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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  August 18, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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culture. so why all of a sudden, because it's other white men, they care about the history. when you think about it, think about public flags. public flags are supposed to be a conglomerate effort of everybody in that state. so, as a mississippian and knowing how many black people stay in mississippi, that is -- that does not represent me or my culture. that means death and slavery to me, and just like most things in america, if it's something that's important to a white man, it will be considered. >> david, i appreciate your passion and to the point that has been made before, this is about where america is today, not about where america was back then. david banner. >> can i ask you one question before you leave? isn't it sad that as a black man, we are still arguing about the same things that my grandparents were complaining about. if something happened to a dog or think about the police force.
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when we were talking about innocent black people being murdered in america, they were passing laws to protect policemen when statistics show that being a policeman isn't even the 15th most dangerous occupation anymore. what about us? what about laws? if you really want to change it, pass laws that will make people afraid to do terrorist acts and call terrorists terrorists, even if they're white men. >> david banner, i don't know if that was a question, but it was a powerful statement. and i can't even imagine what some of that feels like just being real with you. david banner, thank you. david banner, thank you. thank you. -- captions by vitac -- . officials tell cnn president trump fired the former breitbart founder. sources say bannon was given the
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option to resign but was forced out. so, since day one, bannon has been a controversial figure inside the trump white house and also the campaign because of his alignment with the so-called alt-right movement. bannon's firing comes just days after he gave an extraordinarily candid interview that seemed to undermine the president's authority. we'll talk about that. and moments after this news broke, the editor of breitbart, steve bannon's former website, tweeted the single word, "war." let's begin with jim acosta. he is in bridgewater, new jersey. what are you hearing, jim, about exactly how this went down? >> reporter: well, brooke, this is starting to feel like one of those days where the white house is like a reality show. steve bannon was fired, forced off the island, you might say. my understanding from talking to white house sources, brooke, is that this was in the works a couple of weeks ago, that he was supposed to be fired two weeks ago, but was given the option to
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resign. but you know, if you cut through the white house speak there, he was forced out. he was fired. but my understanding is that he's still hanging around over on the white house grounds. he was spotted leaving the cafeteria earlier this afternoon, appeared to be in good spirits. but this is a part of what john kelly, the new chief of staff, is trying to do inside this white house. he is trying to bring about a more orderly and disciplined power structure inside that west wing to control who goes into the oval office, who speaks to the president, even by phone, and who speaks on behalf of this administration, and you'll remember earlier this week, steve bannon was granting these interviews during which he was essentially contradicting the president. that also rankled people inside the white house, we're told, including the president. and so that was just not going to fly, and so that's why you have the white house putting out this statement earlier today, via sarah huckabee sanders saying that john kelly and steve bannon mutually agreed that today would be steve's last day
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is the way it was put in that e-mail. and so, i was just talking to administration official just in the last few moments. there is some optimism inside the white house that what john kelly is doing is going to bring about some change, but as we've discussed time and again, brooke, the question is, can john kelly control what the president says and does, and by all accounts, at this point, he can not do that. the president is still the president. >> well said, jim acosta. thank you. let me bring in david gergen, former presidential adviser, rich galen and in a moment here we've got the vp of news and men's programming at interactive one. and so, welcome to all of you on this big, big friday. david, first to you. you know, steve bannon gets the door. what does this mean for the presidency? >> i think it's a lot easier, brooke, to explain why steve bannon is leaving than what it means. >> okay. >> i think we're going to be
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puzzling about what it means for a while. on why he's leaving, there simply wasn't room in the white house for general kelly and for steve bannon. general kelly wants hierarchy, he wants order, and steve bannon is exactly the opposite. but take the latest flap here in the last couple of days, and that was steve bannon giving an interview saying that war with north korea is impossible. he'd considered cutting a deal, that the united states leaves korea altogether in exchange for the north koreans becoming nuclear free. >> that didn't go over well. >> that is totally in conflict -- no, didn't go over well. and so the generals in the administration had to scramble to tell allies and friends that simply isn't u.s. policies. so you can see why kelly wanted him out. and he obviously got the president to agree. it's ironic that it happened in the same week that steve bannon had one of his greatest victories and that it was the president's tuesday response to what happened in charlottesville. that was very much a steve bannon kind of reaction.
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as to what it means on the outside, there are two things. one, jim acosta is absolutely right. it doesn't change trump, and a lot of the chaos didn't come from trump. it comes from trump, the hatred and a lot of that is welled up inside him. but there is now going to be an interesting conflict because a lot of conservatives feel that steve bannon and the people around him represent the last conservative stronghold in the white house. i think they're wrong, mick mull -- mulvaney is obviously very conservative. and now breitbart wants to declare war. >> whatever that means. >> the white house that remains is full of democrats, wall street types, and hawks. >> manhattan. >> and they want to -- there's going to be a big pressure on. steve bannon's very close to the freedom caucus in the house, which was so instrumental in getting the health care reform passed in the house. so, i think there's going to be some rough spots ahead.
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steve bannon's not going away. he is, as he calls himself, the classic honey badger. >> we know his saying, and we won't repeat it on tv. >> i agree. >> rich galen, to you. you chuckled when i was asking david about, what does this mean and he was like, let me try to understand the why first. what -- do you think -- a lot of people this week were saying in the wake of charlottesville, get him out, get him out, this will be so much better, but will it be? >> well, remember what general kelly said when he came in to be the chief of staff. his job is to control the staff, not control the president. so, he didn't set the bar out of sight. >> people had high hopes. >> he's making good on it. i think one of the reasons that bannon didn't leave two weeks ago was so that they could put some space between the scaramucci business and the bannon business. >> which, by the way, was precipitated by the reince business the friday prior. >> right. so the net result is that
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general kelly is getting control of the staff. he's moving the people out that he doesn't want, and now we'll see who he can attract in to fill some of the gaps that can make the thing work smoothly. a lot of work has to get done at the staff level at the white house. they don't need to have people kind of fighting with each other all day long. not kind of, but actually fighting with each other. they need to get their work done, and i think general kelly's clearing out the brush so that the new shoots can come up. >> what did you think, jamila, about this tweet from the breitbart editor, war? do you think it depends on your perspective that this is bad news for the president, that he'll harbor some ill will toward the same sort of characters like h.r. mcmaster and others who he was feuding with and just bring it on the outside? what does that mean? >> you know, there's a level of dissonance in the past few days following bannon's own remarks about people who we would consider, on the outside, his base. you know, that he would mock
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white nationalists for what happened in charlottesville. >> called them clowns. >> calling them clowns. and so now know that, okay, breitbart is going full throttle against this white house apparently? this is going to be a very bad time, i think, for the trump administration because now you have a break in your base. you have a break in the people who believe in, you know, the sort of white nationalism and white supremacy that brought you into this position in the first place. >> not everyone, but yes, and david gergen, to the point that, you know, of all places for steve bannon to be talking to, "american prospect," this progressive outlet, to whom he -- whith whom he picks up th phone, has this conversation, makes the north korean news, which absolutely contradicts the president, do you think that was steve bannon -- strategic steve bannon planting the seeds in a pre-firing place? >> absolutely. i think it was in preparation for this departure. he's known it, and he's showing that he's going to have a
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significant voice when he leaves the white house. he's not going away. he's going to be sought out for interviews, and he will try to become -- you know, he has breitbart as a platform for the alt-right. he now wants to make himself essentially the spokesperson and the leader of the white nationalist movement, and that, you know, this whole economic nationalism. he's going to be pushing on that very, very hard and putting pressure on the administration, cross pressure, even as the mainstream media comes at donald trump from one direction, he's going to be coming from another direction. >> what about, rich, just thinking of washington and everyone's kind of wondering, what the heck is september going to look like, especially since you've had -- david gergen laughs but you have the mitt romneys -- do we have newt gingrich today? let's roll it. here's newt gingrich. >> i think he's in a position right now where he is much more isolated than he realizes. on the hill, he has far more people willing to sit to one side and not help him right now.
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and i think that he needs to recognize that he's taken a good first step with bringing in general kelly, but he needs to think about what has not worked. and you don't get down in the 35% range of approval and have people in your own party shooting at you and conclude that everything's going fine. >> former house speaker, your former boss, adding to the list of republicans who are full-throatedly calling out the president by name. and this was obviously before the bannon news broke. do you think that the bannon news will then -- how much will the bannon firing placate folks like him. >> i don't think it will at all because you still have the president that's the president. >> minor detail. >> there's a very famous saying, when lyndon johnson saw walter cronkite say we couldn't win the vietnam war, lbj said, if we've lost walter, we've lost the war and i can't imagine that the
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president wasn't saying to himself, if we've lost newt, we're in really big trouble. >> what about bob corker questioning his stability. >> corker is a gentle, thoughtful guy. he doesn't elbow his way in front of the cameras when you're on capitol hill. he's worked his way through the system, and for him to come out at a rotary club meeting, i mean, what could be more middle american than a rotary club meeting in tennessee, and use that kind of language about the president, i think bob corker may have been the most important story of the day, but because he's not kind of lighting fires, it's not getting the attention other than from -- >> what does that mean for getting stuff done. >> it means that you get people that will start saying the president's over here, we're going to be over here. now, he could either sign what we send him or not. i'll tell you who the best guy is that they've got right now. mark short. vice president of sky. i worked for mark when we both worked for cay bailey hutchison, very smart guy, he's the legislative guy for the
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administration. and it would not shock me if he were not moved back into the white house to give him more access to the president. >> wondering who would then take the shoes and be more influential. did you see what senator tim scott said, south carolina, you know, questioning what was the moral competency of the president? what do you think of that? >> you know, i think there's a significant percentage of the population that has known all along that this is a president that lacks moral competency. and it's been really unfortunate to watch members of his party, his still relatively new to him party -- do you remember seeing him at any of the meetings or fundraisers 10 or 15 years ago? they've rallied around him for so long and supported him and so many people have been willing to throw their own political careers away to ride the wave of trump nationalism, and it seems like that's falling apart right now, and so to take someone like tim scott, who has been critical of his party at times, but you know, more often than not has been willing to side with the bigger picture, quote unquote, for him to go out and that way
12:14 pm
and to say, i'm breaking rank, i think that says a lot as well. >> just makes you wonder, are they breaking rank and are they the few voices representing the many or are they the few voices, period. rich, good to see you and jamilah, thank you, and david, always a pleasure. thank you so much. in addition to the news on bannon, we are also getting word that more organizations have pulled out of events down at mar-a-lago. the president's florida resort. stand by for those details. this is cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. notebooks! one cent! rulers, glue and 12-pack pencils! all one cent each! hurry to office depot office max! ♪taking care of business
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these make cleaning between myi love gum brand for healthy gums. soft picks, proxabrush cleaners, flossers. gum brand. we continue with our breaking news here on cnn. embattled white house chief strategist steve bannon is out. he has been fired by the president. bannon has been making headlines in recent days, giving unexpected interviews to, of all places, a progressive reporter.
12:19 pm
in the process, he contradicted one of the president's major policies. one of the rare occasions bannon spoke publicly, this was back in february at the conservative political action conference. >> i think if you look at the opposition party and how they portrayed the campaign, how they portrayed the transition and now they're portraying the administration, it's always wrong. i mean, on the very first day that kelleyanne and i started, we reached out to reince, sean spicer, katie. it's the same team that, you know, every day was grinding away on the campaign, the same team that did the transition and if you remember, the campaign was the most chaotic, you know, by the media's description, most unprofessional, had no earthly idea what they were doing and then you saw them all crying and weeping that night on the 8th. and the reason it worked, the reason it worked is president trump. i mean, trump had those ideas, had that energy, had that vision
12:20 pm
that could galvanize a team around him of disparate -- look, we're a coalition. you know, a lot of people think, you know, i have strong beliefs about different things but we understand that you can come together to win and we understood that from august 15th and we never had a doubt and donald trump never had a doubt that he was going to win. >> interesting to note, of all the people that he mentioned in the clip, with the exception of kelleyanne conway, they're no longer at the white house. dylan byers, let me bring you in. where to begin. do we know, yet, if steve bannon is going back to breitbart? >> reporter: he will continue to work with breitbart in some fashion, absolutely. and he's also working with bob mercer, the hedge fund billionaire who's behind -- a lot of the money behind this sort of not just breitbart but the sort of populist insurgency that helped carry trump into power. you know, brooke, i was going back, i was looking at a conversation i had with bannon back before the election in november, and i remember something that bannon told me.
12:21 pm
he said, regardless of what happens to trump on november 8, this movement is not going away. this is the first inning. bannon is somebody who really sees this as a movement where he's just playing a part and this is something that's going to play out over the course of american history, this sort of populist, nationalist movement for years and decades to come. i think bannon, you know, he's a philosopher, and it might be a dark and twisted philosophy, but he's a philosopher nevertheless. he saw trump as a vessel to sort of advance this populist nationalist agenda. he is going to continue fighting for that now outside of the white house. he maintains this sort of very optimistic top of the first inning view that the best days for his agenda are yet to come. i think the one question you have to ask is, what platform is more powerful for you than being in the white house? than having the ear of the president of the united states. if you don't have that, how powerful can you really be. that's really what we're going
12:22 pm
to see in terms of where bannon goes, what he does with breitbart in the days and weeks to come. >> what do you think "war" means. >> reporter: at breitbart, especially with that hashtag, generally means war of the populists and the nationalists versus the globalists. those people who in the eyes of breitbart and the eyes of bannon are fighting on behalf of the american people and the american middle class versus a sort of corporate, globalist, you know, leftist media what have you. but it could mean something else. it could also mean war between breitbart and the trump white house. what's hard for me to square that interpretation is that it seems like bannon is going to continue fighting to the benefit of the president in some way, shape, or form. i talked to another senior administration official today who said that bannon can be very helpful to trump outside of the white house. so, you know, it's hard -- i wouldn't anticipate that all of a sudden trump is going to lose the backing of breitbart
12:23 pm
entirely. i sure -- i definitely think this puts him on shakier ground, though. breitbart could turn against trump and could be more apt to do so in light of the fact that their man bannon is no longer in the west wing. >> dylan byers, thank you. >> thank you. still ahead, i'll be joined live by a veteran running for congress as a democrat. hear why she is going directly after the president in a new ad. >> someone needs to be willing to say that the emperor has no clothes. too many politicians haven't had the guts to say that. it's time they did. these days families want to be connected 24/7.
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it has been a chaotic week, even by the standards of this white house. today, it all culminated with the firing of president trump's chief strategist, steve bannon, a man who has been a lightning rod for controversy since joining the trump orbit a year ago. so we turn to cnn political director david chalian. david chalian, we talked about, it feels like it's been a year. it's just been weeks since the reince leaving, the scaramucci, now we have bannon. at the end of the day, the president is the president. i mean, do you foresee some major change? >> reporter: yes, summer fridays have a whole different meaning for this white house, brooke. you know, obviously, a president does put a team around him and that has impact and changing the team could have impact, but just like you and i discussed on the day that reince priebus was out, the man in the oval office is not changing, and much of what we have seen over these last seven months are donald trump's instincts as president, donald trump serving as his own chief
12:29 pm
of staff, his own communications director, and so none of that is likely to change. what this does do is perhaps give john kelly, the new chief of staff, a bit more running room to really fill out a team and bring some order and discipline without having some vestiges left over who think they have unfettered access or in steve bannon's access, sort of always sort of portrayed himself as somebody who was really puppet master of a lot of the government levers. >> how much will this help? i'm thinking about september, actually getting something done in washington. and you know, you look to the republican leadership and even folks who aren't in washington, technically, the mitt romneys, former house speaker newt gingrich, all of these people speaking up, of course bob corker that we talked about yesterday, questioning the president's competency and stability. do you think that is indicative of the broader gop who just hasn't spoken up, or is that just the few. >> it's a good question, brooke. i mean, when we look at the polling, we still see, you know,
12:30 pm
80% to 85% republican support, somewhere in there, of republicans approving of the job the president is doing. it's not a great number in your own party, but it's certainly one that is survivable for donald trump. you get worried if you're an incumbent and your fellow partisans really start bailing on you and it goes into the 60s. that becomes a real problem. he's not there yet. but as you noted, these leaders, their voices matter. i mean, bob corker coming out like that and raising arksz you sa said, the issue of stability. mitt romney's statement. i just saw before i came to talk to you that john cornyn put out pretty tough remarks now, the number two man in the united states senate about donald trump's comments this week and how he missed and failed at an opportunity to really heal the country and move it forward. so while getting rid of steve bannon may in the very micro-sense change the news cycle a bit for him rather than
12:31 pm
all these republicans that have been coming out being the dominant storyline, brooke, but i don't think it's going to be a completely page-turning moment for him. it seems to me that republican leaders on the hill are still looking to hear from donald trump to clean up and move past those remarks on tuesday where he had that moral equivalency between the counterprotesters and the kkk and the neo-nazis. >> you know, you mention all these really important republicans, but i think the one voice that perhaps means more is heather heyer's mother. this is what she said this morning. >> i have not and now i will not. at first, i just missed his calls. the first call, it looked like, actually came during the funeral. i didn't even see that message. there were three more frantic messages from press secretaries throughout the day, and i didn't know why. that would have been on wednesday. and i was home recovering from the exhaustion of the funeral
12:32 pm
and so i thought, well, i'll get to them later and then i had more meetings to establish her foundation, so i hadn't really watched the news until last night. and i'm not talking to the president now. i'm sorry. after what he said about my child and it's not that i saw somebody else's tweets about him. i saw an actual clip of him at a press conference equating the protesters like miss heyer with the kkk and the white supremacists. you can't wash this one away by shaking my hand and saying, i'm sorry. >> is there something -- >> i'll not forgive him for that. >> is there something, though, that you would want to say to the president? >> think before you speak. >> david, how damning do you think that is? >> nobody can begin to imagine the unspeakable pain that that
12:33 pm
woman is experiencing, and to -- what i think is so damning in her words for the president, brooke, what i think is sort of the wake-up call inside the white house if people are willing to hear it is the notion that, i didn't need to hear what anyone else was saying. i watched the president's own words. i watched him say it. i think there are so many americans, even some that have supported donald trump, that watched him on tuesday and understood that that was fundamentally at odds with america and walked away being like, i watched those words and those aren't correct words to use. >> yeah. david, thank you. >> thanks, brooke. coming up next, bannon is out. will anyone else be on their way? nearly 300 people who went to yale with the treasury secretary, steve mnuchin, just signed an open letter asking him to resign in protest. two of them join me live with their message to steve mnuchin.
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treasury secretary steve mnuchin is feeling a little bit of heat now as the fire storm over the president's charlottesville remarks has intensified. mnuchin was one of the cabinet members standing by the president as he tried to defend protesters rallying with neo-nazis in charlottesville. nearly 300 of the secretary's classmates at his alma mater of yale just signed a letter to him and in part, this is how it reads. "president trump has declared himself a sympathizer with groups whose values are antithetical to those values we consider fundamental to our sacred honor as americans. as men and women of yale and as decent human beings. president trump made those declarations loudly, clearly, and unequivocally and he said them as you stood next to him. we can be republicans, democrats, libertarians, greens, and a number of other things and still be friends, classmates, and patriots, but we cannot be
12:39 pm
nazis and white supremacists. we can disagree on the means of promoting the general welfare of the country, on the size and role of government, on the nature of freedom and security, but we cannot take the side of what we know to be evil." with me now, james, mnuchin's former classmate who actually wrote the letter. matthew countryman, who is the one who start third-degred this thing. so gentlemen, welcome to you. >> thank you. >> all right. so, matthew, you took this idea to your yale class of '85 facebook page. we understand the why from reading the letter. but how quick was the response? >> instant, actually. so, i had heard that trump had said something but i didn't get to see the video until you recall evenin-- early evening a was so shocked and to see my classmate there, saying not a word, was just so disturbing, so upsetting. to give validation to the forces of racial hatred in our past was
12:40 pm
really just more than i could take. and so i just expressed myself on the facebook page. i just -- i didn't know how much people would feel the same way i did. i didn't know whether this would get people to act, but i just wanted to know. literally, i asked a question. who was willing to call for him to resign. and the response was instant. james among them. and not, you know, people i didn't know necessarily well, certainly not in touch with, but it was really widespread too, that people wanted to find a way for us to express our revulsion. >> so team work here. james, you're the one who takes it upon yourself to write this letter. i understand it took you all of 20 minutes to fire this thing off. let me hear, just in our own words, why you want mnuchin out. >> well, there comes a point when ordinary politics is left behind, and a moral absolute imperative comes to the fore, and i think we've reached that point now that trump has said
12:41 pm
what he said. he said it very clearly. he really meant it. and our esteemed classmate was standing next to him. that, in itself, is a statement. you can't stand silent when something like this happens. >> what about -- >> it has to be something you confront. >> but what about if you look at it from the flip side of this, and this is to both you, james to you first, thinking maybe the nation needs someone like mnuchin in the white house, who is jewish, who is presumably disturbed by those comments of the president inside the cabinet. that it's too risky to put someone unknown there, james. >> you know, i understand and appreciate that argument, but we've reached the point where we're basically enabling a failing administration, and we need to accelerate trump's departure and the shutdown of normal business in the white house as soon as possible. and in particular, i think we
12:42 pm
can really think about what it means to be in the leadership. i have no doubt that the good civil servants of the treasury department will keep the place running very well in mr. mnuchin's absence, should he decide to resign. it's whether one promotes the ideological basis of the trump administration that is most important. and i think anybody who is associated with that on the side of the political appointees, the higher offices of the trump administration, i think it's time to get out of there. >> do you -- it's my understanding neither of you have, you know, the secretary on speed dial. i don't think you're super close with him, but matthew, i mean, i imagine he holds yale near and dear to him, and you know, does anyone from your class of '85 talk to him regularly and how much sway do you think this letter might have on him? >> you know, i'm not sure sway is the issue. i think -- nor do i think his judaism is the issue. i think this is a question of
12:43 pm
basic moral principles, right? are you willing to participate in a administration that's giving license to political forces of racial hatred of our racial past that is, in fact, standing against the kind of efforts to build a multiracial, multiethnic, religiously diverse democracy. these are not political questions in my mind. these are questions of moral judgment. and you know, i hope he hears our message. i hope that the people who do talk to him, i'm sure he has classmates he's close to, i'm sure there are people who are very dear to him who feel the same way. i would expect that there would be. i don't know them but i'm sure they're there and i hope this message gets through, that this is not a matter of the debt ceiling or of the infrastructure project or anything else. this is a question of what kind of democracy, what kind of nation will we be and whose side is he on. >> i got it. james, matthew, thank you both.
12:44 pm
>> thank you. more on the breaking news today. one of the most, if not the most controversial figure inside the trump white house has been fired. what's next for steve bannon, and what all of this means for the trump presidency. ♪ there's nothing more important than your health. so if you're on medicare or will be soon, you may want more than parts a and b here's why. medicare only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. you might want to consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like any medicare supplement insurance plan,
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one democrat running for office in the very red state of kentucky just put out a political ad that poses this question in the wake of president trump's charlottesville comments. here's a piece. >> every republican congressman and senator has to make a
12:49 pm
choice. standing up to the president may not be what they signed up for, but when the president is in solidarity with white supremacists and nazis, those members of congress have to stand up and tell him he's wrong. they need to tell him this is not what america stands for. this is not what soldiers, airmen, sailors and marines laid down their lives for in world war ii and this is not the kind of president our country deserves. >> that is lieutenant colonel amy mcgrath. she says she was the first female marine to fly an f-18 in a combat mission. retired now, she is running for congress against republican incumbent andy barr who won reelection in 2016 by more than 20 points. she joins me live from louisville. lieutenant colonel, thank you so much for your service. >> thank you, brooke. and thanks for having me on here. >> so, first, i got to ask. the news of the day. steve bannon has been fired. your response. >> well, i mean, i really think steve bannon never should have been in the white house. i just believe this is a symptom
12:50 pm
of the president himself. he's like a failing general who's losing the battle and he's just firing his lieutenants and captains to try to make up for his own failures, and you know, i just believe that leadership starts at the top, and that's what we need to focus on. we need to focus on him and him as a leader and his failures his failures there. >> you talk about, the emperor has no clothes. what do you think they're afraid of? >> i'm not sure. i think it's a part of the partisan politics we've had, and the fact that we have career politicians who have grown up and care more about their party and their own re-election. i think it's time we need to have leaders that care more about the country. i think they're afraid of their own party, and, know, we need to have leaders on both sides of the aisle that step up and say,
12:51 pm
this is america, and i stand for something greater than my own party. and that's -- >> to your point. >> -- that's the call to action i had today. >> to your point, on both sides of the aisle. some republicans have spoken up. i'm sure you've seen senator corker's words, republican from tennessee. you tell republicans to speak up. to be fair, amy, do you think former president obama or hillary clinton should be speaking up right now as well? >> that's a good question. and i think that as leaders of our country, even though they're not in an elected capacity right now, maybe they could speak up. i think it's time for all americans to -- that are in leadership positions to stand up, and the one thing i'm really disappointed in, for example, with my current opponent is that he hasn't. he hasn't stood up, and doesn't have the courage to stand up when, you know, he's eveninger in solidarity with the president, in solidarity with white supremacists or doesn't have the courage to stand up and say and do what's right.
12:52 pm
>> the president has said many, many times that he wants to work with democrats. but they're not giving him a chance. and with now steve bannon out of the white house, comes the opportunity do you think democrats, members of your party, should give the president a chance? >> i think democrats should give the president a chance when he has, or -- comes out with policies that are good. i think many, and many kentucc t kentuckians were looking forward to the president coming out with policies on infrastructure, for example. some of the things he talked about doing, people were excited about and hopeful about. he hasn't been able to do any of it. keeps getting sidetracked with other things that are not what americans want, and that's -- i think democrats could do that, when the president actually shows up and starts leading. >> do you think with regard to your ad, i understand your
12:53 pm
message about, do you want to stand with the country or with the president? but, amy, do you think it is appropriate to cut a campaign ad not even a week after charlottesville happened and heather heyer buried? >> i do. because i think this reaches to the soul of america. we have to have leaders. leaders matter. what they say, how they act, what they do matters. and this is about our elected officials standing up and doing what's right. so that's my message. my message is, i'm running for congress in order to be one of those leaders, no matter what party you're from. this is what we need. we need leaders that care about the country over their party. >> amy mcgrath, thank you. >> thank you, brooke. thanks for having me. >> you got it. coming up next, steve bannon, fired. now a source says, he's not
12:54 pm
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12:59 pm
quite a week for the president, facing backlash over his charlottesville remarks. general kelly in the role less than a month. let's end this with a quick moment to honor his week's cnn hero. dedicating her life making sure that dogs know love and comfort and happiness before they pass. [ barking ] >> this hospice is in our home. had when i say in our home, in every single room in our house. this is the last stop for these dogs. >> come on, sweetie. >> i don't want them missing out on anything because they didn't get adopted. >> oh. >> so cute. we love seeing all of these different hero stories. if you'd like to learn more about michelle's full story and the dogs or if you know someone phenomenal, we encourage you to, please, nominate a hero. go to
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on that note, i have been checking my twitter. it's been a wild day indeed. if you want to tweet me, send a tweet @brookecnn. love the feedback. everything about it. i'm brooke baldwin. let go to washington, "the lead with jake tapper" starts right now. welcome to "the lead with jake tapper". i'm jake tapper. the politics lead. firing of president trump's senior staffer steve bannon. the ark connechitect of preside trump's controversial policies and strategies. in many ways the beating heart of the populist nationalism in the white house senior ranks for better or worse. the move comes within two days of bannon's liberal "prospect" magazine opened up talk with internal fights with white house and administration colleagues and flat out