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tv   New Day  CNN  August 25, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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starting to drench the coastal cities. it is on track to become marriage hurricane. 17 million people are under hurricane warnings. >> it's catastrophic flooding that's the concern here. forecasters expect this storm to stall, stay put over texas for a matter of days, dumping two to three feet of rain, even more than that in some areas, tens of thousands of people order toad evacuate. president trump facing first event of the -- >> texas, where he has been all morning. nick, what do you see? >> david, hour by hour we've been standing out here at the bay of the -- bank of the bay here. it's just getting worse and worth. this water slowly starting to
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come up these steps. what we understand is the officials are preparing for a storm the likes of which we may have never seen before. evacuations well underway in the course of theless 24 hours. loc local mayor ordering voluntary evacuations. the people have seen it before. back in 2008 with hurricane ike. 40 years ago another major storm here that hit corpus christie very hard. le people did not want to take chances. businesses boarded up, schools are closed. last night into and out of the airport left early in morning at 6:30 local. service shut down until over the weekend. officials said they have not officially designated any areas for shelter or relief because they're really encouraging everyone to get out of town. we saw that exactly. what was happening yesterday when we were making our way here, we were one of the only
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cars driving towards coastal texas. most people were driving north towards more secure areas, dallas, austin, anywhere but coastal texas. >> nick, you were talking about driving toward the storm which most people don't do. the at the same time, there may be people who think well this may be just a huge rain event. are they taking it seriously enough and heeding orders to evacuate? >> i talked to the local police. what advice do you have for those people who decided to wait out the storm or ride out the storm. he said plans have not been put in place already, it may be too late. this hurricane -- hurricanes in general are unpredictable and it could progress and deteriorate so fast. these winds are sustained at about 110 miles per hour and here, all morning, that has been the story, the winds have
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started to pick up and just as i say that, the rain is starting to pick up. we expect these conditions only to get worse. >> i mean the wintszs are now at 110. that was the latest report. that's still a category 2. the category 3 is 111. so you're one miles per hour away from that. so please be safe. we of court will check back with you throughout the hour. meanwhile we want to show you this, the outer bands of hurricane harvey are hitting the texas coast. one of the storm's deadliest threats is the extreme flooding that could hit cities like houston, austin and san antonio. so residents do need to heed all the evacuation orders. an antonio is already under local disaster preparation. >>reporter: you hear people talk about the calm before the storm. this is it. that's because those conditions are expected to change later today possibly into tonight.
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as some outer bands make their way here. yes, the winds will be an issue, but really the main concern will be flooding. catastrophic flooding. this storm is expected to wander around parts of texas, which means like houston, austin, here, in san antonio, they are bracing for some pretty devastating flooding that they have seen before during other storms. many as a result officials are recommending people prepare to hunker down starting tonight. these conditions right now are certainly not going to be the case later tonight. this is really what we're seeing right now, david in some of these cities. mainly inland cities, as we prepare now for this storm to make landfall, and we prepare to see some effects of hurricane harvey in cities like san anton antonio. >> we'll ta so much attention. as it really stalls where inland
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cities can get so much rain and where the flooding can oh kwur. >> i mean something like 30 inches they're talking about. the. >> we want to look at this ominous video now. this is the international space station capturing images of the size and scope of hurricane harvey as it moves towards texas. you can see how huge it is from space obviously. we want to get an update on the storm as track. joined by the specialist from the national hurricane center. michael, what are you seeing at this point? we're very close to major hurricane strength. at this point we want people to focus on the hazards, life threatening major hurricane force winds. the left threatening storm surge that's going to affect at large part of the coast of texas and the exceptional rainfall amounts.
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t we can see isolated areas seeing as much as three feet of rain. >> michael, obviously you do this for a living. the put this in context. what is harvey like versus other hurricanes? >> every hurricane is different. every hurricane has its own sort of combination of hazards. this is a really dangerous situation because we're expecting not just the winds and storm surge but the heavy rain. it's going to affect people well inland from the coast. this is going to affect hundreds of thousands of millions of people with these hazards over the next few days, the thing to emphasize now is you only have a few hours left to get ready. already seeing these outer rain bands beginning to reach the texas coast. tropical storm force wents will be moving. everybody that's been ordered to
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evacuate need to heed that in the next few hours. >> you're running out of time for people who want to ride it out or may not take it as seriously. this is the job of the media at this point working with local officials to impress upon folks you must heed the warning. >> right. especially if you live in this area talking about the storm surge warning which suffers this dark pink area. this area from south of corpus christie to zwrus west of houston, we can see storm surge flooding 6 to 12 feet. you could have 6 feet of water on your street, in your house. that's life threatening storm surge. if you're saying in that area, you're putting your life at risk if you've been asked to evacu e evacuate. >> that is very illustrative of how dangerous this could be. of course the winds are not to be taken lightly either. so am i right that we're one miles per hour away from that becoming a category 3 storm?
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>> right. people tend to focus on the category of the hurricane because it's something easy to focus on, and latch onto. but at this point, the hazards are already there. the winds very little difference between a hurricane with 110 and 115 miles per hour sustained winds. those are winds that can cause substantial structural damage and life threatening to be out in. that's another hazard in this eye wall of the hurricane. the tropical storm force winds ex tend out well in advance of the storm. those sustained winds starting at 40 miles per hour and up are going to start reaching the coast today. >> you can see that on the illustration there they are almost kissing the coast now. michael, thank you very much. joining us now on the phone is the corpus chris tie fire chief robert roke ca. the thank you for being with us. >> thank you vefry much, ma'am. >> what are you doing?
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>> let me stay thank you for interviewing us here in corpus christie, we are indeed on the front line of this storm. we currently have our emergency operations center open and we're doing a lot of coordination with our city assets, with our county assets and of course with the texas department of emergency management assets. we already have a lot of rescue people pre positioned, boat teams rescue teams, corpus christie police and fire department. ready to respond to emergencies when we're able to. >> is that because you think that people have not heeded the warnings to get out? >> i believe that people have heeded the warning. the especially in those low-lying areas in which the mayor spoke about yesterday, getting people to evacuate out of north pad dray island, north beach, flower bluff and various locations within the city of corpus christie where we previously have experience the high water.
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>> but i mean then what are your go team the and evacuation teams, what scenarios are they preparing for. >> what we're doing is partial evacuation of the city, allowing people to evacuate until about 12:00 noon. at that time we're going to make an evaluation as to the weather conditions. storm surge is obviously something we're concerned about but the hurricane force winds is something else that we're very, very concerned about. at some point in time, we're going to squ people that did not evacuate to shelter in place. the stay in their homes, don't go out. the don't drive in high water, there's going to be a point in time where police departments fire departments and emergency rescue people are not going to be able to respond until the storm passes. >> but chief, is there amanda toer evacuation right now? it. >> in some areas, there is. le. >> why not everywhere?
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>> well, there's a lot of different legal ramifications with regard to amanda toer evacuation. there has to be different items in place. plus getting people back in becomes cumbersome. it was the decision made by our group to highly recommend that people in low-lying areas evacua evacuate. >> chief, it's david here. one of the issues i would think for sheltering in place you want as many people to evacuate as possible so your first responders have ample room to reach people who have sheltered in place should that become necessary. >> naethat's correct. we want people to get out of town. especially in these low-lying areas. we want them to self-evacuate. we also have aevacuation teams where we are sending people from corpus christie to san antonio to the shelters up there. we want to make it easy for
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first responders to be able to move through the streets and be able to rescue people that are in need of rescuing. >> all right. well, chief roke ca, we are happy to help you get the word out to your folks there this morning because the consequences could not be more dire. le so thank you for taking the time to be on here and we hope people are listening closely to your warnings. >> we're going to take a break here. thank you, chief. switch gears talk about politics. the border wall leading to a shutdown showdown. the president vowing to let the federal government shut down over his propose the border wall and republicans in congress don't fund it. we'll talk about it with a member of the house freedom caucus coming up next it senses and automatically adjusts on both sides. the new 360 smart bed is part of our biggest sale of the year where all beds are on sale. and right now save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed, plus free home delivery. ends saturday!
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. obstructionists democrats would like us not to do it but we have to close down our government. >> he campaigned on the wall. he won on talking about building the wall, and he's going to make sure that that gets done, and he'll continue to fight for that funding and ensure that it takes place. >> that was white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders standing by the president's threat to shut down the government if congress does not fund the border wall. let's bring in republican congressman morgan griffith from virginia. good morning. >> are we really possibly going
5:17 am
to see a possible government shutdown over this? >> i certainly hope not, but the bottom line is this is what congress does, fights over issues and tries to determine what's important. as you know, securing our southern borter is important to the people of the united states of america. it is one of the major issues the president ran on. many of us in congress and united states senate ran on that issue and were elected on that issue. we've got to see it through. ultimately, i believe that it will be built and hopefully we'll get it done. >> and who's going to pay for that? >> well i will say to you that initially we're going to have to prime the pump. but i believe that our friends in mexico and the mexican government want to be partners with the united states on a lot of issues, and one the things we have to be partners on is securing our borders. the i believe that we will see significant contributions from our friends.
5:18 am
>> what would that indirect payment look like? because as you remember, we have that's transcripts of the call that the president of mexico had with president trump, just to remind everybody, the president of the mexico said my position has been and will continue to be very firm saying that mexico cannot pay for that wall. president trump says but you cannot say that to the press. the press is going to go with that and i cannot live with that. it sounds like he's unequivocal that he's not going to pay for it. >> well, i think he's probably unequivocal on a public standpoint. >> this was private. >> but i also recognize they want to continue to have trade with these united states and bring their products north. that's part of the negotiation between nation states and we're going to work that out. but i do believe that they will ultimately have to be a partner in making sure that our borders are secure. >> but you're comfortable with congress paying for it first and then keeping your fingers crossed that mexico will pay the
5:19 am
tabulator? >> well i don't have any question that mexico will pay at least a part of the tab. it has to be a partnership. but i have no doubt of that and yes i am comfortable making sure because we promised the american people not just in this last campaign but winsince the reaga administration. >> how about the debt ceiling? the white house now sounds as though it wants the debt ceiling to be raised, wants to work with congress on that. in fact the president sort of berated congress for not tying it to the va big but you all don't want the ceiling to be raised so aren't you guys the im pediment for tying it to any sort of other bill to get it through? >> well certainly shouldn't be tied to a bill that has nothing to do with the debt ceiling. we're talking about debt and can have one, obviously we're going to have to raise it. but if that's tied to reforms to
5:20 am
make sure we debt the deficit under control, then we can see it raised but where -- at least i'm not going to support a clean debt ceiling increase because we have to get our debt and debt problems at least on a pathway with are we can see light at the erptsth tunnel. right now keep piling it up. that's not the way the republicans should govern. when we do a increase it should have significant reforms built in. >> how do you make sense of trump's tweet where he said i suggested that they tie it into the popular va bill, which just passed for easy approval. they didn't do it. so now we have a big problem with dem's holding them up as usual on debt ceiling approval. could have been so easy, now a mess. the but you didn't want them to tie it to the va bill. >> no. it's not procedure. we tie bills that have something to do with each other together in order to force people to mang
5:21 am
of make a choice between protecting our children and grandchildren versus protecting kour vets. that's not fair. i appreciate paul ryan not tying those two together. we into ed to have a discussion about the deficit and what we're going to do with our children. even now we're mortgaging our great grandchildren. we need to have that conversation and need to come up with a solution. so that we're doing the right thing for the american people long-term. not just today or tomorrow. but long-term. >> but why do you think the president wants to tie those together? >> well, i think the president is trying to do some great things out there and trying to make sure we get things together i think he just wanted to get that off the table because it is going to be a little bit messy. but i didn't go to congress just to take easy votes, and this is going to be one where we're going to have to negotiate and fight it out and get something that, works long-term for the betterment of the american people and for the economy. >> thanks so much for being here on "new day."
5:22 am
>> alice sin let's bring in our political panel chris cillizza. and april ryan. good morning to all of you. chris, let's get to the border wall in just a minute. but report on the president reacting to other reporting this morning at the same time there's a hurricane barrelling down on texas. a test of hez leadership in a natural disaster. the this was reaction to political and "new york times" reporting on how john kelly is trying to bring order. here's what the president tweeted. le general john kelly is doing a fantastic job. there is tremendous spirit and talent. don't believe the fake news. on the very morning we reed into the financial times that gary cohen has talked about how unhappy he's been with the response to charlottesville by the president and others in the administration. how do you react to this. >> well. first of all, we revealed yet again how closely he monitors the news.
5:23 am
the i mean he is aware of every story that comes out, that he views as negative about him. and he likes to push back on it. he's also deeply invested. the we know this before. the deeply invested in the idea that everything is running smoothly, and that any attempt to say that it is not is quote unquote fake news. the now, the facts seem to belie the idea that everything is running smoothly. we -- gary cohen in the financial times this morning, top economic adviser for president trump, expressing his dismay about charlottesville. we have a second chief of staff. four communications directors. the press secretary has left after the new communications director was brought in, who then left ten days later. there's been a massive amount of turnover. i forgot steve bannon who was let go aweek ago today. when there's as much turnover in the senior staff, it's a lot.
5:24 am
it's very clear trump has set up a system in h which these aides were with one another. he thinks there's creative tension. but it creates a lot of tension. >> not only is there warring in h the white house, between different factions but also this intra party war that the president has set up between himself and other leading republicans. i mean you heard me just talking to congressman griffith there about paul ryan, mitch mcconnell. how is this going to play out? >> well absolutely. this is a fight that is at this point, larnl largely of the president's own making. he keeps on sort of proactively poking mitch mcconnell and to sort of paul ryan in the eye at precisely the moment he's going to need them the most to sort of corral republicans for really key votes. you were talking about the border wall and government funding. they have to raise the debt
5:25 am
ceiling. swrr in there president trump has been talking about wanting to get this tax rut through. all of those are huge that mitch mcconnell and paul ryan are going to have to help him on not to mention other members. and his repeated criticisms of them, questioning of their tactics, whether it be to raise the debt ceiling or anything else is only going to make that harder. this relationship has always been somewhat of a tenuous one. he came in without having the strong support of these congressional leaders. up until recently, the thought i think among republicans on capitol hill was we cooperate to the president to the degree we need him to sign into law and help us push through long stalled priorities that we really want. health care, tax reform. and to the degree that's not happening, i think their patience is running thin.
5:26 am
>> tax reform is the most important of those. but u april, there is a tension here. there is the trump brand and the republican brand. he has always kept that distinct in else they can work together. you see him blaming republicans. i'm expecting him to say you want me on that wall, you need me on that wall. he is -- the wall is i think kind of a concept that he'll compromise on in the end. the but it's something that he's saying, look, this is something i really did campaign on and there's a lot of people, including a lot of conservative republicans who think this is a good idea in some form. >> you have some conservative republicans who agree there needs to be efforts to help stem the illegal immigration problem. but at the same time when it comes to the southern border, you have fiscal conservatives who realize this president is blowing the finance shl covers
5:27 am
out the water. the this wall is going to cost a lot of money. also you have to remember too. the if the president really wants to sway their minds, this clash of the titans has to stop. he's not calling out democrats. the he's calling out leaders of his own party. paul ryan said the president speaks differently than he does. the the president has been talked about how he is very brash and uses very colorful words to say the least what he talks to these people and when he talks about them. the if he wants to make this wall happen he needs to really worry about how he gets along. this is just the basics. how do you get along with people and people in his own party who can push this on. >> he's going to torch anybody in his own party who takes him on. >> as evidenced by the tweet through the twitter machine. there's a new tweet out this moment from the president. about bob corker.
5:28 am
strange statement. strainen statement by bob corker considering he is constantly asking me whether or not he should run again in '18. tennessee -- not happy. >> i mean -- okay. bob corker was someone who donald trump considered for-sh for vice president. he was someone -- i was going to say, secretary of state. what he's doing here -- let's assume this tweet is accurate. what he's doing is taking a private conversation with a -- the chairman of the senator foreign relations and airing it to 36 million twitter followers. what april just said, it's about human relationships. you have to learn to get along with people. this is literally the opposite of that. it's as if -- you tell me something in confidence and i
5:29 am
then say, no problem i'll keep it to myself and go on television and tell everyone. again, the problem is there's no strategy. the this is cutting off your nose to spite your facism run rampant. attacking jeff flake in arizona when the fact is he's the best chance of the parties holding a competitive seat they could lose in 2018. he's just -- >> yeah. well -- we're going to leaf it there. the. >> chris cillizza, we hear you. thank you. back to our top story. hurricane harvey taking aim at texas and time is running out to evacuate. how ready is the lone star state?
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okay. a monster storm barrelling towards texas. hurricane harvey to make land fall tonight. could dump as much as two to three feet of rain in some areas fuelling concerns over life
5:34 am
threatening flooding. what's it like at this hour? >> reporter: talking about those severe whether conditions. the story here all morning long in corpus christie has been that intense wind that has just picked up hour by hour. we get to see major storm surge but take a look on the bay of this bank here, this sea wall. we've seen this water start to inch of the step the. at the last update from the national hurricane center called for perhaps between six and 12 feet of storm surges here. though the preparations have been under way for the last 48 hours. i want to pan over here to show some buildings already boarded up. when we arrived to the hotel room, it was already boarded up. bathtubs filled with water with the anticipation that basic services will be cut off as this storm approaches towards coastal texas. the experts are saying this is going to be a very dangerous.
5:35 am
>> thanks so much. we are also seeing just before that some the rain band the starting to hit houston as well. some of the flood-prone areas. earlier we spoke to president trump's fema administrator about how dangerous this storm is. >> texas is about to have a very significant disaster. what concerns me the most is whether or not people have heed the the warning that local county junls have put forward. if they have not, their window to evacuate is coming to a close. storm surge is the unforgiving hazard. it has the highest potential to kill the most amount of people. as the system moves in we're looking at a very significant flood event. over many counties. which is going to be a sizable event. >> joining us now on the phone is the former fema administrator david paulson. he served under the bush
5:36 am
administration after hurricane katrina hit and was a fire chief in miami when hurricane andrew came 25 years ago. i want to stress that last point about the inland effects of a storm that is going to stall. the with our correspondents who are on the scene, you've seen the weather start to deteriorate. and a cumulative effect has to be worrisome. >> yeah. that's correct. they're going to have to be very careful. it's a very low-lying area. and once the storm moves ashore, the storm is not over. of the they're going to get a tremendous amount of water. the good part of it is that texas has a great emergency management system. the and they have been through this before, and they're going to make sure people get evacuated when they need to. and make sure all the supplies are ready to move in. >> we did speak to chief roca,
5:37 am
the fire chief. i was surprised to say there was not a mandatory evacuation. they decided that also creates chaos on getting people out and back in. so their teams are poised. they go teams, as he called them are poised to go rescue people. what do you think is the biggest concern at this hour? >> if they haven't started evacuations already, now's the time to kind of hunker down. the locals are the ones to make that call. le you can't make those calls from afar. but texas has a great emergency management system. the thing that concerns me is are the individuals prepared. there are some people who can't take care of themselves and those are the ones the government should be taking care of. but those of us residents that are in storm areas, like i live in south florida, there's some personal responsibility to take
5:38 am
care of our families for three or four days after the storm makes land fall. i hope the people have done that. >> it's always important to ask about lessons learned. you got the speerpts of hurricane andrew, category 5 storm. and devastation. but something like katrina, which presented one way initially and became more devastating. what lessons do you draw from these experiences that impact how you think think about preparedness now. >> one thing we learned in hurricane andrew is we have over 100,000 home the destroyed and why did they come apart? why? some were brand new housing. we looked at why these buildings failed and changed our building codes to adapt to that type of environment. but i haven't seen that across the country. we only have 16 states in the united states with statewide
5:39 am
building codes that are enforced. so there's an opportunity there to look at those lessons learned that we learned in andrew and katrina and other hurricanes, and go back and do those mitigation efforts. right now, we're spending 14 times more money on the disaster site as opposed to the pre disaster site. it's certainly not sustainable with the cost of katrina, sandy and this storm coming in. the costs go up and up. we have to sart doing something on pre disaster side to make sure that when the storms do come in -- and they are going to come in -- that our homes and buildings and offices and places we live and work actually survive the storms. >> that's a great point to be more proactive rather than reactive. but as we watch what's about to hit texas, we'll have to save that conversation for another day. thank you very much for bringing
5:40 am
all of your experience to us. >> yes. thank you guys. doing a great job on the show. >> thank you. >> so texas's gulf coast is bracing. we'll go live to a coastal city now in the bull's-eye of the storm. so you miss the big city? i don't miss much... definitely not the traffic. excuse me, doctor... the genomic data came in. thank you. you can do that kind of analysis? yeah, watson. i can quickly analyze millions of clinical and scientific reports
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to help you tailor treatment options for the patient's genomic profile. you can do that? even way out here? yes. even way out here.
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okay. with all of the serious breaking news we've had, do you want a moment of levity? how about a little snl. weekend update specials. the summer ed digit. here, alec baldwin makes a return. watch this. >> well, everyone's so white, so white here. it's fantastic. look, they found the one black guy at the rally and sat him behind me. is it the eclipse. i can't tell. are you really black. >> that's what the ad said you was looking for. >> people ask me why are you doing a rally on the eight months in. folks, it's never too early to campaign for 2020. mike pence is already doing it. i want to talk about charlottesville. as we all know, there was a
5:45 am
tragic victim that came out of charlottesville. le me. they won't tell you about my accomplishments but i've done so much. first off, i solved afghanistan. solved. sat down with the military looked at at map and i said i ask the hard questions like which one is afghanistan. what do we want? wall. who's going to pay for it? mexico. that's right. you are, the american taxpayer. >> he's got to be riffing it like the president riffs a lot of times too. >> he must have missed him. he went into identihiatus. >> coming up, the 20th anniversary of princess diana's death. special report coming up. (boy) and these are the lungs. (class) ewwww! (boy) sorry.
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next week is 20 years since
5:50 am
princess diana was killed in a car crash in that paris tunnel. her life, a marriage and death remain a fascinating. a cnn special report, diana, chasing a fairy tail looks how the intense spot light affected her life and tumultuous marriage. >> she became more sure of herself, more confident, it seemed her husband, but also some in his family saw her as a bit of a misstry. but ultimately with hostility. people were going crazy about her, and he was like a shadow next to her. >> the other side of the road. so the side that got diana cheered, side that got charles engineered. that's how it was all the time. he probably did get resentful. she was on the front page of newspapers, lead story on television. it was always diana. publicly, prince charles
5:51 am
jokes about it. >> i've come to the conclusion that really it would have been far easier to have had two wives. to have covered both sides of the street. and i could have walked down the middle directing the operation. >> but privately, by the early 90s, charles and diana are living separate lives. >> something involving a state visit together and then diana would come back here and charles would go back to glocester shir. >> th >>. >> oh, my goodness, cnn's clarissa ward joins us. i a mazing. it looks like it's going to be really interesting to watch. what will we learn that's new or different? >> i think it's really just a kind of elegant tribute to one of the most iconic figures in
5:52 am
recent history. in terms of learning more, i don't think it sort of move the the investigation forward. you still have a lot of conspiracy theorists was thee killed in that tunnel, did the royal family try to have her killed in the fake automobile accident and from all the evidence we combed over and the various inquests that have been done, no, it does not appear this was anything other than a tragic accident. but nonetheless, 20 years later, people are still talking about diana, they are still thinking about diana, she is still an icon of beauty, fashion, culture, of advocacy. twos wonderful to be able to take time amend look back to th legacy. >> that clip speaks to what a phenomenon she was. the hr life, marriage. now we have who are adult sons being able to reflect on this. it's so interesting. >> it's amazing to see the
5:53 am
evolution, how they have sort of taken parts of her legacy. traditionally the royal family has been so stoic. didn't talk about things. didn't air their dirty laundry and what diana really did was kind of humanize the man naonar. and i think really, this year specifically, we've seen the sons william and harry taking a much more proactive role in talking about issues that are difficult, talks about grief and how difficult it has been for them to deal with their mother's death. talking about mental health. that is something straight out of diana's play book. i think she would be proud to see how the two princes have developed into these very compassionate, warm, while still holding on to all the still kind of beautiful traditions of the monarchy. >> i was not a particularly royal watcher or royalist, but remember exactly where i was 20
5:54 am
years ago. i remember what i was wearing 20 years ago when the news broke on the radio that she had been in this terrible car accident. at first we department know she'd been killed. she was alive enough to say things ilg think about her kids and then -- hoping for the best and hoping she was rushed to the hospital and hearing so suddenly she had been killed and that her boys were being told. somehow we had the news word was going into the boys. it was all so devastating. >> it was so devastating. i think the only thing that as americans we can kind of compare it to although it was before my time, was jf k's assassination. everybody remembers where they were. what's exceptional is we are talking about a princess, a young woman who was 36 years old. the how is it she was not the president of the united states
5:55 am
of america. how is it that see was able in the course of her life, to captivate the world's imagination, people from all countries all over? >> and she's gone unparalleled media figure too at the time. thank you very much. we don't miss the two hour cnn report. sunday at 9:00 p.m. eastern only here on cnn. >> okay. good stuff coming up next. le stick around. the new carfaxm show me minivans with no reported accidents. boom. love it. [struggles] show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new no splashing! wait so you got rid of verizon, just like that? uh-huh. i switched to t-mobile, kept my phone-everything on it- -oh, they even paid it off! wow! yeah. it's nice that every bad decision doesn't have to be permenant!
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xxx time now for the good stuff. a pennsylvania community is showing it really does take a village to raise a child. neighbors sprang into action and collected toys, g.o.a.t.s and even catch upon learning a young sheriff's deputy died about a week after his son was born. the his widow still cannot believe the love she has received and seems to have found the way to her family. >> he was an amazing husband, an amazing father for only ten days, but i miss him a lot. >> tough to listen to that. speaking through tears she says the world inthe best place but
6:00 am
seeing her na seeing neighbors come through is something she a appreciates. >> thank you very much for helping. >> thank you. >> i have a gift for you. i thought you might be interested in reading. meanwhile our coverage of hurricane harvey continues with cnn news room and john berman. >> good morning everyone i'm john berman. a yard of rain. three feet, almost impossible to imagine but that is what texas is facing this morning. with the emergency officials practically begging people to vac evasive action. hurricane harvey is very nearly a category 3 hurricane. it will make landfall tonight. top sustained winds now 110 miles an hour but the bigger threat is the rain. it will rain a


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