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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  April 24, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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add that premium channel, and watch the show everyone's talking about, tonight. and the bill you need to pay? do it in seconds. because we should fit into your life, not the other way around. go to happening now, five days away. president trump scrambling to put the best face on his first 100 days in office and avoid a crippling government shut down as the deadline nears. will it all fall apart because of this promised border wall? north korea threatens to attack an american warship. president trump telling kim
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jong-un, don't give us a reason to fight you. putin's meddling? new indications tonight that russia is now targeting france in a possible attempt to interfere with a pivotal election. we will tell you what we are learning this hour. democrats are balking at the pace of the russian investigation. how did the intelligence committee supposed to act together get off track? we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." breaking news this hour, new signs that russia may be at it again, interfering with a landmark election. cybersecurity experts sharing new information with cnn. this is linked to the kremlin, may be targeting a top candidate in the french election, possibly
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same cyber criminals. for details, also tonight, president trump is warning that north korea's nuclearnd ballistic missile programs and its escalating threats to the world are unacceptable. mr. trump urging the united nations to impose toughe sanctions against the regime while leaving the possible military action open. kim jong-un still defiant. poised to conduct a missile test at any moment and detaining another american citizen. this week just as the president is marking his 100th day in office, right now, mr. trump is standing firm in his demand for a border wall, a demand threatening to derail negotiations on a new spending bill and possibly lead to a shut down. this hour, i will speak with republican congressman and foreign affairs member adam ken
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zinger. we bring you full coverage of today's top stories. first to jim acosta, jim, this is a milestone week for the president that government shut down is looming and now we're getting new details about his tax cut. >> that's right, wolf. white house has a trial balloon on what we can expect from the president on wednesday about his fax reform plan. white house official says the administration is eyeing a massive reduction in corporate tax rate from 35 to 15%. but the white house is not being very specific on how that lost revenue will be offset in the budget to avoid a dramatic increase in the deficit treasury secretary mnuchin will help with the tax cuts the president is proposing. a key republican source tells me that leaders will insist on a tax reform plan that's revenue neutral. it is unclear even after the
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trial balloon was floated hours ago how far that proposal will go. white house and members of congress still have to avoid a government shut down looming at the end of the week. one of the main sticking point of course we have been talking about this is the white house demand that wall funding be part of any bill to keep the government running but as we all remember from the campaign, wolf, the president promised mexico would pay for the wall, a point i raised with sean spicer earlier today. >> why is there any discussion about shutting down the government or paying for the wall when mexico is supposed to pay for the wall? >> i think the president made clear that initially we needed to get going and there would be several mechanisms to make sure that happens. that funding piece will happen in due time. >> that is a promise that -- >> i understand that. >> now we are having a discussion that the government might shut down over the wall. who is going to pay for that. >> a couple of things. one, as we pointed out to
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jonathan, we think the government will not shut down. the president has been in past, this is not a new thing, he talked about this that in order to get the ball rolling on border security in the wall he would have to use current appropriations process but would he make sure that that promise would be kept as far as the payment of it. >> real quick follow-up, if the border crossing is down, is the wall even necessary? >> absolutely. the wall does several things. >> how can border crossings be down and say we have all these drugs flowing in if we have a wall. >> just because you have a couple good months in year, i think you want to take prude interlong-term steps. the president will fulfill and it is a promise he made to the american people. if you're coming in from our southern border, he has taken a lot of steps so far that deferred border crossing. this is a permanent step that will extend beyond his presidency. eight years from now the next president will have that wall in place to make sure that it
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doesn't continue. so that -- >> and they will pay for it. >> that's right. >> you heard at the end, wolf, mexico will pay for the wall according to white house press secretary sean spicer. if you look at the president's promises for his first 100 days in office, he vowed that mexico will pay for that wall and the president has yet to put that forward, wolf. >> right now, tensions between the trump administration and northorea they would be comg to a head very soon. our seennior diplomatic michell co-z could s kazinski. >> yes, the threat, rhetoric from north korea are a constant. they are a threat to the world. we know the members of the u.n. security council were at the white house discussing this today. entire u.s. senate has been invited there on wednesday to discuss it.
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and tonight u.s. officials tell us that yes north korea has been advancing its weapons and conducting nuclear tests over time but the level and pace of the provocations has reached a point that this is an urgent problem. and they say that strategic patience isn't working. north korea, poised to conduct another nuclear test at any moment according to u.s. officials. rogue nation detained an american professor and is threatening to sink a u.s. aircraft carrier. quote with a single strike. a gross and monstrous animal which the whole world has been afraid of. claiming too to have weapons ready that can hit the continental united states. president trump today with members of the u.n. security council says the status quo is unacceptable. >> the council must be prepared to impose stronger sakes sanctions on north korea.
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this is a real threat to the world. whether we want to talk about it or not. north korea is a big world problem. a problem we have to finally solve. >> u.s. experts don't believe north korea has the capability to strike the mainland's u.s. with a nuclear weapon but is getting closer. >> given the level of provocation, pace of provocation that north korea carries out, there is an urgency here. >> the minute north korea gets a missile that would reach the united states and puts a weapon on that missile, nuclear weapon, the instance that happens, this country is at grave risk. >> how far way do you think that is? >> i think mr. trump will be deg with this in real terms before he starts his sd term. >> where the u.s.'s own tough talks, including open discussion of military intervention, u.s. going it alone, latest statements focus on diplomacy and partnerships. pentagon calling on north korea to change course and return to serious talks.
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state department saying u.s. will hold kim jong-un through economic measures. chinese president calling for restraint in a phone call with president trump. u.s. expressing hope that china will more aggressively freeze out north korea economically it try to change its behavior. >> we're encouraged by the steps china has taken thus far. that being said, we also wanted to make it clear that all options are on the table. >> as the american aircraft carrier carl vinson begins military exercises with japan in the western pacific, trump administration says the chinese suggestion to end such military collaborationes with south korea in return tofor the north stoppg nuclear tests just won't work. >> north korea has done nothing but give every reason why we need to have military exercises in south korea. what we are saying is look we're not backing down from south korea and north korea needs to
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get in line. >> the president today talking about the possibility of additional sanctions and for now the state department is focused on getting other countries, especially china, to better enfons the sanctions that do exist. secretary of state is head together u.n. this week to talk to his counter parts about that. the state department officials wouldn't name any other countries that they feel are aren't doing enough to pressure north korea. of course we know that so far at least all the sanctions that do exist have not changed north cria's behavior. wolf? >> good point. thank you very much. michelle kozinski at the state department. more on all of this republican congressman adam kinzinger, member of the foreign affairs committee. congressman, thanks for joining us. >> you bet. thanks. >> how much capability does north korea really have to carry out the threats we're hearing from them? least that i kw of, have the ot, capability to sink a u.s.
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aircraft carrier with a single strike, or what did he say last week? super mighty preemtive strike. which is a funny close of words but a serious concern. but they do have the capability to unleash hell on south korea. we have 20,000 american troops there. you take into account north cree yeah a nuclear ability, some estimate 10 to 25 nuclear weapon and their conventional artillery, this is built into mountains that can pop out and shoot and pop back. so any increase in hostility, any actual formal war going forward would lead to mass casualty situation and very, very bad situation for everybody involved. . >> we have it 28,000 u.s. military personnel along the demilitarized zone and another 50,000 in japan. you heard president trump, congressman, say this is a problem. we have to finally solve. but it is not for lack of trying on the part of his predecessors.
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so what options are there really? >> options are declining. it is a credible military threat we put out against north korea i think used to utilize and force an economic instrument of force in a diplomatic instrument of power. diplomacy against an adversary can only be effective when it is backed up with a credible threat of force. what you saw was a very real positioning by this administration to say, look, there are options to take out your nuclear capability but we hope to do it diplomatically. which is what they pivoted to this week. this works in conjunction with each other to get this done without any kind of a strike. this is a very bad situation. i think this is important for americans to understand when we lk about investing in missile defense, this is why. when we talk about investing an the ability to destroy these missiles in their launch phase and their early phases, because once an intercontinental
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ballistic missile goes up into space, there is not any options we have. so early stage interception is very important strengthening our allies but hoping to god frankly that diploepcy works in this case. >> let's get to some other issues involving north korea, congressman. as you know, the president got personally involved to help secure the release after human rights worker jailed in egypt for three years. he worked with the egyptian president to do that. do you expect him to try to do something similar to get these three american citizens who are now detained in north korea out? it is a very different situation clearly. >> yeah. i think it probably won't happen from this administration. in the past when folks were released, that may be the case, my guess is kim jong-un is gathering people to use as a bargaining chip for whatever he wants going forward. president trump has a pretty good relationship with egyptian
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president so my guess in their talk he said, look, this is important no our relationship and the president agreed it release the prisoner. north korea is different. our best diplomatic contact is through the chinese. while the chinese appear to be coming on board they still appear to have in their idea that a north korea is better than, as crazy as they are, than engaging in them. that's a scary thing. we have to raise the price on china. >> do you think it is time to directly engage with the north koreans? >> i don't. all it does is legitimate kim jong-un. puts him in a much stronger position to do that. he is a very bad leader. i don't think us engaging him directly at this point would lead to him denuclearizing. i think he is using nuclear as his final goal. some people think he is doing this for economic relief. i think he is doing this because he wants to desperately be a
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nuclear armed country. direct engagement is not the time right now. there may be a point down the road, but not right now. >> efforts example to reach a spending bill, the president wants a funding wall with mexico. is there funding within your own party? >> i think there is. a promise he made to the american people. it was one of his biggest cheer lines when he was speaking rally. i'm personally a believer in border security. i don't know if it needs to be a wall. fencing in some areas. walls in some areas. security in other areas. i worked in border security. government shut downs happens every time we come up against a funding deadline. i would be very surprise fed we were right up to that deadline and saw the government shut down. i think we work our way through this. there is discussion with democrats now.
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while it is dramatic i'm sure, i think ultimately we find our way through this. >> as you know, the president has been relying on executive orders to deliver on some of the promises before this 100-day mark arrives on saturday. signing more executive orders in this timeframe than any other president in the last 70 years. do you agree with that approach? >> you know, the president has a lot of leverage, a lot of leverage to d executi orders. executiverders can deal with how a bureaucracy works. in that case, yes, that's his responsibility as the executive branch. i would like to see a lot more come through congress but unfortunately we had difficulties when it came to obamacare replacement bill. caucus sank that. now we are back into negotiations. i think despite the president making an attempt in many cases to follow through on his promises, and i think he will follow through on a vast majority of them if not all of them, our party has to get together and reel eyes sometimes
3:17 pm
you can't vote for a perfect bill. it's a good bill. we have to work together. i think that's a learning process for republicans in the house right now. >> congressman we are getting new information on russians and putin's effort potentially to interfere in yet another presidential election. we're going to have that and more right after this.
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3:22 pm
macron. hackers with the same fingerprints as those who hacked into the democratic party last year have targeted macron's campaign analysts say with less than two weeks left until france's final vote, putin is likely trying to tilt the election in favor of far right french candidate le pen. tonight new indications that vladimir putin may be trying to influence another election. possibly targeting france's sent terrorist presidential candidate macron with his hackers. trend micro tells cnn four domains were created with names very similar to the macron campaigns, presumely to trick campaign staff into entering kre enshls. hacking group had the same fingerprints as hackers nicknamed fancy bear who targeted dnc and kpaclinton campaign. they are linked to russian intelligence. >> french are very open to such
3:23 pm
things. already you are seeing all sorts of scandals among the french class, sex scandals, corruption scandals. i would think there would be a rich vein for the russians to try and get their hands on. >> it is not clear if russian hackers attempted or were successful in breaching the macron campaign but the french government is taking steps to counter such attacks. intelligence surfaces warning campaigns to guard against them. analysts say putin is likely maneuvering against macron to tilt election toward the far right marie le pen. >> le pen has been very open about her desire to have better relations with russia. she is an outspoken opponent of sanctions. very interested in taking france outside of nato. she has a very populist right wing message that plays to putin's narrative. >> putin denies trying to tilt french elections but has been very aggressive with his
3:24 pm
military in recent weeks. recently buzzing an american ship in the black sea. spotted over the connecticut coast. and four times four days last week russian military flying off the coast of alaska and intercepted by american and canadian fighter jets. >> proeb probing, see areas of vulnerabilities, test our defenses and keep united states and nato partners off balance. even if unintended we could get ourselves in a shooting war with the russians. >> russian officials deny their aircraft made any unsafe moves and a russian official told me today that while many are talking about the russian aerial maneuvers off alaska he says nato planes always fly close to russian borders on the black sea -- excuse me within on the baltic sea and black sea region. it is not a problem if nato and
3:25 pm
russian planes fly close because the airspace in that region is so crowded. >> thanks very much. back with adam kinzinger. many republicans were unaware of the extent of the russian influence on the 2016 presidential election until afterwards. what lessons should we look for as we see the french election play out over the next two weeks? >> this comes as absolutely no surprise to me or anybody that watches. this is russia's m.o. they are trying to create conser nation. trying to put their candidates in place. they interfered with the election. we knew this would happen in france. we knew this was going to happen in other elections in europe. this is vladimir putin, generally pretty weak country. not the old soviet union but his way of trying to change the board. if you look at french election for instance, macron, pretty good guy, in france last week, but le pen, this is part of party that expressed a lot of
3:26 pm
anti-semitic views that said she want to consider pulling france out of nato and all these other things. and french have been the most forward leaning partners in nato on the war on terror. this is no surprise for anyone watching this stuff. but hopeflyreh citizens are aware that russians are doing their best to pick their presidential candidate and pick their president and they can push back. >> with the knowledge of trying to pick toward le pen was it appropriate for president trump the other day to make predictions about how last week's ice us attack in paris could help her candidacy? >> no, i don't think so. i get uncomfortable when someone tries to get involved in someone else's elections. just like i would be uncomfortable if a foreign leader had gotten involved, in either hillary clinton or donald trump, in this election.
3:27 pm
by the way, this is a message to russia too, let the french pick their president. quit trying to do your fake news stuff. quit trying to steal information and embarrass people. but french citizens need to know and many are probably watching, what is happening and what's going on and push back against russian interference in your domestic politics. >> do you believe, congressman, that trump administration will hold firm on sanctions against russia until russia returns control of crimea to ukraine as secretary tillerson said? >> i certainly hope so. we never recognized the russian occupation through the whole war. i think we will see that here. despite of what president trump said earlier, the administration and current words have been hawkish on russia. whatever is changing that c calculus, russians and vladimir putin, sanctions as far as we are kaernconcerned will be in p.
3:28 pm
>> thanks very much for joini us. >> you bet, any time. >> just ahead, pressure on president trum top deliver on promises before the 100-day mark. our poll numbers hampering out his agenda? and moscow's meddling in the u.s. presidential election. [ bell rings ] [ male announcer ] customink offers custom apparel that will help grow your business. choose from one of our awesome designs or simply upload your own logo to the best collection of products like t-shirts, polos, jackets, and more. it's fun and easy to promote your company and build your brand with customink. ♪
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we're following the run-up to the president's 100th day in office, that's this coming saturday. milestone coming along with looming threat after government shut down. w polls showing his approval rating an historic low. we are joined by our national security analyst. look at numbers. job approval for presidents in 100 days going back it president kennedy. he was at 78%. johnson, 77%. you see numbers there. trump right now only at 42% job approval number. how does that influence his ability to carry out his agenda? >> well, makes it tougher. no doubt about that. if he were in the 60s now, he might have an easier time getting his agenda through congress than he seems to be having. but wolf, what we see in the pollsover al polls over all, is that donald trump's base is still with him. folks who voted for him are not peeling away. at all, really.
3:34 pm
other thing we are seeing is why is he at 42%, he hasn't added at all. he was at historic lows and had no honeymoon there, couldn't get anything done big legislatively. big travel ban promise is hud illed up in courts. his 100 day mark is at historic lows, compared to predecessors. >> u.s. taxpayers, at least starting to fund the border wall with mexico, he would risk a government shut down by the end of the week? >> i show signs they don't want to risk that shut down. over the weekend on sunday shows i heard mulvaney say more than once they were committed to border security. not the words border wall as much. that suggests to me not for sure but that they may want to leave themselves some flexibility. at the end of the week, end of their 100 days they want to show
3:35 pm
they have been on the issue but not round things out with a government shut down. >> seems to be a dramatic shut down of the number of people illegally trying to cross into the united states from mexico. but the president is clearly determined to go ahead with the wall when all is said and done. he said mexico will eventually pay for it. american taxpayers will pay for it in the time being. >> we will be dead when that happens. but you're right, there is a huge air gap between the emotion of campaign. keep immigrants out, which a lot of people voted for and facts on the ground. you cited them right, radical reduction in immigration and in talking to exports in things like the narcotics world and general immigration world drug answers gang members don't come through the desert. they come through juarez, through san diego, through aircraft bringing drugs into the country. so you can put a wall up. but if you think that's the answer to gangs and drugs in this country, facts don't back it up.
3:36 pm
>> president seems determined to stick by the wall even though many members of his own party, republicans, i are saying money could be spent better elsewhere. >> that's where he might run into problems with his own party. administration is trying to cast them against democrats in congress. in reality, there are a number of their members that aren't thrilled with this either. that will cause a lot of complications in annard complicated issue to keep the government funded. >> on another important issue, taxes and efb knows that's very important. david, the president says on wednesday he will release the broad picture of his tax reform proposals and already there are reports out there that corporate tax rates will go down from 35% right now to only 15%. that's a tough sell. >> it is going to be a
3:37 pm
complicated sell. he is following through on his promise to get the corporate rate down to 13%. he will run into a problem with paul ryan. with other members of his own party because as you know, wolf, they are not looking to pay for this. but president trump is sort of okay with deficits. we have had years of republicans on the hill really just deficit hawks saying you've got to have your paid fors, you can't keep wracking up deficits. i know the white house says this will make economy boom and they are counting on that to help pay for it at end. but that's not how you balance the books in congress. >> treasury secretary mnuchin says the tax reduction plan will be paid for because the economy will grow at least 3% a year. more money revenue will come into play for those tax cuts. >> we saw with tax cuts, and i
3:38 pm
don't think you will just automatically get the revenue gap made up by economic growth, they are really banking on selling that as opposed to as david was saying, trying to convince republicans and democrats in congress that they may need to have cuts to offset. >> a what has a better chance of getting passed in short term? tax cuts he will be proposing? maybe as early as wednesday or repeal and replace of obama care? >> this week? >> not this week. >> we are talking about the next several weeks or months. >> depends on the details, franksly. health care bill they are talking about is not as different, not very different at all from what failed to pass a couple weeks ago. they need to start from scratch on that or make bigger changes than they are to get pa passed. no one really moved at this point on health care. so maybe tax reform. >> tax reform has beater chance. >> about but that is complicated
3:39 pm
too. >> a trillion dollar infrastructure bill, is that happening? >> like jackie said, we have to find out, they have to have basic blocking and tackling done. >> make sure there is no shut down this week. just ahead, growing frustration over the slow pace of senate's russia election and interference probe. what is behind long delays at collecting crucial document and lining up key witnesses?
3:40 pm
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3:44 pm
tonight we're learning about growing frustrations among some senate investigators looking into russia's meddling and alleged ties to the trump camp. let's bring in man u wrath yew up on capitol hill. there was early dysfunction in house intelligence investigation, what's the latest? >> that's right. growing tension on party lines about the pace of the senate's investigation. when democrats say he needs to move much faster. republicans pushing back saying this needs to be a thorough investigation and deep dive into what happened in last year's election. moments ago, wolf, top democrat in senate, chuck schumer weighing in with reporters saying this.
3:45 pm
it needs to move more quickly. it is going very slowly. some democrats are now concerned the committee is moving far too slowly to uncover allegations that trump associates colluded with the russians last year. >> it is notoving fast enough today. it is not moving transparently. enoughay. i have said that repeatedly. to the chair and the vice chair and once again, i want to make it clear that i have serious questions about the pace of this investigation. >> it took nearly two months of negotiations for the intelligence commune it to provide raems of top secret information to the senate panel. now the committee is interviewing analysts to learn what information the intelligence community left out of a january assessment that said russian president putin ordered a cyber campaign to sabotage the u.s. elections and help elect donald trump. so far the panel has yet to
3:46 pm
interview any of the top trump associates suspected of keeping in contact with the russians. a source would knowledge with private discussions tell cnn the top democrat mark warner is quote very frustrated at the pace of the committee's investigation. some privately laying blame on richard burke for not expressing a sense of urgency. tonight, republicans are pushing back with committee member james longford tweeting don't confuse silence for lack of progress. >> we go through a lot of documents, interviews, the process. we are doing it in quiet. >> senator collins telling cnn she urges general council nominee to keep open lines of communicate with the committee and saying -- >> obviously, i wish there were a way that it would go even more quickly. but i think it's important that we be thorough. >> all this amid a new cnn report that fbi has gathered intelligence suggesting that
3:47 pm
russian operatives enlisted advisers, among them, carter page, who denied any wrongdoing and offered to testify before the house and senate intelligence committees. warner and burke suggested the committee will talk it page along with trump's son-in-law jared kushner. once the initial rounds of interviews are finally complete. >> what we want to do unlike maybe other institutions that might be looking into this, we think we need do this in an orderly fashion. go through the intelligence, talk to the analysts and put together a report so we then bring in some of these bigger names. we will know what questions to ask. >> now wolf, responding to those concerns, senate intelligence committee plans to hire two new investigators as part of its staff going through the documents and intelligence that they have received from the intelligence community. warner telling colleague moments ago that committee has spoken to
3:48 pm
at least 27 witnesses so far but they still have not scheduled a time to bring in those trump associates to come in and testify under oath. still remains to be seen wolf whether or not any will be public. one public hearing taking place next week for house intelligence committee next week wolf where several former obama officials testify including former deputy attorney general sally yates who privately warned that michael flynn, trump's ex national security adviser could be susceptible to russian bla blackmail. >> good reporting, thanks very much. our experts are standing by. we will break all of this down right after this. whoa, this thing is crazy.
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we're back with analysts. new concerns that the senate investigation that russian election meddling isn't moving along as quickly as some members would like. it was the house that was supposed to be in trouble with the investigation. now it looks like the senate has some complications. >> you may be shocked that when congress is investigating something related to the president it may not be smooth here. we are seeing in a wall street journal poll today 73% of americans want to see this investigation taken out of congress and put with an independent outside commission to look into this. i can't tell you the last time i remember 73% of americans agreeing on anything. that is a ver high number.
3:54 pm
>> do you thinkt is doable, there should be some outside 9/11 type commission investigating as opposed to the house and senate intelligence committees or in addition? >> there is another issue we're not discussing. they have focused on the wrong question to start with. the question is how do we move forward with the next election. they have to move and ensure that candidates are protected and that there's a conversation with the american people about fake news. the witness should be somebody from facebook, not carter page. the fbi can do the people part of this. one reason is bogged down in too many darts thrown at politicians and not the basic question of how to secure the next campaign. >> you heard brian todd report there's indications that the russians are medals in the french presidential election as well to try to get their favorite candidate elected. do you buy that? >> yeah, sure.
3:55 pm
look at president obama with the sanctions. the russians had a choice to make with the nato allies. proceed with this intervention or respond to the sanctions. if you think squeezing the russians by our actions to today is going to lead them to back away in the next elections, they're not going to do it. >> they have to learn lessons to make sure it doesn't happen again, but apparently lessons are not being learned that quickly. >> that's why people say elections have consequences. if democrats controlled one house of congress this might proceed at a faster pace. for russians it worked to them in the.s. ection why not try up end this in the french election too. >> let me get to another issue. anti-deformation league reporting anti-semitic incidents
3:56 pm
jumped 83% over the first quarter of 2017 and are up by one-third with the election playing a role in this increase. you've been looking into this. what do you see? >> edl put this firmly with the election and social media to an extent. but they saw a dramatic increase because of the election and they really said that they centered around trump supporters. the administration has been slow in the past to call out incidents of anti-semitism. they've gotten better and a few weeks ago sean spicer made some unfortunate comments and he was quick to apologize, but they have work to do. >> what do you think, david? >> i think you have these anti-semitic and racist sentiments that were always there. i think the way the dialogue has gone from the 2016 election and social media and other things has brought this up to the surface. >> it's a serious problem.
3:57 pm
david, chuck schumer, the democratic leader in the senate, he says he worries about the american democracy. he says if conservative outlets are viewed with the credibility as the new yohe new york times, president is hosting a reception for media outlets like breitbart, what do you make of that? >> sean spicer said these folks didn't get much of an audience with the last administration and that would make sense. they're conservative media. they wanted to reach out and have a conversation with them. our politics, our media followed where our politics were going. we live in a world as you know where depending what team you want to root for, that helps you decide which media organizations you're going to follow and get your news from. i don't think it has left us with a really productive governing coalition in
3:58 pm
washington. i think it's lot of stasis and not getting things done because we are so split off into our own echo chambers. >> i don't have a prosecute ble the president reaching out to conservative media outlets. >> this issue is far more profound. when we have a conversation about a wall, about immigration reform, the beginning of the conversation should be what the facts are. what we're seeing with these media outlets is they're putting together fiact and fiction that confuse americans. >> he is reaching out to a lot of people. he's having dinner with john mccain and lindsey graham tonight on the the white house. that should be interesting. >> they have been some of the president's detractors. it will be interesting to see what comes out of this because it has been across the board. you can count on lindsey graham and john mccain to cause
3:59 pm
friction. >> it looks like a lot of national security issues the hard lined views the president is accepting some of them. >> i wouldn't have described them hard lined, but more mainstream or traditional republican. when he gets into house and has to govern, he's not as far from mccain and graham as he may have thought he was. >> it's a good idea for the president to be meeting with these senators. >> sure. i think the president should meet with as many folks on who l capitol hill as he can, especially because this president hasn't been having this kind of experience before in his life. just learning the history all through conversation like that could be very helpful and informative to him in his own decision making process. >> totally agree. all right. that's a good conversation. an important note, don't forget to join jake tapper
4:00 pm
tonight. he will be on at 9:00 p.m. that's it for me. thanks very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." "outfront" starts right now. next, will the president shut down the entire government over his boarder wall, a wall he promised mexico would pay for? confusing signals from the white house. the president admits he never realized how big the job is. after 95 days is it sinking in. the president tells an astronaut tonight better you than me. president trump between a wall and a hard place. with the government shutdown looming it comes down to the wall. will trump shut down the government if democrats refuse to fund his boarder wall?
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