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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and John Berman  CNN  February 27, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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no cuts at all to cerebral security or medicare. >> not a cent folks. all this comes as president trump gets ready to deliver the big joint -- we're hearing not what we haired 234 his campaign speech on friday. critical in the administration's ef forlgts to divert the spotlight. joe johns this morning at the white house. good morning, joe. >> reporter: good morning, john and poppy. this is an early peek at what
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the white house is thinking ability in terms of his budget blueprint. nothing final. as you said, there are a few bullet points already. number one, trying to increase defense spending big time. at the same time, cutting a lot of other agencies apparently and doing their best to maintain the status quo, we're told, on some of the big entitlements, medicare and social security. meanwhile, last night, speaking to the national governor's association, the president trying to build excitement around approaching a way to deal with one of his signatures on the campaign rail, that would be the repeal and replacement of obamacare. listen. >> as most of you know the obamacare has had tremendous problems. i won't say in front of the democrats, i'll say it to republicans, it doesn't work. we'll have it fixed and we'll repeal and replace and you'll see something very, very
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special. >> meanwhile, the house dealing with nor nominee drama, phillip bill den, the nominee for secretary of the navy has now withdrawn his name from consideration, apparently citing problems with his business interests. a lot for the white house to do. they're ex-p pekted to meet with the national governor's association and some of the top republicans from congress coming over to the white house to sit down with the president in advance of his big speech tomorrow. >> joe johns at the white house. we should say we are expecting to hear from the president within a half an hour speaking with the governors. we could hear shortly about what his exact budget blueprint will be. let's hear from retired general spider marks and stephen moore, a distinguished visiting fellow at the heritage foundation. gentlemen, when you hear big increases in military spending, as a military man, what big increases, general, does the
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military need? >> john, thanks for having me on this morning. i think what the military must not do -- i hate to answer the question by saying what we shouldn't do first, but we just simply can't pile on on our current capabilities. we have learned the military, our military has learned over the course of 15-plus years and combat of what we do well and don't do well and what our future requirements -- we are seeing every day in combat what those future engagements look like, will look like and what success our enemies will have going against us. so the military across the board and all the services have some very distinct capabilities that they need to address. for example, the army i would suggest needs more ability to put boots on the ground, to increase the number of soldiers that can affect operations on the ground, when things aren't as clear as you'd like them to be, when the intelligence apparatus may not give better insight. what's the best collector?
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the best collector is somewhere on the ground. the navy and air force have to provide an anti aerial denial capability. they can deny us through other means such as air defense capabilities, the ability for the united states to penetrate and influence operations in these multiple dimensions. certainly the marine corps is a capability that must be able to launch very quickly, very rapidly over the horizon, so those capabilities need to be addressed. we learned this over the course of years. that's where the spending needs to go. >> do the math, senior moore, senior economic adviser on the campaign. you know how these numbers work. you spend a lot more on the military. you cut taxes, you do no touch, not a set, entitlement. how does this not blow a hole in the deficit? >> i agree with the general, you just don't want to throw money at the military without a good plan in terms of how it's going
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to be spent. we do spend, by the way, more money at the federal level on our national defense and military than germany, russia, china and england combined. so we already have a gigantic military. you want to make sure that money is being spent wisely. how do you get the numbers to add up? a couple things. first of all, i do agree with donald trump something he always said in ply vat and on the campaign trail, you've got to get the growth rate up. only growing at less than 2% for the last five or six years. we need to get the growth up to 3% to 4%. if you do that, that helps a lot. >> but if you don't? >> if he wants to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on the next five or six years and wants to spend more on infrastructure, that means just about everything else, poppy, is going to have to get cut. i've had a little sneak preview of some of these numbers, and my colleagues at the heritage
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foundation put a lot of these numbers together for the trump administration. it means there's going to be significant cuts in a lot of these domestic agencies. they've looked for areas where you can find waste and duplication. one statistic i know trump wants to go after, $160 billion a year in erroneous payments under programs like social security, medicare, medicaid, food stamps, earned income tax credit. that's a way to significantly reduce spending without hurting the people who need the money. >> first of all, i know the president -- everyone wants growth at 3, 4, 5, 6%. this budget blueprint is assuming 2.4%. so there's that. let me ask you, do you think long-term that this is sustainable without cuts to entitlements? >> that's a great question. the answer is probably not. probably at some point in the next few years we'll have to get very serious, john, about how do
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we really rein in the costs. health care costs have been exploding so much. i would make this point, john, if the trump plan works, and we don't quite know what it's going to be in terms of what they're going to repeal obamacare with, but if you can bring down the inflation and health care costs, that saves a lot of money in medicare and some of these other programs. that's going to be a key. but i would throw that challenge to some of my friends on the democratic side of the aisle. they are eager for trump to say, i want to cut social security and medicare, so they can throw those tv ads on cnn showing republicans throwing grandma off the cliff. republicans wisely have not fallen into that trap. i think to solve those problems, john, of medicare and social security, you need true bipartisanship from both parties to take the lead. >> general, before we let you go, we want to ask you about something else making headlines
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this morning. general mcmaster, the new national security adviser is clearly on a different page than the president when it comes to terminology and idea sfieing the enemy. he said over the weekend he thinks the term radical islamic terror is unhelpful and also said russia is not our friend. is that problematic? that's what the president said pointing the finger at hillary clinton, she won't use that terminology. now the national security adviser saying using that term is not helpful. >> we see the formation that has senior folks in this administration that have used language different from our president begins to increase. i think what h.r. mcmaster is saying makes perfect sense. clearly we have a challenge with a religion that a percentage of it has been hijacked and in the name of that religion bad things are happening around the globe. i think we'd all agree with that. it's not an entire indictment of that religion. we'd all agree with that.
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what general mcmaster is what we would see secretary mattis say and other folks say which is, look, the president is pushing us in a certain direction. we, members of the cabinet who are practitioners, we have to make this happen. we're the ones that you're going to deal with. let us try to approach this in a way that allows us to maintain communications with friends and to make sure our enemies understand that we won't abide their behavior. truly what we need to be able to do is build this alliance, continue to build an alliance because we're not going to solve these problems by ourselves. >> can i make one quick point? you asked earlier about how are you going to make all these numbers add up. the general kind of reminded me of this. let's not forget one of the proposals donald trump has put on the table which is quite controversial, especially on the other side of the pond, is making some of those native countries pay the united states more for the military assistance and the defense we give them. a lot of americans think that's a good idea.
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i believe we can probably raise tens of billions of dollars if those countries paid their fair share. >> general, stephen, thank you so much. >> appreciate it guys. as early as today the pentagon will submit the plan to try to achieve what the obama administration could not, the defeat of isis. remember the president made that 30-day promise. tomorrow marks that 30-day deadline. >> it comes as the white house is facing stinging criticism from the father of a navy s.e.a.l. killed on that anti terror mission in yemen. last month william ryan owens became the first combat death under the trump presidency. today his father calling for an investigation into that raid. >> another gold star father struggling with his grief, very much wanting to know more from the u.s. government about what happened to his son. let me read you a couple of quotes from this military dad about what he wants to see the
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administration do. and i want to quote mr. owen. he says in an interview with "the miami herald," why at this time did there have to be this stupid mission when it wasn't even barely a week into his administration, the trump administration. why? for two years earlier there were no boots on the ground in yemen. everything was missiles and drones because there was not a target worth one american life. now all of a sudden we had to make this grand display. he goes on to say, don't hide behind my son's death to prevent an investigation. i want an investigation. the government owes my son an investigation. mr. owens appears to be looking for more of an investigation into the white house decision making, why did they decide to pursue this mission in yemen. and we've asked a number of officials this morning. they point to what they pointed to when this happened. it was an idea, a mission originally conceived broadly as a yemen mission during the obama
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administration. it was up to the trump administration in its early days to decide to carry it out. they are investigating number of matters related to this, but whether this gold star father will find all the answers he's looking for remains to be scene. john, poppy? >> barbara starr, thank you very much. remember there was the back and forth between mccain and the administration about whether or not this was a success ses or not and can you call it a success when you have a death like that and injuries. we have a lot ahead this hour. as the president kicks off a big, big week, an unprecedented crackdown we learned from those leaks coming inside the white house. talk about a shocking ending it may have been the best oscars telecast ever, what turned out to be the biggest mixup ever. that's next.
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i want to show you live pictures of the white house. any minute we're expecting to hear from president trump. he's meeting with the nation's
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governors and he could announce his budget plans. next hour he meets with top health insurance executives. tomorrow night he delivers his first address before a joint session of congress. on wednesday we could get a revamped travel ban. all this as the white house is trying to crack down on leaks to the media. >> quite a week ahead. carol is the national correspondent from "the washington post." jeffrey lord joins us, cnn political commentator and contributing editor at the american spec talter. nice to have you here. what a week it is. john just outlined it. now it's time for the meat on the bones. i think rahm emanuel made a good point having worked in the white house under the last president saying there's a really big difference between motion and action. now it's time for action come tomorrow night. we're hearing some republican leaders really want the
6:18 am
president to finally put specifics to his baem care plans and getting behind the leading plans on the hill right now. what should we expect? >> that's right. this is the virtual equivalent of a "state of the union" address, when the president traditionally spells out his laundry list of things he's going to do for the american people, that he wants done for the american people. this cannot be a speech about donald trump and his battles with the media or about donald trump's electoral victories. people will be listen for specifics. don't forget, by this time in the first year of his presidency, barack obama had already signed into law his economic stimulus infrastructure package, and by this time in his presidency, george w. bush had laid out the details of his tax cuts. while the president has talked about having done a lo of action at this point in terms of the
6:19 am
nuts and bolts of getting things through congress, there hasn't been a lot. >> karen just brought up the media and what the president has been saying about the media. jeffrey lord, a few moments ago we heard from former president george w. bush. he don't hear from him a lot unless he's talking about his painting. but this morning he was talking about the president and the media. listen to what he said. >> i consider the media to be indispensable to democracy, that we need an independent media to hold people like me to account. power can be very addictive and it can be corrosive, and it's important for the media to call to account people who abuse their power, whether it be here or elsewhere. >> he also said, jeffrey lord, it's hard for the united states to go to other countries of the world and say, hey, you should have a free press when the leader of our country is cracking down on the press here. pretty remarkable comments from the former president.
6:20 am
>> i don't think -- and i love president bush. i don't think what he's saying and what president trump are saying is all that different. >> hang on. president george w. bush did not call the media the enemy of the people. that's something president trump has said. >> first of all, john, let me stop you right there. neither did president trump. he said the fake news media. he said the fake news media. there's a considerable difference there. number two, what president bush is saying, i think the mistake made in the bush administration and karl rove admits it, is that they didn't answer the press, that they just took all their blows from the press and were silent on the deal. this, therefore, led the american media to get the impression out there that bush lied on iraq and all that sort of thing, which was not true. so you really do have to get out there and be very aggressive and present your case and challenge
6:21 am
the media which is what president trump is doing. again, he said in that tweet, the fake news media, not the media, is the enemy of the american people. there's a considerable difference there. >> he pointed his finger at us, "the new york times" and others. john and i are fascinated by the "wall street journal" poll, lowest historical approval rating this early in their presidency. the numbers paint a different picture about how people feel about how things are going, their feelings about the president have actually gone up. let's show that. also, they feel like this is an administration that better understands what it's like to be them, the average american person. 40% said the nation is headed in the right direction. that's up from 33% in december. so they might not like the man, but they like what's happening increasingly. >> and i don't know given the fact that it's still a numeric
6:22 am
minority they they can say they overwhelming overwhelmingly. there's a segment of society in america that voted to support donald trump. that segment is probably increasingly more happy. he's still spewing the very divisive rhetoric he did on the campaign trail. karen mentioned earlier that people are expecting for donald trump to sound more presidential in this forthcoming speech, to address real issues. we know he hasn't demonstrated a capacity to do that. he still sounds like he's campaigning, he still won the electoral college. we hope he'll have details as some type of replacement strategy. he's demonstrated time and time again he does not have the ability to show himself as presidential. so it's interesting to see what he does. i think again, going back to jeffrey's most immediate last point, him calling referring to
6:23 am
fake news is highly problematic and it demonstrates there's a lot of likeness between george w. bush's position, at least now and donald trump's position now. >> so karen, on the subject of the media, there was remarkable reporting over the weekend about sean spicer and how he is trying to crack down on leaks inside the white house. he called a meeting inside the white house apparently and asked his aides and the press people there to put their cell phones in a basket. have you ever heard of anything like that, karen? >> actually putting cell phones in the basket is a procedure that goes at least as far back as president obama and maybe earlier in that at white house meetings people are ex-mepected drop their cell phones primarily because they don't want people doing this all the way through meetings. but they do need to -- from their purposes, crack down on leaks. the problem is there's an entire sort of federal
6:24 am
bureaucracy/establishment out there that they cannot control that way. the establishment, the bureaucracy was here before they got here and it's going to be here after they leave. >> do you read it as paranoid, jeffrey lord. they were going through their phones, according to politico's reporting, and looking for the secret messaging apps that john berman uses all the time so no one can encrypt it. is it taking it a little bit too far? >> i do think they have to do something. what bothers me more than white house leaks, if you will, are leaks from classified information by people who handle classified information. that is literally a federal crime. that's the real problem, and i think they need to clamp down on that and get to the bottom of it asap. >> angela, policy time here. the president is going to outline his budget maybe in a few minutes. we're getting a sense he wants to increase military spending, do some cuts in domestic
6:25 am
programs. we're told not going to touch medicare and social security entitlements. as a democrat, are you hecheeri that decision? >> i think that's smart. i think he doesn't have a choice. there are portions of this country where people are suffering and cutting entitlement spending would be a disaster for so many families, some of our elderly, some of these families taking care of parents. that would be a disaster, to use a donald trump term that he likes. i think it's a smart move. of course, i applaud anything he does that's smart. i'm anxious to see what he's going to do with obamacare. >> karen, it's interesting that increasingly you see this trump platform. it was trade, now entitlements, looking a lot like democratic platform. now as the new head of the dnc trying to figure out what they stand for. does this make it a tougher road to hoe for the democrats? >> this was a very, very specific campaign promise that donald trump made, that he was
6:26 am
not going to touch the safety net programs. so paul ryan in particular has been a leading voice that these things are headed for bankruptcy. they're taking down the federal budget with them. that's really more a conversation i think that's going on within the republican party at this point. >> paul ria ryan probably not lg this one. >> they've got to get their ducks in a row as soon as this week. it will be interesting to see if they line up. >> karen, angela, jeffrey, thank you all very much. any minute now president trump sits down with the nation's governors at the white house. this could be the first time we hear from him specifics about his budget plans, specifics that will increalude a big increase military spending. and the story of the morning, the best picture or best plot twist at the academy awards. how about both, if you were not
6:27 am
up for that moment, you've preed about it and you will see it right here next.
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hello everyone. i'm john berman. >> no, i'm john berman. >> just like the academy awards. >> stop reading my lines. >> still too soon. >> still too soon. hollywood's biggest night ending in a bang, just not exactly the bang anyone wanted or expected. >> suffice it to say, no matter how bad your day is, you're having a better day than price waterhouse. what was easily the biggest mixup in and many award history, "la la land" awarded best picture, unitil it wasn't. >> the academy award for best
6:32 am
picture -- >> you're impositiosiblimpossib. >> "la la land." [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, thank you all. thank you to the academy. thank you to liongate. unincredible cast and crew. >> and to the hollywood community i'm so proud to be a part of and the hollywood of people everywhere, repression is the enemy of civilization. keep dreaming. the dreams we provide today will provide the love, compassion, humanity that will narrate the stories of our lives tomorrow. [ applause ] >> the love of my life, i love you so much. my family, jeff, matt, you kicked this off. damian chazelle. we're standing on your shoulders. we lost, by the way. >> i'm sorry.
6:33 am
no. there's a mistake. "moonlight," you guys won best picture. this is not a joke. >> this is not a joke. i'm afraid they read the wrong thing. this is not a joke. "moonlight" has won best picture. "moonlight," best picture. [ cheers and applause ] >> i'm sorry. >> this is very unfortunate what happened. personally i blame steve harvey for this. i would like to see you get an oscar anyway. why can't you get one -- >> i will be proud to hand this to my friends from "moonlight." >> i want to tell you what happened. i opened the envelope and it said emma stone, "la la land."
6:34 am
that's why i took such a long look at faye and at you. i wasn't trying to be funny. >> i suppose the good news is "la la land" won for at least a minute. everyone should win an academy award for best picture. >> joined by cnn senior media correspondent brian stelter, host of "reliable sources." how does this happen? >> it was incredible. i spoke with jordan horowitz, the one you see go up to the mike so graciously and say, i'm sorry, "moonlight," you won, this is not a joke. he says he doesn't know exactly what happened. after he gave his acceptance speech thanking his wife and kids, he saw the commotion behind them. passing around the card showing the actual result. he said he's not angry, doesn't want an apology. he said what you said, poppy. he said, hey, i won the best picture prize, i got to thank my wife and kids and then i got to
6:35 am
present the best picture prize. they were out partying all night. they did win six prizes for "la la land." "moonlight" was the dark horse of this oscar season. some people thought it wasn't going to beat "la la land," but it sure did. it's an incredible film. i think the best thing to do today given that people think it's been snubbed by "la la land," go see "moonlight." >> they should buy everyone in america tickets. >> 83 years pricewaterhousecoopers has been running this. here is their statement. they're taking full responsibility -- not saying who was at fault, but someone at the company was at ought. we sincerely apologize during the broadcast. the presenters had been given the wrong category envelope. we are investigating how this could have happened and we deeply regret this occurred. we don't know exactly who
6:36 am
screwed up here. but clearly someone handed warren beatty and fay dunn away the wrong envelopes. >> i have something they put out in 2015. it was a statement that said this is the cornerstone to show our integrity as a company. we audit. we do the oscars. >> they take it so seriously. the producers decide the order of the awards. two sets of envelopes, one for every one of the 24 categories. two people on either wing of the stage. that's why there's two sets of envelopes. somehow there was some confusion about that. i'm sure they'll be back next year. >> the "new york daily news," what was the headline? you had one job. >> one job. >> one out of 84 years, how bad is that? >> it wasn't for sound design. >> wasn't for sound mixing or editing. >> brian stelter, thanks so much. still to come, the president wants big tax cuts and he wants
6:37 am
to spend a whole lot more on the military. so we asked a republican congressman, does that math work for you? that's next.
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new this morning, the president is unveiling his first budget outline. he wants to cut taxes, boost military spending, big league, as he might say, and leave entitlements as he might say in his own way. >> you just wanted to say big league. it's big league, not bigly. a big debate about that. >> in all seriousness, he wants 20 spend a ton of taxpayer money on boosting the military. this is part of the budget blueprint that will come today,
6:42 am
at any moment. he has to get congress on board. let's just say not touching entitlements is not music to a lot of conservatives' ears. republican tom gerd of virginia, nice to have you on my friend. i hope you were good at math in high school. because i'd like you to do the math on this. you're the one who in 2015 said -- blamed president obama for a, quote, reckless pattern of deficit spending at home. you said you would be a tireless warrior to fight this. how are you going to be the warrior on this one? >> you have to first give credit. here is my bipartisan moment. john kennedy started that supply side theory, ronald reagan reinitiated it in the '80s. two ways, you can either grow the economy or raise taxes. if you look at -- >> it's based on -- to correct
6:43 am
you, it's based on -- >> we were having growth in the 4.4% on a regular basis. it's been done before. we can see if he can put his money where his mouth in. >> based on a budget with 2.4% growth. >> on the supply side, you can argue with merit that supply side economics may have created jobs during the reagan administration but didn't reduce the deficit. it probably increased the deficit. when you increased military spending and cut taxes during the reagan administration. where you stand on these issues, on entitlements, you've been clear you think there should be something done. i'll quote from your website here, those who paid into the system their whole lives can't have the rug pulled out from under them, but we can't continue to make the same promises to the next generation of retirees because the money is not there. >> you hooe given me a great opportunity to talk about our student security plan that would allow people to remove student
6:44 am
loan date by changing the date they accept social security. you have a social security system unviable in in 2034. with very a plan toing thattal these two things. one of the problems we're running into is the budget scored on a ten-year period. in a plan like this doesn't work that way. it does allow us to keep our promises to our seniors. it forces no one to do anything, but allows the math way out and actually would invest about 60 cents on the dollar as relates to current social security rates if people chose to use the delayed benefit to pay off student loan debt. we've got to have creative, outside-the-box solutions. yet you don't change the promises you made yesterday. you need to make maybe different promises tomorrow. >> if you don't see those creative solutions in whatever budget the president does present and you see it as a budget that will blow a hole in the deficit, will you do what your office said you would do, which is you're not afraid to,
6:45 am
quote, vote no on bad budgets? >> i was in the virginia senate for five years, i think i voted for one budget out of five. what we're looking for is a budget that has a definable pathway to being balanced and a definable amount of time. unfortunately we've got ourselves in a situation where you just can't balance it in a year. they need to show myself and folks who think like me a route to a balanced budget. because, there was a study that was out a few weeks ago that said the top eight people in the world controlled as much wealth as the bottom 50th percentile. if you took every dime from those people and tried to apply it to the u.s. debt, you wouldn't get to 5% of the current debt. it's absolutely unsustainable and irresponsible. it's intergenerational theft. we have a budget to meet. >> we'll have you back. congressman, i want your take on one more thing. that's the travel ban. we expect as soon as wednesday
6:46 am
the president to reissue his executive order on that. just a little while ago, former president george w. bush was asked in general terms about whether he supports the ban that has been discussed. listen to what he said. >> i think it's very important for all of us to recognize one of our great strengths is for people to be able to worship the way they want to or not worship at all. the bedrock -- a bedrock of our freedom is to worship freely. >> for or against the ban? >> i'm for an immigration policy that's welcoming and upholds the law. >> what do you make of the president's statements? >> any time you quote jefferson, that's the establishment clause, the first amendment, shall make no laws -- i'm with president bush. i'm also with president trump. i think we have a responsibility to do all we can to ensure the safety of the people who are in america while continuing our role as a beacon of hope and
6:47 am
freedom to people around the world. our office is currently working to get some visas for imprisoned clergy members in the sudan. so, yeah, we need to vet folks, but we need to continue to be america as well. >> congressman, "la la land," "moonlight," do you have a preference? >> i was thinking maybe they'd name me the best picture winner after all that last night. >> it can happen to anyone. congressman garrett, thank you so much for being with us. >> wonderful being with you. have a great day. >> you can't get over this. >> i think it's amazing. the more you watch the video, i can't get over that it happened. >> it happened. still to come, police say the man accused of a shooting attack on two immigrants admitted what he did. but there are still plenty of questions about why. that's next. ed people to write n the things they love to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em.
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this morning police in philadelphia are looking for the vandals that hit a jewish cemetery. between 75 to 100 head stones were overturned on saturday night. >> police are still looking for a motivate and trying to figure out who did this. this was a week after a jewish cemetery in missouri was struck. >> reporter: we're at the jewish cemetery where these head stones were damaged, were broken into two. what's interesting about this story, poppy, you're seeing the community actually come together. you're seeing jews, you're seeing christians, catholics, muslims come together to try to
6:53 am
fix what was done to this cemetery on saturday night. in fact a rabbi who came here on sunday after the vandalism here at this cemetery went on facebook and talked about how he saw muslims come to the cemetery on sunday and helped fix some of these head stones that had been damaged or destroyed. also one other thing to think about, investigators are being careful in calling it a hate crime, they're not yet calling it a hate crime or an at this semitic act, especially since two weeks ago two miles from here at a catholic cemetery something similar happened to a dozen or so head stones, so officials are being very careful in calling it a hate crime or anti-semitic act. >> horrible to see regardless. alison, thank you for the reporting, let us know when you have more. the suspect in kansas in the shooting of two indian immigrants is in court today.
6:54 am
>> adam purington is being held on charges. the fbi is trying to figure out if it was a hate crime. ryan young is in kansas with the very latest. ryan, what are you learning? >> reporter: john, we learned that the accused shooter apparently travelled to an applebee's 70 miles away from the shooting scene and talking to a bartender. she is the one who apparently called 911, telling them they wanted police to come very quickly and not to make a big noise when they showed up, because they were afraid of what he would do. back at the bar, the two friends were watching basketball, apparently the man walks in and starts saying "get out of my country." he came back with a gun after he was kicked out and opened fire inside the bar. one of the men inside jumped up and tried to stop him, he was shot once in the arm and the
6:55 am
chest. just yesterday there was a huge rally of support by members of the community, about a thousand showing up. a lot of folks are still shaking their heads about exactly what happened here. we'll learn more today in court about what happened in that hour preceding that shooting which still has so many people shaking their heads. >> ryan young for us in kansas, we'll get more as it develops, thank you so much, ryan. the next hour of "newsroom" continues after a break. i realize that ah, that $100k is not exactly a fortune.
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good morning, everyone, i'm john berman. >> i'm poppy harlow. so glad you're with us. the white house is expected at any moment to release the outline of president trump's first budget. we're told it will reflect his
7:00 am
priorities, major hikes in defense spending, big tax cuts, not touching social security and medicare at all. >> which may take some budgetary magic, if you're trying not to increase the deficit. the president addresses a joint session of congress in washington tomorrow night in prime time, of course we're covering it live. joe johns is at the white house with a preview. good morning, joe. >> reporter: good morning, john. this is the outline of the parameters, if you will, of the budget blueprint that the white house is working on. what we expect is a little bit more information about what the white house is try to do, what their thinking is. as you said, we are expecting a big increase to be requested by the white house for the pentagon. the president is


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