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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  April 26, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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expected. that does it for us. that's all the time we have. now time for a special edition of the lead with jake tapper, the first 100 days. thanks, aernld. 97 days in and a brand new poll shows that president trump has reached a modern record, though it is probably not one he wants. "the lead" starts right now. breaking news brand new polls out this minute giving a snapshot of how voters really feel about president trump as he approaches his 100 day in office. but the news is not all bad. the entire congress invited to hear what the nukes does. we will ask her live. from slamming judges to staem rolling an entire court, after another federal court decision doesn't go the way it
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should, president trump in an interview thooeng says he wants to break up the ninth circuit. can he do that? good evening, everyone and welcome to a special prime time edition of the "the lead ". i'm jake tapper. we begin with a brand new poll right now finds president trump continues to hold the lowest approval rating of any modern president at this point in his preds daens. 44% of the approve of the job president trump is doing so far. john king is at the wall for us. and we have this comprehensive poll as we near this 100 day mark. break it down for us. >> jake, it shows he's in tough sliding with the american people. 54% disapprove. that is a historic low, 11 points low tharn the previous low. that was bill clinton at this point back in 1993. on this question keeping his
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promises, the american people are split. 44% say he's doing a good job keeping his promises, 54%, say he's not. on the big issue, economy, healthcare, immigration, the markets have been strong, the job reports good. yet only 48%% approve. down a lot on healthcare as well. the obamacare repeal debacle taking a toll on the president. the american people clearly don't like what they say. he's down a little bit on apruchbl of immigration as well. 51% say he's not working hard enough at the job. nearly 6 in 10 americans, nearly
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56% say he's done a good job. only 37% of americans think they're president is honest and trustworthy. >> that's a stunning number only on day 97. president trump calls any negative poll fake nee news. is there anything in our poll he might be able to seize as good news or hopeful news? >> actually, yes. take donald trump's name out of the question. just ask america how are things going in the united states right now? a clear muskrort, 54% say well. 44% say badly. that's bad news for any president, this even better news. 59% of americans say good, 44% poor. jake, that's a good number anyway. it's been ten years since it's been at 59%, ten years. if the good economic news
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continues, if this number stays high, keep an eye on that. >> our poll numbers go back long before president trump, but the big question is he closing the big political divides at all or are those divides widening? >> certainly not closing, and in some cases they're widening. 9 in 10 democrats disapprove of the job. independent split more but still 53% of understand disapprove of the job this president is doing. he's losing the middle of the leck trt, losing democrats big time there. remember election day, this poll looks a lot like november 8th. he has slight approval, aam jort of approval among men right now.
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51% of women -- and nonwhite americans 68% say they disapprove ft job president trump is doing in office. and again, this looks very much like election day. younger voters did not support candidate trump. who were donald trump's most reliable voters? those over the age of 65. 100 days they are his most reliable supporters. so the overall number is under water. on the issues the president has declined a little bit on some bright spots of thechy, you look through the demographics, it looks like a whole lot election day. >> with my panel, marry, catherine, let me start with you. can trump bring needed change?
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48% say yes, 51% say no. but that's still basically a 50/oo 50. >> when you look at this poll, you start with low expectations. he's had low approval ratings than anyone who's ever had the presidency. so you look at thaand look at where he's sliding. can bring needed change is what he was hired for and what people took a chance on him for. that combined some decent economic feelings is not a terrible combination to take off with. >> i think what's odd about the situation is he's president and really slid a little, not gained at all from the presidency, since election day. i think you're slot heright, this is a change election, but he's not bringing strong majorities or bringing anyone into the tent. on independents, he's now losing. and that's a big challenge for
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him. again, this should be his high-water mark for his praez daens, and it looks like it could well be downhill from here. >> david managed the trump campaign in pennsylvania, an amazing victory. and you managed to convince a number of these voters or helped convince that trump was the guy to do it. relatively he got a low score. is he honest and trustworthy, only 37% saying he's honest and trust worthy. what do you make of these polls and can he turn those polls around? >> our numbers were never great. not once during the campaign did we show the president doing well, but miraculously on election day he won. i think as mary catherine
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pointed out, great strong economic feeling in america, and numbers will turn around soon. also on the foreign policy front, you have a very tough situation right now in the korean peninsula. and the president's dealing on foreign relation crises, very strong. >> yeah, they are strong. do you buy the idea the better the economy does, if it continues to do well, knock on wood, the economy might rise and raise his ship? >> oh, yes. strong correlation history between -- the thing that jumps out at me and the country is so polarized, such a 50/50. so in the two that jumped out are honesty numbers, very low for a new president. only 37% think he's honest.
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and then relative is the healthcare. that means a lot of republicans are saying they don't like the direction he's going on healthcare. now, some of that could be conservatives who don't think he's maybe going far enough in their direction. but if thaez trying to pass this healthcare, that sareally bad number to have two thirds of the country back from you on that. can democrats support any of those proposed changes? we'll talk to house leader nancy pelosi next. who's the new guy? they call him the whisperer. the whisperer? why do they call him the whisperer? he talks to planes. he talks to planes. watch this. hey watson, what's avionics telling you? maintenance records and performance data suggest replacing capacitor c4.
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welcome back to "the lead." president trump is closing out his 97th day. we break it all down let's bring in hus minority leader nancy mulosy. thank you for joining me. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> first off, we've been asking guests such as yourself what grade would you give president trump? >> first of all, incomplete. promises made and promises broken. his pledge about healthcare that's going to be so
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accessible, affordable and the rest but all we've seen is something the biggest is to the richest people of the country, a tax bill disguised as a health bill. he talked about things that are going to rid the earth of disease, and cut budgets of the national institute of health, infrastructure bill, drain the what does he have? well, story after story. says she's he's going to firewall street and he has a cabinet fall of wall streeters. just every strong statement he made that he said he was got togue do. >> so one area where he got decent marks, foreign affairs. you got out of briefing about north korea and the threat thereof north korea, kim jung-un, attempting to develop a
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missile that could hit the united states even. do you think that based on -- i know it's a classified briefing. >> yes. >> but do you think based on what you heard a program is imminent or necessary? >> well, i think the president is playing with fire when he plays with north korea. i'm one of the few members of congress who have been to pyongyang, the capital. many people have been, but not to capital. and this is very dangerous place. we certainly don't want them developing a nuclear weapon, but how we go about it has to be done with a use of force as a very last resort. so hopefully diplomacy encouraging, china to do more because china can do more. >> you've been a skeptic of china for a long time.
10:16 pm
>> i have. people are saying -- i'm not saying what was said in the classified briefings because i can't, but in my-curves with -- i don't like when the president says we'll go in and do it on our own, because this hato be a consensus of what we take. >> do you think that's a gambit to encourage china to do it or do you think he's considering ulateral movement on north korea? >> you'll have to ask him. >> okay, the state department -- has north korea's aggression or capability changed at all in the last three or six months? >> i don't think in the last three or six months.
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over time they have been developing so we can get some cooperation to stop the transfer of technology. but i think it's an overstatement to say it's a threat to the united states just yet because you want to talk about this, because what you have to do when you have a nuke weapon, you have to have the neck naelg. you have to have the scientists to know how to miniaturize. you have to have the delivery sl system, and you have to have the intent. and all of those things we don't necessarily know are present, especially the miniaturization to put something on a weapon. and we have our, shall we say, remedies to some of this. >> right. let's talk about tax reform, tax cuts. president trump announced, one pager but broad outlines of what he wants to do. he wants to bring the tax rate for businesses down to about 25% to 15%, eliminating most
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deducts. he want to putdown from seven different categories to personal income tax down to three. sfl any part of what you heard that you could get behind the. >> well, let's just say this, we have always said we wanted to reform the tax code to make it simple, to make it fair, to make it help reduce the deficit. what the president proposed today that is something that will increase the deficit by $5.5 trillion. the republicans have avoided responsibility for paying for their tax cuts. they're saying the growth in the economy will cover it. they call that dynamic scoring, but the fact is it never has. it never has. this is called triple town economics. it never has. it's tax breaks for the high end, overwhelming with a few good ones to make it good on the side.
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but it has trickled down. if it tricks down, it that would be good. if dedoesn't, so be it. that is the free market. again, let's sit down president trump and talk about how we can lower the corp rate, how we can give a tax break to had middle class so we are grow growing the economy. all i say to my people when they go to these negotiations be agnostic. you hear a good idea, wherever it's coming from, go for it. it's the most growth for good paying jobs, creates jobs and reduces the deficit. that's not what his proproposal does. >> after the healthcare bill disaster he talked about maybe reaching out to democrats. i don't know when he actually meant that or he was trying to scare off the house freedom caucus, paul ryan, to threaten him with. has president trump ever cull called you and said i would like
10:20 pm
to work with you on this trade bill or tax bill? has there been anything like that? >> i spoke to him -- we always talk about working together, but that's our responsibility to try to find common ground where we can. >> but a specific issue -- >> these people the last day i've spoken to director mulvaney and his chief of staff on more than one occasion. >> about tax cuts? >> no, about keeping the government -- but we stand ready to work with him. if you want to do an infrastructure bill, show us an infrastructure bill. where was that? he was elected five, six months ago almost and we still don't see an infrastructure bill. we look forward to that. it's never been partisan except when president obama proposed it, when the republicans opposed. >> is there going to be a
10:21 pm
government spending bill or just a one week spending bill? what's going to happen, you think? >> i think we're determined we will not shutdown government in anyway. the democrats have determined we will not have a government shutdown. if we need a one week extension in order to pass it on the floor, the legislative part of it, i think we're okay with that. i mean we would be aokay with that. but if we don't resolve our differences and it's just another postponement and another. there's progress we need to make on -- >> on mine workers. >> on mine workers. had 100 of them in the office today. we had issues that relate to how we -- oh, just relating to hut the president said, he's going
10:22 pm
to have clean air and clean water, and it takes all the money out of the opportunity to do that. so we want to deal with that as making some more progress. so we have some items that we want to improve the bill, some poison pills we have to get rid of. but two obstacsales like the wall, that came down the road. and we will would like some better certainty in terms of the funding for the political care, but we're on good path. >> yesterday a federal district judge sided blocking the trump administration blocking the threat of taking away stank chaer cities.
10:23 pm
>> "those officials who have authored these policies have the blood of dead americans." have you seen that? >> though, i haven't seen that. shame on him. i'm assuming he doesn't know what he's talking about. >> to play advocate, the president made a thing about the horrible killing of -- given that context, because i imagine that might have been what he was talking about, what did he have to say in. >> well, first of all the fact the idea of sanctuary cities was something that came together with the religious community, bring people together to say how can we protect our people, keep our city safe, that's on oath we all take. no matter what we're doing, we all have to take an oath to protect the american people. and this is a way to do that.
10:24 pm
if you were someone who's here that's not legally documented or someone who wanted to report a crime to us or give us a witness that would protect us, according to whatever his name is, you would be deported for coming forth to say i will help you solve a crime. so that's what this is about, making people feel safer and not turning it into a deportation force. so they should understand what it's about. and i can understand they may disagree, but to use terms like blood. i mean really, this is the dignity of the debate we have to have, about the oath of office we take to protect the american people. >> i am a legal citizen, but i am a often accused of overstaying my welcome. >> you can find utabout the broken promises of dem k leader
10:25 pm
chuck schumer and nancy pulose. >> with three days left donald trump is packing his days from signing executive owners to unveiling a tax proposal. is he feeling pressure for the first 100 days? that story next. if you have a garden, you know weeds are low-down little scoundrels. with roundup precision gel®, you can finally banish garden weeds without harming precious plants nearby. so draw the line. just give the stick one click, touch the leaves and the gel stays put killing garden weeds to the root with pinpoint precision. draw the line with roundup precision gel®. and be sure to check out roundup® with sure shot wand. another good-for-the-garden product from roundup.
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welcome back to "the lead." we're looking at president trump's 100 days, landmark coming up on saturday. so much to talk about. uven, let me give you the response to nancy pelosiy. >> i was presently surprised when the former speak gave an incomplete, not an f. i was expecting her to come out here and rail against him, but gave him an incomplete. sanctuary cities, i've heard this repeated by democrats that somehow enforcing the law is policing. they're not looking for dreamers here. they're looking for ms13.
10:30 pm
they're looking for really bad actors. >> i mean we have facts that have happened there was a deemer deported last week. we have a 30% decline of tapes reported in text, 30% of tapes of latinas. i do think that is a concern. i do think there is a security issue. there is a security argument here on sanctuary cities, real issue here this is an issue of federal localism, and in this case you want to federal government to come in and stamp down immigration policies. i don't know why that's consistent with your views on federalism. >> i don't think their incongruent. i don't think having the local police enforce the law -- i don't think enforcing the law is
10:31 pm
incompatible with good policing on a local level. >> i'm saying the police here, they don't want to become a deportation force. >> i don't think that's what they're being asked to do. i think they're being asked to deport -- >> well, that's what they are. >> they're tealing with security issue, and that matters when these systems fail. and other issue democrats have to deal with -- and i think i'm more flexible on this than some republicans might be -- but the recent poll showed 80% of americans think it's okay for munis palties to -- >> you know when you have a --
10:32 pm
>> everyone changes sides. >> everyone changes sides on this. when you have george w. bush or president trump as president, and things flip around when when you have barack obama. like obama, all his executiveordsers and legislative actions, this is going to be a presidency where a lot of stuff gets decided in courts. the courts are now a forum for the big political debates. >> speaking of the courts we had the district judge slap down part of the executive order on sanctuary cities. not the whole thing, but part of it. and now president trump reviewing this evening with the washington examiner, talking about breaking up the ninth circuit court of appeal. yeah, which he can't actually do. >> but he could sign a law to do it am. >> yeah, i think what's
10:33 pm
disconcerting about this talk is it it's a little few dagsiary itself. he did not attack the judiciary at large. he did not attack them before he made the decision. i mean he had a disagreement. his language was a little more muted than what we're seeing. >> the nooipgt circuit is notoriously the poster child for judicial -- >> and texas was a place that. >> what's fortunate on this, is the nooipgt circuit has not ruled. >> he's really jumping the gun. >> nobody had actually faced any consequences for this executive order. they had put forth some gine lin guidine lines and the then judge
10:34 pm
takes it up. >> we have taa very quick break. everyone stick around. we'll be right back. we're out ink,nk! not ink. printing doesn't have to be painful. now, during "hp savings month" at staples, get up to $180 off hp printers.
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this coming into the
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politics lead we were just talking about a judge's decision to block the president's executive order on sanctuary cities. this is the trump era, progress is being made daily, it will continue. unquote, that statement comes as president trump elevates his battle in federal courts, backing up attempts to break up the ninth circuit court of appeals. today the president told the washington examiner he has absolutely considered proposals to split up the ninth circuits. he also slammed what he called judge shopping. joining me now to discuss this jeffrey toobin. thank you for joining us. can the president do this? does he have the authority to break up the ninth circuit
10:39 pm
court? >> he can't, but congress can. there have been proposals for decades, mostly by conservatives to break up the ninth circuit as president trump suggested today. but it can only be done by congress, not the president alone. >> i why republicans wanted to break up the ninth circuit? because it's generally considered a liberal court? >> exactly. it's also the liberal circuit in terms of numbers. it is somewhat unwieldly. because so many judges have come out of california, and just by the luck of the draw, democratic presidents like jimmy carter, it's been in the liberal court. these bills have sat in congress for years, but there's never been a lot of momentum behind them, and they've never really gotten far.
10:40 pm
>> and there are places like arizona who don't think judges in san francisco should be ruling on them. >> that's exactly right. and you have the western states where the judges are more conservative. but it is also true they are part of the ninth circuit, too. and people shouldn't assume just because a case comes out of the ninth circuit it's going to be a liberal decisionmism there are many judges, not as many as there are liberal, but there are certainly conservative judges recently chief judge, they are quite conservative. so it's not a guaranteed outcome there. >> prchl has criticized judges. he did it last year. he did it with the judges who overruled his immigration ban earlier this year. a lot of people saying this is inappropriate. some say, hey, this is just in keeping with a an old tradition. what do you think?
10:41 pm
>> i am with the latter. i would put the criticism of juge curule in a separate category. that was racist and appalling. but the decision he's faced on the travel ban and the decision yesterday on the sanctuary cities, i think that's fair game. these judges serve for life. they're unaccountable, they are unelected. i think they are perfectly fair game for criticism. and, you know, that's part of president trump has first amendment right, and i think he's free to use them. >> is it wise for a president to do this? i've heard some conservatives say i wish he wouldn't do that not because they disagree but because it's likely he will have other decisions coming down the pipe with if not the same
10:42 pm
judges. >> these sorts of decisions will expose doctors to danger, i mean that's a disputable point. but i think it's a fair point to raise. i think calling them so-called judges and saying they're unelected is silly. i mean every federal judge is unelected including justice gorsuch. so that kind of criticism i think is just silly. but criticism about what the implications of these decisions could be, i think it's serious. i think it's important. doesn't mean it's justify, but these are important public figures. i and i think the criticism of them is totally fair game. >> all right, jeffrey toobin, thank you so much. this next question would be really easy to answer if the president would release his tax returns. but what might the president's tax breaks mean for him and us? stay with us. vo) did you know ts of your brain can make it hard to lose weight? contrave is an fda-approved weight-loss medicine that may
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get fast relief with vicks sinex. welcome back to "the lead." we're back with our political round table. let me ask you, there are people out there seeing this frenzied activity this week. very broad stroke tax cut
10:47 pm
proposal, no real healthcare bill necessarily going to be voted on this week. the and then having these centers going there saying i don't know who wii went there, or they could have come to you. are there optics with the president wanting to seem busy and active on the case? of course. this is politics. to think there isn't is naive, but there is. there's lotsf things taking place. there's been a proposal offered this week, next week. things are moving. the president is doing lots of things. the tax plan that was articulated is broad sweeping. if the congress goes along with
10:48 pm
it, we could see big things. here. >> if congress goes along with it is i mean, this is a tax proposal which you know, half a page essentially, but it's a tax cut plan that basically has a $5 trillion hole in the deficit, and i have been hearing the last couple of years where republicans were lecturing us all on deficit spending and decreasing the deficit -- >> i welcome the leader who was out here. >> she actually did pass bills that did actually not blow a hole in the $5 trillion -- but i also think on health care and the taxes there are people who voted for donald trump in pennsylvania and across the midwest and across the country, working class folks who are working paycheck to paycheck and the health care bill makes their health care worse. and this tax plan is really a tax plan that does very little
10:49 pm
for them. and all the benefit goes really to the people he kind of attacked. wall street, the rich, the super rich, et cetera. >> there is one thing i want to talk on the deficit, mary katherine, because here is a tweet, our $17 trillion national debt and one trillion dollar yearly budget deficit are a national disaster, author? donald trump. >> imagine that. no, look, i think you need to do this responsibly. and i think that part matters, scoring matters, and the things you think sometimes democrats discount i think he is rolling this out. i think he cares about it. the complexity of the tax system is a subsidy for people who can afford a really good accountant, basically in washington they believe it should be done, the problem is you start taking deductions away and everybody has their little goody and there is going to be a giant coalition
10:50 pm
that says we should do nothing. >> and ryan, what do you think is the most likely bill that donald trump could get passed if he signs it? >> a simple tax code, unless they get this health care done they don't have the money they wanted from repealing obamacare. and paul ryan is not on board for the adjustment tax, that was going to raise like a trillion dollars, if they don't have any of those pay-fors, it's going to be much harder to pass. >> thank you panel, very much for being here. and coming up, how might donald trump benefit from his tax proposals? we do have an idea. it could mean big savings for the billionaire. that story next.
10:51 pm
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we're back with our money lead now, today the white house released a broad overview of the president's tax cut proposal, a one-page sheet outlining the proposals to the tax rates, and cutting it to about 15%, although many details are missing what we do know about the approvproposal is that it c benefit some of the richest americans, including, it has to be said, donald trump himself. we don't know how it will impact
10:55 pm
the president because he doesn't release his tax returns but based on what we do know, will he benefit from his proposal? >> with the limited information we have it looks like a boon for him and other americans like him. the main reasons for that it will eliminate the minute tax, which is designed to make sure the wealthy pay their fair share, and number two it is designed to help the kind of businesses he owns especially, this is specific to the kind of businesses he owns and third it will eliminate the estate tax, now on the third minimum tax, we know in 2005, donald trump mapa $37 million in tax, if it were not for that tax, he would have paid more. his business income is subject to a very high rate, not
10:56 pm
necessarily what he pays but it's the 39.6% rate under current law. under his own plan the business income, that same business income would be subject to 15%. so that could result in tens of millions of dollars in savings for him personally. look, every time the administration is going to talk about tax policy this question of whether or not it benefits him and how it is going to continue to come up, it came up today in the briefing and the treasury secretary totally avoided the question, listen. >> so your response to the critics who say a lot of what you presented here today could save the president or benefit his own businesses. >> again, let me just comment, what this is about is creating jobs and creating economic growth. and that is what massive tax cuts and massive tax reform in simplifying the system is what we're going to do. the ant is just another example of a third complicated set of rules. anyway, thank you everybody.
10:57 pm
>> this proposal also could possibly benefit his children. >> that is right, they would avoid paying a 40% estate tax when they inherit mr. trump's estate. again, total benefit for him. again, it remains to be seen if he will follow up on his campaign promise to help the little guy. >> thank you, we noticed numbers showing a shockingly high percentage of americans believe president obama intentionally spied on donald trump and members of his campaign. this all began, of course, on march 4th, after a long frustrating week for the president at the end of which he suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere began a variety of tweets that started with quote, terrible, just found out obama had my wirings tapped in trump tower, just before the election, nothing found. this is mccarthyism, if that is
10:58 pm
found making accusations, any evidence, speaker of the house paul ryan? >> any evidence that this has occurred. the intelligence committee has not seen evidence that this has occurred. >> how about you, fbi director, james comey. >> i have no information that supports those tweets, and we have looked carefully inside. >> so that would have seemingly been that, except the president tried to make these claims, somewhere in the neighborhood of almost entirely false, they failed but muddied the waters. here are the numbers today, 32% of the public thinks president obama intentionally spied on donald trump and his campaign, and 52% of the republicans believe this charge. the charge that there is literally no evidence to support. it is the definition of fake news. now look, this is america, and you can believe whatever you want to believe.
10:59 pm
18% of the public says they have seen or been in the presence of a ghost. whatever. in the thriving democracy, truth matters and facts matter. we learned in the campaign, donald trump can be cavalier about facts and truths. we learned in the first 100 days that is not going to change. indeed, some of his friends in the conservative media will work to try to make his falsehoods seem true. but you know what, there is also a lot of nonsense against president trump on the left these days that is just as fake and just as free with any evidence, all over twitter, being re-tweeted by otherwise sensible folks. this is a time for all journalists to be extra careful about our reporting to make sure we adhere strictly to facts and cogent analysis. and this is a time for you, the public, to demand evidence from the leaders and media. even if you already agree with
11:00 pm
the politics of the person on your tv. be sure to tune in tomorrow with a special edition of "the lead." tomorrow, the united nations ambassador nikki haley, i turns over to don lemon. thank you for joining us. this is cnn tonight. i'm don lemon, a mad scramble for high profile victories with the first 100 day mark looming as the president proposes a tax break for the richest americans. and a new cnn or poll showing donald trump has the lowest approval rating of any newly elected president in recent history. let's get right to our experts now, cnn political analyst, abby philips, and contributor j.d. vance, author