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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  February 28, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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breaking news. >> hello, everyone. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we're starting with break news in our money lead. we're watching wall street closely right now, very, very closely, the dow so close to making history today with a 13th straight record breaking day. i don't even know how it ended. but let's go to cnn money correspondent christina in new york. christina, what happened? >> it looks like we're going to finish the day down. >> ah. >> reporter: it's still an incredible streak for the markets. activity for most of the day today looked like the classic case of buy the rumor, sell the news. that's when traders are bullish about a big announcement, in this case the speech from the president tonight about boosting jobs and cutting taxes. and then they sell as the day of the announcement nears. look, this market has been hitting record after record for several reasons. low interest rates, yes, but chiefly because trump is dangling some red meat in front of investors. he's out talking about 4% economic growth, we're at 2 now, so we're talking about double economic growth. cutting corporate taxes, also
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something that hasn't really been tackled too much, talked about too much, every day investors are actually buying into this market, j.p. morgan says today, today came out with a report that says mom and pop investors are comfortable about jumping into stocks. now, ironically, that might not be a good thing because some in the industry, the professionals see that as a sign of a mature bull marked, a.k.a., time to get out, jake. >> what happened, christina? what would it take to sustain a rally, do you think? >> reporter: well, look, the dow is up 13.5%, 2,500 points since election day. look, the only real movement that we're going to get from here is on policy. that's what's going to justify another move. the stakes are pretty high for trump tonight. wall street will be listening for details on the tax plan. when is it coming, how big will it be? remember, that treasury secretary steven mnuchin promised significant tax reform by august. they'll be looking for any hints on whether trump will shoot down the republicans' plan for border
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adjustment tax. that's another big issue for them, jake. so, we're going to be watching very closely tonight to see and hear more details, more specifics. >> also keep an eye out for a big infrastructure investment as well. christina aleshi, thank you. a senior official told reporters at the white house including me that president trump would like to see a compromise immigration bill. one where both sides compromise, that allows those nonviolent undocumented immigrants to have some sort of path to legal status as long as they work and pay taxes. there would not be a path to citizenship in the president's vision except possibly for the dreamers, those brought into the u.s. illegally when they were children. now, the senior administration official added that it's unclear if president trump will discuss this this evening when he has the nation's full attention, addressing the joint session of the united states congress for the very first time. we are expected to hear the president layout plans for what they're calling a renewal of the american spirit and what that might cost, along with something
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special. tbd, to replace obamacare. cnn senior white house correspondent jim accosta joins me now. jim, how much do you think president trump sees this evening as an opportunity for a reset of sorts? >> i think they do see it that way, jake. and as for immigration, we should point out in just the last several minutes, a senior white house official told reporters here that the president remains focused on border security and deporting criminals who are undocumented. so, perhaps some tempering of expe expectations on the compromise bill. he will be delivering his most important speech since inauguration when he addresses joint session of congress. it will be an optimistic speech, but democrats aren't buying it, warning that the president and his allies up on capitol hill are about to bring radical change to the country. palomino polls showing americans disappointed with his first month in office, president trump will try to hit the reset button in his joint session speech to congress.
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he is acknowledging he hasn't been perfect. >> i think in terms of effort, which means something, but i give myself an a-plus, effort. but that's, you know, results are more important. in terms of messaging, i would give myself a c or c-plus. >> reporter: the president will attempt to get that messaging right tonight, laying out his plans to repeal and replace obamacare, crackdown on illegal immigration, tackle the budget, grow the economy, and beef up national security. but the president is learning quickly health care may be the most daunting task. >> all i can do is speak from the heart and say what i want to do. we have a really terrific, i believe, health care plan coming out. >> reporter: cnn has learned house speaker paul ryan has received assurances the president is expected to embrace much of the house gop plan for obamacare, with one source saying the white house is now working hand in glove with republicans. >> do your job, do your job. >> reporter: the speaker hopes to replacement proposal will
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calm tensions flaring up at congressional town halls. >> look, i think you're going to have any kind of churning in a legislate like this. this is a plan we're all working on together. >> reporter: senior administration official is signaling an important shift saying the president is interested in a compromise bill that could give the undocumented a path to legal status. but the white house is floating the proposal just as the president is expected to point at guests sitting with first lady melania trump including jameill shah whose son was killed by an undocumented immigrant. democrats are countering that with their own guests who are impacted by the president's travel ban on majority muslim countries. >> he talks like a populist, but governs like a pro corporate, pro elite, hard right ideologue. snoob >> reporter: the president is facing deep skepticism over his plan that ramps up defense spending while splashing domestic programs, it will blow a hole in the budget. the improving economy, the president said, will makeup any shortfall >> i think the money is going to come from a revved up economy.
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you look at the kind of numbers we're doing. we were probably gdp of a little more than 1%. and if i can get that up to 3 or maybe more, we have a whole different ball game. >> reporter: but there are looming questions hanging over the president's speech such as the multiple investigations into his campaign's contacts with russia during the election. in an interview with fox news, the president blamed his predecessor without offering any evidence. >> i think that president obama is behind it because his people are certainly behind it. and some of the leaks, possibly come from that group. you know, some of the leaks which are really very serious leaks because they're very bad in term of national security. but i also understand that's politics. and in terms of him being behind things, that's politics. and it will probably continue. >> reporter: now, back to budget matters. the president has insisted ever since he was a candidate that he will never touch social security and medicare, but house speaker paul ryan told reporter today up on capitol hill that long-term entitlement reform is, "an open
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question" a sign the president and his party are once again not on the same page on a critical issue. jake, we should point out on a separate front we are told the president does intend to address these recent threats to jewish sites across the country in his speech later on tonight. so we should expect to hear the president touch on that issue as well, jake. >> we'll have more on that subject later in the show. jim accosta, thank you so much. cnn learned the white house asked for information about the special operations raid in yemen that could be made public in the president's speech this evening. navy seal ryan owens was killed in that mission and this comes after owens' father blasted the trump administration saying the white house should conduct a full investigation into the raid and whether it was necessary and sufficiently planned, and the white house should not hide behind his son's death to avoid such an investigation. cnn's barbara starr joins me live now from the pentagon. barbara, what might president trump say about this this evening? >> reporter: well, that's what we don't know just yet, jake.
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what we do know is last night the white house came to pentagon officials and said what could be made public about this highly classified, highly controversial raid? the white house clearly feeling some of that heat because the navy seal died. several were wounded. civilians on the ground were killed. a u.s. aircraft was destroyed. a very controversial raid last month by special operations forces in yemen, the first of the trump administration in that country. they were going after an al-qaeda affiliate. they were gathering up intelligence. what everyone is waiting to see, what the president might address, we don't know for sure, is did they get enough valuable intelligence on this raid to make the high price of it really worthwhile. there is a lot of dispute about that. there have been some news reports that they got no valuable intelligence. sources are telling us here at cnn that they got large amounts of intelligence, and that, in fact, this all reflects a new expanded military posture in
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going after al-qaeda in yemen. expect to see more raids, expect to see more u.s. troops going in on the ground. they want to wipe out al-qaeda in that country for very clear reason. this is a group, an al-qaeda affiliate, that is very experienced in making bombs, bombs that can get onto airplanes, and they were behind that charlie ebdo attack in paris, it is said. it is proven they can export terrorism to the west. the u.s. under the trump administration, the u.s. military, really turning a very focused eye on yemen. now we'll see tonight how much and if the president talks about it. jake? >> barbara, the seals on the ground encountered quite significant resistance. i guess one of the questions is were pentagon officials aware of just who was in the compound at the time? >> reporter: this is a key question. you have honed in on it exactly about why this raid is so controversial. when navy seals, army delta
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force go in, you know better than i do, jake, they keep surveillance on a target for days before they go in. they know who is there. they know the opposition forces that are there. they know how heavily they are armed. how is it that the seals encountered a wall of fire that resulted in these deaths in the wounding of so many? what didn't they know when they went in? how did they get surprised? this will all be part of the investigation. >> barbara starr at the pentagon for us, barbara thank you so much. will congress embrace the agenda that president trump is expected to present in his speech this evening? or are republican lawmakers on a different page? that story next. so with our ally cashback credit card, you get rewarded for buying stuff. like what? like a second bee helmet with protective netting.
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. more on our politics lead. president trump is right now preparing to give his first major address to congress this evening. it comes at a critical time for republicans who are looking for their top guy to pave the way as a the party breaks into factions
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over a promise made more than six years ago to replace president obama's health care law. cnn's manu raju is live for us on capitol hill. manu, republicans passed an obamacare repeal with a democratic president. why so much trouble getting done with president trump waiting to proudly display a brand-new law for the cameras? >> reporter: well, jake, a lot of concerns from conservatives over the details. including a center piece of the plan to give refundable tax credits for people to buy health insurance. but, jake, one thing is clear. that it's hardly the only issue that is causing some concerns among republicans on the hill. tonight president trump prepares to sell his agenda to congress, but he's confronting a party divided over the path ahead. the president is facing questions from fellow republicans about the cost of his proposals, including the wall on the border with mexico. and his new defense budget, which promises to ratchet up spending by $54 billion.
1:16 pm
some top republicans say that falls short. >> there is not enough. there is not nearly enough, and it simply will not take care of the issues and challenges we have. for example, half the f-18s are now grounded for lack of parts, and we have increased operations both in syria and afghanistan. >> reporter: and new push back from house conservatives. now threatening to derail gop plans to repeal and replace obamacare. you'll vote against this plan if it were to come up? >> i have big concerns, i think a lot of members do with the plan as it is proposed right now. >> reporter: a growing number of house republicans are questioning a central element of the health plan. new refundable tax credits americans would use to buy health insurance. some conservatives view that plan as another entitlement. do you have any concerns with that specifically the concern about this creating potentially new entitlement? >> correct. i think that's the $94 question. do you go from -- again -- a
1:17 pm
nonmeans tested program where bill gates and others will be getting a check with regard to their health care i think opens up pandora's box in terms of what comes next on health care. >> reporter: would you oppose that bill? >> in its present form, yes. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan predicted the party will ultimately unite behind one plan. >> this is a plan we are all working on together, the house, the senate, the white house. when we get everything done and right we're going to be unified on this. >> reporter: yet some republicans are uncertain about other elements of trump's agenda including ramping up defense spending at a time of rising deficits. >> don't exempt the department of defense from cuts itself in terms of cutting pentagon waste. i just -- i think that the pentagon is way too top heavy. >> reporter: and threatening to overshadow the president's agenda is the investigation into alleged trump campaign contact with russian officials during last year's elections. >> i'm not down playing it. we have started our investigation. >> reporter: and, jake, today even more push back over the
1:18 pm
white house's plans to cut spending for the state department by roughly 37%. lindsey graham who is a key appropriator said, quote, it's definitely dead on arrival, and the majority leader mitch mcconnell saying, it, quote, probably wouldn't pass the senate at those funding levels. so, a sign, jake, that the president has a lot of work to do on capitol hill. jake? >> >> i remember all that talk about increasing spending for security for diplomats after benghazi. manu raju, thank you so much. we'll talk to senator rand paul about republican plans to repeal and replace you will obamacare and why some gop makers say they won't replace one part of the plan. that's ahead. president trump giving himself a c-plus for messaging and a for effort and a for accomplishments so far. are those fair grades? that story next. (vo) this is not a video game.
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welcome back. we've got lots to talk about in the politics lead. so, let's talk to my panel. first of all, let's talk about this breaking news. a senior administration official tells me and some other reporters today that president trump is eager to have some sort of compromise immigration bill, one that would not have a path to citizenship for undocumented i am granlts, but a path to a legal status as lochk as they have a job and pay taxes. when we were talking to the senior administration official, won't this upset the president's base? the feel was, no, it will be everybody coming together. it will be a negotiation. is it possible, do you think this would be the thing the president would actually possibly lose his base on? >> there's always been an outside possibility that trump -- hopelessly naive -- nixon to china on immigration reform because people believe
1:24 pm
him when it comes to security. that's been the missing part. you cannot get this part over here, the comprehensive immigration reform, if people do not believe you're serious about the border and enforcement and enforcing the law. people believe him so i think he could have some leeway on that. but it was such a huge part of his campaign. that being said, a couple years before his campaign, he clearly didn't believe what he was saying during the campaign about immigration. >> right. he faulted mitt romney for doing self-deportation. >> the problem with the nixon to china analogy, nixon knew exactly what he wanted out of the china relationship. trump or senior administration official have been, if this is the path they're going to pursue, all over the lot on this. we heard during the campaign, no, everybody needs to leave and then we'll bring the good ones back. now all of a sudden the dreamers, those are, you know, his heart goes out to them, see what we can do for them. >> he said perhaps the senior administration official said perhaps a path for citizenship
1:25 pm
for the dreamers, too. >> all power to him, all power to nixon in china, going to be interesting. >> this is definitely not steven bannon whispering in his ear. this is something else, i think. >> yeah, you'd also have to get democrats to come on board and everything that president trump has done so far on the issue of immigration and refugees has not exactly built good will about with democrats in congress. i think it will be a challenge to get bipartisan waive of support for anything he wants to do on immigration. >> challenge what? >> also a challenge for them to say no. >> for the democrat. >> right. >> if he actually come to the table and says i really want to make a deal. >> will he? is that really something he's going to make a priority after the rhetoric that he has used for immigration? >> i don't think it's a priority but i think he said it is something he'd like to do. >> i'm reminded i thought one of the most interesting things he said as president, he said the other day about health care, wow, this is really complicated. and if you move one piece of this it affects all these other pieces. we will wum to the complications
1:26 pm
of making policy, mr. president. sort of same thing with immigration. it's a really easy during campaign to talk about wall building and mass deportation forces. it's a lot harder when you're governoring. i hope he moves. >> let's talk about on the same subject these things called skut nicks, named after president reagan in 1982 invited to the state of the union, he had rescued a drowning woman who was in a plane crash. since then presidents in the opposition party bring skut nicks to herald an american hero or to illustrate a policy. last year president obama state of the union guest included the skut nicks of a syrian refugee and a mexican immigrant. this year president trump is bringing victims of crimes committed by undocumented immigrants. so, he is certainly still on the hard line path at least in that way. >> that's right, that reinforces the message he made during the campaign and the message he's given since coming into office about cracking down on illegal immigration and the detriments
1:27 pm
of having people here who commit crimes. >> i know it will never happen, but i really wish we could dispense with these human props. >> you don't like the skut nick s? >> i do not. i think they're just being used. now we have counter skut nicks, right? because democrats in response to him inviting the families of people who have been harmed, have invited dreamers and their own human props. >> i'd do away with the whole speech. >> you want it delivered by paper like thomas jefferson. >> the first president who promises to do that has my vote. >> president trump was asked this morning on fox and friends to give himself a grade. take a listen. >> i think i've done great things, but i don't think i've -- i and my people, i don't think we've explained it well enough to the american public. i think i get an a in terms of what i've actually done, but in term of messaging i'd give myself a c or c-plus. >> how are you going to change that? >> well maybe i'd change it during the speech. >> so, kind of a reset he's hoping for this evening. >> change the 1350e67.
1:28 pm
he said that, he realizes there needs to be a total shift tonight. i think people will be watching for that. >> do you agree with his assessment, a for achievement, c, c plus for messaging? >> i agree with 35part of his assessment. >> the messaging? >> and possibly lower than that. achievement is really easy to sign executive orders. the ones that have been most important have been particularly the one on extreme vetting and exclusion of not just muslim, but people from muslim majority nations have been the least successful. i'm a card grader, but that's not an a or a plus in my book. >> mary catherine, you know who he sounds like to me when he says a for what i'm doing, but i'm having communication issues? >> yes, i think it's president obama. >> president obama. >> i don't know that's actually a nod to that. it would be very trolly to nod to that. i'm not sure -- here's the thing about him. the sound and the fury of trump is part of what has worked for him in the past so i'm not sure he thinks there need to be a
1:29 pm
tonal shift. what i think there needs to be is some pointing to a legislative path forward which we have not yet seen. so maybe there is some of that here. maybe the immigration talk is some attempting to bring some democrats around. >> he doesn't have enough kind of really complicated legislative things on his agenda, things that he said he was going to do. so, he's got health care, that's complicated. he's got infrastructure, that's popular but complicated because of how to pay for it. he's got tax reform which is super complicated and now we're going to layer in immigration here. that's a really big lift. >> yes, and trump is very comfortable with layering all that rhetoric and then what you get to you get to. that's part of how he speaks. i'm going to layout all these things and we're not going to get to all of them. >> that's the why the reason the stakes for tonight's speech are so high. he's going to need lawmakers support in order to have achievement. when he comes and delivers that pitch tonight he'll be looking for some support, perhaps from both parties.
1:30 pm
but in order to make some successes on infrastructure, on taxes, he'll need to set the right tone. >> he had an opportunity when he came in 39 long days ago -- >> is that it? >> i think that's it. >> oh, my god. >> emphasis on the long. to get that kind of democratic support on things like infrastructure, but he has so enraged the democratic base and they are going to be preriled up by the campaign that he's made it very difficult for democratic lawmakers to find areas of cooperation with him without putting themselves at risk from this kind of angry base. and, so, that just super complicates an already complicated path. >> i think you're right they were pre-enraged. i'm not sure they would be less enraged if he were nicer, the base. it is telling who the speaker is for the democrats tonight, the rebuttal is a former governor of kentucky. it's not the newly elected jack
1:31 pm
conway who would have been the young handsome up and coming democrat of kentucky because he lost to tea party candidate matt bevan. despite the happy story that democrat will tell about implementing obamacare in kentucky, there are still gaps in communicating with that voting community. >> mary catherine, ruth, jeff, thank you so much. he says the only way to deal with obamacare is a full repeal and replace, not changing it piece by piece. so, what does kentucky's rand paul think of the current gop plan in we'll talk to him next. . it's nice to remove artificial ingredients. kind never had to. we've used real ingredients, whole nuts, and natural flavors from the very beginning. give kind a try.
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1:36 pm
speaker paul ryan and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell want to see president trump publicly back the congressional republican plan which dr. tom price, the health and human services secretary, has been helping put together. but some conservative republicans in congress seem skeptical. joining me now from capitol hill is republican senator rand paul of kentucky, he serves opt homeland security and health committees. senator paul, thanks for joining me as always. >> sure. >> you and your colleagues senator ted cruz, senator mike lee have expressed some concern about the congressional republican plan. what is your concern? >> well, you know, about a year ago every republican in the house and the senate voted for what we thought was about as much as we could repeal, and we don't want to vote for anything less than that. we don't want to keep obamacare alive. we don't want to add in new subsidies or new entitlement programs. look, the government's broke. we borrow a million dollars a minute so we want to completely repeal obamacare and we want to replace it with something, market reforms that will lower
1:37 pm
the cost of health insurance for everyone. but we're not just going along with whatever they try to shove down our throats. we're going to be a big part of this. conservatives will be listened to or there won't be a repeal. >> and one of the issues here, of course, is that in order to help those who right now have insurance through the medicaid expansion or perhaps have it because of the stipends that some people get through the obamacare exchanges, some republicans in congress have proposed tax credits for these lower income people. you consider that a potential new entitlement program. >> refundable tax credits, this means you get back money you didn't pay. somebody else's money. it's the same as a subsidy or the same as medicaid or some kind of entitlement and it's not free. it's got to come from somewhere. so, i don't think we can dress up democrat ideas and put a republican stamp on them, call them a tax credit and say we're giving them something different than what obamacare was doing.
1:38 pm
what we should be for is lowering insurance premiums, lowering the rates and letting working class people get good insurance at a less expensive cost. but we shouldn't dress up a new government entitlement program. we are bankrupt as a country because we are overextended already on the entitlement programs that we have without adding new ones. >> i want to ask you about this breaking news this afternoon. cnn has learned that according to a senior administration official, president trump would like to negotiate a compromise immigration bill. the senior administration official said there needs to be a, quote, softening on both side. the bill would allow those here illegally who are not violent who haven't committed any serious other crimes to stay as long as they hold a job and pay taxes. would you support an effort like this? >> i think the biggest sticking point for conservatives have been giving easy voting rights to people who came here illegally. but i've been one who wants to take a middle position. i think if you're here and you want to work and you will work and you're not a burden on the state and you're willing to
1:39 pm
promise to work and stay employed, yes, i think we ought to find a place for you. if you're one of these dreamer kid, i think we can get you permits to stay and legalize you. but what we should do is that should count against the immigration quotas. so, if we're going to normalize a young dreamer kid that's been here 15 years, i'm all for it, but that should count against the quota from new people coming in. so, basically what you're doing is you're internally immigrating people who are already here, but they should count as immigrants because we are normalizing them now. we should count them against the total of new people coming into the country. >> all right. some room for compromise there. let me ask you, president trump also, we have learned this week, wants to increase defense spending by billions, tens of billions of dollars while slashing other parts of the budget. you have spoken out against many american military engagements across the globe. the u.s. of course spend more money on defense than at least the next eight nations combined. is a boost in the defense budget necessary in your view? >> since 9/11 we've doubled
1:40 pm
military spending in nominal term. we're up about 50% in real terms. we spend a lot of money on the military and i want a strong national defense. but i think we get a stronger national defense by looking at our foreign policy and not having another iraq war, not having another war in yemen, not having another war in syria. and helping our allies, but without being the big daddy that has to pay for everything. so, no, i don't think you can just widely expand military spending unless you're really, really going to like eliminate whole departments. and what typically happens up here is the hawks want more money for the military, the liberals want more money for welfare, and the typical compromise is in the end they both get what they want and the taxpayer gets stuck with the burden of a $20 trillion debt. >> let me ask you also, because the white house is also considering slashing the state department's budget. general mattis who is now the secretary of defense said in 2013, if you don't fully fund the state department, then i need to buy more ammunition. do you agree with general
1:41 pm
mattis? >> there is a certain truth to that. diplomacy is very important and the state department is a big part of diplomacy. i'm not a huge fan of foreign aid that is given often to corrupt governments and has been wasted, squandered and stolen over time. if you look at egypt, egypt over a period of 30 years probably got $60 billion in foreign aid. coincidentally, the mubarak family, mother, father and kid are worth $15 billion. i think a lot of corruption has happened in the foreign aid market. we need to take care of nation building here at home. but i do and am a supporter of diplomacy. you need to have a sufficient state department for diplomacy. many of the wars around the world, including syria, are going to involve a diplomatic solution and there is no complete military solution to syria until there is a diplomatic arrangement. >> senator rand paul of kentucky, thank you so much. always good to see you, sir. >> thank you. >> the federal government deported their mother back to mexico for making up a social security number on a job
1:42 pm
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let's turn to our national lead now. the kansas bar shooting that left an indian man dead is now officially a hate crime investigation. the fbi confirmed this in a statement a short while ago. last wednesday's shoopting sparked outrage here at home and across the globe especially in india after witnesses said the suspect, 51-year-old adam purinton shouted, quote, get out of my country, before opening fire on two innocent men originally from india. srinivas kuchibhotla an engineer for garmin died because of his gunshot wounds. his friend, an american, were wounded. white house condemned the attack. spokes woman sara sanders calling it, quote, racially motivated. joining me now is congressman kevin yoder. thanks for joining us. you've been calling on prups to use his flat form tonight to condemn the shooting. he personally hasn't said
1:47 pm
anything about it in his words, publicly or on twitter. though a white house spokesperson today said the case is beginning to look like an act of racially motivated hatred. why is it important for you to hear from president trump directly about this this evening? >> well, it's not just important for me. it's important for americans all across this country. it's important for people in the indian community. the shooting that occurred in my district last wednesday has struck a nerve and a cord with people all across this country. people need to feel safe. they need to feel they're not going to be targeted because of their racial or religious viewpoints. and we have such a growing and vibrant indian community in my district, and they need to hear from our president. they need to hear from all leaders that they condemn these attacks, that they're hateful, that they're wrong, and that we must unify as a country in speaking out about the importance of the diversity and how that makes our country stronger. so, it's important to me but i think it's important to our nation that our president speaks to this issue and specifically
1:48 pm
condemns it and speaks to the unity that must come from it. >> you've been asking the white house to convey this message to the president. why hasn't he said anything, do you think? >> well, we don't know the answer to that. i mean, tonight is a great opportunity. you can see kind of around me we're getting prepared for the state of the union address. spot lights are going to be on the president tonight. he's probably going to speak to the economy, he's going to speak to national security, you know, speak to reforming government. those are all important topics we hope to, expect to hear from him on. we also want to hear from him on this specific incident and incidents like it. our country is very divided and our leaders have an important role in showing the rest of the country how we can unify and show greater purpose here. and in this tragedy, we hope the best way to send a message to the shooter and to those who try to inflict hate in our communities that we're going to double down on unity, that we're going to let the indian community, all diverse communities know that they are welcomed, they are encouraged to
1:49 pm
be here. we hope today this platform tonight, that this is a perfect opportunity for the president to speak to the nation regarding those values and how important they are for our country. >> and the victi victim's wife expressed concern about foreigners in the u.s. she asked her husband repeatedly about going back to india or another country before the horrible tranl difficult. what is your megsage to i am zbrants who see the shooting and worry they'll be the next victim? >> the shooting was horrific, hateful, we condemn it. this is a loving country, that one shooter does not speak for the values of the state of kansas or the values of our entire country. and that, you know, this country is built upon a history of immigration and that's part of our value system. they don't need to be fearful. that out of this hateful act we're going to become a more loving country, that we're going to become a more loving community. we're going to reach out to our neighborhoods, redouble our efforts, no matter what their background is, their religion, their racial background, they are welcomed and that we are a
1:50 pm
unified country that supports them. and i think that's the positive thing that can come out of this tragedy, is that we send a message in a much stronger way to the indian community and all those communities that they are loved and welcomed and that they won't be targeted for their beliefs. >> congressman kevin yoder republican of kansas, stu for your words. we appreciate t. >> thank you so much. >> turning to our politics lead, the tradition of presidents bringing everyday americans to authorize joint addresses to congress to honor a hero or to illustrate a political point, it all began with a man named lenny skut nick in 1982 who jumped into the river to help a survivor of flight 90. his heroism played out on live tv. president reagan heralded skut nick at the state of the union, and ever since then the tradition of presidential skut nicks as we call them here in d.c. is born. the opposition party got into the act a.
1:51 pm
the democrats are bringing skut nicks of their own, including two teenagers whose mom was deported and used a fake social security number. they bl both born and raise ed in arizona. they took their first ever airplane ride and arrived in washington, d.c. yesterday to attend president trump's address this evening. joining me now to talk about it is cnn correspondent paolo sandoval who followed them on their journey. these "american teen" ageers were invited by lawmakers to send a clear mess alan to donald trump. >> i spoke to some of those law maker here in washington. they tell me they hope president trump will be able to essentially see the face of these so-called victims of the administration's immigration policy. as we mentioned they include a brother and sister who traveled here to washington from arizona with their mother's story. jackie and angel garcia are packing light for their first trip to washington. it's the first plane ride of their young lives. tonight they'll sit in the house
1:52 pm
chamber on capitol hill, 2300 miles from their phoenix home. they'll face president donald trump, the man they blame for deporting their undocumented mother back to mexico. jackie and angel's father can't go further than airport security in phoenix. unlike his son and daughter relaxed legal status in the u.s. and lives with the constant fear of deportation. all he can do is offer his blessing and the promise he'll be here when they return. he is t the children's mother is at the center of the controversy after officials acted on a 2013 order to deport her. the 35-year-old mother pleaded guilty to making up a social security number on a job application, a nonviolent felony. nonetheless, immigration and custom officials detained her. she is now living in mexico while angel and jackie are in washington to confront the president. you're here now, you're in
1:53 pm
the shadow of the capital. what is going through your mind tonight? >> i'm pretty determined, you know, it's crazy realizing we came all the way from mess a. we're here, we're in the capital. and we're ready to see trump, see what he has to say. >> reporter: angel and jackie were invited to the president's address to congress by arizona representatives ruben. they consider these kids the face of families affected by donald trump's immigration policies. >> i feel determined to keep on fighting, not just for my family, but for the other families that fall behind us. >> reporter: president trump insists the focus of his executive orders of immigration are against undocumented people who committed violent crime. >> we're getting some very, very bad players out of this country. drug lords, gang members, heads of gangs, killers, murderers, we're getting them out. that's what we're focused on. the press isn't isn't covering that unfortunately. >> reporter: in another hopeful
1:54 pm
sign, a senior administration official told reporters today the president wants an immigration bill that would not deport undocumented people who haven't committed any serious crimes. for now jackie and angel know the reality of the u.s. government allowing their mother back into the u.s. soon are slim. today she remains south of the border celebrating a birthday without her kids. >> i want her to know that i love her and that i miss her. and happy birthday. >> reporter: garcia remains currently in her home state in mexico. jake, i had an opportunity to speak to her husband in phoenix. she will be watching president trump's speech very closely and more than anything else she'll be keeping a close eye on the audience hoping to see her children. last time we saw her we traveled to mexico and met all three of them. >> thanks so much. in our world lead a few hours from now, malaysian authorities will charge the first two suspects in the murder of kim
1:55 pm
jong-nam, the estranged half brother of kim jong-un. they believe he was assassinated by north korea with orders coming from the very top. police say two women, one from indonesia another from vietnam, rubbed a lethal vx nerve agent on kim jong-nam's face at kuala lumpur airport. he died within 20 minutes. one of the suspects told investigators she thought she was working on a prank tv show by smearing his face with baby oil. iffed found guilty of murder they could face a mandatory death sentence. meanwhile a delegation arrived in malaysian a demanding kim jong-nam's body. malaysian authorities are refusing. they say they need a dna sample from the victim's next of kin. that's it for "the lead." democratic senator chris cools will join wolf blitzer in "the situation room." thanks for watching.
1:56 pm
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happening now, breaking news. talking to the nation, president trump makes his first address to congress tonight and says he'll be speaking from the heart. the white house says he'll present lawmakers and the american public with an optimistic vision for america. can he sell the country on his agenda? open to compromise. a senior administration official says president trump would be open to a new immigration bill that would allow many immigrants to stay in the united states legally. the official says that would require a softening on both sides in congress. the president may work that into his speech tonight. obamacare deal? the white house says the president will discuss an obamacare replacement, but a deep split is developing among republicans over how to dismantle the health care law. and paying for his plans, new questions are being raised about the president's plan to boost defense spending while cutting