's nominees. wait until you hear what his choice for ambassador to the caribbean islands believes. a closer look at the vetting problem in the white house next. >> announcer: bleacher report update is brought to you by -- when i received the diagnoses,
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( ♪ ) (grunting) today is your day. crush it. angie's boom chicka pop whole grain popcorn. boom! ♪ a cnn investigative report has found that president trump's choice for ambassador of barbados has spread crazy fringe conspiracy theories online. he is not the first trump nominee with comments that have
3:54 am
scuttled their nominations. here is bill crystal and ben ferguson. great to see both of you. >> good morning. >> hi. i have to start with this guy. he was the barbados ambassador nominee and you and our viewers just have to hear these things that this guy is retweeting. okay. here is a graphic. i'll just put it up here. i know it will be small. here is what he believes since he's retweeting it about heidi cruz, senator ted cruz's wife. this woman should scare the hell out of all americans. she is an architect of the north american union whose goal is to destroy the sovereignty of the united states. if ted were to become president, it virtually ensures the dissolving of the usa and the formation of the north american union. this would put heidi cruz in line to become the first lady not of the u.s. but of this other north american union. mitt romney, he says he retweets
3:55 am
somebody who says satan has a hold of you, you will go to hell. for george he retweets he is the leader of a movement who worked for hitler. and he helped kill his own people, the jews. ben, let me start with you. how could this possibly be the president's choice for barbados ambassador? >> yeah. look, you look at the things that he put out there on his own twitter feed and the bottom line is these are things that in my opinion should not have been tweeted, that should have never been retweet oed or liked or anything associated with it. you have to do a better job of not just having someone come in and sit there and tell you what they think, you have to look at everything they put in the past. a lot of people when they get a phone call and we've seen this before they go back and they do a scrub, where it's hard to see what they actually wrote. a lot has been deleted and found by other people and google cachets and other things. but you have to do a deep dive on people before you nominate them? >> why aren't they doing that?
3:56 am
>> look, i don't know. i think clearly this is a moment where you have to say, okay, moving forward we can't just trust somebody that we sit down with and assume that what they're saying now is consistent with what they may have said or tweeted in the past. >> yeah. >> i think these statements are going to be a huge problem for him to get the nomination through and they've got to make sure that before you put a guy's name out there, you got to check and see what they said in their own works. >> bill, listen, this isn't the first one that has had situations like this. we just had kathleen nominated for the council on environmental quality says global warming is a kind of paganism for secular elites. they want an all powerful one world government and planetary management. bill, what's going on with these nominees? >> well, there's a guy in this administration you may not be aware of this who used his twitter feed to promote the
3:57 am
notion that barack obama's birth certificate was a forgery. that was a major theme of this guy's twitter feed in 2011, 2012. i think he did more than tweet about it and he's president of the united states. so he probably doesn't have a terribly high standard of accuracy or responsibility. >> okay, fair. >> for people's tweets. i'm not being flip. he's the president of the united states. >> conspiracy theorist. i get it. >> let me say two things. i know people who are ambassadors and in other senior positions in this administration, some have their doubts about president trump and going in to serve the country. we shouldn't smear everyone. >> doesn't somebody know how to work google there? >> it's not a matter of working google. i think they see things, some of president trump's aides and associates see things that many of us might think are shocking and they think, well, this is just kind of part of business. it's a little extreme, but what the heck. they don't react in the way that a lot of people do, should react, to some of these things
3:58 am
outside the bounds. this is a president who said the democrats are treasonist and un-american so it's hard to ask his administration to uphold higher standards. >> this is an embarrassment. when these things are found, this is an embarrassment, somebody you would nominate to be an ambassador retweets these disgusting things. what do you think is going on? obviously the president can't be responsible for going back and doing all the due diligence in somebody's background, somebody should be. what's going wrong in the white house? >> there's a couple different things here. one, you have a lot of people that the president was close with early on in the campaign that were loyal to him. when he sees somebody that's loyal to him, he certainly likes him. i also think there's a good chance that the things that you're talking about are things that would never be brought up or self reported when you're talking to an individual who had a very good career. you look at, for example, mrs. white, she was loved in texas. did a lot of things in texas for the environment. had a solid resume in texas and did great things for the
3:59 am
economy. >> yeah but these radio interviews. she said this stuff. this wasn't hidden. people don't have to dig too deep to find this stuff. >> that goes back to what i was saying. you have some people at the white house that have been there working with this president that weren't politically necessarily savvy and that's one thing that a lot of people liked about them. they were new, fresh eyes coming in. certain parts of politics that are extremely important. optics is one of them. they have to make sure that when you pick somebody to be a nominee for anything in the government, ambassadorship, you have to do an extremely deep dive and comb through this and say basically i'm going to find exactly what somebody that hates this person is going to find. we have to make sure that this nomination can get through, can get confirmed and that there aren't days like this where you have to talk about a dumb tweet about heidi cruz saying she thinks that there should be a three-in-one government with canada and mexico. >> bill, listen, the president talks a lot about extreme
4:00 am
vetting, as you know, for refugees but not for his nominees. and i mean, it sounds like ben is saying that this is sloppiness. what do you think? >> i think donald trump -- it's hard for trump to insist on standards that he himself can't meet. he has aides that will try so. >> thank you both very much. thanks for our international viewers. for you cnn "newsroom" is next. for you, "new day" continues right now. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news -- okay. good morning, everyone. welcome to your "new day." chris is off. john berman joins me. we have had a day of breaking news. >> indeed we have. good morning. >> good morning. we start there again. all eyes on wall street today. trading will begin in two and a half hours. investors are on edge after yesterday's largest single day point drop for the dow. asian and european markets are rattled by the steep los


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