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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  February 2, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> now you'll believe me when i say i'm loveable. this is why. >> i'll be watching this -- okay. all right. time now for cnn "newsroom" with poppy harlow. have a great weekend. >> good friday morning everyone. i'm poppy harlow in new york. at any moment the president could green light the release of a highly controversial republican memo alleging fbi abuses. this despite multiple warnings from his own top law enforcement officials at the fbi and department of justice. remember, these are republican officials that he, the president, appointed. instead of heeding their recommendations he is attacking them. this morning the president writes, quote, the top leadership and investigators of the fbi and justice department have politicized the sacred investigative process in favor of democrats and against republicans. something which would have been unthinkable just a short time ago. rank and file are great people.
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so the big question this morning, will wray and rosenstein, clearly the people the president is referring to, will they survive this? sources say top white house aides are worried that christopher wray may quit. the fbi still has, quote, grave concerns about its accuracy. still, the president has told some of those closest to him, he sees this memo as a way to discredit the russia investigation. let's get straight to abby phillip, our reporter at the white house. abby, you're the one who broke that significant news yesterday morning. what are you hearing from the white house this morning? >> reporter: good morning, poppy. today is a big day when we're looking to see when president trump sends over his approval of this controversial republican memo. we're told it could happen as soon as today. what he's going to do apparently is sending it back to the house intelligence committee and letting them decide how and when it's disseminated to the public.
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this could be an effort by the white house and the president to push off the responsibility for this memo onto the house. they've been saying for the last couple days it's a house driven process, and the white house is just playing its role. but we are also learning over the last couple days that the president, according to "the washington post" had already made up his mind about whether he wanted this memo to be released even before he read it. we know he read it finally on wednesday after his state of the union address, and the day after that, right after he delivered the speech, he said 100% he thought the memo was going to be released. clearly the president had made up his mind before even seeing it. all this sets him up for another clash with his fbi director, this time a person he hand picked, christopher wray. sources telling cnn that christopher wray made it very clear to people at the white house that this might be a bridge too far, that he is unhappy with the fact that the white house seems to have disregarded his advice on this
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memo. the fbi continues to say no matter what redactions or or may not happen, it's not going to alleviate concerns that there are factual inaccuracies there. how the white house deals with that and what happens with christopher wray is all for us to wait and see today. also the fate of deputy attorney general rod rosenstein is something we're looking at today. sources told "the washington post" and cnn that the president has been very ut set with rosenstein, he oversees the probe and this memo could have a lot to say about his role in approving the fisa application nor surveillance on the trump campaign. a lot to look at here today, poppy. we'll keep you posted. >> to say the least. abby, don't go anywhere. we need you there at the white house. this morning the fbi still is saying according to reporting from jessica schneider that it has grave concerns about this memo. they're also facing fresh
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attacks from the president. shimon prokupecz is in washington with more. the fbi members have seen this. whether or not there have been redactions is still unclear. but they're still concerned about the accuracy here. >> exactly. that is the main issue. the fbi does not want this released at all. they do not want information contained in classified reports that have been given to the congress, to devin nunes at his request. they have been fighting that release now since the beginning, that this was talked about and nunes said he was going to release this. the issue continues to be that there are major inaccuracies in these memos. the fbi, fbi director said so publicly. he went to the white house with rod rosen stein who really is becoming the center of this and the focus. as much as the fbi is, i think it's important to keep in mind that rod rosenstein, the deputy
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attorney general overseeing the russia investigation is very much becoming the focus of this and in some ways perhaps could be the reason why this memo is being released, so that he can be discredited along with the russia investigation, poppy. the fbi's position of redactions or no redactions is not going to change. they do not want this released. >> shimon, the reporting we have on christopher wray, the head of the fbi, his mindset right now is he is willing, at least considering quitting if this memo is released. what are you hearing? >> there's a lot of talk of him raising hell. this all comes from concerns at the white house. people at the fbi are not really concerned about their fbi director quitting right now. they've been through a pretty tumultuous time. they hope chris wray doesn't quit. they do not expect him to quit, as much as the white house may be concerned about this, he right now has given no
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indication that he wants to quit. i will say he is getting a lot of support, including from the former fbi director james comey who tweeted last night, and let me go ahead and read that for you, says that all should appreciate the fbi speaking up. i wish more of our leaders would. but take heart, american history shows in the long run weasels and liars never hold the field so long as good people stand up. not a lot of schools or streets named for joe mccarthy. so christopher wray and the fbi continue to get a lot of support, certainly from the former fbi director and the fbi's association which also tweeted yesterday and sent out a note in support, and the fbi agents, the men and women in the fbi are thrilled about what christopher wray has done here. >> shimon prokupecz, appreciate the reporting, thank you. joining me now, mike rogers, cnn national security commentator, also the former republican chairman of the
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intelligence committee. and cnn legal analyst laura coates. looking at the president's own words that we read attacking the fbi and department of justice saying they politicized this to hurt republicans and help democrats, these are two republicans that the president himself appointed. it's a very direct attack. what happens to rosenstein and what happens to wray? >> i don't know what happens to rosenstein. i can say that wray -- this whole notion that wray should resign over a disagreement with the president even if it doesn't come out the way he wants it, i think he shouldn't do that. the bureau needs consistency. they deserve to have some stability at the top. i think director wray can provide that.
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i hope we get out of this talk. unless he's shown to do something illegal, that's a different standard. we're in a prolonged fight here, pal. stick to your guns, take your position. if you don't win today, get up tomorrow and make sure the bureau is the best organization ever. >> when comey was fired last year you were interviewed as a possible replacement. if you were in wray's shoes, what would you be doing right now? >> i would be doing exactly what he's doing. you've got to push back, make your case. i would press congress to say, before you release it, you should at least have the courtesy to have the fbi and the people worried about the contents being exposed in the public have their court in front of the intelligence committee. i'd do the same in the senate. if he loses, however, and this is exactly what i'm saying, you don't just say i'm going to take my toys and go home. i've got a lot of other big issues to fight for and i'm
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going to continue to stand up and fight for the men and women of the fbi. >> laura, to you legally, texas congresswoman sheila jackson leon the program the next hour with us, she says the department of justice and fbi should take legal action against the white house to prevent irreparable harm. i'll ask her what she means. is there any legal recourse would be against those departments? >> i don't know what the legal recourse would be other than to say you're looking for injunctive relief for national security interest. both the supreme court and many other courts are all about making sure you have this balancing act, poppy. the idea we're always balancing our individual rights and access to pre doms against national security interests. if that pendulum swings in favor of national security, of course, the court should say this should not be released. however, it need not get to that. reasonable minds could agree prior to having this be in a
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court of law there are national security concerns about undermining the major investigative arm of the department of justice for what seems to be a pretextual reason reason based on the pollicization of this investigation. >> i was going to ask you on that, too, looping into all of that, laura, is it problematic for these reasons that we still don't know whether nunes or his team worked -- we don't know if nunes' team worked with the white house because he wouldn't clearly answer those questions in his committee. >> it's extraordinary problematic that you're going to have bald assertions without substantiation, without access to the evidence underlying the claims, without the opportunity for a competing interpretation to be out in the public eye for a win, and a nod to be held to be sufficient for the american people to undermine the fbi, otherwise integrity-based productions and investigations. the irony is, if this nunes
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memo, saying, look you've got a fisa warrant issued without substantial information to support it, not enough evidence. you have the fisa court rubber stamping and saying i believe you whatever you say, fbi, with a wink and a nod, isn't that precisely what nunes is asking people to do, no substance asian, no evidence, nothing else, wink and a nod, believe me. if you knew what i knew, you'd go ahead and have this happen. it's unbelievable. >> i have 30 seconds. the fbi still saying according to reporter jessica schneider it has grave concerns about the acucuracy of the memo. if it's released, what does it say about the president's lack of faith and trust in the institution itself when it comes to the president with other major national security issues, terrorism concerns, does this change the whole dynamic, the whole balance? >> well, it certainly turns it upside down. the committee of which this came
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out of is designed to be non-partisan or at least bipartisan. it is national security, the most sensitive things our government does, it's really needed for oversight purposes. what they've done in all of this is bring -- they've reduced the credibility of this committee to do its job, number one. it certainly raises questions about allowing the men and women to do their job in the fbi in a way they think they need to do it. >> look, you're echoing comments from democratic senator joe manchin. we appreciate having you both. breaking news on the economy. 200,000 jobs added last month. the bigger headline is paychecks, wage growth is way up. it's the fastest pace we've seen in years. allisison kosik is here to breat down. this is, bottom line, a good news economy story in the trump economy. >> it is. if you're someone working in this american economy, you want
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wages to go higher. we saw wages increase at the fastest pace since the recession, since eight years ago. sec cli going from 2.5% growth to 2.9% growth. this is a strong jobs report. 200,000 jobs created in january. that's a strong start to 2018 and an improvement since december. unemployment holding steady at 4.1%. that's a 17-year low as well. wall street, though, not viewing this report as good. wall street seeing this as a good news/bad news situation because the way wall street sees it as, the economy is heeding up as we see wages move up as well. what that will do is cause the fed possibly to be more aggressive in raising interest rates. what that does, raising interest rates, it kind of taps the brakes on the economy because the fed doesn't want to have runaway inflation. it raises interest rates to get ahold of things so prices don't spike, so those borrowing rates
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don't spike either. we're seeing the economy, not just the market, but seeing the kme change. we've been lulled into this sense of security over the past year. things are changing now. >> it's great to see that wage growth for so many folks. thank you. we appreciate it, alison. what about all the information the white house won't release? tax returns anyone? next. this is a tomato you can track from farm, to pot, to jar, to table. and serve with confidence that it's safe. this is a diamond you can follow from mine to finger, and trust it never fell into the wrong hands. this is a shipment transferred two hundred times, transparently tracked from port to port.
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nassar. the judge said no. watch this. >> to grant me five minutes in a locked room with this demon. would you do that? >> that is not how our -- >> yes or no? >> no, sir, i can't. >> would you give me one minute? >> you know i can't do that. that's not how our legal system. >> well, i'm going have to -- >> mr. morgan -- >> so nassar was cleared from the room, the father was taken by sheriff's deputies and escorted out. once again, this is the father of three young women assaulted by larry nassar. it shows you the depth of the emotions. john and poppy, there have been sisters that have been assaulted. i've never in the course of this proceeding seen three daughters assaulted by larry nassar.
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>> jean casarez, thank you so much for that reporting. update us as you get more information. this is the third sentening phase of these cases against nassar. this morning we are waiting for president trump to very likely approve the release of a controversial republican memo alleging fbi surveillance abuses. with me now is republican representative jody heiss at the republican retreat in west virginia. nice to have you. thanks for being here, sir. >> it's my privilege. thank you for having me. >> let me get your response to what the president wrote this morning. he directly attacked the justice department and the head of the fbi. he writes the top leadership and investigators at the fbi and the justice department have politicized the sacred investigative process in favor of the democrats against republicans, something which would have been unthinkable just a short time ago. rank and file are great people. this is a very clear attack on
6:21 am
two republicans he appointed to lead the fbi and doj, christopher wray, rod rosenstein. do you agree with the president on this? >> he brings up the whole issue of what this is all about. was the fbi and the department of justice involved in using their power as weapons to come against a political opponent. the question is one that we've got to have answers to. this is an issue of transparency. >> congressman, let me stop you there. he's not asking that question. he's directly saying that. he's saying these men have politicized this investigation. he's attacking both of them. do you agree with him? is he right? can you hear me congressman? >> okay. we're going to take a break. the congressman hopefully will join us on the other side. so i add activia yogurt to my day. with its billions of live and active probiotics, activia may help support my digestive health, so i can take on my day. activia.
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republican congressman jody hice is back with me. my apologies for the technical difficulty. glad we got you back. this morning the president directly attacking the republican heads of the fbi and doj. he said they've politicized this investigative process to favor republicans over democrats. is the president writ? >> we'll have to wait and see. you'll have to make that determination when the memo comes out. i've made that determination personally. the broader issue, whether democrat or republican, we cannot tolerate in this country agencies like the fbi and department of justice coming after american citizens and using their power to do so. that is the issue. it's about the fourth amendment
6:27 am
which we've got to protect. i think you will make that add sesment when the memo comes out. >> so a fisa court makes that assessment and this is about what information was given to the fisa court to make that assessment and what the judge was told. >> let me get you on this. a source tells us at cnn very close to the fbi's thinking on this that even now, even this morning, they have what they call, quote, grave concerns about the accuracy of this memo, and that is why they don't want it out. does that give you pause at least in supporting the release of this memo, a memo you've seen? >> no. listen, i've read the memo. it is well documented. i can understand why they would have grave concerns because of content. to be very honest with you, as an american citizens, i have great concerns. i have grave concerns about what the fbi has done, what the department of justice has done and the fact that this could happen to anyone is intolerable for this to go on in the united states.
6:28 am
it needs to be transparent and people of america need to see it. >> you just said you understand why the fbi has grave concerns. >> because of the content. >> you don't think there are any national security concerns, any sources of methods concerns, you don't think that's why the fbi has grave concerns this morning. >> no, not at all. >> what do you think it is? >> i think it's the content therein. most of the people at the fbi are great people, doing a wonderful job but there are bad apples and it's going to expose it. >> are you saying, sir, without releasing details on the memo which i know you can't, are you saying you think the content of the memo makes the leadership at the fbi and doj look bad? >> there's no question it makes the department look bad. it does name some bad apples. but this is a type of thing that transparency is made of. we cannot tolerate this type of thing in america of all places. and for all of our sakes,
6:29 am
whether republican or democrat, we need to rally around this. let's get to the truth of it. and even another question, has this happened in the past or is this an isolated incident. >> we know from our reporting that the president is telling those closest to him in his inner circle, he thinks this memo will help him by chris crediting the russia investigation. are you comfortable with the president wanting to release this memo in any part because of how it paints him or things for him? >> there again, i think that question is going to be most resolved and answered when you, yourself, read the memo. >> no, it's not congressman. i'm asking you as a member of congress who has read the memo, we know from our reporting that part of the reason the president wants this memo is because he thinks it looks good for him, he thinks it helps discredit the russia investigation. is that something you're
6:30 am
comfortable with? >> there's no question those issues are in the memo. >> that's not what i'm asking you. i'm asking you are you -- please answer the question. i'm asking are you okay with the president who believes part of -- >> i'm okay with the memo becoming public because it exposes -- i'm good with the memo coming out because it exposes the fbi using their power coming after a political opponent. >> that's not an answer to my question but i have a few more i want to get through with you. your leadership, house speaker paul ryan just came out through a statement and said for full transparency, he is now supporter of the democrats memo, the democrat rebuttal coming out. the argument has been made by others that that should come out at the same time that this republican memo comes out, put it all out there if you want full transparency. do you agree? should this republican memo
6:31 am
wait? >> i'm all for it coming out. the process -- from what i understand, the democrat memo is going through the exact same process that the republican one went through. i'm all for it coming out. i do think it's damage control type thing. i'm for both memos coming out and letting the american people sort through it and come to their own conclusions. >> you call it damage control. just to be clear, you haven't seen the democratic memo, have you? >> yes, i have. >> you don't buy it, you think it's just damage control? >> i think it's damage control. it's kind of barking up a whole different tree. it's not dealing with the issue of the fourth amendment. to me that's what the issue is all about here, that we've got to get to the bottom line on. >> congressman, before i let you go, in may of last year, about special counsel bob mueller leading the russia probe, you said he is, quote, well
6:32 am
respected in congress as well as across law enforcement and intelligence agencies. do you think the president should sit down for an interview with bob mueller and his team? >> i really don't know. i did also express personally my concerns of mueller in all of this, and particularly with those that he surrounded himself around. again, you're going to see in the memo -- the very same people who are trying to shield and protect and guard hillary were the ones then coming after the president. so i don't think it would be a good idea. >> bob mueller is a republican. 71% of americans want him to sit down. 51% of republicans want him to. but you're standing by, at this point, you have no opinion on whether the president should sit down and answer these questions? if there's nothing to hide, why not answer the questions? >> that's the point exactly.
6:33 am
i wouldn't have a problem if he does. i wouldn't have a problem if he didn't. that's something between him and mueller. they'll work out whatever the decision is. i'm not involved in that decision-making process. they'll have to land that plane. >> are you supportive, finally of the legislation proposed by a few different members of congress, republicans and democrats, to protect the special counsel if needed if there is any attempt to remove him? >> really i've not seen the details of that legislation yet. i think it would be premature to give a specific answer. i'm still looking through it and don't know the details of it. >> congressman, we appreciate your time. thanks for sticking around late for us. >> thank you very much. joining us, alex burns, karen deha mergian. >> a lot of i don't knows from that congress, i don't know the details. i don't know if the president should sit down with him. what's your take?
6:34 am
>> well, right now there's not all that many republicans who feel urgency towards taking steps in congress to protect mueller. obviously democrats are accusing them of cirque lating the wagons a around the president. there are these bills that would put presidential order to fire special counsel to a panel of three federal judges that would have to agree with the grounds to the decision. it stalled. it stalled for months and months and even in the aftermath of their being discussions, memo discussions, revelations about when trump wanted to fire mueller over the summer, you didn't see urgency from republican leaders. it's kind of where we're at. we're there right now. and watching now the political winds blowing as this memo is coming out, likely imminently, and we will see. the president is already taking jabs at top officials and fbi
6:35 am
and doj on twitter. clearly a lot of focus, focusing in on questions of wray and rosenstein. the next name after those is mueller when talking about the russia probe. we don't know necessarily what's going to next happen. >> everyone hold on. market just opened and the dow is way down. hold those thoughts. dow down about 200 points. 222 points right now off an incredibly strong jobs report. what's going on? >> this is a good news/bad news situation. the market sees this report, although it's strong, the market sees the bad things in this report. they're worried about investors, worried about inflation. what we learned from the jobs report, wages jumped -- made the biggest jump in eight years. that's since the recession. that means the economy is heating up. that the fed is looking at these signs of the economy heating up. so you're seeing investors worry that the fed is going to look to put the brakes a little bit on
6:36 am
the economy which could be that the fed may be more aggressive in raising interest rates. last year just for comparison the fed raised rates only three tim times. the concern now is the fed could move to raise rates -- >> new head of the fed, powell. >> at the same time he's known to go by janet yellen's play pook, but we don't know what to expect. >> alisyn con sicon kosik, than. guy, raise your hand if you think there's any chance that this republican nunes memo does not come out today or the next few days. okay. everyone thinks it's going to come out. it's just a matter of when it's going to come out. looking at this, i think it's interesting that paul ryan came out an hour ago and said, look, in the name of transparency, put the democrats memo out there,
6:37 am
too. what he did not say is put them out at the same time. significant? >> look, i think it's very significant that ryan is making that concession to transparency. we'll see if they go the rest of the way and actually do release the democratic memo. poppy, this is one of the big risks that the president and house republicans are taking in going down this path because once you start saying that information is classified, needs to come out so the american people can see the truth, where does that stop? you may be able to control the release of one specific memo with a narrow, tactical argument about transparency. but then there's the democratic memo. then there's the original fisa warrant application that some people are already calling to have released. it's very possible that this turns into a situation of vast unintended consequences for the white house, that they, the president in particular, believes he can sort of help spin this larger investigation with a targeted release of information and a whole lot more beyond that ends upcoming out.
6:38 am
>> kaitlan, the specifics of the attack of wray and rosenstein, his appointees, saying they politicized the information to favor democrats over republicans. hugely significant, but what does it mean? do these guys last? >> absolutely it's hugely significant. the question we've had during the process of discussing this memo is what the release of this memo and the contents of it would prompt the president to do. we know over the course of the past year that he has worked to undermine the investigation and discredit it. but that's mostly been in terms of rhetoric, talking about the way in which this investigation is a hoax and so forth. my question is what the contents of this memo would prompt him to do in terms of perhaps firing rosenstein who is at the center
6:39 am
of all this and in charge of the special counsel. and also what the president said today in those tweets does stand in contrast to what paul ryan was saying yesterday, which was that this has nothing to do with the mueller investigation, that this is all about transparency and oversight from congress over these agencies. >> guys, let's also bring in our phil mattingly. he's at the republican retreat. this retreat was supposed to be about celebrating that they got tax reform through, looking ahead to the 2018 midterms. it seems to be from all the reporting i've read, completely overshadowed by this memo. >> that's exactly right. you have the speaker and senate majority leader coming to a press conference wanting to tout what they did at the end of last year, their 2017 results, and lay out what they wanted their agenda to be in 2018. i think seven of the nine questions they got were related to nunes or the memo. you look behind me, there's a
6:40 am
press conference center where members are coming to uk that about their various issues, whether it matt thornberry, coming to talk about defense spending. he talked about the memo. any member coming here is talking about the memo. it's frustrating to the reporters who would like to talk about something else. this has become the sole issue, the issue the speaker has to deal with on a daily basis. it's worth noting that inside the house republican congress, this was an organic movement, this didn't come from the top down. this came from an intelligence chairman working on his own and rank and file members really started pushing this issue to the forefront and in some sense corningering their leadership into having to support what they're going to do. one of the most interesting elements of the last three days, you compare the house republicans very enthused about this, want this memo out for the most part, the senate republicans who, a, haven't seen the memo, b, don't know what's
6:41 am
inside the memo and, c, are kind of perplexed as to why this has become such a huge issue. i had one senate republican aide ask me, we're not totally sure why this has become such a thing, but we think we have to roll with it. that's the weird dynamic coming out right now. one thing people aren't talking about, the republican agenda in 2018. they're talking about the memo. >> by the way, the government is going to run out of funding next week, something they all have to think about. thanks to all of you. moments ago, shocking video at the sentencing hearing of usa gymnastics dr. larry nassar. this is a father of three victims rushing to tackle nassar. a live report from outside the courthouse next.
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6:45 am
i want to take you back to michigan, to that courtroom. there's breaking news at the trial of disgraced usa
6:46 am
gymnasti gymnastics dr. larry nassar, convicted of sexually assaulting, abusing hundreds of women. the father of three women who were attacked and were survivors, he tried to tackle nassar. look at this. >> i would ask you to, as part of the sentencing, to grant me five minutes in a locked room with this demon. would you do that? >> that ask not -- >> yes or no? >> no, sir. >> would you give me one minute? >> you know i can't do that. that's not our -- >> i'm going to have to -- >> let me have that son of a -- >> our jean casarez is following the developments outside the courtroom. you can see to the side of him, i believe, his three daughters sitting there. >> reporter: that's right. three daughters were assaulted
6:47 am
by larry nassar. that's the most i've heard of in any of these proceedings. this is the third sentencing hearing. obviously law enforcement with him, larry nassar immediately taken out of the room for his own protection and safety. they had just gotten back into session right now. here is what we know. his name is randall margraves. two of his daughters were in court. they already gave their victim impact statements this morning. that's why the family was there. the third daughter had given her victim impact statement in ingham county last week. he has not coming out. right next to this courthouse is the jail, the local holding jail. so we were actually told, one of our photo journalists was going inside the courthouse, and they said he's not coming out. the judge then, before she started court again reiterated the scariness of this. she said he heart started beating, her legs started shaking, and this is not sending the proper message. we can't do this because larry
6:48 am
nassar did bad things. we don't want others to engage in criminal conduct that will follow them for the rest of their lives, poppy. >> jean, we're learning more disgusting, incredibly disturbing details about larry nassar and what he said about what he did do these young women, saying he himself calling himself the body whisperer. is that right? >> reporter: poppy i was researching the court file in ingham county and was able to find a police interview he did in 2014, and this is from amanda thomashow. in that police interview he said he's called the body whisperer and he says, kwoerkts use the force, feel it. he said it was no ill intent. there was never any sexual conduct that he engaged in and went all the way into his medical procedures with all the big medical terminology, poppy.
6:49 am
>> jean casarez, such important reporting. thank you for being there and for all you've done covering this case. we'll be right back. you might take something for your heart... or joints. but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
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renein the caribbean.onder... for a limited time enjoy two free perks, like complimentary wi-fi and drinks. a savings up to $300 when you book now, during the celebrity cruises sail beyond event. all eyes on two quarterbacks, tom brady and nick foles on sunday. andy scholes has more on the bleacher report from the greatest city on earth, minneapolis. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, poppy. the matchup in the super bowl on sunday really is david versus goliath. tom brady going for his sixth super bowl title. nobody has won that many. on the other side, nick foles
6:54 am
who nearly walked away from the game a few years ago. after the 2015 season, the eagles traded foles to the rams and then released from the team. at the time, he said he contemplated retiring from the game. after some soul searching, he decided to come back and after a year with his former coach andy reid in kansas city, he re-signed with the eagles and said it is a dream come true to be playing for the team again. he's excited to lead the eig le on the feel for the biggest game ever. >> i don't know what the feelings will be like. i know at that moment it will be, you know, the super bowl. so i know the only time i'll feel it in that moment. i'm excited to run out of the tunnel with my teammates, super bowl sunday, and play that game. i have no idea what i'll feel. i know a lot of excitement, but i look forward to that moment. >> reporter: all right, getting you ready for the big game on sunday. be sure to tune in to cnn tomorrow afternoon, 2:30 eastern, for kickoff in minnesota.
6:55 am
cnn bleacher report special, dave briggs, former super bowl mvp, hines ward and coy wire getting you ready for the big game. i know you are from the great state of minnesota. since i got here, i've been trying -- i was trying to stay inside as much as possible. since it is negative 7 outdoors. >> you did the zipline. >> reporter: i decided to go out on the adventure, you said it was great outside and so many fun things to do. 15 stories across the mississippi river, i'm afraid of heights, but i did it, proud of myself, and i did some tubing as well, ice fishing. i'm definitely warming up to the great state of minnesota. >> i am so proud of you. the great north as we like to call it. andy this is what i'm doing, okay. can you see this? these are the horns. >> i see. >> these are the horns for my minnesota vikings because they are the ultimate host this weekend, even if they're not in the big game. i'm very proud of them. look what that did to my hair. i'm proud of them.
6:56 am
go patriots, go eagles. i have no dog in this fight. thanks, andy. >> reporter: good luck this weekend, poppy. >> thank you, my friend. all right, switching gears, in a major way, waiting on the white house, the controversial memo that could be released at any moment, we're standing by for that. mom and dad got a new car... it's not theirs. it's mine. mine. mine. and it always will be, forever and forever. the new rx 350l with three rows for seven passengers. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. yes! ours is still buffering. what's happening? you're experiencing a network delay. you both need to be watching that on the iphone with verizon. the best streaming network. how long have you been here? i've been here a couple days. (avo) get the best unlimited on the most awarded network.
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